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Re: UNDERRATED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Khriztarl(f): 5:05pm On Oct 16
Where's that popcorn sef
Khriztarl, give some to Ann2012
This one wouldn't be enough, let me get another bag. For the mean time Enirock, bring Ann's specialty, CIROC.


Re: UNDERRATED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Emex100(m): 6:37pm On Oct 16
Interesting! Nice one OP

Ann2012, Khriztarl, enirock, Oremeyii, Emex100...oya come and book your seats...

thanks dear.
I Don show


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Re: UNDERRATED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 9:58am On Oct 17
Chapter 7 (contd)

“Fine, if you insist on playing your family friend things, no problem. I have just one condition”
“Condition, Moyin…Okay let’s hear it’”
“You’ll have to introduce me to the girl” She stated.
“Like seriously! Introduce who, I don’t even know if I’ll meet the girl again after tomorrow. So what introduction are we even talking about?”
“Are you not the one that said the girl's family is…..”
“Yes, I like the family and they still stay in touch. So?”
“Fine! Have a safe trip” Moyin said trying not to push the matter further.
“Thanks, I will. I need to go now, just came back from work, I have not even change”
“Alright, we’ll talk later”
“Yea, I’ll call you before you go to bed”
“I love you” Moyin said and he replied. She dropped the call and he sighed.
On Saturday morning, by 7:50am, Fullhouse was already at the front of Ireoluwa's gate. He parked outside and went into the house. He met the woman in the compound and she led him into the house. The house was a duplex with beautiful interior. He met with Ireoluwa in the sitting room, she was set already. All her things are in the sitting room as well. The two exchanged greetings and he asked after her health. From the look of things, she was looking a lot better and she confirmed it herself.
“Shall we?” He asked and she nodded.
“Are this yours?” He said pointing to the big bag in front of him.
“Yes” She replied. She was about to carry it but he stopped her and carried it out of the house while she tagged along, Ireoluwa’s mum followed as well since the car was parked outside the gate. He walked down to the car and kept the bag in the car trunk. He entered into the car, behind the wheels, waiting for mother and daughter as they both hugged each other. When they were through, Ireoluwa joined him in the car. She sat in the front seat beside him and used the seat belt. Ireoluwa’s mum wished them safe journey and told Fullhouse to drive safe. She also told them to call him once they get to their destination. Ireoluwa now has a new phone; her parent got her a new android phone. The woman waved and watched them as they leave.
Their journey was kind of quiet at the beginning but after like thirty minutes into the journey, Fullhouse started a conversation.
“You know I finished from your school” He said.
“Really! What department?”
“Business Administration. You?” He asked her.
“Political Science, year one”
“My sister is also in year one, estate management. So you want to become a politician?” He asked.
“For now, no but I love politics”
“Good, you are sixteen, right!” He said and she gave him a questioning look. He smiled.
“I saw it on your admission chart at the hospital” He revealed.
“Oh!” She exclaimed. He must be really smart, she thought.
“You are same age with my sister. So you can see me as your elder brother”
“Okay.....” She drawled.
“And if you by any chance need anything, do not hesitate to call me” He said even though he knew she didn’t have her number.
They got to Ibadan, Fullhouse stopped in front of a fast food at Iwo road. He asked her if she needs anything and she said no. He went inside the fast food and came back into the car with snacks and drinks for the two of them.
“Here” He handed her the plastic bag”
“I said, I….” She was still saying but he raised his eyebrow and she swallowed the rest. She had no choice than to take the plastic bag from him. They continued the journey as they took their snacks.
They finally got to Ireoluwa’s hostel who lives off campus. He never expected that a girl like that will live off campus. I mean he thought her parents would have opposed to it, being an only child. He thought they’d want her to live within the confine of the school. He was so surprised that he had to ask as he parked the car.
“Why are you staying off campus?” He asked curiously.
“I don’t like hostel life; I’m not cut out for it” Ireoluwa replied.
“You are a still young, don’t you want to be meeting people?”
“No, I don’t. I prefer to have my own privacy. I love my space”
“What privacy, you are just sixteen. Talking about privacy, don’t tell me you don’t have a roommate”
“Yes, I don’t. I stay alone”
He didn’t like the idea that she stays off-campus let alone staying off-campus alone at that age. He frowned and Ireoluwa noticed.
“I take it that you’ll never allow your sister stay off campus” She said. She had sensed that he is the ‘overprotective brother' type.
“She stays in the school hostel”
“If this is how brothers are then I thank God I don’t have one.” She said sarcastically and rolled her eyes.
“Really” He said giving her a face. “Are you seriously telling me that you never wished you had one?” He further asked her.
Ireoluwa didn’t really mean what she said. She always wished she has an elder brother but not the over-protective type like Fullhouse.
“You haven’t answered my question” He reminded her.
“I wish I had one” She said slowly.
“Hmm…imagine, so you were forming before. Anyway, back to our conversation. I wish you stay on campus, its lot safer than…..”
“Seriously, this place is safe. Trust me my parent wouldn’t have allowed me stay in this area if it’s not safe” She stated.
“Okay. Just be careful, don’t go out late in the night or return late” He advised.
She shook her head and silently pitied Fullhouse’s sister. This Fullhouse type of brother is something he may not be able to cope with. On a second thought, she actually envied his sister. At least she has someone who is constantly looking out for her.
After the prep talk, Ireoluwa alighted and he followed suit. He had already opened the booth. He helped her carry her things out.
“Lead the way, I'll follow” He said with the big bag in his hand.
She led him to her room and they both entered into the one room self contained apartment. They have like six of them in the building. The house was fenced and the floor of the compound, cemented.
Ireoluwa’s room was painted with a combination of purple and lilac colour which gave the room a sweet appearance. There was a very big teddy bear sitting on the bed. She has a fridge; there was a laptop on the bed as well.
She offered Fullhouse a seat on one of the plastic chairs in the room but he declined, he said he’ll soon be leaving, that he wants to check on his sister before leaving the town. He reminded her to call her mum which she did while he remained standing.
Oreoluwa called her Mum and told her they’ve arrived. She was so happy. She spoke with Fullhouse too and thanked him. After the call, she carried the laptop from the bed and turned to face Fullhouse.
“You know I almost took this laptop with me that very day I travelled. I initially carried it with me. It was after I had locked the door that I decided to return it back into the room. I don’t know why, my spirit just told me to do so. Reason why I just dumped it on the bed instead of keeping it in the wardrobe” Ireoluwa explained.
“Thank God, you didn’t take it along if not, those criminals would have collected it from you”
“They would o, my parents will now have to buy not just phone but laptop as well. Thank God I followed my spirit”
“That reminds me, have you reported your stolen wallet or don’t you have your ATM and IDs inside it?” Fullhouse asked.
“My ATM and school ID are in it. I will report it on Monday. I couldn’t do that in Lagos because of my health” Ireoluwa replied.
“You’ll have to block the ATM card too. You should have done that by now”
“I will but I wasn’t bothered because I don’t really have much in my account. I’ve withdrew almost all my money” She informed.
He advised her to go block it nevertheless and she promised to do so. He brought out his phone and called his sister. He told her she was around and will be with her shortly. Oreoluwa was surprised because he was around last week and the second surprise was that Fullhouse announced that he is coming, something he didn’t do last week but she was happy at the same time, she trust her brother won’t come with an empty hand.
After calling her sister, Fullhouse remembered he didn’t get her anything. Though he didn’t plan checking on her but he felt it wouldn’t be nice for him not to see her before leaving.
“I just remembered I didn’t get my sister anything” He said to Ireoluwa.
“Aww…..” She drawled. “Now you want to make me cry. I wish I have a brother too”
“Well, I already told you. You just got yourself one” He said and she smiled.
“I need to leave now, so I can quickly get to a store to get her something”
“I know of a place, you’ll like it. I can describe the place” Ireoluwa informed.
“Why not go with me” He said and she agreed. She locked the door and went with him in his car. They got there and in no time, he got his sister something nice.
“Do you care for anything?” He asked and Ireoluwa said no.
Fullhouse looked around and saw a beautiful diary for ladies. It's all pink in colour with a fancy lock and a teddy bear image on the cover. He picked the diary and handed it to her.
“You can have this if you want nothing” He said.
“I’m not a diary person but this is beautiful….. Thank you….” She said, adorning the beautiful diary.
“I’m glad you like it. I’m not a diary person either. You don’t have to write anything in it. Just see it as a gift and keep it” He said. Indeed, the diary looks so cute that even if a non-diary person sees it, the person won’t mind having one.
They left the store and Fullhouse took Ireoluwa back to her hostel and from there he went into the campus to see his sister.
When he met with his sister, they hugged each other and after exchanging pleasantries, Oreoluwa was so curious on why he came to her school so she asked but he wisely avoided her question. He didn’t want her getting ideas when she gets to know that he actually brought another girl to school. He stayed briefly with her and then left for Lagos.
He got back to Lagos safely, Ireoluwa's parents called to thank him when he got home that very day. Mr. Atanda said he’ll invite him over to the house once he comes back from his trip. Then he ended the call.
“That means I’ll be seeing more of this family” He said to himself and sighed. He actually planned to curb things with the family but it’s like they still want him around them.
He was busy munching the food he prepared after he arrived from travelling, then his phone began to ring, he checked on the screen, it was an unsaved number.
“Hello” The voice said immediately Fullhouse picked the call. He was quick to recognize the voice.
“Ireoluwa!” He said.
“You recognize my voice!” She said sounding surprise.
“Sure. Let me call you back” He said. He ended the call and called back.
“Hello” He said.
“Uncle Kunle, I’m sorry I’m just calling. I don’t have your number. I had to call my mum to send it. She just sent it now, reason why I called a bit late” She said apologetically.
“It’s okay, I know you don’t have my number”
“So, how was your journey?” she asked and he replied her.
“And your sister?”
“She’s good. She was just surprise to see me”
“It’s understandable. Sorry I stole your line of word” She joked and Fullhouse laughed.
“Hmm…my line of word right, I know you look like someone who is quiet on the outside but I know you are going to be an interesting person” He concluded.
“If you say so” She smiled at the other side.
“Hold on” He said to her. When he realized there was someone at the door. He went to get the door and it was his friend Gbotemi who came visiting.
“You know what, I’ll call you back” He said to Ireoluwa and ended the call.
“Fullhouse baba” Gbotemi hailed him and they greeted each other.
“How far”
“I dey jare. I returned from Ife not quite long” He said.
“Welcome buddy. Hope the girl is very much okay now?”
“Yes, she is” He replied. He continued with the food and asked Gbotemi to go get his portion in the kitchen which he did. They were together till 9pm before Gbotemi went back to his house.


Re: UNDERRATED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Humbleness: 12:32pm On Oct 17
Thanks for the update
Re: UNDERRATED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Excel1405(f): 4:00pm On Oct 17
Toyin you never disappoints, you are always on point ��

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Re: UNDERRATED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by aprilwise(m): 4:54pm On Oct 18
Nice one. please more update
Re: UNDERRATED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 9:41am On Oct 19
Few months later, Gbotemi and his fianceé started their wedding preparation. They had their introduction two months ago. The couple to-be started mounting pressure on Fullhouse to take the first step which is introduction but he told them he wants to take his time before barging into marriage.
Moyin, his fianceé didn’t give him a breathing space either. There are times she will cry and cry on Fullhouse’s arms just to make him do the needful as regards their relationship. After a long thought Fullhouse decided to sit Moyin down, so that they'll start making wedding arrangements too, so they started making plans but along the line, something happened.
One weekend, Fullhouse’s colleague, Martha came over to his apartment to pay him a visit. Martha’s friend, Precious wasn’t around that weekend, reason why she visited Fullhouse alone. Martha and Fullhouse decided to cook together.
“Let’s cook for three, my wife is coming over” He said jokingly, he knew Moyin was not yet his wife, he just wanted to refer to her that way.
“Oh! I never knew, let’s cook for three then” Martha said with a smile and they started cooking.
Not quite long, Moyin showed up, came in and met the two who are engrossed in their cooking. Each was trying to show off their culinary skills and they were having fun while at it. Moyin saw them and was pissed.
“Hey…..our wife is here” Martha announced immediately she sighted her standing by the kitchen entrance. Moyin hissed loudly on Martha who was trying to be friendly with her. She eyed her all over and left the kitchen. Fullhouse who was standing right there in the kitchen was really embarrassed. He was about to apologized to Martha then he heard Moyin calling him from the sitting room. He removed the apron he was wearing, told Martha to calm down and left the kitchen.
“What did you just do in there? Is Martha a stranger to you?” He lashed at Moyin who stood with her hands on her hips.
“I should be the one doing the questioning. So hang it there!” She fired back at Fullhouse. He was taken aback. She then continued. “Now tell me, what’s she doing in our kitchen?”
“Our kitchen! Well, in case you don’t know, it’s my kitchen until we are married”
“Then do that. What’s stopping you? Oh! I already know the answer to that, the likes of Martha won’t allow you get marry” She hissed.
“So, you think I will put a ring on it with all this ill mannered behaviour of yours. Moyin, what exactly is your problem. Do you even think before you act?”
“See I don’t have time to exchange words with you, just tell her to leave” She ordered and Fullhouse laughed.
“What’s funny?” She asked and he continued laughing. Then he stopped and replied her.
“Is this a Nollywood movie or something? I’m sorry, she’s going nowhere!”
“Then I’ll leave if she doesn’t”
“Fine! Good bye!” He said and turned back to the kitchen.
“Fullhouse!!” She screamed his name but he didn’t look back as he entered the kitchen. Few seconds later, Fullhouse and Martha heard the front door slammed.
“Don’t tell me she left” Martha said to Fullhouse.
“Madam! Can we go back to what we are doing?”
“Fullhouse, she’s your…….”
“Martha!” He cautioned.
“I’m leaving too” Martha said and removed the apron she had on her.
“You want to leave. Great! See you on Monday” He said calmly but with a sad tone. He left the kitchen, leaving Martha behind. She turned off the gas and followed quietly.
Fullhouse sat on the sofa, Martha walked up to him and sat beside him.
“I don’t want to cause a rift between you and your woman. I’m leaving because it’s not okay for me to stay” Martha stated.
“You can leave. It’s understandable” He said and shot his eyes tight. Then he heard the door closed. Martha had left.
Fullhouse didn’t call Moyin and she didn’t call either. Later in the night, Fullhouse remembered he hadn’t spoken with his family that day. That was his daily ritual, he speaks with his family members every evening but before he knew it Ireoluwa, his new adopted sister had joined the list subconsciously.
That night he called his parents, Oreoluwa, his sister and Ireoluwa. Then Gbotemi's call came through after making all the calls.
“Guy what happened again?” He asked and Fullhouse knew Moyin would have downloaded everything that happened to Darasimi, Gbotemi's fiancée. And that one too would report it to Gbotemi.
“Guy! I don’t want to talk about it. I’m sorry but I just don’t feel like discussing that issue” Fullhouse stated.
“Easy, man. Darasimi said……”
“Whatever she says is what it is until we see. Ore (friend), I’m tired abeg” Fullhouse said.
Gbotemi knew better, if Fullhouse said he’s not talking then he won’t talk so he hang up.
That night Fullhouse couldn’t sleep, he kept on thinking about Moyin and how long he’ll continue to put up with her attitude.
On Monday morning, all the staffs were in their offices working then Gbotemi suddenly rushed into Fullhouse's office.
“Guy! You are still here” He said panting.
“Yes and what’s going on. Did you see a ghost or something” He tried to joke.
“Moyin just left the building”
“Moyin was here?” Fullhouse asked.
“Yes, she was here and obviously not for pleasantries”
“But she didn’t come to my office” He gestured with his hand.
“That was because she didn’t come for you”
“Gbotemi stop talking in parables. Why was she here?”
“She just left Martha's office”
“What!” Fullhouse exclaimed.
“You haven’t hear anything you are exclaiming. Anyway, she left after dishing Martha a very hot slap with a warning to stay away from her man”
“Wait, did I hear you right. Moyin did what?”
“The slap was so hot that Martha eyes became dizzy. She fainted after Moyin left. Precious and some other colleagues rushed her to the sick bay. She’s fine now though”
“Jesus! Moyin slapped a pregnant woman!”
“What! Martha is pregnant, but she just got engaged?”
“Yes she is pregnant. She told me on Saturday when she came to my place. She needed someone to share with because she was worried and that was why she came to my place since her friend, precious was not in town. And that is the reason why I stylishly engaged her in cooking, just to make her take her mind off her worries” Fullhouse explained.
“My God! No wonder she fainted. Moyin shouldn’t have gone that far”
“Where’s Martha right now?” He asked. Gbotemi replied him and he rushed out of the office while his friend followed.

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Re: UNDERRATED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by drewsman(m): 10:05am On Oct 19
That's why I believe this saying with all my heart, "love alone isn't enough reason to get married".

Full house, you've seen all the negative signs already. A word is enough for the wise


Re: UNDERRATED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by aprilwise(m): 11:35am On Oct 19
love is like an atom in an element. moyin has crossed the line. Thanks for the update

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Re: UNDERRATED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by bukatyne(f): 12:45pm On Oct 19
Humbleness, Gvnl, InestimableJoy, Divineroyalty,
genius43, bukatyne, Asco9ty5, olatex25, Ann2012

Fans of Toyin Taiwo, a brand New book is out titled UNDERRATED. Available on okadabooks.

Thanks, God bless you.

Thanks very much for the invite. Sounds like an interesting read.

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Re: UNDERRATED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by bimberry1307(f): 4:29pm On Oct 19
Okay! That was way too far! Martha, bye bye to the relationship.
Oya, oreoluwa on top.

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Re: UNDERRATED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Humbleness: 8:30pm On Oct 19
Thanks for the update.
Martha is just characterless .

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Re: UNDERRATED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Ann2012(f): 9:15pm On Oct 19
Moyin went too far

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Re: UNDERRATED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Missyajoke(f): 10:19pm On Oct 19
Rachelfast please mention me in the next updates.
Re: UNDERRATED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by divinelypruned(f): 8:51am On Oct 20
Op will you finish the story here, or we will have to go to okada books again?
Re: UNDERRATED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 2:10pm On Oct 20
Chapter 8 (Contd)

Fullhouse met Matha at the sick bay and wondered what kind of query he’ll answer if Mr. Egbayelo got to know about the drama that happened in his company. Fullhouse started pleading with Martha seriously for what his fianceé did to her.
“You know I should press charges, right!” Martha said to Fullhouse.
“I know you have the right to but I beg of you, please let it go. Please do it for me” He went on his knees but Martha insisted he stand up.
“No, don’t kneel to me. Stand up or I’ll tell the nurse to throw you out” She said and he stood up quickly.
“Thank you” Fullhouse said.
“It’s okay. You can sit” Martha said. She was sitting on the bed. But Fullhouse remained standing with Gbotemi. Precious was also with them in the sick bay.
“I think you should go see a doctor. Let me take you to the company’s hospital” Fullhouse suggested. They only have a nurse in the company's sick bay.
“I’m fine. Don’t worry” Martha declined.
“I’m saying this because of your condition”
“And I said I’m fine o….No need for that. I’m serious” She said.
“Let me get you milk and malt”
“She’s fine. We’ve done that already” Precious bump in. “Fullhouse, you are so great a guy and I wondered how you got yourself in the claws of that she- devil!”
“Precious, Stop!” Martha cautioned her.
“No allow her. There’s no one in this room that is not angry. So allow her” Fullhouse said sadly.
“No, she shouldn’t have said that to you. None of this is your fault” Martha said.
“It’s okay everybody, thank God, Martha is fine. She also said she’s not pressing charges. Let’s just leave things the way they are right now and not complicate things. Hun!” Gbotemi said.
“I’ll go and report myself to the boss before he finds out himself” Fullhouse said.
“No need for that, I’m the only one who knew about the slap. Others thought Martha fainted on her own” Precious said.
Fullhouse looked at Martha for answers. “She’s right. No one knew about it. Moyin had left before the other staff came in”
“Martha, thanks once again for your understanding” Fullhouse said to her. Gbotemi also thanked her. The two left the sick bay and promised to check up on her later.
“Gbotemi, please I want to leave the office for a bit. I’ll be back soon” He said immediately they stepped out of the sick bay.
“Wait! Where are you going?” Gbotemi asked but Fullhouse didn’t answer him. He drove straight to Moyin's place of work.
Gbotemi went back into the sick bay and told Martha what happened.
“Let him go nau, he need to talk sense into that girl. Na only she get man” Precious said to Gbotemi.
Precious got a call while they were still discussing the issue, she was needed in the office, she had to leave, so Gbotemi offered to stay with Martha.
“I only hope Fullhouse would not go and make a scene at Moyin's office o” Martha said, sounding worried.
“He will do no such thing, I trust him”
“I hope so, because two wrongs can never make a right” She said.
Fullhouse got to Moyin's office and gave her a call. “I give you just five minutes to meet me outside your office. Else, I'll come in there to make a scene just like you did at my place of work” He ordered.
She showed up before the five minutes if there’s anything she knows about Fullhouse, she knows he doesn’t bluff.
“Moyin! I don’t need to ask you the reason why you do what you did, I know that already. You met her in ‘Our Kitchen' right. Just like you put it, so it’s understandable. But this is the height of it Moyin, so guess what. You just got yourself a pandorasbox. I’ll implore you to take off that ring that is deceiving and shacking you because henceforth, you cease to be my fianceé. I’ll never have anything to do with you again!”
“What are you trying to say here, cos I don’t get” She said, rolling her eyes.
“Oh! Well, simply put, it is over between us, have a good day!” He said and entered his car. While she was still trying to talk to him, he zoomed off.
Gbotemi was still with Martha when his phone rang. Precious had also joined them. It was Darasimi. He sighed. “My fianceé” He said.
“You people and the wahala women in your life” Precious said scornfully and hissed. Gbotemi ignored her and stepped out to receive the call.
“Gbotemi's woman is still better at least she does not go about slapping her fiancé’s female friends” Martha said.
Gbotemi picked his call immediately he stepped out of the sick bay. He knew the call will definitely be about Moyin and Fullhouse.
“What exactly is Fullhouse's problem? Moyin just called now, she was crying on phone. She said Fullhouse just broke up with her” Darasimi poured out.
“God, I knew it will come to this. Anyway, Fullhouse is not back yet, when he comes back, I'll talk to him. But did Moyin tell you what she did?”
“Yes but that shouldn’t warrant a breakup nau”
“Really, do you know the lady she slapped is pregnant and fainted? And you are saying it doesn’t warrant a breakup. You try that shit with me and see what I’m capable of!” Gbotemi said and hang up on her angrily.
“Huh! Did he just hang up on me?” Darasimi checked the screen of her phone. “What’s my own now,” She said stamping her feet. She called him back.
“Darasimi not now, we’ll talk later. Fullhouse just got back” He said and hang up.
Martha and Precious got to know from Gbotemi that Fullhouse had returned. They all left the sick bay and went to his office including Martha who claimed she was feeling better.
“Martha, you should be at the sick bay. Why are you here?” Fullhouse asked when he saw her with the other two.
“Leave my issue for now, I’m fine. Why did you breakup with your fianceé?” Martha charged at him.
“Wow! News travel fast here, Darasimi called, right!” Fullhouse said pointing to his friend and gave him a devious look. But Gbotemi said nothing. He knew how angry Fullhouse was at the moment.
“Is it your slap? Shebi it’s my face she slapped. If na play stop am abeg and call the girl back” Martha said.
“You need your rest Martha. Go back to the sick bay or go to your office to relax because I don’t have anything to say to all of you” Fullhouse said.
“Fullhouse, I’m one hundred percent with you on this. That girl own too much abeg” Precious said in her warri voice. She never really liked Moyin ever since she met her.
“Thanks Precious at least one person in this room reason the way I do” He said and insisted he wanted to be alone. So Martha and Precious left except Gbotemi.
“You too leave and tell your woman not to interfere in this” He said bluntly. Gbotemi knew he was still angry so he decided to let him be.
“Just relax and take it easy man….I understand how you feel but please try and calm down” I’ll see you later” Gbotemi said and left.

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Re: UNDERRATED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Ann2012(f): 2:49pm On Oct 20
Well done ma’am

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Re: UNDERRATED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by zika19(f): 3:01pm On Oct 20
Can’t keep mute again. You are doing a great job ma.���

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Re: UNDERRATED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by PrudySara(f): 8:51pm On Oct 20
Moyin is just being insecure...and it's bad. She has gotten. what she wants nau!
Nice one OP
Re: UNDERRATED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Missyajoke(f): 9:22am On Oct 21
Mama de mama rachelfast I dey gbadun you continue jare.
Re: UNDERRATED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Humbleness: 2:37pm On Oct 21
Thanks for the update

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