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Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 12:11pm On Oct 23, 2020
Op but i did not cry
you will surely cry if you read all this stories over again
Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 12:15pm On Oct 23, 2020
One evening, a girl named Rachel invited a cute guy she knew over to her house. Her parents were away for the weekend, so they had the place to themselves. The guy’s name was Benny and she thought he was the most handsome boy in school.
They were sitting on the couch and after a while, they began making out. Things were getting pretty hot and heavy and benny took off his shirt. All of a sudden, the Rachel’s cell phone began ringing.
“Hey babe, I need to take this call,” she said. “I’ll be right back.”
“Yeah, OK… Sure,” replied Benny.
Rachel got up, grabbed her phone and walked into the next room, shutting the door behind her.
Rachel: Hey! What’s up?
John: Nothing much. Hey Honey, do you think we could go do something later? My boss let me out of work early tonight. What are the chances, huh?
Rachel: Uh… Yeah, that sounds great!
John: OK, cool. I’m almost at your house. I’ll come pick you up and we’ll talk about where to go.
Rachel: Oh, um… That’s not such a good idea…
John: Why not?
Rachel: I’m just busy right now… Sorry.
John: Busy with what? I’m your boyfriend! You don’t have time to meet me? You didn’t make any other plans did you…?
Rachel: Er… No… No… I was just… um… having dinner with my parents.
John: I thought you said your parents were away this weekend…
Just then, her boyfriend walked through the front door. He turned the corner into the hallway and saw his best friend, Benny, sitting on the couch with his shirt off. Rachel came rushing into the room.
John: What the hell is going on?!
Rachel: I can explain! Please, listen to me!
John: Benny? BENNY! What is he doing here?
Rachel: He was just helping me with my homework.
John: OMG! How could you, Rachel? How could you do this to me? I thought you loved me! And yet, here you are, cheating on me with MY BEST FRIEND! I don’t believe this!
Rachel: John… It’s not what it looks like!
As the young couple argued, Benny sheepishly put his shirt back on and climbed out the window. Feeling guilty and ashamed, he started his car and drove off down the street.
John felt sick to his very stomach. With tears in his eyes, he rushed out of the living room and slammed the door. Rachel ran after her boyfriend, begging him to listen to her.
Rachel: NO! Please! Come back, John!! Pleeeeeasssse?!!
She grabbed him by the arm, but he roughly brushed her off. Turning around, John looked straight into his girlfriend’s eyes. Tears were streaming down his cheeks.
John: Why, Rachel? Why? I loved you! Oh my God, how could i have been so stupid. I fell in love with a tramp. That’s what they call girls like you, isn’t it? How many other guys have there been, Rachel? Here, take this!
He took something out of his pocket and threw it in her face. It fell on the floor and when Rachel looked down, she saw it was a ring. Her jaw dropped and she fell to her knees. It was a diamond engagement ring. She grabbed it with shaking hands and held it up.
Rachel: You… You were going to propose to me?
John: Yeah… How dumb was I? Maybe you better keep it… Something to remember me by…
With that, he stormed out and jumped into his car. As Rachel stood at her front door, crying uncontrollably, she watched his headlights fade into the distance.
Later that night, she was awoken by the sound of her doorbell ringing. When she answered it, there were two policemen standing on her doorstep.
“I’m sorry to be the one to break the bad news to you,” said one police officer. “A few hours ago, we found your boyfriend dead. He committed suicide.”
Rachel couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She burst into tears and fell to the ground, curling up in a ball.
As she sobbed and wailed, the policemen told her what had happened. Apparently, her boyfriend had tied one end of a rope around his neck and the other end around a tree. Then, he got into his car and drove off. When the rope pulled tight, it ripped off his head. He had decapitated himself.
“When we found him, he had a picture of you clutched in his hand,” said the other police officer. “On the back, he had scribbled two words… CHEATING SUCKS.”
Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 12:20pm On Oct 23, 2020
A girl was pretty and she knew it. She could get any guy she wanted. The boy knew he didn’t stand a chance with her, but he never gave up.
Every night, the girl would meet a new guy. Sometimes, they would call her back. Sometimes they wouldn’t bother.
Every night, the girl would cry herself to sleep. She hated her life. She hated being used by guys. She wanted to meet a genuine guy, a guy with a true heart who would really love her.
The boy knew exactly what she was going through. He could see through all her fake smiles, but he never had the courage to speak up and tell her how he felt.
As time went by, the girl became more and more depressed. Even the fake smile on her face began to fade. All of her friends deserted her. They began to spread vile rumors about her. Her heart was broken and her past was beginning to catch up with her.
One day, the boy finally managed to work up the courage to tell her how he really felt about her. He wanted to take her away from the life she was living and show her what true love was like. He wanted to treat her the way a girl should be treated, with kindness and respect.
The boy made his way to her house. With every step, he rehearsed what he was going to say to her. He was so nervous. He was dreading what would happen if she turned him down. He hated rejection. He couldn’t stand the embarrassment.
He waited at the bottom of her driveway, unsure of what to do. Then, he saw a middle-aged man come out the front door. As the man walked past, he asked the boy if he was next.
The boy didn’t understand and slowly approached the front door. It was open, so he went inside. He saw arrows on the wall, pointing towards the lounge.
He saw a letter lying on the couch. It read:
Dear Mom,
I have finally made enough money to help you pay off all our debts. I hope this will make you happy. Mom, I’ve been thinking about something for a while now. I have ruined my life and I just can’t take it anymore. My whole life, all I’ve given you is sorrow. It would be better if I was gone from this world. You are better off without me. I know you will probably be too wasted on drugs and alcohol to understand what I am saying, Mom, but despite everything that has happened, I want you to know that I always loved you. What I am about to do is nobody’s fault but mine. My whole life, all I wanted was true love, Mom, but I guess it wasn’t for me. I guess it was never meant to be. Bye Mom, I love you.
The boy dropped the letter and began desperately looking for the girl. He was worried he might be too late to stop her. Just then, he heard the garage door close. He ran to the garage and found the girl sitting there on a chair. She was holding a knife.
He walked up to her and knelt down beside her. She looked at him and started to cry. Tears of shame flowed down her cheeks.
“All I ever wanted was true love,” she wailed.
The boy didn’t say anything. He just put his arms around her. He hugged her and held her close. He stayed with her all night and kept her company. He told her he would never let her go. For the first time in her life, she felt loved.
Then, suddenly, the boy couldn’t breathe. He began gasping for air. The girl asked what was wrong and realized that he had forgotten his inhaler. He was suffocating right before her eyes.
The girl didn’t know what to do. She wanted to run and get help, but she didn’t want to leave him alone, not even for a second. The boy didn’t want her to leave his side either. He had finally found true love and now he couldn’t bear to let it go.
Finally, the girl got up and tried to go for help, but the boy refused to allow her to leave. He told her he wanted her to hold him. He said he just wanted to stay in her arms. She sat next to him and held him tight. She kissed him on the cheek.
“You showed me what true love is,” she said. “You can’t leave without me.”
The boy looked up at her with tears flowing down his face. Then, his eyelids fluttered and his eyes closed. They didn’t open again.
The girl got up and searched the garage, opening cupboards and looking under tables. Then, all of a sudden, something caught her eye. It was her mom’s shotgun.
She lay down beside the boy and covered them both with a warm blanket. Looking up at the ceiling, she put the barrel of the shotgun in her mouth and started counting backwards.
10… 9… 8… 7… 6…
All the girl had ever wanted was to feel true love. Now that she had found it, she didn’t want to let it go.
5… 4… 3… 2… 1…
She pulled the trigger. There was a deafening boom and her brains splattered all over the garage.
Two young people died that night. They were killed by love.
Don’t let this happen to you. Tell that special someone how you feel about them before it’s too late.
Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 12:23pm On Oct 23, 2020
more sad touching stories coming right up!
Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 12:48pm On Oct 23, 2020

Don’t Let Me In is a scary story about a boyfriend who sends text messages to his girlfriend in the middle of the night, warning her not to open the door for him.

Gabriel: Nancy
Gabriel: Nancy, are you there?
Gabriel: Nancy answer me!
Nancy: Hey
Nancy: Wow, it’s so late!
Nancy: What’s the matter? You can’t sleep?
Gabriel: Nancy, I need you to listen to me carefully.
Gabriel: If I come to your house tonight and knock on the door
Nancy: What
Nancy: You’re coming over now?
Gabriel: Nancy, focus on what I’m trying to tell you
Gabriel: If the doorbell rings and you see me standing outside
Gabriel: Whatever you do, DON’T LET ME IN!!
Nancy: Have you gone completely crazy?
Gabriel: Something very bad will happen to you if you open the door
Nancy: What’s wrong with you?
Nancy: Why are you saying these horrible things?
Nancy: You’re scaring me!!
Gabriel: Sorry, but it’s for your own good
Gabriel: Are you alone in the house?
Nancy: Yes, actually… My parents went to a party
Gabriel: Ok well, then lock all doors and windows
Gabriel: If you see me outside, call the police
Gabriel: Immediately
Nancy: Gabriel, if this is a joke, I swear I’m going to block you
Gabriel: It’s not a joke!
Nancy: Where are you?
Gabriel: I’m not sure.
Gabriel: I’m in an abandoned house
Gabriel: But I can’t get out.
Gabriel: All the windows have bars on them.
Gabriel: And all the doors are locked
Nancy: How did you get there??
Gabriel: I can’t remember
Gabriel: My memory is all confused
Gabriel: I think it happened yesterday night
Nancy: What happened?
Nancy: Have you been kidnapped or something??!!
Gabriel: I don’t know.
Gabriel: I think so
Gabriel: But, please, Nancy. Remember what I told you
Gabriel: If you see me outside, don’t open the door for me!
Nancy: Wait a sec
Nancy: Ah, I see what’s going on now
Nancy: You really are an idiot!!
Gabriel: What??
Nancy: This is just another one of your pranks.
Nancy: And to think I was about to call the police!
Nancy: Thank God I realized just in time!
Gabriel: What are you talking about?
Nancy: I can see you!
Nancy: slowpoke!
Nancy: I’m looking at you through the window
Nancy: You’re out there in the garden
Nancy: Sending messages on your phone
Gabriel: What??
Nancy: Don’t try to deny it. I can see you
Gabriel: No!! It’s not me!!!
Nancy: Knock it off. The joke’s over
Nancy: It was a lame prank anyway
Nancy: I’m coming down
Gabriel: No! Don’t open the door!!
Gabriel: I told you! Don’t let me in!
Nancy: Hahaha… You’re crazy
Nancy: Why do you keep saying that?
Nancy: What the hell is going on??
Gabriel: I’m trying to protect you
Gabriel: Please believe me!
Nancy: I hope you’re happy. You’ve got me so scared
Nancy: I really don’t know what the hell to do
Nancy: You’re knocking on the door now
Nancy: I hate you!
Nancy: This is the most horrible joke in the world
Gabriel: It’s not a joke!!
Gabriel: Don’t open it!!
Nancy: What am I supposed to do?
Nancy: Why are you knocking on the door if you don’t want me to open it?
Nancy: Why did you even come to my house in the first place?
Gabriel: It’s not me
Nancy: What do you mean it’s not you?
Nancy: I can see you through the window, Gabe
Nancy: I’m not blind!
Gabriel: I’m telling you, it’s not me!
Gabriel: It’s something else
Nancy: What??
Gabriel: I dont know!
Nancy: Where are you now?
Gabriel: I already told you, I’m locked in a house!!
Gabriel: I don’t know where I am exactly
Nancy: You’ve gone away
Gabriel: What??
Nancy: I mean… that thing outside…
Nancy: He moved away from the door
Gabriel: What is he doing??
Nancy: He’s just standing in the garden
Nancy: Looking at his cell phone
Nancy: He looks exactly like you
Nancy: It has to be you!
Nancy: How can it not be you??
Nancy: You’re driving me crazy!
Gabriel: Nancy, listen to me
Gabriel: I don’t know who that thing is
Gabriel: But I know he’s not me
Gabriel: Despite what he looks like
Nancy: Oh God
Nancy: He’s looking right at me now
Gabriel: Get away from the window
Gabriel: Are the doors and windows locked?
Nancy: Yes
Nancy: I think so
Nancy: You’re right, love, it’s not you
Nancy: He’s almost identical to you but
Nancy: I know it’s something else!
Nancy: His eyes!
Nancy: His eyes are red!
Nancy: They glow in the dark!!
Gabriel: Get away from the window!
Nancy: I’m on the other side of the room
Nancy: Now he’s crouching down
Nancy: I can’t see him anymore
Gabriel: What’s he doing?
Nancy: He’s got a stone in his hand
Nancy: He’s walking to the window
Nancy: He’s going to break the glass!
Gabriel: Run!!
Gabriel: Lock yourself in the bathroom and call the police!
Gabriel: Love!
Gabriel: Nancy?
Gabriel: Nancy?
Nancy: I’m upstairs
Nancy: I locked myself in my bedroom
Nancy: The lock on the door is stronger
Gabriel: Did you call the police?
Nancy: I’m calling them now
Gabriel: Tell them to hurry!
Gabriel: Nancy?
Gabriel: What did they say?
Gabriel: Are you still there?
Nancy: I called them
Nancy: They said they’re coming right away
Gabriel: OK. Good
Nancy: I hope they come soon
Nancy: That thing broke the window
Nancy: He’s inside the house!!
Gabriel: Are you sure?
Nancy: I can hear his footsteps!
Nancy: Now he’s coming up the stairs!
Gabriel: I wish I was there!
Gabriel: I wish I could help you!!
Nancy: What is that thing??
Nancy: Why is all this happening?
Gabriel: I don’t know, love!!
Gabriel: All I know is what I told you before
Gabriel: It started yesterday night
Gabriel: I was in my bedroom, studying
Gabriel: The window was open and I heard a noise outside
Gabriel: I looked out the window and that’s when I saw it
Gabriel: There was something out there
Nancy: What?
Gabriel: Something that wasn’t human
Gabriel: It had a pale, white face
Gabriel: And it’s eyes were glowing red!!
Gabriel: He grabbed me by the neck
Gabriel: I didn’t have time to react
Gabriel: Then as I watched his face began to change
Gabriel: This is the most incredible part
Gabriel: Before I knew it, I was looking at myself
Gabriel: The thing had stolen my face
Gabriel: He looked exactly like me
Gabriel: And he was smiling at me!
Nancy: OMG!
Gabriel: I don’t remember anything after that
Gabriel: When I woke up locked in this house
Gabriel: That’s all I know
Nancy: Gabe, that’s the craziest story I’ve ever heard
Nancy: But I believe you
Nancy: And I know this thing is evil
Nancy: He wants to kill me, I know it!
Nancy: He’s banging on the door now
Nancy: The door is shaking
Nancy: He’s using a lot of strength
Nancy: I don’t think it’s going to hold much longer!
Nancy: Please help!
Gabriel: Don’t let him in!
Gabriel: Push the bed up against the door
Gabriel: Do whatever it takes to survive!
Gabriel: Until the police get there!
Gabriel: Nancy!
Gabriel: Nancy??
Gabriel: Please answer me!!
Gabriel: Answer me Nancy!!
Gabriel: Nancy?
Gabriel: Are you OK?
Gabriel: What’s happening there?
Gabriel: Please answer me!
Gabriel: Oh God
Gabriel: I love you Nancy
When the police finally arrived at the house, they were too late to save Nancy. She was nowhere to be found. The door of her bedroom had been smashed and the pieces lay strewn about the floor.
After checking the security cameras, the police determined that she had been abducted by her 27-year old boyfriend, Gabriel Rosales.
Meanwhile, in the abandoned house, the real Gabriel was distraught beyond belief. He managed to find a loose floorboard and got out through the crawlspace. He discovered that the house was located in the middle of the woods. He tried to phone the police, but he couldn’t get a signal. When he checked Google maps, it couldn’t find his location.
Gabriel began walking through the woods. He hiked for several kilometers until he found a house with the lights on. He went up to the front door and knocked. After a few minutes, a woman’s face peered out the window.
As Gabriel desperately tried to explain the situation, the woman’s eyes grew wide with fright. She let out a piercing scream.
“Please!” Gabriel whined, “You’ve got to help me!”
Just then, the front door opened and a man appeared from the darkness, holding a rifle in his hand. Gabriel turned and ran as fast as he could. As he dashed for the cover of the trees, he heard the sound of gunfire behind him and felt the bullets whizzing past his head.
Gabriel ran until he was out of breath. He tripped over a fallen log and his feet got tangled up in the branches. He fell and hit his head one a stone. Blood began to flow from the open wound and it soaked his whole face. He grabbed the cell phone and activated the camera in selfie mode, so he could see the extent of his injuries.
What he saw made him shake with fear and the cell phone fell from his hands.
Finally, he understood why the woman in the house had screamed with such horror.
The strange creature had taken his appearance, and in return it had left him with its own.
Today, Gabriel travels by night, hiding in the shadows, his face and body transformed forever into that of an abominable being, still wondering what it was that attacked him and stole away his girlfriend, and hoping one day to get revenge…
Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by nerdfrost(m): 1:07pm On Oct 23, 2020
A little girl and her father were crossing a bridge. The father was kind of scared, so he asked his little daughter, “Sweetheart, please hold my hand so that you don’t fall into the river.”
The little girl said, “No, Dad. YOU hold MY hand.”
“What’s the difference?” asked the puzzled father.
“There’s a big difference,” replied the little girl. “If I hold your hand and something happens to me, chances are that I might let go of your hand. But if you hold my hand, I know for sure that no matter what happens, you will never let go of my hand.”
With that, the father picked up his daughter and threw her into the river.
Guy which kain story be this....threw the girl in the river
Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 1:17pm On Oct 23, 2020
Guy which kain story be this....threw the girl in the river
its really hilarious bro!
Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 1:18pm On Oct 23, 2020
School Bullying is a horror story about a boy who was tormented and bullied by three classmates before he died in the school bathroom.
There was a 15-year old boy who attended a school in a small town in Ohio. Most of the other teenagers in his class regarded him with disdain and referred to him as “The Geek”. The boy was painfully thin, wore large thick glasses, spoke with a pronounced lisp and had a bad case of acne. He wasn’t particularly unpopular, he was just ignored by most of his classmates.
Because the geek didn’t have any friends, he spent most of his free time sitting alone in the classroom, listening to music or playing games on his smart phone. Being shy, quiet and lacking in social skills made him a frequent target for bullying.
There were three bullies in the school who constantly picked on the boy. They made the geek’s life a living hell and showed him no mercy whatsoever. Every day, the bullies would find some new way to torture or humiliate the unfortunate wretch. It was as if they took great pleasure in seeing him suffer.
One day, the geek went into the boy’s bathroom alone. While he was washing his hands, the three bullies walked in. Bored and seeking entertainment, the trio decided that it was the perfect time to play a little game with the geek. They grabbed hold of him and dragged him into one of the cubicles.
Two of the bullies picked the boy up by the legs and shoved his head into the toilet bowl. The other bully began flushing the toilet. The poor geek was twisting and turning and flailing his hands, but the bullies just forced his head deeper into the toilet. The sounds of him spluttering and struggling to breathe made them laugh uncontrollably.
After they had their fun, the bullies let go of the boy’s legs. They were shocked when his limp body collapsed on the tiled floor. His mouth was slack and his eyes were glazed over. He wasn’t breathing. The horrible realization began to dawn on them and the three boys began to panic. They had accidentally killed the geek.
The bullies never planned for this to happen and frantically tried to figure out what to do. They didn’t want to get caught, so they broke into the janitor’s closet and stole a hacksaw. There, huddled in the grimy toilet cubicle, they sawed the geek’s corpse into three pieces. Then, they removed one of the bathroom’s ceiling tiles and stuffed his dismembered body parts into the dark recess.
After that, the bullies fetched a mop and cleaned up all the blood on the floor. They replaced the ceiling tile and ran out of the bathroom, hoping the dead boy’s remains would never be discovered. The bullies made a pact with eachother, swearing that they would never tell anyone what had happened that day.
For a while, all went well for the three remorseless bullies. The geek’s parents came to the school looking for him and he was eventually reported to the police as a missing person. Everyone assumed he had been kidnapped on the way home. Nobody suspected that he had been murdered by his own classmates.
One morning, the three bullies arrived for class and sat down at their desks. When the boys lifted the lids of their desks, they suddenly started screaming and ran out the door. Within seconds, the rest of the students were freaking out and fleeing th classroom as well.
In one bully’s desk, there was pair of dismembered legs. Sitting in the second bully’s desk was a decapitated torso. The third bully’s desk held the geek’s severed head.
This gruesome discovery struck fear into every teacher and student in the school. The police were called in to investigate and evidence led them directly to the three bullies. The boys were promptly arrested, prosecuted and sent to prison. Today, they sit alone in their cells and endure constant bullying from the bigger, tougher, older prison inmates.
The school is still open, but the bathroom where the boy died is now kept under lock and key. Nobody is allowed to go in there anymore because too many students had terrifying experiences when they went into the toilet alone.
Some of them reported seeing bloodstains on the floor and the uneasy feeling that someone was watching them. Others have heard a boy screaming in the bathroom, even though it was completely empty. They say that if you look under the stall doors, you can see feet there, despite the fact that the cubicle is unoccupied.
According to the legend, if you go in the boys’ bathroom, stand at the sink, look into the mirror and say, “I know who killed you”, you will catch a glimpse of the geek standing behind you.
Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 1:23pm On Oct 23, 2020
I’m afraid of boxes. Big ones or small ones, it doesn’t matter. They all scare me. If the lid is open and I can see the contents, it’s OK, but if the lid is closed, it makes me cringe in fear. It’s all because of an experience I had when I was a child.
During the Summer, my parents would often take my brother and I to visit our grandmother. She lived in a small country town. Behind her cottage, there was a large barn that was used as a storehouse.
The barn was stuffed with all sorts of odds and ends. There were broken antiques, old toys, dusty furniture, piles of junk and even a suit of armor. It was a treasure trove for children. However, my grandmother was very strict and never allowed us to explore the barn. She said she didn’t want us messing around with the stuff in the barn and warned us to keep out of there.
One day, my parents and my grandmother went out shopping. They took my brother with them and I was left home alone. I decided to sneak into the barn and have a treasure hunt.
Sifting through the piles of old junk, I found some interesting items. There was a slab of wood in the shape of a person and a leather pouch filled with brightly-colored marbles. I continued searching through the rubbish to see if I could find anything else.
At the back of the barn, there was an old chest of drawers. It was decorated with a shiny black lacquer and there were candles arranged on the top. It looked sort of like an altar.
When I pulled out one of the drawers, I found a large box. It was about 15 cm x 15 cm. While everything else in the barn was covered in a layer of dust, the box was unusually clean.
I picked it up and examined it. The sides of the box had an ornate design on them and there was a latch on the top where it could be opened. It looked like a miniature treasure chest.
With shaking fingers, I pulled back the latch and opened the lid. Inside, there was another box. It was exactly the same, but slightly smaller. When I opened that box, there was yet another box inside. It was a box inside a box inside a box…
Just then, I noticed something disturbing. On the bottom of each box, there was a small inscription.
“Nose”, “Teeth”, “Ears”…
I was puzzled and a chill ran down my spine, but curiosity got the better of me and I kept opening the boxes.
“Kidneys”, “Lungs”, “Pancreas”, “Liver”, “Spleen”…
Every box was inscribed with the name of a part of the body.
“Arms”, “Legs”, “Feet”, “Nails”, “Hair”…
Finally, I came to the last box. It was only 1 cm x 1 cm. The inscription on the bottom read, “Skull”.
My heart was pounding. I cautiously opened the box.
Inside, there was a small, folded piece of paper. I spread it out. There were just two words written on it in a scrawled hand: “The End.”
That evening, my parents and my grandmother didn’t arrive home until very late. They were crying. My parents sat me down and told me they had some bad news. While they were at the mall, my brother had disappeared. While they were distracted, he had wandered off and they couldn’t find him.
The police searched the entire shopping mall from top to bottom, but they didn’t find my brother. They did find something else, though. Something chilling. A human brain.
After performing DNA tests, the polce confirmed that it was indeed the brain of my younger brother. They never found the rest of him.
When I found out, I was more scared than I had ever been in my life. I remembered the strange boxes I had found. Each one had the name of a body part inscribed on it, but there was one missing… “Brain”.
Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 1:26pm On Oct 23, 2020
One cold and dark December night, a teenage girl named Kathy was babysitting two children. There was a seven-year old boy named Taylor, and a six-year old girl named Selena. The parents had gone to the movies for the night, leaving Kathy in
Just after 9 o’clock that night, the phone rang. Kathy answered it and heard an anguished voice screaming “Help Me! For Heaven’s sake, help me!”
Confused, Kathy hung up the phone and decided that it must have just been a prank call. Thirty minutes later, the phone rang again and the same voice screamed, “Help me! Somebody, please help me!”
This time, Kathy was beginning to get frightened. The children asked her who was calling and she told them not to worry, that everything was just fine.
Another thirty minutes passed by and she recieved another call. The voice on the other end sounded scared and desperate. “Help me! For Heaven’s sake, won’t somebody help me?”
The phone went dead.
Seconds later, there knock at the door. The babysitter clutched the children tightly to her. She was almost as scared as they were. The urgent knocking continued. She knew it wasn’t the children’s parents, because they weren’t due home for at least an hour.
They could hear a voice coming from outside. It was a man’s voice and he was repeating over and over “Help me help me help me…”
She didn’t know what to do.
“I’ll have to let him in”, she said. “He needs help”.
Later that night, when the parents arrived home, the house was eerily silent. All of the lights were off. When they searched the house, they entered the living room and stumbled upon a horrible scene. Kathy and both of the children had been murdered. Their arms and legs had been chopped off.
On the wall, written in blood, were the words, “For Heaven’s sake help me before I kill again. I cannot control myself anymore”.
Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 1:35pm On Oct 23, 2020
One dark night, a 15-year old girl named Lydia was walking home from her friend’s house. She turned down a narrow street to take a short cut and was startled by the sight of an old man standing in her path. When she stopped, the old man turned to her and in a hoarse voice said “Tell me the way!”
His face was disgusting, his skin covered in scars and boils, his hair stringy and unkempt, his eyes bulging horribly, almost popping out of their sockets. Lydia was terrified. She was alone in a dark and narrow alleyway with a strange and disturbing person. Her heart began pounding and it took her a few seconds to catch her breath.
“Tell me the way!”, the old man demanded.
“OK… OK…uh…. Where are you going?”, asked Lydia, nervously.
When the old man told her the address he was searching for, a chill ran down her spine. It was her house.
“I don’t know where that is”, she replied curtly as she pushed past the old man and ran down the alleyway. Glancing back, she could see him standing in the alley, watching her flee.
Lydia was so freaked out by the incident that she didn’t stop running until she got back to her house. Breathing a sigh of relief, she took out her keys. She looked up and down the street to make sure the old man hadn’t followed her. It was empty.
She turned the key, unlocked the door and pushed it open.
From the darkness inside her house, a hoarse voice said “Tell me the way!
Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 3:08pm On Oct 23, 2020
More sad stories coming up!
Re: Read true life Sad Stories That Will Make You Cry, Part 1 by okafor200(m): 7:02pm On Oct 23, 2020
This stories are really touching

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