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IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 6:00am On Oct 31
Copyright seriezbymo

I jolted awake, my eyes went straight to the clock, it was 2.15 pm.
“Oh my God, I totally drifted off” I mumbled.
I had gone for a job interview earlier in the morning and was so tired due to the heavy traffic, that made me drifted off on the sofa in the living room. l glanced through my watch again. The thought that Tutu had not returned from her outing crossed my mind, anyways she told me earlier that she won't be home on time. Tutu was my flat mate, we shared an apartment, she was a very caring friend, and a lover of adventure.
I leaned my head against the back of the sofa, as the thought of the just concluded job interview ran through my mind. In few minutes, I heard the sound of the gate thrown open. I peeped through the window, then saw Sharon hurrying towards our apartment. Before I could reach for the door, she rapped on it, afterwards I opened. Her face lit up with radiance.
“Hi Lola” she said.
“Hello Sharon, Is Tutu home?” She asked.
“No, she isn't” I replied.
“Damn!................................ I thought she would be back by now” sounding quite disappointed.
“Ok, let me drop this for her.”
She began to search through her bag, as she did, I took a glance at her appearance. Her accessories, shoes, wrist watch, bag, wig and others. “How expensive they looked” a little voice said inside of me. She handed the envelope to me. Please give her this money when she comes back, I won't be able to wait for her, I am in a hurry to somewhere. I collected the envelope.
“Thank you” she said and made her way to the gate.
I shut the door and dropped the envelope on the table, then settled back on the sofa. The Tutu I knew never gallivanted around different men. But she never hid the fact that she had a sponsor (sugar - daddy), which was Michael. Michael was so addicted to Tutu that he never for once replaced her as his mistress. At the other hand, Tutu really knew how to play her game, as she only stuck to Michael. But always solicited for (clients) different well-to-do men for both Sharon and Mimi. Sharon and Mimi were high-toned call-girls, of course they were both obligated to pay Tutu her own share after every hook-up deal. Despite that I always discouraged Tutu, I still couldn’t deny the fact that she made an average living from her lifestyle.
I reached for my handbag, and brought out my phone. I have missed three calls already.
“Oh, it's aunty Ella” I murmured.
Aunty Ella was a friend and a big sister to Tutu and I, she loved to always have us around her, especially me. I knew she wanted to ask me about the job interview, but since I was bored, I decided to go and see her. I grabbed my handbag and made my way to the door. At aunty Ella's store, I sat with my legs popped up on the sofa. After giving her a feedback on how the job interview went, she persuaded me.
“Lola, I know it is not easy, especially after several job interviews, but please, try to cheer up”
I nodded with a faint smile.
“Let me send one of my staffs to get us lunch” she suggested.
I shook my head. “No aunty Ella, I just do not have the appetite to eat” I responded.
“Ok, at least you will take some juice.”

Without waiting for my response, she proceeded to the fridge and brought out a bottle of juice with two cups. As we drank on, she began to show me some new arrivals in her store. Just when I was engrossed by the sight of the beautiful goods, a call came in on my phone. I checked the caller it was Tutu.
“Hello Tutu!”
She began to whine. “Lola where are you now, have been at home waiting for you”
“Really?” I chuckled. “Tutu you always left me alone in that house for days and I have never complained, you have only stayed for few minutes........” Tutu interrupted.
“You know I always miss you more, just come back already.”
“Alright, I'll join you soon.” I hung up.
Soon enough, Aunty Ella saw me off, then I picked a cab and headed home.

To be cont'd

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 6:30am On Oct 31
Soon enough, Aunty Ella saw me off, then I picked a cab and headed home.

A shopping bag was lying on the rug. Tutu handed over to me the fashion accessories she got for me, which I barely checked. I have turned down her gifts about couple of times, which she really felt bad about, so to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding, I always accepted whatever gift she bought for me.
“So, how was the interview?” she asked.
“I did my best, just hope it doesn't end up like every others.” I spoke reluctantly.
“C'mon Lola, I know it is not easy, but just try to be positive.”
I nodded slightly, then began to check through the nice accessories.

THE GIANT SUPERMALL is a very expensive one, where items are costlier than other supermarkets around. I watched Tutu checked through some skin products and explained to me the differences between the original and the imitation products. Suddenly she caught her breath.
“Oh my God!”
“What is it?” I asked curiously.
She whispered to me “look that way.”
Pointing carefully to a particular direction. I turned to look, but still couldn't understand her.
“I can't see anything.” I responded.
She whispered again. “That guy on white shirt.”
“Yes, I can see him, ...........so what?” I replied.
“Don't you know him?” I shook my head.
“I don't know him.” Tutu spoke with a lower tone.
“That's Dapo-Davies, a very famous multimillionaire business magnate.” She paused a moment. “Do you remember that magazine I bought of recent?”
I nodded. “Yes, I do.”
“That guy is the face on the cover page.”
I took a proper look at him. “Oh, that's true.” I admitted.
“Anyways, that isn’t why we are here.” I spoke dismissively.
As we were approaching the counter, a male voice interrupted us from behind.
“I just knew this was Tutu.” He said.
We both turned around to see who the intruder was. Tutu's face lit up with excitement.
“Kelvin!” she exclaimed.
They hugged each other as good friends would do. She proceeded.
“So surprised to see you, you came to shop?”
“Not really, I only accompanied my boss down here.”
“That reminds me” Tutu pressed.
“Michael told me you have left the insurance company where you use to work.” Kelvin nodded.
“That's true, I now work with Dap-Davy's Groups.”
“That should be Dapo-Davies' company?” Tutu asked.
“Yeah, you are right.”
“Is he the one you came with?” He nodded again.
“I thought as much, that I saw someone who looked so much like him somewhere around there.”
In a second Tutu paused. “oh, sorry meet my friend Lola. Lola, this is Kelvin, a friend of mine.”
Kelvin and I exchanged pleasantries. Gently, kelvin tapped Tutu at the back. Please I wouldn't want to keep my boss waiting, I only excused myself for few minutes, let's talk some other times. She nodded approvingly.
“I understand.”
“Alright ladies take care” As he turned to leave, he paused, then asked.
“What about Michael, does he still pay you well?”
Tutu smiled wryly. “He is still a very nice man.” She responded. That moment, I managed to hold my breath. I knew Michael was Tutu's sugar Daddy, but how come he knew about the whole thing? The question was at the tip of my tongue. Kelvin waved us good bye, then left in a hurry. I looked at Tutu with a keen eye.

“He just asked if Michael still pays you, he knows about your sugar daddy?”
She sighed. “Ok, he does, but we can't talk about that here.”
She dragged my hand. We made our way to the counter. Just in few minutes, Kelvin came back to us again. He spoke quietly.
“Ladies, my boss offered to pay for your items.”
Without waiting for our response, he passed a debit card to the cashier.
“I am paying for their items.” He murmured.

To be cont'd

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 9:05pm On Oct 31
“I am paying for their items.” He murmured.
Tutu and I stared at each other, then she turned to kelvin, picking her words.
“Kelvin......hope your boss won't think that we love free gifts, I mean do you think I should accept this?”
He cuts in. “Yes, you should accept it, because you never begged him for it, besides gifts shouldn't be rejected.”
After the payment, the cashier returned his debit card to him.
“Ok, then let's say thank you to him.” Tutu suggested.
Kelvin shrugged slightly, implying that, you are free if you want to. As kelvin walked away, Tutu grabbed my hand to follow her, but I restrained.
“C'mon Lola let's go and say thank you.” Tutu urged while I shot back.
“He paid for you not me because, I didn't buy anything, you did.”
She quickly hung her bag across my shoulder then walked very fast to catch up with Kelvin. I picked up her bag as it fell down from my shoulder, while I waited for her.

A while after we have returned from the mall, Tutu lay on the fluffy rug, while I sat on the sofa. We both focused on the TV in silence as we watched the Run Way Show. Tutu broke the silence.
“Lola, I am supposed to be excited that I met a celebrity today, but trust me I am not.”
“How do you mean?” I asked.
“This Dapo Davies appeared so proud to me, you need to see how unfriendly his face was.
“He didn't respond to you when you approached him?” I asked.
Tutu spoke reluctantly. “Hmmmmm.......... he responded, but the look on his face wasn't welcoming.”
“Thank goodness I didn't follow you.” I replied.
Tutu murmured. “Na wa for some rich people sha.”

It was about 6.30pm that same day, I sat with Tutu in the kitchen as she was doing the dishes. Soon, a call came in on Tutu's phone.
“Help me check who the caller is.” She said.
I quickly reached for the phone. “The name is kelvin.” I said.
“Oh, my hands are engaged, help me pick the call and place it on speaker.”
I did as she said. The very masculine voice came through the phone.
“Hello Tutu!”
“Hi kelvin!”
Tutu replied as she continued with the dishes.
He proceeded.
“Actually, I told my boss couple of things about you, he would like you to send him a good-looking lady who can keep his company. Like.............. spend the night with him.”
Tutu was caught unaware; she went silent for a while. Then she spoke hastily.
“Oh sure, I can quickly reach Sharon to do that.”
“No no no, I think he is specific about what he wants.” Kelvin said.
“How do you mean?” Tutu asked.
“He said he wants the lady you were together at the mall.”
There was startled silence before she spoke. “You mean Lola?”
“Yes, Dapo Davies wants Lola, I mean just to keep his company through the night.”
Immediately a disgust look settled on my face.
Tutu responded softly. “I am sorry, Lola doesn't do stuffs like that.”
He paused for a second. “She doesn't do stuff like that? but she is your friend”
“Yes, she is my friend, but.......”
He didn’t allow her to finish her sentence, he quipped in.
“You know what Tutu, you can talk to her, just try to do something.” He pressed.
“And in case you are able to convince her, then I would be expecting your call.”
“Huuuhhh....” Tutu let out a sigh of frustration.
“Alright.” she disconnected the call.
She could read it on my face that I was displeased by their phone conversation. I stood up and left the kitchen, immediately she came after me, and tried to explain things.
“Lola, why frowning so much at me?” I interjected.
“This is so disgusting, how on earth would he just request that you should send me down to him to spend the night, like I am a harlot or something?”
Tutu cuts in “I am just as surprised as you are.”
I gave her a questioning look.
“Come off it Lola, you are not insinuating that I told him something behind you, no...no, I won't do such thing, besides you heard the conversation and my response to him.”
Still looking slightly upset, I murmured.
“I heard that though.”
Tutu sighed. “Thank goodness you did.”
Playfully, she tried to tickle me, while I held her hands. We both trooped out of the bedroom.

To be cont'd

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 8:00pm On Nov 01
We both trooped out of the bedroom.

I was woken by the buzzing sound of my phone. I couldn't but wonder who it was at such early hour of the morning, I reached for my phone and realized it was Marian my younger sister. She was a year 2 student at the Uni. I was always very relaxed each time she is back from school, because she was always very helpful in guiding David, my younger brother and also to take good care of mum, since mum wasn't very strong. I lost my dad in a ghastly accident about four years ago, alongside my mum was also involved. the outcome of the accident, was the reason why my mum wasn't very fit. Why could she be calling me this early? I quickly thought.
“Hello Marian.”
“Aunty Lola, good morning.” Her voice sounding so low. Immediately, I felt very nervous.
“Are you alright?” I asked.
“Yes, I am fine.”
“But you don't sound ok.”
She paused for a moment before speaking.
“Actually, mum is in the hospital.”
I jerked up and sat upright on the bed.
“What happened to her?”
“She was admitted in the hospital two days ago......”
“Oh my God, did you just say two days ago.... why didn't you inform me before now, how could you keep such thing away from me?” She tried to explain.
“Aunty Lola, you know how mummy handles things, she insisted that, I should only tell you when she gets better, she didn't want you to get scared, though she is better now.” She added.
“Marian are you sure?” I asked, still feeling nervous.
“Yes, she is, the doctor even said she would be discharged today, but first we need to settle our bills.”
“So, how much is the bill?” I asked.
“About Eighteen thousand naira.” she said.
I sighed lightly. “Ok, I will see how I can send it to you.”
“Alright, but.......there is a problem.” she said in a sober voice.
“Marian, what is it?” The doctor said one of the tests she carried out, indicated that she has a medical condition that requires a surgery.”
“Surgery?” I exclaimed shrilly. Immediately, I became very weak and speechless.
“Aunty Lola are you there?” Marian asked.
“Yes, sure I am here with you.” Marian continued.
“Though, the doctor said her condition is not severe presently, but he advised us not to prolong the surgery as soon as we get the money.”
“So how much are we looking up to?”
“He said about one hundred and fifty thousand naira.”
“One hundred and fifty thousand naira?” I emphasized.
“Yes.” She replied.
I tried to hide my fear so that Marian won’t break down. Then I spoke gently.
“Ok, I'll see how I can gather that, but, first thing this morning, I will send the present hospital bill to you.”
“Alright.” She mentioned.
I hung up and let out a sigh of frustration. Tutu who had already woken asked me curiously.
“Who is in the hospital?”
“My mum.” I replied, then I explained everything to her.
At that moment tears were trickling down my face, Tutu moved closer and pacified me.
“Lola please don't cry.”
I tried to hold back my tears as I spoke.
“Tutu why won't I cry? I lost my Dad in an auto crash, because of this same accident, my mum hasn't been fit to resume to her catering job. The few millions daddy left in his bank account, is what we have all been living on. I became calm suddenly, and in a controlled voice, I pressed on.”
Tutu, have been so worried lately because the account is almost empty. Emphasizing on my words.
“Do you now see reason with me, why have been so desperate about getting a job.”
Tutu put her hand around my neck.
“Lola, I can imagine how you feel, but we still have to be grateful to God that her condition isn't yet severe according to the doctor.” She continued.
“The most important thing right now is to get the money for the surgery.”
I interrupted.
“Tutu, where do I get such money from, for Christ sake, I am yet to get a job.”
I brought my head down in deep thought, while Tutu stared in silence.

To be cont'd

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 8:00pm On Nov 02
I brought my head down in deep thought, while Tutu stared in silence.

I was speaking on the phone to Marian, when Tutu who had been out for a while came in.
She dropped her bag, sat next to me and waited for me to finish with the conversation.
“Is that Marian?” She asked.
I nodded.
She cleared her throat.
“I actually went to see aunty Ella concerning the surgery issue.” Tutu said and then continued.
“Though I would have really loved to do beyond this but, Lola you are quite aware that we just renewed the rent..............all I could afford right now is just twenty thousand naira, while Aunty Ella added thirty thousand from her purse.”
She brought out the wad of money from her bag and continued.
“Lola, I know this is quite small, but..................” I cut in.
“C'mon Tutu, you need not to explain things further, you have always given me your best, thanks all the same.”
“I am glad you understand.” She mentioned dropping the money on the table.
“Lola, I think the most important thing right now is to see how to complete the money........ That reminds me, Aunty Ella would like to see you urgently.” she added
“Definitely I would have to see her too, at least to appreciate her kind gesture.”
I got to my feet and prepared to leave.

At aunty Ella’s store, I shifted in the chair staring at Aunty Ella surprisingly, and scarcely believing what I was hearing. She paused for some minutes, staring back at me, then she continued.
“Lola don't see me as a bad influence, you know that on a good day, I would never advice you to do such. But........with the situation on ground, I think you should give it a second thought.”
Still staring at her in surprise, after a while i managed to speak. Picking my word carefully.
“Aunty Ella............... Where are all these coming from? You mean Tutu actually suggested that I should go and open my legs for a total stranger........... Dapo - Davies or whatever he is been called, and you are actually supporting that?”
She took a deep breath and leaned closer to me.
“Lola don't view things from that direction, am only concerned about your mum's health, delaying her treatment could pose a serious danger to her health, even her life.”
With a very serious expression on her face, she asked.
“Do you want to loose your mum?”
I swung my head back, staring blankly.
Aunty Ella pressed.
“Lola you can't afford to loose your mum now, because you still need her to stand by you and your siblings.”
At that moment, tears began to run down my face, while I wiped with the back of my hand.
For few seconds we were both in silence.
I put myself together, then stood up gently to leave, Aunty Ella got to her feet and held my hand softly.
“Lola.......talk to me.”
“Aunty Ella, I just want to be alone.”
I said in a voice that one could hardly hear. I made my way to the door while she stared at me worriedly.

To be cont'd

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 9:02pm On Nov 03
Copyright seriezbymo

“Aunty Ella, I just want to be alone.”
I said in a voice that one could hardly hear.
I made my way to the door while she stared at me worriedly.

In no time, I was already in a cab heading home. All manners of thought jostled for attention in my mind. Suddenly the sound of my phone interrupted my thought, reluctantly I reached for it from my bag. Seeing that it was my mum, I cleared my throat and quickly picked my call.
“Hello mummy.”
Addressing me in her usual way.
“Temilola, how are you my daughter?” I felt happy to hear from her, but at the same time, I was heartbroken. Apparently from her voice, one could easily tell that she was weak.
“But I thought Marian said you are better now mum?” I voiced out instantly, as I couldn't hide my feelings.
“Temilola, I am. See, I don't want you to get worried, I believe the good Lord will keep me for every one of you”
I muttered “Amen”
“Mummy, I am planning to come and see you very soon, I just want to put couple of things in order before travelling.”
“That's ok by me, I will be expecting you. besides I have really missed you.” her voice trailed off.
I feigned a smile.
“Missed you too mummy, I will give you a call when I get home, I am actually in a cab right now.”
“Ok dear” She responded, then I hung up.
My mum was s very loving mother, who cared intensely about her children, even before she lost her husband, she was quite closer to us than our Dad. I sighed deeply. The weakness in the sound of her voice had suddenly struck an acute fear into me. Unconsciously, I shut my eyes and imagined................ What if something bad happens to her? What if she dies…............. I snapped out of my thoughts at once. And very quickly, I beckoned to the driver.
“Please just drop me anywhere around here”
He tried to notify me. “But, we have not...........” I interjected.
“Sorry, I need to attend to something urgently.” I said.
As he cleared to park the car properly, I brought out some money and paid him. Apparently, he was listening to my conversation.
“Aunty sorry o.” He said as he collected the money.
I alighted from the taxi, then made my way back to aunty Ella's store.
Aunty Ella sat directly opposite me, with just few inches away. Our eyes were fixed on each other, and her look was questioning.
“Lola, are you sure about this? Because you look quite uncertain.”
I nodded slightly.
“Look dear, I don't want you to feel like am forcing you to yield to any sexual advances, but I just feel it's an opportunity for you to get the urgently needed money.”
I nodded again without saying a word.
“Lola are you sure about this?” She pressed.
“Aunty Ella I am sure, ...... Have made up my mind, I will go.”
She took hold of my hand and tried to put me at ease.
“Trust me, you would be fine.”
She took her phone, and made a call through to Tutu, informing her about my decision. After the conversation, she turned to me and spoke.
“Lola, importantly, whatever arrangement Tutu makes on how you would be meeting this guy, please ensure to let me know about it, I just want to ensure that you are fine.”
“Yes I will.” I almost felt that I was a toddler at that point.
“More also, there are couple of things you should know, when embarking on a trip like this, so ensure you see me before you go.” I nodded briefly.
She held me very closely and hugged me.
“Lola, promise me when you get home you will take a good nap, you are looking really stressed up.”
I shrugged slightly and said “I will try.”
Somehow, I found an immense relief in her last few words.

To be cont'd

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 4:50pm On Nov 04
Copyright seriezbymo

Somehow, I found an immense relief in her last few words.

I resigned myself to my fate, and decided to brood over nothing, which really helped me to sleep fairly well all through the night.
I got down from the bed and stretched my body.
A white note placed on the table caught my eye, I picked it up and it read

“I stepped out, would be back shortly. I noticed you were having a good sleep, So I didn't want to disturb you.”

“I indeed slept deeply, for me not to know when Tutu stepped out.” I mumbled
After brushing my teeth, I settled for a glass of fruit juice. Of course, I never gave up on job haunting, I settled before my laptop and began to check through my email box.

Soon enough, Tutu was standing right before me in the living room, she held a fitted red coloured dress, urging me to come and wear it.
“I am sure it will be so nice on you, come and try it on.”
I kept still looking at her with unreadable expression on my face. Again, she brought out a sheer baby doll nightwear, glaring at it adoringly and she said.
“He would definitely love this on you.”
“Oh please.” I shot back, looking quite displeased. Tutu was astounded by my sudden reaction.
“Lola, did I do something wrong?” She asked.
I looked away and didn't reply.
“Stop this Lola, don't make me feel bad, did I say something wrong?” She sounded worried, while I spoke annoyingly.
“Tutu, your actions show you are not sensitive to my feelings.”
Looking emotional, Tutu dropped the clothes and sat next to me.
I went on
“Obviously you know why I agreed to go for an immoral trip like this, Tutu you know it's because I am left with no other option.” My voice sounding remorseful.
“Lola I didn't mean it that way, but all the same, I am sorry.”
I nodded briefly. “It's ok.”
A concerned expression settled on my face. “Tutu, I really don't get this. we both knows that you are quite pressed on cash, why do you have to go out of your way to buy all these? To me, it is like we are trying to impress this guy.”
Tutu gave me a questioning look.
“Isn't this same guy you condemned few days ago, you said he was not welcoming and appeared so proud. Jeez…………… I don't like him already.”
“Lola I think you should just ignore his character, and focused on what you need.”
“Exactly what I planned to do.” I replied.
She adjusted on the sofa, and made a quick start.
“Lola, now let's talk about the real business. Kelvin and I have spoken on phone, he already sent me the hotel address. Dapo - Davies would be expecting you by 8pm. So, my plan is that, we will leave here by 7.pm.”
“We?” I asked curiously.
“Yes we, you and I. Lola I would accompany you down to the hotel but, the moment I am sure you are in safe hands, then I will take my leave.”
I gave a little nod of acknowledgement.
“Thank you, Tutu.” I said, feeling kind of relieved.

I decided to discuss with aunty Ella on phone, instead of going down to see her.
That might take more time, I quickly thought out. I reached for my phone at once, and quickly made a call through to her.
I updated her on the arrangements, which she was quite comfortable with.
Gradually, as the time approaches, the anxiety in me increased.

Later in the evening, Tutu and I were seated at the hotel reception, waiting for kelvin.
As we did, I looked around. The sight of the environments got me captivated so much, that I almost forgot about the anxiety in me. The hotel vicinity was simply breath-taking. Within few minutes, kelvin joined us, then ushered us in to an executive lounge.

To be cont'd

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 7:06pm On Nov 06
Within few minutes, kelvin joined us, then ushered us in to an executive lounge.
He beckoned to us.
“Ladies please make yourselves comfortable.”
He excused himself and hurried out of the lounge. The lounge looked so extravagant with every object appearing expensive. There was adequate privacy, it was just Tutu and I
“This hotel is indeed a five star hotel, I heard about it couple of times, but I never knew it was as exotic as this.” Tutu said.
Within minutes, kelvin returned along with a wait - staff pushing a drink trolley. The wait staff welcomed us. He brought out a bottle of red wine, placed it on the table, then a medium tray containing grilled chicken. Kelvin took the wine, and popped the cork, placing it on the table.
He spoke briefly.
“Ladies, I am sorry about this..........actually my boss has an urgent meeting with some clients from China, so right now, he is very busy, but am sure he will join you soon.” Tutu and I nodded almost in unison.
Kelvin turned to Tutu. “Tutu seeing you again, I would have really loved to have a long talk with you. but..........right now. I have very urgent stuff to attend to.”
Tutu nodded.
“I understand, and thanks for all these.” Tutu pointed to the table.
Kelvin waved his hand aside.
“That's nothing............And if you need anything, do give me a call.” he walked hurriedly towards the door.
I took a deep breath.
“Are you ok?” Tutu asked.
“I am.” I muttered.
We both drank on, but I couldn't eat the chicken because I was edgy.
About twenty minutes later, Tutu who got carried away by the TV, seemed not to be bothered about the time. Looking worried already, I called.
She startled, and turned to me, looking questioningly.
“Don't you think it is getting late, I mean............I am not comfortable with you staying out late.”
Tutu glanced through her watch and sighed.
Deep down, I really wished Tutu could still stay behind, but I thought about her safety going back home.
“I think you should start leaving, so that you can get home on time.”
She hissed slightly, making several attempts to call Kelvin on phone. But she couldn't reach him.
After about another few minutes, I insisted that she had to leave.
Reluctantly, Tutu got to her feet, I saw her off outside the reception, then I settled back at the lounge.
Somewhat like the anxiety in me just got worsened by the situation. At that point, it dawned on me that I was all alone.
“I haven't even seen him at all.” I mumbled looking so frustrated. I reached for my phone and got myself busy with it. Soon I got engrossed by some games.

Just in a moment, I heard the door gently opened, briefly I raised my head. Unexpectedly, a young man about six feet plus appeared before me, he was tall and well built. From his physical appearance, you could tell that he was a gym freak.
Immediately, I could remember his face. I became extremely edgy, but I tried to put myself in check. He walked confidently towards me, and as he approached closely, he stretched out one of his hands - As if to say come and say hello to me. I rose to my feet, while he held me fairly close to himself. I caught a whiff of his perfume......... " GOODNESS " it was so fresh and pleasant.
“Lola right?” he spoke with a husky voice.
Responding very quietly. "Yes, I am Lola."
“And I am Dapo-Davies. CEO Dap -Davies groups.”
Our eyes met, and I realized he was staring at me intensely, I looked away instantly as I was unable to hold his gaze. I could say Tutu was right, he kept a straight face, his face didn't look smiley at all, but despite, I must say he was a good-looking guy.
“I am so sorry to have kept you waiting. I am having an official meeting with my business partners from China, but something urgently came up, so.......... am likely to take more time, please do bear with me.”
I nodded,
then he gestured. “Let me take you to the suite so that you can relax.”
His politeness took me by surprise. I picked my bag and followed him.

To be cont'd

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 7:35am On Nov 07
His politeness took me by surprise. I picked my bag and followed him.

We both stepped into the elevator, in few minutes we arrived at his suite.
“Make yourself comfortable.” he turned the Ac on, and then the TV.
“I will be going back to the meeting, just in case you need anything, you call the room service.”
I nodded.
He opened a briefcase, brought out something like documents, then he left the room.

At that time, the anxiety in me had subsided, I caught a glimpse of the suite, the couches in white were encrusted with gold, coupled with the spring signatory bed, they were classic.
I proceeded to the suite bathroom. From the shower seat, to the soap dispenser, hand dryer, towel hooks etc. everything were so modern. The whole suite was a perfect definition of luxurious.
I settled in one of the couches, then the thought quickly crossed my mind to verify if Tutu has gotten home. Instantly I took my phone and we chatted for a while.

Afterwards, I decided to freshen up, then slid into my nightwear. It was about 12.15 am, and yet he wasn't back. I thought of chatting with Tutu again but, I knew she would be fast asleep by then.
For me at that point, sleeping was quite impossible, how I really wanted the night to quickly pass by.
I sat on the bed leaning my back on the headboard, different thoughts crossed my mind.
Vividly, I remembered how Aunty Ella sounded it to my ears, never to have unprotected sex, no matter the amount he offers to give me. I took a deep breath.

The time was about few minutes past 2am, of course, when it comes to sleep, you can't trick mother nature, before I knew it, I started dozing off. Abruptly, I woke up and rubbed my hand across my face, then the temperature of the room was already cold.
Finally, I slithered down and pulled the duvet around me.

About twenty minutes later, I heard the sound of the door, then I opened my eyes and saw Dapo-Davies came in.
He dropped his phones on the table and threw himself on the couch.
I became still and watched him from the bed where I was lying.
I guessed he believed I was fast asleep. A call came through one of his phones, he picked up and spoke with a commanding tone.
“Kelvin, whatever appointment anyone has with me today, please reschedule, right now am exhausted, ok?”

He pushed himself up from the couch at once, and in a short while, he had freshened up.
He settled on the bed, and pulled the duvet around himself. At that point, I was expecting to feel a tap on my body but, surprisingly he turned his back to me. I was dumbfounded for few minutes.
Quickly reminding myself why I came around, I summoned courage, then I tapped him from behind.

To be cont'd

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Quickly reminding myself why I came around, I summoned courage, then I tapped him from behind.
Then he turned to me.
Sounding like not knowing what to say, I spoke very quietly.
“Sorry........... I am.........not sleeping.”
With a serious expression on his face, he asked.
“Why? you should be sleeping by now.”
Looking quite confused, I muttered "but I………………. came here on a purpose."
He smiled faintly. That minute, I felt kind of embarrassed. Then he nodded swiftly.
“I get that.” he said with his face looking very sleepy.
“You see, have been out all day, and quite very busy too. Right now, I have a headache, and what I need is a good sleep.”
I bit my lips staring at him.
“Let's do it this way..........reschedule to meet another time, though...........I'll pay your money now, so it doesn't look like I wasted your time. But...............you will have to come back.”
Gosh! an upfront payment or what? And I would have to pass through another anxiety agaaaainnnn...........I thought.
He reached for his phone, and punched in my details. With a very deep voice he murmured.
“You should get the alert soon.” Then, he slid back into the duvet.

At that moment, I had a mixed feeling. I was bothered that I would have to come back again, but at the other way round, he has done the most important. The time was close to 4.00am. I couldn't even get a wink of sleep. Suddenly, notification message came in on my phone, he had credited my account with A hundred thousand Naira. A surprise look settled on my face, I turned to catch a glimpse of him, obviously he was fast asleep. I waited impatiently for the dawn to break.

At about 6.30am, I was all dressed up to leave. He sat up on the bed, still looking sleepy while he punched my digits in his phone." My schedules in the next couple of days are quite tight, so let's meet by next week, better still I will give you a call."
He reached for his wallet and brought out a hundred-dollar bill.
"For your transport, I will see you again."
Before I could say thank you, he threw himself back to bed. Quietly I mentioned. "Thank you."
He half waved his hand without speaking. I took my bag, and left the suite.

To be cont'd

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 5:00pm On Nov 08
He half waved his hand without speaking. I took my bag, and left the suite.

That morning when I got home, Tutu was burning with curiosity, she asked too many questions at a time, and I narrated to her all that went down.
“Lola I am so happy the money is complete at once, you already had fifty thousand before now and another hundred thousand from him.”
“Yes, I am happy too, but............I now feel indebted to him, how I really wished the whole thing is a done deal already.”
“That won't be a problem.” She said, dismissing my worries.
“So, what's your plan?” She asked me.
“First thing tomorrow, I intend travelling home to see my mum.”
“So soon.” She exclaimed
“Tutu, I just thought there is no point delaying, since the money has been completed.”
She nodded. “That's true though.”
“But, I will have to see aunty Ella today, and also change the hundred dollars on me.”
“Awwwwwww......... missing you already.”
“Don't worry, I'll be back before you know it.”
Tutu followed me as I made my way to the bedroom.

The time was about 6.50am in the morning, I was already set to travel home to see my mum.
Tutu helped me with the small travel box, while we stepped out of the gate to get a cab.
In a short while, a cab stopped by, then I hopped in.
“Lola, please give my regards to mum.” Tutu said.
“I will.”
She waved at me, as the cab drove off.

After about four hours of a road trip, I was already at home standing by the gate.
After pressing the gate bell, I waited patiently. In a split second, David came to open the gate.
Looking so surprised to see me, I hugged him.
Before we could make our way in, Elizabeth alighted from the bike and rushed forward to greet me.
Elizabeth was our domestic help, she always assisted mum whenever Marian was off to school.
David and Elizabeth both helped with my luggage.
Getting into the house, everyone had a share of the junk food I got along the way, while I gave to David the couple of t-shirts, I got for him earlier in the month. Mum and Marian were so excited to see me.

Without wasting so much time, I proceeded to see our family doctor at the hospital since he had suggested that I should see him in regards to mum's surgery. It was already late in the evening, I sat next to my mum in her room, after everyone had gone to bed. We both deliberated and agreed on when she would leave for the surgery.

Suddenly she paused, then took a careful look at me. Of course, I was lost at that moment.
“Mum.........why are you staring at me that way?” I spoke quietly.
She tapped the seat gently, implying that I should sit closer, which I did.
“Temilola, I want you to be sincere with me, because I have heard a lot of things that some ladies involve themselves in these days…............. Temilola, I hope you haven't been lured into all those sugar - daddy of a thing?”
Immediately, I felt quite uncomfortable, but I quickly dismissed her.
“Mum, you already know the answer to that is No.”
After a while we both went to bed.

Mum got discharged from the hospital four days after her surgery, since she was recuperating very quickly.
We were both seated in the living room one evening, as I tried to make some fruits for her, suddenly a message popped in on my phone. Seeing that it was Dapo - Davie's message, I quickly went through it.
And the message read –
“Hoping to see you this weekend, what about that?”

I was close to replying him that I wasn't around, but I changed my mind.
So he won't think otherwise, not after paying me some money.
Then, I decided to change my plans of spending more time with my mum.
Moreover, she was already recovering very quickly.
After deciding, I quickly replied him.

“When? What time? And where?”

“Friday,8.00pm and Same venue.” He replied.

I notified everyone a day before I travelled, of course they all expressed how much they would miss me, while I promised that in no time, I would come home again to check on mum.
The night before I travelled, mum and I talked at length, and definitely she prayed for me.
The next morning, I decided to take Tutu by surprise. I didn't inform her that I was already on my way.

To be cont'd

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 9:15pm On Nov 09
I didn't inform her that I was already on my way.

After about four hours of a road trip, l was already standing right in front of our apartment, I opened the door gently and as I came in Tutu jumped up and screamed with joy. She was overly excited to see me.
I dropped my bag, then settled on the sofa.
“Lola, but you told me you would be coming by next week.”
Tutu asked.
“Yeah, that's true but, I got a message from Dapo-Davies, so I really don't want to give him excuse, so he won't start thinking that am avoiding him after collecting his money.”
Tutu nodded approvingly. “You are right though.”
“So how is your mum?”
“Trust me, the surgery was super successful, and she is now very better.”
“Wow! that's a good news.”
Tutu brought out some apples I bought on my way down, she washed and settled for some, while she gave me some gist.

Its Friday evening, I was supposed to meet with Dapo-Davies by 8pm. As at 8.30pm, I was still stuck in a traffic. This time, Tutu didn't follow me because, we both agreed that it won't be necessary.
At 9.15pm, I was already at the reception, without wasting much time I was quickly directed to his suite.
I used the elevator and, in few minutes, I was standing in front of Dapo. I made my way in, as he opened the door.
“I am sorry, I was stuck in traffic.”
He nodded swiftly. “It's ok, I thought as much.”
Already, my body was kind of sticky due to the stress, so I changed into a bathrobe so that I can take a shower.
“Will you like to take anything?” He asked.
Feeling quite tired, I responded
“Lightly cold juice will do.”
I dashed into the bathroom and took my bath, afterwards I changed to my night wear then settled for my drink, which really made me feel relaxed.
I climbed the bed, and pulled the duvet around me, at this time he was busy with his phone. Somehow, I became uptight, then I felt slightly nervous again.
Suddenly, he switched off his phone and turned, gazing intensely at me, I couldn't read his expression, and that got me more nervous. I tried to get myself relaxed, but his unsmiling face wasn't helping.
He moved closer to me, and kissed me slightly on the lips, he moved down and buried his face on my neck sniffing me very gently. He raised his head and kissed me on the lips, he kissed me gently and then deeply. He wrapped his arm around me and held me tightly, still kissing me so passionately, he fumbled with my night wear, as he attempted to slip my night wear off my body, I cringed.
He stopped what he was doing, and gazed at me carefully, bringing his face very close to mine. then I whispered to his ears.
“Please.......can......you ......... switch off the light.”

He didn't object, rather he simply stretched his hand around the headboard and switched off the light, then he turned on the side lamp, so we won't be in total darkness.
He took off his night T-shirt, and pulled me so closely that I could feel his heart hammering against my chest. He brought his mouth down to my lips again and began to kiss me so passionately, finally he slipped my cloth off me.
I said a little prayer inside of me
“God let him never ask for a oral, Gosh! I am so going to mess up.............”
It was almost thirty minutes of making out, then I began to feel uncomfortable because my legs were already weak.
He stopped at once, then got himself protected. he lifted himself onto me and kissed me again.
He tried to proceed Suddenly, I cringed and held the duvet tightly, he paused and tried to put me at ease. Again, he tried to have his way, this time I shut my eyes and held my breath. Distinctively baffled, he finally came down.
Staring at me so closely, I could feel his breath, we held our gaze in silence. Gently with a very deep tone, he broke the silence.
“Lola, are you still a virgin?” I fumbled with the duvet around me, I was speechless.

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Nice one op....can you drop link to the complete story please
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Nice one op....can you drop link to the complete story please

Thank you.
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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 9:00pm On Nov 11
“Lola, are you still a virgin?” I fumbled with the duvet around me, I was speechless.

I didn't know what to do. If I should keep mute or say yes, because indeed I was a virgin.
He stared at me stunned for few seconds, he asked again in a low tone.
“Lola, I just asked you a question, are you still a virgin?”
I managed to look at him in the face, I realized a serious expression was spread over his face. To save the drama, in a voice so low, I murmured.
“Ok ............yes I am.”
“And you put me in this mood.” He questioned.
Looking quite confused, I questioned back
“What do you mean put you in the mood? I never stopped you, but you did voluntarily.”
He leaned his back against the headboard of the bed, looking thoughtful for several minutes, he didn't utter a word. Suddenly he put on his cloth and climbed down the bed, then he seated himself on one of the couches. Instantly, my heart was pounding really fast.
“Am I a taboo to him or what?” I thought.
A little while, I wore my night wear and after putting myself together, I joined him on the couch.
“Dapo, I didn't stop you from doing what you wanted, but you voluntarily did, besides am kind of lost here, can you just talk to me.”
He turned to me observing me very carefully, still he didn't say a word.
After a while of persuading, I got pissed off, then I snapped at him.
“If only I haven't taken money from you, and that's the only reason I feel indebted to you.
If not, I won't be doing all these.”
His mood changed as he appeared shocked by my reaction.
Angrily I spoke again.
“Jeez! you make it look like am begging you to get me laid.”
I walked away and sat at the edge of the bed. A little while, he came to sit next to me. Sounding very remorseful.

“Lola, I am sorry, first off I was kind of shocked to see a matured lady who isn't experienced coming for a trip like this. Besides l..... am ......a public figure and we are vulnerable to blackmails.
Anybody might want to blackmail for money and they can come through anybody just to do that.”
I paid a close attention to him, as he continued.
“And Before you know it, different tabloids and blogs would have your allegations all over their pages.
So, I was only trying to be careful. But.........am sorry about my attitude.”
I nodded swiftly.
He pulled me to himself and held me close for a moment, he held my face in his two hands and kissed me gently and then passionately.
Suddenly, he stopped, looking quite uncertain, then he murmured.
“I think we should catch some sleep.”
“Sleep?” I asked
“Lola, you made a statement that you are indebted to me, I don't want you to see it that way, in fact, let's forget about the deal, the money and everything.”
“Are you sure?” I asked curiously.
“Lola, am only trying to be sensitive to your feelings. firstly, you won't tell me that your virginity doesn't mean something to you. Secondly, there is possibility of soft feelings, if we end up making love.
I am not married though, but am already engaged, and I wouldn't want to break your heart.”
His personality really touched me. that moment, I felt very bad, because I knew, have had a wrong impression of him before then.

The next morning, we were both set to vacate the suite.
“Lola, in couple of days I would be leaving for the U.S to see my fiancée.
I want to believe that I have not hurt you in any way.”
I shook my head. “Not at all.”
He brought out his wallet, and gave me five hundred dollars.
“Just buy yourself something you like.”
I smiled coyly and collected the money.
“Thank you.” I said, then, we both vacated the suite.

To be cont'd

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 4:00pm On Nov 12
“Thank you.” I said, then, we both vacated the suite.

Once I was back at the apartment, after Dapo Davies and I left the suite. I couldn't find Tutu anywhere around the house, I knew she had gone for her morning exercise.
I lay on the sofa propped up against the throw pillows. As I lay, I fell into deep thought.
The thought of all that had happened in the last two weeks. how Tutu and I met Dapo Davies, my journey down home for my mum' s surgery and all that went down between Dapo-Davies and I.
All these thoughts settled on me, as I drifted away in reflection.
About twenty minutes later, Tutu came in and she was surprised to see me.
“Lola!” She exclaimed.
“I wasn't expecting you so soon.”
Eagerly, she dragged a chair. sitting very close to me, she realized a moody expression on my face. Speaking very softly.
“Are you okay?” she asked.
I nodded without speaking. She paused for a while observing me before speaking again.
“Lola, you don't look bright. Are you sored? I could help you with some hot water.”
In a very low tone I responded. “Tutu, I am not sored, as a matter of fact, nothing happened between Dapo Davies and I.”
A concerned expression settled on Tutu's face.
“Wait a minute, did he go for another business meeting again?”
“Of course not, we were together all through the night.”
She cuts in. “And throughout the night, you mean nothing happened between you two?”
Tutu could be very inquisitive.
“Tell me nowwwww...............” She urged.
“Ok ...........we made out..........almost made love, but trust me nothing happened.”
“Why, what happened, something went wrong?” She questioned me, itching to hear everything that went down.

At that point, I just thought that I shouldn't let out too many things about myself.
Suddenly I sat upright, my mouth twitched with laughter.
“Tutu must I tell you everything?” I asked jokingly
“Lola please nowwwww...........” She pressed curiously.
“Ok.” I cleared my throat.
“What do you want to know?”
“You said you guys made out, but nothing happened ...........why?”
I shrugged slightly.
“I was also surprised when the whole thing happened, we were almost getting down, suddenly he stopped and said he didn't want to hurt me.”
Looking confused Tutu asked.
“He didn't want to hurt you? What does he mean by that?”
“I wouldn't know, all I know is that he made it point clear to me that he is already engaged to someone, and he just finds it pretty difficult to get involved with me.”
Tutu interjected “Does it mean that he was already developing soft feelings for you?”
Dismissing her thought.
“Tutu, Dapo-Davies never mentioned that to me, both of us only had a deal which we have finalized. So, speculating if he has feelings for me or not would only make me look desperate to have him. He stated it point clear that he is already engaged, and you know what that means.”
Tutu nodded admittedly.
“Lest I forget, he gave me five hundred dollars.”
Tutu was astonished.
“Five hundred dollars! .......that's close to two hundred thousand-naira, Na wa o. Is like this Dapo-Davies doesn't spend naira at all. But to be candid Lola, how do you see this guy?” Tutu asked.

“Sincerely, I think he is a very nice person and very considerate too, though he is not very friendly, and I think most people are likely to mistake that as being proud. Just as you and I did earlier, but............personally I don't think he is proud.”
She focused her eyes steadily on me, as if she wanted to hear more about him. While I pushed the topic aside.
“Please Tutu, enough of Dapo Davies, let's forget about him. I am thinking of going home to see my mum.”
Hastily she asked. “Any problem?”
“Not at all, I just thought I didn't spend enough time with her after the surgery, you remember I travelled back unplanned. Moreover, Marian needs to resume back to school.”
Tutu nodded. “I think that's necessary, so when do you plan leaving?”
“Couple of days.”
“That's okay.” She said.
Suddenly, a little sad look crossed her face.
“Lola I am very hungry, but right now I am just too tired to cook.”
“Don't worry, let me change my cloth, I will prepare something for breakfast.”
She gave a wide grin while I walked into the bedroom.

To be cont'd

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Interesting....keep it coming
Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 10:00pm On Nov 12
Interesting....keep it coming

Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Amauche147: 8:42am On Nov 13


Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 1:30pm On Nov 13
She gave a wide grin while I walked into the bedroom.

After about three hours on the road, I glanced at my watch, inwardly I mentioned to myself that I still have about one hour to get to my destination. Of course, in my usual way, I wanted to take everyone by surprise so I didn't inform anyone about my trip.
Shortly a call came in on my phone, and the caller was Lucy.
I met Lucy during one of the job interviews that I went for sometimes before then. I quickly picked her call.
“Hello Lucy!”
“Lola good morning! Have been trying to reach you.”
“Any problem?” I asked.
“I was worried, I haven't seen you anywhere around.”
“Around where?” Sounding quite confused.
“Didn't you get any message in regards to the second phase of our interview?”
“I didn't get any message.”
“But, I got a message, in fact I wasn't prepared.
I was just going through my e-mail box this morning when I saw the message.
I had to rush down here.”
My heart began to pounder really fast.
“Lucy, give me few minutes, let me check through my e-mail box.” then I disconnected the call.
Going through my e-mail box, I was shocked to see that same message had also been sent to me.

Immediately, I became devastated. I checked my watch and quickly calculated how long it would take me to go back to Abuja, the time was about 11.05 am.
“Another 3 hours back.” I mumbled.
Just like one of the passengers read my mind, she informed the driver.
“Driver I will drop at farm zone junction.” She said.
I didn't know where the place was, but I knew the place would definitely be closer.

About five minutes after, the driver parked while she got down.
I also alighted then the driver drove off.
I looked around the area, it was very remote. I quickly approached her.
“Please ma, can I get a car going to Abuja from here?”
Looking very concerned she asked. “You want to go back to Abuja?”
“Yes........it's urgent.” I replied.
“Ehnnnn........ we use to get Abuja car from here, but most times they are private cars.
If you stand there,” pointing to a particular direction.
“You could be lucky enough to quickly get one.”
“Thank you ma.” I said.

As she made her way to a big shade. I could see the display of so many farms produce like tubers of yam, palm oil, cassava flour and others which were also displayed at other shades around.
After a while of waiting, the woman made gesture to me to come and sit down by the shade, to avoid the blistering sun.
Shortly, a luxury Jeep parked very close, but it wasn't going towards my direction.
The driver came down, opened the bonnet and got busy.
In few seconds, a man alighted from the backseat of the Jeep, he was above average height, with cool grey beards that were neatly shaved and was looking well lettered. I guess he wanted to stretch his legs.
The woman quickly greeted him while he waved briefly at her.
The woman turned to me speaking loudly.
“Aunty, assuming this jeep is heading to Abuja now, we would have just begged them to help you.”
The man glanced at me very briefly before speaking.
“Are you going to Abuja?”
“Yes sir.”
“Do you stay around or something?” He asked.
I shook my head.
“No sir.”
From his questions, obviously he wanted to know why I was there.
I got to my feet, moved closer to him and explained to him the emergency concerning the job interview.
Why I had to drop by and find my way back to Abuja.
He checked his watch. “But even if you get a car going to Abuja now, considering the hours before getting there, Do you think there is a way you can meet up with the job interview?”
Looking distressed, I spoke in a voice quavered with emotions.
“I thought about that, but I just want to make attempt, even if I get there later in the afternoon, at least I would appear at the venue.”
The man observed me very closely. Suddenly with a very commanding tone, he called his driver.
“Ahmed, get me my notepad in the car”
The driver quickly did as he said.

To be cont'd

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Following....Nice work Op keep it coming
Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 7:15pm On Nov 13
The driver quickly did as he said.
He brought out a pen and quickly wrote a note. He gestured to me.
“Have this, there is a company called PYRAMIDS at Garki, try to locate it, go there by............Thursday in the morning. When you get there, request that you want to see the MD, when you meet him, you just give him this note, tell him you were directed by Captain Wole Coker. And that's my name.”
I listened to him with close attention as he spoke with an eloquent diction.
“Alright sir”
I moved closer, then I collected the note.
“What should I call you?” he asked.
“My name is Lola Philips.”
He nodded, as he attempted to leave, his driver quickly rushed to open the door for him, he turned back to me and said.
“Don't forget to go with your CV.”
“I will sir,”
He got into the car, then the driver drove off.
I was astounded, I stared at the note in my hands.
Without changing my mind, I still travelled back to Abuja but unfortunately, I couldn't meet up with the office working hours.

The next morning, I was seated in the living room flipping through my CV.
My mind still lingering on the previous interview that I couldn't meet up with.
Holding a cup of tea, Tutu sat next to me.
“Lola, you don't have to keep brooding over this interview.”
“Tutu, it was all my fault.” I snapped
“Lola, it wasn't your fault, it was only a coincidence, listen to me Lola.” she dropped her cup.

“So many things happens in life for a reason. Ok.........think of it this way, if you had seen that message earlier and gone for the interview, you wouldn't have met this captain Wole Coker. Lola you lost an opportunity, and the same day you got another opportunity.”
I stared in silence and was moved by her words.
“But what's the assurance that I'll get a job from this man?” Sounding very remorseful.
She interrupted. “Lola trust me, my instinct tells me that this Captain has something even better to offer you.”
I sighed deeply.
She continued.
“Tomorrow is Thursday, this man had directed you to go with your CV, apparently an interview might come up, why not prepare yourself and leave the past behind.”
Suddenly, my spirit got lifted by Tutu's words, without wasting time, I took my pen and paper then got busy.

The next morning, I sat patiently at the reception.
After a quick phone call, the receptionist informed me.
“Someone would attend to you shortly.”
In few minutes, a light skin lady walked down from the staircase, she was looking very smart in a well fitted office dress.
She stopped by the desk while the receptionist directed her to me.
She swung around and approached me.
“Good morning!”
“Good morning!” I replied.
“You are here to see the MD.’
“Do you have an appointment with him?” she pointed out.
“I do.”
“Please come with me.”
Once we arrived at her office.
“Take your seat please.”
pointing to a chair, while she settled behind her desk.
“The MD is not around yet, but is he aware that you would be coming around this morning? Because he doesn't visit the company often."
“Yes, he should be aware.”
About thirty minutes later, the lady who was quite busy on a microcomputer, swung around on her chair to answer the shrilling telephone.
After the phone conversation, she rose to her feet and as she walked towards the door, she spoke.
“Our boss is now around, what is your name please?”
“Lola Philips.” She left the office, and shut the door behind her.
A while later, she was back.
“Please come with me.” she beckoned.
I rose to my feet and followed her.
We climbed the staircase to the next floor and walked through the hallway.
The passage was chilly due to the AC. Almost at the end of the passage, she paused and opened the door to an office, then she ushered me in. The moment I got in, I stood still, seeing the man seated on the tall swivel chair.
He focused intensely on the documents before him without raising his head.
I was thunderstruck, I looked from the lady standing beside me, to the man and back to the lady.
Much to my shock, the man seated on the chair was the same man who gave me the note and directed me to the company.

To be cont'd

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 4:30am On Nov 14
The lady was apparently confused about my reaction, she leaned towards me and asked very quietly.
“Are you okay?”
I whispered to her. “Please who is he?”
“That's our MD, Captain Wole Coker.”
I stared blankly at her, at that point it was crystal clear to me that the man had only directed me to himself. All this while, he was still focused on his table. Then I quickly collected myself.
The lady drew his attention. "Sir she is here."
Briefly he looked up, without speaking he signaled to me to take a seat. While the lady left the office.
“Good morning sir.” I greeted as I took the seat facing him.
“Morning.” he replied.
After about ten minutes, he finally gave his attention.
“You finally found your way here.”
“Yes, I did.”
Expecting him to make a reference to the little prank he played me, but he never made a mention of it, rather his look was very stern.
“Your CV please.” he requested.
I quickly brought them out and placed them before him. After going through them, he went on.
“You studied biochemistry?”
“Yes sir.”
He continued. “This is a telecom company, an engineering field, but regardless, I believed that every competent graduate should have good managerial skills.”
He paused for a while before going further.
“I will give you an assignment, or let me say a project but first, you need some knowledge. Though my PR manager had gone on a contract, but I will assign someone on his behalf to enlighten you on the vital things you need to know about the company. Afterwards, you will go and put into writing for me whatever business strategy/ideas that you can come up with, something that can add value to the company............ I want to see your performance.”
“Ok sir.” I nodded.
He swung his chair and made a phone call.
“Report here please.” He muttered on the phone.
He passed my CV to me and continued again.
“You can take your time, but ensure to perform very well in the assignment, because that's the key that will retain you. From tomorrow, you will report here, but right now you 'll be taken to your office.”
His statement sounded unbelievable, and it took all my self-control not to jump for joy.
In few minutes, the lady who attended to me earlier came in.
“You called me sir.” she said.
The MD briefly instructed her, after which I stood up and followed her. The office looked so roomy and the setting was perfectly my taste. I couldn't have asked for more. Few minutes later, we proceeded to her office. I took the chair facing her. she smiled up at me then began.
“My name is Tonia Obi.”
“I am Lola Philips.”
We communicated amiably and she was quite welcoming. My resumption was supposed to commence the next day, in spite of that, I wasn't in a hurry to leave the office.

Tutu was so delighted about the news; she couldn't help but talk about it for the rest of the evening. At 8.15am, I was already at the office tiding up. In no time, I proceeded to Tonia' s office and we got down to business. She enlightened me on all that I needed to know. After about one hour of the business lecture, I grew more confidence, because I was so sure that I would perform excellently well. All thanks to the couple of entrepreneurship courses that we were mandated to take in my final year at the uni. It had eventually made me relevant in another field. I thought out.
Suddenly, the door was opened. A guy and a lady came in, they exchanged pleasantries with me, the guy dropped some documents and left. While the lady chatted for a while before stepping out. After shutting the door behind her, Tonia uttered a hiss.
“Mteeeeeewww...........” then she began to murmur. Apparently, I was baffled.
“What is it?” I asked.
Tonia ran along with me really fast, just like she had known me for years, she paused before she finally spoke.
“That lady annoys me, actually she was employed only couple of months ago as the accountant. At any given opportunity, she is always asking me when the M.D would be around Mteeeeewww” She hissed again.
“But, there is nothing wrong in a staff asking when the M.D would come around.” I replied.
“Yes there is nothing wrong, but not when she is improperly dressed, for Christ sake see how she is dressed, exposing her cleavage. Trust me, that lady is simply desperate to have that man.”
Immediately, I felt uncomfortable with the topic, considering the fact that I was just too new in the company. I didn't dismiss her immediately, so that she won't feel ignored. Rather I teased her jokingly.
“You could be wrong though.”
Then she protested. "Lola, it takes a thief to catch a thief, ma be I should just confess to you right now that I have also tried doing same thing.”
I was shocked by her confession, but I pretended. She adjusted on the chair and went on.
“Lola, this is my fifth year in this company working with Captain Wole Coker, I have tried severally for years to gain attention from him, but It all failed, that man is extremely disciplined. He doesn't give a shit about whatever cleavage you show him.”
I couldn't help but chuckled.
“That's crazy.” I mumbled.
“But you can't blame me, any sane lady would find that man attractive. Gosh! He's such a clean man.”
I cleared my throat. “That reminds me, why is he being addressed as captain?” I asked.
“I learnt he was a flight captain before he retired.”
“Really.” I said.
She nodded.
“I haven't seen him today.” I said
“The M.D doesn't come around often, sometimes every one to two weeks.”
“I see..................okay let me get down to work, I 'll be in my office.”
I rose to my feet and left her office.

To be cont'd

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 7:45am On Nov 14
I rose to my feet and left her office.

A period of three weeks has passed since I was employed, and it was a Thursday morning.
Right at the M.D's office, I sat before the M.D, the PRM and the project manager.
The three men listened carefully to me as I delivered my first project as assigned to me by the M.D. I broke into details everything that I have put together.
After I rounded up, there was a startled silence.
The M.D turned to the PRM. “Mr. Charles, what's your opinion?”
“Brilliant project!” He replied.
He turned to the Project manager.
Nodding approvingly. “I think they are great ideas.”
The M.D began. “Miss Lola Philips, I must say your write up is impressive.” He paused
“And as we all know that planning is key to success, therefore we need to take our time to do a better planning on this for a perfect result. I hope to see more of this from you.”
“Thank you sir!”
“You can go to your office please.” the M.D said.
I rose, leaving the three in the conference room.

Later in the day, I sat in my office still elated about the good remarks on my first project in the company. The door was opened and Tonia strolled in.
"Hi Lola, you didn't go for lunch?”
“No, I was quite busy.”
She settled on the chair, staring at me admiringly.
“Lola I so much love this wig you are wearing.”
“Wow! Thank you.”
She sighed heavily and murmured.
“God I can't wait for next week to get my salary.”
“Sound like you are flat broke already?” I asked
She prattled like a child. “Yeeees........I am.” I smiled up at her.
She stood up and moved closer to me using her fingers to feel the texture of my wig.
Apparently, she really loved it. Then I suggested.
“A big sister friend of mine (Aunty Ella) sells it in her store, if you really love to get one, I can refer you to her.”
“Definitely I will love to buy one.”
“No problem, when you are ready just tell me.”
“I will.” she nodded.
At the first week of the month, just like every other staffs, I received my salary.
The company credited my account with A hundred and twenty thousand Naira, that was a good start for me, at least it could take care of most of my bills. Knowing that I wasn't a lavish spender.

All those whiles, I haven't broken the news of my new job to my mum, somehow, I was still living in doubt of it, not until that moment I got my first salary.
I couldn't wait to call her, because I already have loads of gist for her. How I embarked on a trip home, the emergency interview, meeting Captain Coker and lot more.
I quickly gave her a ring. I could imagine her joy, apparently reflecting in her voice, she sounded so bright.
After about thirty minutes of conversation, I was almost left with nothing to say. We wrapped up our conversation, then I hung up.

A business symposium was fixed for the morning, and few staffs from other branches were already seated at the conference room waiting for the M.D. After a while of waiting, the assistant director came in company with Marvin. There was a startled silence as he stood before the staffs to address us.
He passed a message that the M.D had an emergency meeting to attend, which means he won't be able to come around, thereby postponing our meeting till another day. Before rounding up with his message, Marvin came behind me and whispered to my ears. I stood up and we both left the conference room.
Marvin was the Personal Assistant (P.A) to Captain Wole Coker, they were so close that I hardly see the M.D without him. We climbed to the next floor, getting to the end of the hallway he stopped and looked around before proceeding.
"Lola, am sorry to bother you, but I really need your assistance."
"Any problem?”
“Actually I didn't want to disclose this, Captain Coker is presently in the hospital.”
I gasped "Is he okay?”
“He was admitted last night, though he's better now but his doctor insisted that he must be placed on a bed rest for the next couple of days.”
“Do you want me to help with any office duties?" I asked him.
“Not at all, firstly the M.D has a very important business meeting to attend, so he asked me to go and stand in for him. Secondly, his chef is presently on his annual leave, so that's where I want you to come in.”
Raising my eyebrows. "To cook?”
He nodded.
“What about his wife, relatives or something?”
“Lola if there is any available, I won't be standing before you.”
He stared at me, curiously expecting me to agree to help.
Turning him down was the last thing I could do. This was someone who offered me a job, even when my discipline was not related to his field, which really matters a great deal to me.
I nodded approvingly. “Okay, let me get my bag.”
I decided not to tell Tonia, since he didn't want the news disclosed. I dashed into my office, put few things in place, picked my bag and left.
Marvin took the front seat along with Ahmed, while I sat at the backseat, then the car glided smoothly out of the premises.
Marvin's phone kept ringing one after the other, when he dropped a call, he picked another.
Then I needed no one to tell me that the day would be a busy one for him.
As the phones managed to stop ringing, he quickly plunged in.
“Lola, thank you so much for coming with me.”
“Anytime.” I replied.
“Let me quickly brief you, right now we are heading to Captain' s house, please you will help him prepare some fresh fruit juice. That's what he demanded for this morning. I will take the fruit juice with me while going, if he needs anything for lunch, I will call to inform you. I have instructed Ahmed, he would stay behind in case you need to get anything, he can run around with the car.”
“So what car will you use?" I asked.
He flashed a smile.
“Don't worry, there are other cars available.”

A while after, Ahmed suddenly cut down the speed, he took a turning into a street.
The street was quiet and the driveways were tiled. After driving some blocks, he slid smoothly towards a very beautiful gate, then he hooted the horn.
The residence was an eye-catching one, the black gate was a sliding louvered, coupled with white bricks masonry fence. We waited patiently for the gate to be opened, I could only imagine what the building would look like.

Story continues.

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Amauche147: 10:05am On Nov 14
Interesting,I must confess you are a good writer....keep it coming op
Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 1:30pm On Nov 14
Interesting,I must confess you are a good writer....keep it coming op

Appreciate !
Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Amauche147: 3:14pm On Nov 14

Appreciate !

Ride on bro✍️
Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 4:00am On Nov 15
Many thanks to everyone who ordered for a copy of IN-BETWEEN

We waited patiently for the gate to be opened. I could only imagine what the building would look like.

The villa home was an upper-class and breath-taking one.
I could see reason why Marvin smiled when I asked him about the car he would use. Couple of exotic cars were positioned at the parking slot. We alighted from the car, then he quickly led me into the house and straight to the kitchen.

About thirty minutes later, the fresh fruit juice was ready, Marvin carried it and left for the hospital. Later in the day, I couldn't go back to the office, because it was quite late already, so I headed home straight. I was already on the bed trying to catch some sleep when Marvin called.
“Hello Marvin.”
“Lola how are you”
“I am fine.”
“Just want to check on you if you have gotten home, also to say thank you for helping out.”
“Marvin, yes have gotten home and please do not mention it.”
“Lola that was quite a lot for me.”
" Anytime.” I replied.
“please, am still expecting you by tomorrow.”
“No problem.”
“Thank you Lola, sleep tight.”
“Good night.” I hung up.
The next morning, Marvin had sent me a message to go straight to the office so that he could pick me up from there since it was easier for me. I was all dressed up to leave.
“Lola, are you still going to the captain' s house today?” Tutu asked.
“Yes, Marvin is still expecting me.”
She teased me. “please make sure the food is very tasty.”
“Why?" I asked.
"So that he can increase your salary now.”
We both giggled, then I stepped out.

At Captain Coker's residence, Marvin opened the kitchen bar cabinet.
"Lola, Captain doesn't want any breakfast prepared for him, he said he would be fine with beverage. So, you won't bother yourself about that.” I nodded.
“But, lunch would be very necessary because, Captain will be coming home today.”
“So soon, I hope he is better now?”
“Yes he is, besides he is planning to travel to the state for his usual medical checkup.”
“That's good to know.”
The time was about 10.15am, I settled before my laptop to get few things done since there was no need for breakfast.
About two hours later, I got a message from Marvin, then I proceeded to the kitchen and started preparing the lunch.
My plan was to quickly prepare the lunch and take my leave before Captain Coker returns from the hospital.
Just about thirty minutes into the cooking, I heard the sound of a car horn.
In seconds the gate was pushed open, I peeped through the kitchen window expecting to see Marvin, surprisingly Captain Coker alighted from the backseat.
I became so uptight, since I wasn't expecting him so soon.
Captain had kept a strictly formal relationship with every one of his staffs, Hence I knew I wasn't going to be comfortable being around him since we weren't at the office. Still peeping through the window.
“Oh my God.” I muttered.
Shortly, the front door was opened, then I could hear voices from the living room.
I decided to continue with the cooking. Marvin opened the door and entered the kitchen.
“Hi Lola! so sorry for stressing you.” I smiled.
“Captain is already home.” he whispered.
“Okay Give me few minutes, I will join you.” He nodded, then left the kitchen.
After a while, I regulated the gas then left the kitchen. Captain Coker was about to climb the staircase, when I dashed out of the kitchen.
“Good afternoon sir!” I greeted him.
He stopped and turned around.
“Oh Miss Lola Philips! How are you?”
“I am fine sir.”
“Marvin told me how helpful you have been, but I was quite worried that he shouldn't have bothered you.”
I smiled faintly.
“Thanks for the fruit juice, you made it just the way I always want it.”
“You are welcome sir.”
“I will be upstairs.”
“Alright sir.”
He proceeded upstairs, while I got back to the kitchen.
After I have finished with the cooking, I sat at the lounge trying to relax.
Marvin joined me and sat on the next couch.
“Lola, I 'll be going on a trip to Lagos this evening, I have already booked a flight. I need to go and clear some of our company's consignments.”
“I see.”
I turned my face and saw Captain Coker descending the staircase.
When he got down, he pointed a white envelope to Marvin.
“Have this, when your plane touch down, just let me know.”
He spoke gently and one could easily tell that he still needs some rest.
" Miss Lola Philips, don't let me stress you further for today, you will go with Ahmed and Marvin so they can drop you. don't bother to go to the office you just go home to rest.”
“Okay sir. " I replied.
He continued.
“Just help me serve the lunch on the table before you leave.”
He settled himself on the couch and continued his discussion with Marvin.
Then I left for the kitchen to dish the meal.
As we were set to leave, Captain Coker who was sitting down brought out some money from an envelope and gave me.
“Have this for your transport fare.”
I held still feeling reluctant to take the money from him.
“C'mon take it from me.” gently he pressed.
Then I collected the money. “Thank you, sir.” I said.
“If I may ask, will it still be convenient for you to come around tomorrow?”
“If you request me to, I will sir.”
"I 'll be expecting you then.” He said.
“Okay sir.”
“And Marvin, do ensure you reach me often when you get to Lagos.”
“I will sir.” He replied.
I picked my bag while Marvin and I stepped out of the house.
We drove on , and as we veered into the highway, Marvin notified me.
“Lola, please direct Ahmed on the direction to go, so we can go drop you at home.”
“C'mon Marvin, you guys shouldn't bother about me, Captain already gave me transport fare. Besides, you still have a flight to catch. Just drop me at the next round-about, I 'll find my way.”
“Lola, are you sure?" he asked.
“Trust me I will be fine.”
As we approached the junction, Ahmed pulled up.
“Lola thanks again for coming around, please don't forget that Captain would be expecting you by tomorrow.”
“I will definitely be there, and do have a safe trip.”
“Thank you, Lola, take care of you.”
I alighted from the car, while they drove off.

To be cont'd

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Amauche147: 7:08am On Nov 15
Following the good work�
Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 6:00pm On Nov 15
I alighted from the car, while the car drove off.

Later in the day, Tutu and I were conversing in the bedroom.
I brought out the money given to me by captain Coker and counted it, the money was ten thousand naira.
I counted four thousand from it and gave it to Tutu. She smiled and collected it.
“That’s why I love my friend.” She winked
“Lola, I was going to ask you, why is it that your captain boss is the only one living in his residence, is he a bachelor or what?”
“Bachelor?" I exclaimed.
"Tutu that's not possible, considering the fact that most rich people always look younger than their age, captain Coker should be up to fifty years old at a guess.”
I shook my head.
“Captain Coker can't be a bachelor.”
“So how come he is living alone?" Tutu asked.
“I don't know, though I believed he has his families abroad.”
“ That could be true though.” Tutu shrugged slightly.
I yawned tiredly and grabbed my pillow to catch some sleep.

The next morning, Tutu dashed into the bathroom while I was having my bath, I was stunned, then quickly, I reached for my towel to cover up. While I snapped angrily at her.
“Jeeeeez ............ Tutu shouldn't you have knocked?”
Ignoring my anger. She held my phone staring at me suspiciously while I stared back questioningly.

Tutu plunged in "Lola, there is something you are not telling me and I am suspecting that you are hiding a lot from me.”
“How do you mean?"
She raised my phone in her hands.
"Dapo-Davies just sent you a message, you told me this guy made it point clear to you, that he is already engaged and it doesn't want to get involved with you."
"Exactly." I replied.
"So how do you explain this message?"
Tutu read out-
“I am back to Nigeria I gat goodies for you, missed you so much.”

Tutu stared at me questioningly, while I stared back obviously confused.
In few minutes, I sat before the dress table tidying my hair.
Tutu stood close to me and began.
"Lola, I am just not getting this Dapo-Davies guy, one minute he doesn't want to get involved with you and the next minute he wants to be with you.”
Shaking my head.
"I don't understand him either." I replied.
"Lola listen, you need to be very careful with him, because some guys are like that. They appear overly nice, while they have ulterior motives. I really don't trust guys like that, just be careful with him."
I listened with a thoughtful expression, then nodded swiftly and left the house.

At Captain Coker's villa, I opened the front door and entered. I met him sitting in the living room still in his pyjamas while his doctor stood before him holding a sphyg device.

"Captain, your Blood pressure (BP) is quite better than before, that's a good improvement. But you still have to observe enough rest and take your drugs.”
"Sure I will." he replied with a very deep and sleepy tone.
"Doc thanks for coming.”
“You are welcome captain.” The doctor put his bag together and left.
“Good morning sir” I greeted him.
"Good morning Miss Philips, how are you?”
“Am fine, how do you feel today sir?”
“Oh very better. And please am sorry for every inconvenience.”
“It's okay sir.”
He stood up and walked towards his dining table, he brought out some drugs and checked through.
"I am not a lover of breakfast. But I have to take some drugs this morning. Can you make some French toast for me?”
I nodded "Yes I can."
"That's good, I am okay with just two pairs. And please make some for yourself too.”
"Okay sir."
He proceeded upstairs. I got to the kitchen and brought out the ingredients one after the other.
In no time breakfast was ready.
Just as I was serving the beverages, I caught a glimpse of him descending the staircase. Apparently, he has freshened up, he was wearing a grey coloured joggers and black tees. Bearing this boyish good looks.
As he approached the dinning to settle on the chair, the doorbell chimed, without waiting, the visitors opened the door.
A young guy and a young lady came in, they sighted Captain Coker from where he was standing, then they greeted him in unison.
"Good morning sir" the guy prostrated slightly.
"Good morning, how are you?”
"Fine sir." they replied
He turned to me.
"They are my house keepers, they are here to do the house cleaning, so including the kitchen, don't bother yourself about tidying up, they will clean up everywhere.”
"Alright sir."
The house keepers got down to work, while Captain beckoned to me.
"Come with me please."
I followed him to a mini lounge.
"In case you are not comfortable in the living room, you can stay here and relax. Use the TV if you want.”
“Alright sir." I mumbled.
Just like he read my mind, I wasn't free sitting with him in the living room. Suddenly, my eyes caught a boy' s picture hung somewhere on the wall. Without any doubt, he bored a striking resemblance with Captain Wole Coker.
After having his breakfast, he settled before the TV listening to the news. In couple of hours, the house keepers wrapped up and left.
I felt quite comfortable at the mini lounge as I whiled away the time watching the TV.
Suddenly, I heard the sound of the doorbell, and the door was opened. I stood up to peep. I saw a young man came in and greeted Captain Coker After a while he proceeded to the kitchen. I quickly thought out that his chef might be back.

To be cont'd

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 10:45am On Nov 16
The sound of a male's voice made me swung around.
" Good afternoon ma!”
“Good afternoon." I responded.
Sounding very polite. "Captain asked me to call you." he said.
I got down from the sofa and followed him.
"Miss Philips, this is my chef who travelled on his annual leave.” I turned to him.
"You are welcome!"
"Thank you." smiling radiantly.
"When you are ready for lunch, you just tell him what you will like to take, he will prepare it for you."
"Alright sir."
I went back to the lounge, immediately I sat down, I took a deep breath. Finally, I can resume to my normal life. Now that the chef was back, obviously I had no reason to still hang around so I decided to take my leave.
But..................I thought I shouldn't do that immediately, that might just implies that have been waiting for him to get me relieved from his duty. So, I decided to take some times. My beeping phone caught my eye, then I remembered that Dapo - Davies sent me a message which I haven’t replied. Tutu gave me a warning to be careful with him, that still lingered on my mind but................... At the same time, I didn't want him to feel bad by ignoring his message.
After a while, I got up and switched off the AC and the TV. I picked my bag and left for the living room.
"Sir, I want to take my leave."
"Oh so soon?" Captain replied.
"I just thought since I have nothing doing around I should get going."
He paused for a while without speaking. At once he stood up.
"Just give me a minute." He said.
Then he proceeded upstairs, shortly he came back with a white package. He cleared his throat and went on.
"Have always kept a formal relationship with my staffs, fortunately I think you are the first staff to come to my residence. Apart from Marvin who has personal duties with me."
He paused for a while pointing his finger slightly.
"I observed that you are a very reserved lady, that’s a good one though.”
I smiled coyly.
"Have this.” pointing the white package to me.
“It's an iPhone tablet, I am giving it to you."
I gave a little surprise expression, then I collected it.
"Thank you sir!”
"Don't mention it, and thanks for coming to assist.”
He stretched an envelope to me
"Here is your transport fare." I also collected it.
"Thank you sir.” He nodded. Then I picked my bag to leave.
"I’ll be on my way sir.”
“Alright, and please if you need anything, feel very free to ask me.”
“Alright sir.”
I walked to the door and made my way out. Captain Wole Coker had an authoritative personality. That type of boss that has a commanding appearance. And to think that I will tell him that I need something sounded almost impossible.

Tutu sat on the rug busy with the iPhone the captain gifted me. She read through the guide booklet.
" Wow! This tablet is so nice. Lola like seriously, yesterday you came with Ten thousand for t. Fare, today another twenty thousand naira with a brand-new iPhone tablet. Oh my God, how I wish that chef never comes back.”
She glared at me laughing out loud, expecting me to respond, but I didn't.
"Lola what's wrong with you?"
It took a while before I spoke.
"Tutu I am just bothered, about what you said in the morning which I know it’s true. But I find it very hard to ignore that Dapo-Davies was very nice to me, and not replying his message makes me feel bad.”
“Lola don't get me wrong, I only said you should be careful with him.” She said dismissively while she concentrated on the iPhone.
I reached for my phone and quickly replied his message. In few seconds his call came in on my phone.
"Hello!” I said.
“I thought you didn't want to talk to me.” The husky voice came through the phone.
“I am sorry, I was quite busy. I just got settled now after today's work.”
“How are you doing?" he asked.
“I am doing great.”
“I would love to see you tomorrow.”
I paused for a while.
“That will be after work." I replied.
"That's fine by me, just send me your office address, I will send kelvin to come and pick you at your convenient time.”
“Alright, I will.”
“Take care and see you tomorrow.” he hung up.

To be cont'd

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