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The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 10:35pm On Nov 02
This is the story of a young girl named Mary who is crushing on Owen, the most handsome and brilliant boy in school. She tried every possible means to ensure that Owen falls in love with her, but Owen had always ignored her. She publicly challenged Owen after many failed attempts of getting to Owen. Only for her to discover that the Owen she had being crushing on is handsome, sweet, brilliant, cute but dumb. He can hear, but he can not speak.

But there is a prophesy, that Owen can only speak if he receives his first kiss from the right lady.

Is Mary the right lady?

Will she still keep on crushing on the dumb Owen?

Can the duo fall in love with each other under that kind of circumstances?

Keep your fingers crossed as I unroll another masterpiece.

Make sure your positive engagement rolls in to make this story impactful.

Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 3:15pm On Nov 03
Mary is a young girl of sixteen years old. She is tall and light in complexion, she has a very white eye and a coal–dark eyeball, she is fleshy a little bit, she is neither too fat nor too slim.

She likes noodles a lot and attends Ministers Staff School. She lost her mother when she was two years old, she had been living with her father since then. Her father chose not to marry another woman because of the love he has for Mary’s mom and Mary. Her father always tells her that all he wants is for Mary to be happy always even if it meant not marrying another woman for the rest of his life.

Mary is the only child of his father,
she and her father are living in a duplex.

Mary is a beautiful girl but she is dull, she uses to be among the last ten students in her class, she is never embarrassed about it because her father has never scolded her for failing in school.

She has two friends in school named Lydia and Kitty.

Lydia is also dull but good at baking cakes, she is fat, with a round face.

Kitty is slim and tall, she is quite beautiful, a red face and a triangular-shaped face, skinny, and she is averagely good. She is not too good in school, she is not too dull either, she is an average student.

Mary, Lydia, and Kitty are best of friends, they live in their parent's house and they are in the same class ‘CLASS 7’

OWEN is neither too tall nor too short, he is average, he is light in complexion, very handsome and cute, he takes lead in his class, always taking the first position in the class. Every girl in school likes to associate with him, he has no male friend. He doesn’t talk to anyone, not even the teachers.

Owen loves reading a lot. He has a mother and a father and a little brother, his little brother is a very handsome boy named Bennet, Bennet is still in primary school, he loves to play puzzles.

Owen lives in a bungalow with his family, only his family knows that he is dumb. His parents communicate with him through sign language and he responds with sign language. Owen’s mother has prayed several to Zeus, Zeus is the deity they serve.

Owen’s mother has always prayed that Zeus will make her son speak one day by making him meet the right lady that will give him his kiss and make him speak.

Owen is in class 8. Ever since he was born, he has never spoken, on the day his mother gave birth to him, his mouth was closed, he wasn’t crying. The doctors try to make him cry but he didn’t, when they see that he wouldn’t respond, they assume that he is probably dumb, and true enough, he is dumb.

His parents noticed that earlier and enrolled him since he was just two years at a special high school where he learned sign language till he was ten years. Sign language is the use of body reactions, especially hand to communicate instead of using the mouth.

Before Owen was born, Owen’s mother dreamt. In her dream, she saw a man, the man called himself Lennox. He prophesied that the child inside Owen’s mother is gonna be dumb, but he can be cured if he finds the right lady who will give him the first nudge and it must be from the right lady.

If Owen receives his first kiss from the wrong lady, he will never speak for the rest of his life.
Lennox warned Owen’s mother to tell Owen to stay away from ladies, Lennox did not describe how the right lady will be, he only said the right lady will come at the right time

Mary was in school on a Monday afternoon, she and her two friends were on their way to catch a movie at the school cinema, they had been listening to lectures since 8 am that they had started receiving a lecture.

“What did you guys think of the movie we are about to watch?” Mary asked turning to her head as they walked across the hallway of the school that leads to the school cinema.

“Well, I can’t wait, I can’t wait to see my favorite actor there,” Kitty said.

“I do not know why you guys like the movie so much anyways, let’s just hope that it’s gonna be interesting," Lydia said.

Lydia doesn’t like watching movies, all she likes to do is to bake cakes.

The girls smiled at one another and faced straight, they were anxiously anticipating to watch the movie, the three girls walked faster and faster, as they do that, they kept smiling.

“Let us see who will get to the cinema first,” Mary said and walked faster, her leg slipped and she almost fell, her back were already losing stamina, she was about to fall with her back almost crushed to the floor when a masculine hand suddenly helped her, the hand was placed at her back when she was about to fall.

Mary closed her eyes expecting herself to crumble on the floor only for her to notice that a masculine handheld and helped her from falling while resting her back his hand, she opened her eye and her eyes met with a frowned face, very handsome, cute, and attractive.

His smell radiated her nose and at one she felt like not standing up from his hands again. The hand helped her up and walked away with a gloomy face.

Mary looked at him as he left, she admired his walking posture, for Mary, he is the most handsome guy he has ever seen, she couldn’t believe that she had never seen him in school.

“How come he wasn’t smiling?" she thought as she watched him fade away. She turned to his friend who was looking at her amusingly.

“Who is that?” Mary asked.

“That is Owen, the best student in Class 8" Lydia replied.

“Really?” Mary asked and looked again at where Owen passed till he was out of sight.

“Yes, how come you did not know the prince charming of every lady on campus, he is very sweet and handsome, and to top it all, he is very brilliant, he is always topping his class,” Kitty said.

“Oh! Owen, Owen! I like the name, he helped me and he didn’t wait for me to thank him" Mary said facing her friends.

“Well, I think he doesn’t talk, his classmate said they have never heard him speak," Lydia said.

“That is not possible, Is he dumb?” Mary asked.

“No one knows” Kitty replied.

“You said he is in class 8 right?" Mary asked and Lydia nodded.

“I’m gonna have to visit him in class to express how grateful I am," Mary said and his friend made an expression that tells her that what she said is alright by them.

“The school closing bell will soon be ringing, if we go watch this movie, we might not be able to see him appreciate him, what did you think?" Mary asked facing her friends.

“I do not like watching movies in the first place, so, if you are no more going to the cinema, it’s alright by me," Lydia said.

“Mary, you should know how long I had been longing to watch this movie,” Kitty said.

“Me too, but we can come to watch it tomorrow," Mary said and made an expression on her face that tells her friend that they should follow her.

“Alright, let's go," Kitty said and Mary smiled.

The three friends smiled and dashed gorgeously to Owen’s class. They waited at the entrance and peeped into the class, fair enough, Owen was the only one in class. Owen was bowing his head and reading a novel. The three girls looked at themselves. Mary arched her brow in fear that she did not know what the guy that helped her from falling will say. The other girls were expressionless for some seconds and later nodded their heads signaling for her to take courage and walk towards Owen. Mary arched her brow the more and walked boldly into Owen’s class

She entered in such a way that will make Owen noticed her presence but Owen never raised his head. She was wondering in her heart why he didn’t even bother to take a look at who entered the class. She proceeded more and moved closer to where Owen sat, she hesitated for a while but later spoke after crossing her heart and blowing heavy air out to ease her nervousness.

“Hi" Mary greeted.

Owen kept on reading the novel with his head bowed.

"HI” Mary greeted again.

Owen remained silent. Owen was now feeling inconvenient, he hates ladies being around him, his mother has warned him that he must be careful with ladies, he knows that he can only speak by receiving her first kiss from the right lady, and he also knows that he may never speak again for the rest of his life if he gets kissed by the wrong woman.

Owen had lived with fear and confusion all his life, hooping that Zeus, their family’s god, will make him know who the right lady is when she comes around.

He has discerned at once that the lady standing in front of him is the same lady she helped from falling.

“What did she want, why will she trace me to my class?" Owen thought and kept staring at the novel. He couldn’t read the novel again.

"Why aren’t you talking to me?” Mary asked with respect.

Owen felt disgusted by her words, he hates himself anytime people ask him to speak but he knows that he couldn’t.

Owen stood up at once, he didn’t bother looking at the eye of Mary, he stood up, he walked passed her and walked away.

He saw some girls hiding at the entrance, he sensed that they were Mary’s friends, he ignored them and walked away.

Mary felt bad, she had never been rejected in such an awkward manner by anyone.

“Am I ugly, am I rude?” she thought, she was confused.

“Why would he help me and also despise me in such a way?" she thought.

Her friends came inside the class to meet Mary after they had watched Owen vanished into thin air.

“Mary, how was it?” Lydia asked.

“What did he say?" Kitty questioned without waiting for Mary to answer Lydia's question.

Mary looked at them and bite her lips, she squeezed her face and sunk into a nearby chair. She placed her head on her palm and her friends looked at one another wondering what Owen had done to their friend.

“Mary!" Lydia called, they waited for a few seconds for Mary to respond and she finally does.

“I’ve never felt more ridiculed than this day, this is the worst day of my life," Mary said and bite her lower lips.

“Did he say anything hurtful?" Lydia asked.

“I wish he had done, I wouldn’t have felt as bad like this, he didn’t say anything, he walked out of me as though I do not exist," Mary said and looked at her friends.

Mary wished her friend would know how much pain she felt because Owen ignores her.

“I said it already, the guy doesn’t talk," Kitty said.

“True, his classmates have testified that they had never seen him speak" Lydia added.

“The humiliation I received is much but maybe I should not have come to thank him" Mary muttered silently to herself and her friends sighed.

“ I have an idea," Lydia said and raised her tiny finger in the air.

Mary looked at her with her thin eyes and nodded for her to tell her the idea.

“Well, since, he would not reply with words, I think we should write him a letter to thank him and you can express how you felt in the letter," Lydia said.

Everywhere became quiet, Kitty and Mary were trying to find sense in what Lydia suggested. And yes, they found it.

“Yeah! Nice idea, but he is gone now” Mary said and smiled a bit then frowned back.

“Well, he is gonna be coming to school tomorrow, let us write the letter now and put it under his locker, whenever he comes tomorrow, he will see it and read it and I think he should reply,” Kitty said.

“Let me do just what you guys suggested," Mary said.

Here goes the letter:

“Dear Owen,
I do not like how you treated me today, I do not come to say any hurtful words to you, I only came to thank you for helping me from falling, and I want to tell you that you are handsome, I like you, please be my friend.



Mary showed the letter to her friends, they affirmed that the letter was well written and placed the letter inside Owen’s locker and walked away.
~~~~~Second day at school~~~~

Owen came into the class, as usual, he saw few girls who are his classmates discussing, they already know he doesn’t greet, he walked straight to his place and sat, opened his locker to get his books so he can revise some topics before the lecture commences.
He saw a letter placed gently inside his locker, he took the letter.

Owen reasoned that those ladies are the only people that could be so reckless to write him such, he took the letter outside and walked towards a litter bin. He planned to tear it into pieces and throw it inside the litter bin.

Mary and her friend came to school early unlike other days, they were staying near his class, peeping and seeing if he will read the letter or not, but to their awe, he came out with the letter, with the way Owen held the letter, anyone would easily notice that he didn’t bother to open it not to talk of reading it.

“Mary, he didn’t read this letter,” Kitty said.

“It's obvious" Lydia added.

Mary bite her lips and shook her head in pain.

“See him, he is going near the litter bin to dispose of it," Lydia said almost shouting.

Lydia and Kitty looked at Mary from the corner they were hiding to see what Mary would do.

Mary can’t stand Owen disposing of his letter just like that, she ran towards Owen just when Owen was about getting to the litter bin and ready to tear the letter.

Mary’s friends stayed behind to see what will transpire between the two of them.

“Please, don’t throw it inside the liter bin," Mary said from behind.

Owen who was backing her, facing the liter bin and ready to tear the letter stayed stiff. He recognized May’s voice and refused to turn back intentionally.

“What does this girl want from me again," he thought.

He wished he could ask her but he could not talk.

“Owen, please turn to me, I mean no harm" Mary said.

“If you mean no harm, then leave me," Owen said that in his heart, he wished he could say it audibly.

Owen refused to turn to Mary and wish he can just tear the letter and walk away.

Mary held Owen by his shoulder and with a little strength, turned him to her. Owen didn’t resist. he didn’t want anybody to know that he was dumb, but with this girl drama, people might find out soon about his pathetic state of not being able to speak. He didn’t resist Mary’s pull, he turned to look at her.

Mary’s face was not far from his.

“Why are you ignoring me?” Mary asked.

Owen remained silent.

“Do you hate me?” Mary asked.

Owen remained silent and expressionless.

“Please say something, your silence is killing me," Mary said.

Owen remained silent.

Mary saw that Owen remained stiff and silent, her eyes drifted to his lips, she noticed the pink and sexy lips of Owen. She moved her lips close to Owen’s lips, Owen did not resist, she placed her lips on Owen’s lips and began to kiss him with deep affection.

What do you think is going to happen after this act of Mary to Owen?

To be continued.
Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 10:14pm On Nov 04
Nice one
Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 9:30am On Nov 05

Owen looked back and threw the letter into the liter bin and walked to his class. Mary had been lost in thought, she was hallucinating, her eyes drifted to the lips of Owen and she began to imagine herself kissing him.

Owen realized that she had been lost in thought as she kept staring on his lips. It was when Owen looked back and threw the letter into the liter bin that she came back to herself.

Her friends who were watching the drama from behind noticed that Owen has left. They walked gently towards Mary.

“Mary, how was it?” Lydia asked.

Mary looked at her and bite her lips, she turned and pointed to the liter bin.

“What?” Kitty questioned.

Lydia moved towards the liter bin that Mary was pointing to and stretched her neck, she saw the letter inside the liter bin.

“Oh my!" Lydia exclaimed and covered her mouth with her palm.

“What?” Kitty asked and moved towards the liter bin, she stretched her neck to see what Lydia saw in the liter bin that shocked her, she saw the letter inside the liter bin.

“Tell me this is not true?” Kitty asked.

Mary remained silent and felt so bad, she knew it was her fault, she wondered why she suddenly get lost in thought because she saw his sexy lips, this is not Mary’s first time of seeing sexy lips, but Owen’s lips is unique to her, it is very pink and just imagining her kissing him made her felt good.

She walked away gently to her class without saying any word and her friend followed her. Mary got to the class, she could not listen to anything the teacher was teaching, she was thinking about how she was humiliated by Owen.

“Owen is a very handsome boy, his lips are very sexy and his beautiful eyes are lovely. Why did he choose to remain silent, he was not even replying me, he threw the letter I wrote to the liter bin right in front of me, he can’t respect my presence" Mary thought.

Jude is the leader of a music gang in school, he and his three friends; Thomas and Bigger are known in the school for their love for music, always creating a scene everywhere they get to by staging themselves and singing.

To them, it was all fun. Jude is a an average student. His love for Mary reaches the sky. He had been finding every means to express his love for Mary, but anytime he wanted to, something will always hinder him.

Jude and his two friends were coming from the tennis club, they didn’t go the tennis club to play. Never! they are so poor in games, they went there to create a stage for themselves and they started singing, the people who came to watch the tennis match stopped watching those that are playing tennis and focus their attention on Jude and his friend.

Jude is very good in singing, his voice his sweet and lovely, it can compete with the voice of Justin Beiber. Thomas his friend, is very good in playing guitar.

Thomas is a unique guy and a crazy one indeed, wherever Thomas goes, he goes along with his guitar, he will tell people around him.

“See this guitar, its my friend, my girlfriend, if my mom and my dad, take this guitar away from me and I will stop living."

He is very good in playing guitar and he is very loyal to Jude, always following Jude everywhere. Whenever he is coming to school, after he is well dressed, he will hung his guitar on his neck. To him, the guitar made his dressing complete.

Bigger is an introvert, he isn’t as outspoken as Thomas, but he is very good in playing mouth organ.

Jude and his friend were in the same class as Mary, Kitty, and Lydia.

Jude and his friend were going to the class after stealing the show at the tennis club when they saw a crowd of student gathered around a liter bin.

“What in the world are they doing there?”Jude asked looking at the crowd.

“Let's move closer and see" Thomas said and Bigger nodded.

The three boys move closer to the crowd.

“Excuse us, the boss is here!" Thomas said and patted way for Jude.

Jude stepped amidst the crowd like a boss and observe what made all of them gathered.

“What is happening here?!" Jude asked turning his head around amidst the crowd.

“I came to dispose a blunt pencil inside the liter bin here some minutes ago and I found a letter there, I first wanted to ignore but I decided to check to see what was written on it, I opened it and I was shocked when I read what was written inside,” a student said and handed over the letter to Jude.

Jude read the letter, It was the letter that Mary wrote to Owen.

After Owen had thrown iit inside the liter bin and walked away, Mary did not bother taking it, she simply walked away.

Jude arched his eyebrow when he was reading the letter.

“Mary can not write this, someone is framing Mary up", He said and moved towards the guy that saw the letter and pulled the crowd around. Jude held him roughly in his collar.

“Tell me, huh? Young boy, why did you want to frame up evil against Mary?” Jude asked.

“I’m not… I ain’t… doing that, I sincerely found the letter there" the Junior student said with an expression of fear on his face.

“I’m gonna have to teach you a lesson" Jude said.

“Jude!” a sweet voice called from behind.

Jude gently looked back to discover the gentle and sweet voice calling him from behind. It was Mary.

Mary and her three friends had received their first lecture, they also heard the rumors in their class that one Mary wrote a letter to Owen and it was discovered by a Junior student.

Mary and her two friends rushed curiously to where they were told by the carrier of the rumor that the crowds were. Mary walked a bit faster and find her way amidst the crowd of student surrounding the liter bin. She was surprised to see Jude bullying a Junior student.

When Jude saw Mary and quickly disengaged his hand on the boy’s collar, the boy exhaled deeply.

“Mary!” Jude called almost silently, he was surprised that he could hear his name being called in the mouth of the girl he had always dreamt of having as his love.

“What is happening here?" Mary asked.

Her heart was beating, she was praying it shouldn’t be what she saw thinking, she remembered that Owen had thrown the letter she wrote to him in this same liter bin.

“Mary, can you imagine! this Junior student is trying to frame up something against you, he said he found a letter in the litter bin and that you were the one that wrote it to Owen" Jude said confidently.

Mary’s heart skipped and beat faster. She stretched her hand and collected the letter from Jude, she saw it and read it, it was the same letter she wrote to Owen. She raised her head and she saw crowds of students waiting to hear her say something about the letter so they can know if the Junior boy is lying or not.

“Jude, let the Junior boy leave?” Mary said with tears forming in her eyes.

“Oh no! I know the letter is not true, I must teach this b**** a lesson” Jude said and moved closer to the junior boy roughly like he would devour him immediately.

Mary knew that Jude will not take it easy with the junior boy. She can never allow an innocent junior boy to suffer just because she is trying to protect her integrity.

“It’s true!" Mary said out loud.

Jude who had moved closer to the junior boy suddenly backed off, turned his face to see if he heard well and if the voice was that of Mary. He looked at Mary’s face with an incredible expression hoping that it wasn’t Mary who spoke.

“Yeah, it is true, I wrote the letter to Owen but he disposes of it in the litter bin" Mary said and lowered her head.

“Mary, don’t feel sad" he said and moved closer to Mary.

“Mary, I’m angry to the guy that you wrote this letter to, you mean the guy threw the letter you wrote to him inside the liter bin, Mary, I’ll deal with that Owen of a guy for you, why will he treat a beautiful girl like you with contempt?” Jude said and face his friend.

“Where is that Owen of a guy?” Jude said angrily.

“He is right here" a student amidst the crowd answered and they patted way, they all saw Owen standing not too far from them.
He was also observing what was happening and what had made the crowd surrounded where he threw the letter that Mary wrote to him some minutes ago.

He suddenly noticed that all eyes were on him, he was shocked, his heart was beating fast, he did not know what to think.

“Why are they all staring at me?” Owen thought. He noticed a student coming towards him.

“What is he coming for? Zeus, you know I can not speak, please do not betray me here, help me, I need your help, if everyone knows that I can not speak, they will call me dumb and I will lose my respect in this school" Owen prayed to Zeus his god in fear.

“Hey, you, who did you think you are?!” Jude asked as he got closer to where Owen was.

Owen smirked and parted his lips gently like he wanted to speak.

“Are you mocking me or what?, I will rough handle you, why will a beautiful girl write you a letter and you will throw it inside the liter bin, huh?” Jude asked.

Owen gasped and stood akimbo, his body expression was revealing that he was bold but inside of him, he was very afraid.

“Tell me" Jude said and moved closer to Owen.

“Please leave him" Mary pleaded from behind.

She walked towards Owen.

“This shouldn’t be, he is not even speaking, he is proud" Jude said.

Mary remained silent for a few seconds and spoke.

“The fault is all on me" Mary said and tears rushed down her face.

“You made an innocent girl cry" Jude said and pretended as if he would slap Owen.

Owen was greatly shocked and closed his eyes, he had never been that shocked before, he fell and lost consciousness.

“What!” someone in the crowd exclaimed.

“I didn’t slap him" Jude said defensively.

“Call the ambulance!" Mary yelled.

In a few minutes, the ambulance came to pick Owen. The crowds dispersed and the rumor of what happened spread the more. Mary picked up her phone and called her dad, she explained to her dad the tragic incident that happened. Her dad told Mary to go to the hospital Owen was carried to and that he would meet her there.
Mary took permission from the school authority and went to the hospital.

Owen became conscious all of a sudden in the hospital, he recalled what happened in the school and thanked Zeus in his heart for making him faint, he is happy that his prayer was answered. he believed that Zeus had made him fainted so he can escape the predicament that was about to befall him from Jude and the crowd of students.

A young doctor entered, his hair was curly and his skin was red. Owen watched as the man entered, his heartbeat increased but he didn’t know why, fear engulfed him but he did not know why.

“Owen , did your mother tell you about Lennox?" the doctor asked with a neutral voice.

Owen could not believe what he was hearing, his heart raced rapidly and his body trembled.

“How did this man know Lennox, My mom said Lennox appeared to her in the dream shortly after my birth and said a man who called himself Lennox prophesied that although I am dumb, I will speak if the right lady kisses me." Owen thought and set his gaze on the man watching every body movement of the man.

“I know you can not speak, I am Lennox, did you want to know who the right lady is?” The doctor said.

“You are Lennox" Owen thought and his eyes were full of surprises.
He wished he would talk, he had many questions to ask the man who called himself, Lennox.

Owen nodded his head in response to the man’s question.

“The girl is…

To be continued.
Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 12:25pm On Nov 05
Good story,keep it up.
Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 6:12am On Nov 08

"The lady is not far from you” Lennox said.

Owen raised his brow and wish he could hold the man and ask him as many questions as possible but he couldn’t.

“Well, I have to start going before Mary comes” Lennox said and took a step forward but Owen stood up from the bed and signalled to him not to leave.

Lennox stayed and watched Owen.
Owen searched around looking for a pen and a paper, he saw one on the locker beside the bed he was laying. He grabbed it at once and wrote:

“Please, don’t go, I have a lot of questions to ask you”

“Ask” Lennox said.

Owen wrote again;

“Please, I want to speak, who is the right lady, what is her name?where do you live? Give me your mobile number?”

Lennox smiled when he read what Owen wrote.

“My name is Lennox, you shall speak if you meet the right lady, I do not have a mobile number, I can’t tell you more than that” Lennox said and checked his wrist watch.

“How will I know the right lady when he comes?” Owen wrote and gave it to Lennox like he had been doing.

Lennox collected the sheet of paper and frowned.

“The lady shall come at the right time” he said.

Owen felt bad because Lennox was not giving him the answer he wants.

“Is the right lady Mary?” Owen wrote again.

The man parted his lips and opened his mouth to talk but the door opened at that moment. Mary hurriedly entered and ignored Lennox and went to Owen. She noticed a letter on the bed, but ignored it and faced Owen.

“Why are you standing? ” Mary asked facing Owen.

Owen neglected her and faced Lennox.

Owen was really expecting an answer from the man, It pained him when Mary entered when he was about to receive answer from Lennox.

“What is happening here?” Mary said when she noticed that Owen kept looking at the doctor.

“Nothing serious, I will take my leave” Lennox said.

Lennox stepped out to leave and Owen tried to speak but he couldn’t.

Owen hopped painfully to catch up with Lennox but Lennox did not look back.

“Why are you following the doctor?” Mary said from behind.

She did not understand how pained Owen was, she did not see that the only person that can make Owen speak is going right in front of him.

Owen yelled but words couldn’t come out as he watched Lennox walked off till he went out of sight.

“Please, don’t go” Lennox thought and cried.

He sunk to his knees to the floor and tears dropped from his eyes. He cried bitterly. Mary rushed to him and noticed he was crying.

“Did the doctor do something harmful to him?” Mary thought.

“What did he do to you?” Mary asked pity-fully.

She remembered that Owen could not speak, she walked hurriedly to the bed to bring the note and pen...while she was bringing it, she scanned through it and what she saw caught her attention. She read through the writings and arched her brow at what she saw. She didn’t understand the meaning of what she read but she knew Owen wrote it to the doctor.

“What did he mean by am I the right woman? he even wrote my name, who is this doctor?” she thought as she moved towards where Owen was.

“Write your answer here?” Mary said and stretched the sheet of paper to Owen.

Owen noticed that she must have read it and snatched it from her.

“Go away from me!” Owen shouted in his heart but Mary could not hear him.

The door opened and Mary’s father entered. He saw Mary standing and Owen kneeling and sobbing.

“What is going on here?” Mary’s father asked.

He did not wait for Mary to reply, he helped Owen up and helped him to the bed.

“Young man, take it easy, by the ways… He said and noticed Owen. Owen’s face looks familiar as his.

Mary’s father remembered who Owen was immediately.

"His name is Owen.

"He can not speak right?" Mary’s father asked.

“What! How did u know?” Mary arched her brow and asked.
“You are my first love, I love youu” Star said.

“I love you too, I know that I’m going on a far distance to further my education, I also wish to stay here in America but Dad has insisted that he wanted to me school in Germany” Seven said with tears forming on his face.

“You should not cry, I should be the one crying, please do not forget me, be calling me often” Star said.

Seven nodded his head.

Seven, who is now Mary’s father, is a young student some years ago, he dated Star, who is now Owen’s mother. Seven and star dated since their second year at high school till their last days in school. Seven loved Star so much that every student has thought that that they are gonna marry in the future. They are best of friends always going to many paces together, their parents approved of their friendship.

Everything took a turn the night that Seven and Star stood in Love Garden at Los Angeles. After Seven had said he was travelling to Germany because his dad wanted him to study there, he promised Mary that he would never date anyone till he finish his education. They promised themselves that they are gonna marry themselves in the future.

Star cried the more and confessed that she feels as if she will die if Seven leaves. Star made a suggestion that they should visit a temple at Miami so they can make a covenant. Seven didn’t think twice because he was not a religiously incline and he is so sure of his love for Star, convenant is the least thing he could have done for their love

Seven agreed to Star’s request and they both went the following morning to Miami.

They entered the Temple, Star had heard that their are sorceress and seers in that Temple, she had never gone there but she heard that the Temple is very powerful. As they entered, they saw some ladies putting on red clothes and standing opposite each other. Star and Seven became scared, but someone who was standing at an pulpit signalled for them to come towards the pulpit.

They oblique and went to the pulpit where the Priest of the Temple was standing. His eyes was covered with a black towel excluding his eyes that was left opened.

“My children, what did you want?” The priest asked.

“I’m Star, this is my boyfriend, Seven, I did not want him to leave me, he is furthering his education at Germany, we want to make a covenant that will be a deal between the two of us, and in case we are temped to betray ourselves with another person by sleeping with another person, we will remember what will happen if we dare to and we will stop” Star said.

“That is a simple task my children, I would not tell you the consequence of what will happen to you if you betray one another, but if anyone you break the covenant, the consequence will be worst than death” The priest said and smirked.

“We are ready” Star said and looked at Seven. He nodded.

The man took them to a room and performed the covenant on them.
Seven wondered why the man had refused to open his face. He traced the man with his eye from head to toe and noticed that the man’s body was all covered in his priestly regalia except his arms and feet. He took a closer look at the man’s arm and saw a name boldly written on it ‘LENNOX’.

“What are you looking at young man?” The priest said facing Seven, when he realized that he was staring at him.

“Erm...nothing sir... ” He said and turned his head elsewhere.

The priest nodded and led them outside.

Seven later travelled to Germany and remained faithful to Star, always calling her through phone until after a year when Star start giving Seven a cold attitude. Star doesn’t pick call any longer, Its becoming hard for Seven to speak to Star, he sometimes sends her message but she will not reply.
Seven tried to get the attention of Star for another two years but it was futile.

Seven moved on with his life but he never date another girl, He promised himself never to date another lady because he loves Star so much and he is also scared of the covenant.

Star on her own part was tired of the long distance relationship after a year that Seven had left. She went back to the priest that she wants to break the covenant between she and Seven.

“Long distance relationship sucks” she said to the priest.

“My daughter, It is impossible to break the covenant you had made with Seven” The priest replied.

“Make this possible and nothing must happen to me” Star said.

The priest sighed and took Mary to a room, he performed some spiritual stuffs on her and led her out of the room.

“Am I free now?” Star asked.

“Yes, you are, but not totally” The priest replied.

“What did you mean by not totally?” Star questioned.

“I mean that nothing will happen to you but I’m scared that your seed may bear the consequence” The priest said.

“My seed! You mean my children?” Star questioned.

“Yeah” The priest replied.

“Well, I’m still young, I wanna have fun, till then” Star said, carried her bag and left the temple.

Many years later after Seven had finished schooling, he came back to his home country, America. He rested in his house the first day he arrived and had fun with his family and long time friends. He went the following day to Star’s house. He requested to see Star, Star’s parent remembered him and they welcomed him but with a gloomy face.

He wondered why they were sad, they were suppose to be happy for seeing him after so many years.

“Seven, I’m sorry to say this, Star has got engaged with another man” Star’s father said while Star’s mother lowered her head.

It was as though Seven was dreaming, he arched his brow, his heart ached and he felt bad. He looked at their face to see if they were playing a prank on him or not, but their facial expression depicts that were serious.

Seven walked away with a painful heart, he remembered the covenant they made at the temple.

“Star broke up with me and got engaged with another man, it simply means the convenant is fake” He thought.

It took seven another one year to recover from his love that betrayed him. He prayed in his heart never to see Star again but he saw Star with a young boy at an event center, Star told Seven the boy’s name to be Owen and that he is dumb during the middle of their long conversation.

Seven moved on with his life and got engaged to Mary’s mother.
~~~~~~Back to Present~~~~~~

“Yes, I know him” Seven, the father of Mary, replied Mary.

“How, where?” Mary asked.

“What is that in your hand?” Seven asked and stretched his hand to collect the sheet of paper in Mary’s hand.

Mary handed it to his father and he read through it.

Owen has been wondering on the bed that how a stranger, who he assumed to be Mary’s father know his name.

“Could this man be of help to my dumbness?” Owen thought.

“Whom did you write this letter to?” Seven asked after he had read what was written in
the paper?”

Owen sat right and collected the sheet of paper and wrote;

"His name is Lennox, my mother said he appeared to her in her dream shortly after my birth, he said I can only speak if I have my first kiss with the right lady."

Seven read the letter and remembered that he saw LENNOX written boldly at the priest's hand many years ago when he and Star went to the temple to make the covenant.

“I know Lennox” Seven said and Owen stood up from the bed in shock. He opened his mouth like he would speak but he couldn’t.

He collected the sheet of paper and wrote:

“Please, take me to him, he has the solution to my dumbness, he can help me speak by telling me the right lady to kiss.”

“Lets go” Seven said and led them out of the hospital to the Temple.

Do you think Seven will be able to help Owen in this state?

Let your positive comments rolls in to unlock the next episode.

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 5:25am On Nov 09

"Take this red balloon, let me have this yellow balloon” Mary said standing on very high hill with Owen.

Owen blinked and smiled.

“I’d prefer this yellow balloon instead” Owen said and tried to collect the yellow balloon in Mary’s hand. Mary giggled and threw the red balloon at Owen playfully. Owen guided it with his hands. Mary jugged away as she kept laughing faintly.

“Oh! You really think you can run, isn’t it?” Owen said and Mary pushed her tongue outside with a mockery expression showing on face to Owen.

Owen shook his head and bite his lips, he started running after Mary
Mary jugged with her tiny leg around a well designed garden on the hill. There are beautiful flowers in the garden, the petals are wet and the floor is clayey.

Mary ran into the garden and used a tall flower as guide. Owen entered the garden and he could not find Mary.

“Where are you?” Owen called but he got no response.

Owen started searching every hooks and crannies of the garden
While he bent slightly, looking behind a tall flower to see if there is anyone there. A soft arm came rapping around his eyes, he stood still out of surprised. Owen touched the hand, he felt it and knew instantly that it was the arms of Mary. He smiled faintly and turned gently to Mary.

Mary blushed and lowered her head.

“You really think you can hide, huh? Oh my! why did your face look so beautiful, why is it like that of a god? Why is your cheek perfect and smooth? And your lips as pink as a blossoming petals”
Owen said and looked at Mary sternly.

Mary couldn’t raise her head, she was flattered beyond the imagination of Owen. Owen’s word spark a beam of light in her. An everlasting joy spreads across her soul and she smiled like a princess filled with joy. With her head lowered, she moved closer to Owen and rested her right arm on Owen’s chest. Owen used his left hand to draw her closer and hug her. Mary rested her head on Owen’s chest and felt relaxed and calm. She felt like being kissed and she rubbed her lip with her right arm, she raised her head up gently and looked at Owen’s face.
Owen noticed that and he lowered his head in such a way that his head is directly opposite to Mary’s face. Their lips were not far from each other. Owen’s head stood still, Mary made the first move and pushed her lips further.

“What are you trying to do?” A female voice said from behind
Mary who was almost kissing Owen looked back shockingly at the person who spoke.

“Don’t be surprised, why must you eat on the table I set” The lady said as she moved closer to where Mary and Owen was.

“Owen, did you really want Mary to kiss you?” She asked and Owen tried to disengage himself gently from Mary.

“What is happening here, who is this lady?” Mary thought.

“Are you not aware that he was dumb? Where were you when I gave him his first nudge so that he can speak? I was the one that kissed Owen before he can speak. Don’t just think you can come from nowhere and start to love him.” The strange lady said.

And Mary looked at Owen and remembered that Owen was really dumb before, she never thought of it all this while they were together.

“Oh! It’s this strange girl that gave Owen his first kiss before he can speak” Mary thought and disengaged totally from Owen.

“Mary, Owen is mine, do not try to snatch him away from him. I made him speak, therefore, I deserve Owen. The strange lady moved closer to Owen, took Owen by his arms and led him out of the garden.

Mary watched as Owen left with the strange lady.

It’s a dream

Mary woke up from the long sleep and rubbed her face. She remembered the dream she had from the beginning to the end.

Who is this strange girl?” Mary thought as she sat upright on the bed and rested her head on the bed wall.

Mary, Seven her father and Owen had gone to the temple yesterday. They entered the temple and walked straight to the pulpit.

“What did you want my children?” The priest asked.

The priest was covered from head to toe in a priestly regalia, his head was covered with a thin towel , only his eyes were left out.

“Please, just tell me, are you Lennox?” Mary’s father asked the priest.

“Lennox! Who bears Lennox?” The priest asked calmly and surprisingly.

“I know you understand what I meant” Seven said and grabbed the man’s right hand suddenly, he checked the back of his palm but he could not see the the word LENNOX again on the man’s hand.

“Did this man know that we are coming? Did he clean the words that were written on his hand? I remembered that I saw the word boldly written at the back of his palm some years ago” Seven thought confusingly.

“Young man, did you come to molest me or you come to seek me for help, you grab my hand all of a sudden and started twisting my hand” The man said with a serious tone facing Seven.

“I’m sorry, I’m just a bit curious” Seven said calmly.

“Better be” The priest said.

“Erm… Did you know Lennox?” Seven asked.

“You kept mentioning Lennox, who the hell is Lennox?” The priest said out loud.

“Keep calm sir, I do not mean to make you angry, I came here with my girlfriend some years ago and I met a priest who made a covenant for the two of us, I do not know if you are the one or not” Seven said.

“I attend to hundreds of clients everyday, how am I suppose to recognize your face? Get this straight, Mr. I am not Lennox, I am a priest. If you need an help, tell me, and if not, please leave” The priest said.

Seven sighed while Mary and Owen kept exchanging glances with Seven and the priest.

“Well, I need your help, this boy here” Seven said gesturing to Owen.

The priest looked towards the direction of Owen.

“What about him?” The priest asked.

“He is dumb, can you help him speak?” Seven requested.

The priest stared at Owen and shook his head.

“I’m sorry, I can’t” The priest said as he turned his head towards Seven.

“Why?” Seven requested.

“I just said, I can’t. Alright, gentlemen, I’ve had enough, you may now take your leave.” The priest said and Mary’s dad clenched his fist, sweats streamed out from his face.

He was in pain, he wish he could have noticed some other things in the priest when he came here some years ago.

“Let’s move” Seven said and they all walked away.

“The voice of the priest that spoke to me some years ago is different from that of this priest, but why didn’t he help us?” Seven thought asking himself so many questions as they escorted Owen back to the hospital and they went home.

Mary, who had been thinking meditatively about the dream she had. She stood up from the bed, bathed and got dressed. She informed her dad before she left for school, she bade her dad good bye and drove to school.

Mary’s friends were already waiting for her in class.

“Aw! Lovely” Lydia said and hugged Mary as Mary stepped into the class.

“Baby” she replied and hugged Lydia.

They disengaged and she went ahead and hug Kitty who was smiling sheepishly.

“Gist us, what’s up with Owen?” Lydia asked and Kitty nodded her head, smiling and waiting for Mary to speak.

“Oh my! Long story, I’m gonna gist you guys later” Mary said and the teacher for the first period came in
The teacher taught them and the teacher for the second period came to teach as well.

“I’m happy, it’s time for recess” Lydia said as she watch the teacher for the second period leave.

Recess is a short break after two lectures to relax the brain and get the student prepared for the next lecture.

“Lazy girl” Mary said and looked at Lydia
“Guys, are we just gonna stay in class, let’s just take a stroll” Kitty suggested
“A stroll to where ?” Lydia asked.

"A stroll to the toilet” Mary replied and they all laughed.

"No! We aren’t feeling like defecating, just tell us where to stroll to now?” Lydia asked facing Kitty.

“Are you guys mocking me, I just made a suggestion” Kitty said and squeezed her face.

Mary touched Kitty’s abdomen playfully and she giggled and laughed.

“Stop it” She said playfully and laughed the more because Mary isn’t stopping.

Mary kept tweaking the side of Kitty’s abdomen.

“Guys” Mary called all of a sudden.

Kitty and Lydia concentrated their attention to Lydia all of a sudden.

“Let us go to Owen’s class” Mary suggested.

Kitty looked at Lydia and winked , Lydia coughed mockingly.

“What is that for?” Mary asked suspiciously.

“Nothing actually” Lydia said and formed a fake smile on her face.

“Let’s go” Kitty said and stood up.

“Really” Mary said and quickly stood up, Lydia stood up and they all went to Owen’s class.

“Guys, we can’t enter, he may insult us by ignoring us” Mary said.

“But you met at the hospital yesterday, aren’t you guys suppose to be friend from there?” Kitty said and Lydia nodded.

“No, he’s always sober, I even met him sunk on his knees, crying, when I got to the hospital yesterday to check him” Mary replied.

“Why is he crying?” Lydia asked.

“Some other time” Mary said and went beside the door of Owen’s class, she peeped carefully and saw a lady sitting beside Owen.
They were both smiling as if they had known each other for a very long time.

Mary brought her head back and she closed her eye tightly.

“Owen… Smiling… With another lady” Mary thought and looked at her friends who were watching her from behind wondering what she saw. She peeped carefully into Owen’s class again and saw Owen talking in sign language with the lady.

Sign language is the use of hands to communicate. It is specifically designed for the dumb.

“Is this lady also dumb?” Mary thought as she brought her head back from where she was peeping.

“Is Owen dating this lady already? Gosh! This lady is beautiful, so beautiful” she thought and smashed her palm on the wall.

Mary stood still, and while she was imaging who the lady is, Owen and the lady came out of the class. Mary tried to hide but there is no where to hide, Owen and the lady kept communicating in sign language and smiling as they walked pass Mary. Mary felt bad seeing that Owen totally ignored him.

Just when Owen and the lady moved pass Mary, the lady who was communicating with Owen through sign language looked at Mary and smiled. She returned her head and kept smiling and communicating with Owen.

“Oh! She looked at me, did she know me?” Mary thought.

“Owen, did you even know how much I love you? You intentionally ignored me here” Mary thought, her heart ached and she buried her face in her palm.

Her friends noticed that Mary is not feeling cool, they rushed towards her and petted her first, they kept mute and helped her to the class before they asked Mary what happened. Mary explained everything that happened including all that happened when she went to the hospital to check up on Owen.

They received subsequent lectures and the school closed for the day.

“I must learn sign language” Mary said as she walked towards her car with her friends.

“Yeah, I think Owen likes the new girl because she understands sign language and they can easily communicate” Lydia said.

“Yeah, If you learnt it, he will like you too” Kitty added and Mary smiled.

“You guys are the best” Mary said and clapped her hands cheerfully.

“I must learn sign language” she said cheerfully and throw her hands up in the air.

They went to their various homes
Mary got home and told her dad all that happened in school. Her dad is always the person she shares all her life affairs with.
Her dad promised her to get her a sign language teacher.

“Mary, I will be travelling for some time” Her father said in the middle of their conversation.

“Aw” Mary said.

“Yeah, It’s an official assignment, I will be back in two months” her dad said.

“Dad, I’m gonna follow you” Mary said.

Seven smiled.

“You can’t, it’s strictly official, but I’ve got a plan” Seven said.

“Tell me about it dad” Mary requested.

“I’ve spoken to one of my friend, she is a friend and she is a female, she is gonna take good care of you till I come., trust me” Seven said.

“Dad, I trust you, no problem, save journey, I love you dad” Mary said.

“I love you” Seven replied.

Mary’s dad travelled and Seven’s friend sent a driver to come and pick Mary and her luggage at her house.

“I’m happy I’m gonna have to live with a woman who will treat me like a mother, I’ve always wanted mother’s care too, but mom is gone since, I hope she likes me and I hope I like her too” Mary said as she packed all her luggage inside the car sent to take her to where she will be living for the main time.

She got to the car and the woman, Seven’s friend, who had being expecting Mary charged cheerfully at Mary and hugged her. Mary felt a soft spot for the woman and hugged her too.

“You are welcome my daughter” she said smiling and told her little son to help Mary carry her luggage inside.

The woman held Mary by her arms, smiling and looking at Mary as if Mary were her lost daughter. They walked inside the room and Mary saw a somebody sitting in the living room with legs crossed watching the television.

“You, it’s you” Mary said stretching her hand to the person looking sternly at the person in shock.

Who did you think Mary is referring to?

To be continued.

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 9:20pm On Nov 09
She arched her brow and turned to her dad’s friend.

“Did you know him somewhere?” The woman asked.

“Yeah, we attend the same school” Mary replied.

Owen’s mother moved closer to Owen.

“She said she knows you, why didn’t you greet her?”

Owen adjusted and talked with sign language.

“Why should I, I was not even aware that anyone will be coming to stay with us.”

“Sorry, her dad is not around, for the main time, she’s gonna be staying with us” Owen’s mother said.

“Alright” he replied with sign language and focused his attention back to the television.

Owen’s mother went to meet Mary.

“Mary, don’t mind him, let me show you your room.” Owen’s mother said and walked towards a room and Mary followed behind.

“Here we are, you are gonna be staying here” Owen’s mother said as she got to the room that Mary will be lodging.

“Thanks” Mary said softly and stared around the house like a stranger.

“Mary, feel at home, have your seat” Owen’s mother said and Mary sat down gently.

“Don’t be dull, cheer up. Is it because of how Owen behave? Don’t even think about it, you can see him talking to me in sign language, he is dumb, he can not speak, so he feels sad always because of that, he doesn’t joke or play, not even with I, his mother. I had tried so many times to cheer him up but he refused to be happy. All he does is to either watch the television or read his books” Owen’s mother said.

Mary who had been lowering her head raised her head and smiled.

“No, it’s not about Owen, I just missed my dad” Mary said.

“It’s alright love, he will be back soon but trust me, I’m fun to be with” Owen’s mother said and Mary smiled.

“Let me allow you to rest for now” Owen’s mother said and took a step outside.

“Don’t go please” Mary called and Owen’s mother turned to Mary.

“Please, I reasoned that I may not be able to have a conversation with Owen because I do not understand sign language, dad promised to get me a sign language teacher but he has travelled, can you get me one?” Mary asked.

“Yeah, I will, I really wish you can cheer that boy up, learn the sign language as fast as possible as soon as the teacher comes to start teaching you, you see, when I confirmed that Owen is truly dumb, I informed his father and we think of how to make life easy for him with us, so we employ a teacher of sign language to come to teach us, and in six months, we understand the basics of sign language, since then, anytime he speaks to us through sign language, we understand immediately” Owen’s mother said.

“Oh! I will make sure I’m fast in learning it then” Mary said and watched Owen’s mother leave the room.

She brought her phone and clicked on the YouTube application, she searched for lessons on learning sign language, she downloaded some video clips and started watching it till she slept off.

Mary woke up the following morning and dressed up for school. She went downstairs from her room and saw the whole family gathered at the dinning table.

“We have been waiting for you” Owen’s mother said.

Mary walked to the dinning and sat, her food was already served and started eating.

“Owen, you have a partner now, someone that you can go together with to school” Owen’s mother said and Owen paused the food he was eating, he sighed faintly and chew the remaining food in his mouth. He ate two more spoons of the food and stood up.

“Owen, where are you going, you haven’t finish your food?” his mother said raising her head towards Owen.

“I’m going to school” Owen said in sign language.

“But you have not finished eating the food and by the way, won’t you wait for Mary?” Owen’s mother said.

“Leave the boy, he knows when he is full, Owen, bye” Owen’s dad said.

“Bye dad” Owen said and left the house.

“Mary, aren’t you full?” Owen’s mother asked whispering.

Mary had imagined all night how beautiful it will be walking together with Owen to the school, the thought of how he will walk alongside Owen alone made her happy. She is about to miss what she has being hoping for, even though, she had barely eaten five spoonful , she lied to Owen’s mother that she was full.

“Are you sure?” Owen’s father who does not really like Mary asked.

“She knows when she is full” Owen’s mother replied him.

“I’m ok sir” Mary said and stood up, she walked majestically away from their presence but as soon as she got outside , she jugged to catch up with Owen. She really wanted her imagination of walking alongside with Owen come true.
But to her disappointment, Owen had left.

She got to the street junction and discovered that Owen had left
She lowered her head and became sad.

“Is he trying to avoid me” She thought as she stopped a cab and took the cab to school.

Owen arrived in school and went to his class, the new girl was already waiting for him in class.

“Owen, welcome” the new girl said as she stood up to allow Owen pass to his seat.

“Good morning” Owen greeted in sign language.

“I believe you slept well” The girl said.

“Yeah, and you?” Owen asked in sign language as he drops his school bag on the desk and sat.

“Yeah, I did, thanks” she replied.

“Owen, the last lecture we received yesterday was somehow difficult” the girl said.

“Maybe” Owen replied in sign language.

“I know it’s not difficult for you and I, I’m talking about the average students and dullards of our class” the girl said and Owen brought out his book and pen.

“Did you want to read?” The girl asked.

“Yeah” Owen replied in sign language as he opened the first page of his note.

“But you use to read at home,why did you decide to start reading in school” the girl asked.

“Well, I was not in a right mood since yesterday evening, my mom brought a stranger home, she says the stranger will be living with us for the time being” Owen said in sign language.

The girl’s face looked serious all of a sudden.

“Tell me, a male or female?” She asked.

“I would not loose my mood if it were a male, she brought in a female, someone within my age range ” Owen replied in sign language.

The girl became uneasy all of a sudden, she sighed heavily and concentrated her attention to the empty board in front of the class.

Owen kept reading his note.

“Owen, you are dumb, but you shall speak if the right lady gives you your first kiss” the girl said.

Owen turned to her in shock, he swallowed hard and his breathing increased.

“How did you know?” Owen asked. The girl smiled.

“Tell me?” Owen asked in sign language.

“The teacher for the first period will soon come, follow me to the rest room by break time, you will speak today” the girl said.

“What!, you mean I will see the right lady today, and she will give me my first kiss today and I will speak today?” Owen asked anxiously with sign language.

The girl nodded and Owen turned his head gently back to his book. He became happy, joy was leaping inside of him. Owen can not wait for the time for break to clock, he just can’t imagine himself speaking for the first time in his life.

Mary was in class with her friends
She was sad because of how Owen treated her in the morning.
She wondered why Owen hated her so much.

“Why am I so much in love with Owen, why did he have to help me on the day I wanted to fall on my way to the cinema? If he didn’t help me, I wouldn’t have known him not to talk of loving him. And now, I’m so much in love with him, I can’t even help it” Mary thought.

“Mary cheer up” Kitty said and Lydia shook her arms as they all stare intently at her face.

Jude who is always known for coming late to class came and saw Mary lowering her head like someone thinking.

“See Mary, something is wrong with her” Jude said and faced his friends.

“Yes, will she collect what you bought for her with this her mood?” Thomas asked.

“We can probably create a scene and sing for her, she may cheer up” Bigger suggested.

“What if she doesn’t want that, what if we sing for her and instead of making her happy she became sad the more?” Jude said.

“Our song doesn’t make people sad” Bigger said.

“Jude, go” Thomas said.

“I should go and meet her?” Jude asked.

“You know what I think that makes her sad?” Thomas said.

“What?” Jude asked.

"She missed you” Thomas replied and Jude arched his brow.

“Are you serious?” Jude asked.

“Yeah, go and cheer her up, she is waiting for you to come to her, now go” Thomas said and Bigger smiled.

“Really?” Jude said.

“Go” Thomas said.

“Bigger, what did you think, what if she insults me?” Jude asked
Bigger smiled.

Thomas pushed Jude slightly and Jude summoned courage and went to where Mary and her friends sat.

“Hi Mary” Jude said and Mary waved her right fingers.

“Mary, you are thinking about something, I know because I care, a very beautiful girl like you should not even think or be depressed, tell me, what’s wrong?”

Jude asked as he sat down on the edge of a desk in front of Mary.

“Mary raised her head and looked at Jude.

"Jude, how are you?” She asked.

“I’m fine” Jude said it like five tikes.

It was the first time Mary would ask about his welfare. He remembered what Thomas said that Mary is thinking about him and he smiled.

“Jude, I just want to be alone, I hope you get” Mary said.

“Yeah, you mean you want to be alone with me” Jude said and faced Mary’s friend.

“Please, leave, Mary said she wants to be alone with me” Jude said facing Kitty and Lydia.

Kitty and Lydia shook their head and wondered how stupid he is,
Mary sighed heavily.

“Jude, you know what?” Mary asked.

“What my dear?” Jude asked and smiled as he blushed at Mary speaking to him.

“I do not want to hurt you with my words, please go back to your friends” Mary said.

“Oh! Your friend made you change your mind. damn it!” He said and banged his right hand on the desk.

“I’ll go, but first, I brought a gift for you, here is it” Jude said as he stretched the gift to Mary.

Mary sighed and placed her head on the locker.

“Jude, keep your gift” Kitty said.

“Why would you say that, are you Mary?” Jude asked.

“Jude, Mary is not in the right mood, respect yourself and leave” Lydia said.

“I’m conversing with Mary here not you guys” Jude said and squeezed his face, he dropped the gift on the desk that Mary was placing her head on and took a step to leave but he turned back abruptly.

“Mary, can I sing for you?” Jude asked.

Kitty and Lydia sighed and also placed their heads on the desk, they pretended as if they were sleeping.

Jude saw that their heads were all placed on the locker and he left angrily.

Unknown: "Lennox, I revealed to you then what I had to do to break the covenant between Seven and Star. I had to break their covenant with the foundation of this temple, If Owen, the daughter of Star speaks, this temple will crumble and you know what means."

Lennox: "I know, I will never allow that to happen, our forefathers laboured hard to build this temple, I was just been merciful when I went to meet Owen at the hospital."

Unknown: "Lennox, I have a feeling that the right girl that will give Owen his first kiss is not far from him."

Lennox: "Oh!'

Unknown: "Yes, if the right lady kisses him and he speak then this temple will suffer the consequence, our temple will crumble and our enemies will mock us."

Lennox: "What do we do?"

Unknown: "We will send the wrong lady to kiss him, once the wrong lady kiss him, he will never speak again for the rest of his life and this temple will be safe."

Owen followed the new girl to the rest room, they were alone.

“Owen, the right lady that will kiss you is…? She said and paused.

"Is who? Please tell me?” Owen said curiously in sign language.

“It’s me” the girl replied.

Owen arched his brow.

“You?!” Owen replied in sign language.

“Yeah, kiss me now and you will speak today” the girl said.

Owen remembered that the only hope he has to speak is that the right lady will kiss him, he had being told that if the wrong lady kiss him, he will never speak again for the rest of his life. He was confused and prayed to Zeus his god in his heart to guide and help him. Don’t feel shy, the girl said and placed her two palms on Owen’s cheek.

She moved Owen’s head closer to her.

“You will speak, be bold, don’t be scared, kiss me” the girl said.

Do you think Owen kiss this girl at this juncture?

To be continued.
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"Guys, It’s break time, where should we go?” Lydia asked.

“Let us go to the school restaurant” Kitty said.

“Restaurant? I’m not feeling like going there now” Mary said while sitting.

Her two friends were also sitting beside her.

“Mary, don’t tell me you are still in a bad mood, cheer up, I understand how you felt because of Owen’s reaction to you when you coming to school, but you can’t keep thinking about it forever, you have to cheer up” Kitty said.

“What I think is that Owen may be trying to be sure if you truly love him or not” Lydia said and winked.

“Really?!” Mary exclaimed suddenly.

“Yeah” Lydia responded and smiled.

“You mean I shouldn’t relent, he is trying to see if I truly love him” Mary said and faced Lydia.

Lydia nodded and she bite her lips and smiled.

“Nevertheless, I ain’t feeling like going to the restaurant, how about going to the game room to have some fun?” Mary suggested and looked at her two friend interchangeably.

They both arched their brow.

“We went to the game room yesterday by break, why must we go there again today” Kitty said.

“When there are many places that we could go” Lydia added.

“Don’t you get bored of game?” Kitty asked.

“Okay, I get, where should we go then?” Mary asked and raised her left fingers in the air.

They were all silent for a while.

“Let us go to the rest room” Kitty suggested.

“Rest room” Lydia and Mary said at the same time while looking at Kitty’s face. Kitty nodded.

Mary looked at Lydia’s face to decipher what she was thinking
Lydia nodded.

“Not bad” Lydia said.

Mary faced front and tried to think about it , but her thoughts were absolutely filled with Owen.

“Alright, let us go to the rest room” Mary said.

The three girls stood up and walked majestically towards the rest room. The rest room is upstairs while their class is downstairs. Mary and her friend walked from their class to where the staircase is, they climbed the first staircase and they saw Jude and his gang coming.

Jude was stepping down from the second stairs, he was coming from the computer room, which is not far from the rest rooms.

“Hey! Mary, how how are you?” He asked and looked at Mary who was frustrated from the inside immediately she saw Jude.

She knew that Jude will not allow her to leave so easily and she is willing to play with her friends in this break time.

“Where are you going?” Jude asked without waiting for Mary to answer the first question.

Jude squirms as he expect Mary’s response.

“Mary, we will be in the third rest room” Lydia said.

“Alright” Mary answered.

She watched her two friends left her at the middle of the staircase with Jude.

“Jude, I’m fine, as you can see, I’m going to the rest room to catch some fun with my friends, you did not need to stop me” Mary said.

“Oh no! Why would I?, I didn’t stop you, but you know I always feel like seeing you, always feel like staying around you, I always feel like…” Jude said and paused suddenly in shock at the shout he heard behind him.

“Mary!, Mary!!” Lydia called loudly.

Kitty yelled “Mary!!!”

Mary’s heart beat rapidly, shock overwhelmed her, she stood still and her mouth dropped open.

Lydia signaled with her fingers for her to come quickly.

Mary quickly left Jude and ran towards to meet her friend.

“What?” she asked, shaking all over her body.

“Owen, It’s Owen” Lydia said.

“What is wrong with him?” Mary asked, her legs were already shaking, her mind was praying in an instant that nothing will happen to Owen.

Jude followed Mary behind, Jude told Bigger and Thomas who were following him everywhere to leave to their class while he go and help Mary.

Lydia swallowed hard and coughed.

“Kitty, what’s wrong?” Mary asked.

“Kiss” Kitty replied shaking.

“What, kiss, kiss, what?” Mary said confusingly.

“Follow me”Lydia said and they all followed lydia.

Lydia peeped through the third room, brought her head back to her friends who were beside the third rest room wondering what was happening.

'Mary, there is a girl with Owen, and their faces are not far from each other, I do not know if they are kissing or not” Lydia said and rested on the wall hoping that Owen had not kissed that girl.

“Kiss, Owen must not try that!” Mary said and pulled Lydia away from where she stood, she replaced her and peeped through the rest room.

She watched them very well and she saw Owen hesitating to kiss the girl but the girl seems to be urging him and forcing him. Mary understood that Owen must not just kiss any lady, her father had told her about Owen’s deliverance, that Owen can only speak of he meets the right lady. Nobody knows the right lady, only Zeus can reveal who the right lady is” She remembered what her father said.

She wanted to help Owen but she was confused.

The new girl grabbed Owen’s face and moved his lip closer and closer, just a moment for her lips to touch Owen’s lips. Mary shouted
“Stop!” Mary said and barged into the rest room.

Owen looked up. Owen who was struggling from the greatest shock of his life, he knows that if he kiss the lady and the lady happens not to be the right lady, he will never be able to speak again fot the rest of his life.

The girl who was not expecting anyone to come in suddenly stood up abruptly and he let the cheek of Owen loose. Her heart beat as she saw Mary entered.

“Who are you and why would you barge in like that?” The girl asked.

Mary shook in fear at her confident voice. Mary did not know why she came in abruptly, after all, she is not in any relationship with Owen, what right did she has to tell the new girl to stop the kiss with Owen.

“I’m sorry” Mary muttered.

Jude was peeping at what was happening from outside the rest room. He has vowed in his heart that if the girl or Owen himself tries to bully Mary, he will have no choice but to come in and defend Mary.

Owen sat still and his mouth was wide opened.

“Well, I see you are the lady staying in his house, so? Can’t he be free again, you are not his girlfriend, so why stalking him around?” The girl said looked at Owen who was sitting quietly.

Owen wanted to speak to Mary but he can’t, he did not know that Mary has learnt some basics of sign language. He searched with his eye for a book and pen to communicate with Mary but he didn’t find any.

“Owen, don’t mind this girl, she is an enemy” The girl said.

“An enemy?” Owen said in sign language.

The girl nodded.

“I’m not an enemy” Mary said in sign language so Owen can know that she also understands a little of sign language.

Owen was stunned when she saw Mary spoke in sign language. He raised his brow and smiled at Mary.

The new girl wondered why Owen is smiling at Mary instead of him to be angry at Mary. Mary blushed at the smile of Owen.

The girl stood and was confused.

“She is the enemy” Mary said again in sign language.

Owen smiled the more, he was smiling because he likes how smart Mary was in learning sign language in a single night.

Sign language should take six months at least in knowing the basics.

He was happy that Mary can speak in sign language but sad that she came in abruptly when he was about to receive the kiss that he thought would make him speak.

“Mary, why would you come in unannounced?” Owen asked in sign language.

His smiling face has changed to a serious one.

Mary noticed that the blushing melt away from her.

“I think you should not have your first kiss with this girl” Mary replied.

“Why? Have you been watching us?” Owen asked.

“No, Just that I know that you will speak if you have your first kiss with the right lady” Mary said.

“Do you know the right lady?” Owen asked in sign language.

“No please” Mary replied.

“The girl standing here told me the prophecy without anyone telling her and she told me that she is the right lady” Owen said in sign language.

“I do not think so” Mary said.

“And are you the right lady?”
Owen asked in sign language.

Mary stared at Owen with a sorry face, she couldn’t reply the question.

“Owen, you know what, this girl is truly an enemy, she did not want you to speak, she is also jealous because it seems she is having a crush on you” The girl said and looked at Owen.

Owen sighed heavily and glanced at the two ladies one at a time.

“Well, watch and see how I will kiss Owen in your presence and watch him speak, then we shall see who the enemy is” The girl said.

“No! You can’t kiss her, please don’t” Mary said and took a step closer to the lady.

“Do not allow me to molest you, I will not like to lay my hands on you, so, if you really like yourself, please go out or at least stay far away from us and watch us kiss” the girl said and sat back to her seat opposite Owen.

She held Owen by his cheek and Owen who was confused hesitated but the girl encouraged her.

“Trust me Owen , do this, I really want you to speak, you will not regret, trust me” the girl said and drew Owen’s mouth closer to his.

“Is this a porn house!?” Jude shouted as he walked in.

Jude did not know anything about Owen receiving first kiss from the right lady, he stepped in because he reasoned that Mary was not happy because they were about to kiss, he does not want Mary to be sad for any reason.

The girl had joy leaping in her heart when she realized that she had defeated Mary, she smiled the more when she held Owen’s cheek, her belly stormed with happiness as she drew Owen’s mouth closer to hers but sadness arose from the deepest part of her heart when she was just about to kiss Owen and a voice suddenly sounded from behind. She wanted to forcefully kiss Owen but Owen disengaged from her immediately he heard the voice of someone from the entrance.

The girl turned her head and saw Jude coming.

“Who the hell is this guy?” The girl thought as she saw Jude entered.

Jude coughed faintly and stood beside Mary.

“I can see you want to kiss Owen, are you a porn star? Why must you kiss him, I have been liking Mary for a long time now and I had never even thought of kiss, don’t you know that Mary can not stand you kissing Owen?” Jude said and frowned.

The new girl who was frustrated stood up, anger arose in her.

“It is you who is bold enough to come and stop what I wanted to do” She thought.

Her anger kept boiling and she moved towards Jude closely.

“Did you want to enter me, huh? Enter me, enter me” Jude said and pushed his chest out to the girl who was standing very close to her.

The girl started casting spells inaudibly as she stood very closely to Jude. Jude noticed her mouth was moving and he smirked.

“What the hell is she saying” Jude giggled and turned to Mary.

Mary was also trying to decipher why the girl moved very closely to Jude and was uttering some inaudible words.

The girl’s hand shook all of a sudden and she touched Jude on his chest, Jude fell down suddenly,
Owen arched his brow and stood up.

“What is this?” Owen said fretfully in sign language to the lady whose eyes is now red.

She stretched her shaking hand towards Owen’s chest, Mary saw that what happened to Jude might happen to Owen, she stood in defense of Owen and the girl’s shaky hand touched Mary’s chest instead.

What do you think would be Owen's fate as things is turning out like this?

Keep your comments rolling in to unlock the next episode.

To be continued.
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Intresting....but wait o why am i d only one commenting on this story
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Intresting....but wait o why am i d only one commenting on this story

Nobody will comment on story that does not have sex or erotic scenes.

Welcome bros.

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Mary stood, she was not affected by the girl's touch.

The girl arched her brow in surprise.

“Why will nothing happen to Mary, no one has ever stand her evil touch?” she thought.

Mary arched her brow when she realized that she did not fall even though the girl’s hand touched her.

“Who the hell are you?” new girl asked angrily.

Mary stood still before Owen who was scared and peeping from Mary’s shoulder to see Jude who lay on the floor.

Mary kept mute.

The lady held Owen by his hand.

"Owen, this Mary is evil, I only displayed my power so that I can heal you, once I touch you in your chest, you will be healed, but now this girl is standing and obstructing your deliverance” The girl said.

Owen forcefully let her grip off his hand.

“You made Jude fall, I’m scared of you” Owen said in sign language.

The lady squeezed her face lightly and looked at Jude lay on the floor.

"I made him fall so you can know how powerful I am.

“Make him stand” Owen said in sign language.

“Sure” the girl squatted beside Jude, she casted some spell, she placed her hand on Jude’s chest and Jude’s eye was opened.

Jude opened his eye and saw the girl’s hand on his chest.

“Get your hand off me!” Jude said and pushed her hand away.

He stood up quickly and dusted his body.

“What happened to me, how did I find myself on the floor?” Jude asked and Mary sighed in relief.

Nobody answered Jude.

“Let’s go dear” the girl said as she held Owen’s hand again and tried to pull him away from the rest room.

“No, you are scary, tell me your name?” Owen questioned in sign language.

“My name is Bella” new girl replied.

“Bella, how did you get the power to make Jude fall?” Owen asked in sign language.

“My father is a priest” she said.

“What’s his name?” Owen asked in sign language while Mary and Owen stood there watching and listening to their conversations.

“Lennox” She replied.

“Come again” Owen said and moved closer to Bella.

“Lennox” she said affirmatively.

Owen arched his brow and looked at Mary who also know who Lennox is.

“Will you like to see him?” Bella asked.

“No” Mary replied her. Owen moved closer to Bella.

“Did you say your father is Lennox?” Owen asked to be sure Bella nodded.

“How can I see him?” Owen asked in sign language.

“How about when we close, you follow me home to see him” Bella said.

“No Owen, Its a trap, don’t follow her” Mary said and Jude folded his arms watching and trying to make sense out of what is happening before him.

Bella held Owen’s hand and pulled it, this time, Owen wasn’t reluctant, he followed her to the class.

Owen thought that the girl can not be lying, there is no way that girl can be so powerful unless her father is also powerful, he will make sure he follows Bella to her house to see Lennox who can tell him who the right girl is. Who knows, he might even speak today, he is just gonna surprise his parent at home with his speech, he kept imagining how it will be like if he speaks today.

Owen and Bella entered the class, break time was over and the next lecture commences

Mary and Jude walked out of the rest room to meet Kitty and Lydia who were standing by the entrance.

“The girl is a red witch, she almost kill Jude” Mary said.

“I know something isn’t right about the girl” Lydia said.

“Can somebody explain what is happening to me here?, I might be of help?” Jude said.

“No Jude, you almost died today, it’s better you leave and not interfere” Mary said and Jude smirked.

“If she is a red witch then I’m a pink witch, I will show her that I have more power than she does” Jude said falsely.

He knows in himself that he is just babbling, he is as powerless as a common rat in the face of a cat Kitty giggled.

“You” Kitty said with a belittling face.

“Guys, this girl has found a way of convincing Owen to follow her home, that will be very dangerous” Mary said.

“What are you still doing there, aren’t you suppose to know that the break is over?” a teacher said coming towards them.

They all bowed their head slightly and went to the class.

The teachers taught them according to their teaching periods
and the school finally finished its academic activities for the day.

“Applied art is as boring as hell” Kitty said frustratingly after they had received the last lecture for the day.

“Guys, let’s talk about Owen, what do we do, are we gonna watch him go to Bella’s place?” Mary said while exchanging glances with her friends.

“The impossible thing is to convince Owen, no one can change his mind” Lydia said.

“Yeah, he’s principled, once he makes a decision, he doesn’t change it” Kitty added.

“What do we do” Mary said and the two girls sighed heavily thinking of how they can help Owen.

“What if?…forget” Kitty said.

“What if what?” Mary asked.

“Wanna say what If the lady really wants Owen to speak and we probably just misunderstood her” Kitty said.

“No, the girl is evil, trust me, she is a witch” Mary said affirmatively.

"Yeah, I do not trust that girl, girls, you know what?” Lydia asked.

“Let us trace Owen to Bella’s house” Lydia said.

Mary thought for a while and nodded in agreement. The three girls stepped out of their class.

“Girls, shouldn’t we go along with Jude” Kitty suggested.

“Oh no!” Mary said.

The teacher that chased them from the rest room met them on their way to the school garage.

“Hi girls!” He said as he approached them and smiled.

“Any qualms?” Mary asked.

“Not at all, I’m just gonna like to have some time with you girls” he said.

Mary and her friends exchanged glances wondering what has gone wrong with the teacher.

“Can you please pave way?” Lydia said.

“Girls, I mean it, I like you girls, can we be friends?” the teacher asked.

“We ain’t interested in being friends with you, please respect yourself and leave” Mary said and walked away from him with her friends.

“What in the world is wrong with that teacher?” Mary asked as she held the wheel of the steering of her car.

“He is probably having a mental problem” Kitty said.

“Maybe,” Lydia replied.

“Girls, the car is not starting” Mary said as she tried starting the car many times to start but it wasn’t.

“Yes, Bella has called me, she is coming home with Owen” Lennox said facing the unknown.

“Good” unknown said.

“Thomas said he had a spy monitoring those girls that are crushing on Owen, the spy overheard the girls saying that they will follow Owen here, but Thomas has told me not to worry, he said he will distract them” Unknown said.

“That’s my boy, he does his job perfectly, he will definitely not allow those girls follow Owen and Bella,” Lennox said.

“I must say your daughter is doing a good job too” Unknown said.

Lennox blushed.

“Thanks, our lives are dedicated to this temple” Lennox said.

Minutes pass and a knock was heard on the door.

Lennox walked towards the door and twisted the knob.

“Oh! We have them here” Lennox said as Owen and Bella entered.

“Guys, what is happening to your car?” the teacher said as he approaches Mary and her friend inside the car.

They had been struggling with the car for over thirty minutes..

Mary stepped out of the car.

“Can you help us?” Mary asked.

“Of course,” the teacher said and smiled.

He walked towards the car, he opened the front bonnet of the car and hooked back the wire he unhook some hours ago from the battery connector. He closed the bonnet confidently, he was happy that he successfully deceived and delayed them.

“Start it now” he said proudly.

Mary’s eye dropped at his confidence. Shee wondered what gave him so much confidence, after all, he is a teacher not a mechanic.

Mary reluctantly went inside the and kicked off the car, to her and her friends surprise, the car started.

“Oh!” Mary exclaimed.

She popped her head out of the car’s window and bowed slightly to the teacher.

“Thank you” Mary said.

The teacher waved his right fingers towards Mary and her friends and walked away feeling fulfilled and accomplished.

“Wow! He did a perfect job” Kitty said from the back seat.

“I can’t imagine” Lydia replied.

“Yeah, but girls, Owen and Bella have gone, how do we know Bella’s house, because I do not think Owen is safe” Mary said with a fretful face.

Kitty and Lydia sighed. There was silence for a while.

“Why don’t we check the school’s blog, the mobile numbers and addresses of each students are there” Kitty suggested.

“Good!” Mary exclaimed happily.

“Wise girl” Lydia teased.

Mary brought out her phone and logged into the school blog, the searched and found her name and her details.

They found her address, Mary wrote it down and smiled. Kitty and Lydia who were peeping into Mary’s phone sunk back to their seat happily.

“Off we go girls!” Mary said out loud happily and raised her left hand in the air while her right hand held the wheel of the steering
The girls screamed happily as Mary drove to Bella’s house.

“You welcome Owen,” Lennox said as he gestured for Owen and Bella to sit.

“I guess you did not know who we are?” Unknown said.

Owen shook his head.

He couldn’t speak neither could he speak to them in sign language, he thought that they may not understand sign language.

“We know you are dumb and we know you will speak if you kiss the right girl, and may I tell you that the lady sitting beside you is the right girl, if you really want to speak, kiss her now” Lennox said referring to Bella.

Owen who was listening to what Lennox was saying was also at the same time praying to Zeus his god to help him.

Owen hesitated.

“Kiss her boy, don’t be afraid” Lennox said.

Bella moved closer to Owen and placed her hand on Owen’s chest.

“Kiss me Owen” Bella said.

Owen kept staring at Bella like an helpless sheep.

“See me in the other room” Unknown said to Lennox and walked to a room.

Lennox followed Unknown to the room.

“Lennox, if Owen is hesitating, why don’t we force him” Unknown said.

“How?” Lennox asked.

“May be you drug him or what did you think?” Unknown asked.

“Alright, I’m gonna serve him a drink that will make him sleep, once he sleeps, Bella will be able to kiss him comfortably and he will never speak again for the rest of his life then our temple will be secured.

“Do that!” Unknown commanded.

The both walked inside and saw Bella and Owen still struggling gently with themselves.

“Bella, don’t force the boy, how about getting you guys a drink?” Lennox said.

“That is cool” Bella replied.

Lennox went in and brought in a two cups of wine, he drugged one with sleeping pills and the other wasn’t drug drugged.

Lennox served them and they both picked their cups from the tray
Bella sipped her own in at a gulp.

Owen prayed to Zeus to help him as he is about to sip the wine.
Owen sipped the wine and his eyes became blurred, he felt sleepy
He struggled not to sleep but the sleep was fast taking over him.

“Yeah, here we are” Mary said as she parked her car beside Bella’s house. They all stepped down.

“How do we enter and save Owen because everywhere seems to be locked up?” Mary said.

She and her friends stared around the fenced house looking for a way to enter.

Am sure you are marvelled by the way things are turning.

What's your take?

To be continued


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the three girls should realize there power and use it to enter d House

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Mary and her friends walked towards the front gate. Lydia knocked on the gate and a man peeped. The man opened the minor gate and saw three girls standing in front of the gate.

“How may I help you young ladies?” The man asked.

“Well, we are Bella’s friend, we came to pay her a visit” Lydia said.

“Oh!” The man said and opened the gate wide opened for them, they stepped into the compound.

“You ladies are gorgeous,” the man said.

“Thanks” they said in unison and stared around the house.

“She has just returned from school an hour ago, why don’t you follow her home together?” The man asked.

“Erm…” Mary who is so poor in lying was searching in her head for what to say.

“We had some assignments that we had to do at school” Lydia said and the man nodded.

The three girls walked towards the house.

“Mary, what do we do now?” Kitty asked.

“Just watch,” Mary said and knocked gently at the front door.

Bella who had squatted over Owen to kiss him jerked up at the sound of the knock on the door
Owen was fast asleep.

“Dad, who could that be?” Bella asked.

Lennox stood up without answering and went to the door, he opened the door and saw Mary, Kitty and Lydia.

“How may I help you?’ Lennox asked.

“We are Bella’s friend” Mary said and Lennox opened the door widely for them to enter.

Bella who paused on what she was about to do still squatted on Owen’s body.

Bella stood up abruptly and Mary quickly went to where Owen lay.

“What did you want to do with him?” Mary asked

“Erm…” Bella try to speak but she couldn’t. She kept looking at her father.

“Well, as you can see, he followed Bella here and he fell asleep” Lennox said and Unknown grunted from the corner of the room he sat.

“Please don’t hurt him,” Mary pleaded.

“Do we look like murderers?” Lennox asked.

Mary and her friends helped Owen up, they carried him with all their strength outside.

“Dad, are we gonna let them go like that?” Bella asked.

Lennox sighed and looked at Unknown.

Unknown bowed his head and Lennox sighed again heavily.

“Dad, do something, this is a great chance, you can do it father, get Owen back here forcefully and let me kiss him” Bella said.

Lennox stood up without saying anything and went to his room.
Mary and her friends walked through the gate ignoring the gate keeper who was surprised seeing them carrying their mate who was sleeping out.

Mary and her friends helped Owen inside the car and drove home.

Early in the morning at school, Mary stepped down from her car and slung her bag pack on her shoulder, she checked her wrist watch, It was five minutes to 8:00 clock am. She couldn’t go to the class to drop her bag in her locker, she went straight to the school assembly hall.

Every student goes to the school assembly hall every morning from 8:00am to 8:40am. Mary saw many students forming lines already, she walked towards the line of students who were in her class, she sighted Kitty and Lydia who were already lined up, she walked towards them and greeted them smuggling her way between them.

“You are a little late today” Kitty said.

“Yeah, Owen spoilt my mood” Mary said.

“How! what happened after you helped him home yesterday?”

“I left him inside the car to call his mom so she can help me together in helping Owen to his room” Mary said and paused.

“We are listening” Kitty said.

"Before his mom and I could come, he has opened his eye and spoke in sign language asking how he got home, his mother who didn’t know much about what had just happened spoke to him to enter the house first before we start entering his questions, he obliged and walked inside, his mom asked me what happened in his presence and I explained everything, the woman thanked me and hugged me for saving him” Mary said and paused.

“How then did you lost your mood?” Lydia asked.

Owen didn’t believe me, he said I didn’t want him to speak, he asked why I’m stalking him, he told me in sign language me to stop stalking him and focus on my life” Mary said.

“Oh my!” Kitty exclaimed.

“Owen said that after what you did for him yesterday?” Lydia asked.

Mary nodded.

The assembly order of programme commenced till it get to the point where the principal of the school will give his speech.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen” The principal greeted.

“Good morning sir” every student echoed.

“Welcome, I would not waste much of your time today, I have few announcement to pass and I would like you all to pay rapt attention” the principal said and every student focused their attention on the principal.

“Firstly, I was informed that some students went to a student's house to spy on her, I would like those spying students to come out and explain how they got the girl’s house address in the first place” The principal said and every student laughed and murmured
“Spying student…. Jobless student … Some people don’t even focus on their life… People really have problems …. Can’t wait to see the pigs that call themselves spy,” the students kept murmuring and saying different words.

“Seven Mary and her friends, Kitty and Lydia, could you please come out and explain what you went to do in Lennox Bella’s place yesterday?” The principal requested.

Mary’s heartbeat increased as she heard her name being called all of a sudden by the principal, she looked at her friends and her friends who were very scared looked at themselves like someone is about to pass a death sentence on them.

“What do we do?” Lydia said with a shaky voice.

“I don’t know, I’m confused ” Mary said.

The student kept twisting their heads anticipating to see which class those students are, many of them are waiting to see the spies.

“I’m waiting!” The principal .

Mary and her friend stepped out of the assembly of students and marched towards the podium where the principal stood.

The student laughed with contempt on seeing them.

“Let’s be quiet please , let’s hear our spies out?” The principal said with contempt.

“Tell us why you went to Lennox Bella’s place yesterday?” The man asked.

“Actually, nothing really” Mary said sluggishly.

“You will be panelized for going to another student's house without informing her, how did you get her house address in the first place? ” The principal asked.

“Erm… we searched through the school’s blog” Mary said.

“Oh! Why?” The principal asked.

“Nothing” she replied.

“Alright” The principal said and ordered the three of them to be detained as punishment.

Mary, Kitty and Lydia were taken by Mr. Thomas to the detention room.

Mr. Thomas was the teacher that delayed Mary and her friends when they planned on going to Bella’s house and is working for Lennox and Unknown, he also has a spy who is a student, It is that spy that monitors everything being said by Mary and her friends.

Lennox called Thomas after Mary had left with Owen to tell him that Mary finally came to help Owen and he didn’t want to do anything negative as at that time, Lennox reasoned that behaving like a good man before Mary is best for him.
Lennox reasoned that he needs Mary to trust him, If Mary can trust him, if he tells Mary that she is not the right lady, she will believe without thinking twice.

Mr. Thomas who was angry at Mary and her friends for going to Bella’s house even after he had delayed them went to the principal and twisted the actions of Mary and her friends going to Bella’s house to help Owen.

Thomas told the principal instead that they went to Bella’s house to spy on her. That was why the principal decided to scold them publicly on the school assembly.

Thomas was happy that Mary and her friends were called and disgraced publicly on the assembly hall. He is happier that he is the one in charge of detaining them.

Owen and Bella were sitting beside each other in the class
Owen was confused, he didn’t know who to believe, he reasoned that it is either Bella is the right lady or Mary is the right lady. He prayed to Zeus to help him know who the right lady is.

The first period teacher came and taught. It was time for recess.
Recess is a short break, a time to relax the brain and prepare it for the next lecture.

“Owen” Bella called as she turned her head to him.

Owen looked at her.

“Are you alright?” Bella asked, and Owen nodded.

“Can we stroll out?” Bella asked but Owen shook his head.

“Why? Did Mary told you lies yesterday?” Bella asked.

“What do you mean?” Owen asked in sign language.

Mary came when I was about to kiss you and she stopped me, she didn’t want me to kiss you.

“If you kiss me and I can’t speak, what should I do?” Owen asked in sign language.

“Don’t worry about that, you will speak” Bella said and smiled.

“If I kiss you and I can’t speak, that means I will be dumb for the rest of my life , If that happens, then it means you deceive me, I will also take something from you that you will never be able to get again till you leave this earth” Owen said frankly in sign language.

Fear engulfed Bella’s heart, her heart skipped and she remained mute.

Owen kept staring at her.

“Kiss me now” Owen said in sign language.

“Kiss?” Bella asked.

“Yeah” Owen replied in sign language and grabbed Bella’s head.

Bella disengaged immediately. She was scared of what Owen said, she is scared of what Owen will do if she kissed him and he did not speak.

“Why did you disengage?” Owen asked in sign language.

Bella shook his head and faced the front, fear could be easily seen on her face.

“Then you are not sure if you are the right lady or not” Owen nodded and smirked.

He turned his head away from Bella and kept smiling mischievously.

“She does not seem to be right lady, could it be Mary then? If it is not Mary, then who? Owen thought.

The next lecture commenced and Owen paid rapt attention. The bell for long break rang and Owen walked out of the class ignoring Bella. He walked to Mary’s class, Mary and her friends had been discharged from the detention room, they were now sitting in the class trying to recover from the shame they were put through in the morning, they hoped that the school academic activities will end and they would go home to relax.

Mary, Kitty and Lydia bowed their head on their locker, they were not sleeping but they were sad, they have never imagined themselves being disgraced like that.

” Mary” someone called.

“Jude again” Mary thought and refused to raise her head up.

“Mary” the voice called softly again.

Mary twisted her body slightly.

“Hey you, what are you doing in our class, what do you want with Mary?” Jude said from his seatt as he walked towards Owen who was standing in the front of the locker of Mary and her friends.

Mary heard Jude’s voice and raised her head up, she was surprised to see Owen, her mouth was partly opened.

Owen ignored Jude and faced Mary.

“Mary, if you believe you are the right lady that will kiss me and make me speak, follow me to one of the relaxing rooms and kiss me, but If I did not speak, I will hurt you” Owen said in sign language.

Kitty and Lydia who did not understand sign language gazed at Owen in surprise as he kept using his hand to communicate.

Jude stood still with a dropped mouth watching Owen speaking in sign language.

Mary’s heart skipped, she became sacred, her body became wary.
She remained mute even though her mouth was partly opened.
She muttered little courage and stood up, she signalled for Owen to follow her to the relaxing room upstairs. She moved and Owen followed.

“Where are you following her to?” Jude shouted, talking to Owen.
Owen ignored and continued walking behind Mary. Jude jugged towards Mary and Owen.

“Jude!” Kitty called.

Jude Paused and looked back.

“What?!” Jude replied harshly.

“Nothing,but please respect yourself” Kitty said.

“What the heck?! That dumb boy hates Mary, he treats Mary with contempt and now he thinks he can tell her to just follow him anywhere” Jude said.

“Jude, come, I have something to show you” Lydia called.

Jude went to Lydia hurriedly with his schoolbag always slung across his shoulder.

Lydia signaled to Kitty.

Kitty understood what Lydia meant and pulled Jude’s bag off his shoulder. She successfully pulled it from Jude’s shoulder before he can even fight for it
Kitty took some steps backward and laughed, Jude went closer to her to collect her bag, Kitty quickly threw it to who grabbed it and laughed.

Jude left Kitty and jugged to collect his bag from Lydia, Lydia threw it before he could get to him.

“Please give me my back” Jude pleaded after he had being tossed to and fro by Lydia and Kitty.

“Promise us you would not search for Mary and Owen” Lydia said.

Jude panted heavily and pressed his palm on his knees as he bent.
He was tired.

Lydia threw his bag at him and he caught it.

He pulled his tongue out at them and pressed his eyes wide.

“I’m gonna search for where Owen followed Mary to” he said and ran out before Lydia and Kitty could move closer to him.

“Just the two of us are here now, kiss me and let me speak” Owen said.

He stood opposite Mary, their bodies were standing so close to each other.

“I believe you will speak, I’m sure I’m the right lady” Mary said and moved her lips closer to Owen’s lip.

To be continued.

•Do you think Mary and Owen later do the do?

•What's your take on Jude?

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Re: The Only Nudge by Dacaller: 10:06am On Nov 16
not only u DAT is commenting .....viewer rate will increase as times go

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Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 3:28pm On Nov 16
Nice story bro

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 10:04pm On Nov 17

“Did you also notice some strange sounds?” Owen asked in sign language.

Mary nodded her head and stared around.

“It seems someone is watching us” Mary said.

Owen nodded.

“What do we do now?” Mary asked Owen.

“We need to figure out with the person is” Owen said in sign language.

“How?” Mary asked.

“I’m gonna pretend as if I’m dying, then you call for help, wherever the person is, he or she will show up” Owen said in sign language.

“I get” Mary whispered.

Owen pretended like someone loosing consciousness, all of a sudden, a guy came towards Owen and Mary. He was wearing the same uniform as Mary and Owen which implies that he is a student, his bag pack was slung across his shoulder.

“What’s happening here?” he said as he moved closer to Owen who was falling gently to the floor.

He wrapped his right hand quickly around Owen and helped him up, Owen maintained a closed eye and lightened his body, he made his body flexible so that the guy would not suspect.

“Call the ambulance quick!” He said as he looked at Mary who was dumbfounded and surprised wondering who the guy is.

“No, he will be fine” Mary said and held Owen at his left hand, she helped Owen to stand upright.
Owen coughed all of a sudden and the guy sense that he’s now conscious.

Owen opened his eye and rubbed his face.

“Ask him why he is spying on us” Owen said in sign language facing the guy.

He thought that there is no way the guy can understand sign language.

“I understand what you just described, I also understand sign language, my grandfather taught us because he is a dumb too” the guy said and took some steps backward and smiled.

“What’s funny? Why are you spying on us” Mary asked.

“I ain’t spying on you, my name is Charlie, I checked Owen up in his class, I wanted to invite him to our club, but I was told that he isn’t in the class and since there is a rumour in the air that some fishy things is between Owen and Mary, I went to your class and saw that you were not in class, I asked your friends Kitty and Lydia where you went and they said they do not know, more so, I asked If Owen came to their class, they said yes. I knew at once that the two of you went somewhere together, I then decide to make a rough search for where you guys are, that was when I met Jude stretching his neck with a gloomy face, I asked what was wrong and he said he is searching for where Owen took you to, I smiled and since that was what I was also looking for, I joined him in the search, he suggested that we come to the relaxing rooms, we came here together and we stood by the glasses at the window peeping to see what you guys are doing” Charles said.

“You mean you came here with Jude” Mary asked while Owen stood watching, he was astonished.

Charlie nodded.

“Where is he?” Mary asked.

“He ran downstairs immediately he heard you scream for help” Charlie said.

“Why would he run?” Mary asked.

“He said he doesn’t want you to know that he’s here” Charlie said.

“Then why are you telling me?” Mary asked.

“I’m honest, I don’t lie” Charlie said.

“What is the club all about?” Owen said in sign language.

“It’s a basket ball game club” Charlie replied.

“I ain’t interested” Owen said.

“It’s a special invitation, it’s an honour, just be a part of us, you have the right to participate in anything we do in the club or refuse to participate, It’s your choice” Charlie said.

“So, it’s more of an honour than the usual invitation?” Owen asked in sign language.

“Yeah, you are gonna be a special member” Charlie said.

“I get, I’m in” Owen said in sign language smiling.

“Mary, are you gonna join too?” Charlie asked.

“Am I gonna be a special member too?” Mary asked.

Charlie smiled.

“Not as if we are looking for members, we just need well respected students in our club, I mean the smartest student” Charlie said and smiled.

“So I’m not smart” Mary replied.

“I didn’t say that” Charlie said raising his two hands in the air like someone surrendering but he was rather mocking Mary.

Mary grunted and twisted her body, she moved closer to Owen
Owen looked at her wondering why she moved closer to him.

“Shall we?” She asked Owen.

“Do what?” Owen asked in sign language.

“Kiss” Mary muttered in her heart but she couldn’t say it out.

Owen moved away from her.

“Owen, we having a meeting after gym hour” Charlie said.

“3pm right?” Owen asked in sign language.

“Yeah” Charlie replied.

Owen walked away to his class.
Charlie took some steps forward but she turned back when Mary called her.

“Yes!” Charlie replied to Mary’s call.

“I will like to join the club too” Mary said.

“No qualms, come to the meeting, but you ain’t gonna be a special member” Charlie said.

“I know” Mary replied softly.

Charlie walked away and left Mary at the entrance of the relaxing room. Charlie walked to Owen’s class. Just when Owen was about to sit, he saw Charlie
He was astonished. He sat down and watched Charlie as he walked towards him.

“Hi” Charlie said to Bella who was sitting beside Owen.

“Hi” Bella replied.

“Wanna have some talk with you” Charlie said.

“Alright” Bella retorted humbly.

“Can we talk outside, It’s a little confidential?” Charlie said.

“It’s alright” Bella said and stood up.

Bella followed Charlie as he stood and walked out of the class.

“Hi Bella” Charlie greeted again.

“Hi” Bella retorted.

“I’m Charlie.”

“I’m Bella.”

“Yeah, I know, I just called you your name, we actually decided in our club to speak to the most brilliant student in school, we want them to join the club.”



“What’s the club all about?”

“It’s a basketball club.”

“I love it, I like to play basketball” Bella replied.

“Is that a yes?” Charlie asked.

“Not really, I do not have much time, I’m a busy type” Bella replied.

“You are gonna be a special member, you can choose to either participate or not.”

“You mean I can choose not to come to meeting or go to the basketball court if I do not feel like.”


“I like that, yes, I’m in” Bella said.

“Thanks” Charlie said.

“You welcome.”

“We are having a meeting by 3pm today, I would like you to come.”

“I don’t think so” Bella said.

“It’s alright, that means only Owen will come.”

“You mean Owen is coming?” Bella asked.

“Yeah, why asking?” Charlie asked.

“Nothing” she replied.

“You know what?” Mary asked.

“What?” Jude asked.

“I’m gonna try to come” Bella said.

“Oh really” Charlie asked.

“Yeah!” she replied.

“Alright” Charlie said.

“Can I leave now?” Bella asked.

“Erm… Actually, I don’t know how you will feel If i say this, but you are beautiful” Charlie said.

“Oh really?”



“Erm…well, as the basket ball leader, I think you should have my number.”

“Your number?”


“What for?”

“You might need my help.”

“What sort of help?” Bella asked.

“Erm…” Charlie try to say.

“You know what?” Bella said.


“I will rather give you my number, you can give me a call when you have an important information to pass” Bella said.

“Oh really?”

“You seemed so enthusiastic, is giving you my number a big deal?” Bella asked.

“Oh, not at all.”


Bella called her mobile number for Charlie, he wrote it down, thanked her and left.

All members of the basketball were present, Owen and Bella were present, they were sitting side by side, Mary sat amidst the ordinary basketball members.

“Today is a bit special, I thought getting Owen and Bella here will be a great task, but they simply made it easy for me, they accepted my offer without giving me any stress” Charlie said while sitting as he stared around the members sitting.

“Apart from Owen and Bella who joined us today as special members, we also have Mary here with us, he is just joining today, can we welcome her?” Charlie said and everybody cheered Mary.

Mary waved her right hand in the air, she said Hi” and bowed her head slightly as she smiled.

“Yes!” Someone exclaimed from the entrance.

“Mary! Aw” He said as he moves closer to where Mary sat.

“Who brought you here, you are fragile and beautiful, I do not want any hard work for you, tell me the person that brought you here and I will deal with the person” he said.

“Jude?” Mary uttered.

“Yes dear, I watched you enter this pace after the gym, I firstly thought that you wanted to greet someone here so I waited outside for you, when I realized that someone might be delaying you, I had to peep, only for me to discover that you are sitting and listening to what this boy is saying” Jude said pointing to Charlie.

“Jude!” Mary called.

Mary was embarrassed and wish that Jude will leave.

“Mary, I think you should go out with your boyfriend” Bella said and smirked.

“What the heck! He is not my boyfriend” Mary said defensively,
Owen smiled.

She saw Owen smiling and folded her arms, she shook her body like a kid as she maintained her stare on Owen.

“Can you stop looking at Owen and focus on your boyfriend, please excuse us, you are disturbing us” Bella said and smirked.

She has always finding a way to torture Mary emotionally, she got a perfect one here.

“Shut your mouth big eyed” Jude said abusively to Bella.

True enough, Bella’s eye was a bit pressed out but she’s beautiful.
Lennox eye also was a bit pressed out also, it’s like a genetically reproduced trait in Bella’s family.

Bella felt bad and closed her little big eyeball, tears formed in her eyes but she fought it hard from rolling down her face. She bowed her head, her heart were tickling in pain like a saw was literally piercing it.

“Jude, I think you need to leave?” Charlie said while others watched.

“I guess you brought Mary here with your seductive voice, Mary isn’t staying here” Jude said confidently.

Mary bowed her head slightly in frustration, she wished that Kitty and Lydia are present, they would had helped her deal with Jude.

“Mary, do not mind them, let’s go, there is nothing in basketball, there are better game club that fits you that you can join not basketball club.

Mary sighed.

She looked up and saw Owen’s hand around Bella’s neck.

"What?!” She shouted suddenly.

Bella who had been bowing her head in pain but enjoying Owen’s arm around her neck raised her head to see why Mary yelled.

Mary walked abruptly towards Owen, she imagined herself removing Owen’s hand from Bella but she reasoned that everyone will know that she has feelings for Owen, other students will start spreading the rumour all around.

She stood before Owen and Bella, she closed her eyes tightly. She knew she must not act irrationally, she opened her eye and walked back to her seat sadly.

Everyone stared at her wandering why she behaved that way.

“Mary, what’s wrong?” Jude asked.

“Jude, please leave, I joined the club willingly” Mary said sullenly.

“Why would you?” Jude asked painfully, he squeezed his face hard and stared up.

“I will leave, but I will wait for you outside even if the meeting takes an hundred year” Jude said and walked out.

Charlie sighed.

“Can we continue the meeting?” Charlie asked the members and
they nodded.

Mary walked inside Owen’s house sluggishly, she was pained that Owen and Bella went home together, she wondered why Owen would come to her to kiss him and yet suddenly started showing some sort of feelings towards Bella.

“Maybe Bella used voodoo on him because I do not trust that girl, she is a black witch” she thought.

“Dad! ” Mary yelled happily when she saw her dad inside Owen’s living room.

She ran towards her dad and hugged him.

Her Dad hugged her gently and smiled.

“Dad, you look more cute” Mary said looking at her dad from head to toe.

“Thanks my daughter” Seven said.

Owen’s parent sat and smiled and watched Mary and her dad greeted each other happily.

“Mary, we should start going home” Seven said.

“Dad, today?” Mary asked.

Seven nodded and smiled.

Mary’s squeezed her face and suddenly her gaze met at Owen who was stepping downstairs from his room to the sitting room.

“Mom, dad, I can speak, please let…”

Who is able to speak?

To be continued.


Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 8:42pm On Nov 18

"Mom, dad, I can speak, please let Mary stay, don’t let her go” Mary thought in her heart.

She wished that Owen would say that, but he rather walked towards where his father sat, Owen sat beside his father. Owen’s mother realized that Mary was lost in thought.

“Mary!” Owen’s mother called.

She raised her brow and set her gaze at Owen.

Owen maintained his gaze towards the TV, he does not seem to care about Mary.

“Mary, let’s start going” Seven said.

“Why don’t you let her stay with us?” Star said.

Seven looked at Mary and saw that Mary indeed wanted to stay.

Owen looked at her mom and communicated to her in sign language.

“Why did you want her to stay?” Owen asked in sign language.

Mary’s father could not understand what Owen meant but Mary understood.

Mary’s heart pricked at what Owen said.

“He really doesn’t want me here” Mary thought and set her gaze sternly on Owen.

Star’s mother ignored Owen’s question and faked a smile as she faced Seven.

“What is Owen saying?” Seven asked Star.

“He meant that I should plead with you to please allow Mary to stay” Star lied.

Mary’s father raised his brow and stood akimbo.

“Mary! What did you think, did you really want to stay?” Seven asked. Mary nodded.

Seven sighed and hugged Mary.

“Alright, I’ll be gone, if you need to see me anytime, come home” Seven said.

“Alright dad” Mary said and smiled.

“I had casted a spell on Owen” Bella said facing Lennox.

“That’s my daughter” Lennox said and smiled.

“I followed him home, but the spell is gonna expire soon, he will soon see me for who I really am” she said.

“At least before then, you should have kissed him” Lennox said. Bella nodded.

“Now, since you have casted a spell that will keep making him like you on him, I think you should lure him to a private place and make him kiss you” Lennox said.

“Dad, the words he said last before I casted a spell on him scared me, he said if he kiss and he did not speak , he is gonna hurt me” Bella said.

“He is just a dumb boy, he can not speak, he will not be able to do anything, it’s just an empty threat, just kiss him without fear, remember we are doing this to protect our temple” Lennox said.

“Yea dad” Bella replied.

Mary lay in her room, she covered herself in a duvet and forced herself to sleep but she couldn’t. She raised herself up from the bed and threw her legs to the ground, she rubbed her face with her hand and stood up. The door opened slightly and she looked towards the entrance. She saw Owen, she was surprised.

“What did Owen come to do in my room?” She thought.

“Maybe he came to play with me” She thought happily and smiled.

Owen moved closer to her and sat on a small chair at the very center of the room.

Mary maintained her gaze at Owen.

“Owen!” She called.

Owen stared around the room.

“Did you like the room?” Owen asked in sign language.

Mary nodded wondering why he is asking the question.

“Mary, why did you decide to stay?” Owen asked in sign language.

Mary shook her head thinking of a perfect answer to give.

Owen stood up and moved closer to Mary.

“One thing I know is that if you are the right lady, we would have kissed that day, I mean nothing would have distracted us, I think Zeus is trying to protect me from you yet you kept drawing yourself closer to me” Owen said in sign language.

Mary stood still, she was hurt by Owen’s words.

“I promise not to disturb you” Mary said.

“How? We are living in the same house , I know you would” Owen said in sign language.

“I won’t” Mary said.

“I do not want your promise, I want you to leave this house” Owen said.

Mary looked at Owen in surprise. Owen nodded and smirked.

“You…did...not like…me” Mary said sullenly.

Owen giggled.

“How can I like you, I hate you, I do not want to see you around me” Owen said in sign language.

Mary closed her eyes tight and cried.

“Your tears ain’t gonna move me” Owen said in sign language.

“I will go tomorrow then” Mary said and left Owen to sit on the bed.

Owen moved closer to Mary.

“My mom will never allow you to leave, did you get that?” Owen said.

“What did you want then?” Mary said pathetically.

“I want you to leave now” Owen said in sign language.

“What?!” Mary exclaimed.

“If mom asked you why you leave in the future, tell her you left willingly” Owen said in sign language.

“It’s 11:10pm, everywhere is dark, It’s not safe for me outside there, please let me stay this night, I promise to leave tomorrow morning” Mary said with a wet face.

She does not know why Owen is behaving in such a reckless way towards her.

“You still didn’t get, leave now!” Owen said in sign language and stiffened his face.

Mary cried gently and stood up, she started gathering her clothes inside her box.

“Is Owen this heartless?” she thought.

She packed all her luggage and moved out of the room. Owen walked swiftly and stood in front of her.

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna escort you” Owen said in sign language.

Mary nodded.

Owen followed Mary as they stepped downstairs the house, Owen opened the door for Mary and she walked away.

Owen sighed gently and closed the door.

Owen’s POV
“Who did she think she is? She thinks she can just come to inconvenient us here?, No! I hate people like that, Bella is the one I like, I don’t even know why, she is the one my heart desires” I thought as I walked back to my room.
I relaxed on the bed feeling happy that she has left.

My tongue suddenly start to get hot, I stood up not understanding what is happening, I walked towards the table, I took some water and my tongue kept getting hot.

“Am I about to speak?” I thought as I touched my tongue.

“But I didn’t kiss anyone, what is happening to me” I thought and paced around the room.

The hotness increased and I can’t contain it again, I ran crazily towards my mom’s room. I twisted the knob and knock on the door
I beat the door with my palms, I was not hearing any response from my parent.

“Are they so asleep?” I thought in pain.

My tongue was burning heavily
I fell to the ground when I couldn’t bear the pain again.

The knob got twisted and my mom’s head came through. She saw me lying on the bed and quickly called my dad. She rushed to me before my dad could come.

“Owen, what happened?” She asked.

I was sweating already, the pain was unbearable.

“Tell me, Owen, what’s wrong?” My mom asked again.

“My tongue is burning” I said in sign language.

My mother arched her brow and sighed.

“Remember, what I told you about the second prophecy” my mom said ignoring me on the floor facing my father.

“Yes, you said a man told you in your dream that a day will come when his tongue will burn and that nothing will quench it apart from the saliva of the lady we accommodate at that time” my dad said.

My mother nodded and smiled.

“You were not happy when I said Mary should stay, did you now see that she is the saviour of your son now” my mom said.

“I’m wowed, I’m sorry for being so cold towards her” my dad said.

“It’s alright, let me call her in her room, ‘m sure she wouldn’t hesitate to come if she hears that Owen is in pain and he needs her saliva to be healed” my mom said.

The pain is affecting my whole body, I couldn’t move any part of my body, I was pushing my tongue out and shaking my head.

“What kind of life have I come, Zeus, why is my life like this?, Not only did you make me dumb, you are also burning my tongue, I thought they said you are a good god, why not just heal me and put an end to this pain of mine” I murmured in my heart to Zeus. I hope that Zeus will feel my pain and heal me, but it got worst. I watched my mom as she jogged to Mary’s room.

I wanted to stop her but I couldn’t, my whole body was loosing strength because of the pain I was feeling in my tongue.

Mary’s POV
I walked out of Owen’s house and walked across the street, I sat by an empty chair built outside of a restaurant. I bowed my head gently, I didn’t want to go home, I knew dad will be sad seeing me, he would be mad at Owen’s parent, he would never believe it was Owen that sent me away, he would think I was sent away by the whole family, he may even take a step that I may not like such as sueing them. I do not want any problems to arise between the two families, I would have gone to my friends house, but their parents know my dad, they will call to inform him.

I was thinking of staying in an hotel to pass the night and go home by morning, but I’m scared of going alone to the hotel at night.
I thought of what to do as I sat on the empty chair, the rain suddenly started falling, I was confused. I do not know where to go, when I couldn’t bear the cold again, my body was wet, all my luggage were wet, people were scanty outside, I’m getting scared already, I checked my time, it was 11:51pm.

“I gotta start going to an hotel” I thought.

I stood up and walked towards the nearest hotel.

“I couldn’t find Mary inside, where is she?” Star asked panting heavily.

“Are you sure?” her husband asked.

“I searched everywhere, the prophesy said Owen would die if the saliva of the lady is not poured into his tongue” Star said.

'But you didn’t tell me that” her husband questioned.

“Yes, that is because I thought Zeus will definitely allow the lady to be around whenever Owen will feel the tongue pain, but it seems Zeus has forsaken us” Star said.

“Mom, Zeus is not at fault, I sent her away because I hated her so much, I do not know what came upon me, I just had so much hatred towards her, in fact, I never wished to see her around my vicinity” Owen said in pain with tears rolling down his cheeks.

He regretted all that he did and he is afraid that he will die if Mary did not come to save him.

Star stood still wondering when Owen became this heartless to the extent of sending an innocent girl away that night.

“Do something Star!” Owen’s father yelled in fear of what may happened.

Star returned her gaze to Owen’s father, she stares back at Owen.

“Where is she now?” Star asked.

"Maybe she went home, I do not know” Owen replied in pain.

Star watched her child gnashing in pain on the ground, her heartbeat increased, she took to her heels and ran towards the door, Owen’s father ran behind Star.

To be continued.

I know you can't imagine what has just happened in this episode.

What's your take on this?

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Re: The Only Nudge by Kaycee9242(m): 6:34pm On Nov 19
Nice one op u have a great story here. Pls i need some clarifications, u made us understand dt Mary drives but atimes u portray her as someone dt treks like when she went after Owen so Dy can go to school together from Owen house and also dt very night Owen sent her out, does it mean she preferred trekking to driving her car?

2ndly since it was an era of phone i thought d first thing Owens parents would have done at d realisation of her disappearance was to call her cell phone. Thanks so much for dis wonderful story
Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 1:16pm On Nov 20
Waiting o
Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 4:18pm On Nov 20

Star and her husband jogged inside the rain searching for where Mary went. The rain was beating them and cold was overwhelming them. They couldn’t tell where Mary had gone. They tried her number, but it wasn't connecting.

Star and her husband moved to the parking lot. They located Mary's car, but it was empty.

“Where did you think she went?” Star’s husband asked.

“I don’t know, let’s keep searching” Star replied.

They walked into the street, across many houses twisting their heads to and fro in search for Mary.

Suddenly, they saw a slim lady wa
“That slim lady walking towards that hotel looked like Mary” Star’s husband said.

Star focused her head and watched a lady in a distance.

“Yeah, she is the one” Star replied.

They increased their speed and jogged towards the hotel, they were getting tired, but they ignored their weariness, they can never afford to loose Owen.

“Mary!” Star called when she was almost entering the hotel.

Mary looked back with her gnashing teeth, wet cloth and rough hair, the rain has restructured her dressings.

“Mary!” Star called again and went to meet Mary, she hugged Mary tight and kissed her on her forehead.

“Sorry Mary, my son is to be blamed, he behaved recklessly” Star said.

Mary remained mute, she is praying in her heart that she sees a very warm place to stay, the cold was taking over so much that she thought she might die anytime soon.

“Owen is dying!” Star’s husband said fretfully.

Mary arched her brow and took a step forward. Her heart beats faster and she wondered in a second what had happened.

“What happened to Owen?” Mary asked.

“He is having tongue burn, according to prophecy, only your saliva can heal him” Star’s husband said.

“Prophecy!” Mary exclaimed not having a clear understanding of what Star’s husband meant by prophecy.

“Anyways, please let’s go” Mary said.

Star and her husband quickly moved towards the house with Mary. They got to the house and Mary was the first to enter, he saw Owen lay twisting his body and pulling his tongue out.

“Owen!” She called and moved closer to Owen.

Owen opened his eye to see Mary, he wished he had not sent Mary away, but he still hated Mary.

“You mean saliva, I don’t get, what am I suppose to do with my saliva please?” Mary asked not understanding what they meant earlier.

“Spit into his tongue” Star said hurriedly before she could even finish her statement.

“I get” she said and squatted over Owen, she opened Owen’s mouth and blew a little spit on his tongue. Like a man who had spent almost all his life in prison, who was now granted a relief so is Owen, he felt a huge relief from his tongue and his whole body received freedom from pain.

“I thought I would die” Owen thought.

“Why do I still hate this Mary?” Owen thought as he stood up from the ground.

His mom and dad were staring at Mary with gratitude.

“Thanks Zeus” his father said.

Mary smiled, Mary thought in her heart that with what she just did for Owen, Owen must surely like her.

Little did she know that the hatred of Owen for her increased the more.

Owen stood up and hugged his mom, he hugged his dad.

“Thank you” he said to them and headed to his room.

“What the heck?! He did not even hug me nor thank me” Mary thought.

“Why in the world will I even meet a guy like this, why will I fall for him?” Mary thought and squeezed her face, she fought tears from strolling down her face.

“Mary, don’t feel bad, you can always stay here, please don’t leave tomorrow morning” Star said.

Mary nodded.

Star took her to the room that was given to her back. She lay and slept off.

Following day.
Bella, Owen and their classmates sat down as diligent students in class listening to the teacher who was teaching the first period. During his teaching, he asked someone to define what an Atom is.

Bella stood up and answered...
“An atom is the smallest particle of an element which can take part in a chemical reaction” Bella said.

“Fantastic!” The teacher exclaimed.

“You are so fluent and diligent, but why is it that anytime I come to your class, you are always sitting very close to this silent boy, is he your boyfriend? "

The teacher asked and winked.

Bella smiled and refused to answer.

The students concentrated their attention on them and giggled.

“You ain’t answering me?” The teacher asked.

"Why should I answer you, huh” is it your business?” Bella asked.

The teacher frowned.

“I was only joking with you guys, don’t take it personal, and I must say that it is rude of you” the teacher said.

“Yeah, you brought that rudeness out of me with your baseless question” Bella said.

Owen watched Bella and the teacher exchanging words, he wanted to tell Bella to keep quiet but he couldn’t, if he tries speaking through sign language to Bella, the teacher and all students will finally know and confirm that he is dumb.

Owen does not want that, he likes a simple life, a closed life, even though he is handsome, he does not entertain ladies.

Sometimes, it baffles him on how he gets to like Bella, he didn’t know why.

All his years, he had stayed away from people, he hated making friends especially with people that can talk, his only friends are his family.

“I’ve had enough, I can’t take insult from you anymore, I hope you know I have the right to send you out of my class” the teacher said.

“Not like I care” Bella replied.

The teacher sighed and wondered how an Intelligent student like Bella will be this rude. The teacher walked back to the front of the class, feeling embarrassed and insulted by Bella.

“Can we continue?” The teacher asked the students.

They all nodded.

“Since Bella had defined what Atom is for us, can someone define Molecule?” The teacher asked and the whole class remained silent.

“Not even one of them knows what Molecule is except the brilliant Bella and Owen.

"Owen knows the definition of a Molecule but he can’t say it, he didn’t raise up his hand because he can’t speak. Bella refused to speak because of what had just happened between the teacher and her. His heart beat heavily when his gaze met with the teacher , he regretted on why he had raised his head up.

“I should have kept my head down” he thought regretfully.

“Erm… Your name please?” The teacher asked.

Owen raised his head and realized the teacher was talking to him.

“Zeus help me, people must not know that I’m dumb, I’m gonna become a subject of mockery, Zeus please” Owen pleaded in his heart to his god.

The teacher walked closer to Owen’s seat.

“Your name please?” The teacher asked again facing Owen.

Owen bowed his head.

“Hi sir” Bella said.

The teacher shifted his gaze from Owen to Bella.

“Sir, can you please let him be?” Bella said.

“Is that your problem Miss Bella?” the teacher asked with a frowned face.

The teacher is pissed off with the rude and unruly actions of Bella.

“Yeah, it’s my problem because he is my friend” Bella replied.

“Must you answer for him?” The teacher asked.

Bella sighed, she wish she can just do something that will make the teacher leave Owen.

Owen stood up at once and went out of the class.

“You see that, you made him leave your class” Bella said.

“How, what’s my fault Miss Bella?, I simply asked him for his name” the teacher said defensively.

“No! You frustrated him” Bella said.
The teacher ignored Bella, went to the front of the students and continued teaching.

The bell for break rang, Owen brought out his book to revise.

“Don’t mind him” Bella said.

“You mean the teacher?” Owen asked in sign language.

Bella nodded.

“It’s alright” Owen said in sign language.

“Can we go to the cafeteria together, you can read when you get home?” Bella said.

Owen thought for a while. He nodded, still frowning.

“Can you smile?” Bella asked.

Owen faked a smile, he was not happy because he did not like Mary, he has tried so hard to like Mary but he just kept hating Mary
Bella took his hand and they both walked out of the class.

Jude, Thomas and Bigger, the three most crazy guy in class, they were bored after the last lecture they received before the bell rang.
They agreed between themselves to sing in the presence of the whole class, but the song will be specially dedicated to Mary.

They all walked out and stood before the students who were eating snacks in class, some had gone out for lunch.

“Hey guys, my crew and I have a love song to sing, listen and have fun” Jude said like a serious somebody.

Some students giggled, some ignored them, some mocked them, some waited for them to sing. Mary and her friends were laughing in mockery of the stubborn Jude. They were waiting for he and his crew to start the song.

Jude folded his arms in a blow like structure, holding an invincible microphone, he placed his hand closer to his mouth. His friend, Thomas brought out his girl friend, the guitar, he sat on the teacher’s stool, he set the guitar, his fingers were placed on the guitar.
Bigger the mouth organist, placed his mouth organ between his lips with his right hand.

Thomas started the intro of their reharsed love long with his guitar,
Bigger joined by playing the mouth organ skillfully.

Jude waited for them to play the intro, then he started singing:
�If love is a crime
I will be the first to commit
I will commit it in happiness
My heart is sobbing!
Whom I love , disliked me
The one my hearts chose, despise me
My heart is made for you cus I love you.�

Thomas played.

Bigger played pa ran ran, pa ran ran...
Pa pa ran ran, pa pa ran ran, pa pa ra rannnnnn, cos I love you.

�Cos I love you, please don’t cast me away
My heart is aching and beating for you
Cos I love you...
Cos I love you...
Please don’t go away!
Please stop hurting me!
Please …
Cos I love you...�

Mary listened to the song and tears rolled down her face, the class captan of the class stood up because of how emotional the song is, his name is Feathers.

He cries too and the whole class and fans of Feathers got emotional in the song of love.

“�Cos I love you
Please…don’t go away
Please…stop hurting me
Cos I love you...�

Everybody joined in the chorus

�Cos I love you
Please…Don’t cast me away
Please…let me be by your side
Please …. Love me as I do
Cos I love you
Please…don’t cast me away….
Cos I love you �

To be continued.

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Re: The Only Nudge by Kaycee9242(m): 5:45pm On Nov 20
Nice update

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Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 12:03pm On Nov 21
Good one

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 8:52pm On Nov 22

Kitty who had some tears in her eyes as a result of the very emotional song of Jude, she looked at Lydia and noticed her face... looked pathetic, even though she wasn’t crying, she was touched with the song.

Lydia noticed that Kitty was looking at her, she turned her head to Kitty, their eyes met, and as if they planned it together, they both stared at Mary at the same time. Mary’s face had become so wet, tears were rolling from her eyes like the drop of a heavy rain.

“It’s really painful when someone you love does not love you” Mary said and sunk back to her chair.

All this while, the whole class were standing up, even students that first ignored later concentrated their attention on Jude. The whole class kept singing the last line of the song �Cos I love you.

Jude sang with so much emotion that a child born today would have listened to his song and cried. The feeling and expression of pain in his words made it touched the heart of everyone.

Really, one must say “It’s very painful to love someone that did not like you.”

Jude walked closer to where Mary stood, after all, he dedicated the whole of the song to Mary. Mary who was very emotional watched him approaching, even though Jude had not cried, It is obvious that the song is coming from the deepest part of him. Jude knelt down before Mary like someone that wanted to propose. He raised his right hand up, and as though he had told Biggy and Thomas to stop playing, they stopped playing the instrument.

Everywhere was silent, students was wondering why he would kneel down before Mary, they knew that Jude likes Mary, but they are oblivious of the intentions of Jude to kneeling down before Mary.

“Is he thinking of proposing?” many students thought.

Jude dropped his hand and looked at Mary whose eyes were wet.

“Mary, I wanna ask you a question” Jude said feeling hot all over.

The hotness he is feeling is a product of the fear of rejection he might get from Mary. He is afraid that Mary may give a very hurtful and negative response to his question. Sweats streams out of his skin, his whole body shook.

All this years he had loved Mary, even though Mary had always ignored him, Mary doesn’t give him the attention he thought he deserves, yet he never stopped loving Mary. Many a times, he had tried to imagine if he can ever stop loving Mary, but never had he successfully imagined it, like a two sheet of papers glued together so his is love to Mary. He can’t help it, he can’t stop loving Mary, his love for Mary is true and genuine.

Mary lowered her head and looked at Jude kneeling down, she did not know why Jude knelt before her, she thought hard. Maybe she can guess what Jude wanted to ask her before the whole class, but her mind was blank, she couldn’t think anything. Her emotions were neutral but her spirit was high.

She nodded her head to Jude’s question hoping in her heart that the question Jude is about to ask is gonna be the one she can answer easily.

“Mary, do you love me?” Jude asked.

Like a graveyard so is the class, Even Feathers the class captain closed the laptop he was using to type story before Jude started singing.

“Love!” Feathers exclaimed in his heart, watching every students standing at alert, wishing that Mary would say yes.

“I better write a story on this” Feathers thought and moved closer observing the both of them diligently.

Mary’s heart shook like Mike Tyson literally used his energetic hand to shake Mary’s heart. Her heart bleeds like someone had pierced it with a knife. Her legs became weak and light like she is on diet trying to loose weight. Her eyes became dim and she could only see the blurry images of Jude. Her emotions came back rapidly like a river storm, she felt like pulling Jude up, hugging him and telling him the truth.

But the truth hurts, If only love is a choice, she would have controlled it.

If love is an option, she would have chosen the one that truly cares and loves her. But her heart is directed to a direction, the direction of Owen, her heart is like magnet with a so6uth pole easily attracting Owen’s heart, but to Jude, her heart is repelling Jude’s heart. Am sure you can still remember the Laws of Magnetic Induction.

She liked Jude as a friend, but she knew in her heart that even if she comes to the world a thousand time, Jude can never be an option, she knew she did not love Jude
She is so certain of what her heart desires. Like a man will know if the food he ate really satisfied him, so is Mary, she knew she did not love Jude.

She is not confused, Jude is never an option, not because he is ugly, not because he is bad, he has everything a decent guy should has, yet, she just can’t love him.

Mary cried out at Jude’s question, she felt a sharp pain in her heart, the kind of pain she thought Jude will feel if she tells him the truth.
She was taking ages to reply, she was crying audibly and the class were wondering why she is crying.

“Maybe she has being expecting that from Jude since” some students thought.

“Maybe the song is still having effect on her” others thought.

Mary covered her face with her two palms and swallowed hard the truth forming in her mind ready to be poured to Jude. She did not want to hurt him.

“Mary! Please give me a reply?” Jude asked pathetically.

Jude was ready to faint if Mary says no, that would have been the greatest embarrassment of his life. The class will mock him and carry rumours about him.

He can’t stand the insults and gossips from students about him.

Owen and Bella had taken their lunch at the school cafeteria, they didn’t communicate inside the cafeteria because that will make everyone inside the cafeteria wonder why students are communicating in sign language.

“Bella, I sincerely do not know why I like you” Owen said while on their way to the class.

Bella smiled.

She is happy that the spell she casted on Owen to like her is still working.

Owen wondered why Bella smirked, Owen knew that Bella isn’t the kind of girl he is suppose to trust especially after what happened the day they were inside the room when she used a power on Jude that made Jude fall.

“Zeus, hope I’m doing the right thing?” Owen asked his god in his heart not expecting an answer.

They took some steps but collided with Charlie, the leader of the basket ball team, he is so cute, pink lips, blue eyes, averagely tall and so handsome.

Even the queen of the sea would have married Charlie if she sets her eyes on him.

Charlie smiled as he approaches Owen and Bella.

“Nice meeting you guys, where are you coming from?” Charlie asked.

“Coming from the cafeteria” Bella replied humbly.

“Since you guys are heading to class, I would not like to disturb you” Charlie said and smiled.

“Disturb!” Bella exclaimed.

Charles nodded.

“Say it, we are all ears” Bella said.

“Actually, the information I wanted to pass is for you alone” Charlie said seductively.

Owen wondered why he wanted to pass an information to only Bella, he felt jealous and he wish that Bella would say no. His like for Bella is making him feel like Bella is now for him, even though he can’t explain why he mysteriously like Bella.

“No qualms” Bella replied Charlie.

“Is it gonna take long so I can tell Owen to leave?” Bella asked facing Charlie.

Charlie nodded and smiled.

“Owen, we are gonna meet in class, I wanna see Charlie” Bella turned and said to Owen.

Owen’s face projects Jealousy but Bella ignored, Owen walked sluggishly to the class.

He dislikes Charlie for choosing to speak with Bella.

Bella turned to Owen and stood opposite him.

“I’m all ears Charlie” Bella said.

“Well, Bella, I don’t know how you are gonna see this, but I’m gonna just say it” Charlie said.

“Say it” Bella said already thinking that he may want to talk about love.

“Actually! Erm…. I wanna say that …erm…erm… I like you” Charlie said with an heart beating very fast, faster than the speed of light.

His heart was beating heavily like it was being pounded inside moral and pestle.

His heart was praying for a positive response. He hoped in his heart that Bella would not turn him down. He couldn’t look at Bella’s face, he lowered his head thinking of how humiliated he will feel if Bella insults him or says she dislikes him.

Let’s discuss...
Males : Tell me about the first time you told a girl you like her, what was her response, how did you feel?

Did you send a text to her or say it?

Females: Tell me about your first crush, did you like him so much but he does not like you? Did he later tell you he likes you or you think that he will never like you.

Let's see honest answers here.

To be continued.

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Re: The Only Nudge by Kaycee9242(m): 9:17am On Nov 23
Nice update op

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Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 12:37pm On Nov 23
Awesome story

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 1:40pm On Nov 24

“Jude! I wish I can Love you, I wish, but I can’t, my mind is made up, I can’t help you, you ain’t the one I love, I’m sorry.” Mary said standing before Jude and rushed out of the class after confessing the truth to Jude.

Kitty and Lydia followed Mary outside, they stood beside her without saying a word.

Jude was devastated, he felt like burying himself alive. Thomas patted Jude on his shoulder as he watched Mary walked out.

The whole class formed a pathetic face. Feathers the class captain came towards Jude and watched Jude lower his head.

“Thanks goodness I aint in love” Feathers thought in his heart.

At that tense moment, when the atmosphere was tense and Jude did not even know how to stand up, the shame overwhelmed him that he felt that he was literally bound inside a sack. When he heard the bell for break over, he stood up because he has no choice, the lecturer will soon come.

Jude walked towards his seat, the crowds of students scattered and went to their various place.

“Charlie, you know what! I like you, you are handsome, and that’s why I’ve been giving you attention” Bella replied Charlie.

Charlie couldn’t believe his ears, but like a saying, some guys can be too forward.

“You mean you like me?” Charlie asked.

Bella nodded.

“So that means we are boyfriend and girlfriend now?” Charlie asked nervously.

“What is wrong with you?” Bella asked.

The happy expression on Charlie’s face dropped to that of frown.

“Can you think at all, I’m saying I naturally like you, you are talking of boyfriend or girlfriend, tell me, are you so dumb? Have you ever being in a relationship? Is that how you propose to a lady? You know what, I’ve entertained enough of you, bye!” Bella yelled and walked away.

“I thought she said she likes me” Charlie thought helplessly as he walked to his class.

“That was what happened” Bella said to Lennox.

He had just told what happened between her and Charlie to her dad at home.

Lennox smirked.

“Bella, guys are very tricky, remember you are on a mission, once you fall in love, you will be too weak to defeat Owen” Lennox said.

“I know that, I ain’t gonna fall in love with anyone, I know it makes me weak” Bella said.

“Good! Is the spell still working on Owen?” Lennox asked.

“Yes dad, but Dad it will soon expire” Bella said.

“I know, you cast another one on him” Lennox said.

“Dad!” Bella exclaimed.

“What is it?” Lennox asked.

“You know I must not cast another spell on Owen, it will make him loose his memory” Bella said having pity on Owen.

“That is his fate, we just had to do what we have to do to save our temple” Lennox said.

“Dad! Isn’t that unfair?” Bella asked.

“When did you start having pity on Owen, are you falling for him already?” Lennox asked.

Bella shook her head.

Lennox sighed, stood up and walked away from Bella.

“Do I really like anyone, my heart is like a stone, why can’t I love, how do people feel love, Charlie is not bad, but I know I do not love him, what is this thing called love? Or, have I been enchanted since birth never to be able to fall in love” Bella thought.

Star and Mary decided to check on Owen to know why he is not coming out for dinner since he came back from school. They gave a gentle knock on his door and when they noticed that the door is not closed, Star twisted the knob and entered together with Mary.

Their eyes met Owen lay on the bed with his two hands folded to the back of his head like someone in a deep thought.

Owen didn’t notice that anyone entered, he had been thinking about Bella for days and he did not know why, he showered after he came back from school, and like a blind man who receive his sight, his heart suddenly get lightened, his understanding suddenly got opened and he disliked Bella immediately.

Owen did not understand why he had been liking Bella then suddenly dislike her, he may not know

much about her love, but he knows what it means to like someone. The very thinking of Bella irritates him, he wish that he will never see Bella again but he knows that is impossible, that has caused him to think so much.

“Owen!” Star called and Owen flinched.

“Be calm” Star said.

Owen adjusted his sleeping position to a sitting position on the bed, he was resting his back on the wall and his two legs stretched across the bed.

“What is wrong? You seem to be lost in thought, more so, you didn’t come for dinner, why?” Star asked.

Owen sighed.

He knew that if he explains how he feels for them, they will never understand, he thought of how they will react if he tells them that he likes somebody today and dislikes the person tomorrow. He better keep it to himself.

Owen shook his head.

“You don’t wanna tell me?” Star asked.

Owen sighed and lowered his head.

His mother took a step forward and he realizes that his mom may pressurize him to start pouring out all that had made him disturbed.
He better find a way of stopping the woman.

“Please leave, I need to rest” Owen said.

Mary arched her brow.

“Owen!” Mary called.

Mary’s sweet voice penetrated trough the soul of Owen, he closed his eyes as he heard her voice, he felt a kind of reliefs that no one could understand. He felt peace, he opened his eye and realized that Mary and his mother were gone.

He wondered why Mary can not stay, Mary would have made his night, he would have chatted with her and make her feel very happy
He regretted how he had treated Mary so far, he knew he can not do what he did to Mary then ordinarily, a force pulled him to do it but he can not help it.

“Make sure you cast the spell on him today and make him loose his memory” Lennox said wickedly.

Bella nodded and went to school, she felt very sorry for what she is about to do to Owen.

She walked into the class and saw Owen sitting diligently in class.

“Bobe ariaqum sifolis” Bella said as she faced Owen.

Owen stared at her wondering what she was doing.

“Bobe ariaqum sifolis” Bella casted the spell on Owen again and Owen kept staring at her like a dummy.

Bella knew that Owen must show some sort of reaction for her to know that the spell is working on Owen, but Owen seems not to be affected.

“Your spell will never work on him again, you wicked Bella” the voice of a student sounded from behind.

•Can you guess the voice and who?

Keep the answers rolling in.

To be continued.

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Re: The Only Nudge by Kaycee9242(m): 5:48pm On Nov 24
Voice of Mary. Well done op

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Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 1:11pm On Nov 25
Mary's voice

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 4:01am On Nov 26

Basket ball Court.

Owen stood on the court along side all basket ball team. There are seven males and five females including Owen, Bella and Mary.

“There are twelve grades of basketball, we have the grade k2- feeding the frogs and building dribblers, we have grade 3 to 5, that is card shakes basketball passing and dribbling beam bag transfer. Today, we just gonna be focusing on grade 2, 3, 4 and 5, is that cleared?” Charlie asked standing in front of everyone.

“Yeah” the team answered uniformly.

“Good! Let’s get started!” Charlie said.

Charlie walked to the middle of the court.

“Feathers, come here, you will be helping me in this, you have been in our team since your first grade here” Charlie said focusing his words in Feathers.

“Yeah” Feathers jogged towards him.

“Let’s come around, we gonna do some exercise to become fit, lie down everyone, let's do ten press ups each” Feather said while Charlie kept bouncing the basket ball watching Feathers and the teams.

Everyone lay to the ground except Bella.

“Hey you! what’s wrong with you, are you alright?” Feathers asked and Charlie watched.

The team ignored and commenced their press ups.

“Aren’t you aware that I I’m a special member?” Bella asked.

“Aware, why come to the court when you won’t obey simple instruction?” Feathers asked.

Bella bowed her head slightly and felt weak, she didn’t understand what is happening to her, there is this thing that is special about Feathers, she can’t place it.

“He is so cute” Bella thought and bite her lips.

“Hey you, can you hear me, why bowing your head” Feathers asked like a boss.

Charlie smiled.

Feathers moved closer to Bella.

“Hey you, raise ur head” Feathers said.

Bella raised her head and her eyes met with Feathers lips. She grabbed feathers lips in her imagination and started kissing it, Feathers looked so perfect for her, his curly hair and his handsome face, the way he scolds is romantic. Bella kept twisting her lips like someone kissing, she had being lost in thought.

“Are you kissing a ghost” Feathers asked her when she saw her staring at his lips.

Feathers didn’t see Bella as a beautiful girl but a rude and proud girl.

On a norms, Bella would have given him a word of his size, Bella would have professionally insulted him, but something about Feathers seems to be touching Bella’s heart.

“Please leave Bella, she is a special member, let her do as she pleases” Charlie said.

“Huh?” Feathers said looking at Charlie.

“Baby, don’t mind him” Charlie said trying to hold Bella’s hand.

Bella took few steps backward.

“Don’t come near me Charlie” Bella ordered.

“I mean no harm” Charlie said standing still and raising his hand up in the air like someone surrendering.

“Charlie, why did you respect this peacock so much, she is so proud?” Feathers said.

“No, leave her, she is humble and beautiful ” Charlie said.

“Aigoo!” Mary exclaimed like someone tired.

She was tired of the continuing press ups they were doing. She fell to the ground and kept exhaling like someone that had just ran a hundred meter race.

Owen stood up and went to where Mary lay tired, he wasn’t tired but he felt he had to help Mary up. He stretched his hand and Mary arched her brow, she was surprised to see Owen trying to help her up.

She bite her lips and closed her eyes.

She needs someone to wake her up. She quickly opened it afraid that Owen may leave if she is not answering him. She stretched her hand and held Owen’s hand. She tries to stand exerting all energy to stand on Owen. Owen who was not prepared for that loosed stamina, his legs slipped. Mary fall with her back to the floor and her chest facing the sky. Owen fell on her like a couple playing husband and wife at home.

“Jeez! I must write this and show my fans on Facebook” Feathers said and quickly went to where his bag was, he unzipped it, brought out his laptop, sat down on the floor and quickly wrote what just happened between Owen and Mary in his uncompleted episodes.

Charlie walked towards them, the team stopped what they were doing and focused their attention on Owen and Mary.

Owen’s breath seized as he mistakenly fell on Mary, he didn’t even know how to stand up from Mary. He enjoyed the smell of Mary and the close breath he was perceiving.

“Kiss me now” Mary said not wanting Owen to stand up without kissing her.

Bella heard the almost inaudible word of Mary. She ran like someone that lost a treasure.

“What did you just say?” Bella asked getting scared that they may kiss now and her mission will fail. She felt like pulling Owen from Bella but she can not, people will wonder why she is so concerned about them.

“What?!” Somebody said running like someone being chased by a ghost. He ran towards where Owen was and angrily pulled Owen away.

“Are you crazy? you…” He said, paused and swallowed. He wanted to call Owen a dumb boy out of anger but he knows that will not be fair and it may anger Mary.

Guess who? Yeah, you guessed right, It’s Jude

He was very jealous seeing Owen lay on Mary. Mary who had being praying that Owen would kiss her felt bad and frowned her face when he saw someone pull Owen away from her.

“Why is this guy always behaving like this, he had actually threatened me one time and made me faint, is he so obsessive with Mary?” Owen thought trying to recover from what Jude had just done to him.

“Sorry Mary” Charlie said.

Mary stood up, dusted the unseen dirt from her cloth and sighed. She walked towards a wooden chair beside the basketball court and sat.
**Flashback of Feathers and Kitty**

Feathers watched Kitty came out and smiled.

“Kitty!” Feathers called.

Kitty blushed when she heard her full name being called by Feathers.

“You crushing on me right?” Feathers asked.

Kitty nodded.

“Humn! You are not bad, but you look like my mother’s most ugly cat” Feathers said mockingly.

“Ha ha h!” The class bursted into serious laughter in mockery of Kitty.

Kitty felt bad and embarrassed, Mary walked to where Kitty stood immediately and dragged her out.

Feathers laughed and the class gave him thumbs up.

“Feathers, you did a great job” the labour prefect said.

“Yeah, she does not know that Feathers does not love” Feathers replied.

“I told you, Feathers is crazy, he is a bad ass class captain, and he calls himself a story writer, is that how a writer behaves?” Mary said questioning no one in particular. She stood beside Kitty and petted her.

“Sorry dear” Lydia said looking pathetically at Kitty.

“Hey! ” Bella called as he saw Feathers carrying his back going home. They had just finished the basketball training. Feathers turned.

“What?” Feathers asked.

“I like you Feathers” Bella thought.

“Nothing” Bella replied.

“Better, do you know how you look?” Feathers asked Bella blushed.

“Could he also have the same feelings I’m having towards him, now he wants to give me a nice comment.”

”Tell me how I look?” Bella said seductively twisting her body like a princess.

”You look like….”

Complete it in the comment box.

To be continued.

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