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How God's Decision To Elevate Man Above Angels Caused The War In Heaven / God, Man And Angels (the Difference) / Does God Interfere In The Human Race? (2) (3) (4)

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Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 9:38am On Nov 28, 2020
The following you are about to read is purely fiction. However, it has been embedded with some truths, some realities and some true incidences. Its not meant to prove anything. This is just for you to read and observed, contemplate etc. Read with an open mind.

copyright nnamdiosu@gmail.com

Perhaps you are just visiting my series for the first time. I have an earlier thread that links you to my most amazing write ups.
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Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 9:40am On Nov 28, 2020
This series is talking about an encounter with the angels of God .
Most of the things you'll read here might be strange to believe but trust me, in as much as this is fiction, about 50% is 100% truths.

Please let's read with an open mind.
I'm just stating as it is impressed in my mind.
No need for debates or arguments . just read and sieve that which you want to sieve.
God bless us

Hotsswag12 ,




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Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by Juliusmomoh(m): 9:41am On Nov 28, 2020
Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 9:56am On Nov 28, 2020
They are a race. A created race.
When we say a race, we mean they posses a language, culture, various levels of ranking etc.

They are uncountable.
Physical there isnt anything like a last number on earth. However there still isnt a number known to man to give to all of them

They each have distinct personalities. These means some can be very playful, some serious, others quiet etc. They aren't male, and they still aren't female, but might appear in a male or female form.

They have various levels of ranking amongst themselves, meaning some are more powerful, wise etc than others.

They are HIGHLY specialized AND organized. Very.
They also aren't perfect either. They dont know everything.

But make no mistake, THEY ARE NOT TO BE JOKED WITH. THEY PLEDGE COMPLETE ALLEGIANCE TO THEIR CREATOR, (WHOM THEY LOVE TO REFER TO AS 'THE FATHER'), and they will execute ANY command from their king they call 'Immanuel' - the son of the Father.
And they will offer their very lives if need be, for the apple of their King's eye.
The ones they call 'the son of men'

This is my account into the very work and times of the caretakers of the human race and guardians of the galaxies. The ones, we ourselves all call: ANGELS.


Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by Oludami1: 4:01pm On Nov 28, 2020
JUST ONE ADVICE/REQUEST . Nnamdi, post faster. Thank you and God bless


Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 7:59pm On Nov 28, 2020
My name is grace. And I'm a 16 years old girl.

indeed the grace of God has being over my life. Ive being gifted to see beyond the third realm, beyond the veil and more than the 3 dimension.
Not because I'm holier or righteous. No.
Not because I fast or pray more. Not at all.
But because of just Gods grace and mercy.

This is my story, I hope it blesses you.
Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 8:10pm On Nov 28, 2020
It so happened that on a Wednesday evening, I was sent by my mom to go get some groceries from the market near our house. And so I set off grumbling because it was almost close to my Fav TV program. I was grumbling silently inside of me. Maybe that was why I didnt see it coming.

A car. Approaching very fast as i tried crossing the road It was like a slow motion but at the same time very fast.
I felt a quick pain , heard the sound of breaking bones, and everywhere became dark.

By the time I opened my eyes faintly, I was in the hospital.
My legs were bandaged and hanged at an akward position. Merely looking at the position it stayed, I knew I would never walk again.
Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 8:13pm On Nov 28, 2020
My mom was by side.
Looked like she had being crying.

I felt heavy and sore all over.
I looked at the other side and saw my neighbours. The all were comforting me.

A doctor holding an xray came to say something to my mom. I tried hard to listen, but was feeling drowsy. And so I slept off again.
Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 8:29pm On Nov 28, 2020
When I awoke, I was alone. I couldn't tell the time, because it was dark and the hospital was a bit quiet.

And i was alone.
But not alone.

I sense someone. Or something.
Whatever, I didnt know. But one thing I did know was it was evil. Like very evil.

I stared at the direction of the wall where I was sensing this evil. I was about removing my eyes when I saw the smile.

I blinked twice. It appeared my eyes where playing tricks with me.
I looked hard but didn't see anything.

As I started again, I saw a figure move slowly towards me.

In front of me stood the most smelling, dirty, ugly and fearful being ive ever seen.

As my heart beat faster, I saw him slowly expand a Rusty but strong looking chain in his hand.

I wanted to scream, but I couldn't. It was like fear had paralyzed me.
He didnt attack me , just stood near me like he was waiting for a count down. I was too tired to move or run. I tried to think of a prayer to make, but none came to mind.

I was feeling weak.
And drained out.
I kept wondering what was happening to me.

The demon walked closer still to me.
I could smell his smelling breath.
But he still didnt attack me. Just waiting for something while I was growing weaker by the second.

Then it dawned on me.
The realization of what I just discovered made my heart beat even faster.

The reason the demon was waiting in evil anticipation , he reason I was feeling weaker was because ...

I was dying.
He had come to escort my soul to hell.
Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 8:54pm On Nov 28, 2020
Many people think and say that they can behave with utter lawlessness, commit as many sin as they want, behave in an unseemly way, and when they are about dying, they will quickly confess their sins.
I laugh.

In this same position, i was too weak to talk.
To disoriented to even remember any sin to confess.
I knew it was too late.
A dying man struggles to actually continue breathing, or thinking of what his love ones will feel or do now that he or she had died.
And fear. Great fear that paralyzes your heart slowly as you still struggle to breath.

I discovered that when one is close to death, his or her spiritual eyes and ears also are enhanced.
This is true because I began to see across other rooms whee other hospital patients lay.

Some where dying also like me.
It was a big hospital, and its normal for at least 7- 15 people dying each night. I saw that one or two of them that were dying with me, were also having demonic guides who were so eager to drag them to hell.

The demon in front of me snarled like a rabid dog, and fully expanded his chain he didnt need to tell me. I knew my time was up.

I thought of my friends in school.
What they will say when they discovered I had died.

I thought of my house, so I'll never see it again.
Then I thought of my mother. Sweet mother cry cry
I have not always being close and obedient to her.
Yet she still loved me. And prayed for me.
As I felt life leaving me, I remembered all the times she prayed for me. I smiled sadly. If only I had listened.

As the demon came close to put the chain on my neck, I remembered a prayer she thought me when I was like 4, or 5 years old.

Jesus loves me, this I know.
For the bible tells me so.
Little ones to him belong,
They are weak but he is strong.

Yes, Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me.
Yes Jesus loves me, the bible tells me so.

As I got to the last part of the song, (...the bible tells me so), a bright light appeared in the room.

The light was sudden, white like and very warm. The demon and i quickly shielded our eyes from the outburst of light. The light dimmed a little and in it stood a man.

So handsome.
On golden armour, like the roman soldiers of ages past, and roman sandals.
He skin was smooth, his muscles bulging.
His eyes were blue, like blue gas of fire.
His hair curly and silk like.

He held a golden spear, sharp at the end with writings I couldn't read on the handle of the spear. His appearance was so reassuring, calm and yet fearful, bit I felt no fear.

But most striking were his eyes.
The were so determined. It was easy to see he meant business here. His eyes were very alert

He took two steps and said to the demon

"This one isn't yours to harvest, be gone."

There was a long pause.
I was on my bed, in between the two entities. One on my right, near the window, the other on my left.

When the angel spoke, from my right hand side, he already was taking a battle stance, like he was expecting the demons to attack.
The demon, on my left, snarled and growled in deep anger and frustration. But he made no move. For like 30 seconds, only the breath and smell of the demon filled the room.

Then all of a sudden, the demon disappeared.

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Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by jiggaz(m): 6:47am On Nov 29, 2020
This series is talking about an encounter with the angels of God .
Most of the things you'll read here might be strange to believe but trust me, in as much as this is fiction, about 50% is 100% truths.

Please let's read with an open mind.
I'm just stating as it is impressed in my mind.
No need for debates or arguments . just read and sieve that which you want to sieve.
God bless us

Hotsswag12 ,



alright.. Will read it. Thanks.
Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 9:37am On Dec 09, 2020
When the demon left, I saw the warrior angel gazing lovingly at me. Like when you see your younger brother going through pain and you really want to do all you can to help him. But he didnt say anything to me, but I felt great love coming from his eyes....like he understood how I felt.

By now the weakness had taken over completely . I started to feel a sort of cold. I knew the end had come. And slowly I started giving up...i knew it was over....BUT GOD WASNT OVER AND DONE WITH ME YET.
Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 9:43am On Dec 09, 2020
Then suddenly, another angel appeared.
This angel had the appearance of a woman. Very beautiful, young like 25.

She had silk like hair, very female like and loving. I sensed strength of God, love and peace of God radiating from her.

She had a golden flask like object in her hand with precious stones embedded into the flask.

When she appeared, the warrior angel said something to her in a language in couldn't understand, then shifted away from me a bit so she could have access to me.

She smiled softly as she approached me. Then got to my head, and said
"Your father sent me to you"

Initially, I was thinking she meant my earthly father. I wanted to ask her which father? But I was too weak to speak.

Then she poured the contents of the beautiful flask all over me and concentrated on my broken legs more.

Slowly deep sleep came over me.
The last thought that went through my mind was that same song i sang when the demon came to harvest me.

...yes, Jesus loves me, yes, Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me, the bible tells me so.
Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 9:54am On Dec 09, 2020
After what looked like a long time, I slowly open my eyes.

I see a group of doctors operating on me, on my leg.
But i was confused because they looked like doctors and at the same time, didnt look like doctors.

I was still drowsy, but i heard someone besides me giving what sounded like medical instructions. But it was in a language I couldn't understand.

The doctors were glowing, had bright lights around them and moved with precision, diligence and perfect confidence.

At the corner of the room, sat a man, watching them with utmost concentration. He looked more of less like a supervisor of a sort. I was drowsy, but I could make out a bit of how he looked like.

He looked handsome, but had a rugged hands.
He wore normal sandals that looked like sandals of the Roman era times.

For some reason I can't explain, something drew me to his hands, those rugged hands. I some something like holes at his wrist. I kept on focusing on it, maybe that was why i didn't realise on time when he turned to me.
By the time I realised he was looking at me, in quickly looked up at him...in time to catch his soft smile at me.

That was it. All of a sudden my heart double raced and felt alive, like my heart recognized him. I can't explain it. Its like my heart knows me, even if I don't know him. My heart beat in recognition for him!!!.
He spoke to me through his eyes.

I saw compassion, great compassion. Compassion even my parents never looked at me with.

I saw understanding.
I saw acceptance
I saw non condemnation.

But most of all, the attribute in those eyes that hit me the most, that made me wonder who this man really is...I saw/felt love.

It was whole, complete.
It was like the final bus stop of love.
Healing love, trauma healing love.

As I succumbed back to drowsiness and sleep, the last though in my mind was, who is this man?
Who is this that loves me like he has known me all my life.
Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 10:00am On Dec 09, 2020
When I opened my eyes again. I felt stronger, though not completely strong.

Everywhere was quiet, i was alone. But not alone.
For sitting at that same corner, i first saw him, was that man that made my Herat double beat.

At first I felt he was a doctor. But no, I realized he couldn't be. He looked at me more than a doctor.

Then I wondered, could he be an angel, but no, I realized he couldn't be. Because he had an air of humble authority even the angels didnt have. Like heaven and earth was made for him.

Could he be a relative of mine?

Then it dawned on me while in was guessing and wondering who this man was, he was looking amused like he could ACTUALLY READ MY MIND AND FOLLOW MY TRAIN OF THOUGHTS AS TO WHO HE WAS.

I kept on wondering who he was. Then he stood up and walked slowly towards my bed. As he walked I sat up to behold him better. That was when it dawned on me.
Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 10:05am On Dec 09, 2020
He walked like a man, no. Not just any man, he walked liked a prince, no, not just any Prince, he walked like a king.

But he wasnt just walking like a king alone, he walked like, someone who the floor was made for. Someone who the world was made for.

He walked like a God.
Perfect strides, humbly yet with all authority. I have never seen anyone walk like him.
He walked like time will wait for him, like eternity was at his beck and call.

He walked like the Almighty.
That was when it dawned on me, and I opened my mouth in shock.

The very one I had sang in my songs, that I said loved me.

The same I head heard from my mom since I was a child, the saviour of the world, the creator of the universe, he that had the breath of all living things in his hands, God in human form , Jesus
was the same person in the same room with me.

My heart double raced again in remembrance of him.
Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 10:13am On Dec 09, 2020
By the time he got to my bed, he was already smiling broadly.

I just managed to stammer Jesus. The way my face was probably was funny, so he just burst out lauhjing.
Chai, Jesus laugh can make you forget all the problems in this life and laugh. His laugh is complete, honest, loving , funny, effect, incant explain it.

Just think of when you are with your best friends, and someone says something funny and you all laugh along. Laugh that make you all re laugh again. Something like that. grin

Jesus is really a big brother. Those were the thoughts that came to my mind. Make no mistake, even in his jovial mood, you can still sense the divinity, full and complete authority in him, but somehow you know he won't ever, never misuse it.

Imagine your elder brother, who is very fond of you being the president of your country.

At first I had thought that Jesus will be like a school principal or headmaster, looking at you with eyes of superiority, asking you, why did you commit this sin yesterday. Or have you read your Bible today. Lol.
Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 10:26am On Dec 09, 2020
When Jesus was laughing, for some reason incant explain, I smiled too. I was mesmerized watching him laugh.

At the same time, I was like, is this really happening. Jesus/God in my very room?

As Jesus laugh died down, he looked at me lovingly with his eyes like, see my precious child.

There was silence for a while between us, then he said

Daughter. For the past years, you have lived for yourself. But in the remaining years, i want you to now live for me.

As he spoke, he started becoming serious. Like, to show me, this is a serious discussion now.

He said

You have a great destiny ahead of you. And the devil knows it, that was why he intended for you to die prematurely and harvest your soul to hell.

The devil only comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come to destroy the works of the devil.

You have a task ahead of you, to show my children, your brothers and sisters worldwide of a spiritual truth that they know little or nothing about .

Most that know a bit on this particular truth, have being deceived so that they devil makes them sin through the knowledge. But it is my will that the truth will be revealed so that my children will be knowledgeable and experienced BECAUSE IT IS THE TRUTH THAT WILL SET THEM FREE.

I want my children to learn of the ministry of the angels of God, so it can be impactful in their own ministries on earth.

The moment he spoke the last sentence, all of a sudden angels appeared in the room.
I wasnt expecting it, so it took me by surprised, for from the beginning of the room to the ending, different angels filled the room. Completely surrounding Jesus and I
Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 10:34am On Dec 09, 2020
They were in an organized formation.

The front rank was filled with warrior angels radiating the glory of God. The glory of God in the room was very intense.

I saw angels with wings, angels without wings.
I saw angels of different sizes, giants, bigger than giants, smaller than giants, human size and children angels.

I saw angels with seriousness, some just smiles at me, others with expressions incant tell or describe.

I saw angels looking very muscular, others just normal built.

I saw angels looking like females, some like males. So many attributes.

Then Jesus said after a pause,

Rest daughter.
The time to commence the insight will soon come .I will send my angel show you visions and spiritual truths to pass along to my children and prepare them for the last days, because, those days will full commence the ministry of the angels .

So they will be fully aware and equipped to work alongside the ministry of the angels.

Rest and be whole again. Peace be still

Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 10:55am On Dec 09, 2020
Immediately, Jesus and the angels disappeared and I was alone. And I mused upon all that had happened.

It took another 3 months for me to be completely healed and discharged from the hospital. The doctors turned around to say my bones were miraculously healing and I might walk again, but they weren't too sure. I just laughed to myself when my mom told me. The great physician SL had told me I would walk again? He had ordered his angels to operate on me. What did the doctors know?

It took another 2 and a half years again before my next encounter . Initially I had thought the very day I left the hospital, Jesus or the angel he promised to send will come and I will commence. But I later learnt that one of the attributes of God is patience.
Proper timing.
Long suffering.

I had rededicated my life again to God. And aimed to do better this time around. My near death experience was enough to convince me that heaven and hell was real.
And I kept on waiting for the promise. But after a while, I was so eager, I felt like, maybe it won't come.

You see, we humans are always in a rush.
Maybe God has promised you something, or a promise about your destiny or ministry. Don't rush it. Just wait for him. Be patient. And in fullness of time, he will so what he has said he will do.

God is not a man that he should lie.
He is not slow concerning his promises.
He will come and save you. Just wait on him.
God always knows the right time to do anything.

And so it happened ,that after the first year, the second year...and no vision came, I had slowly began to forget and put the promise at the back of my mind.

I had sort of moved on.

That was when God in his infinite mercies and precise planning decided the time was right.

For I was sitting on my bed, reading the bible in the dim light of my room. I had recently began reading the book of psalms and intended reading it in a month.

And all of a sudden a great light shown on the page of my Bible that I was reading.
I quickly looked up and lo, in front of me, stood a man. He seemingly seemed to walk into my room from a portal on my wall.

I was shocked and alarmed. My heart racing very fast. But before I could say anything, I heard a voice of the holy spirit inside me say softly to me, daughter peace, be still, he is a messenger, and I have sent him to you. And immediately, great peace encompassed my soul.

The messenger had a bright light on his face. It was so bright I couldn't look at him.
He had a breast plate of Gold on his chest and sandals with small gold wings on it at his feet.

His voice was crisp and sharp.
Like someone talking with a microphone.

He just walked to me and said, daughter of the most high God, ive being sent by the father to show you a great spiritual truth, that should be passed along to your brothers and sisters. Come.

And immediately, I saw myself out of my body and we were moving at a great speed through a black tunnel.
Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 11:01am On Dec 09, 2020
The tunnel was big and very wide .When we got to the end of the tunnel, the angel spoke.
He told me that I will be on a journey to various places. Some in the heavenly realms, some on earth, some in between earth and heaven.

That I'm only to observe and then record on earth all i see.
I will be seeing the activities of angels, actions of humans that also affect the work of angels, actions also of Jesus,(as our high priest), that also affects the angels, and lastly, actions of angels themselves that also affects the angels work.

I'm to only observe and note that as I see it.
Although some things will be mysteries, I shouldn't attempt to explain it, for only the holy spirit of God explains mysteries.
Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 11:28am On Dec 09, 2020
Angles of judgment

After he spoke, we set of on a journey.
We were walking on a narrow path. Very very narrow.

Ahead of us was a very big and awesome gate. It was made of gold. Pure gold. It was very high, reaching to the skies. In front of the gate was an angel, looking very fierce and serious. This angel was a giant.
Very big and mighty. He had eyes that looked like a clock. I can't explain it, but it sort of rotated around its orbit like an owl kind of eye.
There was a large screen by his side, standing on two golden poles.

The angel and I got to where this angel was, and stayed by a corner. The giant angel ignored us as if he wasnt seeing us, although I felt he was.

The angel with me, (I'll call him my guardian angel from now on), told me,

For we are at the gate of heaven. This is an angel of judgment. A portion of those who have died on earth will take this route to enter their inheritance.

As he spoke, a women began coming down the path to meet us. She was looking happy, like she had made it. She was walking briskly towards us, or rather the angel of judgment who was patient standing. She was dressed in a holy kind of way, with a scarf tied tightly on her head, covering even her ears.

When the woman got to where we were, she was smiling like someone who had passed a test.

But something strange happened.
The giant angel in front of us, looked st the woman and all of a sudden his round like eyes, started turning round slowly like it was scanning the woman.

It started from the top, round and ended where it began.
All of a sudden, the angels eyes turned red and he shouted judgment.

The woman's smile immediately ceased, and she said no. It can't be. I am a woman's leader, a prayer warrior, I faithfully gave my tithes and offering. I fed the poor....

As she was talking the giant screen in front of us automatically turned on, and a part of this woman's life was displayed.

It showed that indeed she did all this things as she claimed, but there was something's she did that heaven frowned at.
It showed how she looked down on people she referred to as sinners, looked down on people that didnt belong to the same church denomination as her. She highly reverenced her pastor, even greater than God in her heart and worshiped him saying HE WAS HER IDOL AND SPIRITUAL FATHER. SHE WAS QUICK TO ATTACK ANYONE WHO SPOKE AGAINST HER CHURCH OR PASTOR AND KEPT MALICE WITH PEOPLE WHO TRIED TO EXPLAIN TO HER THAT ONLY GOD SHOULD BE REVERENCED LIKE THAT.

When the screen had showcased everything, it went off silently. By now, the woman was in tears, silent tears, she asked for a chance to go back and amend her ways.

The angel looked at her and said its too late. All that remains is judgment.

The moment he finished saying this, a strong wind emerged from no where and blew the woman away to hell.

As I was crying myself, my guardian angel said to me,

It was necessary that our journey began at the judgment gate of heaven, so your brothers and sisters will understand the seriousness of God in relation to sin. For it is written that


I will never ever forget the look on the woman's face, when the screen showed her , the things that qualified her for judgment. I felt deep sorrow and sadness.

The angel besides me took my hand and said come, we approach the earth, and instantly i saw we were on earth.

Actually we were in a church on earth.


Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by Oludami1: 8:37am On Dec 10, 2020
Yes, Nnamdiosu yes. This is how we want it. You may space it one post daily or two days but most importantly constantly and rhythmically. We aint following the thread for nothing na.
God bless you.

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Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 10:54am On Dec 10, 2020
Yes, Nnamdiosu yes. This is how we want it. You may space it one post daily or two days but most importantly constantly and rhythmically. We aint following the thread for nothing na.
God bless you.

You welcome bro. God bless and thanks for following
Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 11:07am On Dec 10, 2020
Angels of record keeping

As we landed in the church with the speed of thought (even faster than the speed of light), I discovered we were in a church. (A true bible believing church).

I discovered that on Sundays in every week, the traffic of angels from and to heaven to earth is most intense. Because thats the day Christians choose to father and serve God.

As I looked around the church, I saw a different type of angel, wearing a different type of dress like monks or scribes.


they all held a golden pen and silver note pad and were so concentrated on the congregation.
The angel told me to move a bit closer to one of them and see what he was writing.

As I moved closer to the angel that was writing nearest to me, he suddenly looked up at me and smiled , then shifted a bit so I could see what he was writing, then he completely immersed himself again with his duty.

I found out that by one corner of the pad (it was opened like a normal note book)...one side had the church list of programmes with their time to start and end.
Then on the other side, he was writing when the church actually started. This particular church STARTED LATE BECAUSE MEMBERS CAME LATE. THE ANGEL NOTED IT DOWN AND NOTED THE TIME EVERY BONAFIDE MEMBER OF THE CHURCH ARRIVED.

when he finished, he disappeared and another angel arrived.

This new angel did an attendance. I FOUND OUT THAT HE WAS DOING A ROLL CALL FOR EVERY BONAFIDE MEMBER OF THE CHURCH . then he disappeared also.

From offering, the amount each member gave, their attitude when giving etc, it was recorded.
Once each does his duty, he disappears and another angel continues from where he stopped. Everything was highly organized, precise and meticulously done.

I just marveled . indeed nothing is hidden from God
Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 11:11am On Dec 10, 2020
Angels of worship

When the man of God mounted the pulpit, he began singing a series of worship song.

this angels were dressed a little bit like priest.
The appeared in the church with incense holders. Golden censers.
(An image of the kind is below)

As each person sang, I saw something like silver smoke coming from the mouth of each believer.
The angels were trapping this silver smoke and directing in into the censers

Rev 8:4

The smoke of the incense, mixed with the prayers of God’s holy people, ascended up to God from the altar where the angel had poured them out.

Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 11:18am On Dec 10, 2020
Then when the worship became so intense, the silver smoke grew to much, overflowing everywhere, all of a sudden there was an explosion, a great thundering.

It was like an earthquake just happened. And the presence of God deeply enveloped the whole congregation.

Inside it, healing began to occur.

Angels of healing

All of a sudden a different type of angels appeared. This were angels in charge of healing.

The appeared and moved to the top of the church and scanned the congregation for true worshippers. Immediately the detected someone in that category, the swooped with speed and landed a green looking bubble on that person. The bubble dissolves into the person and begins to heal a specific part of that person's life.

Some people received two, three, etc.
I saw people who were abused from the younger ages, being healed. People with injuries of the soul or emotions, being healed also.

The power of God was so powerful, I started crying. The bible says God inhabits the praises of his people.
Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 11:28am On Dec 10, 2020
Angels of blessings
Because God was so pleased with this worship, and it was coming from pure hearts, another set of angels were dispatched from heaven.

This carried gift packs beautifully wrapped.
Each angel rushed to the congregation and were distributing.

I saw a man worshipping, and an angel was rushing to him to give him three gift packs. As the angel got almost near to the mab, his phone rang and he paused to look at the screen .
The angel was surprised at the man, and was waiting for him to drop the phone and be in a state of worship.

But the man smiled at the screen and was typing something on the screen.

The angel shook his head in great shock at the man. Then, he looked for the nearest person around the man and dropped the mans blessing to the other person.
The whole three gifts

An example of the gifts is below

Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 11:36am On Dec 10, 2020
Angels of deliverance

Then the worship ended and the pastor began warfare prayers.
The moment the prayers began, the angels of blessings dissappered and another set of angels with golden chains appeared. I was like...what's happening.

As the people were praying, I saw the angels moving slowly and monitoring the church members. Like there were trying to locate someone or something hidden.

I saw a member of the child seriously praying....all of a sudden two angels of deliverance whipped out their chains and three it at her and pulled with all their strength.
I was thinking they were going to harm her but ..the chain DIDNT LAND ON HER, BUT INSIDE OF HER. AND THEY PULLED OUT A FOUL DEMON FROM INSIDE HER. as they did she was manifesting and shouting.

The demon didnt want to leave his host body, so it struggled and pilled back. The more he pulled the more the chained tighten around him.
Then suddenly, the angels went into a hole in the ground with speed, bound rhe demon below and came out some seconds later without the demon, and resumed searching/scanning the praying members.

Another member was praying and I saw fetters of iron on his feet. An angel rushed at him with speed and used his sword to break the chain on his feet

My guardian angel said to me, that was a curse of slow progress broken .
Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 11:41am On Dec 10, 2020
Angels of ministration
When the man of God began to preach, I saw something like fresh oil dripping from his head, down to the pew and down to his feet.

I looked up and saw a mighty angel above the man of God, pouring oil from a golden jar on the mans head. As long as the man was preaching, the angel continued pouring.

Then all of a sudden the altar and pew and the surrounding Ares where the man stood caught fire.

As it burned, the fire was spreading to the whole congregation and was touching the hearts of the people listening.

Jer 23:29

Does not my word burn like fire?” says the LORD. “Is it not like a mighty hammer that smashes a rock to pieces?
Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by Oludami1: 2:24pm On Dec 10, 2020
Wow! so much for those people who sleep at church. I heard demons can switch hosts if things get uncomfortable... Better sleep in ya house if you are not ready for prayer packed night vigils


Re: Angels: The Caretakers Of The Human Race by nnamdiosu(m): 5:19pm On Dec 10, 2020
As the fire was spreading to the congregation, I noticed that anyone who came with stony heart, his heart began to melt and the word of God began to sink in deep inside.

Then , it got to the offering /tithes time.
And as usual, the record keeping angels appeared, noted down what each person gave an dissappered.

All of a sudden , my attention was drawn to a noise outside the building of the church, (rhe children section).
I saw many many friendly and smiling angels moving around the children.
I also noticed some of the children could see the angels. When this happen, the child will just open her eyes and smile while the angel smiled back. Then the children's attention will be diverted to another direction, while the angels kept smiling at that child.

The children's angels looks more like female angels, very very friendly and always smiling.

Guardian angels
As each child move around, there was a particular angel or angels always floating or moving around that child.
Some had two, one, four etc. But each child had at least one. I asked my guardian angel why those angels kept on following their kids about and he said,
Right from the birth of every child, regardless of their race, colour, religion etc, one or more angels closely guards them from heaven.

I also discovered that even adults have angels but any adult who has signed a covenant with the devil or involved in occult doesn't seem to have.

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