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Re: Set Apart by animides(m): 5:00pm On Jan 24
Wow!!!! Thank God, ma please one more update today na wink
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Wow!!!! Thank God, ma please one more update today na wink

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Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 8:35pm On Jan 24

Oghenekaro and his son, Ochuko, took a bike to the church where the wedding was supposed to take place that morning. They met a crowd outside the white painted building. People were gathered in the not too large compound, in clusters of six, ten, twos and threes. They were all wailing!

When they approached the church front doors, they noticed the broken windows, bullet holes spread across the length of the walls, and the policemen who were discouraging anyone from gaining entry into the building.

Oghenekaro identified himself and he was allowed to go in alone, while his son waited for him outside. He had not taken up to ten steps when he saw them. Blood stained bodies were littered around the pews. They were people who came to rejoice with his family and in-laws, unfortunately, none of them was going home. He stilled his emotions and approached the altar. He found the Priest, the bride’s parents, the bride and her bridesmaid. They all lay dead behind the large altar.

He dropped on his knees and began to weep. He placed his hands on his head and cried bitterly. It was hard to believe that his in-laws had been wiped off the face of the earth by stray bullets. While people were safely seated in the church, a gun battle between members of the Nigerian Police Force and a gang of robbers turned deadly and ended their lives!

“Oh God ooooo! Who did we offend? Who hates us so much?” tears rolled down his dark face.

What if Eru had not gone missing that morning? He bit at his lower lip. Eru’s journey to the supermarket was the only reason why they were not able to come early to church that day. What if they had also arrived on time? They would surely have been hit by the stray bullets too! These thoughts made him shiver with dread and fear.


Rukevwe stood at the opened window watching her neighbors who were gathered in the compound, discussing the gun battle between the policemen and the armed robbers. Everyone seemed to have a different version of how the robbery went down and ended.

“I saw the thieves. The kind of guns they were using was sophisticated,” one of them said.

“The guns the policemen were holding were machine guns,” another added.

“No wonder they sprayed us with stray bullets,” a woman lamented.

“You need to see the way dead bodies were piled up life refuse,” an elderly woman placed both hands on her head.

Her sad eyes drifted to her brother’s groomsmen. They kept telling anyone who cared to listen, how they ran into the house when they heard the gunshots. One of them claimed that he had been shot twice by the police and his experience was a horrific one.

“Where is your father? Is he going to sleep in that church?”

Hearing her mother’s voice made her search for the woman. She saw her standing by the gate with Ejiro and her friends. She could sense the woman’s agitation from where she stood.

“Is that not him?” Itoro ran outside when she saw her husband and Ochuko climbing down from a bike.

Ejiro and her friends followed her like baby chicks. They were also eager for news.

“I thought I told you to stay inside the house,” Oghenekaro eyed his wife and headed for their apartment.

“What happened?” Itoro fell into steps with her husband.

Ejiro tapped her brother on the shoulder. “How far?”

Ochuko shook his head. The sad look in his eyes made her anxiety to multiply.

“Isn’t their son supposed to be getting married today?” one of their neighbours said.

Everyone turned to look at the Etadafes family. Oghenekaro ignored them and went into his house.

“What happened? I have been hearing different things since morning,” Itoro frowned when her husband collapsed on the settee.

Ochuko and his brother’s groomsmen came into the house and stood by the doorway because the remaining seats in the sitting room were taken by Ejiro and her friends.

“Oghenekaro, talk to me now,” Itoro sat beside him.

He met her concerned stare and opened his mouth. His lips quivered as he spoke. “Adaeze… Adaeze and her parents…” the anguish in his eyes made her heart to jump.

“What happened to them?” her voice dropped a notch.

His eyes began to glitter with unshed tears. “They… they were hit by stray bullets.”

Her jaw dropped in shock.

Ejiro gasped and turned to her friends. They were equally shaken by the news.

Itoro grabbed her husband by the hand. “Are they all right?”

He closed his eyes and opened them. Teardrops rolled down his face. “They are dead.”

“Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” Itoro started to shout.

“The pews were filled with dead bodies…” Oghenekaro continued. “I heard some people survived and they have been taken to the hospital, but, seventy percent of the people in the church got hit by stray bullets. The Priest, Ada and her parents… they are all dead.”

“Jesus ooooh! Eeeh! Jesus! Where is my son? Where is my son oooh! Who knows where Eru is?” She jumped to her feet and ran towards the door.

“Mummy, mummy…” Rukevwe walked into the sitting room, “Eru is safe. I locked him up inside your shop.”

All eyes flew in her direction. They were dumbfounded.


The Etadafes and the surviving members of Adaeze’s family were gathered at the graveyard. They were surrounded by friends, relatives, well-wishers and people who had nothing else to do that day. While the pastor said the last set of prayers, the undertakers carried the coffins and placed them into the graves, one after the other. Eru threw sand on Adaeze’s coffin and walked away. Members of his family did the same and followed him back to the vehicle that would convey them homewards.

He sat in the front seat of the car and broke down crying. Charles, the owner of the vehicle, pulled him close and consoled him.

“It is all right, man. It is only God that understands why everything turned out this way."

Oghenekaro, his wife and daughters climbed into the backseat of the vehicle, while Ochuko joined Eru at the front.

“God understands…” Eru repeated amidst sobs.

“Yes, he does,” Charles turned the key on the ignition.

“Fine!” Eru sighed heavily. “Then let me die with her. I want to die with Adaeze!” he climbed out of the car and ran towards the graveyard.

“What the hell!” Charles watched his friend as he ran like a crazy person.

“Eru! Eru come back!” Ochuko got down from the vehicle and pursued his brother.

Itoro began to cry. She could feel her son’s pain. The boy had been devastated since the death of his fiancée.

“I am not ready to sleep here today,” Charles grumbled. He turned off the engine and got down from the car.

Oghenekaro also alighted from the vehicle and looked in different directions. He hoped his son was all right. The boy had not been himself for several days since the ugly incident.

“It is going to be all right. Just take each day at a time.”

When he looked in the direction of the voice, he breathed out in relief when he saw Ochuko and Eru heading towards them.


“The first semester examination is in two weeks’ time, both of you have to pull yourselves together and get your heads in your books,” Gbemisola looked from one sister to the other.

Ejiro and Rukevwe exchanged glances. They were both aware of their forthcoming examinations.

“Especially you, Ejiro. You are in your finals. Getting carryovers now will dent your records and it can lead to an extra year,” Senami advised her friend.

“That is true,” Gbemisola added.

Ejiro leaned against the pillows. She had not really been able to focus on her studies for the past few weeks. But, she was grateful to God that she had been able to defend her project.

“Regardless of the number of people that died that day, let’s just thank God that your brother is alive,” Senami came to sit beside her.

Ejiro closed her eyes. She didn’t really want to think about her brother’s wedding day.

“Has Eru resumed work?” Gbemisola directed her gaze at Rukevwe.

She lifted her head and met her friend’s concerned stare. “Yes, he has.”

“You see. The poor man has moved on. It is your turn, the both of you,” Gbemisola pointed at Rukevwe, then at Ejiro.

Rukevwe wanted to say, ‘It’s easier said than done’, but she decided to hold her tongue. She was in no mood for an argument.

“Thank God that he gave your sister such a powerful gift,” Semani glanced at her friend’s younger sister.

Gbemisola brightened. “Abi… just imagine if she had kept quiet.”

Ejiro opened her eyes and turned to look at her sister who was seated by the window. Her friend was right. If not for Rukevwe’s gift, they would probably be dead too.

“Just imagine if she had not taken steps to delay our arrival at church that morning,” Senami shivered at the thought. She had not been able to stop thinking about it.

Gbemisola paled. “I don’t even what to imagine what would have happened.”

Rukevwe remained quiet. She could feel their eyes on her. She didn’t regret what she did that morning. Locking Eru in her mother’s shop was the only way she could stop him from attending his own wedding.

“Have they eaten lunch?” Senami turned to her other roommate.

Gbemisola shook her head. “No, they said something about losing their appetite or something.”

Senami hissed. “Go and bring their food. They must eat, even if I have to spoon-feed them simultaneously.”

Gbemisola got up and chuckled. She was happy that Senami was going to make the girls to eat that evening. They didn’t listen to her when she finished making lunch. And even when she begged them, they gave excuses.

“Both of you need to eat well. You cannot read and study on empty stomach,” Senami addressed the sisters.

Ejiro groaned and rolled her eyes. Even though her friend could turn into a trouble maker at the flip of a coin, she was also very kindhearted. That was why she liked her in the first place.


Oghenekaro and his wife sat on a bench outside his shop. They watched as a group of children played football on the not too busy street. The children were screaming at one another and cursing their generations unborn. Yet, they all seemed to be having a lot of fun.

“Good afternoon, Oga Chemist,” someone walked past them and waved.

“Ah Oga Tailor, how far?” Oghenekaro waved back at the man.

“We dey push am, small, small,” the man responded.

The smile on his face faded. “I wished we had listened to her.”

She glanced at her husband and bit at her lower lip. What he said had been playing on her mind for several days.

“Maybe… just maybe we would have been able to warn the bride and her family.”

“Or better still, postpone the wedding,” they locked gazes.

Oghenekaro tore his eyes away and raised his head. “What kind of gift did God give our daughter? All she sees is… is bad, bad omen.”

She sighed heavily. She was equally distraught.

“How long? How long before people begin to notice her unique gift?”

Itoro creased her brows. She knew how people could make a mountain out of a mole hill. “The God that opened her eyes to see these things will protect her.”

“Amen!” his eyes remained on the clear blue sky.

She folded her arms across her chest. “I just pity Eru. He told me that he regretted maltreating her.”

Oghenekaro hissed. “Can you blame him?”

She shook her head and breathed out loudly.

“Don’t worry. They will reconcile,” he placed a hand around her shoulder. “She did all she did out of love and he on the other hand reacted out of anger.”

“He has been avoiding her.”

He blinked several times. He wasn’t aware that his first son was keeping his sister at arms’ length. “Don’t worry. He is her big brother. He knows how to bring her close.”

“Hmmm… I hope so.” She relaxed and leaned against his firm chest.

Oghenekaro looked heavenwards again and he said a silent prayer.


Re: Set Apart by Oluwatimi2000(m): 9:22pm On Jan 24
Re: Set Apart by YoungBruzzy: 12:22am On Jan 25
To be forewarned is to be forearmed..she told them, didnt she but they choose to please themselves, now see the repercussion..

Thanks a lot OP
Re: Set Apart by Ann2012(f): 1:47am On Jan 25
Thanks for the update ma’am
Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 5:50am On Jan 25
Thanks for the update ma’am

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Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 5:50am On Jan 25
To be forewarned is to be forearmed..she told them, didnt she but they choose to please themselves, now see the repercussion..

Thanks a lot OP

You're welcome
Re: Set Apart by aprilwise(m): 9:33am On Jan 25
Set apart . Hope something won't happen that would set the family apart. Thanks for the update.
Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 2:06pm On Jan 25
Set apart . Hope something won't happen that would set the family apart. Thanks for the update.


You're welcome
Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 2:15pm On Jan 25

Rukevwe sat outside her off-campus apartment. She was the only one at home. Her sister called earlier that she would be sleeping at the school library that day. She had no idea where Senami was and Gbemisola said something about having a late lecture that day. The cool evening breeze felt like a balm on her heated body. There had been no electricity for several days and coming home to meet darkness was something she didn’t look forward to. She smoothened the wrinkled red short-sleeved blouse that was a size bigger and pulled out a thread from her skinny jean trousers.

One of her neighbors came out of her apartment, clad in a pink mini-skirt and a marching silver sequins sleeveless blouse. She placed her purse under her armpit and adjusted the straps of her high heeled sandals.

“Good evening.”

The girl turned her head and smiled when she saw her. “Hey Rukky, how now?”

“Am good. Going out?”

“Yes,” she grinned from ear to ear. “My new boyfriend is taking me out,” she giggled like a little girl.

Rukevwe brightened. “Oh…” she pointed a finger at her, “Don’t come home empty-handed.”

The girl chuckled. “Don’t worry. I will bring you take-away.”


“See you later,” the brown skinned girl headed towards the gate, swirling her hips from side to side.

Like a flash of light, Rukevwe saw the image of a man attacking her neighbour! The girl’s blouse was torn in two and her mini skirt looked like rags. A group of guys appeared from nowhere, despite her screams, they pinned her to the ground and had their way with her, one after the other.

She gasped and blinked several times. The images cleared in an instant. She stood up immediately and looked around. Her neighbor was gone!

Rukevwe ran outside the compound and saw her approaching a black Toyota Camry. The vehicle was parked two houses away. “Ebere! Ebere! Wait!”

The girl halted at the sound of her name and glanced back. She raised an eyebrow when she saw her neighbor running towards her.

“Wait…” she held up a hand, “Don’t go…” Rukevwe panted.

Ebere eyed the girl. “What is it?”

She stopped a feet away and held her waist. She was completely out of breath.

Ebere turned to look at the vehicle, then back at her neighbour. “Rukky, talk now. You are delaying me.”

She took a deep breathe in, then exhaled loudly. “How… how long have you known him?”

Ebere sized her up, from hair to Dunlop slippers. “What sort of question is that?”

She looked straight at her. “If you go out with him, he is going to rape you.”

Ebere’s brows came together in a frown.

“Not just him…” Rukevwe looked towards the car. “His friends are also waiting for you in his house.”

Ebere followed her gaze, opened her mouth, then closed it. She started to shake her head, “You don’t know what you are talking about.”

Rukevwe observed her neighbour. She could sense that the girl was trying so hard not to believe what she was saying. “Your new boyfriend is a bit taller than you are, he is fair skinned, in his thirties…”

Ebere dropped her jaw. No one in their compound has seen the guy before.

“And you met him at a friend’s birthday party,” the information poured out of her.

Ebere took a step back. “How… how did you know that?” she looked at Rukevwe in awe, then fear washed over her. “Are you… are you a kind of witch or something?”

She blinked and shook her head. “No! No, God forbid!”

Ebere gave her a long berth. “Then how did you know what he looks like and… and how I met him?”

Rukevwe shrugged. “I believe God provided the information, so that you will believe me.”

They both turned at the sound of the door of the vehicle. A tall, fair-skinned man waved at her.

“Please don’t go with him,” Rukevwe grabbed her by the elbow.

Her neighbour’s pleading eyes bore into her confused ones. “Okay… okay.”

She heaved a sigh of relief.

“All dressed up and going nowhere…” Ebere took a good look at herself.

Rukevwe chuckled. “Don’t worry, there are plenty places to go to in the near future.”

She rolled her eyes. “If you say so,” she started to walk back home.

Rukevwe fell into steps with her. “You just wait and see.”

“Ebere, Ebere!”

She glanced back and waved at him. “I am no longer interested.”

“What the hell!” he cursed out loud. “Get back here, girl!”

They ignored the man and went into the building.

“Ebere! Ebere!” the man followed them.

“Don’t look back, he is following us…” Rukevwe whispered.

Ebere ran all the way to her apartment and locked herself inside, while Rukevwe stood guard by the doorway.

The man came into their compound and approached her. “Where is Ebere?”

She looked him up and down. “Go home, Mr. Man. She is no longer interested,” she placed both hands on her hips and glared at him.

The man eyed her, “Who are you?”

“Today, I am Ebere’s bodyguard.”

He sized her up and started to laugh. “Get out of my way. I want to see my girlfriend.”

She hissed and hissed again. “What part of ‘she is no longer interested’ don’t you understand?”

The fair skinned man pushed Rukevwe out of the way. “Ebere! Ebere! Open this door!” he hit the wooden door with his fist and kicked it with his shoes.

She started to clap her hands. “If you don’t leave here, I will shout ‘Thief! Thief!’ The security guards will bind you and the students in this area will mob and lynch you!”

He left the door and faced her. “I double dare you.”

“Thief! Thief! Thief oooh!” she started running to and fro, attracting attention.

“You are going to regret this, I promise you,” he spat on the ground and ran out of the compound.

“Come back now. Shebi you have power. Come and stay. We will roast you like a rabbit!”

Ebere opened her door and peeped. She breathed out loudly when she didn’t see the man again.

“I can’t believe you just did that,” she stepped out.

Rukevwe started to laugh. “He ran away like a thief.”

“Miserable entity.”



They both kept making fun of the man and laughed till their tummy ached.


Ejiro and some of her course mates gathered outside their departmental hall after their last paper, celebrating the end of their second semester examination. They congratulated themselves and started to dance around the hall, attracting the attention of other students and some of their lecturers.

“Ejiro! Ejiro!”

She heard her name and glanced around, till her eyes fell on her younger sister.

“The newest graduate in town…” Rukevwe approached her sister.

Ejiro smiled. “It is God o.”

“Are you ready to go home?”

She looked back at her course mates and bit at her bottom lip.

“Or you want to stay with these crazy lot?” Rukevwe followed her gaze.

She shook her head and grabbed her sister by the hand. “Let’s go.”

They started towards the exit.

“Mum called.”

“Hmmm…” Ejiro adjusted the handle of her bag on her shoulder.

“She asked when we are coming home.”

Ejiro narrowed her gaze. “If you want to go home, you are free. I am staying in school until I have attended all the parties organized by the final year students in all the departments.”

She looked up at her sister. “Haba!”

“Stay there, you hear?”

She gave a shake of head. “Suit yourself.”

“When you graduate, you will understand.”

Rukevwe rolled her eyes. “I hear.”

Ejiro and her sister ran into Senami and Gbemisola at the school gate. They all took a cab back to their off-campus apartment.

“You must wash this your last paper something for us o,” Senami playfully pushed Ejiro into the house.

She started to laugh. “Abeg, you people should wait for my convocation day. I trust Mumsie, she will throw a party.”

Senami and Gbemisola shared a knowing glance.

“Convocation ko, graduation party ni,” Gbemisola hissed. “Abeg, we want to start the celebration now, now.”

“Seconded,” Senami joined Ejiro on the bed.

She placed both hands on the head. “This is harassment o.”

“Call it whatever you want,” Gbemisola kicked off her shoes and joined them on the bed.

Rukevwe settled on the leather chair. She decided to stay out of the conversation. She thought of what she should eat for lunch. The beans in the pot was the last thing she wanted to eat that afternoon.

“This girl, oya now,” Senami pulled at Ejiro’s braids.

Ejiro turned on her tummy, “Oooooh. Leave me be. I don’t have money.”

“Oya, just buy us malt. Then we will wait for the party on your convocation day,” Gbemisola lay beside her.

She sat up and looked from one to the other. “Fine, malt it is,” she directed her gaze at her sister. “Please, come and buy us malt.”

Senami jumped down from the bed and she started to dance. “We are celebrating ooooo.”

“Yes, ooooo,” Gbemisola clapped her hands and laughed.

“Oya, now…” Ejiro eyed her sister.

“I am coming, biko,” Rukevwe got up from the chair and searched for her Dunlop slippers. She thought of changing into something else, then decided against it. She left the apartment in a jean and a blue long sleeve blouse.

“Hey, Rukky,” Ebere was seated outside her apartment.

“Hi,” Rukevwe walked up to her.

“Can you believe that, that nincompoop has been calling me all week long?”

Her eyes lit up. “Really?”

“Yes, o. The Mofo has been pleading and trying to convince me to give him a trial.”

Rukevwe gave a shake of head. “Hmmm… all these crazy men.”

“Anyhow, I ain’t falling for that kind of crap.”

“That’s the spirit, girlfriend,” she gave her a high five.

“You dey commot?”

She scratched an itchy spot on her arm. “Not really. I want to get something at the provision store.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Later now,” she strode off.

“Sure,” Ebere watched her walk out of the compound.

A few houses away from the building, a black van veered off the road and stopped right by her side. The windows were tinted and she couldn’t see the occupants of the vehicle. Unexpectedly, four men jumped out, grabbed her and threw her into the van. Before she could scream and call for help, one of them stuffed a piece of cloth in her mouth and tied her hands and legs with ropes.


Ejiro and her roommates came out of their apartment and headed for the provision store two hours later. They had no idea where Rukevwe was and her number was not going through.

“Where did Rukevwe go?” Senami hissed and hissed.

“My food is cold. I was really looking forward to drinking the malt while I ate my rice,” Gbemisola complained.

Ejiro kept quiet. She was too angry to say a word. She thought of what she would do to her sister when they finally found her.

They got to the store and asked the salesgirl if she had seen Rukevwe. She told them that the last time she saw the girl was two days ago.

“So, where is your sister?” Senami eyed Ejiro.

Ejiro hissed and stepped out of the store.

“And I was hoping to eat my food with the malt,” Gbemisola hissed.

Senami eyed her. “You better buy yourself a drink.”

“Why? Rukevwe is with the money.”

Senami hissed again, “Is it your money? Do you know where the girl is?”

“Why are you taking Panadol for another person’s headache?” Gbemisola hissed and walked out.

“You are not well o,” Senami followed her outside.

“Ejiro where is your sister?” Gbemisola called out to her.

Ejiro kept quiet and walked back to the house.

“What kind of celebration is this sef?” Senami ran after her friend.

Ebere came out of her apartment when she heard Ejiro and her roommates arguing.

“Are you looking for Rukevwe?”

The trio turned towards their neighbour.

“Yes, have you seen my sister?” Ejiro asked her.

Ebere sat at her doorway. “I saw her a while ago. She said she wanted to get something at the provision store.”

“That is where we are coming from,” Gbemisola came to sit beside her.

Senami hissed. “She didn’t go there at all.”

Ebere folded her arms across her chest.

“Where did this girl go now?” Ejiro looked towards the gate.

Ebere cleared her throat. “Em… some days ago, your sister helped me.”

Ejiro glanced back at her. “What happened?”

Ebere told them how Rukevwe saved her from the evil plans of her new boyfriend and his friends.

Gbemisola jumped to her feet, “This sounds like trouble. What if the guy came back to carry out his threat?”

“It is true o,” Senami grabbed Ejiro by the hand.

“But, that is impossible. Is he that stupid?” Ebere looked from one girl to the other.

“Some men have fish brain,” Ejiro scratched a spot on her scalp. The thought that a strange man had harmed her sister consumed her.

“Let’s wait and see. Maybe Rukevwe went elsewhere…” Ebere suggested.

“My sister is not like that. If she told you that she was going to the store, that is exactly where she was headed,” Ejiro frowned.

“Biko, let’s not panic. She will surely return,” Ebere got up and approached her.

“If she doesn’t come home by nightfall, I might have to call my dad,” Ejiro turned away from her neighbour and went into her apartment.

“Ejiro wait…” Senami followed her into the house.

“Eeh… Rukevwe the dreamer. What did you see now?” Gbemisola placed her hands on her head.

Ebere tapped her on the shoulder. “Rukevwe the dreamer? What do you mean?”

Gbemisola hissed and hurried into the apartment.

“What’s with all these small, small girls?” Ebere hissed and returned to her doorway. She hissed again and sat down. Then hissed again as she thought of her new boyfriend and his threats the last time he visited her.

That same day, at midnight, Ejiro called her father and explained to him that Rukevwe didn’t return to their off-campus apartment. He instructed her to come home once the day broke.

“What did your dad say?” Senami adjusted her pillow.

“He wants me to come home,” she lay back on the bed.

“God help us o,” Gbemisola looked up at the ceiling.

Ejiro and her roommates could hardly sleep that night. They all feared that something might have happened to Rukevwe.


Rukevwe opened her eyes and found herself in a room, on a bed, stared at by ten pairs of eyes.

“The princess is awake,” a fair skinned man came forward.

They all began to laugh. She looked from one man to the other. She didn’t recognize anyone of them except the fair skinned man in his thirties. Her heart missed a beat. It was Ebere’s new boyfriend!

“I told you that you were going to regret what you did that day. Today is your day of reckoning.”

The men roared with laughter as they watched the frightened girl.

“By the time we are all done with you, I doubt if you will be able to walk for weeks,” the fair skinned man licked his lips.

“I cannot wait, my appetite is a hundred percent,” one of them said.

Rukevwe tried to sit up, but her head started to ache. She realized that she couldn’t move any part of her body. She felt paralyzed!

“We are going to film everything and upload it on the internet. We will block our faces, but yours is going to be seen by the whole wide world. You will be tagged a common slut!” the fair man glared at her.

Her heart beat accelerated. The thought of what they wanted to do to her made her really afraid.

The man waved a syringe and climbed the bed. “This is going to get the party started.”

She tried to speak, but felt something over her mouth. She was still gagged! Tears streamed down her oval face. She closed her eyes and cried out to God to deliver her from the strange men that were planning to molest her.

The fair man grabbed her by the arm and injected her. It was painful at first, then she began to feel funny. In less than sixty seconds, a certain kind of intoxication took over her system. Her nerve cells became heightened, till every cell in her body was tingling with desire!


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Hmmm, I hope nothing happens to Rukevwe. Thanks for the update ma'am
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Hmmm, I hope nothing happens to Rukevwe. Thanks for the update ma'am

You're welcome
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Eh I hope nothing will happen to Rukevwe ooo embarassed embarassed God help her hmm.. Thanks for the update ma'am. More ink to your pen. shocked
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Eh I hope nothing will happen to Rukevwe ooo embarassed embarassed God help her hmm.. Thanks for the update ma'am. More ink to your pen. shocked


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Rukky couldn't see the evil that want to befall on her.

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Chai nawaooooo! These guys shouldn't hurt this girl ooooooo! Shewrites nice one from u
Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 8:54am On Jan 26
Chai nawaooooo! These guys shouldn't hurt this girl ooooooo! Shewrites nice one from u

Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 8:56am On Jan 26
Rukky couldn't see the evil that want to befall on her.

This life is not balanced
Re: Set Apart by mhizv(f): 11:25am On Jan 26
Na wa. Not fair!
Saving others but couldn't save herself. Sad
Re: Set Apart by Ann2012(f): 4:57pm On Jan 26
Pls save Rukevwe
Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 7:41pm On Jan 29
Let's begin the weekend with sweet things *winks*
Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 7:47pm On Jan 29

Ejiro woke up with a start. Her sleepy eyes darted left, then right. Then she heard loud bangs on the door. Who could it be? Why didn’t someone open the door? She pulled her weight up, looked around and realized that her roommates’ bed were empty! Where did they go? When did they leave? Why didn’t anyone wake her? She had no idea how long she had been alone in the room. She didn’t even remember when they slept the other night. Her dark eyes caught the wall clock. It was some minutes past twelve noon. Her eyes widened in astonishment.
She cursed under her breath and got down from the bed. She wished Senami or Gbemisola had woken her before they left the room. She was supposed to return home that morning. Her parents must have been worried by now. Maybe they must have also tried to call her. Where was her phone? Her head turned towards the dressing table.

The bangs on the door continued. She groaned and slow-walked to the door. She wished she could shout at the person knocking and tell him or her to go away. She flung the door open and came face to face with her neighbour.

“Rukevwe is outside,” Ebere blurted out, trembling from hair to shoes.

Her eyes cleared. “Wha-what did you say?”

Ebere glanced back at the gate. “I was on my way out, then I saw her…”

Her brows creased in a frown. “Saw her where?! Where is my sister?” She grabbed the girl by the shoulder.

“Sh-she is at the gate,” Ebere pointed at the big black gate. “Sh-she is naked,” came the fearful she whisper.

Ejiro locked gazes with her neighbour. She let her go and ran towards the gate.

Ebere ran after her. “I… I don’t think she is conscious.”

Ejiro pushed the gate open and saw a crowd of people gathered at the side of the road, staring at the almost lifeless naked body of her sister! She screamed, made her way through the crowd and knelt beside her.

“Rukevwe! Rukevwe!” She pulled the girl close to her chest and began to weep.

Ebere stood beside them and she also began to cry. She couldn’t fathom what happened to the girl or how she got to the hostel gate.

One of the students living in the off-campus hostel threw a wrapper at Ejiro. She covered her sister’s body quickly and with the help of some of the people standing around, they hailed a taxi and carried Rukevwe into the vehicle.


Oghenekaro and Itoro stood at a corner, by the reception hall, listening to the doctor treating their younger daughter. He confirmed that more than one person had, had carnal knowledge of the girl. Her private part was badly bruised and there were teeth marks on her breasts!

“But, she will heal… gradually,” he looked from one parent to the other.

“Thank you, doctor,” Oghenekaro murmured. Several thoughts flashed through his aching mind. If only he could lay his hands on the men that kidnapped his daughter. The thought o what he would do to them consumed him.

Itoro began to cry. She couldn’t bring herself to think about or imagine the kind of pain and torture her daughter must have gone through. She began to pray and curse every man that touched the girl.

“There is an NGO attached to this hospital. They fight the battles of victims of all kinds of sexual abuse. They have taken up your daughter’s case.”

Oghenekaro and his wife shared a glance.

“A report has already been made at the police station close to your daughters’ off-campus hostel and some detectives have been assigned to the case. You can be assured that her captors will be caught and charged to court,” the doctor sounded very confident.

Itoro sighed with relief. “Can we see her now?”

“Yes, yes, please come with me,” the doctor started to walk towards the wards.

Oghenekaro and his wife followed behind him. They were apprehensive, but eager to see their daughter.

The doctor took them to the female ward. They found Ejiro seated by her sister’s bedside, looking worn out.

“Daddy, mum…” she got up when she saw her parents.

“Come here…” Oghenekaro beckoned at his older daughter.

She ran into his arms and began to cry. “Oh daddy…”

“Ssssshhh… it is okay. We are here now,” he held back the tears threatening to spill all over his face.

“Eeh… see my baby…” Itoro sat by the side of the bed. She sobbed quietly and queried God. She asked him why her family were going through so much discomfort. She began to wonder if they had offended anyone. Or were some very diabolic people bent on making them miserable month after month? She started to ask God for mercy and deliverance from everyone that didn’t wish them well.


Eru and Ochuko arrived at the hospital after the close of work, that same day. They asked the nurses at the reception for directions and a cleaner was asked to take them to the female ward.

“Dad, mum…” Eru walked into the ward. He noticed that almost half of the bedspace was occupied.

Oghenekaro, Itoro and Ejiro turned towards the entrance of the ward.

“We came as soon as we could,” Ochuko wandered to his sister’s bedside.

“How is she?” Eru stood by the chair his father was sitting on.

Itoro glanced at her husband. He looked straight back at her.

“She is… she is sleeping,” Ejiro folded her arms across her chest.

Eru and Ochuko looked at Ejiro.

“When we first arrived, she was unconscious, so they had to wake her up, check her vitals… etcetera. She was in pains, so they had to sedate her. The doctor said that she will sleep through the night.”

Eru heaved a sigh of relief. “Let’s be grateful that she is alive.”

“Yes, yes oooo. God is… God has been faithful,” Ochuko added.

Itoro nodded in agreement. She knew they needed to thank God in all circumstances, be it good ones or bad ones. “We are indeed grateful."

Eru bent his head and whispered into his father’s ear. “We need to talk…”

He looked up at the young man and signaled towards the doorway.

Eru nodded his head, then tapped his younger brother on the shoulder and moved towards the exit. Ochuko backed away from the bed and fell into steps with him.

“I will be right back,” Oghenekaro squeezed his wife’s hand gently and got up.

Itoro watched them leave. She thought of asking her husband to get her a bottle of soft drink, then she changed her mind.

Oghenekaro and his sons walked out of the building and stood by the glass doors at the entrance.

“We need you to see something…” Eru showed his father a video on his phone. The video went viral on the internet that evening.

“What is it about?” Oghenekaro grew impatient.

“We believe the video was filmed by the men that abducted Rukevwe,” Ochuko responded.

Oghenekaro’s eyes grew wild. “The bastards!” he collected the phone from the boy.

He counted five men. Their faces was blurred, but he could clearly see his daughter’s face. She had nothing on and she was acting like she was drunk or on some special kind of drugs. Tears filled his eyes and anger burned within him as he watched each man devour the girl.

“This.. this is devilish,” he gave the phone back to Eru.

Eru slipped the phone into his pocket. He was equally upset and devastated. “Ejiro texted me this evening. She said an NGO has taken up Rukevwe’s case.”

“Yes, these men are going to meet their nemesis sooner than they think,” he gritted his teeth.

“What if mum sees the video?” Ochuko placed both hands on his waist.

Oghenekaro shook his head. “We cannot allow her to see it.”

The young men shared a worried glance.

“Is that even possible?” Eru raised an eyebrow.

“Even if she doesn’t see it, what about Ejiro? She might tell mum if she finds out about the video,” Ochuko folded his arms.

Oghenekaro bit at his lower lip. “Talk to her. She mustn’t say anything to your mother.”

“All right, dad,” Eru gave his brother a look.

Ochuko shrugged. He didn’t want to argue with their father. He wasn’t so confident about their plan. He knew Ejiro too well.

When they returned to the female ward, they met the doctor talking to Itoro. He informed them that the NGO was going to foot Rukevwe’s medical bills. Oghenekaro was very happy because he wouldn’t need to pay a dime for expenses he wasn’t in the least prepared for.


Rukevwe got down from the bed and walked to the opened window. Each step was slow and it took her a while to get to her destination. Since she was discharged from the hospital, she had been trying to move around the house. Her body was taking its time to heal and she couldn’t wait to run and jump and play as she used to do.

She leaned against the glass frame and watched the women seated at a corner in the large compound. They seemed to be conferring in a kind of informal meeting. She recognized two or three of them, but she didn’t know the others. Her gaze shifted to the young men watching something on a phone. They seemed to be engrossed in whatever they were looking at. They were shouting and laughing at the same time.

She turned when her sister walked into the room. “Where have you been?”

Ejiro smiled. “Out…”

“Since morning?” Rukevwe envied her. She wished she could go out too. They were on holidays and she had become a prison in her own house.

She clapped her hands. “What is your own? Go out too, if you want,” she strolled towards the bed.

“I get tired easily whenever I walk around.”

“Sorry…” Ejiro settled on the bed and kicked off her shoes. “I am so hungry. Has mum cooked?"

Rukevwe shrugged and returned her attention to the people outside the building.

“Has dad given you back your phone?”

“No,” she met her sister’s concerned look. “Why has he confiscated my phone? It was my body that was brutalized, not my phone.”

Ejiro tore her gaze away from her sister’s angry ones.

Rukevwe eyed her. She had a feeling that her sister knew why her phone was taken. “What are you not telling me?”

Ejiro jumped up and headed for the door. “I need to eat.”

Her sister blocked her way. “Ejiro…”

“Rukevwe, please. I promised not to say a word. Dad… dad will kill me.”

Rukevewe frowned. “What’s going on?”

“Biko, leave me,” she dashed for the door.

“What are sisters’ for? You are supposed to have my back. You know I got yours, now and always."

Ejiro groaned and stood by the opened door. She glanced back at her sister and pointed a warning finger at her. “I didn’t tell you anything.”

“Fine, fine…” she agreed.

“Check the video titled ‘Nightmare’ on my phone,” Ejiro threw her phone on the bed and fled.

Rukevwe picked the phone and lay on the bed. She searched for the video, found it and clicked the play button. Her jaw dropped in shock when she saw herself, stark naked in a room with five men whose faces were blurred. On by one, they all had carnal knowledge of her.

“Jesus! Jesus!” she placed a hand over her mouth.

It dawned on her that Ebere’s new boyfriend didn’t relent on his threat. He actually posted the video they filmed on the internet! Several thoughts molested her mind. How many people have seen the video? Her heart beat accelerated. She thought of her school mates, her friends, neighbours, church members, strangers! What will they all think of her? How was she supposed to go back to school? How was she suppose to go on with her life? Her face must be all over the internet by now. Everyone must be talking about her. They must surely be calling her unprintable names! Who would believe her side of the story?

Rukevwe dropped her sister’s phone and she started to cry. Why did her parents and siblings hide such a thing from her? If they thought they were protecting her, they did a very bad job. The NGO that took up her case assured them that justice would be done. But now, she was at the brink of giving up.

Ebere’s new boyfriend took her virginity and his friends ravished her, causing her agony and bringing her irreversible shame by uploading their assault on the internet. She began to curse them and every single member of their families. She prayed that they would suffer for the rest of their lives.


Re: Set Apart by Ann2012(f): 10:01pm On Jan 29
They shall all suffer, so shall it be

Thanks for the update
Re: Set Apart by Cameoluv(f): 11:55pm On Jan 29
Nemesis will catch up with them.
Re: Set Apart by YoungBruzzy: 7:48am On Jan 30
Oh what a world Nemesis will surely catch up with those guys sooner than they think..
Thanks OP for this wonderful update.
Re: Set Apart by Adeola25(f): 11:46am On Jan 30
Those rapists deserves to be castrated if caught. Thanks for the update ma'am.
Re: Set Apart by aprilwise(m): 12:38pm On Jan 30
Hope rukky won't commit suicide?
Re: Set Apart by Gloriagee(f): 5:28pm On Jan 30
How come Rukky wey dey see vision so easily no see the one wey happen to her? So sad
Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 8:09pm On Jan 30
They shall all suffer, so shall it be
Thanks for the update
You're welcome

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