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My Secret Angel by Dapalace: 11:33am On Jan 14
My Secret Angel

Prologue ?.


High school student Kim Sertori, a carefree girl who doesnt care whether white should go with black, she matches them all.

Troublesome and crazy to the extent of it.

Truly beautiful when she remebers to look so.

She has a mystery crush on a young pospstar Tyler.

She dreams and imagines her meeting with him every night. Pictures of him in her room will make a life album.

He’s her crush she can never meet or so she thought.


Tyler, a world rated pop star, his world resolves round him.

He has it all, the money, the looks, the girls, all the girls in school dream of an opportunity to be with Tyler.

Evvery girl wants to impress him, every girl wants him.


Like a dream come true, Kim is transferred to one of the best schools in korea and it turns out to be the school where Tyler attends.


She doesn’t care if she is called the transferred student, being with Tyler is more than enough.


What happens when Tyler turns out to be in the same class with her?


Tyler the God who hardly steps on the floor, does she stand a chance with him.


Follow the heart breaks of kim when she finds out that her Tyler is dating the hottest girl In school, or so Christiana paints it to be.


Finally Kim plots out a list of agendas which she would use to get Tyler.


Number one on the list (being his secret angel )


Don’t you wanna find out the remaining ones?


What do you think?

Will her agenda favour her?


Can Tyler ever fall for her?


Can Christiana let her be with Tyler if she succeeds?


What about her crazy personality?

(oh no)


Is there hope for Kim Sertori?


Read this action packed, suspense filled story to find out.



My secret Angel

Episode 1 .

Kim’s POV

My name is Kim Sertori, I’m the dullest girl ever in Boston according to people except my dad who always considers me as an angel .

My mom died the day she birth me so I grew up with only a dad and he’s all I’ve got.

I bring him trouble everyday and he hasn’t stop paying debts caused by me.

” Tésomormita” I screamed as I continued running.

It’s my first day in school and I’m already late, missed the bus and now I have to run to school thanks to Tyler.

Tyler is my dream crush, I spent the night imagining me and him together so I slept late that’s why I’m late now.

I kept on running until I got to Mr King’s shop. His stuff is always blocking the way and anytime I pass, I always break something. I raised one leg up carefully so I can cross the vase on the floor but my other leg still kicked it so I ran faster before Mr king would come out and hold me like a thief.

“I’ll come to your house for the money” I heard Mr king scream.

I got to the school already sweating like a Christmas chicken, I brought out my map and located my class.

A teacher was already in the class teaching as I could see the class from the glass door.

I slightly opened it and took only my head in.

Everyone looked at me.

” annyeonghaseyo” I greeted and went in fully.

“you are” the teacher asked

“a transferred student ” I said.

“coming late on your first day does feel good ” the teacher said and everyone laughed.

“introduce yourself ” the teacher said and I nodded and turned to face the class.

I looked at their faces one by one and I felt my heart explode and my eyes widened when I saw him.

” Tyler!! ” I screamed and everyone looked at me confused then burst out laughing.

“your name is Tyler or you are calling Tyler ” the teacher asked and I nodded yes then nodded no.

“I um I Tyler is… I am kim” I said and slammed my lips together.

“go get a seat” the teacher said and nodded.

My star shined today coz there’s a spare seat in front of Tyler.

“Appa, I’m sorry, enrolling me here is the best thing you’ve ever done coz my angel is here” I said in my mind.

I sat down and the teacher continued teaching.

I couldn’t stop turning back and looking at Tyler.

I forgot that I’m in class as I turned and watched Tyler like a movie.

He sighed, held my head with one hand and turned my head to face the board which made everyone burst out laughing.

I couldn’t still stop looking at him and smiling.

“kim” I heard the teacher yell and I ran to her.

“um ye yes” I stuttered and everyone laughed again.

“go to your seat” she seethed.

I shyly walked back to my seat and sat down.

“stand up ” the teacher yelled.

I sprung up immediately.

“what was the last thing I said concerning what I’m teaching ” she asked.

OMG! What’s even the topic, I wasn’t paying attention coz I was busy staring at Tyler.

“um you said……..you um……..what did you ask me again……. Ah the last thing you said…….um that Tyler is cute” I said it like a question smiling and everyone laughed again.

Ah why can’t I stop being foolish.

“sit down and pay attention this time” she said and I nodded.

After some few lectures, we went out for lunch.

I ordered the food I could afford and took my tray in my hands eye searching for Tyler.

I was busy looking for Tyler that I bumped into someone and my food poured on the person’s clothe.

I looked up to see an old man, bald head, red eyes and wrinkled face.

“OMG I’m sorry bald head man……i mean wrinkled face I’m so sorry” I pleaded bowing my head.

“bald head man, wrinkled face” the man asked and I nodded positively.

“ah I mean no, I’m so sorry sir please forgive me” I said and ran as fast as my legs could carry me.

I reached another part of the school and stopped to catch my breath.

I won’t go for the remaining lectures, I’ll just wait here till school close and I will tip toe behind Tyler to know where he lives.

After some hours, school finally closed and everyone started coming out in duos and trios.

I sighted Tyler and smiled.

I trailed behind him quietly until I heard some girls say “that’s her, Kim Sertori, the new pig who’s going gaga for our Tyler ” I stopped on my track and turned.

Pig? Me? Kim? Sertori?

I glared at them and folded my hand into a fist and brought it out like I was going to punch them so they ran away.

I looked back but couldn’t see Tyler again.

OMG I’ve lost him.

I searched all the school compound but couldn’t find him.

How could I loose my angel.

I ordered a coffee and went upstairs to the school ‘s balcony and stood looking down.

“aiish ” I scratched my head in frustration.

I looked at my coffee that I dropped on the wage where I rest my hand.

I pushed the coffee with my hand out of frustration and I watched it go down and landed on the head of a student.

The person looked up and OMG it was Tyler.

“you” he said between gritted teeth and I bent down to hide.

I stood up again to look at him but he wasn’t there but at the stairs climbing up to meet me.

Re: My Secret Angel by Dapalace: 3:07pm On Jan 15
Episode 2


Kim’s POV continues

I stood up again to look at him but he wasn’t there but at the stairs climbing up to meet me.

He was damn angry.

“um I… I’m very sorry it was a mistake” I said shaking.

“let me help you to clean it” I said and tried touching his clothe but he yanked my hands off.

“don’t you dare lay your filthy hands on me” he yelled and I flinched.

I watched him as he took off his clothe and threw it at me.

“give it to your boyfriend, it’s my gift to him coz I know none of your family can afford this and that’s even if you have a boyfriend coz with the way your are now, no one would take second look at you ” he seethed and tears already started streaming down my cheeks.


He turned to go but stopped on his track and turned.

“one more thing Kim, my name is too expensive and special to be called by you so don’t even dare calling not looking at me coz you aren’t worth it” he said and left.

“Ty…. Tyler ” I called and took two more steps but he already climbed down.

“my angel is upset with me now, he said I’m not worth calling him nor looking at him” I said and cried more.

It hurts so much that the person I’m looking up to is the one telling me all this.

I better stop this foolishness and focus more on my studies.


My dad has really tried enough and the money he used in enrolling me here is huge so I must not fail him again.

I wipesy tears and went home with the bus.

I reached my house and sighted Mr king with my dad.

I quickly hid at a corner and watched Mr king go out through the gate.

He must have come for the money of the vase I broke in the morning.


“ah come out Kim ” my dad said.

I slowly came out from my hide and walked to him.

“biané appa ( I’m sorry dad)” I said and he hugged me.

“so do you like your new school” he asked and I remembered my incident with Tyler, then the old man.

“yes” I said and smiled.

He nodded and I went to my room to freshen up.


I freshened up, ate dinner with dad then went back to my room a d laid on my bed.

“I’m sorry Tyler, for making you upset, I will try not to look at you again” I said and closed my eyes then drifted to dream land.


Tyler’s POV

I reached home, greeted my mom and went up to my room.

I took a shower and laid down to think of the small concert we are having in the school the day after tomorrow.

My thoughts drifted to that clumsy girl

I shouldn’t feel guilty for the way I talked to her cuz that’s the only way she will learn to focus.

Not looking at me and not calling my name is the only way she won’t make a fool of herself.

She’s kinda beautiful though but clumsy.

I closed my eyes and slept off.


Kim’s POV

I woke up early the next day thanks to my dad who slapped me from my sleep.

“appa! It hurts ” I said rubbing my cheek.

“go and bath, I don’t want you to run to school again ” he said and I smiled.

“don’t worry dad, I’m a strong girl, even if I run a hundred times I won’t get tired.

I said and he smiled then left.

I took my bathe , dressed up and took a glance at Tyler’s picture that was in my room.


“ah I’ve promised myself not to look at him again”

I went to the sitting room and ate breakfast with dad. He gave me some pocket money then I left to catch the box so I won’t break any of Mr King’s materials.

I reached school and went straight to the class and of course there were murmurings everywhere as soon as I stepped my feet in the School’s compound.

I went to my seat and sat down. Tyler is yet to come.


“hey pig I mean Kim, you are needed in the principal’s office ” a girl said then glared and walked away.

I brought out my map to locate the principal’s office.

I reached there, peeped in then went in fully.

I almost ran away when I saw that bald head, wrinkled face old man

He’s the principal


I’m in hot soup.

“good morning bald he….i mean sir ” I said and bowed down.

bald head and wrinkled face huh ” the man smirked.

“here” a teacher that was in the office said handing me a paper.
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I took it and read it.

A suspension letter for three weeks!

My dad is gonna kill me.

“ah” I winced in pain and held my chest like someone having an heart attack.

“what’s wrong” the teacher asked.

“aaaah ” I screamed louder and fell to the floor.

“what’s wrong with you” the bald head principal asked.

He’s now worried, exactly what I wanted.

“I’m…. Allergic to the word suspension and suspended ” I struggled to say like someone gasping for air.

“ah” I screamed again.

“what do we do now, let’s call the doctor ” the teacher suggested and the bald head principal nodded.

“no, the solution is…. is simple” I said.

“then what’s it” the principal asked.

“aaah, just take the suspension letter and tear it aaah….. Then take a… A scholarship slip and sign it for me” I said, breathing heavily.

“what” the principal yelled.

“that’s the only solution aaaah ” I screamed louder.

“I think we better do it sir, after all it’s just one” the teacher said.

“bring a scholarship slip now ” the principal said and the teacher took one from the cupboard and gave it to him.

The teacher took the suspension letter and tore it.

“here it is ” the principal said giving me the scholarship slip.

I looked at it and my name was written there, with his signature.

“stamp it” I said and he did it rapidly.

“are you okay now ” the principal asked.

“the pain is reducing but I don’t guarantee you that I won’t die in your hands oh” I said and his eyes widened.

“what do we do again” he asked.

“fr.. Free food for today ” I said and he nodded.


Ah such a fool, they are too gullible.

Me? Die? Even if death come, I will fight it and make sure I win.

The teacher helped me to the school’s cafeteria and told me to eat whatever I want.

She told the chef to give me anything I want.

She left and I ate and ate till I was full.

I even packaged some and put it in my backpack for dinner at home.

“I can’t wait to see Tyler at the concert tomorrow ” a girl said.

“they’ve already started selling the tickets” the other one said and they smiled.

a concert tomorrow, Tyler will be singing I guess, I can’t miss this no matter what.

But how will I afford the ticket.

I will find a way, I must not miss this concert.
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Re: My Secret Angel by Dapalace: 3:39pm On Jan 19
Episode 3

Kim’s POV continues

I must not miss the concert.

We did lectures and during lunch time I ate for free again.

Tyler was not in school, I guess he’s preparing for the concert.

School closed and I went home.

” Appa ” I called and ran into the house.

“aigoo, my daughter is very happy today what happened ” my dad asked smiling.

“appa, you know that you’ve not finish paying my school fees” I asked and he nodded.

“you don’t have to pay again


“why” he asked with his eyes wide opened .

“did they expel you or suspend you” he asked.

I brought out the scholarship slip and showed it to him.

“tada ” I said and gave it to him.

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“aigoo, my heart, give me water I want to die” he said holding his chest.

“appa ” I yelled and he stopped.

“what did you do that made them gave you scholarship anyway you did something good today, thank you for reducing daddy’s stress ” he said and I smiled.


“buy what if you keep repeating the same class as you’ve always repeated in all your school coz your brain is dull, won’t they withdraw the scholarship ” he asked and I hit him in the arm.

“appa, I’m a changed girl” I said sternly.

“arasto ” he said and smiled.

“um appa, since I’ve done something good today, why don’t you reward me” I asked.

“OK what do you want” he asked and I smiled and tapped my index finger together.


“OK when you are ready come and take it” he said.

“kumorwor appa ” I said and went to my room.

I did everything, ate and went to sleep without looking at Tyler’s picture.

OK I did but just a glance.



Tyler’s POV

Today is the concert, I have to look my best. Christina is coming today, she will be at the concert.

Christina is my childhood friend, she went to Canada to study but I remained here because I wanted to.

I wore my clothes, looked at myself in the mirror then headed downstairs for breakfast.

I ate breakfast with mom then went to school with my car.

I reached school but didn’t go to class but at the hall where the concert will be held.

I brought out my guitar and started practicing.

Soon my friends arrived and we practiced together.



Kim’s POV

I reached school, got to class early and we did lectures but Tyler was still not in school.

“OMG is he sick” I yelled and held my cheeks with my hands.

Everyone at the cafeteria looked at me like I’ve gone bunkers.

I took my head down and faced my food.

Soon a boy ran into the cafeteria.


“the concert is ready and Tyler and the band are already there” he said and everyone cheered.

Some left their food and ran to the hall.

I won’t miss this concert but I can’t also miss my food.

I hurriedly ate my food and went to the hall too.

There was a girl and a boy at the entrance taking tickets .

The girl is selling why the boy is stamping it.

I went to the girl.

“um hi” I said and waved at her.

She looked at me and smiled.

“I want a ticket ” I said and she smiled then handed me one.

“how much” I asked

“3 $” she replied.

“whaaat” I yelled and she smiled.

“I could use that money to eat for a whole year” I said and she laughed.

“but since it’s for Tyler then I’ll pay”

I paid her and went in.


The hall was already filled so I got a seat at the back.

Soon the light was off and the stage light came on.

I could see Tyler, he’s with a guitar and a standing microphone at his front.

They were other three guys.


Two with guitar and the other one the drummer.

Everyone clapped and cheered the whole hall was noisy so I covered my ear with my hands. “School has not even closed they’ve started” I said and girl sitting beside me turned to face me.

“hey, Kim or what, whenever there’s a concert we don’t have to close school before doing it, it’s always after lunch or in the night and the teachers are okay with it” she glared and turned away.


Soon they started playing the guitar and Tyler started singing.

OMG his voice is to die for.

*i met you as a stranger but never knew you meant something in my life”

*I pushed you away but realised I couldn’t live without you so I want you back*

* come back to me and I’ll make up for all the times that I hurt you”


He continued singing and everyone were cheering, some where even dancing .

After some hours they ended the song and everyone cheered.

They said they will still sing again.

Tyler started the guitar but then a girl, a very beautiful one climbed the stage.

“Christina ” Tyler called smiling

She smiled then ran to him and hugged him.

I was already jealous.

OMG! Is she Tyler’s girlfriend?



Episode 4



Tyler’s POV

I was so happy to see Christina after so many years.

She ran to me and I hugged her tight.

She surprised me by kissing me, I didn’t wanna make her feel bad so I just let her have it.

We disengaged from the kiss and continued the concert.

I eye searched for Kim but didn’t find her.

She didn’t come, good.

It’s better she focus on her studies cuz I don’t want any pest in my life.

We finished the concert and I went home with Christina.


Mom was so happy to see her.

We ate dinner together and she decided to spend the night in my house which I allowed.

I woke up the next day, freshened up and went downstairs to meet Christina and mom at the dinning.

We ate breakfast and went to school together cuz Christina already had her paperwork for school.

We reached school and got down from the car.

I saw Kim coming towards our direction.

What does she wants this time?

I was already expecting her to call me but to my greatest surprise she walked past me without taking a glance at me.

What the heck.

I turned to watch her going.



Kim’s POV

I saw that girl, what’s her name again?

Christina and Tyler coming, I walked past them without a word and I know Tyler must be surprised.

I know they are looking at me as I’m going. I felt shy and my legs started shaking so I stepped on my shoe lace and fell flat on my tummy.

Everyone started laughing and I heard Tyler chuckling too.

My nose is already bleeding, my kneel and elbow hit the floor so hard that it hurts.

I stood up and ran away.

I went to a corner and sat still.

I took a paper towel and cleaned my nose.

remembered what my dad told me when I got home yesterday with a sad face.

“Kim you are a strong girl that make people laugh cuz that’s your specialty and no one is worthy of making you sad”.



They laughed when I fell down coz I’m good at making people laugh so they could forget their sadness and I’ll be the one to take it after making them laugh.

I wiped the tears that kept falling down my cheeks and sniffed then breathed in and out.

I went to the washroom, tidied up and went to class for lecture.

We were having maths, my worse enemy.

“so Miss Kim, what will we get when we add a+b,it’s simple but it’s obvious you aren’t paying attention so what’s the answer ” the teacher asked and everyone’s gaze turned to ME.

Am I the only one in this class?

I slowly stood up and looked at everyone and then at Tyler.

I got an ideal when I looked at Tyler.

“wow, what if we add Tyler +Kim, what will we get, Tykim, no Kimty, no kimy, yes Kimy sounds good, Tyler and I make a perfect couple” I heard everyone laughing so I jolted back to reality.

OMG! All what I’ve been imagining, I’ve been saying it out loud .

I turned to look at her and he just shook his head negatively.

“miss Kim or kimy, kindly walk out of my class coz its obvious you are not needed here” the teacher said and I sighed.

“aiish ” I sighed and went out of the class.

Once again, I’ve made a fool out of myself .

Why can’t I forget about Tyler and concentrate?

I went to the school’s garden and sat there with my eyes closed.



Tyler’s POV

That Kim’s life is such a mess.

I felt a slight pain in my chest and stomach so I started coughing.

“um excuse me sir ” I said and winced in pain.

I got up and headed out.

I went to the washroom and splashed some water on my face.

I cleaned and went to the School’s garden to take some fresh air.

I sat at a corner and rested my head on the chair.

A tear slid down my cheek and I quickly wiped it.

I miss my sister a lot and I kinda killed her.

” when will I die and be free, I’ve had kidney problem since I was young so isn’t it time for me to die ” I said as a tear slid down my cheek.

“I’m sorry Kate, I shouldn’t have accepted when you agreed to donate your kidney for me, I should have declined and now you’d still be alive, please forgive me” I said and a tear slid down then more and more.

“omma biyané, I have to leave you, you’ll be left all alone in this world coz dad and Kate already left and I’ll soon leave too ” I said as my tears kept pouring down.



Kim’s POV

I was still at the garden when I heard footsteps.

I peeped from the flower that divided the garden and saw Tyler.

I kept staring at him, admiring his cuteness.

My heart already stopped and my tears were already uncontrollable when I heard :

“my….. M…. My angel has kidney problem ”

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T. B. C
Re: My Secret Angel by Dapalace: 1:26pm On Jan 21

Episode 5


Tyler’s POV

“I just wanna die and be free from all the pains” I said and sniffed.

I heard footsteps coming towards the garden so I quickly wiped my face, breathed in and out and sat up.

Christina came and sat beside me.

“Tyler are you alright, why are your eyes puffy ” she asked touching me.

“nothing, I coughed too much maybe that made my eyes red ” I lied.

“but why are you coughing so much, are you sick” she asked.

“nope I just ate something I wasn’t supposed to ” I lied again.

“OK come on its lunch time” she said and we got up and headed to the cafeteria.



Kim’s POV

I can’t believe my angel is suffering from kidney problems and he wants to die and leave me.

What do I do to help him?

I sat in the garden till I heard the bell jingle for closing time.

I sluggishly took my bag and went home.

I reached home and went straight to my room and laid in my bed.

My angel will soon live the world if nothing is done.



Tyler’s POV

After closing time, I took Christina home and then I went home.

I could still feel pains in my chest.

I held my chest and coughed slightly.

I entered the house to meet my mom seated on the couch.

She sprung up immediately she saw me wince in pain.

“Tyler has the pains started again, should we go to the hospital ” she asked rapidly.

“no mom, I’m fine ” I said and headed for the stairs.

“Tyler how long will you disagree, do you wanna leave me all alone like your dad and sister did” she asked, already crying.

“I don’t wanna talk about that mom” I said.

“just let me give you one of my kidney so we can live happily, I don’t wanna loose you” she said crying.

“I don’t wanna loose you too mom, so forget about it ” I yelled.


“but if I don’t give you one of my kidney then you’ll die” she yelled.

“what if you die in the process of the surgery like Kate did ” I said as a tear slid down my cheek.

“I don’t care if I die” she seethed.

“but I do and I don’t wanna loose you like I lost Kate” I said and went upstairs to my room.

“Tyler ” I heard mom call but I paid no attention to her.

I went to my room, slammed the door and fell in my bed and let the tears pour.



Tyler’s mom POV

Tyler is just too scared of loosing me like he lost his sister.

His sister Kate was supposed to donate one of her kidney to him but she died during the surgery when the kidney was not yet transferred.

Tyler lost all hope.

I decided to donate mine now to save my only child I have left but he’s too scared.

Tyler was young when he lost his dad in an accident that’s why he doesn’t talk much about him coz he doesn’t know much about him.

Tyler should just let me help him and even if I die, I’ll know that I’ve saved my son’s life.

Oh God please, I don’t wanna loose my only child.



Kim’s POV

I sluggishly woke up the next day and freshened up, dressed up and sat on my bed.

My door flew open and dad came in.

“huh ” I sighed.

He sat beside me and pulled me in his arms.

“my baby is sad, if Kim of all people is sad then the whole world will be sad coz their happiness is sad ” my dad said and I smiled a little.


“come have breakfast, I prepared your favorite ” he said and pulled me up.

We ate breakfast together and dad was just trying to cheer me up but it wasn’t working.

If only he knows I will soon loose someone important to me.

After breakfast, I off my school uniform and went to my room.

I don’t feel like going anywhere.

I laid in my bed with a picture of Tyler in my hands.

Tyler, I don’t know what I’ll do if I loose you.

Even if you don’t look at me, I’ll always be here to protect you, I’ll always be your secret angel.



Tyler’s POV

I’m already in my car heading to school.

I reached school and everywhere was calm.

I saw a junior boy and asked him where everyone is.

He said they are at the hall that the principal summoned everyone.

I went to the hall with the boy.

I went there and saw some female student lined up in a row and some were sad.

Even Christina was sad and I don’t know why.

One of the females that lined up, came out and took the microphone and started singing and gosh, her voice is horrible.

The teacher nodded negatively and the girl put on a sad face and joined the other females that were sad.


Oh I see.

It’s the president daughter’s birthday and our school was chosen to sing that day.

My principal called me last night to tell me to get prepared with my friends.

A female is needed to sing along with me and that’s what they are looking for, a beautiful voice.

I should have known, that’s why Christina was sad, she doesn’t have a good voice and I know it.


All the females were tested but none seem to have the golden beautiful voice needed for the song.

“since everyone has been tested but none of you seems to have the voice needed we must choose a person and I’ll announce the person tomorrow ” the principal said.

“so get back to class everyone and prepare for the concert ” the principal said and everyone started going out.

Christina ran to me and held my arm so we went to class together.

“um Tyler, I’ll be back” Christina said and left.



Christina’s POV

I have to go meet the principal and talk to him to choose me coz I won’t let anyone sing with my Tyler on stage.

It has to be me and no one else.

I reached the principal’s office and hesitated on knocking.

I heard people discussing so I put my ear to listen.

“but sir there’s one more person we’ve not yet tested” a teacher said.

“who” the principal asked.

I wonder who the person is.

“Kim Sertori, that clumsy girl ” the teacher said.

“oh I forgot, but it seems she’s not in school” the principal said.

“yeah she’s not so we have to wait till tomorrow and if she comes, we will test her” the teacher said.

I wonder who this Kim Sertori is.

Whoever she is, she better don’t have the voice needed.


Episode 6


Christina’s POV continues

Whoever this Kim is, she better not have the voice needed.

I didn’t bother talking to the principal, I went back to class.

We did lectures, went for lunch then the bell jingled for home time.

Tyler left without my notice so I went home too.



Tyler’s POV

I reached home and went straight to my room cuz I don’t want mom to disturb me.

I freshened up and laid on my bed.

I wonder the person that’s gonna sing with me on stage.

I closed my eyes and slept off without dinner.



Kim’s POV

I woke up the next day, freshened up, wore my clothes, ate breakfast with dad then went to school.

I reached school and walked past the principal without greeting coz I was still thinking of Tyler.

He called me and I turned.

“yes sir” I said and he was surprised.

Maybe because I didn’t call him bald head or wrinkled face.

“I need you in my office ” he said and I followed him.

He told me our school was gonna present a special song for the president’s daughter on her birthday and a female is needed to sing with Tyler.

I didn’t wanna sing at first but when I heard Tyler I agreed.

He gave me a microphone and asked me to sing.

I breathed in and out then looked at him and he just smiled.

*For the first time I saw you I realised you are my beating heart*

*without you there will be no me*

*you are the light in my darkness so I can’t afford to loose you ”

I started singing.



Tyler’s POV

I was in class and Christina is yet to come.

All of a sudden, we heard the most beautiful voice ever.

She was singing and OMG she must be an angel.

All the students were cheering,smiling and wondering who could have such an amazing voice.

I wonder who it is.

I’m already falling in love with the voice, what if I meet the person, gosh I’ll die for her.


Christina’s POV

I came to school damn late.

I got down from my car and was heading to class but stopped on my track when I heard the most beautiful voice ever.

How can someone’s voice be so smooth.

Is this the Kim Sertori? If she is then I’m no match for her.

Her voice is like that of an angel.

I have to make sure I be the one that sings with Tyler.

I went straight to the principal’s office and went in.

I saw the girl drop the microphone, she just finished singing.

Oh my, the Kim is that girl that stepped on her shoe lace and fell the other day causing everyone to laugh.

She’s beautiful too just like her voice.

“I want to have a word with you ” I said referring to the principal.

“ok” he replied.

“privately ” I seethed and he gestured his hand for Kim to leave and she left.

“I want to be the one to sing with Tyler” I said.

“but you don’t have a good voice so you can’t ” he pouted

“I don’t care, just make sure I’m the chosen one” I yelled.

“that won’t happen ” he said calmly.

“oh really, then I’ll call my dad and your school will be the lowest on the list” I seethed.


“fine, but you won’t be the one singing” he said and I looked at him confused.

“your voice will ruin the show so you’ll just be on stage with a mouth piece and act like you are singing but Kim will be the one singing backstage ” he said and I smiled.

“thanks” I said and left.

Oh guys, in case you don’t know, my dad is the minister of education.

Finally, I’ll sing with Tyler.

Kim will be the one singing but I’ll be the one that will be rewarded and praised for having a good voice.

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Re: My Secret Angel by Dapalace: 10:08pm On Jan 25
Episode 7

Kim’s POV

I finished singing and left the principal’s office because that Christina needed to talk to him privately.

I entered class and there were murmurings then laughter.

I’m not gonna make a fool outta myself again.

I sat down and turned back to look at Tyler and our eyes met.

I looked away and rested my head on my desk.

Few mins later Christina came in smiling.

She went to Tyler and jumped up happily.

“I’m the one singing with you Tyler and I’m so happy” she said loud enough to everyone’s hearing.

There were murmurings in the class and I too was surprised.

But I’m supposed to be the one.

“how is that possible, you don’t have the voice needed” Tyler said.

“oh really, didn’t you hear me singing” she said and smiled.

“what” almost all the class yelled in unison.

“but you were disqualified in the test” a girl said and she earned a glare from Christina.

“yeah I was but I was given a second chance and I have the voice needed” she pouted.

What’s this girl saying, she just claimed my voice to be hers.

I wanted to say something but the door flew open and the principal and a teacher came in.

“good day class ” he greeted and we replied.

“so the person to sing with Tyler on stage has been chosen ” he announced and everyone cheered.

My heart beat increased.

“and the person is” he paused and looked at me.

“is Christina Perri ” he announced and I felt something hard hit my chest.

But I’m the one.

Why is the principal being partial.


Tyler’s POV


How is that possible? I know Christina from childhood, she doesn’t even know how to sing.

I know he’s lying and I must find the real singer.

I don’t know but it’s like I love her already.

Is that even possible? Falling love with someone you’ve not seen nor met.

Love is strange sometimes.

“so guys, the day is tomorrow so go and practice ” he said and left with the teacher.

The whole class got up and headed to the practice room.

I called my friends and we went there too.

I saw Kim, she was heading home and I could see she was crying.

I wanted to go after her but I have to practice.

I took my Guitar, my two other friends took theirs too and my other friend sat to beat the drum.

Christina came too and stood beside me.

I started singing.

*i woke up this morning and noticed that today is different *

*the birds are singing, winds blowing and the cloud is brighter than ever”

*i never knew today was meant for someone special, someone different*


I stopped for Christina to continue but she didn’t.

We stopped and asked her why she didn’t sing.

“um I feel sick and I forgot I needed to see my doctor, I already practiced the song at home so there’s no need in practicing again” she said smiling.

She took her bag and left.

Why would she sing when she knows she doesn’t have a beautiful voice.

I and my friends practiced and the class kept on cheering.

We finished and I went home.

I reached home but mom wasn’t at home.

She’s at work I know.

I freshened up, ate dinner that was prepared for me and went to bed.

Tomorrow is the day.

I wish I wasn’t singing with Christina but the real girl.

I wonder who she is.

I closed my eyes and slept off.



Kim’s POV

I reached home and laid on my bed with my school uniform still on.

I thought I’ll finally get the chance to sing with my Tyler but no.

I’m not going to the concert tomorrow and I’m not gonna sing.

I freshened up, ate dinner with dad and went to bed.


I woke up the next day, freshened up, ate breakfast with dad and accompanied him to his shop where he sells Korean food recipes.

I came back home and sat on the couch watching TV.

Before I knew it, I fell asleep.



Tyler’s POV

We are at the hotel where the birthday is been held.

We have few mins left to l

present our song but I don’t know what the principal is waiting for.

Christina is already here but he still insists on waiting

We will be disqualified if we don’t present our song.



Christina’s POV

“she’s still not picking” the principal said for the 11th time.

We’ve been calling Kim but she’s not picking up.

I can’t sing if she don’t come.

“please pick up Kim, today you are special and without you we can’t sing” the principal muttered.


Episode 8



Kim’s POV

I sprung up immediately I heard my phone ringing.

I looked at the caller and it’s unknown.

“annyeonghaseyo, this is Kim on the line” I said yawning.

“ah Kim please please come to the concert we need you please come”

Me? Go there?

“why would I come, let Christina sing, she claims my voice to be hers, let her sing” I said and eased.

“Kim please I beg you” he said.

“OK I’ll come only if I get to sing with Tyler on stage” I said and he sighed.

“Kim that can’t happen, you will sing backstage ”

“hell no, goodbye ”

“Kim Kim Kim please don’t hang up, for the sake of Tyler and the school please come”

Ah Tyler.

My angel really practiced a lot for this concert and if I don’t go, it will all be in vain.

“OK I’ll be there soon” I said.

“thank you so much please hurry up” he said and hung up.

I ran to my room, wore a blue gown and took my purse, wore my shoes and rushed out.



Christina’s POV

thank God she has agreed.

I turned to the principal.

“no one must know the real singer or else you’ll regret ever been borne to this world ” I said and left.

The MC called us to present our song.

We went on stage.

Tyler and his two friends held their guitar and the other one is set to beat the drum.

The guitar started and the drum followed then Tyler started singing.

* I woke up this morning and noticed today is different *

* the birds are singing, wind blowing and the cloud is brighter than ever*

Oh my God where’s Kim? It will soon reach my verse.

* I never knew today was meant for someone special, someone different ”

*yeah, someone worth beyond words and thousand reasons*

* coz even the brightest star shined in the daytime for this queen*

A golden beautiful voice started my verse and I know it’s Kim.

People were wow at her voice.

I just kept moving my lips like I was the one singing.

Me and Tyler : *and there can never be a more brighter day than this coz there’s no one so special like you*

*ooooh yeah, there’s nooooo one special like you *


We ended the song and a thunderous applauds followed.

Tyler and I looked at each other and smiled.

We got down from the stage and took our seat then the celebrant went up stage to give a speech

She thanked everyone especially us that sing her a song.

Our principal was called up stage with us and we were rewarded with different presents .

People couldn’t stop giving me presents and complimenting my voice.

Wow I feel more popular than I was.

Oh dear Kim, your voice is now recognised as mine and even the media and paparazzi are aware and is all over the news.



Kim’s POV

We finished the song and I couldn’t stop the tears that kept falling down my cheeks.

I watched how people complimented Christina for my voice.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I went home.


Tyler’s POV

Why do I feel like someone else sang with me not Christina.

I know Christina very well and she can’t sing.

She came to me and put her hand in my arm and smiled.

“we did great” she said smiling.

“oh Christina, you and I know you weren’t the one that sang” I said and she scoffed.

“and why is that ” she asked.

“because you can’t sing” I seethed.

“common Tyler I agree I didn’t know how to sing but when I went abroad I studied music and I’m now an expert” she said smiling.

Could be true that she is truly the singer?

Why do I feel like she’s lying.

OMG is it………

No no it can’t be her or is she?



T. B.C
Re: My Secret Angel by Dapalace: 4:40pm

Episode 9




Tyler’s POV continues

No it can’t be Persia Gold.

Persia Gold is a well known singer and if she was in the party then the media would have captured her but no sign of her so she’s not the one.

Or is Christina really telling the truth?

The party doesn’t want to come to an end so I decided to go home and rest.

I came out of the hotel and headed to my car.

I felt a very hard pain in my abdomen.

A very severe pain that I stopped walking and held my abdomen.

“aaah” I winced in pain.

I decided to take another step to get to my car but I couldn’t move.

I fell on my knees and cried for help.

Even if it’s my time to die at least let me see my mom.

The paparazzi and some people already surrounded me.

“oh my God what’s wrong with Tyler ” on of the reporter said.

“Tyler ” I heard Christina call.

She ran to me with my friends and principal.

I laid flat on the floor gasping for air then slowly everywhere turned dark.

I woke up in the hospital, it’s definitely an hospital coz something was fixed in my nose, my hand and some part of my body.

I looked around but no one was in the ward so I closed my eyes tight to endure the pain that I was still feeling.



Christina’s POV

“what” I yelled.

“yeah and if he doesn’t get a kidney donor or transplant then he has few days to live ” the doctor said.

I’m in the doc’s office right now, I’m representing Tyler’s guardian.

I’ve called his mother but she’s not picking so I just sent her a text message.

Where do we get a donor from now?

I definitely can’t donate mine.

What if I end up having problems like him or worse DIE!

No no I have to find a donor I can’t give him mine.

I love Tyler but what if I die during the surgery, how will I be with him forever.

“OK doc, we will find a donor as soon as possible ” I said, bowed and left the office.

The main door to the hospital burst open and Kim came in.

Her eyes were red and puffy.

“where is Tyler ” she asked as tears trickled down her cheeks.

“what do you care” I asked

“I care so where is he”

“well he’s fighting for his life in there, he needs a kidney donor” I said and she doesn’t seem surprised.

Does she know before?

Are they in a relationship or what?

I watched her as she walked out of the hospital and slammed the door behind her



Kim’s POV

I was seated on the couch watching TV then I saw on the news.: Tyler was on the floor wincing in pain.

I didn’t waste any second, I took on my hills until I reached the hospital.

I wasn’t surprised when Christina told me he needs a kidney donor.

Should I give him one of mine?

What if I die in the process?

I’m the only one dad has?

Mom already left him and he loves me so much.


But what about Tyler?

If he dies, I won’t be able to live.

I shouldn’t think negatively.

Help the need and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

I wiped my tears and went back inside the hospital.

I didn’t even notice Tyler friends and the principal were there.

They got up to leave as it was already dark.

They promised to come tomorrow to visit him.

I went to Christina.

“where’s the doc ” I asked sniffing.

“what do you need him for ”

“I’m ready to donate my kidney for Tyler ” I said and her eyes widened.

“come with me” she said and I followed her.

We reached the doc’s office and she told me to wait at the door then she went in.



Christina’s POV

I’m very sure Kim loves Tyler very much.

If Tyler get to know she’s the one who sang and also the one who donated her kidney for him then I know they might be together coz Tyler is already in love with the singer.

I met the doc and told him that I’ve found a donor that they are gonna take one of her kidney but my name will be the donor.

That is, Kim will be risking her life to donate her kidney to her dearest Tyler but I’ll be known as the donor in the eyes of everyone just like I did with the song.

I threatened the doc that if he disagrees, then someone very closed to him is gonna receive the punishment.

His face made me laugh coz he was really scared then he agreed to put my name as the donor.

Haha haha, I’m so smart.

Tyler will forever be grateful to me for saving his life.

I opened the door and told Kim to came in but she pulled me out.

“what do you think huh, that I’m clumsy doesn’t mean I have no brain, my name alone will be written and signed as the donor, I won’t let you take my glory like you did with the song” she seethed.

“well well well, look who’s talking, the girl who lives in the slums, the girl who her father sells just to provide her needs but is too clumsy to appreciate her father” I said smiling.

“do you think you can double cross me, try to argue on this or tell anyone that you are the real donor and I’ll make your life miserable, starting with your father” I said and I could see the fear in her eyes.

“Kim Sertori, don’t you dare play dirty with me cause you don’t know what I’m capable of doing ” I said and she went dumb.

” donate the kidney to Tyler and get far away from him coz he’ll never love you and I would never allow that”


Episode 10


Kim’s POV

Should I go on with the surgery?

But Christina will be the one to take all the glory.

I don’t care about the compliments, Tyler’s life is more

important and I have to save him.

If I try to argue, she might hurt my dad and even the doc coz I

heard her threatening him.

I slightly nodded and she smiled wryly.

I was taken to the ICU and Tyler was brought too.

He was still unconscious or maybe they’ve given him


The doc injected me with anesthesia and soon everywhere

was dark, I slept off.



Christina’s POV

Tyler and Kim are in the ICU right now.

I just pray Tyler survives.

If that Kim dies then it’s good.

After what seems like months, the doc came out.

“it was a success ” he said and I smiled.

“I’ll get someone to take the girl home and I’ll dress as the

donor and I’ll be on the bed like I was operated on” I said and

he nodded.

“but please make sure the girl is well taken care of coz she’s

not supposed to go home now” he said and I nodded.


I called two of our guards and told them to take her home. I

gave them her address and they left.

Well since the day I knew that Kim had a golden voice, I did

some research about her.

I wore a patient gown and laid down in the bed in a ward

close to Tyler’s.

I heard sniffing and then someone yelling

“where’s my son”

Oh Tyler’s mom is here.


The door to my ward flew open and Tyler’s mom came in.

I breathed slowly like someone who’s in pain.

“oh Christina, thank you so much for saving my son’s life, I’ll

forever be indebted to you” she said holding my hand.

I just smiled like talking was difficult for me.

“recover soon so you, me and Tyler can have a get together

soon OK ” she said and I nodded then she left.



Kim’s POV

I felt a very sharp pain in my abdomen as I slightly blinked my

eyes open.

I looked around and I was in a car.

OMG are they kidnapping me? Did Christina send them?

I wanted to sit up and talk but I could find the strength to do


I didn’t even get to see Tyler.

The car stopped at our frontage and two guys came to the

back seat and carried me out.

They put me on the floor but my leg couldn’t carry me so I sat

on the bare floor.

I glared at them and they just hopped in their car and drove


I held the gate and slowly got up.

I opened the gate and went in.

My dad rushed to me immediately he saw me.

” my Kim, dad was worried ” he said holding me in his arms.

“but what happened to you” he asked but I didn’t say anything

as he led me inside.

I laid on my bed and told dad everything that happened.

“what if I’d lost you” he yelled.

“ah appa, this is me here, I’m not dead ” I said and smiled.

” aigoo, we gave to pack out of here, maybe after a week when

you’ve recovered ” he said and I nodded.

I might love Tyler but that doesn’t mean I’ll involve my dear


He’s the best dad ever and I can’t afford to loose him.

I felt sleepy so I let sleep overtake me.



Christina’s POV

Because of this pretense, I can’t know if Tyler is conscious or


I have to act like someone who’s been operated on.

Once I get outta here, I’ll give Kim and her poor father some

money so they can relocate so Kim don’t get to attend the

same school with Tyler.



Tyler’s POV

My eyes still felt heavy as I slowly opened them.

My mom was beside me and she smiled when I opened my


“thank God sweetie, you’re finally awake ” she said smiling.

“who is the donor” I asked coz I know I was operated on.

“it’s Christina ” she said still smiling.

Christina? That’s impossible.

I know how Christina loves herself and she can’t risk her life

for anybody, I mean nobody so how is it possible.

“are you sure ” I asked still doubting.

“yes and she’s in her ward” she said and I nodded slightly.

Whoever it is, even if it’s Christina, the person just gave me a

second chance to live.

All I want now is to recover and find my goddess.

I must find the person who sang with me coz I know for sure

it’s not Christina.

I know exactly who I’ll ask..

My principal of course and if he doesn’t tell me the real singer

then I’m gonna use a forceful way coz I feel like they are

making me a fool.

I wonder what they are hiding.

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T. B.C

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