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Bad Boys Baby by Dapalace: 4:16pm On Feb 07
Bad boy’s Baby
[The new girl next door] �

Episode 1


Chris POV
“Charlie be fast damn you’re as slow as a snail” I yelled at him.

“Oh shut the f**k up. You can’t just wait to see your bit*h that’s it” he replied climbing down the stairs.

“Where is chase by the way?” He inquired.

“He’s been waiting in the damn car all day for your stupid slow a*s” I groaned and turned headed for the door.

“You two aren’t serious. Its not as if we’re attending or ball or something. Its just a foolish house party” he snapped from behind but I ignored him.

I got out and went into the car, taking the position of the driver.

I seriously can’t let charlie drive today. His just too slow in everything.

He got in from the other side of the car and sat beside me.

Chase was listening to music as usual and didn’t say anything as I ignited the car engine.

He barely talks anyways. His the baby of the house.

I drove out of the compound and turned to the left.

“Hmm I think some people are gonna be leaving in this house. We’re gonna be having a new neighbour” Charlie said and I looked out.

My eyes caught a pretty blonde hair girl that was carrying a carton.

“Natalie, come on” the woman who seems like her mom shouted to her and she turned around.

“Whoops! Are you kidding me?” Charlie asked starring at the girl’s back side.

“Oh my! Is she an angle or what?”

“With that beauty she still has big ass” he added and I continued starring at her loosing focus on the road.

“What the f**k!!” Chase yelled from the back and tapped me.

I looked at the front and saw a van driving towards our direction in full speed.

I quickly diverted my hand to the right side to avoid a clash and the van drove away.

“Shit! Do you want to get us killed? What were you thinking of?” Chase yelled again from the back.

“That ass distracted him, that I’m sure of” Charlie said laughing.

I rolled my eyes at him and started driving again this time with full concentration.

And in case you wanna know us.

My name is Chris and chase is my younger brother.

Charlie is my cousin and we three live together with my parents.

Charlie is a year older than me and I’m a year older that chase.

People say chase is actually the most handsome amongst us and I don’t doubt that.

His handsomeness is a waste because he doesn’t look at girls. He just stays curled up in his room everyday expect we force him to come with us and another thing about him is that he loves music more then me and Charlie I guess.

Charlie on his own likes girls especially girls with big b*o*s and backside and he has a lot of girlfriends.

Well I am the master of them all. I love girls and I love to f**k a lot.

I am cute, like am not the average handsome guy. The only person in the world that is more handsome than me is obviously chase.

His just the only one.

But unfortunately he doesn’t really blend with it.

Tho I have a personal bit*h which I pretend to love but the only need for her is her p***y.

Yea, her juicy p***y and she knows it.

I can’t remember a day that passed that I didn’t screw a girl. I’ve screwed almost all the ladies in Top hill high.

None of them is difficult to get tight with. Just with a touch and their p*n*s are wets.

I parked when I have finally gotten to the house.

Drake’s house. Yea Drake’s is my best friend and his throwing a house party in which everyone at high school is gonna be attending.

I can’t just wait. I can’t wait to get into someone.

We got down from the car and there was Drake.

“Buddy” he called and we hugged each other.

“Yo! How is it going man?” I asked throwing my arm around his neck.

He also held me as we went into his house.

His just lucky that he lives alone. So he throws party whenever he wants.

“You know you’re the one that lights up a party so we’ve all been waiting for you to show up.”

“Everything is set. Even your bit*h arrived early” he cooed.

We got in and received shouts from people.

They were mostly hailing me.

Bottles of drinks were all over the place waiting to be taken.

I picked up a champagne and popped it open and everyone screamed.

Bit*h*’s were rolling their a*s all over the place and I wish I could just grab em all at once and screw them.

“Baby” I heard that familiar voice from the back call and I licked my lips and sipped in little quantity of champagne before turning to look at her.

My bit*h.

“Sugarplum” I kissed her wet lips and took my free hand to her exposed butt and held it tightly.

We kissed for a while and she took her hand to my shirt and wanted unbuckling it there in front of everyone but I stopped her.

“Hold on babe” I managed to say and shifted away from her.

I gulped down large quantity from the champagne and music started playing.

Charlie was already surrounded by his chicks waiting to be screwed. He pretends as if he doesn’t like f**k*ng em but the truth remains that he loves it.

And chase…

Girls were trying to get close to him but he always chase them away.

Gosh its like girls disgust him or what?

I took my bit*h whose name is lily and made for the guest room unknowing to me that one of her friends were following us.

I got to the guest room and the girl ran in and locked the door.

Lily rolled her eyes at her but couldn’t do anything since they were friends but seriously I don’t understand girl’s rule at all.

Lily quickly took off her clothes leaving just her pant and bra and she jumped on me kissing me again.

I slowly moved to the bed and laid her on it and started planting hot kisses on her neck, her tummy, her legs and all other sweet parts.


Episode 2

I kissed her lower abdomen and pulled her p*nt aside and slid in one finger.

I started finger f**k*ng her and she started moaning.

Her friend, I don’t even no her name climb on top of me from behind and started planting kisses on my neck.

“Shit! Get down, I groaned lowly and made her slid out of my body.

I continued my work and this time I completely got rid of her p*nt and added two fingers into her wet p***y.

I started thrusting into her fast and hard and she was moaning her lungs out.

Her friend stripped herself completely and crawled towards me.

I took her lips in mine and started giving her a rough kiss still finger f**k*ng my bit*h.

I stopped after a while as I was feeling way too Hot by now.

I needed my c**k fixed into a p***y.

I started unbuckling my shirt and my bit*h friend started loosening my belt.

I removed my shirt and she finished unbuckling my trouser and pulled it down.

I helped her and pulled the trouser off completely and I also pulled off my boxer revealing my hard c**k.

They smiled and licked their lips.

I’ll take my bit*h first, I thought and made her squat on the bed with her a*s pushing out.

I stood and properly fix my c**k into her a*s hole and started thrusting into her hard.

“Aw ah yes love, I need it” she moaned out loud and her friend kept watching us.

She soon became too Hot and started fingering herself but I cared less.

In an hour I felt my cum building up and I turned her and made her open her damn mouth.

I poured all of my cum inside her mouth and she swallowed it down and fell down flat on the bed.

Her friend who has been masturbating became excited and fixed herself in that same position her friend was in but I beckoned on her to come down and she did.

I sat on the bed with my hands tightly holding unto the bed then I ordered her to sit on me.

She happily sat down on my c**k taking everything into her p***y then she started jumping and sitting on it.

I closed my eyes as I enjoyed it.

Damn it feels so good.

She was also moaning as she ride on me.


Chase’s POV
“F**k! Get away from me bit*hes” I groaned moving away from them.

“Handsome” one of them called and made to sit on my laps but I got up immediately.

“Don’t you all get it? I don’t want you? I don’t f**k*ng like you so please let me be” I yelled and left with my phone and headphone.

If not for the fact my brothers forced me I won’t be here with me.

“Hey chase” I heard Drake, Christ friend call and I turned to look at him.

“Hey” I mumbled my words.

“I see what you did there. When are you gonna stop refusing free p***y?” he asked and handed me a stick which I collected.

I don’t usually smoke but do it sometimes to calm down.

“There is one that is really desperate for you. She hasn’t been f**k*d that much so try her out” he suggested as I inhaled and puffed out smoke from my mouth.

“No thanks, I appreciate” I replied.

“Even if I wanna get tight with someone, it shouldn’t be a bit*h” I added and he chuckled.

“Should it be a nun then?” He teased.

“It should be my girlfriend Drake, please leave me alone” I groaned and left him going towards the car we came with.

They are all so annoying.


Charlie’s POV
“Oh my! I love this” I said and moaned.

My balls are deep into one of my girlfriend’s.

I continued thrusting into her but suddenly one pushed her out of the way and took her position.

I smirked and was about fixing my d**k into the new girl but another pushed that one away.

“The f**k! What are you doing?” I groaned in annoyance.

I took my trouser up and wore it properly.

“Please don’t leave” they started begging but I ignored them all and took my jacket finding the exist door.

I got outside to the main party and took a bottle of vodka.

I eye searched for them – my brothers but couldn’t find em.

I sighted Drake coming in and went to him.

“Hey man, have you seen em?” I questioned.

“Chris is still on his screw mission while chase left to the car” he replied and I nodded and found my way out.

I got to the car and found chase.

He was sitting on the bonnet of his car, smoking.

I joined him and opened the drink, drinking directly from the bottle.

I gulped down two shots and offered him but he didn’t collect it so I continued my thing.

We stayed muted the whole time.

He hardly talks anyways.

If it were to be Chris we could have gone deep into our conversation.

But I still tried to bring up a conversation because everywhere looked boring.

“Hey, did you see that blonde haired girl that is moving next door?” I asked and he got chocked and started coughing.


Chase’s POV
Immediately Charlie mentioned the blonde haired girl which we saw earlier but I pretended not to see her I got chocked.

I don’t just know but I’ve been thinking about her since I came out here.

I wonder why tho.



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Re: Bad Boys Baby by EzegeNdiigbo: 4:21pm On Feb 07
Nice one


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Re: Bad Boys Baby by Dapalace: 1:52pm On Feb 08

Episode 3



Chase’s POV
“Chase, are you okay? You’re acting weird or are you also thinking about her big ass” he smirked and licked his lips.

I flinched and got down from the car.

“Of course, not” I yelled in defence.

“Hey, why are you getting worked up? I’m only teasing you okay?” He said but I rolled my eyes at him and went into the car.

“Hey, are you angry?
Hey, chase am talking to you. Did you forget am two years older than you? You should at least have some respect for me.”

“Chase! Chase!!” He kept yelling but I ignored him and plugged in my headphone.

Please let that jerk Chris finish up and let’s leave here, I thought with my eyes closed.


Chris’s POV
I finished with them both and felt exhausted.

Gosh. They are headaches.

My bit*h did a second round with me before finally letting me go.

The two bit*h*s lay down on the bed breathing with their mouths wide open.

You could mistake them for an animal if care is not taken.

I took my boxers and wore them, then picked up my shirt.

“That was awesome baby. Should I come over tomorrow night for a round or two?” Lily asked and I shook my head.

I won’t be having your p***y again tomorrow, I thought but didn’t say it out.

“No, my parents will be around tomorrow night so don’t dare come expect you wanna go home embarrassed” I replied and left the room.

I bombed into Drake, his hands were wrapped around two different girls as they giggled and followed him.

He stopped immediately he sighted me.

“Yo! I bet you had your full” he smiled.

“Yea, surely. Do you know where those nut heads are?” I asked him.

“Yea, they are both waiting outside in your car” he replied.

One of the girls he was holding has been winking at me but I’m too tired for it.

Maybe she’ll be the one I’ll take tomorrow since I’ve had my full today and thank goodness I’ve seen her face.

“Alright buddy, see you maybe tomorrow or the next” I cooed and he left one of the girls and we both shook hands.

“I’ll be coming over to your house tomorrow bro, expect me yea?” He said.


I left him and went outside to see Charlie on the bonnet with a bottle of vodka.

Oh my! My champagne.

Gosh I forgot about it.

I took the drink from him and gulped down large quantity from it. I took another shot and handed it over to him.

I don’t wanna get drunk because I’m gonna be driving.

I opened the driver side and made to get in but chase pushed me out and got into the driver sit.

“Hey a*s hole, why did you do that for?” I questioned.

“You just drank from that and beside I don’t wanna die after what you did earlier so I’ll be driving” he replied and I scoffed.

“Have you perfected your driving skills? You’re the one that is gonna get us killed chase” I retorted and made to push him away but he held tightly until the steering.

“I’m not letting go of this” he insisted.

“Yea, leave him. His gonna die first yunno” I heard Charlie say and rolled my eyes at him.

“And is that a good thing?” I questioned getting a sit beside chase.

Charlie followed and got into the back.

Chase ignited the engine and I continued watching him as he reversed and left the building.

He wasn’t that fast nor was he slow but my mind wasn’t at rest one bit as he kept driving.

Minutes later we got into our street and he decreased his speed driving so slowly, I bet a snail could run faster than the car right now.

“Hey! Why aren’t you driving? Come on drive faster?” I urged and hit his shoulder.

“Ouch! Leave me be” he snarled and continued driving slow until we finally got to our compound and he drove in.

We all came down from the car and I felt like slamming his tiny head on the wall but mom was already outside with her hands at akimbo.

“Where are you boys coming from?” She questioned and immediately chase went to hug her.

He acts like a baby sometimes, I don’t just get him.

He just clocked 18 and his still behaving this way.

“Mom” he called and mom patted his back.

“My baby boy” mom pouted and I stood starring at them both.

“Why is this guy is guy? Why isn’t he a girl? He doesn’t like girls, mostly on his own expect forced to go out. Aren’t this the character’s of most girls?” I questioned and he turned and looked at me.

“I wish I was one so I couldn’t be forced to always go out and I won’t be disturbed by girls, d**k head” he retorted.

“What did you just call me jerk?” I snapped.

“What you just heard” he replied.


“Will you boys stop and what are you doing there Charlie?” Mom cut in and I turned to look at Charlie who’s attention was buried into his phone.

“Charlie! Charlie!!” Mom yelled more loudly and he jerked.

“Yes, yes” he answered.

“Hand over that phone right now” mom ordered stretching her hand to him.

“Aw Aunt, you can’t do that. You can’t keep sizing my things, I’m f**k*ng twenty” he groaned.

“The phone” mom insisted again and he handed his phone to mom.

“You won’t be getting this back till tomorrow night” she said strictly and went into the house.

That’s it, mom hates been ignored over something like hell. She even broke my computer because I didn’t answer her calls last year so I learnt my lessons immediately but Charlie on his own doesn’t seems to learn at all.

Mom has even taken one of his favourite shirt when he needed to go out urgently with it months back but he doesn’t take correction.

And about chase, mom doesn’t punish him at all. Like I said earlier today, his the baby of the house.

Chase’s POV
I followed mom in immediately she left with Charlie’s phone.

Mom went to the kitchen and I followed her in.

“Mom, what did you cook? I’m really hungry” I pouted.

She kept Charlie’s phone on top of the sink and turned to look at me.

“Did you smoke chase?” She asked and my eyes widened.

How in the world could I forget this? How in the world? I thought.

“Chase?” She called her voice coming out cold.

“Did you smoke?” She questioned again and I gulped down saliva.

“No…no” I stuttered.

“Okay, you’ll be going to our new neighbours to hand them this pancakes.”

“Remember we do this to our every neighbour.”

“So take” she cooed and handed a tray to me.

“Go to them now and extend my greetings” she ordered and left the kitchen.

What? The new neighbour? The blonde haired her house? I thought puzzled.


Episode 4

Chase’s POV
I exhaled softly before planting a knock on our new neighbour’s door.

There was no responds then I knocked a second time.

“Coming” I heard a girlish voice answer me and I became nervous.

No, this is not me. I’m not like this because of girls, I’ve never been like this, I thought to myself trying to calm down.

The nervousness increased when I felt a hold at the door and the door opened revealing a girl that is about 8 – 10 years old.

She has long hair with long lashes and little big eyes making her look really pretty.

She smiled suddenly.

“What do you want?” She questioned.

“Um..can you give to your parents? They are from mine, we..we usually do this whenever we have a new neighbour. Its a way of welcoming them” I explained to her and she stretched her tiny hands forward and collected it.

“Thanks a lot” she smiled out dimples.

“Mona? Who are you speaking with at the door?” I heard a woman voice.

“Um..see mom” the little Mona replied showing the tray to her.

The woman opened the door wider and I saw her.

“Um..good evening ma’am, my mom gives out pancakes to every new neighbours. Its a way of welcoming them” I explained.

“Oh! Come on in, we appreciate” the woman beamed.

“Oh no ma’am, I gotta go now” I replied but she held my back.

“Come on and have a cup of juice, its my way of saying thanks to her” the woman insisted with smiles and I stood thinking whether to go in or not.

“Mom” I heard a girl’s voice, an older girl’s voice this time and figured out that she is the one – the blonde hair girl.

“Come on” the woman bugged into my thoughts again and I jerked.

“Um..of course…ma’am” I stuttered and she stepped out of the way.

I stepped into the house which was the living room precisely and saw her – the blonde hair girl.

I don’t no her name but she’s extremely beautiful, I thought and slapped my head mentally.

F**k chase! What are you thinking?

“Natalia, please go get a cup of juice for our neighbour here” the woman instructed her and she glared at me and left.


Natalie’s POV
I got to the fridge and took out an orange juice.

Ouch! I didn’t ask him what fruit juice he’ll prefer.

Damn! I cussed and hit my head.

Well, I can still give him this. It’s orange and everyone likes orange, I thought and with that I left to the sitting room and saw him standing quietly starring down at his shoes.

“Hey” I said softly and he raised his head and starred at me.

“Do you like orange juice? I got this one for you” I asked proffering it to him and I noticed he cringed before collecting it.

He gulped it down in one shot and handed the cup over to me.

“Thanks” he mumbled.

“I’ll get going now” he added and left as if he was being chased.

Chase’s POV

I got out of their compound hastily and went to ours.

Immediately I got in mom was standing in the dinning area while Charlie’s eyes were fixed on the TV screen.

“So, did you give them?” Mom inquired immediately but that was not what I’m concerned about right now.

I really need to puke before I die.

I’m damn allergic to orange.

I rushed into the kitchen being the nearest and possible place I could puke and I released everything in my mouth into the sink.

My body was already changing colour and sweats were screaming down my whole body as if I just showered.

I continued puking and heard mom scream.

“What the hell did you take?” She questioned and patting my back downwards.

I started feeling dizzy and had to hold my head.

“Chase! Chase!” I heard mom’s faint voice.

“Charlie, fast call the doctor” I heard her yell last and fell on her body, passing out.

Charlie’s POV
I heard Aunt’s scream and stood up.

“Call the doctor” she added and I went for the telephone and called him.

“Hello, Mr Edward, please come over right now” I said into the phone and dropped the telephone.

I went to the kitchen and finally saw what happened.

This jerk has started again.

What did he eat this time? I thought as I carried him from Aunt and took him to the couch in the sitting room.

I laid him down and turned the air conditioner.

Aunt was just panting heavily starring at Chase.

“What did he take when you guys forced him out? What did you give me?” She half yelled.

“Aunt, I seriously don’t no what he took and beside he should have been down for a long time, why now? He even drove us home and nothing happened to him.”

“If he took anything at all then it wasn’t at where we went to” I defended.

“Then what and where the hell did he take what he take?” She continued screaming.

“Mom, Charlie, what is going on? Mom you wanna scream down the whole building?” Chris asked coming down the stairs.

“His allergic symptoms, he took what he shouldn’t have taken” Aunt replied him.

He ran pass us and went to him on the couch, opened his mouth and inhaled his breath.

“Its orange, it smells like orange” Chris announced.

“What? Where the hell did he get orange? Why on earth will he take orange?” Aunt cried.

Its impossible for him to take orange. He couldn’t have taken it in his right senses, what the hell happened? I wondered starring down at him on the couch.


Re: Bad Boys Baby by Dapalace: 11:13am On Feb 10
Episode 5


Charlie’s POV
The doctor arrived after much waiting and did his thing to chase and left afterwards.

We took him up to his room and let him sleep for a while before Aunt requested he gets woken up so he could eat since he was originally hungry.

We all stayed in his room as Aunt brought in the food and fed him like a kid he is.

After he was done eating, he was made to lie down back.

“What the hell happened Chase? Why did you take Orange?” Mom questioned but he kept mute and starred at the ceiling.

“Chase, why aren’t you talking to me? I’m really worried. Didn’t you no it had orange content and where the hell did you get it?” Aunt kept questioning but he kept mute.

She sighed and asked us to leave his room.

“But, why are you chasing us out?” Chris complained.

“Come on, get out. You’re gonna make him more sick than this, who knows if you weren’t the one that forced him to take orange” Aunt said and I chuckled.

“Seriously? I’ll purposely force an orange on him?” Chris scoffed.

“You’re so unbelievable” he added and left the room while I followed him out.

We were climbing down the stairs when we heard hones.

My uncle is back I guess.

We both went outside to the garage to receive him.

“Hi uncle” I greeted.

“Hey little man” he replied.

“Hi dad” Chris greeted after me.

“Yea son, where is your mom?” He asked walking into the house.

“I guess she’s still in chase room. She probably didn’t hear the hones cause she’s busy babysitting him” Chris mumbled to my hearing and we got in and headed straight for the dinning.

Uncle went up with his briefcase and we sat down alone in the dinning.

“Hey jerk! Can you lend me your phone?” I inquired and of course he answered how exactly I expected him to answer.

With a “no d**k head.”

I sighed and crossed my legs waiting for dinner to be served.

Natalia’s POV
“Mom, so what are you saying? You’re gonna be working at the hospital here?” I questioned and she took in a spoonful of egg and replied me.

“Yes honey, the pay here is awesome. You’ll attend the popular Top hill high here or don’t you want it?” She replied.

“Top hill high?” I scoffed.

“Wait, I’m gonna be attending that school?” I asked to be sure.

“Yes dear, one of my friends is a teacher there” she replied smiling.

“Mom, when did you have a friend here? Do you always have friends everywhere you go?” Mona chipped in.

Mom laughed and pushed a sliced bread into her mouth.

“Come on Mona, I don’t have friends everywhere but its good to have friends or don’t you think?” She replied – questioned.

“Well, I don’t no for you adults. I don’t make too much friends because they are all losers and mom, where will I attend school then?” She pouted.

“Oh my baby, I’ll have to search for a good elementary school for you on the net tomorrow” mom replied and she nodded and sipped from her tea.

Few hours later we finished with dinner and we slept off.

Next morning.

I woke up early to do my early morning exercise.

Don’t wanna add.

I took a bottle of water from the fridge, plugged in my ear phone and turned on the music in it.

I was already on my sport clothes which I don’t really like wearing because it brings my b*tt and b*o*s out a lot.

Well all my clothes does, no matter how big the dress is, it’ll bring out my figures.

Sometimes I hate it, sometimes I love it.

It just depends on the occasion.

I opened our door slowly to avoid making a lot if noise and then closed it back when I’ve gotten outside.

I went to the gate and also unlocked it and closed it behind.

I stood in front of the gate and starred left and right.

I don’t see anyone around.

This is my first time here so I won’t go far else I’ll miss my way.

I parked my hair into a tight bun and with that I started my jogging.

I jogged into the street with my eyes closed for a while and I later opened it.

I continued jogging until I met two figures sitting by a corner and stopped.


Chris’s POV
We woke up early to do our usual routine but didn’t allow chase to follow us.

It was even mom that prevented him from following us.

Charlie and I grabbed a bottle of table water each and left, taking our usual routes.

In this whole estate I think we are the only ones that jog. I don’t know if the other occupants are too lazy or too old for it.

I mean exercise is sweet, especially morning exercise.

This is one of my best hobbies and beside I run relays and marathon in school – I’m the king of sports actually.

Charlie and I ran for a long time before we decided to take a break for a few minutes.

We stayed there and drank from our water before noticing someone jogging towards us.

“Don’t tell me it’s stubborn Chase” Charlie said as we kept starring at the figure and soon the figure appeared clearly and proved to be a girl or should I say lady.

She stopped and starred at us.

I also took a long stare at her and realized that she’s the girl – the blonde haired big a*s girl.


Episode 6


Natalia’s POV
I took a good look at them and looked away to continue on my way.

Hmm but I didn’t no some occupants of this estate do exercise taking that I haven’t seen a single soul since I started jogging.

I continued and notice the two guys were starring at me but I didn’t mind em.

Firstly I get that a lot. Its now part of me.


Charlie’s POV
“Damn! Didn’t she hear us? Or is she tryna prove stubborn?” Chris groaned as soon as the Blondie jogged pass.

“I don’t no man” I replied and ruffed my hair.

“Come on cha, I’ll follow her” he announced and grabbed his bottle water running after her.

Geez! Her a*s is something else. How could a young girl like this have such a huge a*s, I wondered as I also grabbed my bottle and followed after them.

I got to where Chris was and stayed glued to his side as he jogged after the Blondie.

“Hey, hey, Nat” Chris kept calling but she didn’t answer him.


Natalia’s POV
After I jogged pass them I noticed one jogged after me and soon the other one joined.

Huh! Are they perhaps following me or are they busy starring at my a*s which I know is bouncing? I wondered but continued jogging with one of Nicki minaj songs still playing.

After a while I became so tired and worn out then decided to sit on a pavement where flower branches are.

I sat on the pavement and took out my bottle water and gulped down large quantity.

The two guys also stopped and surprisedly, but not to surprising came to join me on the pavement.

They sat down beside me but I didn’t wanna stare at their face.

I threw my face away and brought out my phone and looked into it.

I’ll start jogging back. Its time for me to do that, I thought and slid my phone back into my pants pockets and stood up with the bottle water leaving them alone.


Charlie’s POV

“Sh*t! What the f**k*ng hell was that?” Chris cussed looking really furious.

“Does she have to ignore me like that? Does she have to pretend not to hear me call me again?” He growled.

“Calm down Chris, it seems she’s listening to music so she can’t hear you call her” I replied him calmly.

“Even if she was listening to music charlie, she’s not at least blind not to see us.”

“She f**k*ng saw us follow and sat with her. Is she tryna prove stubborn? Why I’m I asking? She’s definitely tryna prove stubborn because of her asset are extraordinary and I promise to handle, caress and press her big a*s and b*o*s” he said fisting his hand.


Natalia’s POV
I got home completely exhausted and I went straight to the fridge and grabbed another bottle of cold drink.

I finished drinking it and went straight into my room to change and bath.

Hmm I bet I haven’t told you much about myself have I?

Well, I don’t even need to tell you much.

My mom has been the one taking care of us since dad died in the Army.

Mom says I look just like him.

Mom is actually a doctor and she’s very popular in her trade of work making her wanted by all the hospitals that hears of her skills.

The awards and everything mom has been collecting has been the one taking care of Mona and I.

Well that’s all you need to know for now.


Chase’s POV
I came down from my room to see my brother’s coming into the house from exercising.

They were both sweating profusely and Chris has this stupid look on his face.

“How could she do that? How in the world could she?” He groaned lowly coming in.

“Its alright Chris. You’re gonna get her and when you do please lemme also have a taste of her.”

“I can’t imagine how sweet and soft her a*s will be like” Charlie replied him as they sat down.

Huh! Which girl are they talking about? I wondered and made to go down and ask but I remembered that all those things doesn’t concern me.

Maybe its the neighbour, I thought and went down to them.

I made to ask but the door bell rang.

Huh! Who could it be this early? I thought and went for the door.

My eyes widened immediately I saw who it was.


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Re: Bad Boys Baby by Dapalace: 2:23pm On Feb 14
Bad Boy’s Baby
[The new girl next door]

Episode 7



Chase’s POV

“Hi neighbour” the little girl greeted and I gulped.

“What..what are you doing here?” I questioned nervously.

“Here” she said and presented the tray mom used in giving out the pancakes last night.

“My mom asked me to return it” she smiled.

“Oh yea” I mumbled and took the tray from her.

“Alright, I’ll get going now” she announced and turned to go but stopped and turned back.

“I’ve being meaning to tell you this, you’re really handsome” she complemented and I shook my head and forced a smile.

“Yea thanks” I told her.

I hear that every day, I thought and shut the door close.

“Who was that?” I heard dad’s voice and turned to see him climbing down the stairs.

“Dad? Good morning dad, I didn’t see you come home last night” I greeted.

“Yea and that’s because you took orange” Chris cut in.

“Morning uncle” Charlie also greeted.

“Morning super dad” Chris greeted and walked pass him going up stairs.

“Dad, where is mom?” I questioned as I walked closer to him.

“Your mom left early because of an emergency in her working place” dad replied and I nodded and went to the kitchen to drop the tray.

I dropped the tray and came out of the kitchen and went to my room afterwards.


Natalia’s POV
I got out to the sitting room with my hair dripping wet to see Mona coming in.

“Hey Mona, where is mom?” I questioned as she took a sit in one of the couch.

“And why are you giggling like that?” I added.

“Well, I just met a very cute guy. Do you know that guy that came to our house last night? His very cute” she giggled and placed her hands on her chest.

I went over to her and pushed her head.

“Hey, why aren’t you crushing on your classmates? Why must it be someone so older than you? You’re just 8 years old and he looks 17 or 18. How on earth could you crush on him?” I questioned.

“Well, its none of your business and is it my fault that his so cute? Anyways I’m gonna be confessing my feelings to him pretty soon” she smiled and left the sitting room.

I stood watching her as she left.

“Hey, you didn’t answer my first question. Where is mom?” I half yelled but she didn’t reply.

I took the towel wrapped around my hair off and kept it on the couch then went outside.

I got outside the compound and looked at my left, then my right, then I looked up and my eyes caught someone starring at me through the window.


Chase’s POV
I got to my room and went to the window to see if I’ll see the blond haired girl.

I kept looking and soon I saw her step out.

My happiness increased as my eyes landed on her. She was looking so beautiful with her wet hair.

Gosh! What the f**k is wrong with me?

This is not you chase. You won’t be like this over a girl, never!

But because of her I took an orange drink. I didn’t want her to think badly of me that’s why I couldn’t reject the drink.

I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t want our first meeting to go that way so I ended up sick.

I sighed and continued starring at her and soon her eyes came up to my room.

Our eyes met as we starred at each other.

I heard the door open behind me followed by Chris voice.

I quickly looked away and closed the window.

“What are you doing?” He asked coming closer to me.

“No…nothing, what do you want?” I asked pressing my back on the window.

“Hey, who are you starring at?” He asked still moving closer to me.

“No, no one” I replied not wanting him to find out but he is a suspicious freak.

“Its someone, the look on your face tells” he insisted and made to open the window but I held him back.

He pushed me away and opened the window but couldn’t find anyone.

Guess the girl has left.

“Hmm you’re acting strange” he mumbled.

“You are the one acting strange. Why are you intruding on my privacy? I’m gonna tell mom on you” I half yelled and matched to my bed.

He has made me lost the sight of her.

Damn it!


Natalia’s POV
Immediately I noticed that he looked away and shut the window I turned and went into the house back.

Hmm his the one Mona is talking about. His really handsome.

I couldn’t stare at him properly yesterday because it was dark and I was tired from the day’s offloading.

But now that I’m looking at him his really cute.

Super super cute.

I smiled at my thought and grabbed my towel headed back for my room.

I think I have a lot of things to prepare for.

School is tomorrow and a new school at that.


Chris’s POV
Few hours later mom came back and prepared breakfast.

We finished eating and she left with dad.

I’m presently in the sitting room with Charlie whose eyes were fixed on a football match.

Chase was in his room as always.

Me? my mind was in another world.

I was thinking about the big a*s girl

She’s so arrogant but pretty.

I need a new strategic on how to make her mine.

I need to get tight with her, I thought and an idea suddenly popped into my head.

Wait, she might start attending Top high since she’s now leaving here.

If she starts attending the same school as ours then my plan of getting tight with her could be accomplished within a week.

No one can refuse my charms – no girl.

The door bell rang and I stood up to get the door.

I opened the door to see my buddy.

Hmm this makes it more fun.

I’m gonna need his assistance on this.

On how to make her mine.Bad Boy’s Baby



Episode 8

Next day.


Natalia’s POV
I opened my eyes and yawned loudly, then I turned on the bed repeatedly and finally got up.

Today is gonna be my first day at Top hill high.

Hmm I’m somehow anxious about it. Hearing that the school has a good and bad reputation.

Students there are bad especially the boys. Yea that’s what I heard and looking at myself I think I’ll be better off without that school but mom…

She already said I’ll attend the school so its final.

I rolled out of my bed and went into the bathroom to do my early morning routine.

I spent yesterday preparing my stuffs for school today.

After doing my stuff in the bathroom I came out to wear a trouser and top I selected yesterday.

I was about to wear it before the door opened and Mona rushed in.

“You aren’t ready? Mom said to be fast, she’ll be late to work if you continue dressing up lazily” she said but I ignored that.

“I guess that’s your way of greeting your elder sister good morning” I said and saw her roll her eyes from the mirror.

“Good morning my left a*s” she scoffed and ran out.

Soon I was done with my dressing.

I faced the mirror properly and brushed my pretty hair then applied some pink lipstick.

That will be all, no much makeup, I reminded myself and took my bag which contained a few new books and left for the dinning room.

I got to the dinning room and kissed mom good morning, I sat down beside Mona and started eating with them.


Charlie’s POV
We all sat down at the dinning as we ate the food prepared by Aunt.

None of our mouths moved in the dinning until uncle and aunty left for work.

I sat comfortably and munched on my food well.

There are too much rules guiding us and I don’t wanna break an of em.

“So, we’ll be taking your car today Charlie” Chris said and I looked at him.

“My car? Why not yours?” I questioned back.

“No, yours is better and beside we already drove mine on Saturday” I replied.

“Damn! I don’t just understand why mom is doing this to us.”

“Must we all go and return together in a car? We all have our respective cars and this couldn’t have happened if it weren’t for this silly a*s Chase” Chris groaned and chase stood up and left the dinning room.

“Yea, if it weren’t for you we won’t be using a car. Go and perfect your driving skills so I’ll be free to go wherever I want with my car at any damn time” he yelled for chase to hear and I chuckled.

“Stop being hard on him” I said to him.

“And when did you start caring about how I treat him a*s hole” he replied me and also stood up.

“We’ll be taking my car then” he announced.

“I’ll be waiting in my car so bring him out with you” he added and left.


Natalia’s POV

We got down from mom’s car and she stopped a student who was about walking pass us.

“Hey boy, can you direct us to the registration office?” Mom asked.

“Yea ma’am, its right over that building, just go there and ask” the boy replied and mom thanked him before he left.

“Come on, let’s go” mom urged us as we left for the building directed to us.

Students started starring at me but I didn’t wanna bother. If I start caring now I might loss my balance and fall down.

We got to the building and someone directed us to the main office.

We got to the office and knocked.

“Come in” we heard a female voice reply and we got in.

“Tracy?” I heard the female voice call.

“Amanda?” Mom called and they laughed.

Okay, does mom know this one now? I thought looking at her.

“Amanda its been so long, you didn’t tell me you were a principal here” mom cooed sitting down.

“Oh dear, we lost contact. Do you blame me?” The woman smiled.

“Wow! Are these your kids?” The woman asked further.

“Yes, this is the eldest and her name is Natalia while this princess over here is Mona. My husband’s mother’s name was given to her” mom explained.

“Wow, so I heard what happened to him. I’m so sorry Tracy” the woman cooed.

“Yea its okay. I’m here to register Natalia anyways” mom beamed and she took her eyes to mine.

“Oh what a beauty she is, you got such pretty daughters Tracy, you’re so lucky” the woman said and mom smiled.

“Hope you’ll take a good care of her” mom smiled again.

“Sure, of course” the woman replied and registered me.

“Use the map as a guild” she concluded all what she has been saying and I nodded.

“Thanks ma’am, bye mom and you too Mona” I cooed and left the office.

Immediately I stepped out I bombed into someone.

A guy.

I think its one those guys that followed me yesterday while I was jogging.

What? He schools here?

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Re: Bad Boys Baby by Dapalace: 4:29pm On Feb 16
Bad Boy’s Baby
[The new girl next door]

Episode 9



Chris’s POV
Perfect, I thought as I saw her coming out of the principal office.

She’ll surely need someone to show her around.

I walked closer to her and stood facing her.

“So we meet again pretty” I beamed but she kept starring at me with a straight face.

“You just registered, you’ll need someone to show you around, why don’t you let me be that person?” I cooed.

“No thanks, I have the school map with me” she replied and made to walk pass me.

“Do you know where you’ll collect your uniform then?” I asked with a smirk and she stopped.

“Alright, you can just direct me stranger” she replied and I cracked.

She’s not only arrogant but funny.

“What’s with the stranger thing?” I inquired.

“Well, we don’t no each other so I don’t no what else to call you apart from stranger” she replied bluntly

No worries, soon you’ll be screaming my name in bed, I thought.

“Alright my name is Chris, everyone knows me around here. I’m actually the school most popular male figure and I know each and every corner of the school, so do you mind?” I asked stretching my hands forward and she made a slight cough and took the lead.

I followed her from behind and my eyes settled on her backside.

Damn it, this is a killer. Look at the way its dancing.

Gosh, I can’t wait to hold and beat it, I thought and chuckled at my own thoughts.

“Hey” I heard her call and realized she was now looking at me.

“Um..yes, what is it? Go on” I beckoned.

“You’re walking behind me, you should take the lead since you’re the one showing me around” she said and rolled her eyes.

I think she caught me starring at her backside.

She’s just too perfect.

With her catlike eyes, blond hair, big b*o*s and a*s.

She’s just too perfect. Even her straight legs can turn a man up.

Her voice sounds like one of those choir that sings in church.

Maybe she’s a chorister.

Well, my goal is to screw her at least thrice before moving on and I’ll make sure I’ll s**k and eat her up well.

“Stranger!! Stranger!!!” I heard her voice in my head and looked at her.

“Huh! What?” I asked.

“You have been standing there for a few minutes now. Don’t you wanna show me around anymore, please tell me so I can move on on my own” she said looking pissed.

“Goodness! I’m sorry Nat, I was thinking of something” I said calmly.

“What is that, and how did you know my name?” She asked and I arched.

“That isn’t really important right now, let’s go before classes commence” I replied and walked ahead.

She hesitated for a while before joining me.


Natalia’s POV

This guy looks so creepy.

I caught him starring at my a*s a while ago and now his lost in deep thoughts.

I hate his type a lot.
He looks handsome but I still hate his type.

His type that is only interested in what the girls has.

That is how I stupidly lost my virginity. I won’t make such mistakes again especially with his types.

I thought as I watched.

We got to a door and he told me that I’ll be collecting my uniform there.

I got in and explained things to the lady there and she gave me a uniform.

I got into a room inside there and changed my dress.

Hmm perfect but I still think the skirt is a bit too short.

Well, I’ll manage it.

I came out of the office and saw him there. He was still there even tho the bell for lectures has been rang.

“You are still here?* I asked.

“Yes,” he replied and glared at me from head to toe and finally shook his head.

“Lemme take you to your class” he cooed and started off again.

I followed him from behind.

“How do you know which class I’m in?” I asked.

“Well, I know you’re eighteen so you’re definitely in my brother’s class” he replied and soon he stopped in front of a class and beckoned on me to enter and I did.


Chase’s POV
I stayed at my usual position in the class.

The backside where no one will disturb me.

Where no lady will be able to secretly sneak a love letter into my bag or locker.

The teacher has already started teaching but I wasn’t really focused on her.

The door opened and I looked at the door to see her.

What? Its our neighbour.

What is she doing here? Is she a new student here? I thought even tho I knew the answers.

“Morning ma’am” she greeted the teacher and the teacher turned to her.

“Morning, I guess you’re the new student, please introduce yourself to the class” the teacher said.

“Hi everyone, my name is Natalia Daniel, I hope to enjoy my stay with you” she voiced out and the whole class cheered with a yes response.

All the guys eyes were getting bigger which is annoying.

“Alright, you can take a sit’ the teacher said and turned back to the board.

She walked in to the roll and I kept starring at her.

Her eyes met mine and she started approaching where I was sitted.

What? Don’t tell me she’s gonna sit beside me, I thought and adjusted properly.

Is she really gonna sit with me??


Episode 10


Chase’s POV

She got to my side and took a sit beside me.

I gulped down and blinked repeatedly.

She’s really sitting down next to me. But why? Why is she sitting here? I thought.

“So class, I need you all to solve this equation” the maths teacher turned and said earning everyone’s attention.

Her is Natalia, what a beautiful name.

Her attention was also focused on the teacher giving me an opportunity to stare at her.

I stared at her catlike eyes, her pointed nose, her hair. Everything about her is just so fascinating.

But when did l change this much? I aren’t like this originally, I thought to myself.

“Chase, aren’t you joining the class in solving the equation?” The teacher’s voice rang out and everyone turned and looked at me.

Even Natalia also looked at me.

“Uh… Yea” I mumbled and took out my pen and started solving the equation.


Few hours later the bell for lunch break was heard and I stood up immediately.

I feel nervous being around her. My body is heated up I need to cool off with a cigarette or two.

I stood up to leave immediately but suddenly heard her call my name.


It sounded so sweet to the ear that I wished she’d repeat it again.

I looked down and looked at her as she also stood up on her feet.

“Uhm…hi, the new neighbour, do you remember me?” She asked starring at me.

“Ye..yea” I managed to reply.

“Okay that’s good, are you going for lunch? I might as well join you because I don’t no my way around here” she cooed.

“You wanna join me?” I asked my body heating up the more.

She looked down at the floor immediately.

“Sorry if I’m bothering you, you are the only one I know here” she cooed again.

“No, no, you aren’t bothering me at all, let’s go for lunch I’ll take you there and any other place you wanna head to” I replied and her eyes widened.

“Oh my goodness! Thanks a lot chase. I really appreciate” she beamed and I smiled.

“Let’s go then” I urged.


Natalia’s POV
My eyes met with that cute neighbour so I decided to go sit with him.

I never expected to see him here. So his actually my age?

Awesome and he looks quite as well.

Well he showing me around is more comfortable than that creepy guy.

We both left the classroom as I walked side by side with him.

People kept starring at us as we passed them.

Some girls were eying me in annoyance while the guys were giving me that stare – that lustful stare which I always ignore.

“Oh my gosh! They look so good together” a girl by a corner said to her friend.

“Shut the f**k up. Don’t you no that I’ve been crushing on chase for a long time now” her friend replied her and I chuckled.

Chase didn’t act like there were other people starring at us. He just kept his gaze straight and I noticed that his body was a bit red.

He took me through the hallway and soon we arrived at a very huge door which he opened and let me get in.

I got in and a wow escaped my lips.

The canteen is so huge and beautiful.

The chairs and tables were arranged properly.

Gosh so beautiful.

The students sat according making it look more beautiful.

Chase also got in and all eyes again turned to us.

“Let’s go” I heard chase say and he started approaching a table.

I followed him from behind and soon we got to a table and sat on it.

An attender came to us immediately.

“What do you wanna take?” I heard chase ask immediately the attender came.

“Um..you choose, I’ll take whatever you order” I replied and he pulled a surprise look.

“R…really? You are sure about that?” He questioned and I nodded in response.

“Alright, bring two trays of chickens fries and milk” he said to the attender.

Milk? Why order milk? I thought but kept it to myself.

The students eyes weren’t leaving us. They were all still starring at us making it seems really weird and awkward.

Do they really have to stare too much? Don’t they have other things to do other than starring?

The attender arrived with a tray and served it to him. Another followed and served me mine and I started eating.

I noticed he was picking on his food and occasionally steal a stare from me but I didn’t bother at all.

He doesn’t seems like a jerk, like the one I met earlier today so I like this one better.


Chris’s POV
I got to her class and asked of her but was told she left with chase.

Damn! I can’t believe chase left with a girl.

I rushed to the canteen and sighted them.

They were both eating and chase occasionally looked at her.

Huh! Could it be?

Chase is never like this.

Could it be he has feelings for her?

Does he like her?

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Re: Bad Boys Baby by Dapalace: 11:04pm On Feb 19

Episode 11



Chase’s POV
I kept starring at her unable to look away even tho I knew she caught me.

“So chase, can you show me around after lunch?” She suddenly asked.

“Yea sure” I replied and sipped from my cup of milk.

Those naughty ladies were starring at us.

I wish I could just pluck their eyes out.

Even the bit*h at Drake’s house party was there throwing glances at us occasionally.

The door to the canteen made a sound and I looked up to see someone that looks like Chris walking out.

“So, can we go now?” She asked and I turned and looked at her.

“Yea, lemme pay for these” I referred to the meal we had.

I made to stand but she held me back by touching my hand.

Her skin felt so soft against mine.

“I’ll pay for both, its my way of saying thank you” she smiled.

“No no, its not proper at all. I should be the one paying please let me do that. Its kinda of embarrassing to allow you pay” I insisted.

“Um..really? Okay I’ll be the one to pay next time” she said.

Next time? Will there be a next time? I thought to myself.

“Alright then, I’ll go ahead now” I cooed with my heart beating fast.

Her soft hand left my skin and I left to pay.

I got back after paying and she followed me out.

“So, where should I take you now?” I asked even if I wasn’t supposed to.

I’m just feeling so weird. This is the first time this is actually happening to me.

Me being so close to a girl, this is the damn first time.

“I think places like, the basketball court, the swimming pool, the field and places like that” she replied walking really close to me.

“Yea right”I replied and she clasped her hands together.

“Its nice that we live together, I have you if anything at all happens right?” She smiled and looked at me and I nervously nodded.

“Yea right” I replied.


I took her to the basketball court as she requested and so many other places.

She was just exclaiming and giggling making me smile at her act.

She’s just so cute – unbelievably cute.

“I never knew Top hill had such beautiful places tho I heard its one of the best schools. I thought its alone silly things that happens here.”

“I never even imagined to meet someone so cool as you. Thank you for showing me around, chase”she beamed as we headed back to class because the lunch break was okay.

“You think?” I asked.

“Yes, I met one creepy guy this morning, I thought its only his type that’s here” she replied and I chuckled.

Creepy indeed? I thought.

We got to class and entered.

We are to have further maths but the teacher isn’t around since he hasn’t arrived.

He arrives early but today I don’t think his gonna come since its already few minutes late.

I sat down and she sat down beside me.

The students were still starring at us and I understand why today’s own is quite different.

Its because of Natalia.

I know what they are all thinking.

I don’t roll with girls at all. I find most of them disgusting.

I started hating them when they started sneaking up me with their love letters.

I could always see love letters in my school bag, locker, desk, they could even send another guy to pass the letter to me.

Its just so so annoying so I stayed away from all of them till date.

“Um..chase” I heard her call.

“Yes” I replied and looked at her.

“Why isn’t the teacher here?” She asked with worried ness.

“I think he is not available” I replied and she pouted.

“I can’t believe I’ll be missing a lesson on my first day. I really wanna learn further maths, I really don’t no that subject and don’t have anyone to teach me” she kept saying.

“Um..lemme teach you then” I said before I could stop myself.

I didn’t like the face she was making, it was tearing my heart apart to see her that way.

She looked at me immediately.

“You..you’ll teach me?” She asked and I nodded.

“Oh my goodness! Thanks a lot, you’re so so cool” she hollered and everyone that wasn’t starring turned and looked at us.

“So, should I come over to your house then? You live at the next house to mine right?” She questioned and I gulped.

Geez, I meant to explain things to her here, but can I refuse her?

“Um…yea” I stuttered a bit.

“Today? Should it be today?” She asked clearly excited.

“Yes, if..you want” I replied and she exclaimed again and laughed.

“You’re the best chase, really? You’re cool” she laughed and I found myself blushing.

I took my gaze down to avoid her finding out.

So, if she’s really gonna be coming over then I’ll be in a room with her.

Just the both of us.




Episode 12


Charlie’s POV

I was sitting in the sitting room with my legs on the table watching a football match.

We came back a bit late all thanks to Chris.

And speaking about Chris he has been a bit off. He didn’t speak throughout our journey from school but chase on the other hand seemed happy tho his always in his room.

Well, I’m just here all by myself until I heard a knock at the door.

I stood up and went to answer the door. I opened the door and became surprised at the person at the door.

She also looked surprised on seeing me.

I smiled immediately.

She is coming on her own when we seriously need her.

I especially need my d**k inside her p***y which I bet will be sweet.

“You..you live here?” She questioned and I smiled more broadly.

“Come in” I said stepping out of the way.

Damn! I don’t wanna know why she’s here but my main target is to have her.

She hesitated a bit before coming in.

She came in and stood at a corner.

“So, the beautiful princess charming in here” I cooed and smiled while moving closer to her.

She started moving backward as I moved towards her but that didn’t make me stop.

“You…what are you doing? I aren’t here for you” she said with a fearful voice.

“Relax baby, I promise not to be too hard on you” I smiled mischievously.

“I don’t understand you please stop coming closer” she stuttered a bit and reached the wall.

She looked back and found out that she couldn’t move back anymore.

“What are you doing?” She asked when I continued moving closer to her.

“I’m not doing anything so calm down” I tried calming her down.

“Please just move back alright? Its getting stuffy” she said again but I didn’t listen.

I got so close to her that I might enter her if care is not taken.

“Charlie?” I heard a familiar voice call from the behind as I was about to touch her blond hair.

“F**k!” I groaned when she escaped from me immediately due to the distraction.

She ran and went to stand behind him.

“Chase? Why are you down?” I asked inserting my fingers into my trouser pockets totally forgetting about the football match.

“What were you doing to her?” He asked his voice mixed with groans.

“I aren’t doing anything, I’m just welcoming her since she’s here but she looks really scared.”

“I don’t no why she’s scared tho. Its not as if I’m putting on a criminal mask” I lied and heard him scoff.

“But you haven’t replied my own questions chase. What are you doing downstairs? Aren’t you supposed to be in your room listening to music?” I asked.

“I came to see if she had arrived, please don’t scare her anymore’ he rolled his eyes and turn to her.

“Are you okay? Hope he didn’t hurt you anywhere” chase said to her and she looked at me and nodded negatively.

“Alright, let’s go up to my room then” he added and they left.

Your room? Hmm is he becoming like us too? I chuckled at the thought and went to sit down.

So, his gonna be screwing her? Hope he makes her scream hard, I thought again and laughed this time.


Chase’s POV
I took her up to my room and we sat down in front of my study table.

Immediately I got home I had to rearrange my room to look more beautiful.

Hope to impress her with it.

I waited nervously in my room for long and decided to go down to continue waiting for her since she’s gonna be passing through the sitting room.

Don’t want any of my brothers speaking to her.

I got down and met the biggest shock. Was Charlie trying to cuddle her or what?

Well, thank goodness I got her away from him safely but she looks a bit annoyed about it.

“Hey Nat, I’m sorry about his character” I apologized and she smiled but I noticed it was a forced smile.

I feel bad because she’s annoyed but what can I do? Charlie is my brother and his older than I am.

I can’t guarantee he won’t do worse a second time.

Maybe I won’t allow her come a second time before Chris tries his own.

“Your room is so beautiful and its smells like you” she said after a long pause.

“Thanks” I mumbled still feeling bad.

“So let’s start with the further maths question. Did you bring the textbook?” I asked and she gasped.

“Oh my! That didn’t occur to me chase, I’m so sorry, maybe I should go back and bring it” she said and made to stand up but I stopped her.

“We’ll just use mine, don’t bother” I stopped her and stood up to search for it.

After I’d gotten it I came back and started explaining some things to her there but I noticed she was mostly starring at my face.

I had to hold myself else I could have sure become all red.

Geez, why is she starring at me? I thought but couldn’t stare at her face back.

I just couldn’t with my heart beating fast and all that.

Chris’s POV
I stayed in my room thinking.

Thinking about chase.

I think I should go ask him now if he likes Natalia.

I can’t hold it in anymore.

I stood up immediately and went out to his room.

I stood outside his room and heard his voice.

Is he singing? I wondered and touched the door knob to open the door.

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Re: Bad Boys Baby by Dapalace: 11:11pm On Feb 20
Bad Boy’s Baby
[The new girl next door]

Written By Kebby NG

Episode 13



Chris’s POV
I took a step in but was stopped by Charlie’s voice.

“Chris” he called in a whisper and I looked at him.

He beckoned on me to come over and I wondered why he was behaving that way.

I shut the door slowly and went to meet him.

He took me downstairs to the sitting room.

“Your car, I think your car is behaving strange. Its needs servicing else we won’t be able to make use of it or we might get into an accident if we make use of it” he said making me surprised.

“You called me because you were suspecting that my car is faulty Charlie? Are you for real man? Let the engineers do their work then or have you haven’t we have personal engineers that helps repair our cars?” I questioned and he became confused.

“Hey, you’re acting weird. Why did you call me like that? As if you were whispering so no one else will hear you or what?”

“You aren’t chase, I could have called the doctors for you” I said and turned to leave but he blocked my way.

“Come on, Chris, you have to check the car out yourself and beside I’m bored and need company” he insisted making a pitiful face.

“The engineers will check it, they no better and when did I suddenly started keeping you company?”

“You can go to a club or hotel to keep yourself busy man, I have something important to do now” I replied and made to leave again but he held my arm and started dragging me outside.

“Charlie, Charlie? What are you doing? Stop pulling me” I hushed but he continued and we got outside.

There was a bottle of drink in the bonnet of one of my mom’s car and he picked it up and gave it to me.

“Here take” he offered and squeeze it into my hand.

“I don’t understand this anymore, Charlie. I don’t understand your sudden change of attitude” I complained.

“Don’t worry, it won’t be that long. Lemme go get more bottles from inside” he replied and left.

I raised the bottle up to the brim of my lips and sipped from it.



Charlie’s POV
I got to the fridge and took out three different cans of alcoholic drink.

You must be wondering why I did that.

I did it because I no he’ll surely ruin my plans.

After Chase must have finished with her, I want to be the second to screw her.

Chris might go in to chase’s room and find her, he might decide to do something foolish which will spoil my plans so its actually for my benefit.

I chuckled softly and went back outside.

Its not easy confusing someone like Chris.

He deserves to be a cop with that act of his. He suspects things easily.

I got outside and found out that he has finished the drink I gave him so I opened one of the canned alcohol and gave it to him.

Lemme try to bring up a conversation so he’ll be fully convinced.


Natalia’s POV
I watched as his mouth moved.

I originally wanted to pay attention but my eyes mistakenly went to his cute red lips and I couldn’t move my eyes away again.

Sh*t! I can’t even hear a word his saying right now, I mean I can’t comprehend a word his saying even if I know his talking.

The sound of his tone, his voice is so magical.

Is he a musician or what? Seems I’m just getting to notice all his cute attributes.

No wonder Mona likes him a lot.

Why didn’t I look at him very well the first day.

Oh I was so tired and ignored him and I wasn’t even interested in knowing him then but now everything seems to be changing.

His damn cute and I can’t kept my eyes off him.

I don’t no why tho.

“Do you understand?” I heard him ask loudly with his eyes focused on the book.

“Yes” I replied unconsciously.

“Alright that’s good” he said and closed the textbook.

I was still looking at him.

“Natalia?” I heard him call loudly and I blinked and stood up immediately.

“Of course, I’ll get going now” I cooed and started searching for the books I came with.

Where are they? I thought flipping other things on the table and my hands mistakenly touched his.

Our eyes locked and we starred at ourselves for minutes and just as if we were being ordered we both flinched and shifted away from each other at the same time.

“I’m sorry” I heard him apologize.

“No no need, I’ll just get going then” I said nervously and took my paper and headed out of his room.

He followed me from behind and we got downstairs to the sitting room.


Chris’s POV
I was still in the garage, Charlie has left to get another drink since he insisted I stayed with him.

I was still there when the sitting room door opened and the person I least expected to see there came out followed by chase.


I flinched and got down from the car I was sitting on


Episode 14


Chris’s POV
“Hey, stop” I called out to them but I was too late because Natalia already stepped out from the gate and chase has locked it.

I stood blocking his part.

“Didn’t you hear me calling? How come the new neighbour is here?” I questioned.

“Well, she’s my classmate” he replied flatly and made to walk pass me but I blocked his way again.

“I know she’s your classmate but how come she’s here and what did she come here for?” I asked.


“For studies” he replied and walked pass me.

Charlie came out with two cans and looked at the gate.

“Has she left?” He asked chase who was now on the stairs.

“Yea and don’t try what you did again, please” he said.

“Wait, what’s going on? Charlie you knew the blonde was here? Is that why you prevented from going into chase room?” I inquired.

“Obviously” he replied and turned.

“Now, that’s she’s gone lemme go back to watching my match, you can do whatever you want now” Charlie said and left.

I scoffed as I stood watching them.

Seriously? Can’t believe chase brought a girl into his room then is it really real? Does he like her?

Lemme go ask now that no one is gonna hold me back.



Chase’s POV
I got into my room and picked up my headphone.

I put them on and sat on my study chair.

A smile curled up my face as I looked at the chair beside me.

She was sitting right there beside me minutes ago.

Its just unbelievable.

Totally unbelievable.


I closed my eyes as I vibe to the music playing into my ear.

I didn’t no when Chris got into my room.

It was when he removed the headphone from me that I realized he was there.

He must be here to ask more questions regarding Natalia.

Its weird honestly, really weird but I aren’t telling him a thing.

“You, do you like her?” He questioned immediately I stood up to look at him.

I gasped as my eyes widened in shock.

“What do you mean?” I asked acting like I don’t understand what he was talking about.

“The new girl – Natalia. Do you like her?” He asked again.


“Why…why do you ask? I don’t understand you” I replied still playing dumb.

“I’m gonna tell mom that her lovely son brought a girl home and into his room and guess what? I’m gonna add a lot of lies while telling her.”

“Do you wanna hear them? I’m gonna tell her that I heard….”

“I’ll talk, I’ll talk alright, so just stop” I cut him in and he smiled satisfied.

“Now, do you like her?” He asked again and I hesitated for a while.

“No, I don’t” I replied and he starred at me more keenly.


“Hmm are you sure?” He asked suspiciously.

“Yes, I don’t seriously” I replied and heard him sigh.

He coughed after sighing and stepped back.

“Good of you and i hope aren’t lying chase. Good of you” he smiled and turned to leave but I stopped him.

“Why..why are you asking? Do you have interest in her?” I questioned.

He turned back and smiled again.

“That shouldn’t concern you chase. Continue with your music” he cooed and left.

“But…”I made to say but concluded that its pointless.

Now, why is he asking?

My brother is very smart he might find out that I lied.

Hope his not planning anything dangerous anyways.



Natalia’s POV
Few hours after I returned from chase house.

I stayed in my room and couldn’t help but smile.

I really like him or don’t I?

Well, I think this is the second time I’m liking someone.

The first person is a devil. He just wanted to use me and I foolishly fell into his trap but it wasn’t that easy to find out the truth tho.

His just too cunning reasons why I don’t like that guy named Chris or whatever.

He just looks cunning despite his looks.

I heard car hones and jumped down from the bed and went down.

Mom came out of her car and I rushed to meet her.


“Mom” I called surprised to see her.

I didn’t expect to see her now.

“Mom, why are you here?” I called when I’d gotten closer to her.

“Do you remember my sister that died two years ago?” She asked.

“Um..yes, what about her?” I questioned in curiosity.

“Well, her husband is gonna be travelling so he asked that their only daughter who is also your age stays with us” she explained.

“What? You mean the wicked witch is gonna be staying with us from now on?” I asked.

“Yes dear, I’m gonna be picking her up from the airport tomorrow. Its good actually because you guys will become friends and will be inseparable” she cooed and I scoffed.

“Mom, you are not serious, are you? There is no way we can ever become friends” I said.

“Well, you’ll have to find a way. Go arrange the spare room fast” she ordered and left.
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I stood in shock watching her.

Mom must be kidding me.



Re: Bad Boys Baby by Dapalace: 10:49pm On Feb 27
Hello guys, I won't be able to complete this story here, it seems I violated thier rules cuz they block me anytime I post the next episode, to complete this story please visit www.dapalace.com the season two is currently ongoing


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