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Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 9:35am On Mar 29
Chapter 25

Lord Supreme stood at the peak of the highest building in the viallge, staring at the starless night, the demon portal by the passing days had began to mature, from the very faint purple circles it had which could be barely seen, it had grown large and even clearly it could be seen by every one. And even those from other viallges could also be seen clearly from the distance. It was everyman to himself, even worse they didn't know what to expect aside demons dropping down from the portals. At least they was three of such portal in Pearl Village alone.

"You're still here" Dan said from behind and walked closer.

"Any progress on Joy? " Lord Supreme asked and heaved.

"The portion works slower on demons who have devoured more humans, so its taking a slow progress on her, but its working" Dan replied.

"Its progress" Lord Supreme said.

"Any news on Amen ? "

"I'm sorry but he and the others are just on their own, its up to them to decide their fate and survival"


The white haired man suddenly let out a loud shout from his dream, sweating profusely. He sat upright and sighed. Reminiscing on his dream, he stood up, grabbed his shirt next to him and wore it before walking out.

He walked into the room where Amen and Maze we're, deeply asleep, he walked closer and grabbed the sword next to Maze and stared deep at it.

"It can't be" he mumbled and raised the sword up.

The man stood out in the open with the sword and slowly placed his left hands on the grip of the sword above his right and slowly slashed it through the air and breathed in.

"It comes clear " he said and smiled.

Michell from where she sat at the rooftop, watched as the man skillfully handled the sword, swaying it around.

"Water Scynth Divine Seeker" the man said calmly.

The sword swiftly left his grip and moved round slashing the trees it came in contact with and returned back to the man.

He grabbed it firmly and opened his eyes wide open in awe.

"Finally its all coming back" he said and breathed out softly

"I saw nothing" Michell said and looked at the moon.


Maze woke up to a soft tap on his hand and slowly opened his eyes, mumbled as he turned his body around.

"Wake up, there is something you need to see" Amen said and pulled Maze up.

"Brother" the soft soothing voice called out to him as he stepped out of the room into the living room.

Maze immediately halted, unsure about what he heard, he looked around and saw Jemima standing meters away from him with a bright smile on her face.

Involuntary tears dripped down his eyes, his knees went numb, staring in disbelief, he dropped down to the ground sobbing uncontrollably. He managed to get himself up, ran forward with his might and grabbed Jemima, raised her into the air and hugged her tightly still sobbing.

"Its touchy" Amen said standing next to Michell.

"There is one more" Michell said and looked at the white hair man.

"Maze" the man said calmly and stretched out the sword.

"That belongs to me" Maze said, still holding Jemima.

"I'm sorry but its mine" the man replied "Follow me" he said and led the way out

"Pull off your shirt" he commanded.

Reluctantly Maze pulled off his shirt and carefully the man placed his left hand on Maze chest and removed his hand, revealing a water drop logo Maze chest.

"What's this? " Maze asked surprised as the others.

The man removed his shirt also revealing the same water drop on his chest but larger.

Amen stuttered and walked closer, pointing at the man.

"Kareem?" He asked staring in disbelief. "Wait, somethings don't still add up" Amen said trying to put the link together.

"According to what I heard, Binta was pregnant when she died or didn't die, then who is she? " he asked pointing to Jemima.


"Wait, I thought water form had only seven forms and you just summoned a twenty form" Maze said.

Michell and Amen sat at the rooftop of the wood building watching as the family got along together.

"The water symbol also showed up on Jemima but Kareem was supposedly dead when she was born, she is his child but how did she came to be? " Amen asked curiously.

"The only theory I have is he hasn't fully recovered his memory, there are still lapses" Michell replied.

"Anyway we have to reach our limit, surpass it and return to Pearl Village " Michell said and stretched "Even Jem is training" she said and giggled.


Re: My Demon Sister by Arclite(m): 7:12pm On Mar 29
more greese man


Re: My Demon Sister by Lakesc(m): 10:00pm On Mar 29
If jemima is nolonger a concious demon, will she now develop abilities similar to maze. Hail kareem d master demon slayer...
Re: My Demon Sister by Asiseeit: 10:24pm On Mar 29
If jemima is nolonger a concious demon, will she now develop abilities similar to maze. Hail kareem d master demon slayer...

Good question, considering she has similar marks on her body as Maze and Kareem.

How she came to be is still uncertain as Kareem's wife was pregnant (presumably with Maze) when Kareem got lost. Except she gave birth to twins ie Maze and Jemima.

Anyway, I'm sure we'll find out. Thanks for the updates @devilpen.


Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 1:50am On Mar 31
Chapter 26

Kareem grabbed Amen by the collar of his shirt from behind and threw him off so easily, with swift reflex Michell dive ater Amen and grabbed him by the arm with her left hand while suspending herself with the right hand holding firm to a tree branch.

Maze pulled his sword behind him as he ran towards Kareem, he leaped into the air and suddenly transformed into a huge rock.

"Your replacement method is weak" Kareem said out loud and watched ad the rick hurled at him from above. "Weak" he said and dashed at the rock, with one swift punch he shattered it into piece and grabbed Maze by the neck from within the rock and slammed him to the ground.

"How strong is he? I can't sense any power or energy from him" Amen muttered as he watched Kareem dealt with Maze.

Jemima followed suit, sending swift punch barrage at Kareem.

"No katter the cure, you still have one percent demon blood in you, let out those rage and mske up for the 99 others "Kareem shouted at Jemima as he effortlessly dodged her blows.

"Im afraid I might hurt you" Jemima said with her tiny voice and her eyes wide open.

"Don't worry i dont die easily" he said and beckoned on her to attack.

Jemima sudddenly appeared before Kareem and sent a blow at his stomach, narrowly dodging the attack, Kareem dived off, lost balance and rolled on tje ground, looking up, Jemima already initiated anotjer attack.

Seeming like a very different person, allowing no breathing space for Kareem, she suddenly phased into two, both of Jemima taking turns within split seconds to attack Kareem.

"Jemima just cloned" Amen said and chuckled

"That's not a clone, her punch barrage are just too fast to be contained by one entity, within those split seconds she phased, meaning one is just a living shadow, it only compose of solid matters because of the speed involved, if her speeds drops down the other Jem fades off" Michell replied "That's trouble"

Kareem gritted his teeth as he managed to keep up with the swift punches that came at him.

The cloned Jemima phased through Kareem, appearing at his back and smacked him on the knee joint from behind, making him kneel forcefully, and next came a hard punch on Kareem's face, which sent him distance away.

"Huhhn, Maze, I think I might killed father " Jemima said with a teary eye.

"Ehehe even at this rate you might kill me" Maze muttered and faked a smile.

"Its time to get serious" Kareem said on all fours and stretched out his hand.

The sword left Maze's grip and moved quickly towards Kareem who grabbed it firmly and stood up

"Divine seek" Kareem said and threw the sword at Jemima.


Joy walked into Lord Supreme's office and lowered her head slightly, Dan standing next to Lord Supreme, a mean look on his face, never would he forgive her for the pain he caused her.

"You loved her" Joy said

"I still don't get why you still decide to take her look still, you should have just reverted to your ill self before being cured, I hate seeing you like this" Dan said

"Let's focus on why we are here " Lord Supreme said and starred deep at Joy.

"We need intels"


Maze sighed as he sat on the bare ground relaxing his back on the tree behind him and watched as his father approached him, he adjusted himself allowing space for his father to sit next to him.

"You all made a good team, I only had the upper hand because of experience, and Jemima, she is one hell of a fighter, seems the demon form had some positive impact on her" he said and sighed as he laid his back on the tree.

"Seems so" Maze replied smiling brightly.

"Your mother care to tell me about her to make up for the years I lost" Kareem said calmly.

"There can't be enough to make up for" Maze said and locked his palms together resting on his knee joint "She was the best everything one wanted in a mother" he said and sighed.

"Thought as much, you know I met her during the Pearl competition for new hunters, although she had no magic or special abilities, yet she overcame so many obstacles" Kareem said and stood up "Get some rest, we begin again at noon"


East Demon chuckled as he ran from tree top to another, seconds after leaping to another tree branch, an unforseen force would crash the branches shattering into thousand pieces.

Reaching an open space, void of woods and trees, East demon halted his run and smiled then slowly turned around to face who it was that chased after him.

"I really underestimated you cause you're a woman" East Demon said and placed his left hands on his chin.

"Then I should do you the favor of changing your orientation" a feminine voice said from the winds.

"Unfortunately I don't have time to spare, I have to get you all strong demon hunters out of the picture or else you become a sore to my plans and I can't afford to lose" East Demon said.

His left chin suddenly split open, fortunately for him he noticed the unseen attack and moved his face slightly to the left.

"You're been troublesome" he said and stretched his right hand forward.

"There is a flaw to your power energy" East Demon said and caught the star shaped blade that came at his face with his left hand that was placed previously beneath his chin.

"When you attack, you unconsciously let down your guard, temporarily becoming visible and back in less than a second" he said and smiled.

"That means you're there" he said and swiftly turned around, grabbed the lady by the neck and snapped it and instantly she became visible.

"Few more to go" he said and grinned widely.

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Re: My Demon Sister by Asiseeit: 6:20am On Mar 31
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Re: My Demon Sister by Arclite(m): 7:44am On Mar 31
"Page not found" response when I click the ratings bar
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Re: My Demon Sister by Lakesc(m): 9:40am On Mar 31
Page not found on fb. Thanks for the consistent update...


Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 5:43pm On Apr 01
I'll like to appreciate those who took the time to review my page. Thank you, you just pushed me close to my dream.

I hope we have comic fans. So this series will be having a comic once it is complete.
Let's move

Chapter 27

South Demon walked into the meeting cave hall and went straight for her seat, a straight face and burning within with rage.

"Your energy is going oft chart " Lord of East said as he watched her sat down.

"There are speculations that Kareem might be alive " She said and heaved.

The silence that fell on them all told how frightened they we're if eventually it became true.

"And how is this true? " Lord of West asked.

"Weeks ago, I sent fourbofbky strongest after Kareem's children and they all died, you all know about this, I dug deeper and it was Kareem, although I was not sure at first, i just confirmed three days ago, I saw him and his male child together" She said.

"If Kareem is truely alive, then our plan fails " North Demon replied.

"Not necessarily, like I've killed the others, I'll go after him and kill him hopefully he has gotten weak by the years " East Demon said.

"Calm down, you're going against a living weapon with no weakness, the only time we got him was because his family was in between" West Demon said and locked his palms together and rested the on the table.

"Then we make history repeat itself, but something I'm concerned about his the conscious demon daughter of his" East Demon said and stood up.

"I'll be back" he said and walked out.

"Prepare the inauguration of the East Demon vice captain, I'm sure he is not coming back" West Demon said and scoffed.


Michell stood by Kareem who sat by the river side, with his hookline dipped inside the river, a metal bowl to his right.

"I'll assume you find the company of the boys boring and Jemima can't flow well with you" Kareem said and smiled.

"Sort of and I don't want the training exposing my full potential to them" she said.

A moment of silence came on them both, while Kareem paid attention to the hook as the dabbled around in the water.

"Come to think of it, you never talked about your family" Kareem said and looked at her.


"Its okay if you don't want to talk about it, although I don't know which lineage uses your Eye binding technique, its unique and dangerous" Kareem said and smiled

"Its something I can talk about, I don't just know if they are worth talking about" Michell replied.

Kareem nodded and swiftly cast out the hook from the water, having a catch on it.

"I'm from Victor Family" she said while Kareem removed the hook frombthebfish and threw it into the bucket before throwing back the fish line.

"Really, the family with no magic" Kareem said and smiled at her "But you how come? "

"On the night my father stabbed my mom cause she hid his wine gourd, right before my eye, seems that tragedy triggered my dormant powers" Michell replied and sat next to Kareem.

"Someone I killed him, reversed his blood flows and it felt good" she said and sniffed

Amen sighed from where he hid himself, and sighed

"So many secrets she has in" he muttered to himself and slowly backed off.

A loud bang came from the log house, sending thick fumes into the air, hearing this, both Kareem and Michell turned their backward and saw the fumes rise up into the sky and immediately dashed off.


Kareem got to the scene and saw Maze and Jemima standing behind Amen clones and got closer.

"What happened? " Michell asked as she deemed her eyes to get a clearer view at the figure standing amidst the fumes.

"Some lanky dude with off chart powers suddenly showed up and went into an attack frenzy" Maze replied.

Kareem took the front lead and clapped his hands together, immediately dispersing the fumes.

"So you're alive " East Demon said and chuckled.

"East demon " Kareem said and went into laughter which startled everyone. "You've been missing on good diet, you look much more skinny" Kareem said and died down his laughter.

"I see you still have that crazy humor in you, I'm sorry it won't be lasting long" East Demon said and continued "You see, I can't risk anyone getting in my way of our grand plan, Julius is dead, I killed him, Vivian is dead, I killed her, then Ash, Bernard all strong hunters who could stand in our way " he said and chuckled.

"You killed Julius and you think you'll leave here in one piece " Maze shouted.

"Calm, if he killed Julius then he has god like speed that's Julius only weakness" Kareem said and looked at the kids.

"We will use him for your final training, Amen and Jem you're up, you both have the required speed to keep up with him, Jem bash him hard, Amen you know what to do" Kareem said and walked back while Jemima and Amen walked forward.

"Sending kids to do a mans job" East demon said "the little one is your daughter, I should have fun killing her"

"If you die, I'll kill you" Maze said to Amen who smiled with the corner of his lips as he leaped forward with the tip of his toes.


Amen suddenly disappeared before East demon could grabbed his neck appeared behind him and smashed his head with his feet, making East Demon stagger forward.

"Punch Barrage" Jemima shouted as she appeared before East Demon who wasn't expecting it, her small frame easily going beneath him.

She tightened her right fist and smashed East demon on the stomach, the force sent him off, quickly he got his stance and scoffed.

"Cursed children, pest, their attack are very coordinated and unpredictable, brute force with a swift attacker, these are the real trouble" East demon muttered as he stretched his body.

Jemima dashed forward, moving in zigzag movement while Amen followed by the right, getting closer. Amen flapped his hands and suddenly he switched positions with Jemima, getting closer he clapped his hands again, and switched position.

East demon got even more frustrated as Amen switched position, giving him no means to attack. Before Amen could clap hands, East demon with his swift speed dashed at Amen.

East demon suddenly crashed against a tree, shattering it into pieces while he fell hard to the ground.

"He fell for such trick, the truth is clapping my hands don't switch position, I do it willingly and it drains me, not only can I switch people I can substitute anything " Amen said and increased his speed, got closer to Jemima and held her shoulder and they both disappeared and appeared before East demon.

"Punch barrage" Jemima shouted and smacked East demon on the face, splitting his jaws.

"Enough, team two!! Take over" Kareem shouted and scoffed. "This is the big deal, a witch teaming with a demi god, I hope you use your full potential East demon" Kareem thought within himself and chuckled.


Re: My Demon Sister by hidhrhis(m): 5:51pm On Apr 01
devilpen more update abeg
dont stop it here at least lets see the end of the battle between them


Re: My Demon Sister by Lakesc(m): 7:23pm On Apr 01
More update pls... Nice update sir

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Re: My Demon Sister by Arclite(m): 7:41pm On Apr 01
devilpen unice update bt u owe us more than one update

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Re: My Demon Sister by AceRoyal: 10:40pm On Apr 01
It'll take alot to top this story! Absolutely intriguing!
Thumbs up Op.... More updates please! cheesy grin

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Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 12:20am On Apr 02
Chapter 28

Maze smirked as he walked forward, Michell tagging beside him, East Demon gritted in annoyance and shook his head lightly and cracked his knuckles.

"So how is it going to be? " Maze asked Michell as his sword came to his grip.

"I'm a witch remember, I haven't told you this but I can clone people powers once I've seen them" Michell said and fromnher right hand a look alike of Maze sword appeared.

"Wait, what's it with you guys and new weird powers!!!? " Maze screamed at the top of his voice.

"Tch, ten seconds, let's get this done with" she said and dashed forward.

Maze slashed his sword forward, sending water darts at East demon who easily dodged them, since it couldn't matxh with his super speed.

"My pride has never been this hurt" he said.

Michell leaped into the air at him, suddenly East demon appeared behind her in the air and smacked her on the back with his left leg.

Michell fell hard to the ground, bouncing repeatedly uncontrollably.

"He is getting serious" Kareem said and smiled.

"Enough of your child games, I didn't come here for this" East demon roared and began to shapeshift into his real demonic form.

He rapidly grew in size, standing with the length of an averagely grown tree, his fingers increased in size become just three on each hands. His face grew out fins for chins and his eyes merged and became one at the middle. The muscles on his legs popped out, taking the form of a cheetah.

"What is this beast? " Amen muttered from where he stood.

"That's the true form, he is getting serious" Kareem replied and scoffed.

"Tch" Maze grinned and took a step backward.

"Maze, he is nothing compared to you, just go with the flow of your sword, let it guide you" Kareem shouted

"And you witch, you have the ability to forsee into the future, tap into the warps of time, read his movement and counter" Kareem shouted the words to Michell.

Maze dashed forward, his entire height only reaching to the knee cap of the demon. The large feet came at him, clearing the grasses it came in contact with and making holes in the path it moved through.

Maze grunted as he dived off the path of the attack, slashed the leg and watched as it quickly healed itself.

"You can't be serious" Maze muttered as he ran to the left.

"He just healed back so quickly" Amen muttered.

Maze narrowly dodged the huge feet attack that came at him, diving under the feet, he struck his word beneath it and went with the flow, as he slide under, with his sword tearing the feet.

East demon groaned in pain and stomped both feet's hard on the ground, shaking the earth.

Maze lost balance, the vibration from the ground sending him into mid air. Swiftly East demon sent his full left palm at Maze.

With swift reflex Maze made water shot out from his leg, giving him more speed to jet out off the attacking iron fingers.

"Water Syncth, third form water void" Maze muttered.

A back hole suddenly appeared before the hand of East demon, immediately its hand went it, the back hole closed, chopping out the entire fist.

"Pest!! " East demon screamed as another hand immediately began to regenerate.

Michell from where she stood, locked her palms together

"Witch hunt, immobilize"

The regeneration of East demon hand suddenly stopped, Maze floating in mid air, propelled himself with his water Syncth towards the East demon and slashed off its head.

"Time up" Kareem shouted and scoffed.

"Eternal replica, release technique " he said and suddenly the environment changed

East Demon was already dead, his body almost dried off, with Kareem standing before it, his sword on his left hand.

"What just happened? " Amen asked calmly

"I created another time warp, I killed him immediately he talked about killing Jem, what you just fought with was made from my imagination to see how strong you've grown" Kareem said and slashed his sword in the air.

"So we had only being imagining? " Michell asked.

"No, its an alternate reality, get prepared we leave for Pearl in a week time" Kareem said and walked off.

"Wow, I'd like to see a fight between Lord Supreme and Maze dad" Michell said in excitement.

"The truth is, I don't come close to Emmy, not one percent " Kareem replied.

"What could that old man possibly do? He only sits in his rat office all day" Amen said and scoffed.

"Your father is a ticking bomb, misuse of his powers could ruin the world" Kareem replied and walked off.


"East Demon is dead, defeated in one single blow" Lord of West said and sighed "I warned him, even when Kareem sleeps his powers are never to be underestimated " he said and sat down.

"Launch the crying eyes" South demon said and chuckled.

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thanks for the update bro


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thanks for the update bro
hidhrhis i saw ur mail bt no content
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hidhrhis i saw ur mail bt no content
it was a mistake bro
i was trying to send a mail to someone who commented on black maria but mistook the persoon 4u

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Re: My Demon Sister by Lakesc(m): 12:01pm On Apr 02
Thanks for the update as usually. More inspiration sir...
Re: My Demon Sister by EbonyQueen001(f): 5:19am On Apr 03
It'll take alot to top this story! Absolutely intriguing!
Thumbs up Op.... More updates please! cheesy grin

You are so right.

I have been held captive by this story that I forget to comment.

He is really good
Re: My Demon Sister by AceRoyal: 12:24pm On Apr 03
Devilpen please give us double doses of updates to celebrate this Easter grin


Re: My Demon Sister by yvonncute(f): 12:47pm On Apr 03
Abeg come and update, this story is like a foreign movie.
Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 1:03pm On Apr 03
Chapter 29

Lord Supreme watched as demon hunters trooper out, each moving out to their designated areas. The Crying Eyes in the sky already fully matured. The sky slowly began to go dark, thick cldark clouds slwolh taking over the broad day.

Lord Supreme pulled the right sleeve of his cloth up and starred at the three dark circles around his wrist and touched it.

"I hope the need for that don't arise" Dan said from behind and walked next to him.

"I hope so too, I can feel his rage burning" Lord Supreme said.


Kareem alighted his horse and from the distance they we're, the dark clouds that covered Pearl Village could be seen.

"We are about two days away from Pearl, what is that? " Amen asked.

"No one knows, we have to hurry" Kareem replied and climbed on his horse.

"If we move fast enough, we should get there in a day time" Kareem said and geared his horse.


"We sent words to the outlander demon hunters, no one responded, not even Julius or Dave" Dan said and continued "If what Joy said is true then we are possibly done for"

"Its what could be done, from the Intel I got yesterday East Demon is dead, killed by someone called Kareem " Joy said as she got closer.

Lord Supreme stood still in shock, same as Dan, both finding it hard to believe what Joy just said.

"East demon had been going around killing top ranked demon hunters to prevent them from joining forces, and his streak ended when he came across this same Kareem" Joy said.

"Thanks, give us space " Lord Supreme ordered Joy.

She nodded her head and took her leave.

"Kareem is alive" Lord Supreme said with a wide grin on his face. "Means I might not get to let Acne Demon out after all"

"If she knew about him then there is a million chance he is on his way here, probably with the kids" Dan replied feeling rejuvenated "Let's do this"

Thunder calls took over the sky, striking furiously, loud rumbling sound followed next, in minutes the entire village had gone dark.

"Its here" Dan said and heaved.

The Crying Eye Portal slowly came open, revealing the faces of the higher demons in each of the portals in the sky. From the portal, demons began to drop down in large numbers, and of different powers and strength.


Dan pushed a hunter out of the path of an attacking demon and received the incoming blow to his chest, quickly gathering himself together, Dan locked his palms together and grinned. He suddenly appeared behind the demon and drove his right hand through the chest from the back.

"Thank you" the hunter Dan save said and nodded.

"Don't loose guard" Dan said and watched as the hunter responded and dashed off.

Lord Supreme blinked himself from one point to another appearing before demons and in split seconds disappearing, within the little fraction, each demons he appeared to instantly turned to dust.

An arrow flew pass Dan strucking a demon distance away, the arrow pulled out and returned through the path it had come from.

Dan turned around trailing the arrow and saw it pierce into more demons that we're within the perimeter before it finally dispersed.

"Protect the children" a hunter shouted to the others on his flanks as demons in large numbers ran towards the furiously.

From the top of the building where the children we're kept, Joy leaped down, standing in between the hunters and the attacking demon. She pulled out her sword and a metallic ball appeared on her left hand.

"Stone technique, wandering death! " she sshouted as she threw the stone in the air, with enough force, she pulled her upper body backward to the right and smashed the stone with the plain part of her sword.

The contact between both objects, let out a heavy sonic wave that threw most demons off balance, the stone hurled forward furiously, and suddenly ebagm to split into parts, each part moving towards the attacking demons.

Strucking them on their fore heads, the stones pierced so easily through the demons skull, instantly shattering them into dust.

"Twenty more hours to go, can yoi guys endure" Joy shouted, asking the hunters behind her.

"Yes" the hunters chorused.

"Good" Joy replied and dashed off.

Dan leaped over Lord Supreme and smacked a demon on the head forcefully bringing it down and screamed as he smashed his leg against the demons head.

"Most of the hunters are wearing out, I think its time we begin to make use of the cure" Dan said

"Not now, we will hold off the wave, if we use a cure at this early stage, they would also resort to the one they engineered, and we will be on the losing side" Lord Supreme said.

"Ju...st" he mumbled as he kicked off a demon "be p..a..tie...nt" he strained as he kicked off another demon.

"We still have well about 19 hours to continue fighting, how long can the junior hunters hold? " Dan said grappling a demon by the neck and severed its head off the body.

"We go by the plan, the junior hunters are reinforcement, keeping the bunker safe" Lord Supreme said and leaped into the sky.


Kareem's horse stumbled, due to exhaustation and fell hard to the ground, he quickly leaped off and came to a running landing, without much hesitation, he resorted to his feet, running even faster than the horse could go, leaping from tree branches to another.

"We will never keep up" Maze said and grabbed a branch from the horse and swung himself forward, also dashing from tree to tree.

"Michell, Jem, don't fall behind " Amen shouted as he also leaped off his horse.


"Pearl Village has a lot of resistance, unlike the other villages ruined in few hours, they've managed to keep up, 17 more hours to go" West Demon said, watching from his cave hall.

"Like we expected, this isn't the time to use our secret weapon and I'm sire they are also keeping something" North demon said and giggled.

"Let's have them see a blink of our power" South demon replied.

"Release Beta Zero" she said.


More demon dropped down from the portal, houses going up in flames due to the strike from the thunder storm.

A chilled breeze suddenly took over the entire village and immediately all demon stopped attacking all maintaining their stand.

"Something much more demonic is coming " Dan said to Lord Supreme

"I guess its time" Lord Supreme replied and pulled up his sleeves and slowly the black round tattoo around his wrist disappeared.

Kareem smirked as he got closer to the village entrance, running half a mach. His feet raising cracked stone into the air as he took each steps.

"Fanada, I hope you're not asleep, or grown to weak from years of not fighting" Lord Supreme said as he gritted his teeth.

"I hope you can keep up with my pace, seems you've gotten too fat" a mocking voice echoed within him.


Re: My Demon Sister by Asiseeit: 3:30pm On Apr 03
I read this last update the way a kid nibble at and savour a delicacy - slowly. Good job man!


Re: My Demon Sister by AceRoyal: 9:22pm On Apr 03
Oh Damn!
It gets even more interesting with each update!
We want more......!!!! grin

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Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 12:31pm On Apr 04
Chapter 30

The aura flowing around Lord Supreme suddenly changed to something evil yet soothing. Taking each steps forward the ground beneath him would crack as he walked forward, his cape flowing majestically behind him. He made his fist as he walked forward closer to the Beta demon that dropped from the sky.

The demon taking the form of a normal female human giggled as she watched Lord Supreme.

"Fanada, dontngo beyond first energy stage" Lord Supreme said as he walked on.

"I thought I might catch some excitement" the voice within him said and slowly the second of three ring tattoos around his wrist returned back to being visible.

Kareem puffed, doubling his speed.

Lord Supreme slowly began to pick up pace, steadily increasing his speed, with swiftness he ran forward, his right fist packed with power, getting closer to the beta demon he launched a punch towards her face.

The punch graced the face of the beta demon, the force it brought along sending her into the air. An unseen force suddenly crashed the demon from the back while still in the air, sending it back at Lord Supreme.

Seeing this, Lord Supreme moved his right leg backward, squatting ninety degree with his left, his punch packed with energy, as the beta demon got closer, he dashed at her, screaming aloud and smashed her in the stomach, his fist bursting out at the back through the stomach where his fist had crashed upon.

The demon let out a soft gasp, as the relayed force from the punch pulled it out from the Lord Supreme's hand sending it rolling hard on the ground distance away.

Kareem suddenly landed from above right before Lord Supreme.

"Nice catch" Kareem said and sniffed.

"You're alive " Lord Supreme said and suddenly pulled Kareem forward and hugged him tightly.

"You're going to make me cry" Kareem said lowly "I'm a hard man you know"

"Shhhssshhhh" Lord Supreme replied.

"There are still demon and I don't think that big one is dead yet" Kareem replied.

The beta demon let out a loud growl of annoyance and cracked her knuckles, stretched out her hands and instantly they transformed into sharp blades.

"I can't sit this one out" Dan shouted as he ran up to them and hugged Kareem tightly "I love the hair"

"He finally begins transformation into his real form" Lord Supreme replied with a smile.

"What form? " Dan asked curiously

"A demi god" Lord Supreme replied and faced the growling demon.

"Wait what, I though demi gods... "

"Save the talk for later" Lord Supreme replied.

"Hey Fanada, I hope you still pack those energy" Kareem asked

"Tch" Fanada said within Lord Supreme.


"Kareem" West Demon said in annoyance and banged his fist on the stone table fuming in rage.

"He is attaining the demi god state, which means we have no chance of defeating him, our end is near" North demon said, fright in her tone.

"What do we do next? " South demon asked.

"There is always a way, how is the cloning of the alpha and beta demons going? " West demon asked with heavy breathing.

"Progressing, but we are concerned about Kareem what about Lord Supreme who has a contract with the third strongest of heaven spirit Fanada ? " South Demon asked concerned.

"Tch, it becomes more pain, Fanada is an outcast from heaven, casted out because of his cowardness and too much compassion he has for others, we can play on that, when the time comes" West demon replied and giggled.


Kareem's feet dragged against the ground, due to the force the Zero beta demon had used in collidig with him, he gritted his teeth and stretched his left hand sideways, as the demon hurled at him.

"What are you doing? " Lord Supreme asked as he appeared before Kareem.

"Shhssh lemme concentrate "

Lord Supreme dashed at the demon, sent a punch towards the face, with swift reflex, the demon dodged it, moved its body below the punch, grabbed Lord Supreme by the waist and threw him off, and continued dashing at Kareem.

Dan ran after the demon, catching up with her from the left and rammed his body against her, noticing this move, the demon reduced its speed, allowing Dan miscalculated, she grabbed Dan's body and threw him off, and continued dashing at Kareem.

"Maze the sword " Michell called out as they ran through the woods "Seems its needed" she said as the sword struggled to move out from its sheath.

Maze pulled it out and threw it into the air, instantly with almost at full mach it projected off.

The beta demon got closer to Kareem, grinning widely, as its spread out it blades, it launched itself into the air and dived at Kareem.


The sword suddenly sliced through the demon while in the air and rotated around and came to Kareem's grip from the back.

Kareem smiled and slashed the demon as it still came at him, completely splitting her into four unequal parts.

THUD!! The body fell to the ground lifeless.

Kareem slashed his sword in the air, walked towards the demon and pulled out her head, looked at the Crying Eye in the sky and threw the demon's head into it.

The head landed on the stone table in between the demons.

Burning with rage the demons starred at Kareem as the portal slwolh began to close and the sky began to go clear. The temaming demons began to burn up in dust ad the sun shined on them.

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Re: My Demon Sister by yvonncute(f): 1:03pm On Apr 05
Please I need update , To say that this story is intriguing is an understatement.


Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 6:18pm On Apr 05
Chapter 31

Kareem walked alongside Lord Supreme into his office and made themselves comfortable on the seats, Lord Supreme sighed at the sight of the numerous scrolls on both sides of the table.

"You still get pile of jobs" Kareem replied and relaxed his back.

"Yeah, it not like I have am option" Lord Supreme replied and silence followed for a short moment.

"What have you been up tp all these years? " Lord Supreme asked, breaking the silence.

"Most of it being brain dead until I came across the kids" Kareem replied and stared deep at Lord Supreme.

"Something bothers me" Kareem said and leaned forward , heaved then spoke "Jemima, she's my daughter no doubt but I still don't have any knowledge about her and I need answers, even if it doesn't matter much"

Lord Supreme gave a blank expression and ran his hands through his hair, trying hard to find the appropriate words to say.

"Huh... Hnnn, you see, I don't know much, although the research team might be able to help jiggle your memories and see what comes out"

The door suddenly came open, revealing Julius at the entrance.

Jemima grabbed Maze by the wrist and threw him over her body, immediately he touched ground, she smacked him hard on the stomach, sending him distance off against the ground.

"Just the remaining one percent of her demon power, tch" Maze grunted as he puked himself up.

Diatance away from them, we're Amen and Michell taking out on themselves, probably what seemed like training.


Dan stood on the ruins of a building, supervising the cleaning up to the village and shouting out the orders. An arrow flew passed him, narrowly missing his ears and turned around, it sharp edge pointing at Dan.

"That reminds me, I saw this thing earlier during the fight" he muttered to himself and turned around.

Before him was a dark skinned lady, dressed in light feminine body armor, an illuminating bow on her hand.

"Who are you? " Dan asked as the lady approached swinging her body frame easily.

"Well, a demon hunter like you, just that I go solo, and somehow I find a liking to Pearl, I like places made of strong men" the lady replied and swayed her left hand in the air, making the arrow behind Dan fade off.

"Thanks" Dan replied calmly "I'm Dan"

"Layla" the lady replied and starred at Dan "You look exhausted, come on, I'll treat you to some nice meal" she said and smiled brightly.

"Hu... Hhnnnn"

"You have no option, only weak mean refuse a friendly invite" Layla replied and walked off.


"I am not the type to die so easily" Julius said and cleared his throat. "Before he could ram through me, I transferred my existence into cosmic space, waited patiently for my remoulding and here I am"

Both Kareem and Lord Supreme looked at themselves and slightly raised up their shoulders as what Julius said seemed strange and new to them.

"Its good you're alive" Kareem said

"And you, while you were a walking dead, I see you've almost attained your demi god state" Julius replied.

"Wait, we never told you about that, how did you know? " Lord Supreme asked, quickly noticing.

"I knew he was alive, he needed that time not knowing who he is to heal, bringing back his momeries at the point in time will make him run riot, and loose his mind, all I did was a favor" Julius replied.

"Then you should know about Jemima" Kareem said and stood up.

"Yes, your daughter you didn't know how she came to be" Julius replied and took a step closer to Kareem.

"Tell me" Kareem said slowly.

"Her strength, do you think it was because of the demon blood in her? Becoming a concious demon, do you think it was a coincidence? " Julius asked slowly.

Lord Supreme dropped his jaw as he felt the tension in the room increasing.

"What do you mean? "

"She was born out from your out most desire, Kareem, you have powers you can't control, do you know in the blink of an eye and you thought you could create a whole new existence? You're a top tier demi god" Julius replied, placing his right hand on Kareem's chest.

"Farada in there knows this, he was casted out from his brothers , but you Kareem, what really happened to you? "

Kareem breathed in and took few steps backward, feeling feeble on the knee joints, he supported himself by bracing against the wall, and began breathing heavily

"On that night, it happened so quick, I didn't know how it happened or what was happening, I was young, naive. " he said and paused, tears dropping from his eyes

"I watched as the cherubs we're burnt to ash, unseen attackers, the pure creast became soiled with blood, pain and everyone's agony, I could feel them, with his last breath, Father opened the portal to earth so I could escape, that was all I knew, then I woke up Herr in Pearl my Empyrean steel beside me" Kareem said and sniffed.

"More reason you don't know the full extent of your powers, you're the last breed of your generation, a child begotten of human and a god" Julius replied.

"He has more pain than me" Fanada said within Lord Supreme and purred.


Dan grabbed the spoon beside the plate and dipped into to the soup, took a full scoop and slurped it in.

"How's it? " Layla asked with a bright smile.

"Its.... " Dan said and made a face "Awesome" he concluded and raised the bowl up.

"You're such an amazing cook for a fighter"

"Huhhn, flattered"


Re: My Demon Sister by yvonncute(f): 7:59am On Apr 07
When are we getting an update?I can't wait please.
Re: My Demon Sister by Asiseeit: 9:31am On Apr 07
Dan don chop 'efo' o!
Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 12:27pm On Apr 07
When are we getting an update?I can't wait please.
This evening by God's grace. I've been having exams back to back and at the same time setting up my new art studio.
Re: My Demon Sister by Asiseeit: 3:20pm On Apr 07
This evening by God's grace. I've been having exams back to back and at the same time setting up my new art studio.

All the best in your exams man...and your art endeavor
Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 4:36pm On Apr 07
Chapter 32

West Demon juggled the human head with him from one hand to another, seated on his own seat by the round stone table, his legs placed on the table.

"What is your end game? " South demon asked as she walked in on him.

West demon ignored her question, and continued with what he was doing.

"I asked a question"

"You bother with what you shouldn't, and my end game is beyoung your comprehension" he replied and snapped his fingers, which in return made the skull disappears.

West demon stood up and walked closer to South demon and suddenly grabbed her by the neck.

"You should know you place flea, the only reason you're alive is me, and I don't mind putting you out of your misery" he said and even made his grip tighter.

"You plan on backstabbing us after defeating the humans, we are just a pun to you " South demon replied, feeling sore on the throat.

"You're right, I can't let you all take advantage and now that you know, how shall I deal with you? "

"You can't kill me, I command the largest army here and I operate the Demon eye, you need me"

"Really? " West Demon asked sarcastically and dipped his emerging talons into her neck.

"Let's test that out" he said and snapped her neck "When you gain consciousness, I hope you understand I stand above you all" he said and dropped her to the ground.


Amen grumbled as he paced around the training hall, kicking the air. Jemima and Michell seated by the entrance while Maze made himself comfortable on the ceiling, his sword raised before him.

"Dan asked us to asked here and he is like three hours late" Amen said and cursed beneath his breathe "I am leaving"

A loud bang suddenly came from nowhere in particular, the somci wave produces, shaking the entire training hall, everyone stood alert and suddenly it came again, this time the sonic waves making a visible crack OK the wall.

"We are under attack" Amen shouted and instantly took to his heel.


Dan felt the waves and opened his eyes, he yawned as he rolled his body around and saw Layla laying beside him, fast asleep.

The waves came again, this time sending light properties on the table at the edge of the bed to the ground. Dan suddenly stood up, bare chest and ran out of the house.


"Its coming from my old man's office " Amen said as he dashed through the street, taking the shortest route, following behind were others.

Getting to Lord Supreme's building, Kareem and Lord Supreme stood facing each other, few meters away, a huge part of the main building already torn apart, a minor crater separating them, while they both breathed hard.

"Its my old man and yours, what's gotten into them? " Amen asked as he tried moving closer to them.

"This does not concern you, stay out of this" Lord Supreme said to Amen and created a tall barrier, preventing Amen from getting closer.

"Maze, Jemima, and you witch, watch as I beat sense into the garbage bag" Kareem shouted and grinned wickedly.

Dan ran to the scene and heaved a sigh of relief

"Just like old days" he said and turned around to leave.

"Dan!! "Amen shouted angrily and pointed at Dan who slowly turned around. "We waited three hours, and now you appear bare chest and rough trousers, do you mind explaining what's happening here"

Dan grinned and cursed Amen beneath his breath.

"Its a duel that never ends, every time the topic of who is the strongest comes up, they end up destroying half of the village, a piece of advice, don't go near them" Dan said and jet off, laughing awkwardly.


Lord Supreme raised his sleeve up, making one of the three circle tattoos around his wrist disappear, he moved his left leg backward, squatted the right, his fist stretched out beside him. With speed of light he dashed at Kareem and landed the punch on his face.

"I didn't see him move" Amen thought within himself "And that punch is enough to take down an entire fleet, but yet" he thought with his eyes widely open.

Kareem grinned as the punch landed on his face, not even enough to make his face move an inch, the sonic wave from punch, sent everyone around off balance and tore down more walls of the office.

"Fanada, what has the old junk been feeding you? " Kareem asked and smashed Lord Supreme, giving him an uppercut that sent him into the air.

"All I can see are flashes of light, I can't see anythin" Maze said with his mouth widely opened "they're fast"

Kareem suddenly landed to the ground from the sky, the feedback creating a six feet deep crater on the ground and the sonic wave completely damaging the Supreme building.

Kareem shhok his head and flew into the sky, and next was Lord Supreme smashing down, creating a deeper crater.

Kareem grabbed Lord Supreme by the shirt and gave him an headbutt that sent him crashing against another building in the village.

"I'll keep punching until I get that respect " Kareem shouted as he dashed at Lord Supreme.

"Not even in hell" Lord Supreme shouted back, swiftly went below Kareem and grabbed him by the leg, and with hisbstrenght, threw him crashing against another building, completely razing it down.

"It took us days of hard labout to erect this village back and they're crashing it like its paper" a demon hunter shouted at the top of his voice.

"I heard they've been that way from childhood" another replied.


"My Lord, we finally found the world that possess the Divine Tree of Power, I have prepared our fleet, ready for invasion of these species, with that power, we can finally establish our ground as Ultimate Gods" a husky voice said

The only red light in the vast room, was barely enough to reveal who they were.

"Good, you've served me well Hanabi" a calm, yet terrifying voice replied and slowly opened its eyes, revealing a set of red flamy eyeballs.


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