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Taming His Desire (Adult Romance) by Pancakeey(f): 2:26pm On Apr 01
I see you everywhere, in the stars, in the river, to me you’re everything that exists; the reality of everything”- Virginia Woolf, “Night and day

Song – Again by Wande coal

The whole city of Abuja was illuminated. The dark heavy skies couldn’t take it anymore and decided to pour. The water in the pot holes shimmered under the dim yellow glow of the street lights. There were horns blaring everywhere and people running into each other on the sidewalks. A bunch of drunken people had begun a ruckus outside the karaoke bar across the street. One could hear the distant police siren approaching. It was a mad house down there. I had turned off the buzzing of my phone for the umpteenth time. Father wouldn’t just take no for an answer. Our family has been the biggest telecommunications tycoons for the past 10 years and today my father had decided to throw a party in commemoration of it. I just didn’t understand why I had to be there. Gbotemi, my younger brother had always been my father’s favorite and I couldn’t care less.
My phone rang again, this time it was my mother.
“Hello mum”
“Enitan Williams, where are you?” she asked worried.
“I’m busy mum”
“Of all days to be busy why today? Your father needs you here.” I grunted at her reply knowing it was just a way to get me out of bed.
“We both know he doesn’t need anyone. Mum I don’t understand why you still chose to stay with him after all he had done to us”
“Not today, Enitan.” She pleaded.
“Okay mum. I’m on my way.” I heard her release a breath she didn’t know she was holding. I tried paging Dele, my chauffeur before I remembered he didn’t work on weekends.

The streets had already become desolate and the street lights had begun to flicker. I hopped into my black SUV and drove to the party. As expected, Pearl arena was buzzing with socialites. The room was grand, gold chandeliers spiraled down from the tall ceiling and the floor was finely polished. The exotic aroma of spices combined with a fruity waft hit my nose. I wasn’t surprised, I knew my father all too well. At the side, there was a magnificent water fountain and a pedestrian bridge where pictures could be taken to capture the moment. I found my way through the line of busy people, exchanging pleasantries with those I could recognize.

I spotted my mother in the midst of her friends. She was a sight to behold and she stood out easily. She wore a long blue sequin dress with intricate diamond stones on the neck. Her makeup was finely sitting on her face and her poise screamed elegance, she moved around the room with grace. The plan was to drink the night away. I snatched a glass of champagne from a passing server.
“Enitan I’m glad you’re here. Dad would be so happy to see you”
“Evening, Gbotemi. I see you’ve been busy” Ignoring his comment, I sauntered over to where mum stood with Gbotemi falling in step with me.
“Gbotemi, have you seen your dad anywhere?”
“I saw him at the ice fountain minutes ago.”
“Okay boys, I’ll leave you to it,” she said walking off. I emptied the remaining champagne in my glass. The liquid ran down my throat creating a bubbling excitement in me.
“So have you heard about the new partners we just signed a deal with?” I chuckled. Gbotemi never ceased to amaze me.
“Gbotemi, you know that’s your thing. Why do I care?” I gave him a pat on his shoulder and walked towards a group of ladies at the far end of the room.

Can you predict what would happen next? grin
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode

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Re: Taming His Desire (Adult Romance) by Kaylet: 11:15am On Apr 02
Hey babe, send me your number
Re: Taming His Desire (Adult Romance) by Pancakeey(f): 2:15pm On Apr 07

“I fell in love with the way you touched me without using your hands”
Song – Micasa by Korede Bello

I couldn’t wait for the party to be over. My legs were aching from attending tables. These people didn’t have to work for anything, they had it easy. Many times, I have wished to also experience the luxury of people waiting on me. My uniform pinched me in all the wrong places. The things we do to survive. I thought. I walked towards the changing room to rid myself of my uniform. I began pulling off my pumps when Demilade strolled in. We met at a onetime youth convention; we spoke for far too long and gushed about our previous experiences with smiles animating our faces.

“Demidun, could you please take over table 6 for me. That’s my last table for the night. There’s a party downtown and I can’t miss it for anything.”

Demilade always had excuses up her sleeve. We met at a onetime youth convention; we spoke for far too long and gushed about our previous experiences with smiles animating our faces. Since then, she became a sister I never had. We did almost everything together, she was outspoken and fought for everything she was derived of as a child. She had lost her mum when she was 5 and her dad was incapacitated to be a father figure to her. Maybe, that was just another reason I understood her. I rolled my eyes tapped my chin.

“Okay, I’ll do that.” Her eyes lit up like New Year’s Eve fireworks. She wrapped her hands round me and let out a deafening squeal.

“Wow. Thanks. You’ll be the first to get dibs on how the party went. It’s quite sad you’d prefer to stay alone than hang out with me tonight.”

I dismissed her with the wave of my hand and trudged over to table 6 when I slammed into a three-piece suit, spilling the contents in the tray on him. My feet gave away beneath me and I sprawled flat on my backside, pain shot through my back but I couldn’t take mental note of it. My gaze riveted to the most striking man I’ve ever seen in front of me. He had tousled dark short hair, which glistened under the room light. His finely chiseled face and ebony skin would make a painter weep for joy; his eyes were a mesmerizing deep chocolate with speckles of sunlight glowing through. His suit accentuated his eyes. He twinkled them in amusement and he arched his left brow. My heartbeat raced as cold wet liquids ran down my back. He crouched directly in front of me and I caught a waft of his clean aftershave. I could tell a mixture of cedar wood and cypress. I hungrily inhaled him.
“Are you all right?” His voice was soothing and gravelly calm.
“uhm… ye…yes.” He held out his hand exposing his Boss Rusy cufflinks and Rolex watch. I placed my shaky palm in his and his grip tightened. His touch sent electric shocks through my body, making heat spread all over me. He narrowed his eyes for a moment and got a vertical wrinkle between his brows before pulling me up with him.
“Are you sure?”
“I…I’m fine. I’m sorry I ruined your shirt.” His eyes burned through mine, radiating a fierce understanding.
“It’s fine.. uhm?”
“Ademidun” I licked my lips in an attempt to force more words out but it was futile. I was drawn to him. He stood firmly rooted to the spot with extraordinary elegance.
“Ah…Demidun” I let out an inaudible moan. He was the kind of man that could make a woman go on her knees to fulfill his every desires unprovoked. How could someone be sinfully enchanting? Blinking out of my reverie. I released him. My brain jerked back in motion. I was disgusted with myself for being so uncoordinated while he stood there in all his glory.

“Er…I’m sorry about your shirt again.” Looking away, I caught sight of a purple dyed hair woman approaching us.

“Enitan, I’ve been searching for you all over. I saw your mum at the entrance and she told me you’d probably be inside.” On hearing her supercilious tone, my mouth twisted into a side placement creating a crease in my left cheek. She glanced at me and fixated her gaze on the Adonis male in suit.
His eyes carried a mixture of shock and barely contained anger.
“Kenny what are you doing here?” I took this as my cue to leave. I retrieved the tray and walked towards the sea of people on the dance floor.

Who is this Kenny? Is she going to be a bad luck or what?

What history does she have with Enitan?

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Re: Taming His Desire (Adult Romance) by Pancakeey(f): 2:10pm On Apr 09

“I want to be your favorite hello and your hardest goodbye.”

Song – You by Omah lay


My eyes followed Ademidun till she got lost in the sea of people. I tried to drown Kenny’s voice with the blaring music from the speakers but she kept rambling on.

“Enitan, aren’t you excited to see me?” Kenny leapt with her feet barely touching the floor. I massaged the nape of my neck; I couldn’t understand why she had to show up now. I had met Kenny during my final year in UNILAG. We had a thing and it was memorable while it lasted or so I thought. Our last conversation was a week before she left for Finland.

“Enitan, I would miss you.”

“Kenny, you’re doing this for yourself.” I assured her.

“Come with me.” She leaned forward and took my hands. I was grateful for the space between us in the booth.

“I can’t Kenny. I have things to do here in Abuja” I couldn’t tag along with her all my life and I was too cowardly to admit that what we had was suffocating. “It’s better this way.”

“Please.” She begged. I looked into her eyes and I felt nothing.

“I’d always be here for you Kenny. You can call me anytime.”

“Promise?” and all I could do was nod. In a flash, her nose flared and the milk shake that previously sat on the table was now emptied on my head.

“I knew you never loved me, you just…you just used me. That’s why it’s so easy to let me go.” And she stormed out of the restaurant.

Now, she stood here, looking up at me with so much joy and hope. Like we parted on good terms.

“When did you get back?” I asked without trying to mask my expression.

“Last week Friday. Actually, your mum knew I was back from Chicago but I told her not to mention it to you. I wanted it to be a surprise.”

I quirked my left brow and glanced at my watch then I looked far into nothing. Kenny pulled my face down forcing me to look at her. It was then I took notice of her. She wore a tight fitting black gown and all I could think of was how she could breathe in it. Her hair was a mixture of bright pink and purple. It highlighted her face and gave her a sensual look. The red lipstick she wore made her lips pucker. I reminisced about the times her lips made me ache for her touch and how they made me hard by just calling my name. No doubt, Kenny turned the heads of the opposite gender. She ran her hands along my inner thigh and I let out a groan. I shouldn’t be feeling this way but I couldn’t help it either. She commanded desire and passion. I wanted to bend her over her knee and satisfy my wanton need for her. The party was almost over and the sky had become inky black. A gust of wind blew a lady’s umbrella upward. Most people had begun to run for cover. I pulled Kenny with me and walked towards the front exit.

“You shouldn’t have come.” She yanked her wrist from my grip and twirled her hair between her fingers.

“Why? I don’t think anything has changed between us. Enitan, the long break is over and I’m back for you. You can’t get rid of me that easily.” She snorted. “I assumed you were smarter than this.” Her eyes were livid and she clenched her fist, quickly drawing a deep breath. Almost immediately, her eyes welled up in tears, she blinked her eyes furiously as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“I’m sorry. I just wanted to see you.” She hurriedly swiped away a tear before it could drop with the back of her palm. She took my palm in hers and stared down at her feet. I massaged the crease that formed on my forehead and rubbed her palm.

“I really missed you Enitan.” She looked up at me through her baby blue contacts

“Of course. I missed you too” I plastered on a tight smile and we made for the parking lot. “Where’s your ride?” Kenny pointed towards a red maserati parked in a conspicuous space. I quickly added “nice!” and that did it. She replaced her teary face with a pleased look immediately. What a drama queen. I thought.

“Thank you. Daddy got it for my 25th birthday. I was so delighted. But obviously anyone would be delighted too right?”

“Hmm… I guess so” I moved towards the driver’s side and held the door open for her. She hesitated for a minute before she stood on her toes and placed a wet kiss on my cheek. She got into the car and passed me a small red box. I shot her a quizzical look.

“It’s for your mum.”

“Oh, thanks.” She jerked the car in reverse and sped off. The crunching of footsteps on the sidewalk gravel made my head turn. It was my father. He wore a deep grey three piece suit and a raggedy smile. His eyes were worn out but, his brown pupils still managed to twinkle and this time, he wore a clean shaved goatee which did so much for his appearance than the balbo beard he usually wore . He still retained his boyish grin despite his age and his smooth head shone under the parking lot light. I shifted uncomfortably as he approached me. His eyes seemed to bore holes on me.

“Enitan, I’m happy you made it” My dad’s cheeks dimpled and he shone his white teeth.

“Mum, asked me politely, I couldn’t turn her down”

“I know things have not been good between us, but I really hope we can work things out.” He wiped the beads of sweat that formed on his forehead, drawing my attention to his middle finger which was shorter than the others.

“If only you could change the past.” He tapped his right foot on the gravel and ran his hands over his head. The corner of his eyes crinkled and stood rooted in a position for far too long.

“One day, I hope you would come to understand it all.” Turning toward the towards the entrance, he limped. He never limped. In fact, he was the healthiest man I’ve ever known. Tonight, was different. He looked vulnerable and his usual confidence was missing. What was this I felt? Pity? No it had to be the champagne. I turned towards my car and left.

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Re: Taming His Desire (Adult Romance) by Pancakeey(f): 9:05am On Apr 10

“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it” -Nicholas Sparks

Song – Someone you loved by Lewis Capaldi


The small puddles of rain water, waiting to drain, rested between the uneven bricks of the pavement. The streetlights that weren’t burned out projected dim yellow lights onto the empty side walk. The storefronts bell swung in the breeze, alerting the store keeper of the nonexistent customers. Cars sat empty on both side of the road, collecting the little drizzle of the rain. I doubled my steps and walked towards my front door. I crouched in front of the “welcome” door mat and collected the key.

I let myself in and the sweet scent of eucalyptus and lavender filled me accompanied with the cool breeze that blew the curtains. The only source of light in the sitting room seeped through the window. Reaching for the table lamp, I stopped to pull off my pumps. Immediately, I welcomed the feeling of the soft rug beneath my feet. The photograph of my mother faced down. I picked it up and turned it to face the condo. I ran my hands over it; this was the only memory I had of her. It was always facing the condo not down— the spicy aroma of egusi hit my senses. In the darkness, what had felt safe and cozy now felt frightening. I tiptoed towards the kitchen door which was now left slightly ajar. I caught a shadow move in the kitchen. A rush of adrenaline burst filled me, not waiting any second more, I picked up the racket close to me and barged into the kitchen and aimed for the intruder’s head.

“Jeez! Demidun, if you are going to kill me. Just say so. Oh my! I can’t believe you almost took my pretty head off.” Demilade placed her hand over her chest and bent to pick the racket.

“What are you doing here?” I asked her.

“I live here too remember?” She pushed past me and turned on the tap. Shooting me a quizzical look, she tipped her head to a side and placed two plates on the table. “Are you going to stand there forever?” I hopped on the kitchen stool and crossed my legs.

“So what happened to your party?” She rummaged the fridge and passed me a bottle of water with a granola bar.”

“Oh that? I decided to hang out with you. You know how things can be. You get?” I nodded my head as I downed the water. The cold liquid ran down my throat, restoring me back to my calm composure.

“Uh…huh. You don’t say.” I struggled to open the zipper of my purse when, She placed her palms over mine. She took the purse from my hands and helped me with the zipper. The corners of her lips turned upwards as she held out the purse to me.

“So when is your next appointment?”

“Tuesday.” She closed in on the space between us and held me tight. I could see through her. Her eyes held a mixture of worry and assurance. “Don’t worry, you’ll get through this, I know you are a fighter and fighters don’t give up.” After a long minute of silence, she backed away and swiped furiously at the tears that threatened to drop. I sat there feeling numb all over and my tongue seemed tied. I had no comforting words to say to her. Breaking the thick air Demilade gushed.

“You know what? Actually the party flopped big time. I was just too embarrassed to tell you. Like? This was my moment to get laid. Who hosts a party without booze?” I crossed my arms over my stomach in an attempt to catch my breath.

“For real?”

“No kidding.” She replied.

There was nothing more she loved than making me smile. It didn’t take too long before we both threw our heads back and erupted with laughter.

I wore a deep grey long-sleeved body con blouse and pencil skirt to the hospital on Tuesday, feeling the need to get it over with and leave. The acrid smell of alcohol and spirit that came with this place made my insides turn. In the reception, a fair lady stood behind the counter with the phone pressed to her right ear, she talked animatedly with the person on the other end, throwing her hands up in the air. What was this place? A phone booth. I held up my right hand in her face and gave her a stern look. Her eyes fell on me and she placed her hand over the phone’s speaker. The conversation must be very interesting. I thought.

“Excuse me miss? What can I do for you?”

“Yes, thank you. I’ve been standing here for over 5 minutes now and my appointment was for 10a.m, and it’s already twenty minutes past ten” I looked down at my watch and stared back at her.

Holding up my card, she replied “We’re really sorry about that. So which of the doctors did you schedule an appointment with?”

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. It was clearly stated on the card. As if she read my thoughts, she quickly added.

“Oh doctor Wale, he is in office 24” She plastered a smile on her face as she returned the card to me.
“Thank you.”

I straightened and walked towards the door sign that held “office 24”.

I softly knocked and a deep voice behind the door ushered me to come in. He had on the thickest lens I’ve ever seen and his eyes were so small behind them. He drummed his fingers on his work table before retrieving the red pen he kept in his bushy hair. From the way he kept chewing his mouth I could tell he always had a sweet or gum in his mouth.

“Hello, how are you doing?” he gestured for me to take a seat.

“I’m fine. Thank you” He read through my file, squinting his eyes.

“So Ademidun, have you been taking your meds? Because here it was stated that, you were due for a therapy last month but you didn’t take it.” His gaze made me shift uncomfortably in my chair.

“The therapy was optional besides my meds did most of it” He tapped his pen on his chin.

“Been having any symptoms lately?”

“Not really, they just come and go.”


“Yes.” He scribbled some prescriptions on the paper before him and stretched it to me.

“This should do, for now. But remember, you have to be consistent and try not to skip meals okay?”

“Yeah I know. Alright doctor Wale” I let myself out into the busy hallway of people in scrubs.

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Re: Taming His Desire (Adult Romance) by Pancakeey(f): 8:53pm On Apr 10
Re: Taming His Desire (Adult Romance) by Ann2012(f): 5:00am On Apr 11
Keep the updates flowing OP
Re: Taming His Desire (Adult Romance) by Pancakeey(f): 12:36pm On Apr 14

it’s strange how a total stranger becomes who you don’t want to stay a minute without and becomes breathless without them”

Song – Boys are bad by kiss daniel


Brinnnnggg! Riiiing! Riiiing!
It was another day of going to work, staring at the board members hardened faces, riding the lift in silence, eating the same bland luch with Tolu running round the office in an attempt to get the office miscellaneous and my schedule fixed. But today was a bit different, the construction company we were to strike a deal with picked St. Louis hospital for their meeting of places why a hospital? I thought. I turned off the alarm on my bedside shelf and snuggled closer to my pillow. The meeting was scheduled for 10 am after all, tossing to the other side of the bed my eyes fell on the wall clock which displayed 9:30 am. Impossible! I dashed into the shower and in 15 minutes I was riding the elevator to my underground garage. The doorman tipped his hat on seeing me. I pushed through the revolving door of the building into the garage, five minutes to ten and I had to make a good impression on them. My dark hair was ruffled from the warm shower. I’d gone with a brown suede suit and a black brogue. The woody scent of my cologne surrounded me. Dele held the car door open for me. I slid into back seat with grace. He put the car on drive and in less than a minute we were on the highway.

“How was your night sir?”

“Fine thanks.” On hearing my clipped tone, he didn’t ask any further.

I adjusted my tie and rested my head against the window pane. People brushed shoulders on the sidewalks. Store owners placed “no hawking” , “no standing” signs in front of their stores and the hawkers who stood by the road screamed at the top of their lungs to attract customers, each tried to drown out their neighbors voice. We arrived at the St. Louis hospital at exactly ten fifteen. I breezed through the hospital hall, making way for their lounge when I saw her again. She sat on the waiting chair in the pharmacy. Her hair was packed into a tight bun, she bent forward and a tendril escaped from her bun, with those long slender arms she brushed it aside. The way she sat accentuated the bend of her hips, so voluptuous; they seemed to have been artfully carved by a potter. The green body con top she wore only made the fullness of her bosom prominent. The nurse at the pharmacy signaled her to collect her medications. She walked towards the front counter putting her glistening legs on display. They were almost the color of a deep rich cocoa infused with cream and milk. The nurse handed her a receipt and the golden specks which danced in her eyes immediately disappeared. She picked up the pen on the counter and began ruling out some things on the receipt. If it was prescribed for her then she definitely needed it. Without thinking, my legs carried me to where she stood.

“I’ll pay for it.” the nurse who already called out another patient tilted her head.

“Sir?” I gestured towards Ademidun and replied “I said I’ll foot her bills, give her everything on the receipt.” She bopped her head and walked towards the back room. I locked my gaze with Ademidun and her golden eyes kept me rooted to the spot. Up close, she had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. Breaking eye contact she shifted her weight from side to side.

“You didn’t have to” she said looking back at her feet.

“I know but I wanted to.”

“T-thank you.” She bit her lips and her eyes sparkled. I noticed she held onto her purse tightly, shaking a little. My phone buzzed, reminding me of why I came to the hospital. I swiftly made way for the lounge. Mounting down the steps to the lounge, I sighted Bolu at the entrance. He made a silly sign to me and mouthed “you are late.” I breezed past him and walked in.

“I am very sorry to have kept everyone waiting. I had an emergency to attend to, pardon me.” They waved it off with the nod of their heads and I strolled to the seat at the head of the table.

“Hello, I am the head representative of the icon construction company.” He rose and stretched his hands; I shook it and commenced the meeting.

Read more here: https://bookishyinka.com/
Re: Taming His Desire (Adult Romance) by aprilwise(m): 7:16pm On Apr 14
Nice one

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