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In Love With A Playboy – Season [episode 1 – 9] / 8 Year Old Ivory Coast Girl Madly In Love With 73 Year Old Grandfather / Project 1-9-90 Tetrax (2) (3) (4)

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In Love With A Playboy – Season [episode 1 – 9] by Naijaclasic: 9:00am On Jun 10

Her name is Lucia Santos, she is a pretty and

intelligent girl, she’s the only child of her parent

Mr and Mrs Santos, they love her so much being

their only child. She attends hiddenville day and

boarding school and in grade 2 at the age of 16,

she is brilliant and always come out first in her

class. Lucia is a gentle and well trained girl, she

has two friends Vivian and Betty. In school they

are called the three monskaters because they

were always together. They attend the same

school, in the same class and also in the same

dormitory. The three friends sat in the class

during lunch break one afternoon, Lucia was

reading while Betty and Vivian were eating fruits.

“Hey Lucy, do you want some?” Betty asked

“No thanks.” Lucia said.

“Lucy, will you go to the party the senior

students are hosting with us?” Vivian asked.

“You guys can go but am not going.” Lucia said.

“Common, it’s gonna be fun, so many guys will

be there, pls go with us.” Betty pleaded.

“No, I don’t want to, I will rather stay up all night

reading my books instead of going to some

crazy party.” Lucia said

“Hmm, bookworm dats why you don’t have a

boyfriend, how can you have a boyfriend wen all

you know how to do is read, you don’t go out to

have fun.” Vivian said

“I never said am searching for a boyfriend, okay.”

Lucia said

“Fine don’t go, we’ll go alone.” Vivian said.

The lunch break was over and the students

returned to their various sit including Betty and

Vivian. The English teacher came in and gave

them some exercise to work on. After some hour

the closing bell was rang and the students packed

their stuffs and left the class.

When it was Abt 8:pm, Betty and Vivian began

dressing up for the party while Lucia was reading

a novel. They finished preparing and were about

to leave. “Lucy are you sure you don’t wanna

come with us?” Betty asked.

“No am not coming, have fun but remember to

be careful out there and you mustn’t take

alcohol.” Lucia said

“Ok ma’am, we won’t.” Vivian said and they

walked out of the room.

“Come back early, okay.” Lucia shouted

The next morning, their classroom teacher

entered the class and a boy followed behind him,

he was tall and handsome with a sexy eyes and

lips. The class became noisy at the sight of him,

all the girls begin to murmur. Lucia stood up. ”

Class say ur greetings.” She said and the students

also stood up and they greeted the teacher.

“Take ur sits.” The teacher said and they all sat


“Here with me is a new member of our class,

introduce yourself to the class.” The teacher said

“Am Richard Carson Padilla, am a transferred

student.” He said and bowed a little.

“Alright, go and sit beside Lucy over there.” The

teacher pointed towards Lucy and he went to sit

beside Lucy. “Settle down, your teacher will be

here soon.” The classroom teacher said and left.

Lucia was busy solving some maths exercise,

she didn’t pay attention to Richard as he sat

beside her. He looked at her and saw that she

wasn’t staring at him like the other girls. “Hi

Lucy.” He said Lucia looked at him and he winked

at her, she ignored him and shift her attention

back to her book. The maths teacher came in and

the students greeted him. “Be sitted.” Mr Cash


The lesson begin and Mr Cash wrote some

exercise on the board, then he asked who can

solve them. Richard was the first to raise his hand

then Lucia also raised her hand. “You are the new

transferred student if am right?” Mr Cash asked

“Yes sir.” Richard said.

“Ok, come out let’s see what you’ve got.” The

teacher said. He walked over to the front and took

the marker from the teacher then he went over to

the board and started solving. He solved the first,

second and then the third one. The teacher was

impressed and he asked the class to applaud him.

“Lucy, it looks like you now have a rival.” Mr Cash

said and Richard smiled. Lucia saw him smiling

but she ignored him. He walked back to his desk

and was still smiling and looking at Lucia, she

noticed but she ignored him.

Throughout the lesson, Richard kept staring at

Lucia and smiling at the same time, she couldn’t

ignore him anymore and then she turned to him.

“Can you stop staring at me.” She said with a low

voice. It’s actually the first time Lucia took a close

look at him. They looked at each other eyeball to

eyeball, she couldn’t help but stare at him, he

smiled then Lucia got a chill down her spine, she

quickly stared away. “Hmm, sorry but you have

dust on your face that was why I was staring.”

Richard lied. Lucia wiped her face with her and

Richard smiled.

“Ok, solve this exercise the maths teacher said

and Lucy, you and Richard should bring the

books to my office after lunch.” Mr Cash said and

left. Lucia glared at Richard and he smiled.

Like and comment for next episode

chapter 2

Vivian and Betty went to Lucia’s desk

Immediately the recession bell was jingled. She

was packing her books into her bag. Vivian

looked at Richard he was also arranging his

books, she went to him and Betty followed. “Hi

am Vivian.”

“Am Betty, we are both Lucia’s friend.” Betty said

“Ok, it’s nice meeting you guys.” Richard said.

“Your name is Richard right?” Vivian asked

“Yes, Richard Carson.” Richard said

“Can we call you Richie?” Betty asked

“Yes as you wish.” Richard said. Lucia was done

packing her books, she signalled Vivian and Betty

but they didn’t pay attention to her, she got angry

and started leaving, they saw her leaving and

they followed her. “Hey Lucy, wait up.” Betty

said. She stopped and glared at them

provockingly. “Wats wrong with you both, why

were u misbehaving earlier in the class?” She


“Misbehaving? We weren’t misbehaving okay, we

were only introducing our self to the new

student.” Vivian said

“Oh really, alright why don’t you go back there

and keep introducing yourselves.” Lucia said.

“Hey Lucy, you have started again, why are you

being mean to the new student?” Betty asked.

“What do you mean being mean, who told you I

was mean to him?” Lucia asked

“I saw the way he was smiling at you in class,

trying to be friends with you then you yelled at

him.” Betty said.

“I never yelled at him, I only told him to stop

staring at me.” Lucia said

“He’s new here, you shouldn’t treat him d way

you treat other boys that once asked you out,

maybe he just want to be friends with you since

you guys desk is close to each other.” Vivian said

“Oh so because he’s new I should treat him like a

king right?” Lucia asked

“No one is saying you should treat him like a

king, just be nice to him.” Betty said

“And what if I don’t want to?” Lucia asked

“Then don’t get mad when we are trying to be

nice to him.” Vivian said

“Hmph.” Lucia smirked and walked away.

After the lunch break, the students were all sitted,

Lucia asked them for their maths work book and

they all submitted, after collecting, she divided it

into two, she took half and left the remaining for

Richard to carry. He carried it and they both went

to Mr Cash’s office.

“Hey Lucy, can I talk to you for a minute?”

Richard asked on there way back from the maths

teacher’s office. Lucia stopped and turned to him.

“Yes, what is it?” She asked

“Can we be friends? I want us to be friends since

we are sit mate.” Richard said.

“No.” Lucia said and starts walking away.

“Wait, why don’t you want to be friends with

me?” Richard asked.

“Because I don’t want to, I don’t like you so why

will I want to befriend u?” Lucia asked.

“Why don’t you like me? Is it because of what the

maths teacher said about me being your rival?”

Richard asked.

“Why will I have you for that?” Lucia asked.

“Well I heard you always come first in class, but

don’t worry I don’t intend to take ur position

from you.” Richard said.

“I don’t want to be friends with you and I don’t

care if you take my position or not, but you will

have to work hard before you can take it from

me.” Lucia said away.

Betty ran into the class and went direct to Vivian’s

desk. “Vivian, guess what I saw.” She said

“What did you see? Did you see a ghost?” Vivian


“No, I saw Lucy, she was talking with Richard

just now as I was coming from the restroom.”

Betty said

“Really? What were they talking about?” Vivian


“How am I supposed to know, I didn’t go close

to them,I didn’t allow them to see me.” Betty


“Hmm, but I thought she doesn’t want to be

friends with__.”Vivian stopped talking when she

saw Lucia entered the class and Richard followed

behind her. Vivian called her. Lucia saw Betty

sitting on Vivian’s desk, she knew something was

up, she walked over to Vivian’s desk and stood

beside Betty. “Yes whats wrong.” Lucia asked.

“What were you discussing with Richard? Betty

said she saw you two talking at the lobby.” Vivian


“We weren’t talking about anything important, he

just said he wants to be friends with me, thats

all.” Lucia said.

“Wow, so wat was ur response?” Vivian asked

“Well I told him no.”

“What! Why did you say no to him?” Betty asked

“Because I don’t like him.” Lucia said.

“Wait, don’t tell me you told him directly dat you

don’t like him.” Vivian asked

“Yes I did, look, I really don’t like that guy, he

looks like a flirt to me.” Lucia said

“Flirt? Lucy! How can you say such thing.” Betty


“Well dats wat I think of him, am going to my

desk.” Lucia said and left. She saw Richard

looking at her and he looked away wben she saw


Weeks later Richard was still trying to get close to


but she kept pushing him away, she was walking


the lobby during lunch break when she heard

some group

of girls talking about Richard. “Have you guys

heard dat

Richard, the new transferred student is now

dating Sonia?”

One of the girls asked others.

“I heard the past few weeks he came to our

school, he has

dated about three girls and now he’s dating


Another girl said “who knows, that might be the


why he was transferred from his former school.”


girl said. Lucia was pissed off by what the girls


saying, but she ignored them and went to her

class. There

wasn’t much students in the class, she entered


classroom and saw Richard, sitted on his sit with


in his ears. She went to him and removed the


from his ears. “Hey, wats wrong with you?”

Richard asked

“I should be the one asking you that.” Lucia said

“What do you mean?” Richard asked confused

“What is your relationship with Sonia?” Lucia


“Sonia? Who is Sonia?” Richard asked

“Hey, quit the pretence, you know exactly who

am talking

about, the whole school is talking about you,

about how

you’ve dated different girls in just the past few

weeks you

got transferred here. I knew from the first time I

saw you, I

knew you are a flirt, dat was why I don’t wanna


anything to do with you.” Lucia said.

“What are you saying, those aren’t true, it’s just a


rumors and besides I don’t even know this Sonia

girl u are

talking abt.” Richard said.

“Whatever, but you better keep your dating skills

in check

before the principal finds out, then u will be


from here again.” Lucia said

“You sound worried, why are you worrying

about me? I

thought you said you don’t like me.” Richard



“Fool, am not worried about you, am just telling

u this


“Because what?” Richard asked.

“Because__I___I, because I don’t want you to ruin


class reputation, as the class president I have to


concerned.” Lucia said and walked away.

“Hmm, playing hard to get, hmm__ don’t worry,

I will

make you fall for me very soon.” Richard said to


and put back his earpiece in his ears.

Lucia was sitting alone on the stairs, Betty and

Vivian saw

her and ran to her. “Lucy, Lucy.” Betty called.

“Yes what is it?” Lucia asked

“Have you heard?” Vivian asked.

“Heard what?” Lucia asked.

“Have you heard Richard is now dating Sonia

from wild

flower class after dating her best friend and

dumping her?”

Betty asked. Lucia stood up. “I don’t wanna hear


about that idiot.” Lucia said

“Hey whats wrong? Why don’t you wanna talk


him?” Vivian asked

“No reason, I just don’t wanna talk or hear

anything about

him.” Lucia said

“Common Lucy, we are ur best friends, you can

tell us

anything.” Betty said

“Did you guys fight?” Vivian asked

“Ok, I already heard about him dating Sonia and I

went to

confront him.” Lucia said

“What!” Betty and Vivian exclaimed

“You confronted him?” Vivian asked

“Yes I did, I confronted him and he denied it, he

said it’s

just a rumor.” Lucia said

“And you believed him?” Betty asked

“Well not really but I also think it’s just a rumor,

and he

also said he doesn’t know who Sonia is.” Lucia


“Really? Wait a minute Lucy, I thought you said

you don’t

like him, as in you dislike him, so why did u go


confront him? It’s none of your business.” Vivian


“That’s because I don’t want the kids to start

talking bad

about our class because of him.” Lucia said

“Hmm, really?” Vivian asked

“Yes, let’s go, the break is over.” Lucia said and

they went

back to the class.

Some days later, the class teacher entered the

class and

the students greeted her. “Am here to inform you


about the presentation coming up next week, all


are to present what ever you know how to do,

each class

will have a representative and I want my class to

be the

best. So you guys should think of what to do and

let me

know.” The teacher said. The class was silent, no

one was

talking then Richard raised his hand. “Yes Richard,


do you have to say?” The teacher asked and the


turned to him. “Ma’am, I suggest we present a

song and a

dance.” Richard said

“Song and dance?” Mrs Tony asked

“Yes, since you said each class will have a


so in our class we can pick two representatives a

boy and

a girl, they will both sing a song and also dance.”



“Nice idea, but Richard do u know any suitable

song to

present?” Mrs Tony asked

“Yes ma’am, I do.” Richard said

“Well then, if we have to go with that then you

will be

presenting it together with a girl but first does

anyone have

any other suggestions?” Mrs Tony asked. No one

responded. “Ok then, so we all agree with


suggestion right?”

“Yes!!” The class chorused except Lucia.

“So Richard you will be presenting together with


She looked around “Lucia.” She said.

Lucia was shocked as her name was mentioned.

She stood

up and glared at Richard and he smiled.

“The two of you will be our class representative,

a round

of applause for them.” Mrs Tony said.

“But ma’am, I don’t know how to dance.” Lucia


“Don’t worry I will teach you, am a good

dancer.” Richard


“Did you hear, Richard said he will put you

through, you

will start practicing as from tomorrow.” The

teacher said

and starts leaving.

“But ma’am, d–n.” Lucia said as the teacher

walk out of

the room.
Read full story here

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