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Bars To The Bank Maybach Series by micariice(m): 9:14am On Jul 17

This is the right time for me to write Maybach series in May 2018
It is when I get the job done that you can get to read it when I release it in 2018
Everyone would love to hear it when I record this bars to the bank maybach series
Many people do not want to be left out they are looking for entries
It has been arrange for me to go onward and there is no turning back
There is a lot of home work to get done so that there will be no set back
I have make money and I have spent money so there is a payback
There is no way you can twist it I can get rich back to back
I came here to do business and make money I do not need to attack
You should control how you show off your car before it will get hijack
I can never discriminate any races either white or black
Most of the time when I am hanging out I enjoy eating snack
When I stay in church for some months Rev Run will go
I am not that religious christian or muslim bank will go
If you can follow these guidelines and protocol we can go
I cannot lie I will be myself and continue to eat friend meat and chicken
I am on my own you can give me money to get high on that gin
I am naturally rich but it looks like they force me to sin
When I have cash with me everyone will be seeing things
If you know me you will know that I can hustle anything
I gather every pieces together and I have turn it into something
Bars to the bank is known and accepted by the British Council
Any idiots that tamper with Micari ice incorporated will get sue
My lawyers are on stand by if you want me to give you a clue
Queen Elizbeth should know that I will come and continue my project in London
This is a step by step process and it will take months to come to London
Bars to the bank is valid and recognise by Bank of England
I have been set to get my BA in one of the universities in England
Everyone knows I have done my best and I cannot stay here any longer
I have went through a lot they say what do not kill you will make you get stronger
Any country that I step in will not see my a stranger
Micari ice incorporated is expanding and I am the owner and manager
Most of my girlfriends are poor I can give them money if I Bleep them
I will pick a pretty that will be with me I do not need some of them
There are many beautiful girls that love me and I will cherish them
The money will circulate if I get to 1 million to 10 million readers
When it is about making a country great I am one of their leaders
Everyone has make money from these projects where are the spenders
I have gain knowledge in personal training and discipline with physical education
If I want to move with some set of people I will need to further my education
Everyone knows I have show a lot of courage and dedication
Tell me the post you want in my company and write an application
I do not need to get broke for too long before getting rich back
One thing is certain here micari ice has done everything to make money stack
Every bank must have bars to the bank in their safe deposit box
No matter what happen I make myself fit when it comes to Xbox
When I am not around you should send an email I will check my inbox
When I put everything in arrangement do not make it get worse
You are the one that is hurting and killing yourself offcourse
I am still in a local area it will pay if I upgrade to international level
This ia very dangerous the people I work with are dining with the devil
Allow me to make money and share with you I see no evil
After all said and done I am multiplying my income everyday
There is a need for relaxation time I am working night and day
To get money you will need to comply with the principles that I have outline
We should be communicating and you will be constantly reading my facebook timeline
When it all started micari ice is the only nigga on the frontline
What more can I say I have to go out there and get what is mine
The instructions that I am laying down you will need to heed to it
I will continue to reap it because I sow a seed to it
If she deposit into my account I can take Anastacia to Malaysia
You can have your seat in bars to the bank go and get a chair
After reading it pass it to your friends it is good to share
Re: Bars To The Bank Maybach Series by micariice(m): 9:16am On Jul 17
There are many actors and actress that want to make me come to India
Everyone know that I am a song writer and script writer because of bollywood I can visit India
You are making life harder for yourself if you are distracting me
Any girl that I want to Bleep will have to attract me
They have over stress me there is a way you will interact with me
If I get a hug and kiss from a girl that will interest me
We will both come up with a hit track when I Bleep Trina
You will have to find me you cannot see me like John Cena
The hiphoo world will make money if I have a son with Tyra bank
I have set up the live video of bars to the bank
Its been a while I heard from her where is Eve
I like her rapping style and there is no need to beef
There is time to work and get the task done and there is time to leave
I cannot feel any emotion if anything happen there will be no grief
Anytime I Bleep a girl and I come I will feel relief
If you tell me the truth you will not be deceive
After hustling I can sit back and relax to see what I have archieve
You can bring it on it is everything that is going on that I can perceive
If you do not know anything about me you should stop saying jargon
I know they will do something bars to the bank has gotten to pentagon
Everybody look up to him Barack Obama is a paragon
At the moment I can feel my nigga that is in Atlanta
I know many programmes has been created by radio and TV presenter
The location that I am staying can make your brain freeze
When you are in the city there are many things that can make you tease
There are many things someone need to accomplish before they get decease
You have never make the money that I am making nigga pleasd
As long as I am making money in that hood I will not see it as a trap
I am from different planet at this stage I cannot take any crap
It is normal for someone like me to travel out to go and rap
I have to keep moving so that I will never get stuck
The charge battery will not make it stop ticking if you check the wall clock
The situation I find myself will make me to carry a glock
These days I prefer working hard and getting paid you can be looking for luck
You cannot be following me around and not show support that is stalking
It is when I get high on weed that is when I do that crip walking
Micari ice is on a get rich or die tryin you do not need to criticize me
Do you know that it is Notorious biggie and 2pac that supervise me
You do not need to pity them when anyone that hate me die
Anytime I want to multiply my money they will start to cry
I never thought it will happen this way I went through a lot of trauma
Bars to the bank is fill with suspense you can keep your drama
I try my best and we both know I do not depend on my parent
I have to get paid to pay my own house rent
Anytime they see my enjoying my life they will be having hot temper
There is a way I program bars to the bank as a developer
Re: Bars To The Bank Maybach Series by micariice(m): 9:19am On Jul 17
I have promise myself to never get broke in life anymore
When you are getting money regularly nobody will Bleep with you anymore
I have make millions of dollars and I still want to make more
They have make me stress I cannot be living with peope hating me anymore
Never thought I will become a billionaire but I got it plan out
When I see a pretty girl that like me I will want to take her out
It will surprise you that you do not know anything about me and you need to find out
If you have anything to add to my project you should bring it out
We will be getting money if you do what I suggest
If you want to know more you can be my guest
Anytime I eat a delicious food it takes time for it to digest
I never thought this business will be hard to this extent
With the way I set this series up there will be no accident
I will accept it if you invite me to a wonderful event
When you buy a brand new car you will definately like the scent
A nigga with a drug dealing and prostitution ring is not a saint
When you over work and get tired you might faint
I do not know what she think about me when you ask Oprah Winfrey
There are many haters that want me to lose but I find a way to winfree
Any nigga that is lock up will be looking for a way to get free
Many people have gone crazy on the street they have abnormal behavior
I am a hustler that want to get paid you can keep searching for your savior
I like design cars I know he is going to love-vendor my ride shoutout to Xzibit
Some girls like to wear a see through that will show thier pussy a lil bit
Making a Micari ice incorporated a global company is done bit by bit
For the love of money my stunts will make niggaz to commit suicide
If you want to see the work of nature you can stay by the sea side
Your rants is unnecessary so I will put that aside
They can scan me your where about and location there is no place to hide
You can send me donations if you are banking with Halifax
Bars to the bank can be send in email and it can be fax
When you talk about weapons I prefer a baretta than a axe
You will get more money when you produce large quantity in a max
They can feel it everywhere my rapping style has gone on wax
I will like to hear the sound of that instrument when you blow that sax
The goverment has already earn revenue there is no need I should pay tax
They know I have make money from Nationwide bank
I know I will begin to receive money from HSBC Bank
If it is about making real life movies micari ice is a savvy
You should be on a lookout when speeding because some lanes are wavy
After everything I went through I have train myself as a Navy
MOSAD,FBI,CIA should do their investigation it is compulsory I get money from the bank
I have put in my strenght and work hard enough to collect money from the bank
At this stage micari ice is one and I can partner with many companies
The fact is capital is one that is the way they start up many companies
If you know what is on my head you will have a brain tumour
You should be the first to help me forget about the rumour
Anywhere on earth that you see me you will feel the glamour
Re: Bars To The Bank Maybach Series by micariice(m): 9:21am On Jul 17
The way things are going I will find myself among hardcore rappers
Assistant bank manager is my profession and I write for rappers
I guess I have to move to the city before someone can walk up to me and give me a check
When I roll with intelligent people there are organisations that will give me a check
When they murder people that are spoiling my business baby I can give you a peck
It is hard for you to survive in the jungle when they will want you to wreck
I should send some niggaz here to kill anyone that want to knock my husstle
United Nation knows about this and they will be willing to fund my struggle
Bleep the comedy and the silly people holding me down I have a natural height
I do not give a Bleep and I keep working and my niggaz knows that I am right
There is a way that I handle sitiuation that will show that micari ice is bright
If I have gone with them when it all started I will not be left behind
When I relate with my friends abroad it will look like I am still behind
I have to catch up with my counterpart and leave this niggaz behind
I do not really have more options than to stay fly and fast
I can make the present situation not to get critical like the past
Everyone in the country knows that the money I have will last
When I request for help you should know that it is very urgent
They must be surprise at what I know and see me as a secret agent
Everything that my eyes have seen has make me diligent
My business is expanding that baby girl can come to my house and turn a cooker
I can get a Mouth Action at anytime you should leave that for the hooker
You should perform on the scene do not be a looker
I cannot comprehend how some idiots do not want me to get paid
Everyone knows that I am fearless and I can neverbget afraid
When I have an injury I can give myself a first aid
You can never deny it we both know that I am self made
My lecturer will recognise the fact that micari ice is aelf taught
I got a criminal mind and I can never get caught
The feds will go because of the beautiful things that I bought
When I provide bars to the bank money is what I brought
It will look like we are in a desert if there is a drought
Before he become undefeated there are many people that he fought
I will be chasing that money if you get hurt it is not my fault
It is compulsory for everyone to go to the bank and make transactions
I prefer physical banking the banks have seen my actions
Anybody can send money into my account bank to bank transfer can be done online
I have make it secured and verified you can call the bank to confirm online
I go do anything at a go there are billions of people on the internet
With continuous spreading bars to the bank will be everywhere on the internet
I have done everything to get money and it is working everybody is working
It is my first name that is the reason I like that designer Michael Cors
It is when I Bleep her she can claim my girlfriend offcourse
I am studying economics in real life and I am going to the university to study it as a course
If you are sharp like razor blade you just meet a tiger
Ther are different types of tribe in Nigeria they know am a natural nigga
When you want to get the grand open you will need a digger
When it is shootout time my hand will be on the trigger
They know me everywhere in the world and my buzz is getting bigger
You can protect your accounts when you get notification from the bank
When you are sending and receiving money you ahould expect confirmation from the bank
I provide customers for every bank because micari ice is the bank
The decision I make today can affect my tomorrow
What I can so today I do not need to post pone it till tomorrow
When something strange happen they will know who knows tomorrow
I make money circulate it will not be hard to borrow
I am the one that produce currency and I can never die of poison
My business is legit not again will I step my foot in prison
You will like my stunt on the scene when I perform in any season
I just know why they kill some people for no reason
If you do not like your present location you will want to leave
In my circumstances it is a clean palce that I want to live
You will see me hustling everyday you can forget the beef
They say if you want to receive you will need to give
Let us embrace this program and move forward in this new millineum
Any song that I release out there will automatically go platinum
I am getting there gradually when I am doing it in minimum
It will go worldwide when I proceed to release it in maximum
Everybody is looking for money but they cannot follow instructions to get it
There is a way that I lay it down so that it will be easier for you to get it
You will need to get familiar with it so that you will be able to dig it
I am finally getting that money because I need it and I want it
Some people can pay for pornography sexy lady we can have a sex tape
Everyone in the world love music I will be selling my mixtape
When they hold me down the money I have will make me escape
Beautiful girls show me their pussy willing to Bleep I do not need rape
You need to listen to it when you see it the lost and found tape
You wil put you in your mouth if you want to know the taste
I will recover everything all my talent will not go to waste
Time is going and I am doing everything in a haste
There is money to make here I can be flying in the night like bat
If you need a pet you can go and get a cat
We both know I am very huge and am not fat
There are things that I am selling that will make me to hold the gat
Everyone know when I get to Las Vegas I will put on my cow boy hat
If you want to take a nap in the desert you will need a mat
I will be glad if you can donate to my company that is Utomi pat
To create that dope beats you need to read bars to the bank DJ jimmy Jat

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