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We Paste Posters & Stickers Nationwide by IMC247: 5:08pm On Oct 03, 2021

We are professionals when it comes to pasting of posters in Lagos, Nigeria. We paste political campaign posters nationwide.

Our services also include the distribution of fliers in Lagos, Nigeria; political parties fliers, religious organisations fliers, co-operate organisations fliers, sharing of handbill etc, and we also print.

We have advert platforms on over 40 pedestrian footbridges in Lagos, to advertise and create awareness for your brand.

We have well trained team to effectively and efficiently deploy your posters and leaflets to every nocks & cranny of Lagos, Nigeria.

We are the founding members and trustees of the Association of Poster Distributors of Lagos State.

Contact us.
Call/ WhatsApp: Symmetric Communications.

Re: We Paste Posters & Stickers Nationwide by IMC247: 10:05am On Jan 31, 2022

68% of consumers purchasing decisions are made while in the car. Are you capitalizing on that?

Thousands of ads are trying to reach you digitally, but you’re not paying attention to any of them.


Advertising fatigue. We’re constantly staring into screens, which makes it the best place to advertise, right? Not always.

If you’re looking to either invest in or purchasing outdoor advertising then here are 9 types of outdoor ads you should be familiar with.

But before we take a closer look at outdoor advertising, let’s first know what outdoor advertising is and its different types.

What is Outdoor Advertising and Types of Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor advertising is a form of advertising strategy that enables companies to promote their businesses through outdoor means. There are nine types of outdoor advertising, which business can utilize.

- Billboard
- Lamp Post
- Bridge
- Guerilla Advertising
- Point of Sale
- Transit
- Retail
- Stunt Advertising

With these in mind, they can choose any outdoor advertising strategy that fits their budget and preference.

What is Meant by Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor advertising refers to the advertisements plastered or displayed outside any establishment. It’s also called out-of-home advertising, which, as the name implies, is an advertising strategy displayed outside the home.

What are The Types of Outdoor Advertising?
There are 2 main types of outdoor advertising: traditional and digital.

Traditional types of outdoor advertising include billboards and posters.

However, many companies can also advertise on bridges, lamp posts, street furniture, retail, and point of sale advertising.

Aside from that, there’s also digital outdoor advertising. Think of it as digital types of the ones mentioned. Unlike traditional printed outdoor advertising types, these ones “rotate” with other ads, whether promoted by your competitors or other companies.

And if you plan to start a campaign with these types, you need to consider different designs and dimensions to ensure that your advertisements are optimized when displayed.

Now that you have an understanding of outdoor advertising and its type, learn more about them in depth below.

1. Billboard Advertising

Billboards immediately come to mind when thinking of outdoor advertising, and for good reason. About 71% of consumers are engaged with these roadside ads.

Here are the most common types of billboards:

- Static

With about 68% of consumers make their shopping decisions while in the car, a well-designed roadside billboard can be a crucial part of any brand’s sales funnel. This form of marketing is not meant to be aggressive and direct. It is subtle and more welcoming to consumers.

- Mobile

Unlike static display billboards that can’t move anywhere, mobile billboards have the advantage of being able to go where the crowd is. If there’s a concert or major event happening, you can coordinate your mobile billboards to appear more often in those areas.

- Digital

Digital billboards have the advantage of displaying videos and animations, making them significantly more eye-catching. You can be creative with your billboard design and messaging.

They’re about 3-4 times more expensive to advertise on than static billboards.

- Interactive Billboards

Making a billboard interactive puts a whole new dimension of engagement for brands. Looking at a billboard advertisement is one thing, but being able to engage with it is another.

2. Lamp Post
outdoor advertising

Digital billboards aren’t the only types of advertising meant for nighttime. Lamp post banners forces you to pay attention to it by shining a light directly onto the ad, making it unavoidable.

3. Bridge
outdoor advertising
This style of outdoor advertising is best if your target customer is a frequent traveler.

4. Guerilla Advertising

Guerilla advertising has a shock factor. To engage in this marketing technique, you simply take an existing item in public, and then you add to the environment. Be careful about how you go about the campaign because it can be viewed as vandalizing public property.

Common techniques for guerilla advertising:

- Stencil graffiti or repeated works of street art
- Reverse graffiti where marketers remove dirt from the surfaces to create natural-looking messages
- Stickers
- Undercover Marketing, also known as stealth marketing

5. Point of Sale Displays

These products are designed to lure in impulsive buyers. Products at cashier counters often make customers feel like they’re making a harmless last-minute purchase.

6. Transit Advertising

This type of outdoor advertising is typically seen on trains and busses. About 38% of consumers tend to stop at the store while on their way home, making this very opportunistic depending on your brand.

Remember that less is more. Since your market is always on the go, you need to feed them as much information as you can, without too much cognitive load.

7. Retail Advertising

outdoor advertising
Consumers are already in the mentality to buy, so take advantage of the situation. Malls and shopping centers are great places to advertise, especially if you have your store just a few steps away.

8. Stunt Advertising

Stunt advertising takes outdoor advertising to the next level. This type takes more effort, involves real people, and generates emotions.

9. Outdoor Sign
store outdoor sign
You might be spending a lot of money, time, and effort in creating these show-stopping marketing materials. As a rule of thumb, it has to stand out from a busy street.

Above is a good sample. Instead of using plain and otherwise boring signage, you can maximize your store’s window to highlight your services. Add other information such as your address, email, and contact number so people can call you up in case of emergencies.

Need an outdoor ad space in Lagos, Nigeria?
Re: We Paste Posters & Stickers Nationwide by IMC247: 6:48pm On May 29, 2022
Symmetric Communications Lagos | Advertising & Branding agency| BRT branding, advertising/advertising company| flyer/leaflets distribution company| outdoor advertising agency| pedestrian footbridge advertising agency| poster pasting association| agency in Nigeria
Re: We Paste Posters & Stickers Nationwide by IMC247: 6:26am On Aug 09, 2022

Day 1: Ikeja
- 5000 fliers, 6 skaters

Day 2: Victoria Island
- 5000 fliers, 6 skaters

Day 3: Lekki
- 5000 fliers, 6 skaters


Symmetric Communications.

Re: We Paste Posters & Stickers Nationwide by IMC247: 12:57pm On Oct 15, 2022

- House on the Rock: 800 fliers, 2 skaters
- Harvesters: 600 fliers, 2 skaters
- Elevation Church: 600 fliers, 2 skaters
- Mosque: 500 fliers, 2 skaters

- Day-Star Christian Center: 800 fliers, 2 skaters
- Christ Embassy: 600 fliers, 2 skaters
- Citadel Church: 600, 2 skaters
- Central Mosque Alausa: 500 fliers, 2 skaters

*Target Audience:*
Worshippers & Busy Traffic around the worship centers.

*Distribution Days:*
- Sunday for the churches
- Friday for the mosque

*Number of Days:*
- 2 (two) days
- The distribution will take place simultaneously on each distribution day.
Re: We Paste Posters & Stickers Nationwide by IMC247: 2:56am On Dec 31, 2022

- *Poster Quantity & Size:*

(A2= 200)

- *Area of Coverage:*
Lekki Epe Expressway, from; BONNY CAMP to SANGO TEDO

- *Strategic Plan:*
To be pasted on strategic locations like; poster sites, bus-stops, bridges, walls, express corridors, etc.

- *Duration:*
24 - 48 hours

- *Proof of Execution:*
Pictures and video

Re: We Paste Posters & Stickers Nationwide by IMC247: 8:27am On Mar 24, 2023

WE are professional skaters based in Lagos. We specialize in promoting and distributing of handbills, fliers, pamphlet, brochures, etc, with the use of rollerskates to each of your various and convinient location of your choice in any part of Lagos. Our office is located in Gbagada, Lagos, and we can share in any part of Lagos, in busy traffic, shopping malls, worship centres, shop2shop, house2house, estates, hand2hand etc. Our team consists of smart, young and experienced male & female skaters who are involved in various entertaining sports. Below are the jobs we carry out with the use of our roller skates
- handbill/flier distribution
- road shows
- entertainments
- video shoots
- dancers & mascots.
- activation
- open house
- business launch

Contact us:
Symmetric Communications
Re: We Paste Posters & Stickers Nationwide by IMC247: 3:15pm On Jun 07, 2023

Targeted end-to-end leaflet, flyers, stickers and posters distribution in Lagos State.

Getting your message to every part or corner of Lagos is simpler, smarter and more effective than ever. At Lagos leaflets, we distribute flyers, and paste stickers to every street and location in Lagos with absolute efficiency and accuracy.

Powered by a full time team of trained, professional and experienced skaters and distributors. Our safe hands ensure your leaflets, fliers and stickers reach their destination to your exact requirements

We offer distinct leaflet, sticker and fliers distribution service built around your budget and specifications.

We offer highly targeted flyer distribution service in Lagos. Our selective service focuses your campaign to more defined audience, specific roads, demographic groups, streets, we cover everywhere to ensure the accuracy of your campaign.

We are the trusted choice for leaflet and flyers distribution in Lagos, with full-time experienced skaters, LASAA approved processes, reaching millions of Lagosians with 10+ years of experience.

We are the team you can always depend on. Our full time experienced distributors in Lagos will handle your campaign with the utmost care and can be monitored and tracked for total peace of mind on the progress of your leaflet, flier and sticker distribution.

Symmetric Communications.

Re: We Paste Posters & Stickers Nationwide by Mediamix247: 6:07am On Jun 29, 2023

Do you want to increase awareness for your business but don’t have the time or resources to do all of the legwork yourself?

It can be tough to get your name out there when you’re competing with big businesses or real estate enterprises. They have more money and more manpower. But they’re missing out on one key element – your agility to test new marketing avenues.

Flyer distribution is a cost-effective way to reach new customers nationwide and in Nigeria Symmetric Communications has a dramatically effective system that will distribute your flyer campaign quickly and efficiently. Try our service today and see the results for yourself!

Reliable and affordable

Discover a reliable, professional, and budget-friendly flyer distribution service.

Flyer distribution has been proven an effective business growth method, and we’re here to make it easy for you. Blast past the competition while expanding your business.

Flyer Distribution is the most effective way to get your flyer in front of hundreds or even thousands of people in no time.

Distribute your flyers en mass.

What are the benefits of flyers?
Flyers have been proven to be a great way to capture your audience’s attention. Flyer Distribution is a cost-effective and efficient way of boosting the awareness of your business. Affordability is one of the major reasons why flyer distribution is used by successful companies when trying to market their products/services.

Flyer distribution is extremely effective in the sense it involves people to physically hold, interact with and become curious about your flyers which will eventually lead to them exploring your business more. Delivering flyers contributes greatly to driving brand awareness through the exposure of your business’s information to a large number of people within no time.

Flyer distribution price

Flyer Distribution services are affordable for any budget. Pricing is calculated based on the number of flyers you wish to deliver and specific location(s).

Distribution price is calculated using CPFL or better known as cost per thousand fliers and location.

How do you distribute flyers effectively?
Flyering is very effective in urban areas with high visibility. Flyers are distributed in busy traffic, shopping malls, worship centres, schools, market places, offices, etc which involves the customer targeting a specific geographical area and physically delivering flyers to households. Flyer distribution can be done in several ways — either through a team of people who deliver them by hand or with a USPS-powered automated service.

Symmetric Communications, for flyer distribution in Lagos, sticker pasting, banner hosting, BRT bus branding advertising, billboard advertising, street lamppost advertising, online advertising.

We are based in Lagos, with head office in Gbagada, Lagos.
Re: We Paste Posters & Stickers Nationwide by FLYERSnSTICKERS(m): 4:10pm On Aug 22, 2023

400 Flyers to be distributed by 2 skaters from Newcastle - Anthony, via Bush Street down to Suya Spot, to Mende, Maryland.

Shops, Offices, Residence and Busy Traffic Along Bush Street down to Maryland, Lagos.

Pictures and video will be captured at the time of distribution.

3 Hours


Symmetric Communications.

Re: We Paste Posters & Stickers Nationwide by FLYERSnSTICKERS(m): 2:42pm On Sep 02, 2023

*1st Saturday*
- Lekki: 1000 Flyers, 2 Skaters
- GRA-Ikeja: 1000 Flyers, 2 Skaters

*2nd Saturday*
- Lekki: 1000 Flyers, 2 Skaters
- GRA-Ikeja: 1000 Flyers, 2 Skaters

*3rd Saturday*
- Lekki: 1000 Flyers, 2 Skaters
- GRA-Ikeja: 1000 Flyers, 2 Skaters

*Total Number of Flyers:*
6000 Flyers

*Total Number of Skaters:*
12 Skaters

Branded T-Shirts will be made available to the skaters for the campaign.

*Duration of Campaign*
Three(3) consecutive Saturdays

*Means of Evaluation:*
Pictures & Video

*Special Instruction to Skaters:*
- No dreadlocks
- No bag
- No rugged jeans

All skaters must be decently dressed with a positive disposition.


Symmetric Communications.

Re: We Paste Posters & Stickers Nationwide by IMC247: 11:53am On Nov 23, 2023

The road show will cover the following axis in Lagos:

- Ojodu-Berger
- Berger express
- Agidingbi
- Wemco
- Ogba
- Back to Grammar school Ojodu

Branded T-shirt, Face Caps and Banners will be used to enhance publicity and visibility

Duration: Five (5) hours

Pictures and videos will be captured and sent to client as proof of execution.


Symmetric Outdoors.

Re: We Paste Posters & Stickers Nationwide by BlackSeedOil: 5:15pm On Jan 30


*DAY 1*
- Ikoyi: 1250 Fliers, 3 Skaters

*DAY 2*
- Victoria Island: 1250 Fliers, 3 Skaters

*DAY 3*
- Lekki: 1250 Fliers, 3 Skaters

*DAY 4*
- Ajah: 1250 Fliers, 3 Skaters

- Pictures & Video

Branded T-shirts & Face-Cap.


Symmetric Communications.

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