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...that Keeps Giving by hadayshawlar(f): 10:02pm On Jan 02, 2022

Here is a new novel I have been working on. Decided to put it up her cos it's been a while. As usual, your comments and thoughts are welcome.
If this is your first time of coming across any of my novels, feel free to check




Re: ...that Keeps Giving by hadayshawlar(f): 4:39pm On Jan 03, 2022

Naomi paced the length of her room in anger. She dropped the small purse that held minor belongings on the bed and picked her phone.

She needed to inform her mother that she is back at her destination. It would be unfair to take her anger out on her mother. She wasn’t the one that made the heartless bargain.

Her roommate was still in the hospital complex completing rounds on her behalf thankfully. she needed this time to herself. It is so difficult to comprehend what her parents called her home for. She wanted to process the information.

She tried to reach her mother’s phone twice to no avail. She dropped the phone on the bed and continued to pace.

At first, she thought it was a joke when she received the urgent call. Maybe her mother just wanted her to come home more because she had reduced the frequency with which she visited when she started her housemanship at the hospital. She was so glad for the opportunity,  now she doubted the genuineness of her acceptance into the prestigious hospital.

How could they make such an important decision for her?

No matter the excuse. “This age and time?” she muttered.

They should have hinted her at least.

She walked to one end of the wall and slowly slid to the floor in despair. The damage was way beyond repair.

 Her mother had told her not to refer to it as damage because it was in her best interest.

She didn't want to cry. She had promised herself she would not. Weighing the pros and cons has shown that the negatives outweigh the positives.

It was too much sacrifice to make for her dreams to come true. The painful part was the fact that she was not allowed to take part in such a decision even though it had to do with her life. She sighed again.

She heard the door open, She knew it was her roommate so she didn’t bother to leave her position or lift her head from her folded knees.

She sighed deeply and tried to hold back the tears drumming heavily behind her lids.

“Is everything alright?” Gwen asked dropping her sling bag on the bed they share.

The room although spacious was a room apartment they were given as doctors. She was lucky Gwen was willing to take her on as a roommate when she was accepted for her housemanship.

“I don't know. I really don't know.”

“Talk to me. Are your parents okay?”

“They seem fine”

“Why are you like this?” She walked to sit beside her. 

“You left in a hurry yesterday saying your mother called you. I had to cover up your duties today and you don't feel I deserve an explanation?”

“I don't know what to say myself, I am still processing the information.”

“Just give me a brief. A problem shared is half solved.”

“I am betrothed”


“When, how?”

“I am still in a state of shock myself.”

“Wait. To who?”

“You won’t believe this”

“Just tell me”

“Abisade Crown,” she dropped softly.

There was silence for a few minutes.

“What did you say?” Gwen asked in surprise. She could not imagine the connection.

“You heard me.”

“Oh! Let me rephrase that, Which Crown?”

“ The one and only.”

“What is the connection?” She was forced to ask. “How did your parents meet him, is he aware?”

“The only answer I can give to your question is that my father signed a betrothal with his father when it was difficult for him to meet up with my Medical school expenses in the third year.”

“Betrothal,  who does that? Well, thank your stars, at least the guy is rich and handsome.”

“That's the only thing you have to say?”

 Naomi looked up from her sitting position at Gwen who rose and waved her off as if everything was fine.

“Look at you, Gwen pulled off her flowery blouse. “A lot of women would love to be in your position. His father owns half of this town if not more.”

“Abisade is the worst playboy I have heard about. He is reckless and I don't even have time for gossip columns which means I may not even know half of his escapades.”

“That’s judgemental”

“It is the truth” Naomi insisted

“My dear, anything good is not meant for one person. The money is the main thing. Focus on that. You never have to worry about anything again”

“Why am I even surprised that you are saying this?”

“What else do you want me to say?  You are lucky, your future is sealed my darling. All these guys I am juggling,  if one of them can offer me one-eighth of what Abisade is worth, I will propose marriage myself.”

Naomi shook her head. She should not be surprised.  Gwen was not one for deep connections or conversations in relationships. She's all about the one with the deepest pockets.

 She is ambitious which is a major thing she admired about her. However, her beauty is a weapon she weilds heartlessly.

 At a height of five meters ten inches with a fair complexion that shines far into the future,  She never lacked male company.

“Baby girl stand up and dust yourself. I hope he likes you anyway because with all these your reserved mode of ...”

“Don't go there Gwen,” she warned. “I am more than the way I look or dress.”

“I am not saying you don't look nice. You have the height and you are beautiful,  you just need to pay more attention to your presentation.”

“What is wrong with my presentation?”

“Girl, you are good Doctor we all know that, but people like Abisade need trophy wives. Women that he can present to the world as his wife.”

“Gwen just leave me alone.”

“I am telling you the truth,” Gwen shrugged. “Have you seen the kind of girls he frolics with? You should be glad if he considered you.”

Naomi stood up from the floor, picked up her phone, and left angrily.

“Happy he considered me? He should be happy if I consider him worthy of my presence.” She hissed and slammed the door

She needed a place to think about the way forward. Look for every loophole possible in whatever her father signed.

She hoped to be much more than somebody's wife in the future. Abisade of all people. The only thing he had going for him was his looks. Going from party to party and spending his father's money. He was more of Gwen's kind of guy.  She wondered how her father met his father in the first place.

Re: ...that Keeps Giving by Ann2012(f): 6:20am On Jan 04, 2022

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Re: ...that Keeps Giving by hadayshawlar(f): 7:38pm On Jan 06, 2022
Chapter two

The traffic on the island was unusually heavy for the time of the day. If he had his way, he would have stayed late at the party and gone home or if he was in the mood, he would have lodged somewhere with his usual after-party chics but here he was driving to his parents' house as ordered by his father.

He wondered what the problem was. He wishes they could go back to the days when they used to ignore him. He and his siblings had attended boarding schools while their parents traveled the world-conquering the business world.

The little time they spent at home on holidays was either in the company of nannies or family friends both in and outside the country.

However, adulthood came with the responsibility of working in one of his father's companies thereby reporting to him even though he could do well on his own.

He maneuvered his Lexus into their estate and waved at the security personnel. Most of them started working with his father when he was in his teens. He played with some and pranked the younger ones. They were all part of his growing up.

"Bros e"  one of the new ones hailed in pidgin English,  raising both hands in the air to greet him immediately he stepped out of his car.

"Lefty, how are you?"

"We dey your hands o my boss. Your boy is loyal."

"My boy that already has a wife and kids"

"It doesn’t matter boss, "He bantered. " I am still your boy".

"Na you sabi, I will see you when I am leaving".

"I trust you na", He smiled and turned to leave.

"Oh! There is a bottle of wine on the passenger's seat in front, you can take it."

"Ah! Only me, rich man wine."  He raised his hands into the air again and stamped his feet in salute.

" The other one you gave me, I gave it to my in-law for Christmas, the man calls my name with respect now."

Abisade burst into laughter. "Lefty go away." He clicked on his security lock then motioned for him to pick it.

"After you na you my oga."

Abisade still smiling walked away.
He was welcomed by her parents' oldest housekeeper who was also his second mother.

"My baby," she greeted with a smile.

"Don’t let my ladies hear you calling me that, I am twenty-eight sisi"

"You dare tell me that," She teased "Let me get a hang of all these social media things you children are used to, and see if I will not put your diaper pictures out there."

"I am sorry ma. Your baby I remain."

"Better," she said and opened her arms for a hug and he gladly went into her arms.

As always, she offered the comfort he was always sure of when he came home. She was the only reason he could call it home because she was always there to offer comfort while they were growing up.

"Your parents are in your father's office." She told him adjusting his collar. "I can smell alcohol on you. I told you not to drive when you drink."

"Sisi, it was just a glass."

"It's still something."

"It won't happen again."

"Pfft. As if I'll believe that," she replied and pushed him in the direction of the office.

Abisade walked down the hallway to his father's office.

Most publications that have sent writers to their mansion for interviews usually describe theirs in the most expensive light. Not only were they usually awed by the beauty, but the extravagance was also subtly displayed.

He didn’t see it as anything out of the ordinary. Maybe because he was used to it. His mom usually employed the best interior decorators to work on the house from time to time to switch up the look. Although they hardly stayed in the house until recently.

"Come in," he heard his father say from the office.

"Mother, Father," he acknowledged

"Please sit."

He took his seat opposite his mother's sofa. She looked more serious than usual and he wondered what was going on.

"Is everything alright?" He asked.

"Yes,"  His father replied coming to join them in the seating area.

His mother's phone pinged and she picked it up while he waited for his father to tell him the reason for the summon.

"Well ...," his mother started. "Our last trip to the states was because of your father's health."

"What do you mean?" He asked alarmed. The admission was surprising because traveling out of the country for business was a regular thing.

"Calm down Abisade." His father interrupted.

"Bottom line," his mother continued. "Your father needs to leave active service and resign from some of his duties."


"For the Oil and gas sector of our business, we need you to chair the board."

"I have no problem with that, I can handle it."

His parents looked at each other.

"The issue is not about you been able to handle it, other board members are objecting to the idea of you leading the team."

"Why?" He asked shocked.

" I have worked my ass off to get where I am."

"Language! Young man." His mother cautioned

"It's not about your work ethics," his father put in, "it is about your off-duty ethics."

Abisade sighed. They were back at this point. He worked too hard and he didn't see any reason why he couldn't play hard.

"I have told you countless times that this will eventually come to bite you in the back."

"Mother don't start.  I do what is expected of me every time. I should be able to have fun. All work and no play..."

"Cut that crap," his mother cut in.  "This is serious business."

"Both of you should take it easy," His father intervened. 

"I was able to talk to the key players on the team and it was agreed that they'd allow you take over from me if you show a semblance of being responsible."

"So I am expected to spend my weekends in the office now, or sleep there?"

"Be serious Abisade."

"I am serious mother. Both of you know I work hard, what else do I need to do to prove myself to the board."

"Think about it son," his father encouraged. "It doesn’t speak well to find the chairman of the board going from one club to the other at the slightest opportunity. Your name is always in gossip columns."

"Those people make up stories about me all the time."

His mother huffed

"I will cut down on the parties then," He submitted.

"That's not all,"  his father continued.

"Should I expect rules and regulations then?"

"The board wants a married man."

Abisade smiled. "How is that even possible? I am not ready."

"Well, you don’t have to worry about that." His mother interrupted.
" We already found you a wife and you are getting married in the next three months."


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Re: ...that Keeps Giving by Ann2012(f): 4:18am On Jan 07, 2022
Thanks for the update ma’am

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Re: ...that Keeps Giving by hadayshawlar(f): 11:07am On Jan 12, 2022

"What do you mean you got a wife for me? You speak as if you just went to the store and got groceries. "

"Exactly what I said. We found someone for you. She is well brought up and represents everything responsible."

"Wait! Are you guys serious? This time and age you got me a wife?"

"That is the only way we can get what we want." His mother replied looking at him as if he ought to understand better.

"What we or what you want?" Abisade emphasized trying not to raise his voice. "Who shops for a wife?"

"Look at it son, we spent all our years working, something as simple as cohabiting with someone shouldn't stop you from achieving your dreams or being at the helm of affairs."

"I dont like this at all, and I will not get married simply because you want to ..."

"Then consider yourself disinherited" his mother cut in angrily

Abisade was shaken. He looked at his mother, everything he felt as plain as a paper written all over him.

"I mean it," She said. For once put this family first. We have done that several times. Just this one time for you to take the mantle you are refusing because it will affect your lifestyle."

Abisade looked on in silence.

"I am telling you your father's health is failing, and we need the assurance that when he leaves, you will be able to stand in his place. Your brother is picking up his end but with you, it's always a form of resistance or the other."

"Calm down Folake," his father admonished, he gently stroked her thigh.

"We can no longer watch him live his life like no man's business. I have said to him severally to live responsibly. I am not saying don't have fun, but be responsible about it. If you had a stable relationship, that alone would have worked in your favour but no you would rather go through women as if you are spending money." She eyed his seated form.

"At your age, your father and I were married."

"Your life is different from..."

"If I hear one more thing from you young man" Mrs Crown threatened.

"Son, don't argue with your mother." His father cut in.

"Let him argue," she told her husband.

"Who is she?" Abisade asked suddenly. She could be one of their business partners. Maybe he was a pawn in a business deal and they were just using his father's health as an excuse.

"That's my son," his father commended.

"She is a girl of good standing. She is a medical doctor and almost done with her housemanship. We have arranged everything. The marriage doesn't have to be a loud one unless both of you want one."

Abisade nodded and stood up from the sofa.
A medical doctor. Probably one of the girls his mother has been grooming to take her place as queen of the dynasty when she retires. He just hopes the girl understands what she has signed for.

"Where are you going?"

"Home. I am done, right? I have three months to prepare my life for forever, don't I? I need to wrap my head around this."

"Folake please excuse us," His father persuaded.

She looked from son to father before she exited the office.

"Come and seat son." He tapped the space beside him.

Abisade reluctantly went back to take the seat.

"We are doing this for you and your brother." His father started.

"You are getting me shackled to someone I don't even know."

"If not for my health..."

"About that, can you tell me what the doctor said?"

"You don't need to know about that but be rest assured that I'll be fine. The doctor said I need to take a break. Taking the break includes not worrying about my business. That is why I want both of you at the helm of affairs."

"Why does mother make it seem as if you are dying."

He shrugged. "Your mother is just worried."

"Can you at least tell me about the girl?"

"Well, I am putting together everything you need to know about her before we meet with the family officially. We need someone with good standing like her to convince the board. Not your usual kind of woman."

"What do you mean my usual kind of women?"

"You know what I mean. The set of women you club with."

"Dad some of them are executives and head corporations. You could have allowed me to choose my wife."

"Well, we have a better option. I don't think any of your "executive" friends can create the impression we want."

"I'll do it. He shrugged. It's not like I have an option."

"Thank you, son. I promise you she's a good girl. I met the father a long time ago but we met again a few years back, then one thing led to another and I thought of his daughter for you when this came up."

"I just hope she knows what she is getting into. I don't do love or the mushiness that comes with being married."

"You should at least try, don't go into the marriage with such a mind."

"What else? I don't even know her. We'll probably sign an agreement because this is just a business arrangement for me no matter the kind of nuptial document we sign."

"I advise you to take your time to wrap your head around it. She is good academically and I hope it will apply to every area of her life."

"Whatever, I need to leave."

His friends would laugh at him. He knew for a fact. First things first, he needed to meet with the girl. There is nothing money cannot do. His parents are probably offering her money to do this. She needed to know that been married to her will not affect his life in any way. He doesnt mind paying her more than what she is getting from his parents to keep up the facade. He can not shackle himself to someone just because his parents think it will do well for business. That's what they have done all their life. With them, the business comes first. He doesn't want to continue his own life like that.
He was simply agreeing to this because of his father's health. His mother was agitated which is enough reason for him to worry. He hoped for the best. If his marriage would help, so be it.


Re: ...that Keeps Giving by hadayshawlar(f): 9:26pm On Jan 16, 2022

"Is she at least hot?" Sanmi asked his brother lounging in his living room. He had decided to come over to his brother's place for the weekend. One of his girlfriends had insisted on spending the weekend and he was not in the mood for entertainment.
"You don't even want to know," Abisade replied. He filled his brandy glass and wandered back to his brother
"Wow, I thought mother would prefer beauty and brains."
"The brain part is ticked, at least for her to have studied Medicine but the beauty part, she is not just the type I roll with."
"You never can tell if she is one of those kinky ones behind closed doors," Sanmi winked
"How come our parents think I am the bad boy when you are worse?"
He shrugged. "You are the first son, so all eyes are on you."
"How come the board do not have issues with you at your end?"
"I told you, I don't do loud. You are the one paps are always following around. I will rather have my party in an undisclosed venue with the girls carefully selected."
"My hands are tied, man."
"The Christian Grey style?"
"Be serious Sanmi."
"I think you should get to know the girl, You guys can work something out. Have you called her?"
"Why should I? She should be the one to. She's the one that wants to marry."
"Guy you have roughly six weeks to tie the knot and you have not met the girl?"
"The parents are organizing a kind of meet up, I am hoping you'll go with me."
"Why not," Sanmi laughed. " I want to meet the love of your life. "
Abisade hit his head with a throw pillow. "I dont think you are welcome in my house again."
"You have no option. I am sure you will have it more difficult with your friends," He smirked. "I hope they all get to attend the wedding.?"
"Which wedding? We'll just sign something and she'll move in."
"That's not fair to her, most girls love fairytale weddings."
"What's my business with what's fair? She gets to marry me, that's a premium price on its own."
"Keep deceiving yourself, man. If I were a woman you wouldn't top my list."
"Adesanmi, go to your house."
"Not now bro. Until that girl leaves my house."
"If you want to stay here, you better behave yourself."

"At least we get to have a bridal shower," Naomi said to Mabel and her other friend Seun in the Cafeteria. It was their break and they had opted to have lunch in the Cafeteria rather than go to their room to cook.
"Will you be serious for once?" Seun reprimanded. "She is not happy about the whole thing and you are pretending as if it's Christmas."
"I am just saying she should find her happiness. If life throws lemons at you, you make Lemonades out of them."
"I am not having a bridal shower." Mabel insisted.
"When is the meeting?" Seun asked
"Next weekend."
"Wait, is it like the introduction?"
"No. Just both families meeting."
"I still think you have the right to demand what you want. Tell him to give you money for shopping. At least you need new stuff for the wedding, no matter how small the wedding will be. They can afford it."
"Just keep quiet Naomi."
"What? You girls need to stop making this look like a death sentence. You get to marry the richest, most handsome dude in the state. No guy is perfect. You just have to deal with his excesses."
"Maybe you should take her place then."
"Gladly. I have asked to be introduced to the guy," she smiled. "I am sure he'll be pleased to see what I have to offer."
Seun facepalmed herself. "I just can't with you."Ignore her please, Mabel said.
Seun has been her closest friend for years. She doesn't relate well with Naomi most times when they meet, it's usually one argument or the other. Thankfully Seun works with another hospital close by so she hardly runs in the same circle with Naomi.
"Whatever you girls decide, Let us make the best of this," she said and picked up her stethoscope.
"Do you want me to accompany you on the visit?"
"I'd love that but I don't know if it's just a familial thing. My parents want a closed meeting. At least for both of us to meet without interference."
"I'll let you know before the weekend. I need all the support I can get."
Seun patted her hand. "I am always here for you."
"It's still awkward kind of. My mother wants me to look my best as if it's something I should be happy about."
"We'll work on that. I'll take care of your makeup and we'd just shop for a simple dress."
"Sincerely, the guy needs to know you are a treasure. You are not just anybody. Don't worry We'll do something subtle since you don't like loud."
Mabel sighed. "What do I tell Michael?"
"You dont have to give him the details of the whole arrangement. You have been telling the guy for ages that you don't want to date him."
"It's just that I don't want him to feel as if I am opting for Abisade because of his status."
"Who cares what he thinks? How sure are we that you are the only one Micheal is trying to date?"
"Do you know something I don't?"
"Nothing o." Seun lifted both hands and looked everywhere but at her friend.
"I don't know how my parents got me into this. How do you sign a betrothal without informing the person involved?"
"I think your dad did it from a good place. He didn't want to truncate your dreams."
"They should have at least told me. Now I am stuck with someone I don't love and live the kind of life I resent so much. What if he hates me."
"Have you met Mabel?"
"Stop, you are my friend and you are expected to say nice things about me."
"I am serious girlfriend."

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Re: ...that Keeps Giving by Ann2012(f): 4:54am On Jan 18, 2022
Well done OP

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