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Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:08am On Jun 10, 2023
Meditation is the freeing of ourselves from all mental states and concepts of self.But it really begins with a focus,with a restraining of the life force or the life energy.So you look at your object of concentration for,say,45 minutes.Put a watch there,take out a clock,time yourself.Then,after you have done it for,let's say,45 minutes,if your time period is half an hour,and you've really tried just to see that one thing,to look at it-you can blink,you can shift your position a little bit if you need to-but then after you've done it for half your meditation,close your eyes and now do the same thing focusing on one of the three chakras,either the navel center,around the navel;the median center,which is in the center of the chest around the heart,or the third eye,which is between the eyebrows and a little bit above.
I recommend that you focus on these three centers in rotation.So Monday morning,do your navel center;Tuesday,the center of the chest;Wednesday,the third eye,which is between the eyebrows and a little bit above.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:09am On Jun 10, 2023
Meditation is mind perceiving itself as mind,without qualities.That's perfect meditation.It's simply perfect mind.Meditation is not an action.It isn't something that you go and do.Rather,what it is,is just mind in it's perfect state,without qualities,without confusion.You don't have to go and meditate.That is mind.Mind is meditation.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:10am On Jun 10, 2023
Meditation is a process in which we're essentially,at first,breathing out.We're exhaling.We are taking all the thoughts,impressions,feelings,vibrations,understandings,all the self-importance,attitudes,desires,loves,hates,passions,dispassions,meanings,lack of meanings,confused states,illumined states,bored states-we're taking everything-the concept of everything,that which perceives everything,that which is beyond perception,that which is beyond perceiving-everything must go.We're exhaling existence,taking it out of the mind,and the mind out of the mind.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:10am On Jun 10, 2023
Mind only comes into apparent existence through the action of perception.Mind appears to exist because it perceives.It perceives the perfection of existence.As it perceives it,it is that.But by and of itself,mind not separated from mind is qualityless.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:10am On Jun 10, 2023
The action of perception is inhalation.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:11am On Jun 10, 2023
Now,your mind has to follow my mind,which is qualityless.Your mind has qualities because in its apparent perception,it's involved in a differentiation process that is not yet completed and it still perceives itself as other,whereas my mind does not perceive itself as other.It doesn't perceive itself at all,because it's clear light.Intrinsically they are the same,but in the act of working out perception-which we call structural being,or living,taking a body,incarnation,existence,multiplicity,duality-we perceive mind as seperate and as having qualities.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:13am On Jun 10, 2023
The study of meditation is the entrance into the world of Wonderland.You are in Wonderland and it's just not going to make sense.It's just not going to do it.So you'll either reject it,or you'll go study TM(Transcedental Meditation).TM is logical,scientific,and will do very little for your complexion.It's watered down meditation;it's designed to pacify the mind.In other words,it's very sensible,scientific-it makes sense.If that's that,how can it be profound?Profundity suggests that the simple mind is immediately excluded from the audience.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:14am On Jun 10, 2023
Just because mind is quality less doesn't mean that it doesn't have qualities.This is Wonderland where anything can happen.Just because it's the essence of the void doesn't imply it's a vacuum.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:14am On Jun 10, 2023
In qualityless,things are not understood.You can't understand since there's nothing to understand and,no one to understand,and understanding itself is a quality principle that is invalid.That is why not too many people meditate.Or if they do,they do TM,which is simply repeating a mantra over and over that has nothing to do with meditation.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:15am On Jun 10, 2023
During the period of meditation,it's not a good idea to evaluate your meditation.When you're running,you don't say,"Gee,this is a great run"or "This is a bad run"You just run.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:15am On Jun 10, 2023
Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. As you exhale, mentally picture all tiredness, tension,
and fatigue leaving you. Relax. Turn your attention to the crown of your head. Visualize that a
wave of golden light is entering into you at the top of your head and passing throughout your
entire body. Imagine this golden light passing from the crown of your head, through your neck,
shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, lower back, and down your legs to your feet.
As you imagine the golden light passing throughout your body, feel yourself relaxing. Picture
another wave of golden light entering in through the crown of your head and visualize it passing
through your entire body and then leaving through the soles of your feet. Feel that wave after
wave of golden light is passing through you in this way. Each wave of golden light that passes
through your body removes more of your tension and helps you to enter further and deeper into a
state of total relaxation.
Picture that the waves of golden light have now become a solid river of golden light which is
constantly passing through you. Picture this golden light expanding beyond your body and filling
up the entire room. Then visualize the golden light expanding beyond the earth ... beyond the sky
... into the infinite. Feel that the golden light is constantly passing through you and washing all of
your tensions, problems, and worries beyond you, beyond the earth ... beyond the sky ... into the
infinite. Continue visualizing the golden stream of light passing through you into the infinite for
as long as you choose to relax.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:17am On Jun 10, 2023
Imagine a vast ocean. The ocean is filled with hundreds and thousands of waves. Feel that
you are part of that ocean. Imagine that each wave in the ocean is slowly moving through you.
Feel that each wave is a wave of joy. Imagine wave after wave of joy passing through your whole
body. As each wave passes through your body, feel that all worries, tensions, anxieties, and
problems are being washed away in the successive waves of joy. For several minutes, imagine
wave after wave of joy passing through you. Feel that each wave of joy that passes through you
increases the amount of joy that you now have, until you feel that you have become all joy.
Nothing exists for you except limitless, boundless joy.
Now imagine that you are going beneath the surface of the ocean. The surface of the ocean is
filled with many waves, but below the surface, in the depths, all is calm, silent, and serene.
Imagine yourself sinking slowly into the depths of the ocean. Here there is only calmness, quiet,
and tranquility. As you imagine yourself going deeper and deeper into the depths of the ocean,
feel that peace is entering into you. Feel that the deeper you go into the inner ocean, the more
peaceful and calm you become. Feel that there is no end to the depths of this ocean. It goes on
endlessly. Imagine yourself sinking deeper and deeper into the endless ocean, feeling more peace
and more tranquility filling your entire being until you have become all peace, and all tranquility.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:19am On Jun 10, 2023
Some people say :"There is no God;because,if there was a God,God would stop all the suffering".Nonsense!God is oblivious to suffering.God is beyond suffering.That's what makes God,God,by definition.

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Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:20am On Jun 10, 2023
There is no future.There is only now,a continous now.We have become so wrapped up in the past and the future that we don't see the continous now.There is no future.It is an idea that you have.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:20am On Jun 10, 2023
The ectasy and completion of absorption in God is so fantastic that you can't possibly have lost anything because all the things you've always loved and always experienced came forth from there and exist there and are always there.


Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:21am On Jun 10, 2023
If you are around a lot of human beings who are filled with jealousy and anger and rage and desire,it filters into the mind.Zen is writing a new program to run in the mind
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:22am On Jun 10, 2023
Those in whose hearts OM reverberates unceasingly are indeed blessed and deeply loved as one who is the Self.The all-knowing self was never born,nor will it die.Beyond cause and effect,this Self is eternal and immutable.When the body dies,the Self does not die- Katha Upanishad
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:22am On Jun 10, 2023
Hmmm hymnnnnn hmmm hmmm😘
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:24am On Jun 10, 2023
Just as the spider creates and withdraws it's web,just as trees are born on the earth,just as hairs on the head,and the body grow from a living person,in the same manner,the Universe is born here out of Brahman.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:24am On Jun 10, 2023
O seeker,know the true nature of your soul,and identify yourself with it completely.O Lord,may we attain the everlasting consciousness of supreme Light and joy.May we resolve to dedicate our life to the service of humankind and uplift them to Divinity- Yajur veda
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:24am On Jun 10, 2023
Most people abuse power.They use power to dominate others.They use power to destroy others.Ultimately,when you do this,you lose it.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:25am On Jun 10, 2023
The one who loves all intensely begins perceiving in all living beings a part of himself.He becomes a lover of all,a part and parcel of the universal joy.He flows with the stream of happiness,and is enriched by each soul- Yajur veda
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:26am On Jun 10, 2023
Picture a beautiful blue sky without any clouds in it. As you picture the clear blue sky, feel
that your body is growing lighter and lighter. Close your eyes and keep the image of the blue sky
in your mind. There are no limits to the blue sky. It stretches endlessly in every direction, never
beginning and never ending. As you visualize the blue sky, feel that your body has become so
light that you have floated up into the clear blue sky. Feel that you are floating in the sky and that
all tension, fatigue, worry, and problems have left you. Relax your mind and allow your breathing
to seek its own level. Feel yourself floating gently in the clear blue sky which stretches endlessly
in every direction, never beginning and never ending.
After several minutes have passed and you feel yourself relaxing, then picture that your entire
body is merging with the blue sky. Your body is merging with the peace of the blue sky... Your
mind is merging with the tranquility of the blue sky... Feel that you have actually become the blue
sky. You no longer have a body or a mind. You have become the infinite blue sky that stretches
endlessly in every direction, never beginning and never ending. Feel that you have become the
perfect peace and tranquility of the blue sky. Completely let go and experience Total Relaxation.
When you feel that you have relaxed for as long as you like, then open your eyes. You will
now have a new and deeper sense of peace, relaxation, and poise. This renewed energy, joy, and
calm will stay with you as you resume your normal activities.

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Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:27am On Jun 10, 2023
A professional is someone who is able,no matter what the state of their mind or the state of their life,to sit down,meditate,stop thought,enter into a deep state of concentration and shut the world off,bringing their mind back from the senses,back from the thoughts and back from the feelings and enter into a quiescent state.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:28am On Jun 10, 2023
Turning the other cheek is not always the answer.In a certain situation on a certain day for a certain person,it's correct.Sometimes a good roundhouse kick on a certain day in a certain situation for a certain person is correct.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:29am On Jun 10, 2023
If you are able to stop feeling sorry for yourself,and to contribute to the betterment of this world and of those around us,you'll experience a high that is beyond my ability to express.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:29am On Jun 10, 2023
The most powerful force to maintaining a good immune system is the power of positive thinking and not allowing yourself to be unnecessarily drained emotionally by worries and fears
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:31am On Jun 10, 2023
If you wish to cultivate humility,then you should associate with those who are humble
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:32am On Jun 10, 2023
This solidity is not true.The apparent solidity is the delusion of the senses and of the self.Everything is made up of infinite,intelligent light.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:34am On Jun 10, 2023
If you are interested in developing some of the higher range siddha powers,then I would suggest you not engage in sex too frequently.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:34am On Jun 10, 2023
I recommend computer science to people who practice meditation.The mental structures that are used in computer science are very similar exercises done in Buddhist monasteries.

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Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:35am On Jun 10, 2023
You see a very advanced master who's got a girlfriend,who listens to rock and roll,who thinks about things that are very earthly.The advanced course has to do with coming back to everything that you had to reject in the beginning and seeing it as a far greater infiniteness than everything you've attained.

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