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Twist Of Fate by LexNuel(m): 4:29pm On Sep 01, 2023
Twist of Fate

© 2023

"Twist of Fate" is about Adewale's tough journey of revenge. He teams up with Yemi and a couple of people who want to find the truth. They discover lies, love, and revenge as they dig deeper. With Yemi's help, Adewale faces strong people, finds secrets, and deals with a world full of betrayals.

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Re: Twist Of Fate by LexNuel(m): 4:32pm On Sep 01, 2023

"In the dance of fate, our lives are but threads woven into the grand tapestry of destiny, where love and betrayal intertwine, and the echoes of our choices reverberate through time."

- Anonymous


The sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm, golden hue over the sprawling city of Lagos. The evening lights began to twinkle like stars, adding a touch of magic to the vibrant scene. In the heart of this pulsating city, I stood on the rooftop of my opulent mansion, my tuxedo fitted and my eyes reflecting the blend of ambition and intensity that defined me. My name is Adewale Owodunni, heir to a financial empire that had weathered storms, triumphed over adversity and woven its name into the fabric of Nigeria's business elite.

My family's legacy weighed heavily on my shoulders, a reminder of both the privilege and responsibility that came with being a member of the Owodunni dynasty. As I gazed out over the cityscape, I couldn't shake the memories that haunted my dreams, memories of my parents' untimely demise. Their tragic end had been orchestrated by Chief Odili, a formidable figure whose ruthlessness had shattered my family's reputation.

As I raised a crystal glass to my lips, the burn of the whiskey mirrored the fire of vengeance that smoldered within me. My multi-billion tech company, "LaVista," was a testament to my determination to rebuild our name and confront Chief Odili's malevolent power.

Amidst the sea of elegant attire and glittering jewelry, my gaze was drawn to a figure that stood out amidst the crowd. An exquisite blend of confidence and grace, navigated the room like a siren weaving her enchanting spell. Her dark skin seemed to glow under the soft lights, and her eyes held an intensity that was impossible to ignore.

It wasn't long before our paths converged, as if destiny had orchestrated our meeting. As the music swirled around us, I felt a magnetic pull toward her, a force that stirred desires I had long suppressed. She moved with purpose, her movements fluid and captivating. With each step she took, my heart raced, my pulse quickened, and an undeniable tension crackled in the air.

Our eyes locked across the room, and time seemed to slow as she approached, a smile curving her lips. In that instant, the world narrowed to just the two of us, the rest of the party fading into the background. Her voice, when it finally reached my ears, was like a symphony of enchantment.

"Hello," she greeted, her voice a delicate melody that sent shivers down my spine.

"Hello," I replied, captivated by the warmth in her eyes.

"Yemi Adeboye," she introduced herself, extending her hand.

"Adewale Owodunni," I responded, shaking her hand and feeling a jolt of electricity at our touch.

Her gaze held mine, a hint of a playful smile dancing on her lips.

"Adewale Owodunni, the name carries weight. Are you as intriguing as your reputation suggests?"

A chuckle escaped me, and I met her teasing tone with a raised eyebrow.

"You'll have to stick around to find out."

The banter flowed effortlessly between us, as though we were characters in a script written by fate itself. We shared stories, laughed, and exchanged views on the city's pulse. With every word that passed between us, the magnetic pull intensified the air thickening with a charged energy.

As the night carried on, I was drawn deeper into Yemi's world. Her intelligence and wit were a refreshing contrast to the superficial conversations I often encountered in my circles. We flirted and teased, our chemistry growing more undeniable with every passing moment.

Our connection was so potent that I found myself offering her my business card, an invitation for her to explore the possibilities our interaction held. But Yemi surprised me with a knowing smile and a graceful decline.

"I think I'll remember the name Adewale Owodunni without needing a card."

The dance continued, the hours slipping away as we became lost in each other's presence. Eventually, the night came to an end, but our connection lingered like an electric charge in the air.

As Yemi bid me farewell, her voice soft and sultry, I couldn't shake the feeling that our paths were destined to cross again. Little did I know that this encounter was only the beginning of a journey that would lead us down a path of love, passion, and unforeseen twists that would forever alter the course of our lives.

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Re: Twist Of Fate by LexNuel(m): 5:15pm On Sep 01, 2023

"The alliances we forge and the secrets we keep create a labyrinth within which we navigate our desires and ambitions, only to discover that truth is the thread that can guide us out of the darkness."

- Anonymous


Returning to work after the party, I couldn't shake the sense of longing that had taken root in my thoughts. Despite my reservations, I found myself yearning for the electric conversations between Yemi and me. However, two weeks passed without a word from her, her presence in my life becoming more of a tantalizing memory than a current reality.

Amidst the demands of my company, a subtle but persistent force vied for my attention. In the corners of my office, my secretary, Zara, who also doubles as my personal assistant, moved with grace, her striking beauty and impeccable curves a distraction I had managed to evade. Her dusky skin seemed to glow under the office lights and her every movement exuded an air of confidence and sensuality.

Zara's eyes held a hidden fire, a longing that simmered beneath her professional demeanor. She was a masterpiece of allure, her figure accentuated by tailored dresses that clung to her in all the right places. Despite her advances, I had chosen to ignore them, determined to stay focused on my goals.

But one day, as I returned to my office after a particularly grueling meeting, Zara's presence seemed impossible to ignore. She stood by my desk, her fingers lightly tracing the edge of a folder. The deep V-neck of her dress showcased her cleavage in a way that was impossible to miss, and her eyes locked onto mine, a silent invitation that hummed with tension.

"Boss, I've arranged some documents for you to sign sir," she said, her voice laced with a subtle undercurrent.

My gaze lingered on her for a moment before I nodded, appreciating her dedication to her role.

"Thank you, Zara. I'll take a look."

Her lips curved into a knowing smile as she turned to leave, her hips swaying with a deliberate grace that left an imprint on my thoughts. As the days passed, I found myself wrestling with the magnetic pull of her presence, the temptation she offered threatening to consume my restraint.

A week later, I was seated across from Zara at a popular restaurant, the ambiance a stark contrast to the confines of my office. We had just finished an off-office fruitful meeting with a prospective client for a contract. Earlier on, I had promised to take her to lunch if we won this contract. The conversation flowed easily between us, her laughter a melody that resonated in the air. Despite her persistence, I had maintained a professional distance, and yet there was something in her gaze that hinted at a desire for more.

As we chatted, a sense of unease gnawed at me, as if I were part of a carefully orchestrated plan. And then, as if by fate, I looked up from my conversation with Zara and met a pair of familiar eyes. Yemi Adeboye stood before me, her surprise masked by a subtle smile. The air seemed to crackle with tension as our worlds collided in an unexpected encounter.

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Re: Twist Of Fate by LexNuel(m): 5:19pm On Sep 01, 2023

The city of Lagos hummed with energy as I moved through its bustling streets. My steps were purposeful, each one guided by a burning determination to uncover the truth hidden beneath layers of deceit. My name is Yemi Adeboye, an investigative journalist with a singular focus on exposing the darkness that thrived in the shadows of power.

As I navigated this treacherous world, my thoughts often returned to Adewale Owodunni, the man I had met at that fateful party. His reputation was a mix of ambition and enigma, and our connection had sparked a fire that I couldn't ignore. But beneath the surface, a torrent of questions churned - who was he really, and what motivations lurked behind his charismatic facade?

The memory of our conversation at the party lingered, his magnetic presence leaving an imprint on my thoughts. I had deliberately caught his attention that night, knowing that his interest would serve a purpose in the web of alliances I was weaving. There was more to Adewale than met the eye, and I was determined to uncover his hidden truths.

My determination had led me to the restaurant where he would be having lunch with Zara, his secretary. It was a gamble, but one that I was willing to take in my pursuit of answers.

As I watched Adewale and Zara engage in conversation, a sense of satisfaction and unease warred within me. It was a delicate dance, my role in this intricate game of alliances and deceit. I had a score to settle with Adewale, a debt to Adenike, my step-cousin that demanded justice. The memory of his involvement in her death fueled a thirst for revenge, a desire to see him pay for his actions.

My motivations remained hidden, a well-guarded secret that added layers of complexity to my interactions. The sexual tension between Adewale and me was palpable, an undercurrent that neither of us could escape. But beneath my desire lay a thirst for justice, a burning need to expose the truth and hold him accountable for his past deeds.

After watching Adewale and his secretary for a while, I decided to make my move. I stood up and walked majestically to where they were seated.

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Re: Twist Of Fate by LexNuel(m): 6:04am On Sep 02, 2023

"In the tapestry of life, the threads of fate and desire weave a complex pattern, where truth and illusion entwine, and the choices we make shape the fabric of our destinies."

- Anonymous


The air seemed to vibrate with tension as Yemi and I locked eyes in the restaurant. In that moment, the memories of our initial encounter at the party flooded my mind, our unspoken connection now a tangible presence that bridged the distance between us.

"Hi Yemi," I greeted her, the name carrying the weight of curiosity and longing.

"Adewale," she replied, her voice laced with a mixture of warmth and intrigue.

The conversation flowed between us, the undercurrent of sexual tension palpable even as we engaged in polite banter. After a quick introduction of Yemi to Zara, Yemi's gaze held mine, her eyes seemingly searching for something beneath the surface. And then, as if guided by an invisible force, the topic shifted to dinner plans, a suggestion that seemed to hang in the air between us.

"I must admit, the restaurant does have an intriguing dinner menu," Yemi remarked with a playful smile.

I met her gaze with a mixture of curiosity and anticipation.

"Perhaps we should experience it together."

The suggestion was deliberate, a challenge that danced on the edge of flirtation. But as I glanced at Zara, a flicker of something crossed her expression, a subtle shift that hinted at a jealousy she had managed to conceal.

"Sounds like an interesting proposition," Yemi responded, her tone filled with a blend of mischief and intrigue.

As we navigated the delicate balance of conversation, Yemi and I settled on a date for our dinner. Zara's presence was a silent backdrop to our interaction. I offered Yemi my business card and this time she accepted it with a charming smile and a promise to call me on our set date. And with that she left me with a view that revealed the curves of her body in stunning details. The fitted dress clung to her like a second skin, accentuating every graceful contour. A fleeting thought brushed through my mind, an image of her that was both tantalizing and forbidden. But I quickly dismissed those thoughts.

I turned to Zara who now seemed eager to leave. I offered her a ride which she refused. Her refusal carried an undercurrent of tension that left me wondering about the source of her discontent. I paid no mind to it, signaled the waiter, and settled our bills and soon we were outside the restaurant where my car was waiting for me. We said our goodbyes and off I went.

Sitting at the back seat with baba Ibrahim, my Chauffeur, I found myself grappling with a mixture of emotions. Yemi's presence at lunch had ignited a fire within me, the same fire I felt at the party where we first met.

As I lay in bed that night, the memory of Yemi's laughter and the tension that simmered between us refused to fade. The alliances and desires that entangled us were becoming more intricate, and beneath it all, a shadow of uncertainty lingered, a reminder that there were secrets yet to be uncovered.

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Re: Twist Of Fate by LexNuel(m): 6:07am On Sep 02, 2023

My days were a symphony of professionalism and longing, a delicate dance of duties and desires. As Adewale's secretary, I navigated the intricate world of his business affairs with precision and grace. My education and accomplishments were woven into the fabric of my persona, a testament to my determination and ambition. But beneath the composed exterior, a secret emotion had taken root - a quiet, unspoken love for my boss.

Adewale's presence was magnetic, a force that drew me in like a moth to a flame. I had seen countless women attempt to capture his attention, their efforts futile against the fortress he had built around himself. My own attempts to gain his notice had been met with indifference, my advances brushed aside like dust on a forgotten shelf. Yet, I couldn't shake the yearning that had taken root in my heart.

And then, like a tempest that stirred the calm, Yemi Adeboye entered the picture. She was different, a presence that seemed to hold Adewale's attention in a way that no one else could. Her enigmatic allure ignited a fire within him that was impossible to ignore. I watched from the sidelines, jealousy and curiosity warring within me. Who was this woman who had managed to pierce the armor he had worn for so long?

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Re: Twist Of Fate by LexNuel(m): 6:15am On Sep 02, 2023

"In the realm of emotions, desires intertwine like threads, weaving a tapestry of complexity that defies reason and leads us to the heart of our true selves."

- Anonymous


Days turned into weeks, and the anticipation of the upcoming dinner with Yemi became a constant undercurrent in my thoughts. We had postponed the earlier scheduled dinner due to some impromptu work issues that I had to attend to outside the country.

The evening of the dinner finally arrived, and as I stood in front of the mirror adjusting my tie, my reflection seemed to hold a flicker of anticipation. The thought of Zara’s feelings being stirred by my upcoming dinner with Yemi crossed my mind, but I quickly brushed it aside. Our connection was professional, and any inklings of jealousy were surely my imagination running wild.

As I made my way to the restaurant, the memories of our previous encounters danced through my mind. The subtle flirtation, the lingering glances - they all seemed to culminate in this pivotal moment. The restaurant's ambiance was a blend of intimacy and excitement, the air thick with anticipation as I waited for Yemi's arrival.

Yemi's arrival was like a burst of electricity in the air. Her presence was magnetic, her dark eyes holding a mystery that begged to be unraveled. We exchanged greetings, and the tension between us was palpable, the unspoken connection simmering beneath every glance.

As the night unfolded, the conversation flowed like a river, taking us through the depths of our thoughts and desires. I learned more about Yemi, her passions and interests painting a vivid picture of the woman beneath the enigma. But amidst the shared laughter and stories, there was a subtle dance of evasion, a sense that she was holding back more than she revealed.

"You're a man of many layers, Adewale," she remarked, her voice a delicate melody.

I met her gaze, a spark of intrigue lighting up within me.

"And you're a woman with secrets of her own."

Her lips curved into a knowing smile, a challenge in her eyes.

"Some secrets are better left unspoken."

As the night drew to a close, I offered to drive Yemi home. I dismissed baba Ibrahim, and took control of the steering. The drive was a mixture of comfortable silence and unspoken desires, the magnetic pull between us growing stronger with every passing moment. When we arrived at her gate, she hesitated, a moment suspended in time.

In a scene that could have been lifted from a classic romantic movie, I leaned in, my heart pounding in my chest. Yemi's lips met mine, a rush of desire and anticipation flowing between us. But then, she pulled away, leaving me with a potent mixture of longing and frustration. As she stepped out of the car, I watched her walk away, the memory of her lips against mine etched into my thoughts.

As I lay in bed that night, Yemi's lips and the complexity of our intertwined desires consumed my thoughts. The emotions felt like a maze that I was navigating blindly, uncertain of where the path ahead would lead. And as sleep finally claimed me, the images of her lips lingered, leaving me yearning for more.

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Re: Twist Of Fate by LexNuel(m): 6:23am On Sep 02, 2023

"In the labyrinth of human emotions, truth and desire often walk hand in hand, yet the path they tread is rarely straight."

- Anonymous


The days that followed our dinner were a delicate dance of phone conversations and unspoken desires. Yemi and I talked often, our discussions weaving a tapestry of shared interests and curiosities. But neither of us brought up the kiss, a mutual understanding that hung between us, unspoken yet powerful. I didn't want to be too forward, to risk pushing her away by acknowledging a moment that felt too intense to dissect.

Back to the office, my interactions with Zara took on a new undercurrent. There was a tension in her demeanor that I couldn't quite decipher, a subtle shift that left me wondering about its source. But the demands of my business affairs and the enigma of Yemi occupied much of my thoughts, leaving little room for me to dwell on Zara's behavior.

One day, as I sat in my office scrolling through Yemi's Instagram page, Zara walked in unexpectedly. Her surprise was evident, and the flicker of something in her eyes didn't go unnoticed. She quickly retreated, but the damage had been done. It was as if a spark had ignited within her, setting off a chain reaction that would unravel truths I had yet to uncover.

Meanwhile, Yemi and I had ventured out on two more occasions, the magnetic pull between us growing stronger with every encounter. And now, we had scheduled another outing - this time at my house. I was planning to cook for her, a gesture that felt oddly intimate and inviting. As the anticipation mounted, the prospect of having her in my space awakened desires that had been simmering beneath the surface.

The night of our scheduled outing arrived, and I welcomed Yemi into my home. The intimacy of the setting seemed to amplify the magnetic pull between us, a force that was impossible to ignore. As I cooked for her, the exchange of glances and touches held a promise that seemed to hang in the air, a silent agreement that defied words.

And then, as the night deepened, desire eclipsed reason, and our lips met in a kiss that was both fierce and passionate. The boundaries between us dissolved, and the tapestry of our intertwined fates seemed to converge in this moment of shared longing. As we moved towards the bedroom, the world around us faded into obscurity, leaving only the pulsing rhythm of our desires.

The echoes of our shared intimacy lingered through the night, leaving a sense of vulnerability and connection that was both exhilarating and unnerving.

As I got to my office the next day, Zara's voice broke through the silence.

"Boss, there's something I need to tell you."

Zara's words hung in the air, a prelude to revelations that I couldn't anticipate. As I looked at her, a mixture of curiosity and apprehension stirred within me. What could she possibly have to tell me, and how would it intertwine with the complex web of desires and alliances that defined my world?

"Boss, I've been doing some digging," Zara began, her voice measured.

My gaze remained fixed on her, my heart beating in anticipation.

"Digging? Into what?"

She hesitated for a moment before continuing, her eyes holding a mixture of determination and unease.

"Yemi Adeboye, the woman you've been seeing... She's a journalist. She works at Believe News."

Her words landed like a punch to the gut, leaving me speechless for a moment. The weight of her revelation sank in, and a sense of betrayal gripped me. Journalists and their stories had been a source of pain in my past, their role in the scandalous reports following my parents' death, a wound that had never fully healed.

"Journalist?" I replied, my voice laced with bitterness. "You've been investigating her?"

Zara's gaze dropped to the floor, her expression a mix of guilt and hesitation.

"as your personal assistant, I thought... I thought there might be something you should know."

A bitter irony seemed to permeate the air as her words hung between us.

Zara’s digging also revealed talks within her office that she was working on a groundbreaking story that could propel her career to new heights. The ambiguity of this revelation left me wondering if the story was somehow connected to me. I couldn't shake the feeling that the threads of our lives were weaving a narrative that was both intricate and elusive.

As I navigated the days that followed Zara's revelation, Yemi's presence remained a constant pull, a force that I couldn't escape even as the shadows of doubt began to creep in. My interactions with her had taken on a different shade, the knowledge of her profession coloring every exchange. Yet, the unspoken connection between us lingered, a thread that defied logic and reason.

One afternoon, as I sat in my office contemplating the layers of truths and half-truths that had emerged, Zara called to tell me that I have an unscheduled guest. I wanted to dismiss the person but later changed my mind. The door swung open to reveal a young woman with a striking resemblance to Mr. Odili, the man who had been an influential presence in my life. She was elegant and poised, her demeanor a blend of confidence and curiosity.

"Mr. Owodunni, my name is Amara Odili, thank you for seeing me" she introduced herself, her voice steady.

I rose from my seat, extending my hand to greet her.

"Amara, it's a pleasure to meet you."

She smiled, her gaze holding mine with an intensity that was hard to ignore.

"I've heard a lot about you. My father speaks highly of your business acumen."

As we exchanged pleasantries, the unease that had settled within me deepened. The name "Odili" carried weighty memories, memories that I had long tried to bury beneath layers of ambition and success. And yet, fate had a way of bringing these memories to the surface, a reminder that the past was never truly behind us.

Amara's presence was both comforting and unsettling. She had a charisma that was impossible to ignore, and the conversations we shared were a blend of shared interests and hidden agendas. The irony of our interactions wasn't lost on me - the daughter of the man whose rumored involvement in my parents' scandalous demise had left a lingering bitterness within me. And then she said

“I need to tell you something”

Read full book here:


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Re: Twist Of Fate by LexNuel(m): 9:31am On Sep 02, 2023

"In the heart of darkness, truth can be found in the most unexpected alliances, where the threads of fate intertwine to reveal the hidden truths we dare not face alone."

- Anonymous


My life has always been a symphony of contrasts, a delicate balance between my passion for music and the shadow cast by my father's reputation. I am Amara Odili, a name that carries both privilege and burden. Growing up as the daughter of Chief Odili, I had seen the complexities of power and the darkness that often lurked behind closed doors.

My passion for music was a flame that burned within me, a sanctuary where I sought solace from the tumultuous currents of my reality. The melodies I composed were a reflection of my innermost emotions, a canvas on which I painted my hopes, fears, and dreams. But even the soothing embrace of music couldn't shield me from the weight of my father's actions.

The rumors that swirled around him were like a shadow that followed me everywhere. I had witnessed him in conversations that left me chilled to the bone, discussions about murder and power that painted a sinister picture of the man I was supposed to call "father." On more than one occasion, I had stumbled upon a gun hidden in his room, a tangible reminder of the darkness that lived within him.

My relationship with him had long been strained, my love for music often clashing with the bitterness that his actions had sown within me. I had grown to hate him, to despise the man who had put me through so much pain and confusion. The secrecy and manipulation that defined our interactions had left me yearning for an escape, a way to break free from the shackles of his influence.

And so, fate had led me to Adewale Owodunni, a man whose reputation was as complex as my own. As our paths had crossed, I had sensed a kindred spirit. He was a puzzle, a man of ambition and mystery, and I believed that our shared experiences could forge an alliance that would change the course of both our destinies.

As I entered his office that afternoon, my heart was a mixture of determination and anticipation.

"Mr. Owodunni, I am Amara Odili, thank you for seeing me."

He rose from his seat, his gaze meeting mine with a blend of curiosity and respect.

"Amara, it’s a pleasure to meet you."

I had heard the stories that surrounded him, the whispers of his ambition and the complexities of his past. And yet, as I looked into his eyes, I saw a man who was more than his reputation, a man who carried his own struggles and desires.

"Mr. Owodunni, I want to talk to you about an alliance," I began, my voice steady.

He leaned forward, his attention fully focused on me.

"An alliance?"

I nodded, my determination unwavering.

"I've seen the darkness that power can breed, the secrets that can destroy lives. My father's actions have left me with scars that I carry to this day."

A flicker of understanding passed through his gaze, a recognition of the pain that lived within me.

"And what kind of alliance are you proposing?"

And then I said, "I want to bring my father down,"

I stated the words firmly, each syllable carrying a weight that seemed to resonate within the room.

Adewale's eyebrows rose in surprise, his gaze unwavering.

"Bring your father down? Do you have evidence?"

I met his gaze with a steady resolve. "I don't have concrete evidence, but I have information that could lead to the truth. And I believe that together, we can uncover the secrets that he's been hiding."

The air seemed to shift, the weight of our conversation settling over us like a heavy curtain. In that moment, the alliance we were forging felt like a gamble, a risky endeavor that had the potential to either change the course of our lives or lead us down a treacherous path.

As Adewale contemplated my proposition, I couldn't help but wonder how this tangled alliance would shape the tapestry of our intertwined fates.

Read full book here:

Re: Twist Of Fate by LexNuel(m): 9:40am On Sep 02, 2023

Amara left my office, leaving her proposition hanging in the air like a weighty promise. As I watched her retreating figure, a sense of unease settled within me. Amara's revelations about her father were a reminder that darkness could lurk beneath even the most polished facades.

My attention was quickly drawn to a buzz from my phone. I unlocked the screen and was greeted with a romantic message from Yemi. Despite the undercurrent of doubt that had been sown by Zara's revelation, the magnetic pull between Yemi and me was impossible to ignore.

That evening, as the city's lights twinkled in the distance, I found myself standing outside Yemi's apartment building. The decision to confront her had taken root within me, a need to seek clarity amidst the veiled truths that surrounded us. As she opened the door and her gaze met mine, I saw a flicker of surprise before her expression settled into one of casual composure.

“Hey handsome," she greeted, her voice carrying a hint of warmth.

"Hey," I replied, my tone more measured than I intended.

As we settled into her living room, the air between us felt charged with tension.

"Yemi, I need to know the truth," I began, my gaze holding hers. "Is the story you're working on about me?"

Her eyes held mine for a moment before she looked away, a subtle hesitation that didn't escape my notice. She knew I was already aware of her profession.

"Adewale, I assure you, the story I'm working on has nothing to do with you."

I studied her, a sense that her words were a careful construct meant to deflect the truth.

"Yemi, I've seen through your façade. There's more to this story than you're letting on."

A moment of silence hung between us, the weight of unspoken truths lingering in the air.

"Adewale, you have to trust me when I say that you're not a part of the story," she finally replied, her voice tinged with a hint of desperation.

But the doubt within me had taken root, and the shadow of suspicion grew heavier with every passing second. Our discussion spiraled into an argument, words were exchanged and I left her house in anger feeling heart broken.

After I left her apartment that night, I decided I wanted to find out more about Yemi. If she will not tell me, I will have to find out from Zara. I found myself standing outside Zara's apartment a couple minutes later. The turmoil within me had reached a breaking point, a maelstrom of emotions that I couldn't control. As she opened the door, her gaze met mine with a mixture of curiosity and understanding.

"Boss," she said softly, her voice like a soothing melody.

“what are you doing….? ermm..please come inside sir….” She stammered

As I stepped inside, the weight of the choices I was about to make settled upon me.

Zara's apartment was dimly lit, the soft glow of candles casting dancing shadows on the walls. In her loose attire, she exuded a sense of intimacy that was both inviting and dangerous.

I tried to tell her about the reason for my visit but to my greatest shock, I couldn’t find the words, I just mentioned Yemi and tears started rolling down. She quickly hugged me and positioned me on her three-seater sofa. She tried to console me as I felt the softness of her femininity robbing against me.

And then, as if guided by an invisible thread, our lips met in a kiss that was both passionate and consuming. The boundaries that had separated us dissolved, and the room seemed to fade away as desire took over. The encounter was a crescendo of shared longing, a night that burned with intensity and fervor.

As dawn broke, the aftermath of our actions lay heavy in the air. Regret and confusion washed over me, leaving me to grapple with the consequences of my choices.

As I lay in Zara's bed, a sense of guilt and unease settled within me. I had gone down a path that left me questioning my own judgment, a path that had shattered the fragile balance I had tried to maintain.

Read full book here:

Re: Twist Of Fate by LexNuel(m): 10:02pm On Sep 03, 2023

"Life's tapestry is woven with threads of choices, desires, and the intricacies of fate, creating a masterpiece that defies simplicity."

- Anonymous


The events of the night before lingered like a shadow, a reminder of the passions and secrets that had unraveled in the dimly lit room.

In the early hours of the morning, before the city had fully awakened, I slipped out of Zara's apartment. The guilt and uncertainty weighed on my conscience, the desire for clarity and understanding driving me to leave while she slept. The city's streets were quiet, a temporary sanctuary as I made my way back to my own dwelling.

As I entered my home, a sense of solitude settled over me. The day was Saturday, a respite from the demands of work that allowed me a moment to reflect on my choices. After a quick shower, I decided to surrender myself to slumber, just to forget the events of last night. As I lay on my bed, I couldn't shake off the heaviness of my choices, and so I picked up my phone.

I checked my phone, and saw missed calls and messages from Yemi. With a mix of trepidation and resolve, I began to read through her messages. They carried a mixture of apologies and pleas to meet, a testament to the passion and uncertainty that had gripped us both.

Amidst the messages from Yemi, one stood out - an unknown number that had sent an urgent request to meet. The name attached to the message was familiar, and it didn't take long for me to remember that it belonged to Amara. We had exchanged contacts during her previous visit, and I hadn't bothered to save her number in my phone.

The implications of her message left a shiver of anticipation running down my spine. The alliance she had proposed, the dark secrets she carried, and the tangled web that surrounded her - they all seemed to converge in this moment of urgency.

I couldn't escape the feeling that the choices I made in the coming hours would set the stage for the revelations that were yet to unfold. With a mix of determination and trepidation, I tapped on the message from Amara, responding to her request for a meet.

I woke up a few hours later without knowing when I fell asleep. The city outside buzzed with life, a mirror of the intrigue and urgency that had come to define my existence. As I prepared to step out into the world, the weight of allegiances and desires settled over me, a reminder that the threads of fate were never truly predictable.

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Re: Twist Of Fate by LexNuel(m): 10:04pm On Sep 03, 2023

As I lay in my bed, the events of yesterday played like a movie reel in my mind. Adewale's discovery of my profession had been a twist I hadn't anticipated. I had intended to reveal it to him at my own pace, but circumstances had thrust it into the open before I was ready.

I picked up my phone and saw the messages I had sent him, the apologies and the requests to meet. All still without a reply. I wasn't pleased with the direction things had taken, a nagging feeling that I had lost control of a situation that I had meticulously orchestrated.

Catching feelings for Adewale was never part of the plan. The mission I had embarked on was driven by a sense of duty and a task that needed completion. The dark secrets that swirled around his life were a puzzle I was determined to solve, a puzzle that had led me to get closer to him in the first place.

As I sat on my bed, I reminded myself of my purpose. The alleyways of emotions were not my terrain, and navigating the complex landscape of human connection was proving to be more challenging than I had anticipated. I needed to repair the damage that had been done, to mend the fractures in our interaction and find a way to get back in his good graces.

With a sense of resolve, I began typing one more message to Adewale, my fingers dancing over the screen. I pressed send and watched as the message disappeared into the digital abyss, a reflection of the uncertainty of our connection.

Read full book here:

Re: Twist Of Fate by LexNuel(m): 10:09pm On Sep 03, 2023

"The tapestry of our lives is woven with threads that stretch beyond our individual stories. We must navigate this path together, and uncover the truth no matter where it leads."

- Anonymous


As I stood outside the agreed meeting spot, my heart pounded with a mixture of anticipation and apprehension. The urgency in my message to Adewale had been undeniable, a reflection of the dark secrets that swirled around my father's life. I had overheard him talking in hushed tones, planning a meeting with someone known only as "The Exterminator." The name itself sent shivers down my spine, and I was determined to uncover the truth.

As Adewale approached, the sense of intrigue deepened, his presence a reminder that our fates were converging in ways that defied explanation.

"Amara," Adewale greeted, his voice carrying a mixture of curiosity and concern.

"Adewale," I replied, my tone a reflection of the urgency that had brought us together. "I'm grateful you came. I have something important to share with you."

We found a quiet corner away from prying eyes, the city's bustling life a distant backdrop to our conversation. As I retrieved my phone, I felt a surge of determination.

"I overheard my father talking about a meeting with someone he referred to as 'The Exterminator.' It didn't sound good, and I managed to record the conversation."

I played the recording for Adewale, watching his expression closely as the hushed voices of my father and the mysterious figure played through the speaker. The tension in his features was palpable, a reflection of the gravity of the situation.

"The Exterminator," he mused, his voice tinged with unease. "The name suggests something ominous."

I nodded, the weight of my mission settling heavily upon me.

"I plan on trailing my father to the meeting and capturing any evidence I can. If he's involved in something sinister, I need to know."

Adewale studied me for a moment before speaking, his words measured and thoughtful.

"Amara, what you're suggesting is dangerous. If your father is truly involved in something criminal, your safety could be compromised. I suggest we use a private investigator instead."

His suggestion held a note of wisdom that I couldn't deny, a reminder that the path I was embarking on was fraught with uncertainty.

"Do you have a private investigator in mind?" I asked, curious to hear his proposal.

A subtle smile tugged at his lips, a glint of mischief in his eyes.

"As a matter of fact, I do. We could use someone discreet, someone who can uncover the truth without drawing attention."

"Alright," I agreed, a sense of resolve settling within me. "Let's use your investigator. But let's not forget, the secrets we uncover may not only affect my father but all of us."

Adewale's gaze held mine, the weight of understanding and the complexity of our connection lingering in the air.

"Amara, the tapestry of our lives is woven with threads that stretch beyond our individual stories. We must navigate this path together, and uncover the truth no matter where it leads."

As we stood there, the city's rhythm of life continued around us, a reminder that the world kept spinning even as our personal dramas unfolded. The shadows of allegiances and desires had drawn us into a dance that defied simplicity, and as we prepared to unravel the secrets that lay ahead, the threads of fate seemed to tighten, binding our fates in ways we couldn't yet comprehend.

Read full book here:

Re: Twist Of Fate by LexNuel(m): 10:10pm On Sep 03, 2023

The morning sun streamed through my bedroom window, casting a warm glow on the disheveled sheets and the empty space beside me. As I stretched and yawned, the memories of the night before rushed back like a tidal wave.

Adewale's absence beside me was a stark reminder that the night's embrace had been fleeting. I reached for my phone and called his number, the soft ringtone echoing in the room. My heart raced with anticipation as I waited for him to answer, each passing second an eternity.

But the call went unanswered, leaving me with a mixture of disappointment and understanding. He had left before dawn, slipping away in the quiet of the morning, and the realization left me with a sense of bittersweet longing.

I couldn't deny the smile that tugged at my lips as I remembered the night we had shared. It had been everything I had hoped for - a passionate escape from the complexities of our lives.

As I lay back against the pillows, the scent of his presence still lingering in the room, I couldn't help but reflect on how our relationship will be now.

“I just can’t wait to see him at work on Monday”, I said to myself.

Hours passed, and just as the sun began to dip below the horizon, my phone rang. Adewale's name flashed on the screen.

"Hey Zara," he greeted, his voice carrying a note of warmth. "I need the contact details of your private investigator.

A sense of intrigue flickered within me.

"What do you plan on doing if I may ask, my dear?"

He paused for a moment, as if choosing his words carefully or thinking whether calling him “dear” as opposed “boss” was a bad thing.

"There are things I want to do that warrant a discreet investigation. That’s all”

His words held an air of mystery, and ass much as I wanted to press him for details, I understood the need for caution.

"Alright, I'll give you the contact details.

“Ok, thank you”. He said

And with that he ended the call.

As I relayed the contact details of the private investigator to him, I couldn't help but feel a sense of purpose, connection and camaraderie with Adewale.

Read full book here:


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Re: Twist Of Fate by LexNuel(m): 11:44pm On Sep 05, 2023

"In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity."

- Sun Tzu


The city's lights painted streaks across the night sky as I stood outside the gate of Adewale's house, a sense of determination guiding my steps. The wait for his reply had stretched on for far too long, and my longing to see him had grown insatiable. It was a risk, I knew, but sometimes the path to revelation demanded boldness.

As I approached, a familiar face greeted me - Baba Ibrahim, his chauffeur. His eyes lit up in recognition, and he ushered me inside as if he had been expecting my arrival. The world seemed to hold its breath as I crossed the threshold, each step taking me closer to the heart of the enigma that was Adewale.

And there he was, standing before me, his expression a mix of surprise and something else that I couldn't quite decipher. My heart raced as his gaze met mine, the silence between us heavy with unspoken words.

"Yemi," he said, his voice carrying a note of disbelief.

"Hi dear," I replied, my voice carrying the weight of the longing I had carried within me. "I'm sorry for coming unannounced. I just needed to see you."

His features softened, and my apology seemed to melt away any tension that had lingered between us. We embraced, a silent understanding passing between us, a reminder that sometimes the intricacies of connection defied explanation.

As we settled into conversation, Adewale's voice took on a solemn note as he shared the reasons for his initial reaction. The media's scrutiny of his family after his parents' death had left scars that ran deep. His vulnerability in that moment pulled at my heart, a reminder that beneath his façade of strength lay a man who had endured his share of pain.

But I couldn't let the conversation linger there. I needed to steer it in a direction that would yield answers, and so I asked him about his past love. He hesitated, his gaze distant, and I sensed that he was reliving a memory he would rather forget.

“I was once in love, but I lost her to cruel hands of death”, Adewale said.

“hmm, what was her name?” I replied

“Adenike, God! I loved Adenike” he said with pain in his voice.

As he struggled with opening up, I acted like I was trying to put multiple throw pillows on my lap, and seized the opportunity to discreetly turn on my phone recorder, the tiny device capturing every word that passed between us. I inquired about the circumstances of his former love's death, watching closely for any signs of suspicion.

And just like I feared, he raised his eyebrow, signaling his surprise at my inquisitiveness, and then he said,

“I don’t want to talk about it”

I knew that my mission was far from over. But for that moment, all that mattered was the connection we were forging, the unspoken bond that was drawing us closer with each passing moment.

And then, a suggestion to cook a special meal together seemed to shift the atmosphere, the tension giving way to a sense of shared intimacy. The act of cooking became a dance, a symphony of flavors and desires that mingled in the air between us.

As the night grew deeper, we found ourselves standing before his bedroom door, the boundaries of restraint crumbling in the wake of unspoken longing. The touch of his lips on mine was electrifying, a reminder that passion could transcend the complexities of our individual stories.

Behind closed doors, the embrace deepened, our bodies melding together as if they were made for each other. In each other's arms, the weight of the world seemed to fade, leaving only the raw intensity of desire and connection.

The hours melted away, a whirlwind of sensation and longing that left us both breathless and sated. We were entwined in each other's unclothedness, a testament to the power of passion and shared vulnerability. As the night wore on, the boundaries of time seemed to blur, and for that moment, nothing else existed except the bond we had forged.

Read full book here:


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