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SAED & Corp Members: The Challenge by ManuelB: 8:05pm On Jan 19
What's makes the difference between a thriving entrepreneur and a failing one?

If you mentioned her OFFER, BRANDING etc

You are not wrong

Yet far from it

And you are about to find out the difference maker

With the initiative of NYSC to help create a workforce of skilled graduate through SAED program

It is alarming so far this goal hasn't been absolutely effective, especially with the constant increase in cost of living and unemployment level

To effectively illustrate the crisis on our hand

Meet Vivian a Graduate of Business Administration.

After graduating from the university, she decides to serve her father land and gets posted to Edo state for her service year.

Fortunately she learns about the SAED program of the NYSC and commits to learn and perfecting the skill of Leather Works

Since most people wear shoes, sandals and the likes, it sure going to be a Lucrative venture

Now after her service year she relocates back home and start using her skills

But 2 month in post service, Vivian isn't making enough through her skill and is bearly surviving

Yet Her biggest challenge is Not knowing how to fix the Problem

So she does the Next best thing to make ends meet, dust up her CV and started job hurting

And just like the “Value of the naria keeps Dropping” her effort in her leather works declined... Only to hopefully be resurrected some day when “everything don settle”

This sound familiar because it's the reality of most ex-Corp members

You might ask

What was the Problem?

The problem is the reason you keep telling that Vendor you are not interested

She doesn't know how to identify those who need Her Skill the Most and How to Market it to them[b

This is what most serving and ex - corpers despite going through the SAED program lack

However now more than ever you can easily master this skill to profit from your skill

Because come the end of 11 Months, nothing sucks more than investing your money and time to mastery a skill and not been able to build a life for yourself through It.

Are you Skilled yet challenged with Identifying your Target Audience and Want to learn how to identify and attract customers for your skill?

Click Here to Join the CAW Exclusive Workshop Now >>> Access
Re: SAED & Corp Members: The Challenge by ManuelB: 6:01pm On Jan 21
Another Side of the Story on Why Knowing How to Identify those who need your Skill the Most and How to Market it to them is Essential in today's competitive space.

Re: SAED & Corp Members: The Challenge by ManuelB: 11:29am On Jan 22
Why You Should Learn How to Market Your Skills

I could still remember what it was like before the skill era, but a lot has changed since then.

Now in today's highly competitive ecosystem, it is crucial not only to possess valuable skills but also to know how to market them effectively.

Whether you are an 9-5er, freelancer, entrepreneur or simply someone looking to enhance your career prospects, learning how to market your skills will open up a world of opportunities.

Did you say ”What benefits?

This and more you understand as we dive into why it is essential to develop this skill, explore effective strategies, and provide you with some valuable insights.

Why Market Your Skill?

1. Stand Out in a Crowded Market:
In a space where everyone claims to possess similar skills, it is important to differentiate yourself.

Imagine possessing an exceptional skill but failing to promote it effectively.

Without marketing, your skill would remain hidden, limiting your chances of recognition, success and growth.

By mastering the art of marketing your skill, you will highlight your unique strengths and expertise, making you a more attractive option to potential employers or clients and open doors to exciting opportunities.

2. Advance Your Career:
Knowing how to effectively market your skill can significantly accelerate your career growth.

It not only helps you secure better opportunities but also opens doors to charge premium, gain promotions, salary increases and other perks associated with advancing your career.

By showcasing your skills in a compelling manner, you can gain a competitive edge and increase your chances of success.

3. Maximize Your Earning Potential:
By becoming proficient at marketing your skills, you will gain the power and control to negotiate better rewards/pay.

Contrary to popular opinions, Employers or clients are willing to pay top dollar to individuals who can clearly communicate the value they bring to the table.

Through positioning yourself as an expert in your niche , you can command higher fees or salaries and maximize your earning potential.

4. Enable Entrepreneurial Success:
For aspiring entrepreneurs, been able to market your skills is an absolute necessity.

Regardless of how innovative or groundbreaking your products or services are, until you can effectively market them, it would be a challenge to succeed in today's fiercely competitive business space.

By focusing on learning how to market your skills, you acquire the foundational knowledge needed to market your business effectively.

5. Expanded Network
As a professional or creative, effectively marketing your skill will help you build a strong niche network.

Engaging with like-minded individuals in your niche can provide a wealth of benefits, from mentorship opportunities to potential partnerships.

Are you Skilled yet challenged with Identifying your Target Audience and Attracting Them?

Reply with ”Monetize” and if we get a handful of feedback.

I would provide something to help you get results in as little as 7 days
Re: SAED & Corp Members: The Challenge by ManuelB: 7:55pm On Jan 24
Creative Ways on How to Market Your Skill

Having already established the benefits. Whether you're a freelancer, entrepreneur or seeking to secure employment, showcasing your skills effectively is crucial.

Bearing the competitiveness of the market in mind, you need to be creative in your approach.

Here are creative ways to market your skill with practical strategies to stand out from the crowd, attract clients and increase your chances of success in your niche

1. Identify and Understand Your Target Market:
Before go out to market your skill, the critical part is to identify your target audience.

Understand their preferences and pain points.

Tailor your messaging to resonate, communicate and demonstrate how your skills can provide solutions and add value.

In doing this consider the following steps:

I. Assess your Strengths: Make a list of your abilities, experiences, and areas of expertise. This will help you understand your unique selling proposition (USP).

II. Identify your Passions: Reflect on the activities that genuinely inspire and motivate you. Passionate individuals are more likely to excel in their respective fields.

2. Craft a Powerful Personal Brand:
Building a strong personal brand today is essential to market your skills effectively.

With platforms like LinkedIn, a personal blog and social media you can increase your visibility and credibility.

Considering the following steps
I. Define your target Audience: Determine the type of people or companies you want to attract. Tailor your communication and marketing strategies accordingly.

II. Craft your Unique Story: Share your background and journey to establish a personal connection with your audience. Highlight your achievements and how they relate to the benefits you can offer.

All this been done.

Define your unique selling proposition, establish a professional online presence and consistently deliver quality content.

3. Showcasing Your Skills
Once you have established your personal brand, it's time to showcase your skills to enhance your marketability. Here's how:

I. Create an Impressive Portfolio: Compile your best work samples, testimonials, and case studies to demonstrate your capabilities. This will create a positive impression and build trust.

II. Leverage Social Media: Utilize platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter to showcase your skills. Share content that aligns with your expertise, engages your audience, and establishes your credibility as an industry professional.

4. Network, Network, Network:
Networking even in our digital era still plays a vital role in marketing your skill.

Networking helps you expand your reach and uncover hidden opportunities.

When it comes to networking consider these strategies:

I. Attend Industry Events: Participate in conferences, workshops, and networking events relevant to your field. Engage with industry leaders, potential clients, and like-minded professionals.

II. Collaborate with Others : Partnering with complementary professionals or businesses can expand your reach and increase your visibility within your industry.

Through identifying professional niche groups and connecting with like-minded individuals inside, you can create meaningful conversations and build relationships that can potentially lead to opportunities.

5. Continue Skill Development:
As we evolve in life likewise it is when it comes to our skills, and so to stay ahead in today's fast-paced world, continuous learning is crucial.

Strengthen your efforts in marketing your skill and always keep learning and evolving.

Here's how you can continually enhance your skills:

I. Embrace online courses: Invest in professional development by enrolling in relevant online courses. Stay updated with the latest industry trends and skills.

II. Seek Feedback: Regularly seek feedback from clients, colleagues, and mentors to improve and refine your skillset.

Stay current with niche trends, attend workshops or webinars and seek constant feedback from niche experts.

Continuous development of your skill not only enhances your abilities but also makes you more marketable and relevant.

Mastering the art of marketing your skills is the only way to guarantee achieving your personal, professional and financial goals in today's competitive space.

Been skilled yet a brokee has no prestige to it

Time you embrace the power of skill marketing by adopting this strategies to differentiate yourself, advance your career, maximize your earning potential and open up a world of opportunities waiting for you.

Are you Skilled yet challenged with Identifying your Target Audience and Attracting Them?

Reply with ”Monetize” and if we get a handful of feedback.

I would provide something to help you get results in as little as 7 days
Re: SAED & Corp Members: The Challenge by shreygautam: 6:42am On Jan 25
While Social, Emotional, and Ethical Development (SAED) is undoubtedly crucial for personal growth, focusing solely on it may overlook the practical skills necessary for professional success. In today's fast-paced world, individuals need a balanced approach that includes technical proficiency, critical thinking, and adaptability. Solely emphasizing SAED might lead to a lack of competitiveness in the digital age where technical skills and digital literacy are highly valued.

Moreover, the job market increasingly demands individuals with a well-rounded skill set, encompassing both interpersonal and technical abilities. Ignoring the latter may hinder one's ability to navigate the complexities of contemporary workplaces. Integrating SAED with technical skills ensures a holistic development that prepares individuals for the challenges of the modern world.

To bridge this gap, considering a comprehensive approach to education is essential. Enrolling in a reputable digital marketing training institute, for instance, not only provides technical expertise but also hones communication, teamwork, and ethical decision-making – seamlessly blending SAED with practical skills for a more robust and adaptable skill set.
Re: SAED & Corp Members: The Challenge by ManuelB: 10:40pm On Jan 26
7 Mistakes People Make in Marketing Their Skills

At this point you would agree marketing your skills is an art and like any art form, it requires consistent practice, know how and the ability to adapt.

Unfortunately, most skilled persons lack the above.

Which leads to making certain mistakes in marketing their skills and further limiting their chances of success in this highly competitive market.

If you still struggling with marketing your skill, chances you are making one

Let's explore 7 common mistakes people make when marketing their skills and actionable tips to avoiding them.

Failing to Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

When marketing your skills, highlighting what sets you apart from the competition is essential.

Your USP is the key factor to standing out and differentiating yourself in your niche.

Now failing to identify your USP often leads to a lack of clarity in your messaging, making it challenging for potential clients or employers to understand the value you bring.

Ignoring the Power of Networking

Knowing how to effectively network is a vital element in marketing your skills.

By establishing connections and building relationships within your niche, you can land valuable opportunities, referrals and partnerships.

Not including it in your marketing approach simply means deliberately missing out on potential clients, projects or job offers.

Neglecting to Build a Brand to Showcase Your Expertise

Building a strong (personal) brand is another essential aspect of marketing your skill.

Most skilled individuals overlook the importance of building a unique and compelling brand,

By neglecting this, they weakening their chances of standing out to their potential clients in a sea of competitors.

Not Tailoring Your Approach

This has to be the most common mistake many person's make when marketing their skills.

With a focus on using a generic approach without considering their target audience.

Pitching your skills in the same way to every potential client or employer without proper insight is a recipe for failure.

To increase your chances of succeeding, tailor your approach to address the specific needs, pain points and goals of your target market.

Underestimating Continuous Learning and Skill Development

Change is inevitable to every aspect of life even when it comes to your improving your skills.

The best way to guarantee success and growth is by evolving with niche changes and staying up-to-date

Adopting the idea of keeping an eye on emerging trends, participate in relevant workshops and keep enhancing your skillset to stay competitive in your niche.

Lacking in Confidence and Effective Communication

Confidence plays a significant role when it comes to marketing your skills.

And the fact remains most individuals underestimate the power of self-conviction

Yet not realizing it also contributes to failing to effectively communicate their value.

To effectively market your skills, develop confidence in your abilities to deliver, practice effective communication and showcase your skills confidently to potential clients or employers.

Ignoring Seeking Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Neglecting to seek feedback and continuously improve is another common mistake made when marketing your skills.

Getting quality feedback from your audience, clients, employers, or niche peers will offer valuable insights to help you refine your approach.

Be open to constructive criticism, learn from your mistakes, and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Marketing your skills can be a challenging task, yet by avoiding these common mistakes, you increase your chances of success.

Embrace these process and strategies and you'll be on your way to effectively market your skills in today's competitive market.

Are you Skilled yet challenged with Identifying your Target Audience and Attracting Them?

Reply with ”Monetize” and if we get a handful of feedback.

I would provide something to help you get results in as little as 7 days
Re: SAED & Corp Members: The Challenge by ManuelB: 10:44pm On Jan 28
The Key is in → Identifying What Your Market Wants and Deliver it to Them

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