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Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by brosdeiv: 11:37pm On Sep 28, 2020
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Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by tomaswatts: 9:53pm On Oct 02, 2020
Hello everybody! I'm currently writing my master dissertation about "Nollywood and Africa". I would be very grateful if you could help me with this survey that I've made. Please feel free to comment this publication about your views on Nollywood. Any help is welcome! smiley

Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by GreaterFuture(m): 4:16pm On Oct 07, 2020
Is Banning a Moniker till October Year 2030 not too extreme Moderators?
I know a lot of Serial rule breakers here 5hat have been active for more than 2 to 3 years and still commenting, but a hustler trying 5o make ends meet is banned?
The antispambot is faulty, that I am very aware of, but the human Moderators shouldn't be.
Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Akanimoh113(m): 3:20pm On Oct 08, 2020
Hi... My name is Victor. Am in need of Financial support, I need money. I need it to plan ahead for my future, Although I have plans. They say in order to make money, you need money to make money.
I need N50,000, I know is much but I believe there is someone out there that could favor me.
I have a working and practical strategy for recovering this amount as well as a payment plan.
Finding someone who is in a best position to help me, Should not only able to help me with the money I need but Should also be willing to help me.
I don't want to be mincing my words because with total honesty I need it.
I know I don't have outlines of what I want, but What I want is what everyone wants, To be financially stable. What I can offer is that I can give you an interest or something more that just an Interest.
To be honest, the amount I need is N50,000, and I would be really grateful and would Appreciate very much for your help.
To be clear on what I want, is Someone help. So that we both know what to expect Either Returns or Letting it Go, Am guessing "Returns".
I would Express my Gratitude and Appreciation for your Help.



You might wanna Ignore this but its the Best Shot I've got... Please Help me
Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by emiron18(m): 3:36pm On Oct 17, 2020
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Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by peterpro1: 6:49pm On Oct 19, 2020
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Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by blank(f): 11:29pm On Oct 19, 2020
@ Seun, please unban me in family section biko and untag my post from spam bot. Royalroy has been missing in action.

Please untag the post so that it will help the person.
Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Akanimoh113(m): 11:35pm On Oct 19, 2020
Please Who can Assist Me Financially.
I Need a Smartphone to Start Making and Earning Profits. We Can Cut a Deal.
For Every Profit I make You get 30%-40% of my Earnings for Assisting me Financially Until the Amount You've Assisted me with Has been Complete with Interest or Probably Keep Paying you till the End of the Year.

Who can help me out... Lets Earn Profits together
Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by peterpro1: 5:14pm On Oct 20, 2020
Nox Player is an Android emulator that lets you use almost any of this operating system's apps from the comfort of your own computer. We're talking about apps along the lines of Clash of Clans, Instagram, Subway Surfers, and Kitchen Stories.
Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Wolexdey(m): 9:15am On Nov 01, 2020
Data Available

Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by PhoebusMedia21(m): 12:42pm On Nov 04, 2020
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Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by camellay56: 6:24pm On Nov 07, 2020
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Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by emiron18(m): 8:25pm On Nov 09, 2020
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Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Noeasyway042(m): 10:10am On Nov 15, 2020
When there is no WAHALA there will be no BULALA even if we HALA it will not cure EBOLA.
Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by luxedesign: 11:30am On Nov 17, 2020
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Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by fanchuyu: 7:14pm On Dec 22, 2020
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Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by fanchuyu: 7:15pm On Dec 22, 2020
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Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by Larrymighty: 12:45pm On Dec 28, 2020
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Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by pocohantas(f): 1:17pm On Jan 05

Hi Dominique, I am being harassed by the fellow on this thread. I believe it’s all our right to feel comfortable on this website


Hahahahahahaha! You need to see me laughing here! Good heavens!! grin
Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by ibkayee(f): 1:20pm On Jan 05

Hahahahahahaha! You need to see me laughing here! Good heavens!! grin
Lmao babe I'm tired!!
Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by RobinsKitchen: 11:37am On Jan 07
Wanted to Bring your attention to our new charity, we hope to expand to other countries helping feed people in need there as well
Robin's kitchen is a not-for-profit kitchen that helps and donates meals to people in need especially the elderly and disabled as well as refugees

But to make our dream a reality we need your help with the initial costs of this project, if you can't spear few euros that's fine, you can help by sharing this plea with people you know, that would be a great help too!. We are raising founds to help pay with the rent and supply of food.

So if there is anything you can spare you can find our go found me here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/feeding-people-in-need-robins-kitchen?qid=44cd27df29314cd2768a7fb269f1a01b
And we will be providing regular updates on our progress

Thank you for your support!

Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by madigitals(m): 3:55pm On Jan 07
Do you know you can make legitimate money online for real

This Topic is all about exposing best legit way to make money online. if you want to make money online or you want another perceived income to your bank account, are a graduate tired of Job seeking around, this thread is for you. And I promise that this thread will be more interesting than the first thread.

Like i said this thread will be interesting, this how to make money online will focused on How to Make Money Buying and Selling NEW and EXPIRED Domain Names, tips, experiences. Do and Don'ts.

It still amazes me that quite a large number of Nigerians are fully online with different devices phones and computers but yet not making money from it. Many things have changed and one of the easiest way to make money now is online. Quote me anywhere.

What is Domain Flipping?
Domain Name Flipping is a money making method that involves purchasing domain names and then reselling the names for a profit. You may have heard of people who flip houses as a side hustle. Well, domain flipping is basically the real estate game of the internet.If you want to get a website for personal or business use, what you need first is a domain name. Just like if you want to to build a house, no matter your plans and design, you need a land first.

In other words, without a domain name there will be no website. Without a domain name there will be nothing like e-mail address. "Now how do I make money from it"? The truth is that most good domain names have been taken. ... They have all gone. For example all 3letter domains names has been taken. You can form it and confirm. The only avenue to target is expired domain names.

And What is Expired Domain Name?
These are domains that the original owners fail to renew. every domain has an expiry date. The maximum you can register a domain is 10 yr which the minimum is just 1 yr. Now if the original owner fail to renew it after the year duration, some grace period will be given after the domain will be dropped and become available for anyone to re- register and it's legal.

Now this is quite easy and anybody with the right information and tools can do it and have a wonderful result. This is from my personal experience and not a hear say. Now this is richly profitable but just like any other business it has some basic strategies and ways to do it in order to get decent result.

How Much Can you Make Selling Domain Name?
There is no limits of amount you can earn per months selling expired domain name, you can make $100 to $ 1,000,000 per months, it all depends of your add work. Mind you there is no free money making machine online without add work, if there is someone said that, tell him/her is a SCAM. quote me any where it a Scam.

For more Questions and enquiries are welcomed on this thread about this.

You can also read more from here " https://ntrain.org/services/buying-and-selling-expired-domain-name/ "

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Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by ibkayee(f): 1:10pm On Jan 14

I am still being harassed despite asking the gentleman above me on numerous occasions to leave me alone, both courteously and firmly.

After ignoring my multiple requests he has the audacity to tell me what he ‘prefers’

The claim about me supposedly liking his post is false

Please tell him to leave me alone
Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by mespusinglez(m): 9:16pm On Jan 23
Boss justwiseass abeg no vex drop something for me here
Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by chatinent: 11:15am On Feb 18
Hi Seun, how about a verified icon badge close to verified users? I can help do this. I tweaked sth like this when I used SMF.
Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by reallions(m): 7:26pm On Mar 14
Looking For A Lucrative Business Opportunity? Check this out guys!

A Story That Proves The Point.

After we launched these set of innovative products recently, I got permission to do a presentation to a set of provincial pastors in one of the leading pentecostal churches in Nigeria. Though the products have series of application across various industries, I did a live demo of how they could be applied to grow the membership of any church by a minimum of 10% every month.

It was a highly successful demonstration! Right there, one of the pastors paid for my flight to Portharcourt and orders came streaming in. I was lodged in a palatial apartment in Portharcourt and was chauffeured from province to province to showcase the innovation. We had lot of sales.

What product am I talking about? Well, they are growth enhancement products that serve advertising purposes as well as customer relation and customer retention purposes. We are currently deploying to churches across the 36 states of the federation for a start but they are also applicable in banking, ecommerce, multilevel marketing industries, political spheres etcetera.

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We are a young organisation of smart minds deploying technology and optimising the advancement in telecommunications to redefine business growth and customer experience in all sectors of human endeavours.

Our Key Selling Point
We have our core strength in our ability to deliver quality products at very affordable costs.

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How Do You Get Started?
This business is not one to explain on the pages of nairaland, you need to attend a FREE live demo which we do every week via zoom, for you to properly understand how it works.

Where's The Guaranty?
I guarantee that all of our products will WOW you and the demo alone will convince you to.

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