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My Pre-eclampsia Story. by afdman: 2:46pm On Apr 21, 2012
My pre-eclampsia story.
I will tell from the man's point of view. We got preg in sept, baby dancing (bd) after her birthday. Shortly after she felt sick, went to the hospital, and got treated for malaria, we didn't know she was preg at the time. Shortly after she informed me she didn't see her period. I asked her to go do a test which came out +ve. @ the time we were not married. So immediately started wedding preparations, 1st trimester went quickly without any morning sickness just always feeling sleepy, well unlucky for me I wasn't around to experience that period. Now wedding over in december fast forward to january 3 we started antenatal and the normal drugs were prescribed and given ( at the time I wasn't too involved, didn't think I was needed) guys pls be very involved, know the facts about your case. Then she started work it was tough at first but she managed and she was happy when the strike started so she could get some rest. Strike got called off then the nightmare started.
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by afdman: 2:48pm On Apr 21, 2012
My pre-eclampsia story 2
Her leg started swelling, she would come back from work and the leg would be swollen and painful. Now as a naïve man I know that preg women legs does swell, but even I thot it was too early for that. Then she told me she had a prior history of leg swelling which turned her to exercising, when she was still single. So she told me massaging would help to ease the swelling and take the water back into the system, which I did. In my mind I said na me put am there so i must work. I also asked my mum and she said she should put her leg up when she sleeps in the night which corresponded with what my dear wife told me, so that was my work for nights to come massage and prop up her feet. Sex was out the window for me let's say phobia, low libido or whatever just wasn't so interested see me running from sex, haaa na me be this. few times I'll give in to wifey's demand especially when she says doctors orders. Anyway back to the story please be patient its long, but during my trial times I searched for stories like this but only found only sketchy stuff. On the 27th jan wifey decided to go to the hospital to see if the doctors would say anything different about the swelling. Getting there her bp was checked it was high, i wasn't there so I don't know how high (men, like I said you have to be on ground so you know the facts of your case) our preg time check so far was 19weeks so the doctor gave her aldomet (don't know how many grams but 2tablets though) and she was asked to report back to the hospital the next day. Which she did. They took some blood to run some test and asked her to come back the next day. The next day doctor told her she was fine and her bp had come down, but nothing was said on the leg swelling. Watch out for part 3 when the real nightmare started.

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Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by afdman: 3:03pm On Apr 21, 2012
My pre-eclmapsia story3
So my mind was a bit rested since the doctors said she is fine and baby was doing okay. Cool shey, for where. The leg swelling was not over ohhh, now it came out more, even after my night duty massaging and leg prop, no way even put the pillow under mattress. When she wakes up takes her bath with the space of like 40 mins the leg has started swelling again talk more of carrying that leg to work the whole day, it was a nightmare sometimes she had to leave her desk, go to the ladies room and cry a bit. She always propped her feet in the office as best as she could and since its a working environment slippers were not allowed, so the feet would swell in her shoes. Sometimes I get home to meet her crying, it was heart wrenching for me, but nothing I could do in my power but to say sorry and massage as best as I could. now that's when I started researching online ways to ease swelling of feet during preg saw all sorts tried the ones I could, including reducing salt, still nothing till a climatic sunday morning. We got ready for church, got to church where wifey wasn't feeling herself at all she barely made it through the sermon, but immediately after the sermon she went to the car. I stayed back and did the socializing a bit. By the time I got to the car all she said was hospital, mind you we had not reached the 2weeks that the doctors said for us to check back. I took her to my mums place first since a nurse was there so her bp was checked it read a strange 170/110 that's when the worry frown showed up on my face. I knew it was hospital straight. We stay in festac and our hospital was on allen, that's because of the HMO she signed @ work. We got there and this male doctor started with us, but he pissed me off a bit, cos he wasn't telling use anything, even when we tried explaining our history to him. The next thing I knew was she admitted and series of test and a word started coming to me. A dangerous word called pre-eclmapsia. I didn't know what it meant but thanks to google I started my research. Hmmm my people fear grip me. Pre-eclmapsia is situation brought on by pregnancy where the woman has high blood pressure (PIH pregnancy induced hypertension) that on its own is a case but mixed with having protein in your urine, then you have pre eclmapsia. Could be mild or severe. In the mild case where your average bp reading is 140/90, with protein reading of (1) + while the severe bp reading of 150/100 and above with protein reading of (3) +++ and above. Hmmm as I read, my eye begin clear. I now read of when you get to the eclmapsia stages, what happens, how you can get a seizure, have organ failure and could even die if you don't get help quick. Hmmmm and worst of all, through time with all the health break through man has made, no break through had been made on pre-eclampsia. The only sure solution was delivery of the baby. Haaa deliver my 21week baby. I started to shiver, say God where are you ohhh come to my rescue. All this I researched. By the morning the doctors game and since it was our first pregnancy they decided they would do all they could to help deliver to us a safe baby. They now prescribed a 10week bed rest for wifey. I said 10weeks these guys must be joking. They said let them see how they could deliver the baby by 31weeks and put the baby in an incubator. I had no worry about their ability because, we had encountered a family friend in the same hospital at the same time where they were looking after her baby she had EMCS (emergency CS) at 7 months. But the 10weeks didn't sit pretty with me at all. I was praying that they would release us in a week or 2 weeks max, remember wifey works in a bank at that. So they started treatment and increased her aldomet to 1gram and added Nifedipine 20mg at the end of the week but her bp reading was erratic, up and down it was discovered that it was the drugs that forced the bp down so when the drugs wear off the bp would rise again. On top of that the HMO people started giving us heat cause of the bills. How comes its easy for them to collect money but when its time for them to help, they always come up with excuses. Wifey and I have decided we would deal with them when we finish our ordeal. We had spent 9days in the hospital, So because of the HMO stuff and her erratic bp reading the doctors felt they had to refer us to a teaching hospital. Fear gripped me again.
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by Odunnu: 4:40pm On Apr 21, 2012
You must come back and finish this story o, abeg!
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by olsmade(m): 5:13pm On Apr 21, 2012
Whew! PIH usually occurs after d 20th week so if u are sure she didn't have hypertension b4 d pregnancy, den dis is occuring unusually early. However, referral to a teaching hospital, though more strenuous, should be a better bet for you as this z a very high - risk pregnancy. I salute ur dedication n love for ur wife n unborn child n I hope it doesn't wane as the journey you must travel is far. All d best. Pls keep us posted.
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by afdman: 6:48pm On Apr 21, 2012
I will finish the story, don't worry so people can learn a thing or two. And yes it was early and since I didn't know wifey's bp history b4 that didn't help. Though she said it was normal and no family history of pre-eclampsia. One of the sugessted causes is reaction of the female to the new male sperm. It was discovered that some women do react in the first pregnancy to their partners sperm but subsequent pregnacies they didn't have pre-e. But if they do change husbands or partners and do get pregnant pre-e could likely show its head. Will sit down and type the continuation of the story tomorrow.
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by Odunnu: 8:52pm On Apr 21, 2012
A friend's sister was sectioned early march and it was during her case I first heard 'pre-enclamsia'. This is by the way her second baby and she didnt suffer that in the first preg.
It was her case that made me google and get the lil knowledge I have about it and I cast my mind back to sometime early last year when my colleague lost her sister during childbirth. All the symptoms tallied but her doctors were plain incompetent. If they'd queried premclampsia and done regular vital signs, they wouldnt have made her go thru normal delivery without bringing the BP down.
Anyhoo, I cant wait to read the sweet ending of your story

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Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by agiboma(f): 9:16pm On Apr 21, 2012
afdman: My pre-eclmapsia story3

I took her to my mums place first since a nurse was there so her bp was checked it read a strange 170/110 that's when the worry frown showed up on my face.

Those are very scary numbers one's that i know all to well.I commend you on spreading the news about this terrible disease. Its only through awearness people can better equip themselves and become more vigilant in their health care delivery. I look fwd to the rest of the story.
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by afdman: 11:37am On Apr 22, 2012
My pre-eclmapsia story part4
Now we had heard so many stories about government hospitals, how people go there and die. Hmmmm I look my self and said naaa am not going there, I collected the reference letter and drove wife home saying in my heart God will look after us. Will I call that foolishness, my people let your faith guide you ohhh. But my MIL decided to go to luth cos she had someone there, as I got home, she called that I should bring wifey over. So we got there and lo and behold they took her bp reading and it was coming down, yes I forgot to mention it seemed that any time they checcked wifey's bp her knowing the value sort of increased the value the next time they checked, I'll leave that as caused by anxiety. So make sure you find a way of reassuring her when it comes to bp readings them knowing always has a way of increasing her BP. So we were admitted and stayed in A&E. Then the doctors started, they were debating our case right in front of us, lucky for us I had done a lot of research the week before so I was able to understand some of the things they were saying and was able to explain to wifey what they were talking about. The first night was hell, they ran all sorts of test had me running up and down to the lab, or buying this drug or that, plus wifey wasn't happy about where she was. A&E is not the best place to be, you'll hear all sort of noise of people in pain. Haaaa I asked myself which kind thing be this, who send me go baby dance. Finally by 3.30am I finally crawled into the car to catch a little shut eye. By 6am I was up again. We were still in A&E more test, more talk a consultant was called in looked at our case, more test to check about her vitals, that her internal organs to be sure they were function well. Some results were good some where not. Night came again I slept in the car again. The morning came and I felt I needed to make some decisions so I pulled one of the doctors aside and asked him, what he taught about the case, from all his explanations, things were not so rosy with my wife's vitals where he told me she could die if things entered the eclampsia stage, and if our baby was delivered he would have to go through blood test everyday, with them pricking him everyday to get his blood, he painted a pretty bad picture and said he would advice aborting the baby now.
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by Flodel(f): 1:00pm On Apr 22, 2012
Wow datz serious, anyway may u av an encounter with God dat'll put paid to ur sorrows n worries IJN.
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by Odunnu: 1:18pm On Apr 22, 2012
cheesy Your suspense is killing me oooo. I am consoled that it ended fine sha. Plz come quick and finish joorcheesy cheesy


Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by olamide123: 2:53pm On Apr 22, 2012
I have a story too and very long. I'm still in it waiting for it to be full. I know it will have a joyfull end aswell IJN
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by afdman: 5:44pm On Apr 22, 2012
My pre-eclampsia story5
Now after that talk, I was pretty shaken, scared of what my yet to be born child would go through to live. Went back to wifey we talked, looked at everything cause she too was scared because the doctors had also put the fear of her dying to her too. So we decided to go ahead with the recommendation and I had the doctor write me the drug to induce labour and evacuation. Bought the drug, by then my MIL had come and we told her our decision, she told us to hold on a bit let the consultant come and make d final decision. Well the consultant came and he said the situation could be managed, let's see how we can use drugs to manage her bp and allow the baby develop for 9weeks more then a CS will be performed to bring out the baby and onward into an incubator. So we were admitted into the ward to adhere to strict bed rest. So a new journey started, how I was at the hospital everyday for the next 9weeks except for days when I would decide to sit back and catch my breathe at home and reflect on the happening. Now let's talk about the cocktail of drugs wifey had to swallow like 3 or 4times daily and funny hours. We came into the hospital taking the maximum dose of aldomet 1gram, so the doctors divided that up and gave her 250mg every 4 hours, Nifedipine 40mg every 8 hours, so sometimes she would be woken up in the night around 2am to take drugs. I felt sorry for her and wished I could ease the pain, but I now know why God made women be the ones to bear the kids, a man can't go through the pains they go through. If we are able to do it once that will be the end no more kids for us. So the first few weeks were tough, cos wifey just could not settle down, the place was so uncomfortable for her, the bed was painful, the light disturbed her. The nurses were not it at all, looking back from the private hospital we came from, where she had the room to herself, ac, and the light was off so she could sleep, nurses where kind, she also chose what she wanted to eat from the kitchen, compared to that, the place she was at the time was hell. She lost appetite for food, the place was hot, I did get her a fan, but nepa wasn't kind either. Now the other patients there, were all pregnant too so they all helped themselves, keeping each other company gisting and making friends, these ladies had their own issues too, I heard cases I couldn't believe my ears and gave these women and their husbands a big hand, they had seen things, women that had miscarriages, 6 times and were in the hospital, with there 7th pregnancy, some 3 miscarriages, some 2. Some had not even ever conceived b4, met a woman there that was there for an operation, she had don 4 ivf's none worked each at about 1.2million each. Haaa I said God Is this how hard this thing should be. So every week we had to do like 3 different blood test, so as to check her internal organs to be sure they were functioning well, urinalysis, the 24 hour protein test, everyday protein test, then the doctors had their rounds morning and evening where your case would be discussed, cos weather you liked it or not you were a test subject whereby the students used to learn to broaden their knowledge. Now on my part work was out the window concentrating was not possible so much for me at the time, sometime I would get home sit down think about it all, and tears will fall down my eyes and I would start to pray and ask God, why, what was the thing I had done wrong, why put this girl through all this.....
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by afdman: 7:14pm On Apr 22, 2012
Go to next page to read part 6.
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by agiboma(f): 7:32pm On Apr 22, 2012
wow your story sounds very familiar, when you in the high risk pregnancy section you see everything under the sun. Women who water break @ 19 weeks and they are just holding on, so so many things omg. Pregnancy is very scary when things go wrong, just the grace of g-d that mothers and babies survive. are you in Nigeria?
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by afdman: 8:29pm On Apr 22, 2012
Yes am in nigeria. This spambot keeps banning me. I don't know what to do again. I'll try and post again. Spambot tongue
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by afdman: 8:40pm On Apr 22, 2012
To read part 3 and 5 please click on my name to get the post. For some reason the spambot has hidden it. Moderator pls unlock my post ohhh.
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by Odunnu: 10:25pm On Apr 22, 2012
Hey! Dont post it again. It'll be untagged soon. Hold on.
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by Odunnu: 1:25am On Apr 23, 2012
Oya come and continue.
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by afdman: 8:10am On Apr 23, 2012
My pre-eclampsia story6
My pastor helped me a lot at the time and had me change my confessions so many times when I would put up some funny status on my bb. He told me to hold on to God for my miracle and stand on the word, well I won't lie at times it was hard but I did my best, to say things as how I wanted them to be not as how it was at the time. So I would clean my eyes and go to the hospital to carry out one test or the other for wifey and also put up a bold face and let her know everything was alright. So this is how we did it till before you know it, we had spent, 7weeks, wow you would say we had tried abi. Yes we had tried, now we also had to do scans to see how the baby was doing, which we had been doing, but I must confess I didn't take much notice of the details of that result, the scan people always said baby is okay, but also gave us new EDD, that didn't raise any bells for us at the time, wish I knew what I do now who know maybe things would have been different. So our EDD was now 2weeks more than our first EDD on our 1st scan. I really didn't take much notice then. So there comes our 28weeks scan, we did scan every 2weeks in the hospital then. So after that scan, the result was not good, we found our baby was small for his age about 576g when at his age he should be 1kg, that brought up a lot of worries for the doctors, since they were thinking of how to operate and bring the baby out by our 30weeks. A great cause for worry, cos they didn't have the facility to take care of the baby, another round of wahala now started, doctors started saying something like referring us to lagoon hospital, haaa by the time I asked some questions outside about their bills I had my heart in my mouth, how in God's name was I going to handle this, by the time my MIL and my mother heard the news on the size of the baby, they both panicked and were on my case to abort the baby and move on that God would give us a new child, that they didn't want any child that would not be complete. Hmmmm. But then I held on to God's word with my faith I stood and said nothing would happen, we would still have this baby. The consultant now came and said we should give it one more week and see how things progressed. Before then wifey wasn't really eating so we just even started a new diet for her where she could choose what she wanted to eat and had just started eating. So she started eating, forcing it down, the woman tried, even when she didn't want to eat, plus she was on low salt diet cos of her water retention, her face was swollen, hands and legs, even her belly was swollen, not in the normal belly bump swelling, she was swollen on the sides, all that with water. So she started eating better than before, and was praying,I was praying too. My church was praying for me too. My MIL had her church praying for us too. So finally the week passed and with a heart pounding, we went for a new scan. Praise be to God, the scan result came out greater than we imagined, I was just praying to God that if the baby could just grown 100g-150g I would be happy. Our baby grew by 200g and was 776g.


Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by diamondlove: 9:27am On Apr 23, 2012
GOD is good

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Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by Hebrewwoman1: 9:32am On Apr 23, 2012
OMG...i have goose pimples reading your story. There is nuttim God cannot do.
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by udoka2: 9:36am On Apr 23, 2012
afamdman abeg complete this story, or are u writing a book... am in a hurry to hear the happy ending..lol
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by Otosdd: 10:56am On Apr 23, 2012
God is really wonderful. Pls continue i want 2 see d end of dis wonderful testimony.
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by recruitmnt: 11:03am On Apr 23, 2012
@afdman... Did she have a problem with constipation while on bed rest? How was it solved?
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by Nobody: 11:14am On Apr 23, 2012
Real goose pimples o'er here.
It's well...
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by Nobody: 11:19am On Apr 23, 2012
Oga come back and finish nawwww ; angry angry
How can you leave us in suspense
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by Ib(f): 11:41am On Apr 23, 2012
Tears streaming down my face. Your wife is the strongest woman ever but you...you deserve a medal. How you stood by your wife, how you prayed, how you sacrificed sleep,money, time, effort. Not many men like you around anymore. your wife is the luckiest woman.


Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by afdman: 12:08pm On Apr 23, 2012
Thank you guys for the comments. I will do my best to finish the story today. And this is no story book, everything I write happened to me and wifey.

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Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by blank(f): 12:24pm On Apr 23, 2012
God is good. I believe everything will be well.

BTW, what of your wife's job? Did they give her time off or was it counting as maternity leave?
Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by Truetalk(m): 12:28pm On Apr 23, 2012
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Re: My Pre-eclampsia Story. by afdman: 12:36pm On Apr 23, 2012
Wifey is a banker, and we were able to get time off work. She works hard and is nice so the bosses had no issues with her. Plus they always visited and called. Very impressed with them. @ib she didn't have consipation, just belched a lot. But she was always stooling.


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