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Family / Re: Married But Lonely by Abiagirl777(f): 11:30am On Oct 08, 2017
filipinobaba,you are viewing this thread now so I want you to go back to your wife,both of you should sit down and talk your hearts out,pray to God and f..uck ur brains out.come back and thank me later.
The devil is a loser and a liar!!
Health / Re: . by Abiagirl777(f): 6:02pm On Oct 06, 2017
Thanks..... But did you say 2 big Eva bottles of water? How possible is that for someone to take in a day?

Yes,I have suffered it after childbirth and as soon as I made diet changes courtesy of my doc, it stopped.
Start trying it and make sure every morning you take water first thing and go to the toioet .You might rub honey or scent leaf extract into the anus to heal the fissure.
kpele its very painful
Health / Re: NEW BORN BABIES! Are U A New Mum? Then Lets Discuss Babies Here!!!!! by Abiagirl777(f): 4:58pm On Oct 06, 2017
How are we including this bodypart cheesy


Family / Re: A Child’s First Birthday – For The Kids Or The Adults ? by Abiagirl777(f): 4:12am On Oct 04, 2017
It is for the kids! I told the parents that brought their kids for my son's so and they all agreed. They only atet but party packs was for children only.

I even did the cooking with my sis alone with#57k and I got to save a lot of money when the caterer said her fee will be #100k.
I was happy I pulled that off though my Ind.cooker helped big time.
Celebrant nko,he cried all through and refused to come down. we don't even have one sensible pic from the event,fever even started that evening and off to the hospital in the morning.
learn not to follow status quo because all the pockets aren't the same.
Health / Re: NEW BORN BABIES! Are U A New Mum? Then Lets Discuss Babies Here!!!!! by Abiagirl777(f): 3:41am On Oct 04, 2017
Chai,i need help oh!Motherhood no easy at all!Jay has bluntly refuse to sit,he is five mnths old n will b 6mnths in 2wks time!Anytime I put him to sit,he just rolls over n will start dragging himself to reach where he wants to!Of recent,i noticed he has started practising d real crawling position!My question is,if he eventually crawl,how would it b like since he doesn't want to sit?Pls I need suggestion!
Odaa sabi mamas,patiently waiting for your contributions!Thanks in anticipation!

pls calm down he'll eventually sit cos this is exactly what my 5 mth +5days old is doing.I know its strange cos his bro sat at 3+ to always carry him and stressful too but our baby walker helps a lot.
he cruises around in it while I attend to my chores.
Health / Re: . by Abiagirl777(f): 3:33am On Oct 04, 2017
pls start eating food filled with veggies and fibre that's all.veggies like ugu will help soften ur stolen and also provide bulk so it doesn't stay long in your body.
Also target taking up to 3l of water everyday(2 big Eva bottles ) and stay away from BREAD!


Celebrities / Re: Caroline Danjuma Shared Photo Of Tagbo Who Alleged Died In Davido Car Last Night by Abiagirl777(f): 2:06am On Oct 04, 2017
nobody should disturb me,let them go to the police and settle their ish.

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Crime / Re: Military Men Robbing On Our Roads In The Name Of Protecting Us. by Abiagirl777(f): 12:57pm On Oct 03, 2017
I have been in Aba for some weeks and I must tell you,their boldness is alarming.You needed to have seen how to caused so much traffic from Ogborhill down to Ngwa rd by East and nobody could say Nada.
They were stationed every 2 junctions collecting money from anything vehicle that passes by.I cursed one of them and he just eyed me and continued his business.
If they feel they are underpaid they should resign not collecting #50 from a keke family man that will make #150 on each trip.
Demented fools that only exercise their powers on civilians.
Family / Re: What Happens When A Child Is Born Out Of Wedlock? by Abiagirl777(f): 11:34am On Oct 01, 2017
In igboland,the girls family adopts the child whether male or female. Its that short and simple!
Family / Re: Some Adorable Newborns Who Hilariously Messed Up Their Parents’ Photoshoots by Abiagirl777(f): 11:32am On Oct 01, 2017
Joys of parenthood.that's if you as a woman marries a sensible man,a man who counts it joy taking care of his children and not leaving it for his slave (wife) to do it alone then after cook,serve ,work and clean for them while they spread their stinky egoistic feet and watch sports.
Shout out to my hubby,you are the best!

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Celebrities / Re: Paul Okoye: "You Have Been Enjoying Me For 18 Years, So Me Am Tired" by Abiagirl777(f): 11:00am On Oct 01, 2017
I really don't see the maturity in this walai am a psquare fan since wen I was small
from E NO GOOD ,last night , gbedu , kolo, I mean their first ever track to d likes of omoge mi , temptation , oga pooice , story , bye bye , nd many more this two guys sounds works together one way or the other.. when I listen to dem like I mean tears will alwys wanna drop cos dey r the best African artist with good and pleasing lyrics if u doubt me just download any of their track. if one will say he wants to go solo or the two believe me the charisma won't be there again cos the useless Peter and Paul when they do path or backup u will knw kaii dey were born singers.. so give it to us 18 yrs ago nd wev been enjoying it if u decide to go solo walai ur sounds won't be catchy again so think twice.. one of u signed muno nd CICI abi na LICE be her name na only one track dem drop tuday we no hear of dem DESTINY boy don even super blow pass dem so wah r we sayin here instead of u guys tonsit back sign talented act nd push dem out nd be the boss on ur own nd face una family while ur artist make money for u nd leave JUDE alone to face his family while u focus on urs unwere greedy with una money.. dts y I still love Olamide nd don jazzy even tho d artist under don jazzy just blowmwith 2 songs since DT time it's hard for dem aside reeky DT knws wat he's doing so bro dnt tink say u go Gve us wat the real psquare has wise up

Nawa to you.you wan give us headache today?


Family / Re: YES/NO....I Need Help by Abiagirl777(f): 10:49pm On Sep 30, 2017
To hell with their opinion. Make your choice sis based on your heart and God,their marriages aren't better. That's how I went to one and he sexually harassed me,a popular one.
Romance / Re: “If You Wear A Pant Throughout The Day, You’ve Got Problems” - Twitter Lady by Abiagirl777(f): 7:28am On Sep 30, 2017
she's just an attention seeker!
Imagine a student in our 'very clean' public universities going to change her panties or a female trader at the MKT, you'd end up contacting more disease than you were preventing.
there's no sensible Lady that'd would wear more than one panty a day cos when you come back from work you remove it and allow your v to take in fresh air till 2moro morning.unless you aren't in s familiar environment,on a visit or Aunt Flo came knocking.

When we r complaining that our handbags need to be decongested,you now add 2 panties to you.

Gerrara here my friend!

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Family / Re: Can I Demolish Our Family House In The Village And Build New One by Abiagirl777(f): 3:32am On Sep 29, 2017
buy your own land and build to your taste and for security purposes. that's what my bro did and its open to all the extended family.
my own,our own,e dey cause quarreloo
Health / Re: NEW BORN BABIES! Are U A New Mum? Then Lets Discuss Babies Here!!!!! by Abiagirl777(f): 4:37pm On Sep 28, 2017

I really wish this water therapy will work for her, I have been giving her warm water...I even stopped giving her baby food because I feel it is the food that is making her not to poo..

Does what we eat affect these babies?? How come I'm told not to drink cold water or else she will catch cold or I shld drink hot water so that her Tommy will be soft, my mother is even blaming me for the constipation because I ate sugarcane on Saturday. .

mama ,try to calm down, she'll poop.Try to take your mind off it and prepare cos its going to be explosive and stinky.
To be a mum...
Family / Re: Simi Is Right Nigeria Men Re Nt Romantic At All by Abiagirl777(f): 4:15pm On Sep 28, 2017
I just don't want headache added to the stress I'm going through right now.
Food / Re: It’s Dangerous To Use Broom To Mash ‘ewedu,’ Gastroenterologist Warns by Abiagirl777(f): 9:00pm On Sep 27, 2017
Tell that to our western bros

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Health / Re: NEW BORN BABIES! Are U A New Mum? Then Lets Discuss Babies Here!!!!! by Abiagirl777(f): 6:50pm On Sep 27, 2017
Good evening great mothers! I'm excited to finally join this thread officially as a mum. Its an awesome yet humbling feeling.
Trust our babies and families are doing great?
Everything is OK with my son ,God help me with Ebf,Amen. Meanwhile after delivery,I noticed that the white part of my right eye has a red/blood stain. Did anyone experience this? I showed the doc and he said it will clear on its own,another one said it will leave a scar.
Abeg oo,any experience on this will be appreciated. Thanks mums

Dunno cos my lo had it postpartum which I showed the paed and she said it'll clear.It did before 12 days.so if your doc says so best believe and not worry much.
God help you with Ebf,Amen.lol

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Family / Re: Exclusive Breastfeeding: Challenges, Criticism, Experiences & Temptations by Abiagirl777(f): 6:24pm On Sep 27, 2017
Its beautiful,healthier and stress free plus saves so much money.
I did it for my first son and doing it for my second. we r five mths today and just have one more mth to go.
I'm already dreading how much 6_12 mths formula and milk I'm gonna buy cos I'm stingy and lazy like that.
Phones / Re: Android Phone Spec You Shouldn't Buy In 2018 by Abiagirl777(f): 3:41am On Sep 27, 2017
while at it Op,font forget to drop cash for the phones you listed here.
Family / Re: OCD In The Family by Abiagirl777(f): 5:03pm On Sep 26, 2017
mine has for cleanliness. Its very stressful for me who's moderately clean and is always being nagged.
Unless he travelled,my husband sweeps and mops the house every f...king day before leaving for work and we all get to tiptoe around like aliens.last mth he emptied a new coconut oil I bought to polish our parlour leather chairs when I thought he cooked coconut rice...
Did I tell you we have 8 mop sticks of which 2 is in our person al bathroom.


Family / Re: Hmm! Naming Ceremony In Nigeria by Abiagirl777(f): 2:19pm On Sep 25, 2017

very appealing to the mind but difficult not to do the celebration in this our society

It isnt difficult anything.you don't conform to society to your own detriment.If you don't want to do it,take ur newborn to the pastor or invite him over and let him pray.Shikena.
I'm Igbo an I name my children as soon as they pop out,nobody will come and talk nonsense in my ears.
Even our pastor(Opm) has warned us several to stop burdening ourselves with these stuffs. bring ur child for dedication no other string attached.
Family / Re: How Often Should A Wife Call Her Mother? by Abiagirl777(f): 2:13pm On Sep 25, 2017
It only means she's confiding in her.If you've not been engaging in meaningful comm. with her,she'll find someone to talk to,thank God it's even her mum not social media/friends.Nature abhors vacuum

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Family / Re: I Am Confused! by Abiagirl777(f): 2:09pm On Sep 25, 2017

This one act i dislike with great passion - watching #nollywood
seems you had your mind already made up before coming to ask questions.
Food / Re: What Is The English Name For This Fruit? by Abiagirl777(f): 5:48am On Sep 25, 2017
It is native to Abia state and has the yellow and white varieties.
the pods could contain seeds ranging from one to six very sweet something.
we have its tree but don't know the English name.
I'm even happy it doesn't have it cos its not everything oyiboman will claim.
The name is Ochicha like when you want to call achicha for bread(replacing the a with o)and so shall it remain!


Celebrities / Re: P'square's Split - - The Cause And The Aftermath. (exclusive Photos) by Abiagirl777(f): 5:42am On Sep 25, 2017
not one f...k is coming from me
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by Abiagirl777(f): 5:50pm On Sep 05, 2017
Thanks to all mama for ur encouragement and kind words.
I never knw pepper soup with uda and oziza induced labor, oh how I wish I knew! embarassed
Nevertheless it's well, God is still faithful.

Cc: all Mamas

you'll come back soon.
Uda is very power ful contraceptive.After I got tired of the nurse chooking hand inside my uterus to clear its contents post childbirth,the midwife told her to let me be.later she brought uda water,under 20 mins the kind blood that came out of my body.In 8-9 days my lochia had stopped.


Politics / Re: MSMEs: Federal Government Launches One-Stop Shop In Plateau, Seven Others Soon by Abiagirl777(f): 11:00am On Sep 05, 2017
Politics / Re: MSMEs: Federal Government Launches One-Stop Shop In Plateau, Seven Others Soon by Abiagirl777(f): 11:00am On Sep 05, 2017
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How To Get A Job In Australia From Nigeria As A Graduate by Abiagirl777(f): 10:37am On Sep 05, 2017
Guys pls help me..... I've been using the toilet since yesterday's midnight..... I don't have appetite but anytime I take water, I run to toilet immediately....I just came back from the toilet and if my counting is accurate, that's number 15 or thereabouts... I already used drugs but not helping

pls while you are looking for a soon,get ORS its #50 a satchet and mix with one litre of water(the upper part where the big Eva bottle wrap stops is 1L),it'll be your only water for today to rehydrate your body cos yyou are obviously loosing your body water.kpele.
Politics / Re: MC Tagwaye Visits President Buhari In Daura For Sallah (Photos) by Abiagirl777(f): 1:18pm On Sep 04, 2017
Abooki wey dey bleach
He is Igbo but bred in the north. Chukwunenye or something like that

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