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Celebrities / Re: PHOTOS: Davido Meets With Oyo State Governor, Seyi Amakinde by adeboizy11(m): 11:50am On Mar 22
The governor's prick is small grin

E go tear your yansh deep

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Literature / Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by adeboizy11(m): 10:25pm On Mar 17
Time have not reach for update koi[qquote author=Culin post=87179339] Chapter Eleven - One last time

“Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering.”

― Paulo Coelho

Song- 'Lie to me' by 5 Seconds of Summer


I curled up on the bed as I dabbed my wet eyes for what seemed to be the 100th time since last night, I threw the tissue on the small heap of used ones on the ground. My head replayed our last conversation over and over again.

I want Annabelle, you're only here for my child.

I loved you once.

Though I'd known the situation of things for a while, my heart wasn't ready when he finally accepted the truth- to my face.

Clutching my chest from the pain that squeezed my heart, I tapped it at intervals to comfort myself.

I had to be strong for me.

Stifling the next round of cry, I glanced at my phone and sighed; three A.M. The night felt excruciatingly long. The thoughts of being in his house for three or more hours, unbearable. I tried to distract myself with the explore page of my Instagram and replying pending WhatsApp messages but, none of them worked.

Maybe a warm bath would help me catch three hours of sleep before he drops me off. I thought out loud before sliding out of the soft bed.

I dragged myself to the bathroom and ran a bath, while I waited for the tub to fill up, I gripped the sky-blue ceramic wash basin and stared hard at my reflection in the mirror. Dark circles and puffed lids now surrounded my sunken eyes, I had to do something about them or I'd end up looking like a character from a horror movie by morning.

I lazily stripped and stepped into the tub, sitting comfortably on the anti-slip mat and wedging myself with some towels. The feel of warm scented water swallowing up my body felt like haven. I laid my head on the head pad and hoped the water would wash away my fatigue and pain.


My eyes fluttered open to hands roughly tugging at my shoulders.

"Jesus, Enitan! You scared the hell out of me."

I tried to sit up but my movement was slowed by water around me. It was then I realized, I'd fallen asleep in the tub. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the figure crouching before me.


"Oh my God!" I scrambled for the towel on the ring above my head. "What are you doing in here?" I asked, my intended scream coming off as weak.

"You weren't answering the door, so I Iet myself in. I freaked out when I saw the bathroom door open and you laying still."

"I'm ok. I just slept off while having a bath," I replied, not hiding the anger in my voice.

He rubbed his temple and grimaced. "Why do you always put yourself in dangerous situations?"

"Stop yelling! I didn't mean to sleep off. What do you want?"

His eyes lingered over my body and he gulped. I lowered my gaze, hoping he'd stand up from crouching so close to me.

"Well It's eight already and I'm hungry." My skin burned under his gaze and I stupidly deepened the towel into the water to cover myself. "We're having breakfast at ‘Mees cafe’."

"We? I'm not hungry. I just want to go home."

"So you can starve my kid? Get dressed, you're going to eat. I'll be waiting outside." He stood straight, then walked out of the bathroom without looking back.

I walked downstairs wearing a knee-length peach gown with a pair of Birkenstock slippers. I looked around the living room and dinning area, silently saying my last goodbye to the apartment.

Shielding my eyes from the bright rays of sunlight that hit my face when I opened the front door, I found him in the driveway propped against the front bumper of his car.

"I'm set," I said.

His eyes leisurely travelled from my head to just below my hips, as if recalling the events of minutes ago. I tore my eyes away, embarrassed. Obviously I was the only one still affected. He didn't act awkward like anything had happened, instead he looked bolder.

"You're so beautiful," he said. His husky voice sending shivers to my spine, I mentally slapped away any stupidity that was about to control me.

Did he expect me to say 'thank you'? After the unbelievable things he said to me last night?

I frowned and turned my face away, distracting myself with the view of a young couple on the balcony next door, watching their kids play on the swing.

Soon I'll have mine running around too. For the first time, my heart swelled with motherly love for my baby. I'd focused so much on the negatives, I failed to appreciate the joy he or she would bring to my life.

Watching the kids enjoy their Saturday morning and their parents fawn over them, I made up my mind to enjoy this period of my life too. Nothing and no one would take away of the joy of motherhood, not even the reminder of being a single mother.

My hands impulsively caressed my flat belly, smiling at the thought of growing a bump soon.

I jerked out of my thoughts when I felt his hands on my belly too, I didn't realise he had moved from the car and was now standing inches from me.

"She's going to be a pretty little one," he whispered. "Like her Momma."[/quote]
Politics / Re: Salihu Yakasai: No Government Can Condone Sanusi’s Criticisms – Ganduje’s Aide by adeboizy11(m): 3:37pm On Mar 10
You mean Gandollar the great friend of Thiefnubu and Buhathief?

First of all let's get one thing straight...

Gandoje is a thief, a kleptomaniac, an unfortunate tout who (due to the none sense in Nigeria politics) found himself in power, who happens to be a friend of tinubu and buhari.

Now to the topic , sanusi deserve the shiiit karma is dishing him.
Literature / Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by adeboizy11(m): 3:08pm On Mar 04
Sambisa is a brutal option na, I won't ever be able to read your lovely writes again ni yen. Biko drop the long writes already. Evening don almost reach. Let me send my number abi mail so that you'll just be dumping the many ones you write but we don't get to see in there. I'll gladly read them.


Lol calm down or I dump you in Sambisa grin. So here's why I don't drop so many updates in week.

I'm a panster, meaning I write as the story develops in my head. I'm not hoarding updates, well because I don't have drafts stuffed somewhere in my files. I edit and post immediately after writing.

In between working 14hrs everyday and schooling, I still try to write a chapter per week. I know it doesn't look like much but please bear with me. Plus what may take you five minutes to read may take me four days to write, in the end it may turn out trash and I have to delete the whole draft and start all over. So these are the issues. Sorry for the few writes, I'll cool your temper with a long chapter today. Updates later in the evening.

Sports / Re: Paul Akpan Udoh Contracts Coronavirus - First Footballer To Be Infected by adeboizy11(m): 10:54pm On Feb 28
O ye people, go and buy chloroquin and thank me later. I'm so going to buy that shit called chloroquin right now. Overdose level
Literature / Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by adeboizy11(m): 1:34pm On Feb 27
Gurl give me some more, next chapter(s)
I can't wait for so long to get only these few writes na. Babe you suppose 'kelt' our moods na not raise our heartbeats with a few writes. Do you need my number to send the next writes on whatsapp?

Chapter Ten - Bad Idea

“Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost.”

― Kahlil Gibran

Song― Best part of Me. By Ed Sheeran [ft YEBBA]


I paced the semi-soundproof room with hands in my pocket. While six other men sat and watched the activity behind the transparent glass barrier with fascination, I worried about a woman. Having her in my home was a bad idea. I could barely restrain myself around her, how did I plan to handle her staying over or even, keep her hidden without 'the devil getting word?

I supressed all thoughts of her to focus on the last phase of our work. At four P.M, we rounded up the secure glass test.

I removed the noise cancelling earmuffs and shook hands with the Asian clients who smiled ear to ear. The 32mm glass with a silver finish, withstood two hours of bullets before it flexed, breaking the record of the best glass in the market. They'd return by Monday to seal the deal, one that would see ‘Foxtrap’ produce and supply the glass for the new 40 stories hotel in Abuja.

My best friend Patrick, also the engineer in charge of the project shook one of the happy clients then walked to me with a wide grin and hugged me, patting my back heavily.

"We did it man!"

"All thanks to you, brother!"

"You can say that again." He gave a loud belly laugh, grabbed my arms in an elbow handshake and hugged me again. His excitement knew no bounds, a year and half of research paid off.

We chatted with the team for a while, then about four of us drove in our separate cars to have a late lunch at the restaurant down the street.

We talked over a meal of Jellof rice and fish grill. Patrick had never been a fan of Annabelle but, with the presence of two other company executives, I refrained from talking about Enitan's pregnancy or her being at my house. Some other time, when we're done with pressing business and alone. Fatigued and anxious to see Enitan, I turned down their offer to stay out for more drinks. I bade them goodnight and drove home.

At nine P.M, I parked inside the garage of my apartment. I stayed back in the car to take a breather and plan every topic of discussion. As I alighted, I heard loud music coming from the next house, my silly neighbour was having one of those wild Friday home parties that usually ended in someone getting arrested.

I made it upstairs, half jogging. Walking straight to my room, I was a tad bit disappointed I didn't find her inside.

I freshened up, then changed into a pair of brown cargo shorts and grey t-shirt. I sat on my bed and went through my messages, there were a few as many people didn't have access to my new number. One of the messages from a new number caught my attention.

13:24 Hey Sugar, I hate what you're doing. You won't even reply my mails. I had to promise your sister the entire galaxy before she gave me your new number.

13:25 And oh, try to get in touch with the wedding planner, she'd go crazy if she doesn't know what color of tie you'll be wearing.

18:00 Shouldn't you be done with work by now? Why are you not texting back?

19:30 Our wedding is just by the corner and you won't even talk to me. sad

20:00 By God, if you don't reply my messages, I'll drive down to your house and make you talk to me.

The hell! Not with Enitan here. So I replied her.

Annabelle, we really need to talk, but I'll let you know when. Feel free to take care of all wedding preparations. Goodnight. 21:25

I switched off my phone immediately and gulped down the bottle of water on the coffee table, slipped on my Nike slides and walked out of the room.

I followed the sound of the TV and knocked on the door closest to the staircase. After a while she opened up, my eyes immediately fell to the oversized blue T-shirt that left the lower parts of her thighs exposed. I raised my eyes to avoid being caught staring, they were met by her cold eyes.

"Hey," I said.

"Hi," she replied, curtly. Her eyes colder than earlier in the morning. Her look, deadly.

"May I?" I pointed to the room.

She moved aside, pushing the door wider. I walked in and sat on the bed, she turned to me and laid back on the door, arms folded across her chest, her face void of any emotions.

"So how's your day? Not so boring I hope?"

My attempt to break the ice failed, she pushed her back from the door, walked to the TV and switched it off. "You wanted us to talk."

"Looks like someone's in a mood." I smiled. But she glowered in return.

I stood up from the bed, hands in the pockets of my shorts. I walked slowly to her and stopped a few inches from the large TV. I stayed far enough to help me keep my composure but I still notice the curves on her chest heave in anger.

"Yes, I want us to talk. But not with this hostility between us."

"What do you expect? A handshake? A hug? Look around you Nathan. There's nothing relaxing about this situation. My life is ruined, while yours continues to be life of the party!"

"You think so? You have no idea how this has turned my life upside down!"

The room turned awkwardly silent. She walked to the armchair by the bed and sat with both hands on her thighs.

"You came after me this morning. Dragged me halfway across town. Just to tell me I ruined your life too? What am I even doing here Nathan? I could have spared your life from the mess and let you have your fairy-tale end with her."

"It's messed up. But I don't want to loose a part of me. Especially when it's with you. I want this baby."

And you. I almost said, but knew better. I couldn't ruin her any further by giving her false hopes or making promises I couldn't keep.

"Fine -It's fine."


I paced the room. It was too late to retract my words now, and pointless to try to convince her I meant differently.

"It's ok. I already called Jameel to pick me up by morning. I'll be gone and your life will go back to normal."

“Jameel" after a second, it registered in my brain. "Are you crazy?" I asked, not realizing I was now standing in front of her.


"Are you on cheap drugs Enitan? Calling that man you've know for barely what? A month― to come pick you up from my house?" My hands flew everywhere, making gestures that words could not speak.

"First, you no longer have the right to judge who I let into my life. Secondly, I've known him longer than I've known you. He's not just any man. He is the man who helped me through the most difficult time in my life, while you were here having the time of your life with the woman you claimed not to want!" She pointed at me, fuming.


She scoffed "You know what?" She waved her hands. "That's none of my business."

She made to stand up from the sofa but I bent on one knee, my hands gently holding her shoulders in place.

"If you're talking about it now, it means you care and that makes it your business."

"Let's not waste our energy talking about your private life."

I held my forehead, not knowing where to start. "Why would you even think I left you in that state just to have fun with her? I worried about you all through. I swear I had a good reason for not showing up. One I hope you'd understand someday."

"If your 'good reason' is why her lingerie and personal items are scattered all over your closet, don't bother. I understand already."

Damn it! I groaned and punched the air. I knew it had to be that.

Whatever dirty intentions Annabelle had when she 'forgot' her essentials, she'd succeeded. I'd wanted to instruct Maureen, the housekeeper to get rid of them, but I knew they'd cost a fortune and hated the drama that would follow. So I gave her the chance to come pick them up herself. Damn that decision.

"Look, she spent a weekend here alright, but that was just it."

"And you expect me to believe that? It doesn't even matter, she's your wife-to-be, she has every right to you and your house. I just need you to accept that you're an asshole. Accept that you want her. Stop pretending you feel guilty or sorry for me, stop acting like you care about me!"

I literally felt my rip apart. The fact that she no longer believed or trusted me― that she would even imagine that I didn't care. My Enitan, I felt miserable. The thought that she would never look at me the same way drove me to the bridge of insanity. I'd lost her, this time, it was clear. So I conceded defeat.

"Fine. I'm an asshole and I want Annabelle, the only reason you're here is for my child. Happy now?"

She nodded, a flicker of sadness appeared in her eyes but it disappeared as fast as it came.

She covered her face with both palms. "I see," she mumbled.

"Now that that's out of the way, you should know; I'm not letting you hang around that man― or any other one, not with my baby inside of you!"

"You don't own me!" She yelled.

"That's where you're wrong young lady.
When you deliver my child, you can hang out with whoever you want. But until then, you're mine. I won't let you jeopardize the health of my baby."

"I hate you." She sobbed.

"Well, it's a good thing only our child connects us then. Not emotions. So, your likeness for me is not needed― or wanted.

Just maybe if I convinced myself hard enough, it would hurt less that she'd never have a likeness for me, even if I needed or wanted it.

"Damn this hormones," she sniffed. Cleaning her wet face with the back of her hands.

It broke me to see her hurt. I did the exact thing I swore never to do― hurt her. But what else could I have done, she saw me as the devil, it would be futile to tell her otherwise. Even if I did, the wedding would go on as planned and she'd hurt and hate me all over again.

"Now that you've made it clear you can't stand me, I'll drop you off by morning. My lawyer will contact you next week with the terms of our arrangement, child custody, support and all."

"Child custody? That shouldn't even be up for discussion!"

"Think again, twelve hours ago, you didn't even want my baby. Imagine what a judge would think of that."

"No. You wouldn't do that to me,," she whispered. Her head bobbled uncontrollably from side to side, her hands just held her chest.

"Be rest assured I'll do my part to make this a smooth and nice arrangement." I smiled. "Even if it means driving you myself to your doctor's appointments. I'll do anything for my child. Good night Enitan."

I walked to the door and grabbed the handle, but her small voice made me freeze before I could pull it.


I released my hold on the door handle and turned back to look at her, surprised she still wanted to talk to me.


"Did you ever love me?" She asked, softly, an inch farther and I'd have missed her question.

I did. I still do. More than life itself.

"Once." I replied.

She nodded and bit her lips. "I see. Goodnight."
Literature / Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by adeboizy11(m): 7:59am On Feb 27
GdGd boo.
The next chapter nko? Biko, post na.


Thanks so much darl. Everything is fine now and I'm back!
Literature / Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by adeboizy11(m): 11:56pm On Feb 13
I'm so sorry for all you've been through boo. Just be strong and know that you're not alone and above all, God got you. Plenty love from this side.
[1quote author=Culin post=86627732]

I'm sorry. I'll try to post tomorrow. I have a family emergency that's making my family travel hospitals in different states.

Also my online friend and editor, Lookman Leneon died a week ago and I had no idea. I found out yesterday in our book club's whatsapp group. I was mad at him for not replying my mails and Wattpad messages, for not editing my work and sending it back. Not knowing he was lying cold in a mortuary. It's been a rough week and I'm mentally tired.

I saw this message yesterday but was in no frame of mind to reply.

Thanks for your patience.[/quote]

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Literature / Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by adeboizy11(m): 1:56pm On Feb 12
Mace mai kyau� ki zo where is the update nauh. You promised Sunday and today is Wednesday. Don't start behaving like Nigerian politicians that will promise heaven and after making you long and wait till like eternity, they will give you something close to hell.


Girl! Nathan is a case. Believe me when I say, I honestly don't know about the nightie too But we'll find out in the next update I guess.

Uwc. Thanks Ann for your steady support. smiley

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Family / Re: It Took Some Time For Our Wives To Idenify Us 90-Year-Old Identical Twins (Pics) by adeboizy11(m): 8:59pm On Feb 09
Emeritus Professor Taiwo Olowokure. Ijaya gbogbo accounting department of Joseph Aye Babalola Uni. I remember when baba (Teacher Oko as prof Fajana used to call him) said in a class, while I walked past then in school... I know some of you want me dead and are praying for me to die 'quoted the bible' That 3 scores and a decade is the required years on earth, I am 85years and I'm not scared of death. So if you don't read and write well, you'll fail my course and I'll give you F.
Missed him tho
Ninety-year-old identical twins, Prof Taiwo Olowokure and retired bishop Kehinde Olowokure, talk about their experiences in life with GBENGA ADENIJI and BOLA BAMIGBOLA

when were you born?

Taiwo: I was born a twin on September 10, 1929. My twin brother is a retired bishop of the Akoko Anglican Diocese. We were born in a place called Itorioluwo in Ogun State. We started school in the state at Aberuagba. After completing Standard Three, we left for Ijebu Ijesa in Osun State, where we attended St. Matthew’s Primary School to complete elementary education.

In 1943, I was employed as a pupil teacher at Salvation Army School, Iperu Remo, Ogun State. After some time, I was transferred to Ikorodu and then later to Abeokuta to work with same Salvation Army School. I was in Abeokuta until 1949 when I went to join my brother in Ekiti and continued teaching there. He was at Iye Ekiti, while I was at a town formerly called Iporo but now referred to as Iludun. I was the headteacher there before I left in 1954 for Ibadan (in present-day Oyo State), where I taught at the Salvation Army school, before moving to Ibadan Academy.

From there, I left for the United Kingdom in 1960 to further my studies. I was an external student of the University of London. I completed a degree programme in 1963 and later went to Sheffield University for a master’s programme in 1977. I studied Accounting but it was under the Economics Department. After that, I went to London School of Economics, where I earned a PhD.

But immediately after my first degree, I worked briefly with the Metropolitan Hospital Board. After the master’s programme, I returned there. I later worked at Borough Technical College and from there, I went to Engvid College of Technology. Then it was part of Middlesex Polytechnic.

Later, it became a university. I left the place for the City of London University. Afterwards, I returned to Nigeria where I taught at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, for a year before returning to the UK. When I returned to Nigeria from the UK, I took up an appointment as a lecturer at the University of Maiduguri, Borno State, where I was for 31 years before I retired.

How did you know your age?

After my retirement from the university, I was placed on contract. I was instrumental to the establishment of the Accounting Department of the institution. The department is strong now in the university. From there, I joined the Joseph Ayo Babalola University in 2008. I have been there since then and I plan to leave the institution soon. I think I am old enough to start staying at home.

Kehinde: We were born to Pa Joseph Olowokure in 1929. We lived together at Kajola in Abeokuta. We left the place for Itorioluwo in Abeokuta. We started school at Baptist school and then we were baptised by Reverend Bada. After 1936, our father moved to Itorioluwo and there was no school there but we went to St. John’s Anglican School in Aberuagba up till 1941 that our father died.
This made my twin brother to move ahead of me by a class in the primary school. He was in Standard Three when our father took him to Ijebu Ijesa and he left me at Itorioluwo. In early 1941, he had an arrangement with his friend, Pa D. A. Ayoloye, who was a reverend, that I should be living with him.
My father knew then that I had inclination to be a cleric. But when he died, I still stayed in Itorioluwo till the year ended. I later joined Baba Ayoloye at Osi Ekiti. It was there I did Standard 4, 5 and 6. Pa Ayoloye was also responsible for my education because the death of our father brought a setback to our education. After that, I was employed as a pupil teacher. We started to struggle. I later went to Emmanuel College, Ibadan. Then, I passed GCE; Ordinary and Advanced level examinations and was admitted to study for the Ministry in 1959.
I was there for three years. After I passed the Ministry examinations, I also took a diploma in Theology of the London University. Some of us took the examination and only few passed. I was posted to Ondo Diocese but I didn’t like it because I wanted a change of environment. I had been in the old Ondo area since 1942. But the authorities did not allow me to change. I was later posted to Ifaki Ekiti as the first minister of the Anglican Church in the town, and before the end of the year, I returned to the university.
The diocese sponsored me to study Theology at the University of Ibadan. I did that from October 1962 to 1965. Then I moved to St. John’s College, Owo, Ondo State, as a teacher/chaplain. It was then a teachers’ training institution. Then in 1968, I was given a university scholarship for master’s programme and in 1970, I did that at the University of Ibadan. After some time, I rose to the position of the vice principal of the school.
By the end of August, 1975, I was transferred to Ado Grammar School as principal. I was there for one year when the Bishop of Ondo, Rev E.O. Idowu, invited me to be in charge of the All Saints Church, Ogbokowo, Ondo. I was there for 10 years as a vicar and Archdeacon of Ondo.
Under my supervision, I had 124 churches. In 1986, I was elected as the Bishop of Akoko Diocese. I was there till September 1999, when I retired. My wife used to be my pupil. I taught her in Standard Four and Five in Ekiti. That place wasn’t far from where my brother was. He came all the way from Abeokuta to join us in Ekiti. We got married in 1957. I married before him. He married in January 1958. His wife was a teacher that worked with him.

Did your teachers give you special treatment because you are twins?
Kehinde: Yes, in primary school, I would say I was specially prepared for the ministry because when I was with Pa Ayoloye, we were four staying with him and we were all from Ijebu Ijesa. Anytime he had an opportunity to travel as a missionary, he used to take me along. I could say he specially prepared me for the ministry.
Taiwo: No, during my primary education, I stayed with Kehinde. But we parted ways later on and never attended the same school again. I was never given any special treatment.

Can you recall some of your fond experiences while growing up?
Kehinde: In primary school, I was somehow rascally. One of our teachers when I was in Standard One was a young man. We used to play a lot and I was rude to him one day. The catechist in charge of the church reported me to my father who gave them the permission to punish me. But he didn’t punish me until two months later.

When we were about to close one afternoon, the man came to our class and asked one of our big boys to bring out his belt. I lay on the bench, he then dipped a towel in water and placed it on my buttocks before flogging me. He gave me 12 strokes of the cane and I wept profusely. When I got home, I told my dad but he didn’t say anything at all.
The second instance was while I was in Standard Six. My teacher was a tough man. His name is Mr. Odugbemi. He was from Oke Igbo in Ondo State.
During one of the errands I ran for Baba Ayoloye, the teacher had taught our class. When I returned to class, he asked me some questions and I told him I did not know the answers. I added that I was not around when the lesson was taught. He became angry and gave me six strokes of the came on my left palm. I started crying. He warned me to stop, but I did not.
He then gave me another six strokes of the cane on my right hand. I still did not stop crying. He was furious at my stubbornness. The he gave me another six strokes of the cane on my buttocks. I still refused to stop crying and he started beating me all over my body.
The classroom was a storey building and I ran out of the class and jumped down. I ran to the mission house but Baba Ayoloye was not around. He had travelled to attend a synod in Lagos, but his wife was at home. She sent me back to the school, but I did not go back. I hid somewhere and started to curse the teacher.
When I eventually returned to the class, I thought the teacher would flog me again. But he only said he was happy that ‘mummy’ sent me back to school.
But I have discovered that whatever anyone sows, he will reap. I told you how I was rude to my teacher. When I became a teacher, I had a student who was also rude to me. I wanted to flog her and she ran away. I asked the big boys in the class to go after her. When they brought her back, they thought I would flog her mercilessly, but I didn’t because my mind went to how I misbehaved to my teacher.

Why didn’t you end up being a cleric like your brother?
Taiwo: Originally, I wanted to be a cleric. But when I went for the interview, they told me that my voice was not clear and I was never considered. But from the start, my brother would stand on cassava heaps on the farm to preach. The inclination had been there for him from the beginning. It was something our father wished. He wished that one of us would become a cleric. I believe that informed his decision. When he was about to die, he handed my brother over to his friend through a letter. My father died a fortnight after his friend received the letter from him.
Tell us about your siblings.
Taiwo: Two of our mother’s children are dead. The one that was supposed to be our Idowu died long ago. People see the one that is our Alaba as the Idowu. We sponsored his education. He attended the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and retired as a principal. We also have a female sibling. She is 81 years old now. Our mother had two sets of twins twice. One of the second set of twins died in infancy but Taiwo is alive. We have two siblings.
Kehinde: We have a brother who retired as a principal of a secondary school. At the time our father died, that our younger brother had yet to start school. Our mother was responsible for his education. He attended primary school. After that, he gained admission to a secondary school and we took up the responsibility to train him. What we did not enjoy, we gave him.
I took a loan with a huge interest from a money lender for our sibling’s education. When the money was about to double and I could not pay up, I went to the catechist and he assisted me. I later paid back the money to the church.

How did you meet your wife?
Kehinde: I was the headteacher at Iludun and we needed more teachers. She had just relocated then to Iludun. I did not propose when she was working as my subordinate because I knew it would weaken my powers over her. She was not the only one working with us then. The woman my brother ended up marrying was also among them. When my wife gained admission to St. Benedict College, Owo, I was about leaving Iludun that same year for Ibadan. It was then that I proposed to her.

Are your wives twins too?
Taiwo: Kehinde married a twin. In fact, she is Kehinde too, but my own wife is not a twin.
Do you have twins as children?
Taiwo: No, we don’t have twins as children.

You look much alike. Did your wives ever mistook one for the other?

Kehinde: The day I got married at Ikole, my brother came back to the town. It happened the morning of the following day after the wedding. In the morning, my wife wanted to have a discussion with me. But she mistook my brother for me and she had already commenced discussion with my twin brother and he listened to her.
The discussion was already on when I entered. My wife became confused and we teased her that she did not know her husband few hours after wedding. After that, she checked for something (on our bodies to use) to identify us and tell us apart.
And what was that?
Kehinde: She did not tell me.
Taiwo: There was a time my wife did the same thing. She thought she was talking to me whereas she was talking to my brother. As the discussion went on, my brother began to laugh and then I came in and we all laughed. Our friends used to mistake one for the other. It became easier to tell us apart when he became a cleric because he was always wearing a robe.
Did you pull pranks on girls before you got married based on your identical looks?
Taiwo: No, we didn’t.
Kehinde: No.

Did you ever plan to marry on same day?

Taiwo: No, there was no time we planned to marry on same day.
Was there a time you got punished for an offence committed by your brother?
Taiwo: I don’t have that kind of experience but one that is similar to that was when I was in Abeokuta. Kehinde came to pay me a visit. But he didn’t meet me at home and he waited for me. At the same time, a friend of mine also visited me. Maybe Kehinde didn’t greet him the way he expected and he felt uneasy and taught it was me he saw that day.

How do people react when they see you two together?

Kehinde: They always marvel at our resemblance. They wonder what kind of people we are, especially whenever we are together and putting on similar attire and doing things together. They admire us for that.
Did you know you would live this long?
Taiwo: Let me confess to you, I never knew I would live up to this age. I accept it as God’s grace and nothing else. When we turned 70, I did not think we would get to 80 years, and now that we have celebrated 90, we do not know if we will turn 100. Only God can decide that. But all through our journey, we have been blessed with good health.

How do you relax?

Taiwo: I don’t relax. Most of the time, I am reading books, doing my necessary teaching assignments. My wife used to complain a lot that I wasn’t spending quality time with her.
If you ask her, she will tell you that she is not the first wife. She says my books are my first wife, while she is the second wife.
But my brother is a man of the town and since his retirement and upon returning home, people have always been calling him for one thing or the other and he responds. He sits outside the house with the grandchildren and plays with them.

Tell us about your children?

Taiwo: I have five of children but unfortunately I lost one of them last year. He was a popular lawyer. My eldest son works with the World Health Organisation in Geneva, Switzerland. My eldest daughter is in the US with her husband. She is a nurse. My other daughter is in London; she is a lawyer. My last son is a doctor in the US.
My brother has three children; all females. The eldest child is a senior pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God in the UK. The second child is an educationist. She is based in Abuja and the last child lives in the United States with her husband. She studied Library Science at the University of Maiduguri. She lived with me then in Maiduguri.

How often do you disagree?

Kehinde: Never. There has never been anything like that. We have never disagreed, even for a day.
Do you live in the same place?
Taiwo: We stayed under the same roof when we were born till we parted ways. Now, his house is not far from mine. We live in the same compound. If you come to my house and you don’t find me there, I will be at his house. The same thing goes for him. We are always together despite having our different houses. We wear the same type of clothes when he is not officiating. There are times it happens coincidentally but occasionally, we reach out to each other before choosing what to wear.

Do you have any regrets?

Taiwo: I always thank God for what I have. I have no regrets.
How often do you go to hospital?
Taiwo: Not frequently but now that I am old, I go more often than before. I had operation twice. My brother also did the same thing at almost the same time. It was an operation carried out on my left ear. They told us that the chicken pox we had while growing up affected our ears. When I started having problems with my left ear, I did not tell my brother. I was going for an operation in Lagos. Then one strange thing happened. While the operation was ongoing, my brother’s left ear started bleeding at Ikole.
At the time I was told what happened to him, I was still in Lagos. We quickly arranged for him to be brought to Lagos for the same type of operation.

Do you exchange gifts?

Kehinde: Yes, we do occasionally. When we are celebrating something, we exchange gifts. More often, what we gift ourselves is money.
How would you describe your brother?
Taiwo: Kehinde is a gentleman of God and a devoted family man. He lost his wife last September, while I lost my son earlier in the same year, precisely in March 2019. The wound of that sad event had not healed when he lost his wife.

Kehinde: Taiwo is a gentleman and a man of principles. He is a man of his word. He is kind, religious and generous. He is also a disciplinarian and a good family man.

What is your favourite food?

Kehinde: I love pounded yam with any soup. But I love it more when it is served with vegetable or egusi soup. For Prof (Taiwo), he does not like pounded yam anymore. There was a time he preferred rice, but now I don’t know the food he likes.


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Literature / Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by adeboizy11(m): 12:26am On Feb 07
Legit I'm not joking. I've been lowkey reading all these while even my conscience had started judging me for not just giving a shout out that you deserve.

I legiiiit smiled when I saw this. Thank you, thank you, thank you! With this comment I may end up updating on sunday. tongue
Literature / Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by adeboizy11(m): 6:14pm On Feb 06
You have no equal at all. I believe say na from birth, no be say you learn am. I'm already a big fan of you my lady������
Looking forward to the remaining chapters. Please you can copy and paste to my whatsapp ooo I can't wait again to read more of your write ups. Keep shining gurl, just shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine

For those who may be wondering. Any text in italics (like the text above) represent thoughts. Whenever you see that, it means a character is thinking.

CHAPTER NINE - The Lies You tell

"The love we give away is the only love we keep." - Elbert Hubbard

Song 'Wait' - By Maroon 5


Seated in the dimly lit room next to the medicine store, I watched as the man who introduced himself as the doctor arranged some tools with an impassive look. My hands trembled as he handed me the worn-out plastic gown and entered an adjoining room I assumed was the theatre.

I stood up to change into the gown, but my legs sank back into the wooden chair - like they weighed a metric tonne. My stomach churned, and I struggled not to puke on the cement floor.

Dear God, please give me a sign if you want me to keep this child.
Had the situation been a funny one, I'd have laughed at the ludicrous prayer.

I was drawn to the pattering of footsteps as the front door slid open.


Nathan? How?

Adrenaline surging within me, I walked to the conjoining door and, before I could confirm his identity, he pulled in a hug and I buried myself further.

Oh God. You sent me a sign.

"Babe! Please tell me you haven't-" He didn't finish before I bobbled my head, too weak to speak.

Minutes after I settled in his car, I felt less nauseous, relaxed. But every statement and question of his got me riled.
I needed to get out, somewhere far away from him. But he had his own plans, refusing to let me out.

Calm down and breathe. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale - Argh! I hate you Nathan.

'His house'? The nerve!

I'd only look stupid if I yelled over the deafening blast of Burna boy's 'On the low' playing from his car's sound system. So I cursed and grumbled in my head.

We left the bustling suburb behind. As we drove into the quiet estate of white flat-roofed duplexes, separated by short fences and black slatted steel gates, he parked in front of his apartment, unbuckled the seatbelt and turned to me.

"So," he said, shifting in his seat.


He opened the door and dropped a foot out. "Are you coming along?"

Coming along? I never wanted to come here in the first place!

I folded my arms across my chest, making no attempt to exit the car. He withdrew his stretched foot into the car, cupped my jaw with his large hands, tilted my head and adjusted my gaze towards his hypnotic eyes.

Not today Nathan, don't look at me that way.

I turned away, but he held it again. This time, gently while his thumb stroked my cheek, spreading warmth to my face.

"I'm sorry, I had to bring you here. I just want us to talk and take care of this together."

I gave a throaty laugh. "Now you want to 'talk and take care of it together'? What happened to 'this is more complicated than you can understand'?" My fingers threw air quotes.

"A baby is now involved! Look, Eni- can we at least go in and get you settled in first? I have some important business to handle at 'FoxTrap'. I promise we'll talk about this when I get back."

I became agitated. Why should he mess with my emotions? He got engaged to another woman, abandoned me in the hospital only to show up three weeks later, asking for a chance. Then disappeared to start his marriage rights the following week. Now he had me sitting in front of his driveway against my will, talking about going to work when he planned to keep me away from mine.

"What do you want from me Nathan? What?" I asked, in a whisper.


He leaned towards me, but I recoiled, instinctively. That didn't stop him from drawing closer, though. Watching his face close to mine, his lips now inches away from my eyes, I heard his slow-paced breath. Could he hear mine too? It would be embarrassing if he knew my chest thumped - that he still had a hold on me after all I'd suffered. I held my breath, struggled not to visibly inhale the sweet rose fragrance of his cologne.

What is wrong with me? Hanging out with him for long always turned out a bad idea. He should have dropped me off hours ago when I was in a state of shock. Now, I couldn't stop noticing his beautiful form. I just needed to focus on the chaos my life had become. He was the cause of my problems, he put me in this mess.

"-For now all I want is for you to go inside, have a warm bath and a good rest until I return." The door to my side suddenly pushed open, my seatbelt unhooked. He smiled and moved back, adjusted his shirt sleeves and alighted the car. I released a deep breath. A second extra, I'd have needed a defibrillator.

"Asshole," I muttered. Good-looking asshole.

I alighted the car and matched his steps. Cool air and the familiar scent of lavender hit me the moment I stepped into the house. Memories flooded my mind, shattering my heart.

Standing in the living room, I felt unwelcomed, a complete stranger, even though nearly all my weekends and holidays were spent here. I paused to admire the way the brightly lit chandelier illuminated the large lilac walls and grey drapes, like I'd never seen the beautiful sight before.

"Come." He held my hand and led me upstairs. I followed him like a puppet. "You know, I never unpacked your clothes from the closet. Maureen had them all wrapped up in plastic garment bags," he said, when we arrived the lounge upstairs.

Why did the discovery that he kept my wears excite me?

"But if they don't fit, you can use my shirts and sweatpants for now-"

I tilted my head and gave him a quizzical look. "Are you calling me fat?"

"What!" He paused, looking confused. Then he raised his hands. "No, no," he stuttered, "I mean- just in case of baby weight-" he laughed nervously, an act which earned him a harder stare.

Merely two months gone, he called me fat!

"Does it even matter? To me, you'll always be beautiful and perfect, even if you do become fat," he said, raising my chin to meet his gaze.

Almost swooning, I reminded myself of reality. He only brought me here because I carried his child. I needed to focus on my life which was a disaster. I'd always dreamt of a perfect life - a good job, a loving husband who'd pamper me throughout my pregnancies. One who'd be the best father to my kids. But here I was, way off course. A potential babymama, discussing weight gain with my soon-to-be married ex and babydaddy.

"Yeah, it doesn't matter. What do I care anyway?" I replied, dejected.

"Ok. I'll see you in a few hours. Food will be delivered to you in a short while." He rushed down the stairs, after which I sank into the plum furniture.

Oh no! Which room did he intend for me to stay? He ran off before I asked the awkward question. I laughed at the idea of sharing the master bedroom with him.

He would be getting married in four weeks. Take your clothes from his room and find your way to where babymamas belong.

I walked into his room, my bare feet enjoying the feel of the lush rug. My eyes wandered towards the large platform bed covered in grey sheets and duvet. My eyes turned away, burnt by images and memories best forgotten. I ran to the walk-in closet, searched some compartment till I found my clothes, packed a few and made to leave.

But something elsewhere drew my attention. Unthinkingly, I walked towards it.

A pair of lingerie that weren't mine hung loosely from one of the compartments of the closet. I gently lifted the clothes on the shelf, gowns, shirts and thongs came into view. My eyes lazily moved to nearby compartments, where a strawberry perfume, makeup pouch and other feminine items sat. I knew, without a doubt, they belonged to Annabelle, his wife-to-be.


He claimed he would be marrying her against his will, yet he had her sleeping over at his place, when all the while, I laid in agony on the bed of the hospital.

You're just the babymama, focus on yourself and your baby. Not his kind gestures.

I walked out of the room without a second glance, towards the farthest guest room. We'll have the talk he so wanted whenever he returned. Then, I'd get my life back together and move on just the way he had moved on.
Romance / Re: About To Lose A Good Girl. Please Help! by adeboizy11(m): 11:17am On Jan 29
Tell your babe. If she forgives fine, if she doesn't, call your intending baby mama, beg for her forgiveness and arty her. It's a win/win situation. She fine, una brap many times belle entered that's a sign God wants you both.
Don't go and be believing your gf is a good gurl, I was in a similar situation(didnt get any other girl pregnant o) she was fucking another guy too yet we were preparing to get married by April last year in fact 5years relationship with a supposed good gurl with all your explanations. She bleeped up and her family still supported her. Irrespective of their likeness and support for me.

About To Lose A Good Girl. Please Help!

This might turn out to be a lengthy read, please bear with me. The bashing and insults will be unnecessary as i have already told myself hurtful things a thousand times over.

So i am 29 and have a girlfriend who’s 25 we are both graduates; she’s a nurse and i am a practicing engineer and we’ve been dating for 3+ years now and preparations are underway to tie the knot this year God willing. Something happened last year, she suggested i move to a bigger apartment so that we can start buying household items and everything necessary to start a home as we are looking to get married soon which we did; i got a bigger place, met her parents she met mine. In a nutshell everything seems to be going well, we even started a business together and set to take on the future together before the devil struck (i take blames for my actions as i am not overly religious)

Around June last year, i met a girl (very fine girl) in the new area i moved to, although i have been seeing the girl around but one day as i was driving in i saw her hiding somewhere close to my compound avoiding the rain with her friends so i took them in until the rain subsided we exchanged contacts and started texting on WhatsApp a few days later. And soon after we started having sex (protected sex), prior to that time i never cheated on my girlfriend.

The sex continued, up to 2 times a week sometimes 3 as it was relatively easy as she lived very close and my girlfriend only visits on the weekend and never sleeps out (she’s from a very good and wealthy family with proper moral upbringing). Most evenings when return from work conji just do me one kind i don cross street other times she calls until we became comfortable having unprotected sex

So late October 2019, the new girl (I’ll call her Lola) texted me that’s she’s not feeling too well and i asked her to visit the hospital to run a test to know what to treat. She came back with a pregnancy test result proving she’s already 3 weeks pregnant, i was sure it was mine but i didn’t panic as she had a bf and i have my gf we were just for the sex at least that’s what we told each other.

So i asked her to remove the pregnancy, but got the shocker when she said she’s never going to remove the pregnancy that she’s 27 and have no desire to marry me or stay with me but she’s going to have the child. Omo my heart flipped. I begged her for like 3 weeks until she got mad and stopped taking my calls, she even moved away from her apartment. So i texted her and arranged a meeting, we sat down and discussed at length but she was still bent on keeping it, i got furious and told her i am not ready to be part of the child’s life if she’s going through with it as i see no reason why she wants to have my child when she knows we are NEVER going to be together, that was when she said she had already told her family that i am not interested in the child and they support her to keep it and let the child bear their family name. I discussed the matter with two friends a boy and a girl and the asked me to let her have the child first.

One month passed fast forward to early December, Lola called 6 times i was so shocked. I couldn’t take her calls. She texted that she’s ready to terminate the pregnancy since i am wicked and unconcerned she rained all manner of derogatory words but i was only concern with her decision to let go. I called and we agreed to meet the following day, I skipped work that day and met with her and her elder sister and elder sister’s friend. The sister and her friend were so mean but i was unmoved; i don already fuckup and ready to take anything to let it all go away because the knowledge of things will destroy my girlfriend.

So Lola entered my vehicle and we drove out, on our way to the hospital for her to terminate the pregnancy plus treatment she’ll take afterwards and for the damages i have caused her. She’s going to need 150k from me, i was furious and told her i don’t have that kind of money talk less of handing it over to her for something like this (i sure don’t know what i cost but i know it’s not up to 50k). She said if i don’t give her what she want she’s going to have the baby and that i should be thankful that she’s coming up with this that if she had listen to her friends advices she would have moved to my house with all sort of troubles (she was right) but i didn’t give in just yet. I dropped her off and ask her to have the child that am not going to give her the money as i don’t have it (I get the money sha).

So two days passed, she called again and after many arguments we agreed at 100k, made her to sign a NDA not to bother me again and all, I transferred her the 100k that night, she confirmed receipt and promised to go with it the following morning and that was the last I have heard or seen or her since then, until 3 weeks ago when another of her sister called from Canada and was asking if i am Me, that she’s been seeking my contact for a while now that Lola friend had to steal the number Lola’s phone and pass it to her as Lola has been hiding my phone number from the rest of the family and she doesn’t know the arrangement i have had with her but i should know that she’s having the child, she just thought i should know that i have a child somewhere when the baby eventually drops.

Knowing fully well that i am a shitty person to have done something terrible to myself and my girlfriend and all our future plans because of cheap sex, but I’ll be a more terribly bad person to have knowledge of a child somewhere and not be in his/her life. I called Lola but she didn’t take i texted her about her sisters call she called back to know who called and was furious, she ended the call (I guess to call her sister back) and called back again in about 20mins and asked me not to ever call her line again. I replied her text she should tell her family not call me as well. I have dodged to her apartment building a coupe times but she’s not been around for weeks as i was made to believe.

So i bought a ring to engage my girl few weeks ago but had to hold first to see how things play out, i can’t go ahead and marry my girlfriend with this kind of secret untold; that will be wickedness from the pit of hell and i still don’t know how to break it to her, it will destroy her.

I jokingly painted a similar scenery to my girlfriend; her response was: she will not marry me because if she does she will kill me in my sleep. That everybody is expecting us to get married this year, she now have high respect from her family because of me and this kind of thing happens both of us will die. Omo fear catch me.

Fellow Nairalanders, this is my predicament please advice a stupid brother. Insults are welcome as I hope to pick a thing or two from your comments. MODs please push this up biko.
Politics / Re: ****this Piece Is From A Former Governor... Must Read by adeboizy11(m): 8:42pm On Jan 17
Wow in Nigeria. Ok
Education / Re: Umaru Shehu, Biography Of First Professor Emeritus In Northern Nigeria (photos) by adeboizy11(m): 11:27pm On Jul 05, 2019
Professor T.O Olowokure

mention names

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Sports / Re: Super Eagles Coach Vouch To Make Changes Against Madagascar by adeboizy11(m): 3:06pm On Jun 29, 2019
Good development
Politics / Re: Danjuma Shiddi Usman Cultural Regalia To Inauguration Of House Of Representative by adeboizy11(m): 1:55pm On Jun 17, 2019
My jukun people. I miss wukari walahi.
Don't belittle that wear o, the consecration on that wear walahi. Hausa and Fulani fears an average jukun person. But jukuns are generally accommodating, don't just look for their trouble. I always want to go back to wukari ever since I finished my nysc since 2017.

This is Hon Danjuma Shidi, APGA House of Representatives member for Wukari/Ibi Federal Constituency in Taraba State at the inauguration of the House on Tuesday, June 12, 2019.
Nine other APGA members of the House of Representatives were equally inaugurated.
To God be the glory

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Politics / June12: The Debate About It Being A Worthy Democracy Day (obasanjo&mko Abiola) by adeboizy11(m): 2:56pm On Jun 12, 2019
Funny enough I happen to be affiliated to both of them through my late maternal grandmother and we still have one grand like uncle we call Mko (Musibau his real name).
Their hero today was a religious bigot just like buhari. Late MKO Abiola sponsored the sinking of a � filled with bible into the Atlantic Ocean.

Asides that, he was said to have indulged in changing of figures on a signed cheque just to enrich himself. I urge you all to go about accurate researches or findings, you will find out more about these irrelevances we adjudged as national heroes today. Note that Abiola, Obasanjo, IBB and the rest were close allies that are well equipped with first hand information about each other.

Buhari honoured him just because they are both different sides of the same coin and for political excuses for his gallant inept and failure as far as governance is concerned.

Obasanjo in my opinion is the father of democracy( handing over to a civilian government) though he is the grandfather of corruption and also let his I too know and messiahnic believe in only himself to rubbish his previously attained excellence.

I do not class Abiola as the hero of democracy neither do I see the present day Obasanjo, Buhari, Shonekan, Tinubu and the rest of the greedy irrelevances we have in our present day Nigeria as nationalists or worthy heroes.

Until we stop idolising inept people as leaders, praising those who are supposed to be stoned or cooling their asses off in prisons, I fear that the great nation we crave is very far from actualization. Let us take a cue from real developing nations like Japan, China and some Asian nations. (developing nations in my view is different from Third World nations: argument for another day).
God bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria.
God bless Ogun state.
God bless Egba nation.
God bless H.E DAMILARE .S. ADENIYI (GCFR) Nigeria president to be.
Politics / Re: Why Obasanjo Refused To Recognise June 12 by adeboizy11(m): 2:18pm On Jun 12, 2019
Funny enough I happen to be affiliated to both of them through my maternal grandmother and we still have one grand like uncle we call Mko (Musibau his real name). Their hero today was a religious bigot just like buhari who sponsored the sinking of a � filled with bible into the Atlantic Ocean. Buhari honoured him just because they are both different sides of the same coin. Obasanjo in my opinion is the father of democracy( handing over to a civilian government) though he let his I too know and messiahnic believe in only himself to rubbish his previously attained excellence.

[qauote author=oz4real83 post=79248764]There is a lot of information available to obasanjo that ordinary Nigerians don't know of that made him draw that conclusion. We all will be ashame and angry with most people we call ''heros'' in this country if we know much about them apart from what we know about them on newspapers,tv and radio.[/quote]

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Politics / Re: Army Appoints Shaibu Ibrahim As NYSC DG, Redeploys Kazaure by adeboizy11(m): 7:56pm On Apr 26, 2019
Kazaure was also a corper. He served in Taraba state. That was why his first official visit as a D.G was at sibre in Jalingo Taraba state 2016batchA

[qauote author=tactius post=77878393]


1. Col. Almadu Ali 1973 – 1975
2. Col. S.K. Omojokun 1975 – 1979
]3. Col. P.K. Obasa 1979 – 1983
4. Col. E.A. Akpan 1983 – 1987
5. Col. A. Braimoh 1988 – 1990
6. Brig. General H.B. Momoh 1990 – 1994
7. Brig. General S.A. Sofoluwe 1994 – 1996
8. Brig. General S.M. Dule 1996 – 2000
9. Brig. General Ogunkoya 2000 – 2002
10. Rev. P.O. Okunromade Jan – March 2002
11. Police Comm. S.I. Ewokan 2002
12. Brig. General W. Oki 2002 – 2004

13. Brig. General Yusuf Bomol 2004 – 2010
14. Brig. General M.I. Tsiga 2010 – 2012
15. Brig. General N.T. Okorie Afia 2012 – 2014
16. Brig. Gen. Johnson Olawumi 2014 – 2016

17. Brigadier General S.Z. Kazaure 2016 till date

Southerners in bolded.

Any questions.??

P.S...Brig Gen Tsiga was the first, and so far the only NYSC DG who was a corper (1981 set).[/quote]
Sports / Re: Paul Onuachu Scores Second Fastest Goal In International Football History by adeboizy11(m): 6:45pm On Mar 29, 2019

Yes oo .

Came and used bicycle kick to deceive us in that Paraguay friendly match at fulham

I liked that dude alot tho especially his performance at the unity cup that year only for his village "mothers that have deep understanding" to reason his matter.
Sports / Re: Paul Onuachu Scores Second Fastest Goal In International Football History by adeboizy11(m): 9:14am On Mar 27, 2019
Hope this is not another “ogbeche”

One time debutant wonder but was missing at the main stage.

Check my profile for used car deals.

You mean Bartholomew wink smiley cheesy

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Politics / Re: Live Update: Rivers Elections by adeboizy11(m): 2:30pm On Mar 10, 2019
Battle Royale


Obio akpor lga

PDP. ....272,500
AAC...... 27

las las you go faint, you think wike is a mugu?

They don't know obio/akpor votes alone covers 4 LGAs put together. Una eye go open. Wike go shock una

With just one LGA in his favour he is leading wit over 120,000 votes
Culture / Re: Happy New 2019 by adeboizy11(m): 2:22pm On Jan 21, 2019
Happy new year bro. More achievements i wish you this year by God's grace. Happy new year to everyone also.

Happy new 2019 in some hours from now in Gregorian calendar year, to the following people and the ones I cant recall their monikers. Wishing all of you good health and bountiful success :
brodalokie, goodnessme1, Aaya, Ennyforeal, minasota, ZianaJordana, OlaoChi, Moorish, Yinxies, 2mch, Kira290, MetaPhysical, 0balufonlll, Obalufon, BabaRamota1980, absoluteSuccess, Dominicanese, Mztarstrechy, Tamarapetty, lovelygurl,Christistruth00, Hati13, ib0221, mascotblaze, jupiterx, KingSango, Konquest, rhektor, isalegan, Bibi294, ibkkk, dassy65, aljharem, MrMaestro, tosyne2much, nisai, Henrydone, dasilver20, MadamT, naijalander, malvisguy212, Malolu, Born2Breed, wurabecca, Mobilia, seunowa, Benite, deomelllo, 2prexios, babydioku, adeboizy11, Florblu, bossy512, dumie, Neozy, Leriebloom, Dollyak, pweetiedee, NegroNtns, farotimitajudeen, dealslip, ghostofsparta, chkil0, Auntielinda, fanficgirl, ihatebuhari, Sammy07, NNVanguard, tripplephi, souloho19, Lawlahdey, lx3as,totit, arinze2015, T8ksy, disumusa, Mathano, gentlegenius, adebisiema, LadyAnn,Metroescobar, tammie24, virud, Nostradamus, ehissi, yinkusbabe, kbams241, sagebiz, IBGigs, Doller2

Politics / Re: Federal Fire Service Throwing Up Water To Cool Down Supporters Of PMB In Borno by adeboizy11(m): 2:18pm On Jan 21, 2019
Where boko haram suppose dey function, you won't see them embarassed
Romance / Re: Should I Quit My Relationship Because Of This? by adeboizy11(m): 11:45pm On Dec 10, 2018
Hello guys....

I’m gonna be brief as possible...so I met this girl 6 months ago online and we fell inlove after getting closer to each other then we started dating. I noticed she’s a kind of lady that enjoys slaying and keeping female friends which are not really presentable to me. I talked to her about it she said they are just friend and their mode of dressing doesn’t define who they are.
I overlooked it and stopped mentioning stuffs like that to her even tho I didn’t like it but just to make peace reign because she’s a type that gets upset when I try to correct her so sometimes I apologize even tho she’s wrong Because I love her and have waited a long time to get into a relationship after my heart was messed up by my ex last year. So I just kept pampering her and tolerating her attitudes.

We stay far from each other she stays at ikorodu while I stay at Abulegba so we don’t get to see often she was suppose to come visit me on sat 8th of this month considering that we’ve not seen in a month due to her busy schedule according to her, but she gave me an excuse of her going to her friend’s birthday party she can’t afford to miss as a understanding guy I said “no problem even tho I’ll miss you but I got no choice” so throughout that Saturday I heard from her only at night asking her how she was she told me she was weak so I told her to get some rest. The next day which was Sunday we spoke after church service on phone briefly and then to my surprise, she started uploading video of her in a concert with Nigerian top artists performing I was shocked I asked her if she went to a concert the previous night she said yes then I asked why she didn’t tell me even though we have spoken after then. She said she’s sorry then I told her “ok”

She started nagging and asking me why I was giving her the attitudes by simply saying “ok” she said her friend took her to the concert around 12am(my people is that possible her girlfriend took her to concert on the island by 12am no be say car Dey oo) I said ok even if that was the case why didn’t you tell me, she said she forgot!!! Like wtf? You forgot? I mean we’re supposed to even see each other I don’t have problem with her going out but she didn’t accord me any respect now I’m thinking of quitting the relationship and the worst part is she’s claiming rights and not apologizing and this is someone that always claim to love me.

Please what should I do?

Bro, from experience, I'll advice you to break up. No need for stories, forget the love, there are many loves that will be right at the appropriate time. Don't get into unnecessary mess. Yes she's worth living for but she's not worth to die for. When you live for her, you die as a person and then boom, heartbreak happens. You start wishing you never took these steps. I've said more than I planned to.
Culture / Re: The 3 Wise Men In The Book Of IFA... by adeboizy11(m): 1:43pm On Nov 18, 2018
[[color=#006600][/color]quote author=PeterKbaba post=72229040][b](Ẹla is the Word)
Ọrọ ni ọmọ bíbí inú Elédùmarè
(Word is the only offspring of The Almighty)
Nigbati a bi Ẹla latara obirin
(When Ẹla was born through a woman in flesh)
Gẹgẹ bí ìpín rẹ lati tọ ile aiyé wo.
(Due to his lot to taste how Life is)
Oba Olugbọn, Oba Arẹsa, ati Ọ̀ràngún Ilé Ila
(King Olugbọn, King Arẹsà, and King Ọ̀ràngún)
Wọn dífá ìràwọ to yọ l'oke òréré
(They consulted the Ifa Oracle regarding the Star Shinning so bright from afar)
Ifa ni ki wọn mu ewure dudu, àgùntàn bọlọjọ, ati wúrà tounti fadakà.
(THE oracle instructed them to take black goat, white lamb, gold, and silver)
Kin wọn fi tuba àlejò Ọrọ.
(To go and pay obeisance to the Word)
Ki aiye le tuba tuṣẹ fún wọn lórí apere.
(So life can be easy for them on the throne)
Njẹ kíni katigbọ
(Alas! How can it be said)
Wípé Ọba n tuba fún arobo abẹjẹ lori
(That a King paid obeisance to an infant)
Ifa ní, afojudi a maa sọni di egungun arinwowo.
(Ifa warned them to not be arrogant lest they become like a Masquerade that went into the market naked)
Ni wọn ba forikunkun silẹ
(They quickly let go of their Egos)
Wọn gbọ t'ẹnu ifa.
(They listened to Ifa)
N ni wọn fi n pe:
(That's why they often say...)
O de b'olugbọn o mu mọra ni
(It happened to Olugbọn and he took heart)
O de b'arẹsa, o mu mọra ni
(It happened to Arẹsà and he took heart)
O de b'ọrọgun Ile ila, o mu mọra ni.
(It happened to Ọrọgun of the house of Ila, he also took heart)
Njẹ iwọ ti o n ka odu yi.
(You my Reader)
Owo a de ba ọ
(Riches will happen to you today)
Ọmọ a dé ba ọ
(Fruitfulness will happen to you today)
Alafia a de ba ọ
(Peace will happen to you today)
Aiku, baálẹ̀ ọrọ a de ba ọ.
(Long life and prosperity will happen to you today)
(So shall it be)[/b][/quote]

Ase l'ase eledumare.

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Celebrities / Re: "Una Go Kill Me First" Tobi When Asked To Take A Picture With Cee-C (Vid) by adeboizy11(m): 10:05am On Nov 18, 2018
Tobo G my niqqa

Paul Okoye? nwanne go and reconcile with Peter fess

happy sunday my people my people....una don chop rice���

Seems u camped in isseluku delta for your nysc.
Politics / Re: Rauf Aregbesola: I Didn't Pick Senatorial Ticket Because I Want To Rest by adeboizy11(m): 2:10pm On Nov 17, 2018
the way I take hate this man
I wish I fit use dangote truck jam this hopeless fool

Bros so Alagba Aliko trucks don turn murder equipment ko?
Romance / Re: 7 Reasons Your Guy Doesn't Invite You For A Sleepover Again by adeboizy11(m): 12:59am On Nov 17, 2018
please what is sleepover?

Kwana n gida
Politics / Re: Why Atiku Picked Peter Obi As Running Mate – Daniel by adeboizy11(m): 8:49pm On Oct 12, 2018
My vp

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Politics / Re: David Ishaku And Dorcas' Wedding Photos by adeboizy11(m): 12:51am On Jul 30, 2018
[quote author=ChiefAzubuike post=69806849] I was in that lwedding live it was a sight to behold. When I got to the gate, they initially didn't want me to go in because I had forgotten my IV card at home. I had to put a call through Darius Ishaku's P.A and the governor himself came and ordered 3 mopol escorts to direct me to my seat. As a respected chief and elder I am, everyone was just staring at me. Even the hot pretty , educated Fulani chicks in that occasion. See hot Hausa and Fulani chicks everywhere. I really enjoyed myself. This is what we call a wedding ceremony.[/

Please shock me, say something intellectually intelligent even when we know you're telling lies. The pictures there are more than enough to indicate that you'll only find jukun gurls there and not Hausa or malo gurls. Try type taraba jukun on google.

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