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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Monthly Net Salary Of Federal Government Ministries,departaments, Agencies And P by Ajisebioyolaari: 7:23am On Aug 05
Can anyone here who works with IPPIS or NSIWC help me confirm who has a better pay package between DPR and NIMASA? Please no speculations....Thanks!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Department Of Petroleum Resources - 2016 Graduate Trainee &experienced Hire Job by Ajisebioyolaari: 8:39pm On Jul 14

She is from OYO but resides in Abuja
please oooo....who else from Oyo State have been contacted? Kindly indicate biko
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Post Abuja Jobs Here by Ajisebioyolaari: 8:33pm On Jul 14

If the choice is between NIMASA,FIRS,NCC or CBN, which would you go for?
Sorry for the late response bro.....

in descending order....
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Department Of Petroleum Resources - 2016 Graduate Trainee &experienced Hire Job by Ajisebioyolaari: 9:47am On Jun 19
June 25 is my birthday. Is DPR planning of making APL my birthday package

grin grin grin
June 24th is Director Mordecai Ladan's birthday, maybe he is planning to issue out APLs as his birthday souvenirs. grin
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Department Of Petroleum Resources - 2016 Graduate Trainee &experienced Hire Job by Ajisebioyolaari: 3:35pm On Jun 18
Amen. But is it realistic that we all can be successful?
Lol. You ehn?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Department Of Petroleum Resources - 2016 Graduate Trainee &experienced Hire Job by Ajisebioyolaari: 10:55am On Jun 17
Saw pages increasing and felt there could be something new but, unfortunately there is NOTHING meaningful.

It is really shameful how gullible people could be. The ONLY things that matter now are: (1) Am I successful (2) When is the APL coming. Every other info is irrelevant and junk. We once had a Tamihawt. The ONLY thing that mattered then was "when will the interview come up", she told us when the interview was coming, it came and she left honourably.

You see folks come now to itemize their imaginations and others would follow sheepishly. "one person per LGA. . . ", "80% on merit", "2nd week of interview . . .", "your degree and work experience . . .", "typing of APL would take 6 months (even if na blind man dey type am)" Absolute rubbish! Let me ask, pls how can you verify the percentage of merit when you resume? How does it concern me that you imagined that 10% of children of retired staff went for interview?

Smartgrid came to park bus, people filled it and even climbed on top. After driving them around, I don't know where he dumped them and chickened out.
Then came Fergusson with his 'damfo'. People still full. That one is still parked at June 10 bus-stop. Behold a Marvel64 showed up with fresh account and better 'molue' bus.
For God's sake what is happening to peoples' IQ in this country? Na only us dey chop indomie? If you doubt me just come here and type "Thank you Jesus", and see how many PMs you'll get.

Tufiakwa again!!

Meanwhile, some have already seen their names from FCC and DPR. Some codedly sent Tamihawt to find out for them.
In all, hopefully we get to be notified of outcomes soon enough and those who are available would resume. Truth is, higher percentage of us would not be successful. It's not about licking "informants" back or sycophancy or liking prayers and Amen's.
Will you shut the f*ck up and face front? Did anyone force you to accept their information, assumptions, speculations or opinion? When you visited the thread and did not find what you needed, was it so hard for you to just close the thread and move on? Oh, I forgot you have itchy fingers.

Even if your opinion differs from that of others, learn to address people with respect. The fact that we are on a faceless forum doesnt make everyone your equal. Be guided please!
PS: If you quote me, you waste your time because I wont dignify you with a response. I aint got that time today.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Department Of Petroleum Resources - 2016 Graduate Trainee &experienced Hire Job by Ajisebioyolaari: 1:10am On Jun 16

You are welcome.
Selected applicants with no issue with their portals were not contacted.
The few contacted had a glitch on their profiles but that has been resolved.
Great job @Marvel64, see you at induction.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Post Abuja Jobs Here by Ajisebioyolaari: 2:23am On Jun 14

good day sir,with humbleness I wish to ask for all these openings you posted,and with regards to submitting of cvs,I'm currently residing in Kano state,must I come down to Abuja and submit my Cv in hard copy or are there platforms through which I can forward it.
thank you .anticipating your reply.
For the paramilitary organisations, you can apply online. For the others I mentioned, you will have to submit your CV in hard copy with a good recommendation to back it up. I dont mean to discourage you but someone who just got an appointment with NSITF didnt even submit CV before collecting her appt letter. I hope you understand? Best of luck!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Post Abuja Jobs Here by Ajisebioyolaari: 2:20am On Jun 14
Correct guy........1 bottle for u. Just hola me wen u need am.
Abeg continue they post dis kind info.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Post Abuja Jobs Here by Ajisebioyolaari: 11:09am On Jun 13

Hi, Please do you know what the salary is like for these gov offices?
Would like to chat in private, but I don't know how

For NACA, yes. But my figures may no longer be accurate. I used to have a copy of their nominal roll and salary. But then, they were using CONTISS structure, I later heard they upgraded to CONRAISS about two years later (in 2014 or 15). Then, entry level was N108k and they pay monthly overtime allowances which was about 25-32k for entey level then. Dont know the exact figures now. Also, they have different sub-units (different from normal departments they have) which means you can placed in Global Fund or World Bank sub-units (they even had Sure-P subunit before Buhari became president but it was scrapped). Being in any of these units have its incentives including special allownaces and travel opportunities (a lot of travel I mean).

For NPHCDA and CDC, I'll get the figures before tomorrow. I'll find out from some staff I know.

My email is open but I must say I dont reply as fast as you would want.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Post Abuja Jobs Here by Ajisebioyolaari: 11:00am On Jun 13

pls can you list the agencies that are recruiting. lemme go and submit CV
You can submit CV and pray. It's a nice step and great effort but may not be sufficient. Nothing God cannot do though.


NIPOST (will end 1st week July)
NABDA (but they just stopped cos of the problem with the just transferred Perm Sec of FMST)
NPF (Yes, Police is compiling names for Senior Cadre)

Someone just got an appt in CBN (may not be a general recruitment though)

May I also add that names are already being compiled for NPS, FFS and FRSC at the NASS, so if you applied, you may want to give someone a copy of your reference slip. Best of Luck


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Post Abuja Jobs Here by Ajisebioyolaari: 4:47pm On Jun 12

Bro, hope you never forget me o. Lol
I'm guessing you didn't find anything?
Lol. No, I haven't. Sometimes, it could take days to get a genuine info. I usually garner info from NASS or FCC and I haven't been to these places in two weeks. People I called confirmed other agencies were recruiting but none of those mentioned are in the health sector. The closest was the Nationwide HIV Sentinel Survey sponsored by Global Fund and coordinated by NACA/NASCP but it has already commenced since last month and the selection process concluded. Just be patient, I will definitely inform you when I have the info you will need.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Post Abuja Jobs Here by Ajisebioyolaari: 9:15am On Jun 11

Thanks a lot. I follow a lot of job sites and for the NGOs, they almost always want someone with experience. I think the recommendation letter one will work best for me. Someone I know can definitely help told me to find Nigerian gov agencies I hear are recruiting and let him know. But I know most of these offices don't even say they're hiring, next thing you see someone just gets hired there. So, I don't really know how to go about that.
You are right about NGOs and their thirst for experienced applicants. You could probably apply as a volunteer for starters. As per the government agencies, you are also right about their secret recruitments. I'll say you should go to these places (I mean the HQ of the respective agencies) and try to establish a relationship with one of their staff who you will keep in touch with. Such person(s) will intimate you when something is going on. Meanwhile, let me sniff around for some info, if I get anything worth sharing, I'll quote you again.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Post Abuja Jobs Here by Ajisebioyolaari: 1:41am On Jun 11
I just recently got a masters in Public Health from the UK. Don't really have any real work experience, except for volunteer work. Please someone should hook me up. thanks
I envy you. I wish to pursue MPH in Canada too. Try NGOs like FHI360, APIN, or get a recommendation letter to NACA, NPHCDA or NCDC

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Health / Re: Today Is World's Environment Day by Ajisebioyolaari: 4:56pm On Jun 05
Plastic debris consumed by fishes is also likely to find its way into the tissues of our bodies when we consume those fishes. #BeatPlasticPollution

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Education / Re: Apply for South Pacific University Commonwealth Scholarships, Fully Funded by Ajisebioyolaari: 5:04pm On Jun 04
But you already listed Nigeria as one of the countries not to apply. Except I'm not seeing clearly.
Dont mind them, when they will not settle down to read and follow instructions. I'm sure a lot of people did not bother to read through.....

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Religion / Re: Female Pastor Lifts Catholic Blessed Sacrament. See Reactions (Photos) by Ajisebioyolaari: 1:55am On Jun 03
the only thing blessed and holy that me I know in Christianity is the Bible. Which one is blessed sacrament again.
abi o my sister
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Police Recruitment: Female Candidate Slumps, Dies During Test In Abuja by Ajisebioyolaari: 8:59pm On Jun 02
Quite unfortunate......she died while struggling to make a living and become a better person. May her soul RIP

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Applaud Tony Nwulu On The Signing Of #nottoyoungtorun Bill by Ajisebioyolaari: 9:10pm On Jun 01
Hon. Tony has done well. It's now time to formally announce my intention to vie for a political post in 2019. God bless Nigeria
Sports / Re: Wings Of African Pride: FIFA Releases World Cup Slogans For Super Eagles, Others by Ajisebioyolaari: 5:56am On May 26
I love countries who keep their slogan short and simple yet in-depth. Some countries for no mind write thesis as slogan. SMH


Nairaland / General / Re: A Twitter User Tweeted POTUS And Got This by Ajisebioyolaari: 9:57am On May 24
If you try this in Nigeria, DSS, NIA, NAF, NA, NN, NPF, EFCC, DIA, NSCDC, Prisons, Fire service, Immigrations, FRSC and even NTA will all be ordered by the presidency to come after you. grin

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Gaming / Re: Deus Ex: Even Game Developers Acknowledge Nigeria As A Fraudulent Nation by Ajisebioyolaari: 12:02am On May 24
Bro i just weak! E remain God of war sad

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Nairaland / General / The Coincidence Between 1981 And 2018 by Ajisebioyolaari: 11:40pm On May 23
The Royal Weddings

In 1981, Prince Charles got married to Princess Diana in an elaborate ceremony that was widely billed as a "fairytale wedding" and the "wedding of the century."

In 2018, Prince Harry got married to American actress, Meghan Markle in a widely publicized wedding 37-years after his parent’s fairy tale wedding.

Both wedding ceremonies took place at St Paul's Cathedral in London, United Kingdom. Just like his parent’s wedding in 1981, Prince Harry’s wedding ceremony featured many ceremonial aspects, including the use of the state carriages and roles for the Foot Guards and Household Cavalry.

Prince Charles’ wedding to Princess Diana got so many attention with over 750 million people staying glued to their TV set. In 2018, Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan attracted and the BBC estimated 1.9 billion people to watch around the world with 27 million people in the U.K. and 23 million in the U.S.

UEFA Champions League Final: Liverpool vs Real Madrid

In 1981, the Champions League, which was known as the European Cup Final occurred between English football side, Liverpool and Spanish champions, Real Madrid in May 1981. 37-years later, Liverpool will challenge Real Madrid at the Champions League final in May 2018.

While the 1981 clash between the football clubs held at the Parc des Princes, Paris in France, the 2018 clash will occur at the Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex in Kiev, Ukraine.

In 1981, the match between Liverpool and Real Madrid was won by Liverpool after a second-half goal by Alan Kennedy and was watched by a crowd of 48,360. In 2018, the final between Liverpool and Real Madrid will be watched by an estimated crowd of 70,050.

Malaysian Politics

In 1981, the current seventh prime minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad was elected the fourth prime minister of Malaysia. Mahathir held office from 1981 to 2003. The Malaysian PM won five consecutive elections and served for 22 years, longer than any other prime minister in Malaysia’s history.

Mahathir retired in 2003 but 37-years after his first assumption of office as the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, he has been elected as the seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia in 2018. On May 10, 2018, Mahathir assumed office as the incumbent Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Eintracht Frankfurt: DFB-Pokal Winners

The 1981 DFB-Pokal Final decided the winner of the 1980–81 DFB-Pokal, the 38th season of Germany's knockout football cup competition. It was played on 2nd May 1981 at the Neckarstadion in Stuttgart. Eintracht Frankfurt won the match 3–1 against FC Kaiserslautern, to claim their 3rd cup title.

In 2018, the DFB-Pokal final featured Bayern Munich, the record winners of the competition, and Eintracht Frankfurt, the runners-up of the previous season. Eintracht Frankfurt won the match 3–1 to claim their fifth cup title.

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Politics / Re: How To Join Politics by Ajisebioyolaari: 6:46pm On May 21
am contesting for councilor
have councillorship elections not being concluded? I think it was conducted few weeks ago
Politics / Re: FG Undertaking Censorship In Schools by Ajisebioyolaari: 6:35pm On May 15
This islamisation agenda sha......
Nairaland / General / Re: A Big cobra snake Killed by Ajisebioyolaari: 5:31pm On May 10
Cobra? grin
E be like say the snake spit for your eye oooo
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Monthly Net Salary Of Federal Government Ministries,departaments, Agencies And P by Ajisebioyolaari: 2:45pm On May 10
that's NIMASA appointment letter being delivered to people's house facilitated by Senate President Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki. in Nigeria everything is connection.
Politics / Re: Abiola Ajimobi And Adebayo Shittu Threaten Each Other: "You Will Go To Jail” by Ajisebioyolaari: 9:05pm On May 09
They are both stupid.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Department Of Petroleum Resources - 2016 Graduate Trainee &experienced Hire Job by Ajisebioyolaari: 10:06pm On May 08

Alright. My apologies, I didn't realise the bolded as some posts are deleted. However, I still argue that posting messages that bring very little in terms of valuable update is quite unnecessary especially in this delicate times.
What is delicate about this time?
Politics / Re: House Of Representatives Member's Wife Beats Her Friend For Dating Her Husband by Ajisebioyolaari: 10:07pm On May 07
Religion / Re: First Baptist Church, Abuja Protests Killings By Terrorists In Nigeria (Photos) by Ajisebioyolaari: 5:20pm On May 02
Let me ask the most difficult question no Christians, Muslim, Pagan or Atheist can answer.

When will Muslims also protest against terrorism?

grin grin grin
My guy grin

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