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Family / Re: Is It Wrong To Cook In My Married Brother's House? by aragon4realz(m): 10:02am On Nov 10, 2021
she is not feeling bad about what you cooked but how you cooked it ,you might have wasted her food item for the whole month,maybe you cook like fast food restaurants but she cooks like road side buka,pls don't quote me or you get banned immediately


Business / Re: Stop Lending Money To People In Naira by aragon4realz(m): 7:06am On Nov 05, 2021
correct guy,you are indeed a real businessman lol
Family / Re: How To Cut Down Excessive Spending These Festive Period by aragon4realz(m): 2:22pm On Nov 04, 2021
when you're a married man with kids ,my brother you will come to realise that there is no such thing as excessive spending cos all your expenditures are already excessive naturally, please don't quote me or you get banned immediately


Family / Re: How I Survive On 3k Per Week In Nigeria by aragon4realz(m): 2:14pm On Nov 04, 2021
see as malnutrition go kill you,you Bette r add crayfish to your list, dont quote me or you get banned immediately


Politics / Re: Ibrahim Gambari Visit Asiwaju Bola Tinubu (Photos) by aragon4realz(m): 3:46pm On Nov 01, 2021
naija money huggers

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Politics / Re: "You Forged Your School Certificate" - Soludo Attacks Ubah During Debate by aragon4realz(m): 3:39pm On Nov 01, 2021
these people are clown in public confusing youths to be thugs when you see both of them in private, they are buddies ,eat and drink in the same table ,
don't quote me for any reason or you get banned immediately


Politics / Re: I Made You CBN Governor - Andy Uba To Charles Soludo by aragon4realz(m): 3:28pm On Nov 01, 2021
sharap you there,you made who cbn governor ?
quote me and get banned

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TV/Movies / Re: Mikel And Gerald Evicted From The Guilder Ultimate Search 2021 by aragon4realz(m): 3:20pm On Nov 01, 2021
to be honest am mot impressed by this ultimate search, please where did they get those camera men? sound track is non sense , graphics is zero, I stopped watching that crap last week, can't they just emulate good programs like "the rocks titan games " please give us good content even if it's once a week we will be ok. FYI don't quote me or you get banned immediately

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Religion / Re: Pastor Eno: A Woman’s Role In Her Husband’s House Is To Increase His Wealth by aragon4realz(m): 3:13pm On Nov 01, 2021
but ladies these days dont want to help a man increase his wealth rather they are there to bring him down ,making demands as if it's their right, holy ghost fire to any lazy woman that want to tie a man down cos he has money, quote me and get banned immediately


TV/Movies / Re: Mike Ezuruonye Rocks Bald Hair In 'Our Landlord' Movie (Video, Photos) by aragon4realz(m): 3:11pm On Nov 01, 2021
Is he on drugs
you're very stupid...quote me and get banned immediately

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Politics / Re: Foreign Investors Won’t Be Interested In eNaira – Reno Omokri by aragon4realz(m): 3:01pm On Nov 01, 2021
Personally, I think the CBN did well but they can do better on the e-Naira because as it stands, majority of Nigerians don't see it as too special. A simple reason is that it is pegged to the ever dwindling Naira.

To me, we have been using e-Naira a long time ago since we started using e-banking because we have been transferring Naira without holding raw cash.

If the CBN can listen to these suggestions, the e- Naira might just be just the right solution we need to stabilize our currency.

1- Peg the e- Naira to a dollar and tell everyone to convert all their dollars to e-Naira. Let 1 e-Naira be equivalent to a dollar and leave the Naira as it is. What will happen is that, the demand for dollar will gradually decrease.

2-Scrap the Naira 4 dollar policy and replace it with e- Naira for Naira policy where once you save Naira, you get a tiny fraction of e- Naira as profits. This will encourage more people to save the Naira and with time, it will increase the value of the Naira because as it stands, most people do not save the Naira anymore due to steady decline in value.

3- All imports should be done with the new e- naira ( which is pegged to a dollar) and tie the e-Naira with foreign sites where people buy and sell products and services like Amazon and e- bay with the reconciliation carried out back-end by the CBN together with the banks.

These are just my suggestions as a concerned Nigerian. I believe we have bright minds in this country. Experts on this forum can contribute to what I have written and make corrections where I am wrong.

God bless you ladies and gentlemen

your I.Q consumed no liquor but it's high
Politics / Re: Banks Begin Deduction Of Loans From Chronic Debtors’ Accounts by aragon4realz(m): 11:06am On Nov 01, 2021
if you owe bank go pay back oh, collateral or not ,if you quote me ,you get banned,try and see

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Investment / Re: All You Need To Know About Pi-network by aragon4realz(m): 6:07am On Oct 26, 2021
How can you increase mine rate
invite people using your invite code
Investment / Strictly For Bolt/ubber Drivers by aragon4realz(m): 5:16am On Oct 10, 2021
Good day drivers in the house ,I have a brother who has finished university for long and jobs are not coming his ways but he is a good driver and dedicated too and am planning on investing in him with 2m naira which I will use to get him a nice foreign used car for bolt drive and I need some advice from you guys..
do you think he will able to return the 2m to me in a year cos am not asking for interest and secondly is the business still lucrative enough for him to succeed? Because that money is my life savings
Car Talk / Re: Please What Does This Alert Light On My Dash Board Mean? by aragon4realz(m): 6:25pm On Oct 06, 2021
It's no big deal it simply means that you have completed the mileage required to change your oil,even if you change your oil without resetting the counter the light will still be there,all you need to do is reset the trip A and trip B,and the light will disappear
Career / Re: Start Uber/Bolt As A Side Hustle Or Get A Piece Of Land : Your Opinion Please by aragon4realz(m): 1:15am On Sep 22, 2021
1.8M to build? That family only unknowingly wants to ruin him further. Let him use about 1.4M to get a very good Nigerian used Honda Civic 2006-2009, register on bolt and start saving to build. He will make a lot of koney especially as he will own the car. I said civic because i used to have an 07 Corolla sports, now I’m with the civic…. The civic is a better car in all ramifications from fuel economy to cheaper parts, to a more comfortable and spacious ride, to more beautiful aesthetics and very much more rugged… legs dont pull. Let him buy a car. He’ll thank you later…. I make an average of 20-25k daily with about 4k fuel. Wprst days i make about 15k asides fueling. Do the maths
How many hours do you work a day?
Investment / Re: All You Need To Know About Pi-network by aragon4realz(m): 7:19pm On Sep 19, 2021
It's sad that we'd loose π if those that are in our earning team looses their account
It's not, because a lot of people use clone apps to creat multiple account to mine pi and boost their mining rate
Investment / Re: All You Need To Know About Pi-network by aragon4realz(m): 12:25pm On Sep 03, 2021

In other words, mainnet is Phase Three (3). This is when your pi will become money. At this point, you can buy goods and services with your Pi, sell and trade your pi. At this point, Pi network will be decentralized meaning that you have all rights to your money and no central authority, not even the founders can tell you what to do with your Pi money.
At this point, you must have passed your KYC. All accounts that failed to KYC will cease to exist.

Mainnet is scheduled to start by end of the year 2021 as promised by the Core Team on several occasions.

2. NAME:
The name on your Pi account must not be different from the name on your government issued document. If the name is slightly different, you may have a chance but if it is totally different, it's not good.

b. As a new user joining the app, you have only 14 days to make sure your name is in order.
First Name: Your Name
Last Name: Your surname
Middle Name: Other name that appears on your document.
Maiden Name: For married women and only if it appears on your document.

you need to open the app everyday which is 24 hours after your previous session to gather more.

You need minimum of 3 of more trusted people in your security circle. Add them as existing if you referred them or they referred you OR add from contact if you have contacts or pioneers you trust. In future, passphrase may be retrieved by the members of your security team.

Make sure your password is never forgotten because the password recovery system is bad. Works sometimes but you may not be lucky.
b. For additional backup, verify your facebook. If you misplace your password, you can log back in with your facebook. That is if your facebook is verified.

It is a must to own a pi wallet. Pi wallet is where you will store all your mined/minted pi when we go to the mainnet. Without a Pi wallet, when the pi app MAY cease to exist, you won't be able to get access to your pi.

b. You need a Pi browser to create a PI wallet.

7. WALLET SECURITY: before opening a wallet, make sure you are holding a pen and book to copy out your 24 English words called "seed of phrase or passphrase". If you lose this passphrase or it falls into the wrong hands during mainnet, you will lose all your pi. So keep it secret like you would to your bank details.

8. KYC:
Only 200,000 pioneers have got the chance to be KYCed out of over 23M+ people all over the world. The method currently used to KYC people was done with a third party app which demanded unusual documents that many countries and pioneers couldn't obtain. So the Pi core team and project developers are developing a better and simpler way to KYC pioneers. They have promised that no real pioneer would be left behind. If you have not been KYCED, start equipping yourself because it'll come sooner or later but it must come.

KYC documents are those documents issued by the government of a country to it citizens. These documents Identify the holders as citizens of a specific country. These documents vary across countries. The popular ones are;
1. International Passport
2. Driver's Licence
3. International ID Cards.
In some countries like Nigeria, most of these documents are for the upper classes and hardly obtainable. Everyday people in Nigeria are KYCed by other simpler methods like Voters' Card and a NIN Slip.
Since Pi Network is not only for the rich, they might consider other simpler methods of identification other countries identify commoners. As for Nigerians, get a NIN today and download NIMC app from Playstore, print it in a plastic. You are good to go.

it is important to KYC pioneers to prevent people owning multiple accounts which would deter the future value of Pi Network as people won't value it. There's going to be multiple dumping as many users will be transferring from their fake accounts to their real accounts dumping the other accounts. Pi Core Team won't be able to get the accurate statistics of existing, active users as many would be fake. There won't be need to refer people because you can clone your account as many times as you want and mine pi from 1 mobile device. Hence, there's a compulsory KYC to filter bad actors.

In pi network, there's hierarchy of mining. This depends on your contribution to the Pi Ecosystem. You can contribute by building your security circle and referring people. There's a maximum amount you will get for building your trust circle and it is the same for everyone but in referring people, it is unlimited. The more active people you refer, the more you earn. If your referrers are not active, you will remain stagnant. So refer people you know and can contact.

while your referrers and your referree are contributing to your earning power, it is good to note that if they don't KYC or lose their accounts at the end, all the pi they contributed to you would be deducted from your account. So refer friends and family that you can remind to mine and follow up for KYC and not from random groups.

10. AGE:
According to Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, he said no age limit as long as they can mine themselves. But from another Core Team, she said 13 years.
I think a 13 years old can mine for him/herself.


Everybody must have only 1 account.

b. Don't mine more than 1 Pi from your phone. Don't clone your Pi Network app to do so.
If you have broken this rule stop it immediately. If you have multiple accounts, login to the one of lesser importance and use the pi delete button.
You will lose all pi accounts if you don't report fake ones
c. Don't mine for somebody

Don't sell or buy Pi before mainnet.
Investment / Re: All You Need To Know About Pi-network by aragon4realz(m): 5:14am On Sep 03, 2021
If you have not joined the pi network by now you are missing out big time!!!
Check out some of the on going app development on the network , use the link in my signature to sign up

Investment / Re: How Can I Get Verified On Binance by aragon4realz(m): 4:26pm On Sep 02, 2021
Just verified mine a couple of mins ago,stress free, I used drivers license

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Investment / Re: All You Need To Know About Pi-network by aragon4realz(m): 4:01pm On Sep 02, 2021
Less than 140 days to launch date,what are you still waiting for

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Investment / All You Need To Know About Pi-network by aragon4realz(m): 3:42pm On Aug 26, 2021
This network has over 23million active user as at the time of writing this.

• What is Pi?
✅ Pi is a new cryptocurrency that you can earn from your mobile phone.
• How does this app work?
✅ Hit the⚡button every 24 hrs to start earning.
• How do I earn more Pi?
✅ You can boost your earning by inviting people using your invitation code.
After 3 days (3 mining sessions of 24 hrs) you can boost your earning more by creating a security circle.
• What are security circles?
✅ Security circles are groups of 3-5 trusted people built by each of Pi’s members. Security circles secure the currency by building a global trust graph that prevents bad actors from executing fraudulent transactions. So only add people you know and trust into your security circle.
• What is the value of Pi?
✅ As of now, pi holds no value as the project is still in development. Its zero
• How can I withdraw Pi?
✅ You cannot withdraw pi now.
• When can I withdraw?
✅ You will be able to withdraw Pi or exchange Pi for other currencies in Phase 3 of the project when Pi transitions to a fully decentralized blockchain by December 2021
If you want to register check my signature

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Family / Re: I Want To Send My Wife Packing by aragon4realz(m): 5:18pm On May 28, 2021
this is why you should marry your best friend whose best friend is you
NYSC / Re: NYSC Program May Be Scrapped As Discontinuation Bill Gets 2nd Reading by aragon4realz(m): 3:55am On May 25, 2021
the only way youth gain alittle financial assistance from this useless government and they want to take it away
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What A Friend Did To Me Last Week. by aragon4realz(m): 5:03am On May 23, 2021
same thing happened to me but in my case I had a backup plan,called 2 people about coming to Lagos (one a friend ,the other a family) when I got to Lagos , family number went dark,called the friend and he picked me up , family number was never available for 3days ,I kept wondering what would have been my faith if my friend never took me in,being that it's my first time in Lagos, always have a backup plan

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Politics / Re: Nigerians To Pay N234 Billion Taxes Monthly With Petrol At N385 Per Litre by aragon4realz(m): 11:36am On May 21, 2021
lord have mercy
Health / Re: Woman Celebrates Living With HIV For 22 Years (Photos) by aragon4realz(m): 4:29am On May 20, 2021
If you have raw sex with an HIV patient then in less than 2hrs of taking Amoxicillin or good antibiotics after sex, you won't contract HIV.

Science related.
I laugh at you lol
what has a virus got to do with anti bacterial medication

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