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Phones / Re: Subscriber Options for UNLIMITED Internet - WORTH IT? by babybird82(f): 10:07am On Apr 02, 2018
My NTEL mifi is damaged and I was told I would have to buy a new one. Don't know if I can get a universal one I can install my Sim into that will give me a signal.

Currently, I inserted my Sim into my phone and also Hotspot when I want to use my other devices but it runs down the battery of my phone.

I use a GIONEE S6s and the battery life is short.

Thanks in advance for a solution.
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by babybird82(f): 11:49am On Oct 11, 2017
Hello Nairalanders,

Kudos to everyone doing great work here.

A friend called me to find out what "Admission applied for" that was written on the passport of her brother means. He was denied entry into SA.

Thanks in advance for your responses.
Webmasters / DIY Website Designing Powered By Wordpress by babybird82(f): 12:21pm On Mar 23, 2017
Hello Nairalanders,

Would like to learn how to design your website using wordpress.

I wrote an e-book which is a step by step guide that you can follow to design yours.

I am not a programmer or any of that stuff but with the help of google, youtube and some websites, i was able to design my own website using wordpress.

Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 3 by babybird82(f): 8:50pm On Nov 20, 2016
Good evening everyone.
Pls my family is meant to be going for summer holidays next year but my husband has just been informed that he will be sent on training around the same time by his company.

My questions are:

1) It's a 5 days training, what will be the visa validity given to him?

2) Can he extend his stay to accomodate the time we will be spending together as a family?

3) Since he will probably already have gotten his visa before we apply, how do we proceed since as he will be a co-sponsor of the trip.

4) I got a 6 months visa in 2013 and travelled twice with it, I spent 5 days and 11 days respectively. This will be my first renewal. Can I go ahead and apply for same 6 months visa as the kids? Kids passports are virgin.

Thanks in anticipation.
Phones / Re: Gionee (S6s) Official Discussion Thread. by babybird82(f): 8:39pm On Nov 20, 2016
Has anyone succesfully used a 4G sim on this device? Was at the Glo ofc and was told I can't upgrade even though it's 4G enabled.
Kindly advice on best network to use, either a sim or modem.

Thanks in advance.
Phones / Re: Gionee (S6s) Official Discussion Thread. by babybird82(f): 9:29am On Nov 17, 2016
put your two fingers on the screen, and open your fingers wide on the screen, the encrypted message pops out. Long press on the msg and decrypt.

Thank you so much for the swift response. Is it on any part of the screen or the message app? Also, do I register the two fingers I will be using?

Phones / Re: Gionee (S6s) Official Discussion Thread. by babybird82(f): 8:21am On Nov 16, 2016
Pls help. Some of my messages where encrypted but I can't seem to assess it. I have gone through the more option in messages and nothing like encrypted messages option yet messages keep going to encrypted if I hold it down and select encrypt.

Thanks in advance.

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Investment / Re: Cryptocurrency... the future of money by babybird82(f): 4:21pm On Aug 05, 2016

Who says there are no servicees here?

Everyone has got different purposes for doing watever they do. Everyone must not do their things the way u do urs... you av a way u do ur thing and working for u. Fine.

We also have our own way that works.

So u dont just conclude on matters u kno nothing about.

It is either u are interested or not...

And no one is falling prey of anything here because all stands an equal chance of benefiting.

Thanks 4 u 2 cents anyway!

Each network marketing company has its laid down compensation plan so its not about how i do mine, its compulsory to refer people in network marketing biz. Invariably you are saying they should leave the referral aspect to you not that there won't be any referrals which by the way is key when it comes to network marketing.

And i am not doubting the network marketing business you are into. I am only wondering how many people you will need for everyone to have equal opportunity in probably a 2 x 5 matrix system of different levels.

Good luck to everyone!
Investment / Re: Cryptocurrency... the future of money by babybird82(f): 3:38pm On Aug 05, 2016
Na wa oooo. Joining more than one networking business is the first disaster to not succeeding. All you need to do is be involved with a company that has stood the test of time and has physical products or services.

This your method is no longer network marketing but investment marketing. Who stands to gain more with this your concept? You of course. And then vulnerable people will fall prey and tomorrow they will tell you they have tried network marketing and it doesnt work.

Okay ooo, note that network marketing is not for everyone. If you want to succeed in network marketing, you need to become a network marketing professional and not have the mindset that it is a get rich quick scheme.

Educate yourself. Go to google and type Eric Worre Go Pro E-book.

Stay away from network marketing if you personally cant do the recruiting involved.

My own 2 cents.
Adverts / Convert Your Website/blog To A Mobile App with N1,000 only by babybird82(f): 9:48am On Jan 18, 2016
Are clients or readers always having difficulties remembering your web address?

Want your website or blog to be just a click on a mobile app?

Then look no further as this is what you have been searching for. Truly, the world wide web has all we need but it is yet to be fully explored. This is a DIY offer as you will be giving a website where you can easily convert your website or blog to a mobile app in less than 15 minutes. Yes, you heard right. So what are you waiting for, join the moving train now. This is a unique offer so don't miss out on it, you can either get it for yourself or for a friend.


You must own a website or blog

The app is downloadable on any mobile device, just send your link.

The App is an exact replica of your website/blog with all content and menu and automatically updates.

Clients/readers can access your website/blog with just a touch of a button or screen.

Dashboard available for future modifications.

App is uploadable on google play store for a fee.

See Sample app image for 'The House Of Famza' attached.

Customer support

Payment of N1,000 to be made to Fidelity Bank, The House Of Famza, 5600279253

After payment, send an email to admin@houseoffamza.com with the subject 'Mobile App'

Offer Valid till 31st January 2016.

Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by babybird82(f): 10:40am On Jul 14, 2015

Yes you can.

What process are you referring to?

I applied at the Lekki VFS center but it doesn't seem to be there anymore. I hear something about teleperformance.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by babybird82(f): 9:58am On Jul 13, 2015

If you are traveling together then apply together, i really do not see the need to apply separately.

Thanks so much Justwise.
So I can apply for 2 years renewal and he applies for 6 months as a first timer.
I am grateful.

Lastly, I see there is a new process ongoing different than the 2013 process. Kindly direct on how to go about it, probably a website, dat should suffice.

Thanks in advance.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by babybird82(f): 11:37pm On Jul 09, 2015
Thanks so much @ Nelli

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Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by babybird82(f): 11:35pm On Jul 09, 2015

Why do you want to apply separately even when you are traveling together?

Don't know which is best.
Him applying alone means I won't be renewing my visa at the moment.

Please advice.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by babybird82(f): 5:53pm On Jul 09, 2015
Greetings to everyone in the house. Been a long while that I have been here.

So I was issued a 6 months visit visa in Feb 2013. I travelled in May and also in July, visa expired in August.
Hubby haven't been to the UK and we both intend to apply soon. We both work full time though we have some other busineses we deal with.

My question is, what validity of visa do we apply for? Since it will be his first time I presume he will be applying for 6 months. I will be applying for a renewal, can I apply for 2 years even though his is 6 months?
We intend to travel together so I believe we should be submitting our documents as one.

We have 3 kids but they won't be traveling with us. The 3rd is just few months old though we don't intend to travel until she is a year old.

Are there any special docs to be submitted except the usual? He gave me a letter of consent during my first application.

Lastly, if we decide he applies alone, do I need to give him any supporting documents? We earn almost same amount of money, combined salary of a little above 350k.

Looking forward to your response. Thanks in advance.
Properties / Re: Contemporary Nigeria Building Designs By Hafux Consuls by babybird82(f): 12:05pm On Jun 11, 2015
5 bedroom duplex design


Ground floor
Ante room, lounge(vaulted) visitors toilet, guest bedroom, dinning, kitchen/store, laundry, bedroom 1, wine cellar, stairwell

First floor

Gallery, private lounge, bedroom 2 & 3, gym, masters bedroom, terrace.

All bedroom ensuite with walk-in closet

External dimension: 20.7m x 14.85m

Hello Dare, just stumbled upon this thread and I will like to say you are doing a good Job. Please what is the estimate for this building? Also, are both rooms downstairs also ensuite?
Looking forward to your response.

Note: The ground floor will house a living room, ante room, visitors toilet, 2 bedrooms ensuite, dinning, kitchen/store, laundry and a study room.

The first floor remains same.
Politics / Re: LEKKI TOLL GATE STAFF MALICIOUSLY DEFRAUDING ROAD USERS::::::::::::::::::::::: by babybird82(f): 2:28pm On Feb 09, 2015
Sorry you hear. But at the end of the day, i go blame you too. Some of us have been giving excess change and it can also be blamed on fatique and oversight. Nobody be Father Christmas na.

When next you pass the toll, read the notice that says you should count your change before you leave. Ignore whoever is hooting behind you cos no be am pay your toll fare.

And please stop generalizing, like someone posted earlier, fatique might have set in. Its not easy sitting in that booth and doing mental mathematics.

On a lighter note, thank God say you never chop the Asun before you realised you have been short changed. grin
Travel / Can A PHD Student In Spain Apply For Family Reunion For Spouse? by babybird82(f): 5:36pm On Jan 09, 2015
Hello house,

Happy new year. Pls I will like to know if its possible for a P.hd student who has been in Spain for about 4 months to apply for family reunification visa for his spouse?
If yes, what is the process?
If No, what other type of visa can the spouse apply for?

Thanks in advance for your response.
Fashion / Re: Learn Bead Making And Wire Work Jewelry For Free Here by babybird82(f): 9:33am On Jan 07, 2015
Happy new year to every one.
Using this medium to appreciate every one who have been so selfless on this thread. I pray that God rewards you all abundantly.
I haven't been on this thread in a very long time because I haven't been able to get the much needed materials. I have not been able to get to Lagos Island for materials. I hope I will be making that trip soon and be a faithful member of this thread. I have been combing areas in Ajah for materials but no luck.
Madam Tonyex, the Lord will always uplift you in everything you do. Thanks for starting this thread. I pray the best of 2014 will be the worst of 2015.
To all other tutors, God bless you all.

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Travel / Re: Study Visa For Spain For Masters Degree Program(i Need Assistance) by babybird82(f): 8:50am On Dec 02, 2014

Then go to their embassy. That should solve your

~ Sheyi

Thanks. Please read my initial post. I mentioned calling the embassy and even emailing them but no luck.
I only asked here for response from those who have been able to get their study visa for Spain.

House, please I have been able to get the requirements. Please where can we legalize and translate docs before submission?

Thanks for your time.
Travel / Re: Study Visa For Spain For Masters Degree Program(i Need Assistance) by babybird82(f): 7:30pm On Dec 01, 2014

VFS handles their visa application


You have to go to their embassy for more information

21C Kofo Abayomi Road
Victoria Island
Nigeria - I can't confirm the address though


That website should help you as well

All the best

~ Sheyi

Thanks Seyi.

However, VFS doesn't handle longstay visa for Spain. They only handle short stay visa of not more than 90 days.

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Travel / Study Visa For Spain For Masters Degree Program(i Need Assistance) by babybird82(f): 3:55pm On Dec 01, 2014
Hello House,

Please is there anyone who can help with detailed information regarding the application of study visa for spain from Nigeria. I understand that the application is done directly through the embassy, however, i have been calling the embassy without any response from them. I even sent emails that are yet to be replied.

I will like to know the list of required documents, if one can sponsor herself, where to legalize and translate documents with the cost implication. I don't know why this information is not readily available online.

Thank you in advance for your responses.
Business / Re: Grow You Business With A Website Or Start A Business With Just A Website. by babybird82(f): 8:22pm On Nov 29, 2014
Is this offer still open?

Jobs/Vacancies / Facilitators For Skills Acquisition Center by babybird82(f): 6:19pm On Oct 12, 2014
An about to open skills acquisition center located at Ajah is looking for experienced facilitators in skills like makeup artistry, bead and wire works, Ankara crafts, event planning and interior decoration, photography, small chops and cocktails etc. If you know anyone who fits any of the description, kindly PM me or add me on BBM 28C99133 or 74769520.

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