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Sports / Re: Tokyo2020 Olympics Disqualification: Okagbare Slams Sports Administrators by Batam(m): 4:35pm On Jul 29
Nigeria sporting system has been in dwindling stages from the time immemorial.
This has resulted into failure in almost all the sporting activities that our youth are engaging in globally including football we taught we sabi.
In as much as mediocre are the ones at the helm of affairs this failure syndrome will continue. The so called leaders are only interested in robbing players and athletes of their dues and their developments
Religion / Re: Sex: A Trusted Tool In The Hands Of The Devil by Batam(m): 9:31am On Jul 25
You guys shud stop attaching spirituality to sex na
Sex is Sex and it meant to be enjoyed.The only problem is contracting STI's, unwanted pregnancies when not protected, loosing focus with life ambition due to sexual recklessness, getting attacked by an aggressive partner when dealing with an engaged man/woman this are mere physical complications attached with secz
Advanced countries that are more open with sexual activities are living better lives,
Majority of you will go to church/mosque to share testimony when you get their Visa even with all their Supposed Sins

Wake Up Brethren!
Sex is spiritual. Be wary of casual sex that can deflate your destiny

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Religion / Re: Have You Ever Considered Paying Tithes To Those Who Need Help? by Batam(m): 9:16am On Jul 25
1. In the New Covenant, tithing which is defined according to the Old Covenant, is a sin. undecided

Jesus Christ warned His followers that they cannot serve Him, the New Covenant, and another master, the Old Covenant as well. So, having one foot in the New Covenant and the other serving the Old Covenant is a direct sin against God who decreed that you should not add or remove from any of His Laws. undecided

2. Jesus Christ did not ask His followers to give to businesses, including NGOs. He asked them to instead give to the least of these...where your NGOs are business, the least of these are those who have direct need for that which you have. undecided
There are needy in the church to be considered after your family
Your tithe is for the church any money given to others is a donation which is giving . Also, it's part of Christian works
Foreign Affairs / Re: China Floods-passengers Fearing Death Texted Their Wills And Final Goodbyes(Pix) by Batam(m): 3:49pm On Jul 23

U are a very funny person

What have we done for this your god self cos I don't really see how our sins affect him

Or is he having a complex

He wants to destroy us yet he keep allowing new babies to arrive?

What a confused god u serve bro

Destroy us for what exactly

For what his nigga Satan singlehandedly caused under his nose

If these things are already destined to happen, then what's the point of praying?

Your god has been keeping malice with Satan for aeons but bent on killing us innocent people, he don't save kids from kidnappers, from terrorists etc

Why can't the dude just resign and let Satan do his tenure, if this is the best he can do, it's obviously worst

I personally don't need your god and he don't scare me at all
Very soon, you will see that God in action
Events / Re: Ilorin Emirate Holds Durbar Despite Ban by Batam(m): 8:00am On Jul 23
Afonjas no go like this grin
The people you are seeing in those pictures are the Afonjas that you yeebos (ignoramus) now called the whole Yorubas,
it's like calling the whole Igbos ojukwu (warrior)
Romance / Re: Share Your Missed Sex Opportunities! Did You Regret It? by Batam(m): 3:30pm On Jul 22
Mine was my friends neighbor. Came to visit my friend but he was not around. so I saw his neighbor in front of her own apartment putting on a wrapper and she said I can wait in her apartment that he will soon come back. I accepted and stayed their for 30minutes until my friend came back then I left.. Only to hear from people that she assumed that I was a gay and not romantic.. I didn't regret it!

Share yours
May be you will be in prison now for rape
Sports / Re: Giannis Antetokounmpo And The Milwaukee Bucks Are 2020/2021 NBA Champions by Batam(m): 3:15pm On Jul 21

That’s because they are not really Yoruba. Their parents used someone’s passport to travel to greece and got stuck with that name. They are igbos.

Think about it, no real Yoruba person will dumped his name just like that.

1. None of the kids have any Yoruba name as first name or middle name

2. Their first brother has a full igbo first name and surname

3. They have never mentioned where in yoruba land they are from. When asked, they simply say they are from Lagos.

4. Looking at their dad’s picture, it is very clear he is an igbo man

People travelled using fake kpali to get a better life in europe, but their kids turned out to become superstars and they are stuck with the fake name (Adetokunbo) that the parents used to travel and seek asylum in europe
You a bastard manipulator.
Were you there when the man used someone else passport?
So, why did he use Yoruba passport not his fellow yeboo passport?
Is Shina part of Gianis name a yeboo name?
Are you bearing your fathers name as your surname or your mothers

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Family Takes Possession Of Land With 50 Houses In Surulere Lagos by Batam(m): 9:55am On Jul 20
According to some stupid people, Tinubu is the next president of Nigeria ..

They want Tinubu to do to Nigeria treasury what himself and his family are doing to Lagos .
Tinubu family is different from Bola Tinubu in case you don't know


Crime / Re: NDLEA Arrests Drug Kingpin, Traffickers. Recovers 548000 Tramadol Tablets by Batam(m): 3:27pm On Jul 18

I hate crime but I prefer drug pushers to ritualists which most of your kinsmen engage in.

Quit acting childish all over the internet because its a big shame to behave the way you do. Am sure you are worthless to your family and a lot of people around you would wish you are a drug pusher to become worthful for at least a second.

And ya kinsmen don't engage in ritual abi?
Why do you guys like to justify crime?


Religion / Re: Daniel Olukoya Celebrates His 64th Birthday With His Wife All Loved-Up (Video) by Batam(m): 5:44pm On Jul 16
Happy birthday Sir, more anointing in Jesus name
Crime / Re: Lagos RRS Arrest Two Robbery Suspects At Oshodi, Recover Locally Made Pistol by Batam(m): 5:59pm On Jul 13
Good job.
To give you a reseting slap dey hungry me.
So, because the man no dey alive now the matter don ton to rape


Politics / Re: Sara Omalicha Lists The Problems Of Nigeria Apart From Politicians by Batam(m): 12:06pm On Jul 13
Correct. Saka pikin speaking in sarcasm language
Politics / Re: Video Of Nnamdi Kanu Supporting One Nigeria And Northerners In 2012 by Batam(m): 4:53pm On Jul 08
How come Kanu come black here?
Is he bleaching?
Kanu is just a PDP apologist, if they are in power there will be no agitation
Celebrities / Re: Abiola Adebayo Now A Master's Degree Holder by Batam(m): 12:00pm On Jul 08
After pussy hustling to get all they want they lie stupid lies about how they struggled. Congratulations but stop the lies already. Nigerian girls have been busted already. Small girl big God crew
No be every lady wey make am use her pussy but the society wey we dey nothing goes for nothing
Religion / Re: Woman Fights Pastor Who Tried To Lay His Hands On Her At A Church Event (Video) by Batam(m): 11:01am On Jul 04
This so called men of god likes tapping current. Na wa o
A carnally minded person only see physically things but his inner eyes is darkened even when he is going astray he still believe he is passing through the right route.
This is the situation of many of you on this forum
Politics / Re: Police Disperse Yoruba Nation Agitators In Lagos With Gunshots by Batam(m): 4:40pm On Jul 03
After the Fulani deal with Tinubu, he Tinubu will be the one leading protest demanding a Yoruba nation.

This I have seen
You see am wella

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Politics / Re: Yoruba Nation Rally In Lagos Will Hold On July 3 - Olayomi Koiki by Batam(m): 12:03pm On Jul 02
Is it PDP aggrieved rally or Yoruba nation rally.
Religion / Re: My Confusion About God And The Scriptures. by Batam(m): 3:34pm On Jul 01
The Christian concept of a god has failed all test and if everyone should be sincere, we know he doesn’t exist. They are just trying hard to hold on to the lies in the stories by concocting more lies.

People will always feel threatened when you tell them their god doesn’t exist even when you present overwhelming evidence. That’s how dogmatism work.

The Christian description of a god is laughable, illogical, ridiculous and overwhelmingly irrational. It doesn’t agree with anything in reality.
It's a matter of time, you will see his fingers.
I don't know your age, gender, level of education or intelligence even if you are a professor of all discipline or you are the richest man on earth or you are the finest or you are the fittest man on earth you will surely see the test of time

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Crime / Re: UK Court Finds Joseph Oluwasanni Guilty Of ATM Robberies by Batam(m): 6:39pm On Jun 24
He is a Briton so to say.
If he is doing well they won't remember his root but if it is other way round they will say British born with Nigerian root
Sports / Re: Ime Udoka Is The Boston Celtics' New Coach And First Nigerian NBA Head Coach by Batam(m): 5:41pm On Jun 24
Igbo Amaka

5 states doing the nation proud

North has 19 states yet barren Terrorist enclave
How calabar man take be ibo
Romance / Re: After Introduction, I’m Seeing Too Many Red Flags by Batam(m): 11:44am On Jun 24
I don't really get your points. Which God? Is he worshipping something else?! Seriously I don't get it. Maybe you should ask yourself what is causing the confusion sad
You are spiritually naïve.
Politics / Re: PDP Has Rejected Atiku's 2023 Bid - Deji Adeyanju by Batam(m): 1:39pm On Jun 23
It is the turn of the Igbos to produce the president or everyone goes their separate ways
Just like that.
Contest in party primary first and general erection
Politics / Re: Existing Tinted Car Permits, Spy Number Plates Remain Valid – IGP by Batam(m): 3:10pm On Jun 09
What of those suv and sienna that came with factory fitted tinted glasses.
Anyway, IGP directive is on the windscreen but Nigerian police for whom they are will enforce beyond limit because average Nigerian driver don't like being delayed

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Politics / Re: IGP Orders Suspension Of Tinted Vehicle Windscreens by Batam(m): 4:20pm On Jun 07
What is windscreen in this banning context?
Windscreen meaning in English is front glass of a car at which driver looks and not the side ones.
But majority of our policemen are so naïve or pretending not to know this. Once they stop you, they will want to extort you by all means.

Note: I've snapped this info and bookmark this page on my phone because I've stopped several times because of factory fitted side glass on my car

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Politics / Re: MURIC Backs Sharia In South-West, Tells Christians To ‘Mind Their Business’ by Batam(m): 3:40pm On May 29

Cannot? Even if Muslims in SW want it? First, is it new in Yorubaland? Do you even read the article how it has been operating br xtian colonialists terminated it.
Forget it, it won't happen in these modern era and who are those muslims in the South west that will deny others their fundamental human rights.
Mind you SW is not dominated by muslims
Celebrities / Re: Cute Abiola Marries Ibadan Wife, Dumps Adeherself (Video) by Batam(m): 3:29pm On May 29


An older ugly bride is better than a potential fraud convict wife.
Beauty is the eyes of beholder
Politics / Re: MURIC Backs Sharia In South-West, Tells Christians To ‘Mind Their Business’ by Batam(m): 3:22pm On May 29
The earlier this mumuric man is cautioned by Yoruba leaders the better. He is an asetani kind of person heating up political peace of the country under the guise of religion. He just wanted to use religion to cause chaos, I don't know whether these word is not written in the Koran " Love and Tolerance"
SW cannot practice sharia law, even the ones being practised in the north is an aberration to Nigerian Constitution which gives room for Freedom of Religion albeit freedom of movement of every Nigerian from any part of the country .


Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode Is Dating Ezenwa Chika Nerita (Photos) by Batam(m): 3:43pm On May 27
Afonjas have a thing for Igbo women and Femi Fani Kayode knows this.

The rate at which my Yoruba brothers are abandoning our Yoruba women for Igbo women leaves room for worries.

This Ndigbo ehn.......their women are very very fair and beautiful unlike our awon Òmò Wobe tout of girls from Iragbiji town who will not waste any time to break bottle on your head once you approach them to toast.

Na wah o! Let me sharpally go and find my own fair Igbo lady before this my Afonja brothers carry all of them finish.
Ancestor gold diggers you mean
Education / Re: Reactions As Man Who Paid N40 As School Fees Shares Receipt On Social Media by Batam(m): 3:25pm On May 13
It was not that easy to get the N40 we are talking about. The story should be in late 80s because I was part of those who paid 40 when I was in JSS class in 1998. As at 1991, the WAEC fee was N360 and I could remember, we contributed additional N29 for few of us whose parents cannot afford to pay for them.

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Travel / Re: Lagos To Roll Out 500 Last-mile Buses As Alternatives To Okada by Batam(m): 3:46pm On May 10
If Lagos State Government roll out 1 million of this koropes okada will still exist with more impunity.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Who Can Verify This Job Interview. by Batam(m): 5:30pm On May 09
YES, it is 100% real.
Please hold your ATMCARD and lots of cash.
They may ask you to pay for something, please pay without hesitation and believe everything you are told.
Also, before leaving, dont tell your family the venue to prevent familiar spirits from bringing you bad luck.

You are one of the GNLD people.
Although it is real but why giving job seekers more hassle that they bargained for

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