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Romance / Re: My Sales Girl Is About To Crash My Relationship by BigCowHornn: 10:13pm On Jul 11
Leave your sales girl alone and don't fall for her manipulation and desperate moves to settle down, she has it all planned out reason why she's acting perfect. You'll be shocked when you finally entered her trap and see her hidden side.

Stay with your fiancee. Keep your prick one place

You are smart sir
Food / Re: Hardship: Spaghetti Strands Now Being Hawked In Markets (Pics) by BigCowHornn: 8:48am On Jul 09
God abeg o

I am waiting patiently for those who would argue that these are broken pieces and it's a normal thing.

The accidental lovers of NIGERIA

Actually it os. It has been there in Lagos for years. Hausa people are the one that sell it mostly

It's Just more common now
Culture / Re: Stunning Pictures From Ongoing Abuja Igbos Hangout by BigCowHornn: 10:44pm On Jul 07
Since the end of #OjudeOba Festival, my brethren outside Asaba became relentless in their Igbo get-together everywhere 😁😁😁😁😁😁. From Lagos to Abuja, to Port and Kano. Unfortunately, it is only in SE they are yet to organize one because MNK or Ekpa instructed them soul.
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

Excuse your ignorance.

Get together I'm the east os every drive ber and August
Family / Re: My Daughter's Fingerprint Opens My Phone by BigCowHornn: 10:42pm On Jun 27
She is 5. The first phone is Google pixel 3, the second is Redmi pro whatever ( not a phone person). But this is certainly not a case of she knowing my password.

And I read online it is possible but rare.

No two people on earth have the same fingerprint. Not even identical twins
Health / Re: Lady Confronts Man Using Sniper To Preserve Stockfish (Pictures, Video) by BigCowHornn: 9:00am On Jun 24
Just imagine what the country as become just for people to make ends meet. This isn't the first time I am seeing this. A lot of them selling raw foods like beans and other grains use snipper insecticide for preservatives.

That's not hardship it's ignorance
Politics / Re: Nigerians To Start Using Three-in-one ID Card August, Says Official by BigCowHornn: 12:18pm On Jun 22
Is that our problem now ?

Yes, you need to go and start queuing up in the Sun all over again
Celebrities / Re: Ugezu Celebrates His Daughter. Akabuaku Who Is Officer In The US Army by BigCowHornn: 7:03pm On Jun 12
women are exposed risks too but they must not share in risk that needs physical strength

Women in the US army are restricted to medical, administrative and intelligence work.

Furthermore some are gentle as you are. Some are very strong and dangerous .. more than men. Even here they will be assigned to military intelligence for special duties

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Politics / Re: Bill To Create Orlu State Passes First Reading In House of Representatives by BigCowHornn: 5:56pm On Jun 06




When ignorant shut that gutter of a mouth


Food / Re: People Can’t Afford To Buy One Tuber Of Yam Again! (Pics) by BigCowHornn: 10:37am On Jun 05
Actually, right from time, these kinds of yams exist and sometimes it's because the other yam was spoilt or sth else.

Look at yams again. They are cut to size .... Deliberately
Politics / Re: Cheaper Alternatives To Garri? by BigCowHornn: 5:26pm On Jun 04

Bigkoko, dey your lane.

Dey your lane. You yourself know as how it dey go.

Again dey your lane

I no know squat oga. No dey yarn dust up and dan like you do in your fraud schemes
Politics / Re: Cheaper Alternatives To Garri? by BigCowHornn: 3:11pm On Jun 04

If you had that opportunity, you won't be wasting life and time away on NL trolling others for years while repeating same senseless comments

Sometimes you need to shut up or go back to your old fraud game

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Food / Re: Have You Eaten Guinea Fowl Meat Before? Does It Taste Better Than Chicken? by BigCowHornn: 8:47pm On May 31
It tastes better than Agric fowl or frozen chicken but not better than local chicken.

The reason guinea fowl tastes better than Agric fowl is because the Agric fowl is genetically modified, injected with chemicals or fed with synthetic foods, confined to very little spaces and put on the table within 3 months.
But guinea fowl and local chicken will take almost a year to mature, the meat is rich and tastier because they are mostly reared as free range and eats varieties of organic foods which makes them healthy and sweet to eat

You have a good point but bad reasoning
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Who Refuses To Console The Nigerian Army Wants To Be Their GCFR by BigCowHornn: 6:51pm On May 31
If at this point you think Obi is normal for thinking he can be president, you self no normal

If you think your family is normal you yourself no normal
Food / Re: One Year: How Much Is One Paint Of Garri In Your Area? Photo by BigCowHornn: 12:32am On May 30
I stopped eaten garri since this year,Nah plantain floor i dey consume now.

How much in your Area and where

I eat it too and I get it 7k here per painter in Abuja
Politics / Re: Jaafar Jaafar, Northerners Condemn Demolition Of Alaba Rago Market In Lagos by BigCowHornn: 11:57am On May 29
They had been informed since last year, even Kwankwaso paid a solidarity visit before the election.

It's natural for anyone to complain, but the LASG should help them rebuild somewhere else and be strict with the security and environmental State of the new place.

Clearly you haven't been there before

It's a den of criminals and dirt. All cos of the Hausa people. You haven't seen any place so dirty and dangerous in your life

It should never be rebuilt

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Family / Re: Help! I Think I Am Being Scammed Into Marriage. by BigCowHornn: 9:54am On May 27
A girl I am currently seeing is telling me the cost of her bride price is #120 that once I pay that..20 naira will even be handed back to me because she is not for sale. I asked her if that's all for the traditional marriage.. she said from there if we want to do big ceremony it's our choice. I think I am about to be scammed into marriage, something I might regret in the long run.. and I still wonder why her elder brother is still single (in his 40s) if marriage is cheap over there.

I wouldn't want a case whereby after doing that I will be presented an unexpected list of things to provide.

She's from the south.
I want confirmation if this is true

I'm from imo and so is my wife. I married last year

When it was time for bride price I put 20k in new 200 naira notes and gave it to my father-in-law.
He took just 5 notes that's 1k

The bride price is normally cheap and so easily refundable. Where they will kill you is the list and that one is not refundable

Marriage done traditionally is a necessary scam you must endure .


Politics / Re: Tinubu Is The Best President Ever. 24 Hours Light No Easy by BigCowHornn: 6:42pm On May 26

Voluntary slaves are very easy to spot.

24hrs light at what price? Tinupoo can't subsidise electricity but he can pay #80bn for hajj subsidy jus half a year.


The OPs own is to use light. It's his father and mother paying the bills that's why it doesn't bother him at all

He is still a child


Car Talk / Re: Between A Peugeot 206, Kia Rio And Ford Focus, Which Will You Recommend by BigCowHornn: 12:59pm On May 25

You must be very short.

Lol you shouldn't have put it that way but yes he must be.

I can't imagine using a small car like that everyday for even a month talkless of 10 years and counting

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Politics / Re: This Is Why Discos Are Reluctant To Install Prepaid Meters. by BigCowHornn: 1:57am On May 25

My papa mumu no be small

Politics / Re: This Is Why Discos Are Reluctant To Install Prepaid Meters. by BigCowHornn: 2:17pm On May 23

You get memory?

Not at all . small boy. grin
But i get small touch light phone to take photos like the one below.

Politics / Re: This Is Why Discos Are Reluctant To Install Prepaid Meters. by BigCowHornn: 1:14pm On May 21

Lekki in afaraukwu

No that one in the East is too expensive

I'm talking about the lekki in one slum of a city in the West ... I forgotten it's name. Kindly refresh my memory

Politics / Re: This Is Why Discos Are Reluctant To Install Prepaid Meters. by BigCowHornn: 10:39am On May 21

Yet you keep crying anytime we touch your building with our bulldozer as superior being we are to yougrin

Your bulldozers didn't come near my estate in kekki. Just ask the Yoruba security men tongue
Foreign Affairs / Re: Netanyahu Responds To 'outrageous Decision' By ICC Prosecutor by BigCowHornn: 7:31am On May 21
COMRADES, Nathenyahu should submit himself to ICC period. You called yourself a democratically elected president, are you better than those African leaders whom were declared wanted or hammered with international arrest warrant?

I love Israel but I hate Nathenyahu in person because of his power drunk attitude, if Benny Gantz is the prime minister he could have handled this war wisely

You have a lot to learn in world politics and you seem so I won't waste my time teaching you kest it turns to endless mentions
Politics / Re: Seun Take Note Helinues is moderator Fergie001 by BigCowHornn: 3:17am On May 20

Bro, see the guy even saying they got banned for insulting me.

Are they expecting mods to send them chocolates for breaking the forum rules.

Some of those guys are comedians

grin cheesy

Your hands have never been clean.

Are you not the same one that was accused of using multiple monikers to scam people in Agricuiture section.

Seun and mynd44 should remember the issue of that goat thread that drove Pretoria nuts

Here you are again being accused of yet another multi moniker scam
I will advice you shut up but you never because it's part of the scam
Politics / Re: This Is Why Discos Are Reluctant To Install Prepaid Meters. by BigCowHornn: 2:53pm On May 18

But your ancestors want to die in Lagosgrin

Because your ancestors are selling off their lands cheap and living under the bridge grin

Politics / Re: This Is Why Discos Are Reluctant To Install Prepaid Meters. by BigCowHornn: 8:01pm On May 17

Aba is pig pen

So is Lagos
Your choice
Politics / Re: This Is Why Discos Are Reluctant To Install Prepaid Meters. by BigCowHornn: 2:11pm On May 17
Nah Aba this one dey stay and he will be everywhere dissing Lagos State.

Most of the fine cloths and shoe you use came from there not Italy

Aba is developed with big industries

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Crime / Re: Beggar Killed As Hoodlums Clash Over Booty In Osun by BigCowHornn: 4:28pm On May 15
This is a sad news. Tribalism in voting is will always breed bad leaders. You cannot benefit anything personal for voting along tribe

One Igbo man must have acquired that land and they are killing themselves over it. I pity these people. Always looking for handouts

Omonile collects money from anyone all building or renovating a house

They even did it to Dangote refinary. It caused a war
Politics / Re: Intimidation Has A Time, When The Time Expires, It's Over - Fubara by BigCowHornn: 8:26pm On May 12
this guy still dey.. πŸ€”

Not at all

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Politics / Re: Intimidation Has A Time, When The Time Expires, It's Over - Fubara by BigCowHornn: 8:02pm On May 12
Unfortunately SIM is a weak man
These features WIKE saw in him that was why he was selected as his successor but unfortunately SIM does not know how to play the game of politics and governance differently
How can you have missiles as a Governor and you are scared of using it?

You said it all

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Politics / Re: Obidients Flaunt "Bitter Obi" (Photos) by BigCowHornn: 6:38am On May 08
Is this not the similar deflection technique that same Lizzysamuel used to deceive us that we should be expecting beautiful pictures of Borehole constructed by Obidients who had an online meeting?

It is now 4 weeks, and we have not seen 1 single beautiful or ugly picture of any borehole from Obidients besides the one shown that was already built but claimed it was built after Obi's own eyesore donation.

Same LizzySamuel also claiming Bitter Obi herbal drink just to do damage control.

You should be ashamed of yourself waiting for people to use their own money to build public utilities which are the government"s job

Bit clearly you no get shame

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Food / Re: Opinion: Okpa Is Better Than Moi Moi by BigCowHornn: 2:45pm On May 05
You never eat moimoi elewe be dat (the one wrapped in leaf)

Or moimoi elemi meje (7 spirit moimoi = moimoi with diced beef, fish, chicken, egg, Orisirisi etc )

Okpa tastes bland


Okpa is traditionally Igbo food and only the igbos make it well

For all the other tribes trying their best to make money off it. They never get it right.

I don't eat okpa in Lagos fir this same reason. Only in the east. Real okpa is wrapped in banana leaves

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