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Crime / Re: Hasan Taiwo Beats Chibuzor Aloh To Death Over Phone Charger In Abuja by Biglittlelois(f): 12:07pm On Jul 27
embarassed embarassed Another foolish thread by a clown who has a fetish for domestic violence, the earlier you get therapy the better it will be for you

So news reportage has become a fetish? Domestic violence news should be ignored because it is coming from a particular Op? There are also terrible news perpetrated by women which is also pushed to front page, do you see any female moniker crying about it even if it comes from a male?

I love the way lalasticlala keeps ignoring you manboys and pushing her verified threads to FP, y'all can keep crying till oblivion.

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Crime / Re: Russian Who Killed Her 2 Husbands Leaves Final Video On Where She Buried The 3rd by Biglittlelois(f): 12:02pm On Jul 27

Just like that stupid man that is dating Tonto dike..some men reason from their anus

How is the man stupid, did Tonto kill her previous husband or former dates?

Next time comprehend properly and know when to use comparisons.

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Politics / Re: JUST IN: New Charges Levelled Against Igboho In Benin Republic by Biglittlelois(f): 11:02am On Jul 27
It is better for Igboho to remain in Benin prison than in Nigeria, we all know the extent this foolish government can go when some persons are against their agenda.

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Politics / Re: FG To End ₦30 Billion Monthly Electricity Subsidy Next Year — Osinbajo by Biglittlelois(f): 10:53am On Jul 27

Whereas if we keep subsidy...the power and petrol companies won't be able to make enough profit to make things better...plus no one would come and invest in things like power stations, and the refinereis.

The thing about business....if you don't make a profit...or are not sure of making a profit....you would end up not investing.

If you have Biafra or oodua....both nations would have to run without subsides, or they would be as indebted as Nigeria is. The more you spend on subsides, the more you strain your country's money to pay for the subsides as costs rise.

The GSM we have...there were no subsidies from the word go. People were buying sims at N10000 at the beginning. A v-mobile starter pack in 2002 cost N23000. My first ever SIM in 2004 cost N7000 (MTEL...and that was the cheapest then!) But thanks to no subsidies, the companies mande enough of a profit to build the GSM infrastructure that we have today...and that serves our internet and phones well well. And a SIM costs less than N1000 now.

The same can happen for our power and petrol sector. Yes, we go pay high. Yes things would be hard ...but with more investment and suchlike...prices will come down

We are not earning enough to pay the kind of subsides we had when people like Yaradua and GEJ were in power..and even back then subsides were creating a big dent in our economy to the point that GEJ wanted to get rid of them completely

Valid points.


Family / Re: Sure Home Marriage Seminar On Zoom: A Focus On Money by Biglittlelois(f): 6:38pm On Jul 25


TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread by Biglittlelois(f): 9:10pm On Jul 24

Cross - doomed

Emmanuel - doomed

Sammie - doom-may-be grin

Emmanuel is not doomed anything, he will be a ladies man, but I'm gunning for Yousef, I have to support my fellow northerner, and he's really cute too tongue


TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread by Biglittlelois(f): 9:07pm On Jul 24

Oyibo money that's USD. grin

Lol imagine, low esteem, and the guy says he sells shoes ooo cheesy


TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread by Biglittlelois(f): 9:04pm On Jul 24
So the guys will stay more than the ladies in the house, not fair na, not cool at all undecided


TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread by Biglittlelois(f): 9:03pm On Jul 24
Igbo people sha, which one is white money again?


Family / Re: She Started Having Sex At Age 9. She Is 31 Now by Biglittlelois(f): 11:39pm On Jul 20

Talking abt virginity is only for female.(the hymen has a reason why it's present in female but absent in male genitals.)

No difference between a sexually active man and a non sexually active man.. tell us if u have any pls...

Stop putting emotion into what we are seeing face to face... Male Virgin kor..

Tell that guy the truth.. A bleeped kitten is no longer d same as wen it's unfucked..

Infact op need to take her to obs/gyne doctor to examine her if she has no issue down there since she was immaturely penetrated..

Trying to be smart by zero instead of quarter right? My comment you quoted has nothing to do with your comment and the Op, if you had paused for a second to digest my first quote of that guy, you'd comprehend and assimilate what we are on about, but because it is a female, you prefer to quote cluelessly, to the extend of using the usual "emotion" banter to score cheap nothingness, whereas the one I quoted was so full of emotions he had to go personal as is typical of you guys, but it escaped your eyes because you're blind right? if you are scared of quoting him to tell the truth, direct your mention to someone else, not me.

P. S. Virgin male exists, a guy will know if he hasn't had sex in his life before regardless of lack of evidence like females, except you are a rare breed that has been fvcking from birth yes? Next time, try to apply your functioning brain when talking about virginity or trying to justify promiscuousness.

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Family / Re: Nigerian Woman Celebrates Her Divorce From Husband On Facebook (video) by Biglittlelois(f): 7:02pm On Jul 20
This goes to show that she is at pains. When you see this kind of celebration just know that reverse psychology is at play

Why would reverse psychology be at play when domestic violence was involved? She will only be in pains cos it took her so long to divorce the idiot.

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Family / Re: She Started Having Sex At Age 9. She Is 31 Now by Biglittlelois(f): 6:52pm On Jul 20

You still think men and women are sexually anatomically the same. What a shame.
Look I know it pains you that you didn't marry the men that slept with you because your wanted material things, but sister, i am not the source of your frustration.
You have been fvcked, you can not be unfvcked. I'm sorry.
Try to teach your daughters not to open their legs anyhow if they want to be truly faithful to their husbands.

You must be God to really think men and women are not sexually anatomically the same, if yes, share the content and graphical details on how you, a god, proportioned the anatomy on how "women transfer trait from men they've slept with to their child, but not the same for diick hopping men", if no, you must be an orangutan that prefers to think with his ass to justify his promiscuousness when faced with a point he cannot win,

And yet here we are on how it will always be with a typical nl male, no clear cut intelligence whatsoever to prove their baseless point, they always go personal when outwitted as always because that is the limit their brain can go, same usual balderdash from sad little boys.

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Romance / Re: Girls With This Hairstyle Always Turn Me On by Biglittlelois(f): 6:37pm On Jul 20

she calls herself the most ugly girl in the world and therefore i believe i can use her stand to make a point...just like she used her own self to make a point. you may not like it, and thats ok.

... again, i was NOT making fun of her, i was making a point!

Whatever makes you sleep at night.


Romance / Re: Girls With This Hairstyle Always Turn Me On by Biglittlelois(f): 6:21pm On Jul 20

who is mocking her?!??! i am just stating a fact that the girl in the picture herself states. educate yourselves on Lizzie Velasquez so i dont have to do it for you.... she, HERSELF, calls herself the ugliest woman in the world, as you can confirm below (skip to 14sec mark)

Common psychological sense should tell you she calls herself ugly in order not to be affected by it when others call her that, she is good looking in her own way, she didn't create herself, and you certainly have no right to demean her sexually, it validates nothing or your irritating first comment.

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Family / Re: She Started Having Sex At Age 9. She Is 31 Now by Biglittlelois(f): 6:16pm On Jul 20
Yup. We are really silent about a lot of bullshit that we need to be shutting down ASAP. The sexual derogation of women is one thing. I know some ladies shy away from engaging them because then it seems they are the ones being talked about. (You know how we are weird about appearing sexually virtuous) But they are getting very comfortable when it comes to inappropriate sexual conversations about children. We just siddon dey look.

One thread that hit FP made me decide never to let their bullshit slide anymore, they are too comfortable in the chair and it has finally broken, whether a thread is directed to a person or generally, they will be dished the bile right back, don't let me get started on the op and others on their displayed paedo tendencies, I chose to ignore to avoid being vulgar, they talk like that because it hasn't hit home, when it does, they will know how it feels.

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Family / Re: She Started Having Sex At Age 9. She Is 31 Now by Biglittlelois(f): 5:57pm On Jul 20
The analogies, false ‘facts’ and comparisons they come up with when it comes to women’s bodies blows my mind

And the fact that ladies here have been silent about it seems like we are edging them on, thereby making them reinvent and display new foolishness everyday, and making the naive ones see the constant insane display as fact is really disturbing, all because we choose to be the bigger gender by not engaging in war of words with them on something common sense should be able to solve, it's really tiring honestly.

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Family / Re: She Started Having Sex At Age 9. She Is 31 Now by Biglittlelois(f): 5:44pm On Jul 20

Women receive, men donate. She's the carrier of traits.
Say whatever you want. Please marry a virgin. A non virgin is a disaster to family making.

It didn't occur to you men can donate traits from the women they sleep with to the receiver right? Or your brain didn't think to that extent yes? I actually like the fact that you said "a non virgin is a disaster to family making" meaning since you are not a virgin, you are a "disaster to family making" correct?

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Politics / Re: Buhari Blames Flood, Insecurity, Middlemen For Rising Food Prices by Biglittlelois(f): 3:07pm On Jul 20
He will never blame himself, foolish man.

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Romance / Re: Girls With This Hairstyle Always Turn Me On by Biglittlelois(f): 12:45pm On Jul 20
now imagine the below girl with the same braids, and come say that any girl with that hairstyle turns you on:

Very low of you to mock a human with deformity, very low.

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Family / Re: She Started Having Sex At Age 9. She Is 31 Now by Biglittlelois(f): 11:26am On Jul 20
I am yet to see where the lady explicitly told you she has been having sex everyday of her life for 22years, or as a typical nl male thought process, you assumed that cos she started at 9, makes it equal to having sex since then innit? And since she is against having sex at the moment, it didn't occur to you that she may have stopped years ago right?

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Family / Re: She Started Having Sex At Age 9. She Is 31 Now by Biglittlelois(f): 11:17am On Jul 20
If you didn't marry a virgin, you will surely regret it.
Once a girl is fvcked by a man who didn't marry her she carries a trait of him. If you are unfortunate enough to marry such a woman, you will give birth to children who has characters not found in you or the wife but found In men she has slept with.
Long story short, if you marry a non virgin, you will spend your life training a BASTARD!
My children will be pure breed .

Since we have educated illiterates roaming around in this forum who take pride in their stupidity as facts, let us help them disect their foolishness and see if it makes sense to sane minds.

I want to assume you are a virgin, so that your virgin wife will not regret marrying a man that has fvcked multiple women, thereby you end up carrying trait of the women and insert it into your virgin wife and she ends up giving birth to characters not found in you or your wife but found in women you have slept with, and making your wife take care of BASTARDS in the process instead of pure breeds.

I hope the above analogy makes sense to you.

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Family / Re: Share Your “ Feel At Home” Experiences With Visitors. by Biglittlelois(f): 2:53pm On Jul 15
It is obvious so many monikers hate each other, on top wetin abeg? Comments on a faceless forum? This forum has further put a stamp on the fact that men of this generation are not it at all(apologies to the sane ones). Why will a man/men be bothered, jealous,envious, by how a female/females chose to present themselves on the net? It bothers most of y"all to the extent that you call females crass, belittling, degrading names just to be hyped by your low thinking likes on here knowing each and everyone of you have females in your family?

-A lady has a different opinion from yours, her body parts will be insulted, doesn't that show insanity?

-She hypes and shows herself on here, y'all will start raving like rabies infested dogs and wounded lion whose pride was stolen from him, how does what anyone portrays herself affect the air you breath or your existence?

She's an attention seeker, a hypocrite, this and that blablabla, explain how it made you loose an arm or eyes?

All over nl, especially romance section, there is no day close to fifty threads will not be opened about females doing this and that, the constant cries and wails nor dey tire una? From hoe, to different silly names, one even took it upon himself to cry everyday that nigerian women(only his lineage)are useless, another has taken it upon himself to help the original moniker preach about his uselessness, not once have I seen any female react in kind, no female has gone on a ranting spree, not one, what does that portray or tell y"all? What does that overall say about you men folks?

A forum that isn't only accessible in naija, you keep disgracing yourselves claiming woke, swallowing strawberry pill, yet in all your 1000pages of comments by strawberry pilled overdosed manboys in a thread, it is filled with insults upon insults on females, isn't that a classic display of depression, unhappiness, and sorrow? how can you say a gender made you miserable and you're proud of displaying it everywhere instead of making yourself a better person and live a good, fulfilled life? And meanwhile, all over the world, Nigerian men has succeeded in painting the country in bad light, yet your problem is females lifestyle, no be follow come insecurity issues, -0 esteem be that? Isn't that an abnormal show of obsession?

Cleanse your mind and stupid mentality, women are not your problem, you are your own problem, when you've attained healthy actualization of self, you've solved 90% of your problem.

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Family / Re: Share Your “ Feel At Home” Experiences With Visitors. by Biglittlelois(f): 1:44pm On Jul 15

See how a full grown man is begging for attention. "Please face Me". undecided

I couldn't help but laugh, you can't shame the "shameless", na follow come.


Family / Re: Share Your “ Feel At Home” Experiences With Visitors. by Biglittlelois(f): 1:34pm On Jul 15

One of the stupid cretins grin

Ogunboy aka pocohantas
Ogunboy aka klass99
Ogunboy aka biglittlelois
Ogunboy aka hathor5
Ogunboy aka emperormaria
Ogunboy aka breaststroke
Ogunboy aka mariahangel but this one too dull e easy to torment her.

Oh okay, I am also Ogunboy, good to know!!!


Family / Re: Nigerian Couple Celebrate Birth Of Their Triplets After 15 Years Of Waiting by Biglittlelois(f): 6:47pm On Jul 13
Chai see her swollen face and hands, pregnancy ehn, congrats to them.


Politics / Re: Reps Oppose Plan To Allow Firemen Bear Arms by Biglittlelois(f): 6:40pm On Jul 13
Who brought up the ridiculous idea in the first place

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Foreign Affairs / Re: RUSSIA Is Set To Begin Final Tests On Its Lethal Hypersonic 6100mph Missile(Pix) by Biglittlelois(f): 6:21pm On Jul 13
US, UK, and Russia has been on a show of military might lately like it's a competition, what's happening? Was there an underground meeting on an upcoming invasion and war? Or what is their problem exactly?

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Politics / Re: D'Tigers Victory: Precious Achiuwa Is The Real MVP - Osinbajo by Biglittlelois(f): 6:15pm On Jul 13
I have to start watching basketball, it's becoming very interesting!!!
Romance / Re: These Names Are Hardly Given To Kids by Biglittlelois(f): 4:17pm On Jul 13

Biglittlelois!!! So you are still on nairaland waw.
People call me Goliath, I hated the name at first but my height and size is the author of the name

Yes I am, hello!
Romance / Re: These Names Are Hardly Given To Kids by Biglittlelois(f): 12:34pm On Jul 11


Family / Re: Nigerian Men Have Failed Their Women by Biglittlelois(f): 11:45am On Jul 11

There are women who have had to look for jobs yet are at the mercy of randy men who seek for their bodies before these jobs are given to them or even in school where male lecturers pester female students for sex in return for grades. Does this happen in other functioning societies? Yes, but there exist consequences for such men but in Nigeria, these men are being defended by fellow men and women (number is low here and smacks of Stockholm Syndrome) and the legal system is very dysfunctional aka Nigeria being a lawless place. Again, in functioning societies, it was men who built them not women so everyone thrives at the best of his/her ability. Regarding odd jobs, again, if the society was as prosperous as South Korea, such women would have had better options and rather than travel to Nigeria (as South Korean women) to "hustle" as the last resort, they would remain in South Korea unlike Nigerian women who flee the country through perilous conditions in the Sahara. Worse still, some of these women are being taken advantage by the men due to the ugly economic situation without consequences but this is at the barest minimum in functioning societies because there are legal consequences for those acts - legal system built to function by men and not the lawless situation Nigeria is in.

Also, the post about sexual chastity by Pansophist answers it all - if Nigerian men prize sexual chastity more than sexual freedom, the women would have integrated into it. But here we are where men don't prize sexual chastity and yet don't create the environment for economic prosperity.

The Nigerian government/men/economy failed us all, men and women, who are we to blame for men who sleep with females in top positions or CEOs? cos it is happening and will continue to happen,

Again you are sexualizing women, making is seem like women in Nigeria can't get by without the use of their body, it's wrong, as much as this happens, there will always be the option to succumb or not, yes as much as some pussy whipped men do the sex for good grades, job, money, affluence etc, there are also men with dignity who will never tow that line whether in getting good grades or jobs, it is only women who sees themselves as nothing or has low esteem, that think they can't get by without the help of selling their body, believe me if ladies decides to stand up for their right and uniformly say no to dubious sexual advances, I bet the foolish randy men will comport themselves, these nonsense started with just one man and a lady, either the lady offered herself to get the job or the grade, or the man asked and she accepted, there is always an option to refuse, always.

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Family / Re: Nigerian Men Have Failed Their Women by Biglittlelois(f): 7:25pm On Jul 10
Op is 100% correct on the fact that Nigerian men destroyed the country and we are where we are today, but he is very wrong on passing the blame of whoring and prostitution to men, the ratio of decent ladies to indecent ones is 60:40, the reason why people think the indecent ones are everywhere is because they are loud and show off their glits and glamour with the help of social media, these sets of ladies were not forced, they chose the fastest way to make money, it is a choice, they refuse to toil with their hands and work smart, do you want to say we dont have women suffering or finding things hard for them yet refused to sell their body? They abound everywhere in our society, pls nobody should be blamed for a person or a gender's choice of living, after all, there are also male prostitutes who are discreet about their way of life cos of shame, they were not forced at gunpoint.

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