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Celebrities / Re: Diane Yashim's Outfit To Mercy Johnson's 'The Legend Of Inikpi' Premiere by bluefilm: 10:12am On Jan 20
Na wa o!

Omo see the kain thing wey dis small girl carry o!

This one na breast overload.

Religion / Re: Father Mbaka: What Ihedioha Should Have Done Before Supreme Court Ruling by bluefilm: 9:11am On Jan 20
This Fada Mbaka sef.

Omo see finishing.

See how he finished Peter Obi.

Political quagmire indeed. grin grin grin

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Culture / Re: Igbo Speaking Communities In Kogi State by bluefilm: 6:43am On Jan 20

This is not right.


Family / Re: Wife Orders Husband To Sleep With Her Mum In Zimbabwe (Photos) by bluefilm: 10:15pm On Jan 19
Let me now imagine queen Eliza skimpily dressed trying to seduce me...

God forbid bad thing!

I can feel what the Zimbabwean nigger felt at that moment.

Tufiakwa... Such a gory sight .

In short, the trauma will last a lifetime.

Chineke napukwa ekwensu Ike.

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Phones / Re: Have You Ever Been Accused Wrongly? by bluefilm: 10:08pm On Jan 19
I don't understand what u wrote, but I think it's something crazy, since u are laughing


I just said "I don't know it" in German.
Phones / Re: Have You Ever Been Accused Wrongly? by bluefilm: 9:21pm On Jan 19
How many times does a stun gun shoot when fully charged and is it legal in Nigeria

Ich weiß es nicht grin grin grin

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is A 130k Job Including Tithing Be Considered A Good Job? by bluefilm: 9:07pm On Jan 19

Which kind of side business can someone working do without much headache of monitoring, that's my own issue

If it were to be that easy that you can just set up some hustle and you won't be monitoring it anyhow, then I think everyone will be doing it!

But be that as it may, I will be pointing to some of the hustles you can actually set up and run without so much monitoring.

Unfortunately, most of such hustles are online.

And the problem with online hustles is that you need some level of specialized skills to get them off the ground.

But don't be deterred by that statement because you can learn whatever you want to learn once you put your mind to it.

So here we go...

1. Make YouTube videos
You can teach others from your experience. You can share what you like with others. You can do so many things. Google will monetize your videos assuming you videos are interesting enough and has a lot of traffic. That Naija guy in Russia on the frontpage is a clear example of this. He could be pulling in a lot of dough through his Youtube videos just by sharing his life experiences while studying in Russia assuming he monetized those videos with Google AdSense. You won't need to be monitoring your videos all the time.

2.Write a book and put it on okadabooks
If you can write a storybook, then do so and upload it to okadabooks. You set the price of your book. Once you make a sale, Okadabooks takes 30% while you take 70%. No stories. Depending on how good your story is, you may become the next Adichie. I believe you know what that means, in terms of fame and financial returns, huh? wink

3. Write guidebooks and put it on amazon kindle
Similar to writing on okadabooks, you can also write and publish your ebooks/guidebooks, manuals and stories on amazon kindle for the international audience. You simply just write and publish. If your targeted audience like your work, they will buy.

4. Start your own blog and monetize with AdSense
This one needs no more explanation anymore. Set up your blog. Publish your thoughts on the blog. Pull some traffic. Monetize those traffic with adsense or sell your own products on the blog.

5. Create an android app and monetize it with admob
This is just similar to creating Youtube videos and creating your own blogs only that this time, you are creating an android mobile app that you can monetize with Google Admob. Once people like your app and they start using it, Google will be showing ads on your app to all your users. If a lot of people use your app, that means you have a winner there!!!

6. Start trading _bitcoin
This one needs no introduction. Just buy some _bitcoin from bitcoin dealers. Then sit back and hope that the price of _bitcoin will rise. If it does, you can sell. The only thing you will be monitoring here is the price of _bitcoin.

7. Join a referral program
Many businesses out there run their referral programs. Just select the referral programs ran by reputable companies which you think you can do and then start referring your friends to join the program. You get paid when your referrals join and purchase something from the company. One reputable company I know that is offering this type of opportunity is Quickteller. There are many others. Just do your research.

8. Sports _betting
Oh la la... this is my best. So simple and easy to start. You can even start today with just 100 naira. But you must be VERY conversant with the sports you are _betting on. In other words, you need to know what you are doing in this business, if not sorry will be your name. You don't need to have any specialized skill at all except the skill of following your teams and knowing their weaknesses and strengths. Let me give you one tip, Liverpool currently is the strongest team in England. So is other teams like Barcelona, Juventus, Inter Milan, etc. These teams rarely lose. So if you stake that these teams will not lose, you will most likely, be making some returns, no matter how small it might be.

So that will be that for the online hustles. You will agree with me that most of these online hustles will not require you to be developing unnecessary severe headaches while monitoring them.

You just set them up and viola!!!

Now, what if you don't have those required skills like writing, designing, programming, etc?

No problemo.

Find people who do and get them on board. I saw on frontpage today that some of Davido's hit songs were actually written by some other guys. Hope you get the idea now?


Now, let me give you one offline hustle that came to my mind just this morning. A lot of people are already doing it so don't think it is anything new. But I just saw a lot of potential in it. Guess what it is?

9. Rentals

Yeah. People do rent plates, pots, seats for different occasions and all that at a price. You can get into the biz yourself. Nothing do you.

So those are some of my tips towards getting your residual income off the ground.

I must add that this list of hustles is not exhaustive. You can do your own research to add more hustles to it. Also do your research to find out more about some of these things I'm talking about here. That is what the internet is for, not just for watching porn wink. These hustles I listed here are just the ones I, personally, am so conversant with.

Remember, you don't have to kill yourself doing all of them. Just pick the ones you think you can cope with and get on with your life.

If you noticed, I tried to be brief in some of those explanations. Yes. That is because those hustles are not as easy as I have tried to present them and some of them can be quite cumbersome, really.

But then again, that are all doable, once you have the passion and determination on your side.

One last thing before I drop the mike, none of these hustles is a GetRichQuick solution to your financial breakthroughs.

For instance, think of creating android apps that I mentioned earlier. Let's say you wanna make an android game. You must have a very good idea/s you want to translate into android game to start off with. Then you must master Java or find someone who is a Java guru. Then you learn how to develop android app. Then you start working on your app. My guy, I no go lie you, all these can take you years to reach the finishing point.

But like I said earlier, don't be deterred.

People have done it. People are doing it. People will still do it.

So you can do it.

So go and do it.

Ngwanu nwanne, k'odigodu later... k'emesia!!!

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Culture / Re: Igbo Speaking Communities In Kogi State by bluefilm: 7:49pm On Jan 19
Very educative post. Thanks, OP.

I'm particularly interested in the diversity of dialects in all languages. In Ebonyi State, for instance, there are more Igbo dialects than in all the Igbo speaking states.

I have come to the conclusion (speculative) that dialects suggest that other tribes joined the original tribes back in time and developed the dialects based on their original mother tongues.

The Ngbo people of Ebonyi State, in my opinion, are originally Idomas. Their dialect of the Igbo language is a pure intonation of the Idoma language. This is also true of the Nsukka people of Enugu state who speak Igbo with Igala intonation.

Most people don't know that the English language and German are 90% identical. Languages and dialects are pointers that the world is shaped by evolution.

Das ist nicht richtig.

Oya, translate na. grin grin grin
Phones / Re: Have You Ever Been Accused Wrongly? by bluefilm: 7:13pm On Jan 19

Lol, that grandma grandpa on the mat part killed me.. cheesy

Onye ojoor grin
Culture / Re: Beautiful Russian Girls Speaking Igbo & Dancing Ogene by bluefilm: 6:40pm On Jan 19
Is like Russian girls no dey fine?

Wetin na?! angry angry angry
Phones / Re: Have You Ever Been Accused Wrongly? by bluefilm: 6:21pm On Jan 19

I lost composure immediately I read this cheesycheesy

Upon say I neva tase you sef cheesy grin cheesy

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Phones / Re: Have You Ever Been Accused Wrongly? by bluefilm: 5:05pm On Jan 19
Something like this can be very embarrassing.

That's why I carry my stun gun everywhere I go.

No time to debate with you.

You will be rolling in pains on the dirty floor debating with 400V while thinking of that day you stumbled on your dead grandfather _fucking your dead grandmother on the mat.

Nonsense. cheesy

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Business / Re: Football (+/Other Sports) Betting Season 14 by bluefilm: 3:21pm On Jan 19

Accept that as God's way of telling you it's harvest time for the seeds of sorrow you planted for some peeps years back.
Your behaviour back then is enough to fall some folks into depression.
It's harvest time bro. Face your problem like a man and stop crying like a sissy.
Back then you used to be proud of your vitiligo, what now changes?
Your self-esteem...start from there.

Guy easy na.

Can't you see that our dear Tissuepaper is just some few steps away from a Sniper bottle.

Don't push him towards it now.

It is still too early in the New Year for us to start mourning his demise.

Hahahahahaha... tissuepaper don turn to beggar... ahahahahahahahaha


Celebrities / Re: Godwin Olusoji Akindele's Burial: Funke Akindele Absent At Father's Funeral by bluefilm: 3:16pm On Jan 19
End time children.

Romance / Re: Ladies, What Made You Visit A Guy Once And Never Visit Again? by bluefilm: 2:55pm On Jan 19
So una don finally carry this nonsense question from Rant HQ come land for the final dumping site wey be nairaland?

Tufiakwa. lipsrsealed

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Religion / Re: Here’s Why Senior Catholic Figures Are Cautioning Father Mbaka (By Naptu2) by bluefilm: 1:38pm On Jan 19
Envy is the root of all evils, Cain & Abel, first murder saga,all happened because of Envy.
Father Mbaka as a man of god has been receiving backlash and threats from evil men.
Just because he is against the evil party called PDP, had all his prophecies, been against Apc, there wouldn't have been these noise.
Its on record that the leadership of Christian Association of Nigeria, was so much in dirty politics, that they turned to Arms dealers. Yet no body sanctioned them, like they are pestering Father Mbaka, the only true man of God from the South East, Side.

Mbaka for minister of religious affairs,by God grace.

Those who can clearly see what is going on don't need to listen to these so called catholic elders.

Mbaka is doing God's work in his own way.

If those elders are sad or angry, they should go and tell their own God to be giving them the correct predictions.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is A 130k Job Including Tithing Be Considered A Good Job? by bluefilm: 12:04pm On Jan 19
If you can set up your residual income sources, no amount of salary will ever be too small for you again.

You may be earning just 50K monthly salary, meanwhile your residual income is drawing in over 1 Million for you every month.

The only people who consider their salary first before they do anything else are people whose only source of earning is that their salary.

So my friend, start thinking big.

Think residual income!!!

Residual income is the way to go!

And the more residual income sources you can set up, the better for you and your family.

You may not even have the need to touch that your salary anymore!!!


Business / Re: Football (+/Other Sports) Betting Season 14 by bluefilm: 11:53am On Jan 19
he invested heavily on viking007 game
And it casted


I don die.

Business / Re: Football (+/Other Sports) Betting Season 14 by bluefilm: 11:46am On Jan 19
So you self Don dey beg now. I remember when you dey always play and hide games only to come show wining ticket with excuse of testing your new strategy. Truly, no one knows tomorrow. Chai


I had to read his post again to make sure say na the real Tissuepaper be dat o!

Wonders shall never end!!!

Wetin make Tissuepaper turn to beggar?

My guess is Newcastle!!!


Celebrities / Re: 10 Disturbing Takeaways From The Davido-patrick Dirty Saga by bluefilm: 11:31am On Jan 19

(10) Lastly, Davido's musical talents might be overrated with almost half of his hit songs being linked to other artistes although it's a norm abroad.

Thank God you recognized this obvious fact because I personally wrote over 75% of all Tupac's hit songs.

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Religion / Re: How Sex Can Be A Sweet Trap Of Death by bluefilm: 10:03am On Jan 19
Wait... who carry the picture of my GS lecturer and his female student for inside im car come here? wink
Religion / Re: 2020 - 2029 The Last Decade Of The Church ( The Rapture Will Happen Very Soon!!) by bluefilm: 8:51am On Jan 19
Religious _imbeciles don carry Anoda one come again o.


Crime / Re: Married Man Dies On Top Of Single Mother During Sex Romp In Delta Hotel by bluefilm: 7:43am On Jan 19

Blood of Obasanjo!!!
Crime / Re: Woman Sells Her Brother’s N18m Property While He Was In Prison Abroad by bluefilm: 7:41am On Jan 19
Ipobs eh...

They can sell their blodas for money.


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Politics / Re: PDP Secretariat In Nsukka Set Ablaze by bluefilm: 7:12am On Jan 19
May their soul Rip.

Amotekun is responsible for this..

No, not Amotekun.

I blame Iran for this.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Harry And Meghan Will No Longer Use Official Titles - Buckingham Palace by bluefilm: 6:32am On Jan 19
It used to be the normal mother in law/ wife battle.

Now, all thanks to the stupid and weak Prince, it is going to be Grandmother in law/wife battle.

The foolish Prince will be the loser in the end, no doubts.


Family / Re: Go And Do A Paternity Test On You Children, Especially Your First Child by bluefilm: 6:26am On Jan 19
If my wife births today...

I am doing the DNA thing the next day.


Health / Re: African Star Apple Could Cause Male Infertility by bluefilm: 5:53am On Jan 19

the OP is at fault here. that's how another fellow sometime last year made a silly "research" post on 'the dangers of eating beans and plantain'.
we just laughed at him.

ask them the source of their research and they can't quote a valid one.

Na wa o!
Health / Re: African Star Apple Could Cause Male Infertility by bluefilm: 3:08pm On Jan 18
These fools don come again o!

Now, they want to criminalize and demonize our udara for us.

E no go work for dem at all, aswear.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Sheffield United (1 - 1) On 18th January 2020 by bluefilm: 3:06pm On Jan 18
Sure 3 points in the bag for

Sheffield United!!
Crime / Re: Sadiku Muniru Dolapo: EFCC Arrests Wanted Yahoo Boy, Colleagues, Seizes Cars by bluefilm: 11:18am On Jan 18
By their dressing, you shall know them.



abnormal hair styles



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Politics / Re: How UNIMAID Student ‘tricked Boko Haram To Escape Abduction’ by bluefilm: 11:15am On Jan 18
U withheld the surname you den release it, mumu

Na wetin idiotic copy and paste dey cause. grin grin grin

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