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Politics / Re: Buhari Receives Briefing From Osagie Ehanire And Chikwe Ihekweazu by Bolaji21(m): 2:40pm On Mar 28, 2020


Obviously, the whole video is studio work i.e cut and join. If you want to convince the world that the president is alive, place him in front of live camera, maybe NTA, and have him speak or wave to us for a few seconds.

Merging random clips of the president without face mask meeting with random dudes on face masks only solidifies our suspicions
Webmasters / Re: Best WP Theme Or Plugin For VTU Portal by Bolaji21(m): 11:40am On Jan 24, 2020

I built this https://cheapmobiledata.ng and https://triplejexchange.com, so I'm sure I can help you with a VTU portal.
Reach me via adeademi2@gmail.com
If you need a VTU website (airtime purchase, data purchase, bill payment etc). I can help you with one for 100k. 3-5 days delivery. Note that 50% upfront payment is required and the cost is not inclusive of hosting+domain. Reach me via adeademi2@gmail.com
Programming / Re: How Can I Create A Site Like Mobilenig by Bolaji21(m): 11:40am On Jan 24, 2020

Check https://cheapmobiledata.ng and https://triplejexchange.com

If you like what you see, you can reach me via adeademi2@gmail.com
If you need a VTU website (airtime purchase, data purchase, bill payment etc). I can help you with one for 100k. 3-5 days delivery. Note that 50% upfront payment is required and the cost is not inclusive of hosting+domain. Reach me via adeademi2@gmail.com
Webmasters / Re: How To Run PHP by Bolaji21(m): 12:51pm On Nov 22, 2019

is the app on playstore and thank you for telling me, I am actually using the w3 school , but I just don't know how to use that ksweb. I just felt confused
It's a PC software. You need a computer to install and run it. I just noticed that ksweb is a mobile app. I really don't know about coding on phone. But I assume phone is all you have to learn coding. Let me experiment with it (ksweb) and get back to you.

While on that, you might want to checkout https://devcareer.io/. They provide laptops for those learning to code.
Webmasters / Re: How To Run PHP by Bolaji21(m): 6:44pm On Nov 21, 2019
hello guys I download this app called ksweb to use it for PHP, pls I don't know how to use it to openy php files or how to use the MySQL server.
please if you know anyway to use PHP on android phone tell me .

ksweb is a light weight server. You need to have php installed too to be able to run php scripts, and you need mySQL installed to be able to interact with the database. I'd suggest you installed Laragon/XAMPP/WAMP as they come bundled with all you need. Also, note that you can't run a php script directly from browser like you'll run an html file. You need to access it via a url (localhost).

I assume you already have a tutorial you're following. If not, start here https://www.w3schools.com/php/
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland Trends At The Top Of Twitter Nigeria; See Comments About NL & Users by Bolaji21(m): 11:24am On Oct 21, 2019
This makes me feel so grateful and privileged to have had the opportunity to create a platform for this amazing community of great minds.
Nairaland is great. Don't let tribalists and trolls kill it. Also, find time to improve the search feature. It's presently so useless.


Webmasters / Re: Service Of A Webmaster Needed Urgently by Bolaji21(m): 9:11am On Oct 14, 2019

Can you do it?
Yes I can
Webmasters / Re: Service Of A Webmaster Needed Urgently by Bolaji21(m): 12:39am On Oct 14, 2019
I have this WordPress theme I purchased from themeforest, its a nice theme but it has some few css problems.
The theme author is delaying in rolling out a new update and I really can't wait any longer...

So if you can modify a WordPress theme css, let me know
And oh... for charity, the issue has to do with a drop down menu. I want it disabled or modified.

Drop drop your whatsapp contact and I will message you with more info
Any developer you decide to settle with, ensure you tell him/her to create a child theme instead of modifying the theme directly. This helps ensure you get the latest updates from theme creator and keep your changes.

If the developer edits the theme directly, when you update the theme, the developer changes will most likely disappear and require a redo. But if it's a child theme, only the parent theme gets updated which helps "eat your cake and have it"

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Webmasters / Re: Nairaland Deployed A New UI by Bolaji21(m): 3:33pm On Sep 30, 2019

Of course. You're right.
However, many people are reporting that the new look hurts their eyes. You might not be affected. But do you have any solution?

If you have a solution, then we can compare with the Dark theme and see which serves the users better. Else,
The UI is painful to behold. The design needs to be overhauled.
Webmasters / Re: Nairaland Deployed A New UI by Bolaji21(m): 9:46am On Sep 30, 2019

Well,, I don't read NL from my browser. Even top browsers like Chrome don't do much to protect the reader's screen wrt eye glare, stare and long hours of reading protection... I use booksrite001 's app. It solves all these with the Dark Theme. And it retains the underlines too. You should try it.

We shouldn't need dark theme to read threads on nairaland

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Webmasters / Re: Nairaland Deployed A New UI by Bolaji21(m): 3:16pm On Sep 26, 2019
Tops of the day!
Nairaland wears a brand new skin. shocked

I just want to briefly talk about the noticeable changes:

1) No more underlines everywhere.
This underline is really a thing with almost anything clickable on NL. Seeing the lines disappear actually makes a lot of sense. The texts are more readable.

2) Centralization removed in Forum listing
It's obvious too that the section listings are no more centralized. I actually think this is cool and it makes sense.

3) A lot of background changes. This is for the technical audiences. Mods are now more effective and some security features have been added. CoRs for example.

I'll add other changes I see. No time.

Cheers Seun cool
Whoever came up with this new UI should be flogged! This is 2019, not 2002. We can do better. The new UI is painful to the eyes

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Webmasters / Re: Deleted by Bolaji21(m): 7:23pm On Sep 19, 2019
Webmasters / Deleted by Bolaji21(m): 7:15pm On Sep 19, 2019
Webmasters / Re: Help With A Wordpress Project! by Bolaji21(m): 5:57pm On Aug 14, 2019

The theme downloaded is a wordpress theme from themeforest.net. I can't access localhost/nameOfWeb/wp-admin on the browser, because the wp-admin is not in the downloaded theme. The only one I could access is localhost/wordpress/wp-admin which is giving me the default settings.
You're mixing things up, hence the reason I asked for screenshots.
wp-admin is your admin panel. In the admin panel, on the sidemenu, you'll see appearance, when you hover on it, you'll see themes. I've attached screenshots for you.

Webmasters / Re: Help With A Wordpress Project! by Bolaji21(m): 11:14pm On Aug 13, 2019
Hello people,
Am new to wordpress. I have this small wordpress project am handling. I downloaded a theme from themeforest.net. I have also installed Wordpress on the local PC. In another tutorial that I downloaded, I was made to know if I want to access the theme on the dashboard, I'll have to log in using localhost/NameOfWeb/wp-admin. But there is no wp-admin in the theme I have downloaded from themeforest. I have tried to download another theme, and that folder is also missing in the new download.

As a result, I could not even make use of the theme by using Appearance > Theme menu.

Please help on what to do...

I'll appreciate.
Check if the theme you download is a wordpress theme. If it is, access your wp-admin via localhost/nameOfWeb/wp-admin, and goto appearance > themes, then select upload theme, you'll see an upload button. Select your download theme and click install. The theme should upload and install with an activate button when done, if it's a wordpress theme. You can upload screenshots of your challenge to enable others help you further.
Webmasters / Fix Your Wordpress Issues Here by Bolaji21(m): 7:02pm On Jul 26, 2019
Aa the topic says, drop your WordPress issues and someone will hopefully be able to help here so others can learn too.
Webmasters / Re: I Want To Create A Forum, I Need Suggestions by Bolaji21(m): 4:15pm On Jul 17, 2019
I want to create a forum, please who can suggest a script That I can use for the forum. Any Ideas are welcome. Thanks.

And if you have a script you can also drop a demo url so that i check it out

Google search for mybb and xenforo. One of them should meet at your needs.
Programming / Re: I Need Help With The Dark Web by Bolaji21(m): 9:25pm On Jul 15, 2019

Not that it's purposefully placed in the dark web but the search is wider. I feel like Google is restrictive. It's been hard for me to get a full master's scholarship for international students. I need assistance to fund my schooling and the one place I have not tried to search is the dark web
Maybe this will help.

Almost 100 scholarships https://mobile.twitter.com/MomentsWithBren/status/1150185392680910848


Programming / Re: I Need Help With The Dark Web by Bolaji21(m): 9:58am On Jul 15, 2019
Please who can help me search for full master's scholarships on the dark web? Please. Thanks
and why do you think a full masters scholarship will be placed on the dark web?
Education / Re: Can You Get A Job With A Second Class Lower Degree by Bolaji21(m): 11:47pm On Jul 14, 2019
If you have the needed skills, most startups only want to know if you graduated from school, that's all. The IT profession (programming) is more interested in skills than school certificate. And if networking is your way, acquire as much certifications as you can afford.

Or if you choose design, they just want to see your portfolio plus proof you went to sch.

In other words, 2:2 doesn't limit you in the tech industry.

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Webmasters / Re: I Need Proffesional Computer Programmer by Bolaji21(m): 10:10pm On Jul 14, 2019
I need a professional that can create virus form grabber and encrypter if you can do good one for me, contact me on whatsap: +971564662031
Programming / Re: What Are The Tools Needed To Create An OS? by Bolaji21(m): 10:09pm On Jul 14, 2019
I Want To Develop An Operating System Like Windows,what Are The Things I Need? C or C# or PYTHON or C++ or VB.
If you can get to the advanced part of C/C++ and assembly language, you might be able to build your own OS.

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Webmasters / Re: I Need A Web Designer Who Can Download A Website And Upload It To Another Domain by Bolaji21(m): 1:28pm On Jul 12, 2019
I need a good designer who can download a site and upload it to another hosting and domain

You must be very good, I've been ripped here before so I don't want to be ripped again, if you can do this then comment below with ur WhatsApp number
What you're talking about is website cloning and website migration. I can help you with that adeademi2@gmail.com
Programming / Re: Recommendation On Laptop Needed For Programming by Bolaji21(m): 11:11am On Jul 11, 2019
I would like to learn programming I have read a lot of things about it and I am interested in starting and getting to know more
The first step is getting a laptop so I am concerned when getting a laptop what are the things I should consider if I wanna use the laptop for majorly programming
I mean the properties of the laptop I should go for maybe 4gb ram,processor and all sort of stuff
Thank you and God bless�
If it's web programming, 2GB RAM and 2.0Ghz processor speed is fine.
If it's mobile development, at least 8GB RAM and 2.5Ghz will ensure you don't smash the laptop angrily one day.

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Software/Programmer Market / Re: How Much Will It Cost Me To Have Someone Build A Professional Blog For Me by Bolaji21(m): 10:11am On Jul 08, 2019
How can I contact you
You can reach me via adeademi2@gmail.com. I'll be waiting for your email
Programming / Re: How Do I Get A Programer That Design A Site by Bolaji21(m): 10:51am On Jul 03, 2019
Hello guy please i need urgent assistance want to get the people that develop a particular site my company want to do thesame or similar thing but want the developer, kindly assist.
Adding to what @resosdigital said, you can also contact a developer and ask him for something like that, that's if you can't/don't want to get in touch with the website owners. Some website owners don't allow the developer place his details at the footer. Cos of proprietary reasons I guess,
Webmasters / Re: Nairaland Needs To Up Its Game On Fighting Spammers! by Bolaji21(m): 1:12pm On Jul 02, 2019
the best is this ip address stuff or sim watever . cookies can be blocked or cleared i think
Supercookies are not easily cleared like normal cookies but I get your point.
Webmasters / Re: Nairaland Needs To Up Its Game On Fighting Spammers! by Bolaji21(m): 9:14am On Jul 02, 2019
I think Nairaland management is just not fully ready to fight spam. They can use supercookies and some other variables to identify previous users and ensure they cannot register new account if the previous account(s) was banned.

They can also make their spambot smarter (not more wicked), so it identifies the spammers, remove their post(s) and ban them once they make a spam post. Their posts are generic (same every time), so that should be easy.
Webmasters / Re: Ythjokngfgnj by Bolaji21(m): 7:14pm On Jun 29, 2019
You all should be arrested
Programming / Re: Any Ideas On Programs I Can Create? by Bolaji21(m): 10:22am On Jun 17, 2019
I Am Determined To Create A New Program Like Zuckenberg Did.Is There Any Idea Of What We Can Create Now And Make It Popular? Is There A Whatsapp Group I Can Join? Contact Me At +23458192331
Google search MDG and create a solution that addresses one of the 12 problems.
Webmasters / Re: Who Can Design A Website For Me And How Much Is It Gonna Cost by Bolaji21(m): 11:49am On Jun 09, 2019

So u would seriously host a client project with smartweb?
I don't know your experience with them, but I've been using Smartweb since 2015 and it's better than web4africa and whogohost. Even better than same plan on namecheap cos namecheap hosting will keep logging you out especially if you're using mtn.

I usually table all the options to the client. Most small website will not exchauts 30GB bandwidth monthly. So, the plan is economical for someone testing the waters.

Perhaps you have another opinion?
Webmasters / Re: Who Can Design A Website For Me And How Much Is It Gonna Cost by Bolaji21(m): 9:42pm On Jun 08, 2019

But wait oo which webhost is 4k
Smartweb has a hosting that cheap. It's good for small websites just starting.

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