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Gaming / Re: PS4 Games Exchange by braveheart77: 3:49pm On Jul 07

Lmao who's talking about PS plus extra here. who told you people don't get PS plus premium from me for 10k while downloading all sweet sweet games on premium, dem don influence you. What you don't know is bigger than you. Hahahahaha I'm laughing
The point is you lose all of those games once your so called psplus expires.

For the original thing you own it for life as long as subscription is active.


Gaming / Re: PS4 Games Exchange by braveheart77: 10:26am On Jul 06
To whom it may concern. I wonder why you'll be paying 34k for PS plus when you can get the same thing with me for 10k.

Call or Whatsapp 07067613973 for cheap games and PS plus

Will they have access the account forever?

If No, then it’s a bad deal because the attraction of PsPlus is the games you own forever on active subscription.

Everyone should just invest in Psplus Extra for a year and it’s sure you will get amazing games; na you go tire sef.
Gaming / Re: PS4 Games Exchange by braveheart77: 11:44pm On Jul 03

Your head they there with taxes e no go pass 5k

The service fee is high!! Lol


Gaming / Re: PS4 Games Exchange by braveheart77: 1:22am On Jun 21
Fifa 22 ps4 anyone?
Gaming / Re: PS4 Games Exchange by braveheart77: 11:28am On Jun 16

Just like ps plus , but with extra games added every month…(TOP NOTCH games)

Games wey our vendor go Dey do shakara for . cheesy grin

For a Whole year , not monthly, they will be in your library…

So its not like PsPlus then.

For PsPlus once you miss downloding the game in a the month, you cannot have it in your library again. So you must download it when its available.

So for this one, the games are always available for download all through the year right
Gaming / Re: PS4 Games Exchange by braveheart77: 8:54am On Jun 16

Games likely to be added mid-July include ;

Call of duty vanguard
Last of us 2
Elden Ring

Make all man just japa to ps plus Extra and save yourself lots of money ! grin

Is it also like psplus? Are the games available for download only monthly or for the whole year
Health / Re: Snoring Heavily In The Sleep, What Is The Solution. by braveheart77: 10:36am On Jun 12
The guy is suffering from an Obstructive Sleep Apnea. To treat it, he need to go for a sleep test at the sleep lab. Base on this, the doctor will recommend a CPAP machine for him which is quite expensive. I experienced it in Nigeria when everybody was running away from.me at night got treated when I got to the US. My CPAP machine is $3300.
Abeg convert it to Naira.
do you still use the machine
Autos / Re: ASK GAZZUZZ by braveheart77: 7:33pm On Jun 11
Is Hardex that bad? I already bought and changed my oil but just came across some bad reviews on nairaland.

I really dont mind replacing it immediately if it can harm my engine. I use Corolla 10
Gaming / Re: Accepting Bitcoins For Payment Of PSN Gift Card And PS PLUS by braveheart77: 4:42am On Jun 11

Drop contact

Are you interested?

Send PM
Car Talk / Re: Alloy Wheels Painting by braveheart77: 10:56am On May 27

I changed mine from gray and silver to black and silver, it was a head turner then, that was 2yrs ago, now is old and I am planning to respray it again next month.

Go for it instead of wasting your money on new one, i.e if you like your rim style.

Do you have a picture please? And is it possible to spray it back to default color. I heard there’s a kind of removable paint
Health / Re: Serious Lower Back Pain And I Can't Walk Straight by braveheart77: 10:50am On May 27
Thank u so much sir God will bless you real good. He's not on NL but I've shown him this thread and he has taken your contact.
From the pictures u sent his condition looks like the one in the middle with bulging out butt(anterior pelvic tilt)
Talking about the right posture do u mean with time the bad posture/misaligned pelvis can return back to normal in months or years to come?
While on exercise should he continue or discontinue pain relief drugs?

And if he should continue on pain relief drugs could u be kind to recommend any?

@Bolded, I doubt it!! Someone with an anterior pelvic tilt will not have a straightened lumbar lordosis or flat back. APT is characterized by excessive curve in the lower back.

We can do a quick test:

He should lay down on his back with his legs flat down and knees raised up. Can he feel arch in his lower back or is there a curve, he should put this hand through his lower back to confirm.

See my comment in the previous post on my opinion on pain medications and yes if the issues of poor posture is not addressed the pain and dysfunctions will keep coming back.

Let him do the test above. A proper diagnosis is important before he starts exercises; it will be crazy to do a posterior pelvic tilt correction exercise when he actually has an anterior pelvic tilt and vice versa; this will make him WORST!!
Health / Re: Serious Lower Back Pain And I Can't Walk Straight by braveheart77: 10:44am On May 27
I have exactly the same pain in my left hip and the entire leg downward..

Though I don't have back pain but I can't work long distance without breaking down in pain. I also noticed that my posture has changed (bending rightward while walking or standing)

A doctor suggested it's arthritis and placed me on ibuprofen and other pain reliever medicine.

It works very well but the pain reoccures as soon as I stop the medication..

Please I need help.

You likely have some weak or tight muscles on your left, so your right is compensating for it; this could have been caused by an injury in the past or damage to any the hip muscles.

I usually don’t advise pain relievers unless its an extreme pain. Pain relievers may make it seem like you’re improving when you are not.

Clearly you need to work on your posture but did you have any trigger to this event that you can remember?
Health / Re: Serious Lower Back Pain And I Can't Walk Straight by braveheart77: 12:53pm On May 26
please ur suggestion will be highly valued. He keep going to hospital and they keep giving him expensive pain relief drugs but the pains returns. Please what steps did you take to correct yours?

Exercises to strengthen weak muscles and losen tight ones. In posterior pelvic tilt certain muscles are tight and others are weak and they need to be worked on through exercises and awareness of what the neutral spine should be. That’s why I said he needs education, that’s the key!!

Doctor can treat you with all sorts of medications or devices but if you don’t know what the right posture is, then just wait for a few months or years it will surely be back. Traction will take away the pain but all these are just treatments for the symptoms (yea the pain is just a symptom that you have a misaligned pelvis)

Health / Re: Serious Lower Back Pain And I Can't Walk Straight by braveheart77: 8:01am On May 26
Yes sir! The doctor said it was as a result of his posture and my brother sits for a long time at his place of work. He has been on medication prescribed by the doctor, Cocodamol. A relief came but the pain is back again. He can hardly bend or walk erect. Please help.

If i met a doctor that told me this, I would have been saved from years of pain, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts etc. What posterior pelvic tilt caused to me could have led to my death literally.

What specialist doctor did he meet?
Health / Re: Serious Lower Back Pain And I Can't Walk Straight by braveheart77: 7:59am On May 26
please sir is the condition serious? cry

How can the lumbar lordosis be restored?

It can be serious lol if not corrected soon.

The summary of the solution is posture correction but its not that easy because he needs to understand what the problem is and how it affects his body.
Health / Re: Serious Lower Back Pain And I Can't Walk Straight by braveheart77: 7:56am On May 26
Is yours completely restored?
What steps did you take sir?

Yes restored. Infact I almost had the opposite when curing it lol (excessive curve/anterior pelvic tilt).

I can talk to him personally if you want, he needs to be educated as that’s the biggest part.
Health / Re: Serious Lower Back Pain And I Can't Walk Straight by braveheart77: 4:34am On May 26

A bit but the cost of drugs is very high

Not an issue of drug. You need to get your natural lumbar lordosis back (the natural curve in the spine). If you don’t do this, you will be back to square one in no time because the lumbar lordosis should not be straightened as this will cause pronesss to injury, back pains, and even breathing issues in the long term since a straightened lumbar lordosis will distort the thoracic spine as well and cause a compression in the rib cage; the body is all connected!!
Health / Re: Serious Lower Back Pain And I Can't Walk Straight by braveheart77: 4:20am On May 26
Hello sir, is ur back pain(loss of lumbar lordosis) completely cured? Please what steps did u take?

My younger brother was diagnosed of loss of lumbar lordosis and he is 28

He probably has has been slouching for years without knowing, at least this was the cause of mine.

Loss of lumbar lordosis essentially means he has a posterior pelvic tilt and if not corrected this can cause several impairments in his body like breathing problems, back pain/proneness to back injury, pelvic floor dysfunction, Erectile dysfunction, etc.

Anyways the first step is to realize that he is probably slouching (not sitting and standing in the correct posture). The correct posture is one with a neutral spine and every normal spine has a slight curve (about 7 degree). A loss of lumbar lordosis means this curve is totally lost because the pelvis has tilted posteriorly or backwards.

I believe his cause is bad posture as well but I wouldn’t assume. I will wait to get further information.
Car Talk / Re: Alloy Wheels Painting by braveheart77: 12:35pm On May 25


I don'tw know why people like fancy thing so much

Some will even change their follow come alloy rim to this chinco fancy ones

Nothing wrong with this bro. It’s just preference and you should respect differences in preference and opinions


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Long Have You Been Searching For A Job Now? by braveheart77: 12:32pm On May 25
Read carefully next time and don't rush to make statement for argument sake so you don't end up apologising unnencessary over lack of understanding as a result of impatience to understand what was said. What I wrote is "MORE IMPACT" if what you know had more impact than who you know then majority of those with good grades and skills will not be having unemployment or under employment in Nigeria.

That post was made May 8. With this your comment it looks like you’re depressed. You could have easily ignored and move on.
Autos / Re: . by braveheart77: 4:46pm On May 24
Are they china?
Car Talk / Re: Alloy Wheels Painting by braveheart77: 3:58pm On May 24
Leave ur rim d way its,d moment u paint it,u hv devalue it urself,go to where dey sell rim,make ur choice, dey collect ur old rim n u add money n get new ones........Note:most alloy rim in market are mostly china......

Thanks bro. How do i find out which is authentic and not china
Gaming / Accepting Bitcoins For Payment Of PSN Gift Card And PS PLUS by braveheart77: 3:55pm On May 24
Due to challenges with buying PSN in Nigeria. We are accepting Bitcoin, USDT as payments for PSN and PS PLUS.

Make your demands and you get the required value of PSN Gift Cards
Gaming / Re: PS4 Games Exchange by braveheart77: 7:17pm On May 23

Ps5 version makes sense ,last month , it was 16 dollars on discount !

It worth it ,if you on ps5 , remember if you call naija vendors for nba2k22 , na 30k plus u go hear ! …lmao

I just buy my games online these days lol. Their prices are crazy.


Car Talk / Re: Alloy Wheels Painting by braveheart77: 1:19pm On May 23
It is possible. You can do silver and black.

Mine was silver alone, changed it to silver and black

How long has this been? Has it lasted enough? Also can i know the cost.

Gaming / Re: PS4 Games Exchange by braveheart77: 5:01pm On May 22
Is NBA2k22 worth it? For those that have played? Can’t afford to waste 22 dollars.

Was close to buying COD VANGUARD on the weekend discount until I saw terrible reviews about the game.

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Gaming / Re: PS4 Games Exchange by braveheart77: 4:57pm On May 22

Can you link me up for the 6 USD deal?

Sure. Milad on Telegram
Car Talk / Re: Advice On First Car To Buy by braveheart77: 4:45pm On May 22

So, you mean a Toks 2011 Corolla @N4m is a better value than 2012 Camry at same 4m?


If after that comprehensive explanation i gave this is what you understood, then I’m sorry I can’t help you.
Car Talk / Re: Advice On First Car To Buy by braveheart77: 9:11am On May 22


OP, whatever you buy, make sure it's not a Corolla because that overrated toy-car is for sad boys.

Best choice Sedans are;

1. Lexus ES 350, 2010 upwards
2. Toyota Camry 2010 upwards.
3. Honda Accord. 2012 Upwards.


This makes no sense because you assume Nigeria is USA or something. Corolla, although with a lesser performance than Camry or Luxury is ideal in a developing country like Nigeria for economical reasons.

What you see as value may be different from what someone else sees as value, if you are very rich then a Lexus is more logical. If you’re an average guy (like the majority of car buyers in Nigeria), then a Corolla makes more sense and should be more valuable. Perhaps he would just go for a Sport version to a bit of class.

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Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips On Cars. by braveheart77: 8:52am On May 22
How do I determine when it’s time to service my car? A basic question I know
Car Talk / Alloy Wheels Painting by braveheart77: 8:48am On May 22
Hi guys.

I am really considering this. Is it possible to get a quality job done? I find my white rims boring and want it painted to black.

Any advise?
Car Talk / Re: Alloywheel Paint by braveheart77: 8:23am On May 22
Did you find somewhere good

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