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Politics / Why June 12 Election Was Cancelled - IBB by Dailymemoirs4: 4:21pm On Jun 12
General Ibrahim Babangida has explained the reason he annulled the June 12, 1993 presidential election which was won by the late Chief MKO Abiola. On June 12, that is next month’s, Nigeria will mark it as Democracy Day again.

Babangida said: They will kill me; they will kill the President Elect, Chief MKO Abiola if I went ahead with the election and announced the winner of the elections which we all know to be Bashorun, Chief MKO Abiola.

”I know so; I am not daft. He won; he tried. I feel bad about the whole matter. Professor, I do not see how they will spare you because they know you are my principal confidant. You think they do not know you? They know; they know you are with me now. They saw you coming in and they know you are with me now I cannot kill myself for the sake of what the country wants. I am sorry,” IBB lamented. It was astonishing to hear a General stating that he could not lay down his life for his country.

It was clear that General Babangida was in a fix as of June 21st 1993. I then proceeded to deal with the questions of who were these “they” and for what reasons would they want to kill the President and the President Elect if the June 12 election were allowed to go forward. He named them in military and in ethnic categories:

”Sani (meaning General Sani Abacha) is opposed to a return to civilian rule. Sani cannot stand the idea of Chief Abiola, a Yoruba becoming his Commander- in- Chief; Sani seems to have the ears of the Norhern leaders that no Southerner especially from the South West should become the President of the country. Sani seems to rally the Northern elders to confront me on the matter. He is winning; the Sultan and the Northern leaders are of this frame of mind.”

”Where do I go from here? They do not trust me. Without Sani, I will not be alive today; without the North, I would not have become an officer in the Nigerian Army and now the President of Nigeria I don’t want to appear ungrateful to Sani; he may not be bright upstairs but he knows how to overthrow governments and overpower coup plotters. He saw to my coming to office in 1985 and to my protection in the many coups I faced in the past, especially the Orkar coup of 1990 where he saved me and my family including my infant daughter.”

”Sani risked his life to get me into office in 1983 and 1985; if he says he does not want Chief Abiola, I will not force Chief Abiola on him.”

He also named Lt General Dongoyaro and Brigadier General David Mark as those who were against Chief Abiola. In fact, he quoted David Mark as saying: I’d shoot Chief Abiola the day NEC( National Electoral Commission) pronounces him the elected President!
Politics / How IBB Fooled Nigerians With June 12 Election by Dailymemoirs4: 12:47pm On Jun 12
How IBB fooled Nigerians with 1993 elections.
I have heard many say different things about the June 12 1993 elections and how it was the best election Nigeria ever witnessed. While June 12 was very transparent what was the real game plan behind the June 12 saga. General Ibrahim Babangida had seized power through a coup in 1985. His major helper during the Coup General Sani Abacha had agreed with IBB that he will take over after him. Twice during the IBB regime General Sani Abacha stopped two coups from ousting General IBB and most notably the Okar Coup where he came to IBB's rescue at the Baracks where he sneaked him out in a peageout 504 car on a day IBB would have been killed . IBB had retairated his promise to Abacha that after spending 8 years in power. Sani Abacha willl be Head of State. As the years came closer to it's end IBB became reluctant about handing over to General Abacha because he feared General Abacha would not want to leave power if he was given the chance. He tried to make General Abacha change his mind by offering him a huge sum of money but General Abacha insisted that he wanted the head of State seat. IBB had to come up with a plan to handover power to General Abacha without making it obvious that there was a military arrangement. He decided there will be elections and that the elections would not have a result giving him the reason to constitute an interim government. IBB downsized the political parties to just two with Bashir Tofa and Late MKO Abiola made the flag bearers. The elections were allowed to hold but while the results were to be announced he gave orders for the elections to be cancelled thereafter announcing that he will be stepping aside for an interim government to conduct a fresh election. IBB formed an interim government and placed Ernest Shonekan as the Interim President. He also retired all the senior officers to General Abacha making him the highest ranking Military officer and indirectly the number two man in the country. .Shonekan was lied to by IBB that Abacha had a role to play in his government and that was ensure that no one would topple his government meanwhile Abacha was actually there to topple the government as they agreed years ago. Shonekan was warned by someone who knew the plan but rather than approach the matter tactically Shonekan told Abacha , even showed him the letter. Abacha denied that such a plan existed. Two weeks later Abacha and some senior Military officers went to Shonekans office and forced him to resign at gunpoint. Abacha took over. June 12 1993 was never an election intended to bring forth democracy. It was IBB's excuse to form an interim government that will aid Abacha's takeover. A reward for Abacha's loyalty to him

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Politics / No Nigerian Governor Should Leave Office 100 Million Richer by Dailymemoirs4: 11:51am On May 20
No Nigerian Governor deserves to leave office with more than a hundred Million Naira By sensational soibi

The economic situation in tye country is getting worse and there are talks of of a need to remove fuel subsidy which will have a major impact on transportation. There have been sacks in the private sector and even the government of some states can no longer pay workers salary. The case of Kaduna is a real issue and imagine such numbers loosing their jobs without a pay off. Nigeria is suffering because our leaders have over stolen. The problem is not just stealing but greedy stealing. Every political appointee thinks of enriching themselves at the slightest chance and most times with an amount that is not relative. The average civil servant at level 16 who retires goes home with a pension of about N200k a month and gratituity of N5million but a Governor who server for four years to 8 years wants a pension accumulative of 500 million naira a year. Even the money stolen from awarding of contracts during their tenure most times exceeds billions and come to think that others work for 30-35 years and end up with less than five million naira is unthinkable.

Nigerian must stand up to check mate corruption among office holders who stay for four years to eight years. The country is broke because of over stealing. If a Governor leaves office and his weathier by more than a hundred million naira he should be arrested and made to forfeit his loot.

The likes of El Rufai want staffs sacked but will leave office with billions this should not be so.
Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Has Now Won The National Cup In Three Different Countries by Dailymemoirs4: 11:39am On May 20
Congratulations to him.

To the person above, even if he wins it you're not going to benefit anything, it would be solely for his own personal benefit.

The man is made, you should ask yourself are you made? He can decide to do nothing for the next 30 years and he won't beg neither would his living standard drop, ask yourself can you afford not to work for 30 years and not be a burden to your family?

OK let's take this out of finance.
Have you won your own personal life UCL that could be any any area of your life that makes your entire family, neighbours, extended feel proud of you?

I really don't get why people focus too much on others and ignore their own life subtly.

He didn't Insult you bro he only said when is he going to win the Champions League with Juve which is a logical statement. Your attack on his personal achievements is uncalled for


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Sports / Ronaldo Having A Bad Season Many Can Only Dream Of By Sensationalsoibi by Dailymemoirs4: 10:14pm On May 19
Ronaldo Having a bad season many would have dreamed of

By sensational soibi

Juventus have won their 14th Italian Cup after beating Atlanta in the final 2-1. Goals from Dejan Kulveski and Federico Chiesa gave the Turin Club the trophy. The win means Cristiano Ronaldo has now won every top flight domestic trophy in Italy, Spain and England.

Juventus who have been having a bad season by their standards have won two trophies this season and in danger of champions league qualifications if things turn out bad in on the last day of the season.

Juventus suffered a round of 16 exit from the Champions League in the hands of Porto. Andrea Pirlo and Ronaldo have been seveeuly criticised this season for poor showing. Despite Ronaldo netting 36 times in all competition for Juventus this term some of the blame has been landed on him.

He has been branded as having a bad season and açcused of sniffing life from his Juventus team who had won nine straight Seria A titles before now. But his 29 league goals in Seria A means he will likely finish the season with the Golden boot this term and even in a season many feel he has underperformed he is having a success many would have dreamed of. Should Juventus finish in the Champions League slot this weekend it will cap a fairly successful season undermined from the outside.

Sports / Re: Why Was Ryan Giggs Snubbed In EPL Inductees List? By Sensational Soibi by Dailymemoirs4: 5:36pm On May 19
But Cantona did worse things. It is really a controversial decision. Rio Ferdinand was banned for missing a drug test too
Sports / Re: Why Was Ryan Giggs Snubbed In EPL Inductees List? By Sensational Soibi by Dailymemoirs4: 5:23pm On May 19
Even me I wounded what happened
Maybe because he never made it to the world cup
Cantona never made it to the world cup too but he was on the list having inspired his club. I think it has to do with his affair with women
Sports / Why Was Ryan Giggs Snubbed In EPL Inductees List? By Sensational Soibi by Dailymemoirs4: 5:18pm On May 19
Premier League Hall of Fame Snubbing Giggs an Insult

The Premier League last month began an induction into the Hall of Fame and enlisted players to be selected from. The likes of Thierry Henry and Alan Shearer were amongst the first to have their names up there having scored a plethora of goals. This week Manchester United legends Eric Cantona and Roy keane were added including Arsenal and Chelsea leagends Dennis Bergkamp and Frank Lampard however in the 23 man shortlist Manchester United winger who has the most Premier league medals 13 and wins as a player including the most assists at 162 was left out in the list causing a worry to me if it was due to his current off field issues or purely a footballing decision?

What do you think?

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Today's Predictions

Nairaland / General / What We Do Is More Important Than What We Say #soibinuggets by Dailymemoirs4: 1:22pm On May 16
People are often full of words than actions. Many words cannot compare to a single act so it is very important to watch your actions more than your words. It is not about what people say it is more important what they do. What they do is often a bigger message than what they say

"As I get older I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do"

Andrew Carnegie
Religion / Reconsidering Anger By Sensationalsoibi by Dailymemoirs4: 9:42pm On May 15
People with understanding control their anger; a hot temper shows great foolishness.”

Proverbs 14:29 (NLT)

Anger has a way of having the better of us. When we are pushed to react in an angry way we are in danger of regretting our actions. Anger always comes with a price. It either costs us our peace or a relationship with someone valuable. The Bible warns in several places about the consequences of uncontrolled anger. When you loose your temper you always loose, either your respect or love.

Anger brings about a separation in our relationship with people. We become alienated when we are upset with someone. Before you retaliate you have got to ask yourself. Do I want to do this ? Do I want to make mistakes?

When you come to realize that anger has a price and consequence you are more likely not going to retaliate when someone pushes you to get angry.

Foreign Affairs / Re: Al Jazeera, AP Building In Gaza Destroyed By Israeli Airstrike (video) by Dailymemoirs4: 4:58pm On May 15
These descendants of David and Goliath have been fighting themselves for more than 4 thousand years undecided

No be small descendants of David and Goliath hahahaha
Politics / Nigeria's Economy Too Fragile For Another Lockdown by Dailymemoirs4: 8:07pm On May 10
The decision by the Federal Government of Nigeria to impose another lockdown doesn't do us any good. We have passed through the worst phase of the covid and given the economic implications the country cannot afford another curfew or lockdown. It would lead to prices of goods getting inflated again and people lossing their jobs. The nation is currently facing one of the worst times financially and with NNPC being in financial challenging times, it would be wise to let people live freeely. The corona virus situation is less serious in Africa, the last thing we need at this time is mass hysteria because that will lead to high demand of goods and less availability.

If the decision taken was done for security issues it would have made more sense. Nigerians are suffering and cannot be put under another lockdown. The hunger in the nation is worse than corona virus.
Politics / Nigerians Change yourselves First by Dailymemoirs4: 8:57am On May 07
We may move from one political party to another or one area of interest to another but we are still unable to change our corrupt human nature.

Corruption Is a major challenge in our modern day society. The desire to have better governments and societies have made many to change their political groups, areas of interest yet the issue of corruption seems to only display itself over again. We have had a change of government from military to civilian yet the nation faces similar issues. Same manner of fraud cases reoccur.

Few years back the All Progressives Congress came with a change slogan and six years into their reign Nigerians are barely breathing. What is the cause of our fallen societies? Or failed revolutions? The inability to change our corrupt Nature. No matter how many times politicians decamp or claim to have come up with better ideas the nation is still wallowing in failure. The current state of Nigeria is the worst the country has been in since 1960. Yet some Nigerians stilll believe that the current government willl bring about a change . I will end by saying what was said in tye first paragraph, we may move from one area of interest to another , political party to another but we are unable to change our corrupt human nature. The key is changing ourselves first.
Sports / Is Tuchel Di Matteo's Reincarnate? by Dailymemoirs4: 9:59pm On May 05
Chelsea today booked a place in this years Champions League final. The blues who last won it in 2012 did so under similar circumstances. The sacking of Andre Villas Boas by Chelsea paved the way for Roberto Di Matteo to become the club's interim manager. The Italian went on to win the FA Cup and Champions League in quick fashion.

With the sacking of Frank Lampard the blues are having similar fate. With the FA cup final and Champions League final in sight. Can Thomas Tuchel get them that sheer of luck once again
Politics / l by Dailymemoirs4: 8:33am On May 02
Sports / Is Mourinho On The Decline? by Dailymemoirs4: 1:19pm On Apr 26
Why Mourinho failed at Spurs:
Is Mourinho on the Decline ?


Sensational soibi

Once upon a time winning trophies and getting the job done was Jose Mourinho’s specialty. The self acclaimed special one, only one and happy one was famous for great feats as a manager having led FC Porto to the Uefa Cup now callled Europa League in 2003 and the following year the Champions League even as under dogs, beating reputable teams like Manchester United and Real Madrid on the way to the final.

Mourinho was young, promising, inspiring and tactical. A former interpreter to Sir Bobby Charlton at Barcelona, Mourinho began his path upwards first at Benfica and not long he got the Porto job.

After his heroics in 2004. He was the most sought after manager in the world with Chelsea having just been bought by Russian Billionaire Roman Abrahamovic were looking to become a dominant force in European football. Mourinho was appointed to lead the charge.
Mourinho assembled a remarkable squad buying the likes of Didier Drogba, Michael Essien, Arjen Robben, Mateja Kezman etc.

Mourinho began his first of two eras with the blues.
His first spell at Chelsea was great . Despite being sacked in his fourth season at the Stamford Bridge club. Mourinho set an unprecedented record winning the League cup twice, the FA Cup, the league twice and getting to the Champions League semi final three times. His unbeaten record at Stamford Bridge lasted


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