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Computers / Re: Neatly used laptop needed in portharcourt by davidadenrele: 7:45am On Oct 14

Am here to help you I have the folowing neatly used American laptops for sale

Dell E7270 Corei5, Touchscreen, 8GB ram, 256GB, webcam, wifi, usbport, hdmi, bluetooth, backlit keyboard.250K

HP Folio 9840m Corei5, 500GB, 8GB ram, webcam, wifi, bluetooth, usbport, hdmi, backlith keyboard. 160K.

HP Elitebook G3, Corei5, 500GB, 8GB ram, webcam, wifi, bluetooth, hdmi, backlit keyboard, 180K.

Kindly chat me up on whatsapp 08023900627 for more information and pictures, to avoid been suspended pictures could not be uploaded for all the laptops.


Celebrities / Re: Photos: Upcoming Girl Model Goes Totally Nude For Her 20th Birthday Photo Shoots by davidadenrele: 2:29pm On Oct 06
This one 20yrs old and the breast don already sag, to crown it all she was covering a saggy breast I pity the future husband.
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Won't Text Back by davidadenrele: 5:41pm On Oct 03

Your action to your girlfriend is so childish, too wrongs dont make a right, first you didn't play your cards well, yeah it's normally to play along and not to reveal things to one girlfriend too early atleast to test her sincerity and after you have discovered she's a girl that deserved what you need from a dream woman, I would have love you to use that opportunity to go on your knees tell her she's was best thing that ever happens to you, pysche her ego say some nice beautiful things to her ears at a lovely restaurant and then tell her you lied about something you know she once asked you about, if she's truly yours she might pretend to walk away at that moment but trust me she will appreciate you more for telling her the truth, it's not too late, to make amends, call her back arrange a very lovely spot with no distraction for two people brought her a bouquet of flowers with a designer perfume tell her the truth as advised you will thank me later make we no lie that babe loves and a good babe as such are very rare to come by.


Computers / Re: Recommend A Good Laptop To Buy by davidadenrele: 4:06pm On Oct 03

I have American used laptops with high configurations that you would like, and you won't be disappointed kindly chat me up on 08023900627.


Travel / Re: Nigeria Is A Bad Country.... by davidadenrele: 5:39pm On Oct 02
I just have to come to this conclusion. I have never suffered to get something like this before. To renew my international passport and also get one for my 5 year old girl has brought so much pain in the past 3 months.

First, they said I must get NIN to renew my passport and that of my daughter. We suffered a lot at the NIMC office at Alausa before we could be registered. Thereafter I had to wait for several days to get the NIN.

Next, they said my NIN has not "dropped" meaning they can't find it in the NIMC database at the Immigration office. I did "everything" to make it "drop". After several weeks, it dropped and I was able to submit my application for the passport.

I had to wait again for close to two weeks before I was called to come for capturing. Two months after I captured, they haven't produced my passport!!

Why will it take 3 months to process a passport? Just a passport!!!!!!!

I am expected to start a research degree in UK and almost missing some of the registration deadlines because of my inability to produce a passport.

What manner of country is this?

Find a way to post this short write up of yours to Ogeni Rauf Aregbesola, the Interior Minister in charge of immigration on twitter you will thank me later.


Politics / Re: Ibrahim Obanikoro To CBN: Close Domiciliary Accounts For 12 Months To Save Naira by davidadenrele: 4:32am On Sep 30
On what mandate was this unintelligent Oluwole economist elected??
Recall that his lifeless mannequin bullion van leader also suggested printing more naira notes to solve inflation. grin

Na the famed brains & sophistication wey Afonja people dey always use make mouth be dis?? Na wa

Must you, tribalized everything, abeg this fool opinion is not about tribe but he's fools opinion.
Computers / Re: Laptop Recommendation 150-200k by davidadenrele: 11:20am On Sep 27
Good morning bosses. I need your recommendations.
I'm looking at purchasing a laptop soon. Budget 150-200k
An i7 or i5 6th gen(Any better one would be fine too) 2gb+ graphics card, keyboard backlight, webcam, inbuilt Microphone, fingerprint scanner (not necessary though). Storage : 8/500gb or 8/1TB. Battery life 7 hours+
Thank you smiley

You want a high configuration laptop with all these features for 150k to 200k, let be real you can't get ooo but if you need a US American used laptop with high features without the dedicated graphic card you reach out to me on 08023900627, whatsapp or call.


Career / Re: His Experience With Female Banker(marketer) by davidadenrele: 11:02am On Sep 23
So I came across this post in a group

NL guys have you experienced this?, also share your view.


And no, my story is not made up. It’s for real, actually very real. I am a top executive of a very successful conglomerate my father founded. I resumed the job early this year when I returned from the U.K after completing my MBA.
As a result of my job, I usually find myself frequenting places I ordinarily wouldn’t want to- Ikoyi club, society weddings, conferences, etc. I’m a geek for the most part, and something of a recluse. I would rather stay in my house at the end of day and watch TV. When I became Deputy CEO of the company, I realized that I had to start hanging out at these places to build a social circle, mostly for business reasons. I am not a very sociable person, but with the help of my more outgoing cousins, I have been able to build a pretty decent network of Lagos ‘big boys’ between January when I returned and now.

During a conference in Lagos this year, I was approached by a young lady banker. She was working in the Marketing department at one of these banks, She’s pretty young- about 7 years my junior. I’m 28; this lady is about 21. You know how young these graduates are these days.

Anyway, she walked up to me and started persuading me to consider opening up a bank account with her bank and told me all the benefits of the account, etc. She looked so innocent and desperate, and practically begged me for an opportunity to see me again so that she could convince me. I ended up giving her my complimentary card. I usually don’t just give out my card like that, but I did.
Three days later, when I was hanging out with my new-found friends and my cousins at a bar at one of the Hotels on the Island during the early evening, this girl called me and reminded me who she was. She said she really needed me to open an account, and that she was eager to convince me on why I needed to open an account. My friends noticed I was talking to a girl on the phone. You know how guys are; they teased me and asked me to just play around with her and invite her for drinks.
I asked her to come over to the Hotel, and surprisingly, she said she would be there in 20 minutes. The branch she worked in is on the Island, so she apparently took a Bike and came to meet us. This was about 6pm. The girl came, and my friends all saw her. They smiled and talked among themselves in hush tones, and I talked briefly with her for like 5 minutes and told her I would make a decision on banking with her or not. She was desperate from what I could see, and she was eager to get my account.

When she left, my friends all laughed mischievously and told me in plain terms that I had to sleep with the girl. They went on talking about how all these bank marketers sleep with different men before getting deposits, and insisted that I must not be any different. Now, I’m not a virgin; I’ve had my own fair share of sex in the past, but I’ve never been one to take advantage of a girl. I knew she was desperate as she had a target to meet up to, or something of the sort. But when you’re a guy hanging out with guys, it’s pretty difficult to be the odd one out. All my friends made me promise that I’d sleep with the girl. I promised; I didn’t want to look like some geek. And I’m really trying to feel among these guys.

To cut a long story short, two days later, when I was in my office, this girl called me and tried persuading me to bank with her. As she was talking to me on phone, I asked her jokingly: “What are you willing to do in order for me to open an account with you?”

She hesitated and then she told me: “Anything you want sir.”

Gbam! That was my cue. I asked her to meet me at one hotel for drinks later that evening. I asked my PA to book a room for me at the Hotel. She came to meet me. We had drinks, we chatted. She told me that her bosses had ordered her to deliver N10million to the bank that month, and that so far, she hadn’t gotten anything. Her job was on the line, and she had only just started working there 3 weeks before. I asked her to follow me to the room. She did. I slept with her.

Surprisingly, it turns out she was doing it for the first time. She was actually a Virgin. The bed sheet was stained with her blood and all that stuff, and I was just amazed. I thought being a marketer and all, that she would have been sampled many times. But no, she was a virgin. When we finished, she was shy of looking at me in the eye. We didn’t talk much. I gave her money for a Taxi, and gave her the name of the Finance director of the subsidiary I am in charge of. I asked her to meet him the following day to open up a corporate account. I instructed the guy to open up an account worth a few hundreds of millions- probably enough to meet her target for the next 2 years if there is such a thing in commercial banking circles. I don’t know how these banks work.

Anyway, she called me and thanked me profusely for saving her job. My friends now know I have slept with her, and I have solidified my place among them as a ‘bad’ guy.

The issue is this: I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her. It’s been like six weeks now. I haven’t called her since then, even though she keeps sending me text messages asking after my wellbeing and thanking me for banking with her. She deals directly with my Finance guy so we don’t talk money ever. But I think about her every day. I think I actually have feelings for her, and the idea that I was her first makes me feel like she should belong to me. I’ve never been a Lady’s first. I’m actually going crazy with thoughts about this girl.

Am I crazy? Should I call her up and ask her out? How would that feel? How would she react? Also, considering that my friends all see her as the bank ‘LovePeddler’ would it be a good idea to still ask her out? How will my friends see me? I’m not looking for sex from her; I’m looking for something real, something intimate. I want something that’d last- probably forever.

I’ve never felt this way about any other lady in a really really long time. What should I do?


For the love of God if what we just read is the truth and not one fiction, or super story, you've just find yourself a gold in a mud, "as my late mum would always says one may never know where one will find your true love" you are successful young man and by accident or destiny met a fine decent virgin girl working at a bank in the year 2021! chai i envy you bro......how many of such babes are still a virgin in the year 2021, my advise give her a chance and watch closely if she passes the next test, i advise her asked to resign her banking job and get a job to where she will work in executive role and not a bank marketer to avoid temptation that could cause to sleep with other big daddies all in the name of looking for her target of 10m that could be increase from 10m to 100m, my dear brother make hay while the sun shines all the best.
Computers / Re: My Laptop Keep Going Off On It's Own. Pls Help by davidadenrele: 5:07am On Sep 20
I suspect your Corei7 processor what kind of quack engineers do we have as computer engineers this days, they changed your Corei7 motherboard for Corei5 and rather add the replaced motherboard with Corei5, processor they put it with Corei7 and expect it to work normally,..... hmmn!! my advice to you look for another competent engineer request for the exact board processor of the Corei5 you have and your laptop will be fine, before you make payment have an agreement with the engineer if you can you test the laptop for a few hours if he agrees before you make payment the better for you, else you could be scammed for another bad processor since it's appears you are a novice as per laptops issues.
Politics / Re: Terrorism: Criminals Buy Dollars From BDCs To Import Arms – Emiefele by davidadenrele: 7:03am On Sep 18
Based allegations without proof what a lame excuses!!!
Fashion / Re: South African Police Officer In Sexy Shorts Gets Tongues Wagging Online by davidadenrele: 9:43pm On Sep 14
Whats tongue waging about this police officer wearing this short ,metcheew!!!

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Family / Re: My Dad Has Refused To Rest In Peace Because Of His Monetary Vow In Church by davidadenrele: 6:22am On Sep 13

With respect to diverse opinion, I will advice you diverse a mean quickly to pay back the vow your father made with the church, while he was alive, the vow is not with the church per say but with God Almighty this might look like child's play or comedy to some people but I definitely believe it's true, have heard stories just like yours from late dad about his late, Uncle many years ago, to butress my point God Almighty take vows seriously it's biblical if you search the scriptures I guess in the book of proverb this vow might be the only one thing resisting your dad in entering into his eternal home rest, in heaven take this issue seriously before it turns to an issue with worse consequences for you, the beating it's mild reminder the next one might be fatal my peice of advice God bless.

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Politics / Re: Lagos Launches SDG Youth Alliance, 9,000 Youths Leaders Sign Up by davidadenrele: 8:00am On Sep 11
He ordered the shooting of youths at Lekki toll gate.

Denied involvement only to be exposed by the military general Taiwo who refused to take the fall.

Now, with the next election around the corner; he realised he needs the youths.

Instructed his aides to cook up some fancy umbrella initiative in a bid to have influencers/youths within his reach.

There is nothing a photo op won't do in the media. Takes a few selfies for the gram to make us forget he is the wolf.

What a shame...

These generation's youths are its downfall. You drag your feet where there should be an alliance but would rather play puppet for a naira note.

Are we not insane, giving away gold only to be replaced with wood?

It's worthy to note that none of the true ENDSARS activists are involved in this charade. Jim Iyke and the likes have willfully decided to undo what several people died for.

Greed will ruin this nation if care is not taken.

May your days be long, may you live long to see your great grand children, you have spoken the plain truth, there's God oo in Patience Good luck Jonathan voice!!

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Sports / Re: Arsenal Sign 9 Year Old Nigerian Munir Muhammad Sada (Photos) by davidadenrele: 5:07am On Sep 10
Wow good news, all the best in boy! we watch for you in the next few years, I wish i could advised the family once after the boy get to adult age, they should advised him to leave asernal if they really care about his future, example is Alex Iwobi, to afford wasted years of labour and effort as a player with a team that's present calibre of Executives and board members only primary concerns is to make money by selling their players to other clubs order than giving it's players a fulfilled life achievement at the club.
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Boma Apologises To Tega's Husband As He Receives Death Threats by davidadenrele: 5:10am On Sep 08

If you no like the show just say so. Nobody will flog u which one be say na Runs Girl show again? Besides, 10 million naira reach for me to sell my wife seff e come be 90 million.

"C'mon, stop playing with me man!" in Micheals voice

Excuse me are you or your wife not much more worth than 90, 000000, 000.00 million naira, agreed watching the show it's a matter choice what about self worth, values, good home training, morals should everything be about money, who told you can hit that 90m without lifting a finger without God cannot do, does not exist, for one randy guy to finger my wife and smoosh her on national tv programme all in the name of winning millions should never happen one might leave to reget it later, even the children that the marriage produce will regret it later on.
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh Reacts To Leaked Calls Of Her Begging Prince Kpokpogri by davidadenrele: 4:55am On Sep 08
Karma is truly a bitch, I recalled that there was a video that went viral, showing Dr Freez and Tonto Dikeh abusing his ex husband Churchill calling the guy a one minute man, as a man I felt that was a heavy blow below the belt if at all you want to abuse your ex husband you shouldn't, say things that as such shameful about the father of your child in an open public discussion on live video, for Tonto and Dr Freez it was laughter galore while the interview lasted, today Tonto has been embarrassed today to so much, that every social media blog have something shameful to say about just ended relationship in life let's be mindful about our actions and what we do cos table turns.

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Romance / Re: Moriah Mills: I Don't Have Female Friends Because Their Partners Always Want Me by davidadenrele: 5:00pm On Sep 07
Jesus is Lord!! Apostle must see and hear of this, these your bobby Jami Lara je!! Kilo de!!
Politics / Re: Nigerian Government Condemns Coup D'Etat In Guinea by davidadenrele: 10:40pm On Sep 05
Nigerian Government Condemns Coup D'etat in Guinea

Nigerian FG should leave whatever happens in Guinea alone we have enough issue that demands their attention, here in Nigeria, no job, high level of insecurities, inflation, hunger, crisis, poor economicnpolicies, police brutality harassment, intimidation, how long do we as nation go on like this.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Should I Resign From My Job? by davidadenrele: 12:48pm On Aug 14
Good evening NLders.
So I got this job a week ago, when I first went to the company, everyone was advising me to be careful because the workers aren't nice to each others, even the manager and the security was advising me lolz.

I wasn't interested in those advice because i can easily make friends and apologieing when i have done wrong is something i could do to soften someones heart, so i know i am good and got things under control, also there is something I wished to gain from the company, the pay isn't even friendly, though I dont have problem with it, my target was set already and I know what I am going for but the antagonistic relationship between the staffs is on a whole different level, somehow I have been able to make friends with almost all the staffs and has tried my best to bring the workers closer by advicing them and told them how much I like a friendly atmosphere, I found out they are not actually bad but they are very careful due to past experiences.

The manager on the other hand is a sadist and very rude, he gets angry when two staffs are having fun, laughing or being friendly, he feels when staffs are friendly, they will end up gossiping him so he rather not see them happy. He called me recently and asked me to tell him things about the staffs, I noticed he wanted me to gossip about them and know their every moves, but that isn't what I will want to do, therefore whatever he asked him, I just tell him "I have no idea". Knowing that he couldn't use me as double agent, his hatred for me just grow to a level I couldn't even accommodate, he shouts at me for no reason, I get really upset, and noticed he is actually the person that has set this hatred between the staffs, I wanted to give him a piece of my own uncultured mouth because there are things I couldn't take but he is actually around my fathers age and I dont wish to drop my father at home and insult another persons father, i have been here for just six days and i am already tired, I am waiting for month end, after my salary, I'll just resign.

If u were in my shoes, what will u do

I will do exactly what you proposed to do resign at the end of the month, but please before resigning endeavour to look elsewhere for another job, and until you get a better job elsewhere dont make the move..... why am i saying this? the struggle out there is real no one will hold your back if you are broke, no one will lend you common 2K to buy data, use your head ooo, be wise wisdom is profitable to direct life in naija is hard!! A bird in hand is better a thousand in the bush.
Politics / Re: Astonishing Ancient Igbo Male Hairstyles by davidadenrele: 1:32am On Aug 13
Igbos are way far ahead of yorubas from time

Igbo are away far ahead of Yorubas from time because of what?? different acient hairstyles??

You can do better than this �� habah!!


Politics / Re: Falana: Benin Republic Refused To Put Igboho On A Plane Sent By Nigeria by davidadenrele: 9:09am On Aug 11
Stale News!! how come is Falana reacting to this now, too late.
Sports / Re: PSG Is Offering Lionel Messi 'Everything Money Can Buy' by davidadenrele: 7:17am On Aug 06

Your comparison (Mohammed Ali) is completely incoherent with the Messi scenario because we have the champions league where teams and players compete at a higher level aside their domestic leagues and as far as any non partisan thinker is concerned, Leo and Barcelona have had the opportunity to compete with top teams from various leagues at that level and we all know what the results used to be then. Don't forget that between 2008 and 2012, Pep Guardiola's Barcelona produced what can be called the best football in history winning a total of 14 trophies so when you argue about a subject matter, try to be rational by considering the main factors that are valid for such arguments rather than being sentimental.
The fact is that it wouldn't be a mistake to regard Messi as a god in football because that kid (Messi) is just amazingly good with football and I'm sure it's still football they play in those leagues you think he won't be able to compete in except they're playing maybe wood or stone in those leagues. In summary, if not for age factor, any right thinking person knows that Messi will always be Messi whether in La Liga, EPL, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 or Serie A.

Am not in any way been sentimental, no doubt Messi was specially gifted unique, talented no doubt the best ever, but we all know that change is the only constant in life, and are such to be the best you have to evolved, thanks you mention Pep Gaurdiola would Pep lay claim to say he was arguably the best coach today If he was still celebrating past glory despite he's undeniable great feats and achievement in La Liga and Barcelona the answer is no? he left Barca moved to Bundesliga, and then moved to Premier Leagues the same with Jose Mourinoh, the same with Brazilian Ronaldo that moves from PSV Endioven to Inter Milan from Inter Milan to Real Mardrid, so me using Mohammed Ali in comparison with Messi is just to drive home my point that this great people were "God's" there were different, exceptional never seen in histroy kinds of people, once a life time greats to avoid uncessary arguement, I expect Messi to also evolved to another league, Messi don't need me or anyone else to proof hes' good but he does need to let the world know that he's best that was, and the best that will ever be, but not in one league abeg,it will debated by small minds if you agree with me, it can be petty and annoying when you have to explain to some peeps that Messi was a football God compared to CR7 who had to train so hard to resharpen and perfect his skills but some peeps will still tell you CR7 was better than Messi and guess what their base of fact is? there base of act is if Messi was that good he would have done it else where despite the fact they can see he was a far...far above CR7 in skills and talent, so in real world its now talent versus skill, and if you can't proof yourself over and over in every league that matters, some people will argue your worth, skill will challenged talent to say he's better this is my point.

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Sports / Re: PSG Is Offering Lionel Messi 'Everything Money Can Buy' by davidadenrele: 3:42am On Aug 06

This is dumb ,stop comparing boxing to football .That is why there is champions League grin grin.Is there champions League in Boxing baba rest .

Yen yen yen meet different opponent...Make una dey reason abeg.He has six balon de or and you are still saying he has to leave his comfort zone to still prove himself.Una dey mad grin grin

It's obvious your reasoning and thinking aside football is shallow and logical thinking of reasoning is zero, am not in anyway comparing boxing to football, football and booking are sport but not the same, logical reasoning of thinking is to compare greatness to greatness, the point is you don't sit in your comfort zone and call yourself GOAT with all due respect to Messi, it also dump ass to say he earned six champion league, with many how many club?? He won't be.the first to earn six champion league and he won't be the last.
Sports / Re: PSG Is Offering Lionel Messi 'Everything Money Can Buy' by davidadenrele: 9:13pm On Aug 05
e author=Chloraseptic post=104462574]Most people would see this as a fear of succeeding outside his own accustomed territory which is Barcelona.

But I see this as loyally humbly humane gesture..

Long live the GOAT.


You've said the obvious though am big fan of Lionel Messi you can't stay in your comfort zone and call yourself GOAT, to be greatest you got to proof your self at all levels, as it's mark my word Messi will regret ever staying back this far at Barcelona, CRonaldo has proof himself at all the major leagues to let the world know he's not a fluke and he's better off for it, while Messi had stayed back at Barcelona!!! it's a shame if you asked me, even great Mohammed Ali didn't lay claim to one opponent to be proof how great he was he fought many opponent some opponent he defeated with mind games even before the fight began.
Politics / Re: Gbenga Olawepo Hashim Joins APC by davidadenrele: 5:55pm On Aug 04
I swear if i we're to be given key to the gate of heaven for a just 24HRS I will ensure no single Nigerian politicians make it to enter heaven they have no iota of shame and will do anything just to make them and families relevant. with this crop of politicians we seeing am sorry for this generation no hope for Nigerians absolutely no hope!!
Family / Re: DNA Test Palava (What Do I Do?) by davidadenrele: 3:28am On Aug 01
ote author=MrOposter post=103147265]It's a bit lengthy pls bear with me

I met a lady through 2go in 2014. I asked her out online and she accepted, weeks later, we met one weekend and had sex on the first day! The sex wasn't great, I stopped half way and went to shower. The following day I snooped and discovered that she already have a boyfriend and the guy is in the same school with her. I dissolved everything between us and left for my lodge (I was schooling too but in another school but same state)

She didn't call to apologise and I also locked up. Fast forward 6 month later, she messaged me on Facebook that she was 7 months pregnant. I did my calculations and Instantly knew something was wrong somewhere. I denied being the father, she went on my friend list and dug up my my uncle's profile and chatted him about the pregnancy. My uncle messaged me

Calm me down and request I go see the baby with my parent. We went to her parent house, saw the baby immediately started investigating about dna test. I was humbled by the price of the dna test (200k as at then) because there is no way I was going to raise that kind of money while in school.

Long story short, my parent and I have been taking care of the baby ever since then, I finished school around 2017, travelled out of the country almost immediately after graduation and assumed responsibility on my own.

I came back late 2019, I requested we do a dna test upon my arrival. I went straight up to a known diagnostic center and made enquiries of the price and what to bring before the dna test will be done..

I was told to bring any official means of identification for myself, the birth certificate of the baby and the mother will also have a means of identification too and she will also be present to sign the consent form.

I told her about the requirements and ask her if she had any means of identification herself. She said No! I went back to the diagnostic centre and told them if there is any substitute, they said she can present her NIN slip. I told her immediately to get the NIN slip, days later she told me there were too much people on the queue and that she can't continue to waste her time endlessly. We went back and forth about the NIN slip till the whole of 2020 ended.

The beginning of this year I told her that I'll stop giving her money for the baby's upkeep if she can't provide the NIN slip. With as low as 2500 she can get hers from the local shops.

She called and called for me to send her money for the first 3 months of this year. I didn't budge. I kept to my words. No dna test, no money. School fees time came, she called, I was forced to go back to the diagnostic center this April and pleaded if there is a way we could do the dna test without requesting any form of identification from the mother of the child. They called the head office in lag and told me that we can do the test without the mum's mode of identification. I was elated and called her to bring the baby with her on the 5th of April (Easter Monday) to the my shop, then from there we will go to the diagnostic center. She said OK.

I waited for her to bring the child over, she didn't. She called me 3 days after saying that she went for a church program. I was furious. I told her to show bring the baby the following day (Thursday) she said she will come. Again she refuse to show up. She called 5 days later to tell me that she's sorry. I ended the call and told her that she isn't serious.

She rang me days ago to tell me that the baby is not feeling too well and that she want to see me, she urge me to pls send her something to take the baby to the hospital for treatment.

I'm in a dilemma, I don't know how to go about this. It's obvious that she is deliberately not allowing me to go for the dna test and I don't want to be a deadbeat dad either.

How do I lure her to go for the test? I don't want my daughter to have a bad perception about me that I wasn't there through her childhood (if eventually she turn out to be mine).

Help! [/quote]


You've done well despite making a mistake you tried your best, to take responsibility, going forward some ladies are like leapers they can't milk a cow but can pour away the cow milk, please note this she's playing games, read between the lines and see the handwriting on the wall, you have nothing to be afraid of, it's obvious you are not the one who inpregnated her she's just looking for who to tie down with pregnancy bro be wise, she is using delay tactics, to collect money, and excuses from coming to take the test cos she knew the truth, from this moment don't send her a dime, remain resolute however let your uncle or families be involved give them the update of what's is happening, you not a charity organization how can someone who's a student says she doesn't have any ID in 2021, despite FG compulsory mandate for every Nigerian to register for BVN and NIN, she's a cheat and liar, bro wise up ooo, she's knows what she's doing please no DNA no money, be firm and no backing down, and let her know that if anything happens to her child she will have herself to blame, if fact get a lawyer and police affidavit to register this issue as she could later sue you to court for neglecting her and the baby take a smart wise move ahead of her she has advisers, probably her family or even friends don't trust this girl's she already hatched her next plan on how to deal with you let her know you much more smater and wiser than her.

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Politics / Re: Ex-COAS, Tukur Yusufu Buratai Presents Letter Of Credence To Benin President by davidadenrele: 8:51am On Jul 28
In Baba Fela's voice Mathematician add am together Bubu arrangement what answer you go get e ooo.....Bubu arrangement!!

Sunday Igboho our Ancestor will help you and see you through your ordeals in the nahda of your enemies Amin Ase!!
Computers / Re: A Call For Help: I Need A Laptop by davidadenrele: 8:37am On Jul 28

What was posted is either not my taste or above my range. If you have something for me please do drop it. Thanks

Please let chat me via WhatsApp on 08023900627 , I have dropped something on your post my id name is davidadenrele I don't want to repost again to avoid been suspended

Computers / Re: A Call For Help: I Need A Laptop by davidadenrele: 6:53am On Jul 28

Am surprised you still need help with all the available option of high grade laptops posted for your requested it appears you are afraid of something, well you can chat me up or call me if you will need advice, for what exactly you need.


Computers / Re: Laptop Needed by davidadenrele: 12:05pm On Jul 27
Hp elitebook 1030 G3
Hp elitebook 1040 G4 & G3 needed.
If you have drop a picture of it and price.
Uk used


HP Elite-book 840 G3
Intel core i5(6thGen.) Processor
14" LED full HD Screen WLED Backlit 1920*1080
Intel HD Graphics 5500
Backlit keyboard
Dual Band Wireless AC-8260
HD webcam
Support SD Memory Card, SDHC, SDXC UHS-II
USB 3.0 x3, LAN, HDMI, Mini display port
Smart Card Reader
Windows 10 Pro Activated
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 Activated

You can reach me via call or whatsapp 08023900627

Politics / Re: FG Is Gathering Video Evidence To Nail Sunday Igboho At Trial In Benin Republic by davidadenrele: 1:28am On Jul 26
ote author=Monogamy post=104088074] undecided

Igboho and his lawyers are not smart.. If he is repatriated to Nigeria, Buhari can't do anything to him than to put him in prison while his court case go on, within 6 months he would be granted bail and life goes on.

Should he decides to remain in Benin, FG would only pressurize Benin republic to enact their law about the fake documents Igboho used to obtain Benin Republic passport.. No way he won't spend 5 years in Benin prison.

Common sense shouldn't only be common in this case, it should always be available..


It's obvious you don't know what you saying and you have no deep background knowledge what really transpired about Igboho issue, firstly it's criminal for any government to with held any citizien of any country beyond ninety days, secondly Benin republic may not be as big as Nigeria but is has its own soverignty rule of law, power and constitution, and processes.
Computers / Re: A Call For Help: I Need A Laptop by davidadenrele: 5:13am On Jul 25

I have American user Dell E7440 Corei7, Touchscreen, 128SSD Harddisk, 8GB ram memory, webcam, wifi, usbport, microSD, slot, simcard slot, bluetooth,backlit keyboard
Price 150K.

If you are interested kindly call or chat me up on 08023900627.



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