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Celebrities / Re: Lady Blasts Olori Wuraola And Freeze Over Gender Equality In Open Letter by Dorobuccii(f): 8:25am On Jun 20, 2016

Look here, I know all what you are saying

feminist like you are just using Child Marriage as an excuse to push other demise of your Genger Equality bullshit.

A minimum age of child before marriage can be put into Law by the Govt. (Simple and Short) - without any gender equality bullshit.

Who says Women and Men are not receiving equal treatment in the society ?

Is in Workforce or in Politics? Because as far as I know, there are prominent Women in politics that are doing well.

And as work is concerned, your remuneration depends on your productivity. Not on Gender.

You can be anything you want to be (Man or Woman), nobody is stopping you.

Mind you ! The same way this push is going, before you know it, lesbian women, gay men, bisexuals and transgenders in Nigeria will start pushing for their own Equality Rights too. It has happened in other countries, We have seen what led to it.

If according to you, everything is all rosy for the for women folks then what else are feminists pushing for?
abi why push for equality rights if according to you we have equal rights?
Truth is only men and women who don't understand what equal treatment means will say men and women are entitled to the same rights.
And mind you, that something is written on paper doesn't necessarily mean it is practiced
So I put it to you once again that you should find out what we are really fighting for
Celebrities / Re: Lady Blasts Olori Wuraola And Freeze Over Gender Equality In Open Letter by Dorobuccii(f): 8:24am On Jun 20, 2016
Mickeymimi...Thanks so much for that post
Celebrities / Re: Lady Blasts Olori Wuraola And Freeze Over Gender Equality In Open Letter by Dorobuccii(f): 6:46pm On Jun 19, 2016

You are a big mumu !

Even when women become equal to a man...a man will still abuse you if you marry an abusive husband.

Underage marriage is something that should be against the law in a country and not under gender equality

Mumu feminist like you !
Smh.....You should try to find out more about a concept before coming online to disgrace yourself
Even from ur second sentence it's very obvious you don't know what gender equality entails
Domestic abuse and child marriages are all part of the things that make up the fight for gender equality.
So before you quote me again, do urself a favour by researching the whole concept before embarrassing urself on a public forum!
Celebrities / Re: Lady Blasts Olori Wuraola And Freeze Over Gender Equality In Open Letter by Dorobuccii(f): 3:28pm On Jun 19, 2016
didn't expect u not to feel affected. U said if there is shortage of fund, female is affected, am so disappointed in ur level of education. If a lady is affected, it means. The lady is not brilliant, and u can xpect the family to be wasting money on her. But if she's a brilliant girl, and d boy is dull, no right thinking father will stop the female child cos she's female. The boy will surely stop and the girl will go to school. Get ur reason well b4 spitting.
Chai! I normally wouldn't respond to ur mention but I happen to be in the mood today.
To start with, what reason do u want me to get well? The reason I posted something or were you actually referring to what I put in my post? if that's what you are referring too then I also have every right to question your level of education
And just to buttress my initial point, I reoeat in most situations, the girl is usually adked to stop schooling regardless of her intellectual abilities. You can research that to confirm
Celebrities / Re: Lady Blasts Olori Wuraola And Freeze Over Gender Equality In Open Letter by Dorobuccii(f): 12:49pm On Jun 19, 2016
I can see lots of attention seekers everywhere. They scream women are being discriminated against but produce not facts but heresay. So let's examine the pure facts:

The writer says women are being discriminated against in education. She forgot to tell us which Nigerian culture does not allow girls go to school. She just mentioned "cultures". Truth is that there is the Universal Basic Education program that ensures ALL Nigerian Children are educated to a certain level - JSS 3. This program does not discriminate against girls in any way. It caters for both boys and girls. The writer also forgets that Jamb cut of marks are not Gender based. If women were being discriminated against, then their own scores will have to be higher. Besides, I hear for common entrance, the cut-off marks are actually lower for girls than boys. So can someone explain what the discrimination is about. Unilag actually has about the same number of female and male students at the moment.

No law in Nigeria stops anyone from holding political office. The only barrier could be age but certainly not gender. How many women even contest for electoral offices? How can you vote for a women if there are no female contestants? KOWA Party had a female presidential flag bearer, how many women voted for her? Did the writer vote for KOWA? If she didn't then she should just shut up.

The problem with Nigerian feminists is that they do not believe they have to work hard for anything. They think they should get these positions just because they are women. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Mobola Johnson etc all got to where they got to because they worked hard. Go check their resumes. Hilary Clinton, Christen Lagarde and the likes got to their positions because they worked hard and deserved it. It wasn't because they were just women. People will take anybody serious when you truly have something to offer - if you have nothing to offer, you can't expect to be given much authority simply because you are a woman.

No law in Nigeria forces a woman to marry or remain with any man. A woman has a CHOICE and most times decides who she marries by her own free will. And she decides to stay or leave as she pleases. If a woman marries an slowpoke, it is because of her poor judgement - it has nothing to do with gender equality. There are several women who married wonderful men or who even chose not to marry. And if a woman decides to remain in an abusive marriage - it is also her choice and has nothing to do with gender equality. There is a law in Lagos state against gender violence.

Most times these women marry for nothing more than money. They don't even care the guy's source of money or whether he can sustain a decent lifestyle. Once he has a little money to spend on them, they just open their legs and let the man have his way. Whose fault is that biko?

As for the writer insulting Freeze, I think the writer's degree ought to be investigated.

I am highly disappointed that this write up is coming from a lady.
One of the reasons why people usually say we women are our own enemies.
You just come here and post things like Life is that easy.
Do you know that in most families, whenever there is a choice to be made on who deserves education whether because of shortage of funds or any other reason, the lady gets affected the most.
You also come here to say that women marry out of their freewill....will you say the same thing to the 13 year old girl that is married off to a man old enough to be her grandfather?
And for you to say that a man has the right to abuse his wife just because she made a mistake by marrying him is just purely wicked.
And Nigerian feminists (and I mean real feminists) are not against hardwork.
So pls consider all variables before posting


Romance / Re: Was There Really Gender Equality ? Let's Debate by Dorobuccii(f): 6:49pm On Mar 17, 2016
I missed you very much. kiss

And, I just realized you're a lot more intelligent, smart and informed than I thought. And somehow, you sound like one of them...the feminists, are you? grin

Come around more often, will you, please
? wink

Awww *blushes*....Thanks

And YES, I am a proud Feminist and I feel everyone should be too
Romance / Re: Was There Really Gender Equality ? Let's Debate by Dorobuccii(f): 6:00am On Mar 17, 2016
First off, I must have done really enough to have succeeded in tipping you off to quote me. I don't even know what to say to you, this girl. Where in heaven's sake have you been? What happened to you? I'm quite curious...

Then to the subject in discus, I never considered the physical aspect when I used "weakness". Most men are physically stronger than women, but some women can pull off some very hard stunts that a lot of men wouldn't even dare, that's by the way though.

Moreover, colour and gender can never be ranked the same. The debate about the equality in gender and that of colour are not on the same page, or are they? What's your take on the existence of the Ministry of women affairs, for instance

lol...debates about gender and inequality typically tip me off. I have been keeping a low profile jawe. I just come here to read comments and then post whenever I am motivated enough to do so. I have been following ur posts and diary so I know what you have been up to smiley

Back to the topic, racism and gender inequality are actually more similar than you realise. Both of them involve treating a person as inferior due to biological characteristics.

Now the existence of Ministry of Women affairs in Nigeria I believe is just for 'aesthetic' purposes. I still don't understand the function of that Ministry as women stilk go through a lot in the country. On a general note, assigning a separate ministry for women might be very necessary because women are not yet as entitled and opportuned as men in the society. When men and women become entitled to the same political, social and economic rights then we can decide not to assign a separate ministry for women. But until then, it might be necessary.

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Romance / Re: Was There Really Gender Equality ? Let's Debate by Dorobuccii(f): 3:31pm On Mar 16, 2016
I don't get this whole thing. No matter how we (especially women) try to advocate for this equality in gender, there's always a place at the back of our mind where we all - males and females - have agreed, albeit indirectly, that men are superior.

If you really wanna claim that men and women are (or should be) equal, why do we always drag attentions, unnecessarily, to matters concerning women? Like, say, creating a special sector for women? "Ministry for women affairs" when we don't have any for 'Men affairs'? By so doing, we are saying that women and men are not equal, and by creating such ministries, the society is just looking for a way to pacify women and compensate them, still believing that they are not equal with men. Why not make everything very normal for everybody so as to give room for the whole talks of equality? Like, no special ministries for any of the sexes, no preferential treatments, which to me, is for the weak. It's only the weak that clamour for preferential treatments, little wonder why women are always given such treatments, which suggests that they are the weaker, and in other words, inferior sex. I just want a society where everybody would be seen as, and be treated equally.

I don't know if anybody follows the angle of my own argument

Weaker doesn't necessarily translate to being inferior. Feminists don't claim that women are physically stronger than men or other very apparent differences. The point is that we don't want our differences to translate to inequality. it's just like the racism debate. Blacks are different from whites but that doesn't make them superior. we are all human beings.
Travel / Re: 10 Things All Nigerians Wishing To Travel Overseas Must Know by Dorobuccii(f): 4:41pm On Feb 27, 2016
Don't expect the grass to be automatically greener on the other side. It doesn't work that way. You have to hustle abroad too

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Romance / Re: Men, Why Is Respect So Important To You? by Dorobuccii(f): 1:43am On Feb 20, 2016

[b]my major problem with christians

Hypocrisy and ignorance

Truth be told, may xtians don't even understand what they're practicing

They just choose whatever they want to believe and leave the rest

Please why did u stop at v21,

Why didn't you check v22??

Talking about your ignorance

Did you realise that Jesus or Paul was actually talking about the church and christians

You might want to say both are members of the church

But if you read further, you'll see that even your Bible specifically requires and demands the woman to submit to her husband

Never did the Bible specifically state that a man submit to his wife

His only specific duty is to

LOVE his wife

I state today that any woman who BELIEVES the Bible and still argues to be equal with her husband is going against the principle of the Bible

As no great woman in the Bible ever contested her husband's position, from Sarah to Racheal to Hannah to Ruth to Mary and so on

Therefore, such woman is on the road to HELL FIRE!!! (By the standards of the Bible)

Thank you and GOD blesssmiley



So going by ur logic I guess a wife should not be expected to love her husband right?

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Romance / Re: Men, Why Is Respect So Important To You? by Dorobuccii(f): 1:40am On Feb 20, 2016


I couldn't ignore this

So men rape girls to gain their submissionshocked

Wow, I didn't know that

Even the women who rape men also do so to gain submission



Why do guys rape girls? If it's cos of sex there are ladies out there willing to have mutual sex. What other reason?
And how many cases of women raping men have you heard of? Probably 1 in a 1000 rape cases
Romance / Re: Men, Why Is Respect So Important To You? by Dorobuccii(f): 4:18am On Feb 15, 2016

I believe I've answered your question. Now let me ask you: what exactly do women want? Are you comfortable with a world where women lead the homes? Forget this equality bulllahit. It can never work that way. One must take instructions from the other. Be sincere in answering my question.
What do women want you ask?
Women want equality. Now I want you to get this right.....There is a difference between equality and order. All children are equal but there's the first child and last child. A better example is in the society, 'every man' may be equal but we have the president and other civil servants.
Equality means that we are entitled to the same basic rights. It means we get same pay for the same work and same treatment.
Gender inequality is very similar to racism.
So if we are calling for an end to racism then we should also be calling for an end to gender discrimination and inequality. I don't understand why that is so difficult for the society to wrap its head around.

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Romance / Re: Men, Why Is Respect So Important To You? by Dorobuccii(f): 4:04am On Feb 15, 2016

So many feminists don't check themselves. Their first answer is to blame men.

A true feminist's first answer is not to blame men. I mean feminism is not a woman's matter alone, there are lots of men that are also feminist. Most of the leaders of developed countries are feminists.
Feminists blame the patriarchal system operating in most part of the world that tends to encourage inequality between sexes.

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Romance / Re: Men, Why Is Respect So Important To You? by Dorobuccii(f): 12:11am On Feb 15, 2016
This mentality that most people have about the different roles people of different gender have to play is one of the main causes of male violence in the society

You see guys coming here to say things like Men are meant to be respected bla bla bla...The bible only commands WIVES to submit to their HUSBANDS and not girls to submit to boys or girlfriends to submit to their boyfriends.

it's this kind of mentality that will cause some guys to go out and rape girls in a bid to forcefully gain their submission. it's this same belief that will allow husbands to beat and maltreat their wives and you still hear some people asking the woman to endure.

If there is mutual love between you two then there will be respect. I believe love comes with respect. Respect can't and shouldn't be forced, it has to be earned. if you find yourself not being respected then you have to check yourself again and don't come here ranting about women, feminist and virtues!

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Romance / Re: Men, Why Is Respect So Important To You? by Dorobuccii(f): 12:00am On Feb 15, 2016

When you want to give an opinion, give one that is entirely yours.
I tend to have a problem when you want to say what the Bible did not say.
I am a Christian, and my wife has to submit to me BECAUSE the Scripture says so. No where in the Bible did it say that submission is mutual. the man is commanded to LOVE his wife.
Our problem is that too much movies and westernization has eroded both our cultural and Christian values.
I don't mean to sound misogynistic, but have you wondered why the Bible is mostly silent about women in demographic analysis?
From Genesis, one of the curses God laid on the woman for commiting adultery with the serpent was that her desire will be to her husband, and he will rule over her. that's the Scripture. Any other thing is just sentiment. you find this in Genesis 3.
Intrinsically, God made man symbol of authority, its in our DNAs.When we get attracted to someone who will show us respect, it happens without our knowing it, or having control over it.
i wouldn't advocate for the man to abuse the woman's submissiveness, but the family unit has an organogram which has to be followed strictly.
The fact that an opinion is popular does not mean it is right before God. He will only vindicate the truth. Respect is not reciprocal. A Christian gives it because God demands it, not because the receiver is deserving of it.

Eph 5:21
check that out

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Travel / Re: My Funny Jjc Experience In Canada........ by Dorobuccii(f): 2:23am On Dec 25, 2015
Lolz....I went through the same thing too. I remember refusing to buy coke cos it cost about #320 after converting it to naira. The cold was frightening and to make matters worse everyone kept telling the weather wasn't too bad at that time. You adapt as time goes on


Politics / Re: Photo: Igbo Girl Turn Hausa Because Of Yusuf Buhari by Dorobuccii(f): 1:54am On May 29, 2015
"Golddigging" is still better than being a female suicide bomber or a dirty "orobotic" owambe girl. undecided
I usually don't comment on posts like this but this tribal generalisation has to stop. I wonder where you got the idea that all yoruba girls are dirty and 'orobotic'? Or all hausa girls are female suicide bombers?


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