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Islam for Muslims / Re: Persecuted At Home, Igbo Muslims Troop To North For Succour by Dupamecano: 1:45pm On Jul 12, 2021

1. fear Allah. Number two lets not remove the hausa, kanuris participation in the trans - saharan slave trade. A good number of the afro arabs in the middle east could trace their ancestry back to northern nigeria. Most of them were taken there through slavery. Kano itself used to be a slave hub. Sokoto caliphate itself had one of the highest slave population in Africa.(Read :Slavery, Commerce and Production in the Sokoto Caliphate of west africa by Paul lovejoy). Zungeru in niger state was where slaves were released. https://biafran.org/amalgamation-photos/. 3. Im sure if most of the people in the north claiming to be hausa take an ancestry test it will show they actually arent from that tribe. Watch this video:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS39GH2L8dc The guy barely got nigeria on his test.

Are you dyslexic? What does this have to do with southerners being boxed in ships like sardines by the British? Go and read up on northern Nigerian history, the Hausa states mostly conducted raids in regions that would now be considered the middle belt, in fact at some point Zazzau became the most prominent slave gathering state among them because of its proximity to these regions. Some of these slaves stayed in hausaland, some were exported to Borno or other places. I've never denied our involvement in the transsaharan slave trade, this was a willing endeavour.

And you should read my previous posts, I have always mentioned how the Hausa identity is a mixture of various other sahelian ethnicities because of the status of hausaland as a transit of sorts for the sahel in the middle ages. If you are trying to pinpoint who the original stock of Hausa people are, you can't. The founders of the Hausa States to begin with are not of the same stock as the indigenous Hausa people so you already have that dichotomy at the genesis of the creation of the Hausa identity.
I don't know what the video below is supposed to prove.

You can't refute what is an undeniable fact, we were a hundred times more civilized than you were. We actually had architecture, an administrative system, education, CLOTHING, trade etc. You had negligible advancements in these areas. You were basically a primitive race. Hence the proclivity of the Brits towards the north. You should read the memoirs of lugard and his wife. These are facts.
Culture / Re: Yorubas May Have Possible Partial Berber (north African Blood) by Dupamecano: 10:22am On Jun 13, 2021

Larabawa, Rumawa...
I don't understand how having a name for a people equates to "mixing" with those people in particular.

Kano just being a commercial hub doesn't make it a mixing ground, it's more complex than that.

And even though as I already admitted many West African groups have Eurasian genes, there are many factors involved... like how only a few hardly significant number of carries who first appeared in the region can have many descendants and the same genes gets passed like wildfire.
Hence as long as people have always been marrying foreigners you can't expect to be pure anything. No matter how many generations removed you are.

I chose this specific example for a reason. The coming of Muhammad Al Maghili to Gao, Kano and Katsina is very well documented. It is documented in his journals, documented in the Tarikh al sudan, and documented in the Kano chronicle. He actually wrote a manuscript for the Sultan of Kano at the time Muhammad Rumfa. The fact that he bore children in Kano is also well documented. These children were with the local concubines hence it equates to foreigners mixing with the local population. He left these progenies behind in Kano where they've multiplied for over five hundred years. The Rumawa are recorded to have existed in Kano since before its inception in the days of Barbushe.

In Hausaland its very common for a faction of people to carry the names of their progenitor or a prominent member of their family. For instance the kano founding dynasty is divided into the gaudawa, rumfawa and kutumbawa, named after bagauda, muhammad rumfa and el kutumbi respectfully. This is one specific instance that was recorded in the 15th century and is one of many such movements whether with arabs, berbers or tuaregs, songhais Kanuris fulanis etc.

If you are any familiar with Kano history you'd know a vast majority of Kano's inhabitants today are immigrants from all around the sahel and a huge reason for its mammoth population. And when these people have all been mixing for centuries you'd have like I said, a cocktail for people. In the end these people were tagged with these names from their inception hence why they associated with it. The existence and proliferation of such people in Kano is unlike any other state apart from maybe Bornu.

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Culture / Re: Yorubas May Have Possible Partial Berber (north African Blood) by Dupamecano: 3:21pm On Jun 12, 2021

Yes, a lot of mixing with Hausa, Berbers and Arabs took place in Kano it was an International Commercial Center and Hausa People of Arab descent also have the Surname Laraba it is short for Larabawa and means Arab in Hausa

Don't forget the Rumawa who are believed to have originated from the Byzantine empire. The sharifai who are descendants of Muhammad Al Maghili and various other families who directly descended from Berbers and Arabs. In general Kano is a mixed bag of various sahelian and sudanian ethnic groups. Even the founding dynasty of the Kingdom Kano Kano are believed to be of eastern origin. Whether this is middle Eastern or eastern African is hard to determine.

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Culture / Re: Question About The Tuareg, I've Been Getting Conflicting Information by Dupamecano: 10:43pm On Jun 09, 2021
The tuaregs are an off-shoot of berbers, a north african ethnic group that is predominantly Caucasian. In the old days they were notorious slave raiders and traders but also traded in other commodities in the region along with being renowned scholars. The black tuaregs you may find today may have been absorbed into the berber identity for various reasons from slavery to trade and cordial relations with other sahelian ethnic groups. The sahel in general is a very complicated place, you will find a lot of odd couples and even stranger explanations.

I'll give you an example of one of such interactions that without proper documentation may have led to a very confusing modern day outcome. One of the most renowned muslim scholars in the middle ages was Abdulrahman Al Maghili who was a berber from modern day Algeria. In the 15th century, he visited various black civilizations from the Songhai Empire, to Hausa States like Kano and Katsina. He acted as a vizier in these locations and was responsible for the reformation of Islam in these places. During his stay in Kano, he sired a few children and this bloodline known as "the sherifs/sharifai" still exist in Kano.
Culture / Re: Question About The Tuareg, I've Been Getting Conflicting Information by Dupamecano: 10:31pm On Jun 09, 2021
Africans and African Americans delight in tracing their origins to Irish, Portuguese, English or Arab slave masters that raped their great grandmother and sold the children into slavery.

The Hausa do the same especially in West and East Africa. Many bleach their skins make their point.

How many pink colored skins have claimed you, even with one drop of their blood?

Look for your Sudanese ancestors.

While I too reject such insecure associations, the tripe you posted here is not pertinent to what hes asking.

And I wonder why you singled the Hausas out when they are literally the only ethnic group in Nigeria that has never claimed foreign descent.
Culture / Re: Hausa Is International by Dupamecano: 11:27am On Jun 08, 2021
Bahaushe within the Nigerian borders will always be in servitude to Bafulatani (at least for the next 100 years)

Bahaushe can vote but will never be voted for

Bahaushe can never lead any prominent position on their land

Any position of prestige that a Bahaushe occupies will never be over a Bafulatani

Fulani is Lord over Hausa (out-sha-Allah)

And yet somehow the bahaushe has produced two presidents (propelled even more including northern minorities) and two of the richest men in the continent. I've seen an increase in posts like these on this forum recently, you people keep spamming the same nonsense and I only bother responding so you and your Ilk can understand how futile your divisive tactics are.

The bahaushe you must understand has very different priorities from you apes. The bahaushe from the beginning of time has never had a victim mentality or allowed certain events dictate his fate. Stronger neighbors, invasions, and everything in-between and yet somehow the Hausa nation and culture continues to proliferate more than any other in the continent. Today the largest back "ethnicity" in the world. The Hausa nation is more diverse than you clowns realise. You think it's only fulanis that are part of the northern identity but there are zarmas kanuris Arabs Tuaregs wangaras and other ethnicities from all parts of the sahel who see no difference between the Hausa and themselves.

A huge majority of northern Nigerians are immigrants from all parts of the sahel. These ethnic groups fit in better in Hausa communities than they would in their own communities, some have even entirely forgotten their origins. In fact, if you read your history books, most Hausa states were founded by immigrants so Hausa today is more of an identity than an ethnic group. You want to separate the bahaushe from the bafulatani, first of all good luck figuring out which is which in the country. cheesy

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Culture / Re: Yorubas May Have Possible Partial Berber (north African Blood) by Dupamecano: 9:06pm On Jun 06, 2021
The Khoisan who are one of the quintessential negroid ethnic groups are known to be entirely fair skinned. The DNA of Igbos who are know to have a few light skinned people has been shown to be 100% negroid.

On the other hand, the Songhai, Kanuri and other predominantly dark skinned ethnicities have been proven to have north or non African admixture.

Skin complexion isn't an indicator of multiracial people. Other factors like lips, nose shape, skull shape and hair texture are much more reliable when discussing phenotypes not that these too are fool proof.

At the end of the day, like some people mentioned, this inferiority complex is really sad. It seems every ethnicity is going out of their way to claim non African admixture and it's quite heartbreaking.


Culture / Re: Hausa Is International by Dupamecano: 12:05am On Jun 06, 2021
The most spoken indigenous African language. The only Nigerian language you can get a BSc MSc and PHD in. Hausa ba dabo bane.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam And Extra-marital Affairs In The Workplace Part 1 by Dupamecano: 9:53am On Jun 04, 2021
we work hard for money to justify our earnings we dont kill pple and loot their belongings to become rich ....why am i wasting my time on you when u ?

No, you just sell drugs, defraud people and do all sorts of iniquitous things to ruin peoples lives. When you entered a muslim thread for no reason other than to troll you didn't know you were wasting your time? Until the day comes when your brothers and sisters swear off going to muslim countries for any reason, you dont have the right to denigrate muslim countries.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam And Extra-marital Affairs In The Workplace Part 1 by Dupamecano: 9:41am On Jun 04, 2021


Debatable. Whats not debatable is that you'd shag a child for the right price. Shameless harlot.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam And Extra-marital Affairs In The Workplace Part 1 by Dupamecano: 9:40am On Jun 04, 2021
because u are too daft to do the jobs and others need the money....the most shameless of human is the one who takes live he has no power to create............................

You need money from who? are the people paying you not muslims?

The funny thing is that your comment would suggest you apes are known for doing honest 9-4s. Criminals and reprobates the lot of you.

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam And Extra-marital Affairs In The Workplace Part 1 by Dupamecano: 9:33am On Jun 04, 2021
The insecurity of christians on this forum is so amusing. You'll never find a muslim spamming a christian thread, but they're always on muslim threads exposing their trite insecurities. I don't have a problem with any faith in this world, but Nigerian christians are a special brand of foolish. And they'll be first to point fingers claiming muslims are intolerant. LOL! Bunch of clowns the lot of them.

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Politics / Re: How The Fulanis Conquered The Northern Nigeria by Dupamecano: 10:16pm On Jun 03, 2021
Oh and good luck trying to "outwit these simple bandits", your grand fathers tried and failed, your fathers tried and failed, I dont believe you have the temerity to try but if you do you will surely fail, just like the same fate awaits your children. What you will soon come to realize is as a society, we may have our vices, but we are far ahead of you and your pseudo intellectuals its not even close. You started playing this game after the Brits saved you from your primitive arboreal lifestyle, we've been playing this game for a thousand years, first between ourselves, and now against you. You are simply no match for us, never have been, never will be. The fact that you still think you are playing against "simple bandits" means that you still dont know the game you're playing.
Politics / Re: How The Fulanis Conquered The Northern Nigeria by Dupamecano: 10:05pm On Jun 03, 2021
I don't know where to even begin tackling this blatant revionist propaganda but the funniest thing to me is where he started mentioning the agencies headed by fulanis, literally the first name he mentioned is a kanuri man from Borno, the same people he claimed to be their nemesis in this write up. If you got the first one wrong, how many others did you get wrong? At the end of the day this is the beauty of the north, a region so united in our aspirations that even you guys cant fully tell the difference between the ethnic groups. Even when Abba Kyari was alive, another Kanuri man who was the most influential man in the government, some of you clowns believed him to be Fulani. If north-westerners find it difficult to decipher what ethnicity one is and generally use state identities, Kanuris are unmistakable. Keep playing your guessing games and keep throwing mud on the wall to see what sticks. Fulanis started setting in northern nigeria since the 15th century, just like a huge majority of northern nigerians are immigrants from all parts of the Sahel. You cant divide people who have been assimilating for over 600 years.

A word to the wise for you irredeemable scoundrels, if dividing the north is the strategy you have chosen to achieve your mischievous goals, you will fail, woefully just like everything else you try will fail.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Persecuted At Home, Igbo Muslims Troop To North For Succour by Dupamecano: 11:33pm On May 17, 2021

I blame the British, Niger Delta, yorubas and middle belt without them you abokis are nothing but low thinking savages. Without British backing you're nothing. British willful slaves. The average northern aboki is a born almajirii and a sorry excuse of a human being

British slaves but at least the british never physically enslaved us. They tossed your people into ships like sardines for decades. The reason the British always preferred northerners to you is that they saw how primitive you were when they came here and they saw how organized we were. They didnt even really need to impose their will on us and used our administrative system which was more than effective. You lot have always been savages, still are to this day. Even the most educated among you are uncouth and loutish. You lot are inherently primitive beings and you will never outrun that image. nyamiri baban doya cheesy
Islam for Muslims / Re: Persecuted At Home, Igbo Muslims Troop To North For Succour by Dupamecano: 11:28pm On May 17, 2021

The irony that an Islamic terrorist and potential suicide bomber is talking about positive image. Gtfo
Nobody hates nigerians because of terrorism, no nigerian has ever carried out a successful terror attack outside of the country. The international community hates nigerians because of drug trafficking, fraud and general nefarious behavior, things almost exclusively associated with your side of the country. When they north was an independent state we were world beaters, set up some of the most powerful empires in the continent? where were your people then? throwing feces at each other i suppose. We are not your mates, in any setting, any situation, regardless of how handicapped we may be we will always get the better of you because we are a superior breed. These are facts.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Persecuted At Home, Igbo Muslims Troop To North For Succour by Dupamecano: 6:33pm On May 17, 2021

Bro! cowardice is ingrained in there DNA, infact that is the major reason why Police officers in the South East who are mainly of Igbo extraction cannot defend their Stations,kai! How I wish the federal government will change the policy of deploying Police officers to their respective region, sent police officers of northern extraction there to show them shege and reset their dumb brain and animalistic behaviours.

Among ethnic groups in Nigeria the inyamirai are the biggest failures by a mile. One century ago they were a naked primitive tribe swinging from tree to tree like apes infamous only for their high grade slaves cheesy, fast forward a few decades later they're travelling around embarrassing themselves in every part of the world and somehow they feel like that makes them worth something. Hubris has always been their flaw, apart from their inherent ape level IQ that is. They are trying to start a fire in their region they cant contain, I cant wait for us to go and help them add more fuel to the fire. Lmao.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Persecuted At Home, Igbo Muslims Troop To North For Succour by Dupamecano: 6:26pm On May 17, 2021

Bullshit. Your heart has always been hardened

The tendency of you people to act like savagess. You think Igbos have forgotten the countless madness and jihad riots you guys used in butchering innocent and defenceless Igbos and southerners in the north all in the name of Sharia riot. All because of small issue in France you guys will use it as opportunity to kill Christians and people from other regions.

Look we don't share the same way of reasoning with you people at all and it pains us we share the same country with you people. We have innocent Igbo soldiers dieing at the hands of your boko haram Islamic terrorists. How do you think that makes us feel

You obviously don't think about that

It's a shame we share the same country with you people. Disintegration is what we all need no longer southern or northern Nigeria. Bullshit talks but different countries

Keep your Islamic terrorism to yourselves and your region

You can go to any northern forum, I assure you there will be little or no mention of any southern ethnic group. But the vitriol you lot spew on this website, hausa this, fulani that, you are obsessed with us when frankly we couldn't care less about you.

Any issues we have we can attribute to illiteracy, but you lot even when educated act like animals. Go outside the country and see what you're brethren are doing to the Nigerian image. Nothing brings me more shame than having to share an identity with you degenerates.

If we are savages and you can't free yourself from the despotic claws of savages, what does that make you and your ilk? Monkeys the lot of you. We will bleed every southern oil well dry, lets see what you can do about it. And when we're done we will send you on your way like a one night stand, and we'll see who will have the last laugh. Monkeys like you don't have the capability to maintain a successful society. We have done it for centuries and just because the last few decades have been difficult doesn't mean we wont bounce back at some point. But like I said, first we need to take you to the cleaners and take everything you have, you don't have the intellect or temerity to do anything about it.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Persecuted At Home, Igbo Muslims Troop To North For Succour by Dupamecano: 11:22am On May 17, 2021

You force people into Christianity & u guys claim Islam is converting people forcefully. The joke is on Christianity.

I have been lurking on this forum for a while, usually i dont care for ethnic squables, but understanding the mindset of the average southern christian, my heart has hardened. Maybe its just the fact that the demographic here is filled with poor frustrated degenerates. Its hard not to take some of the things said here personally. I hope the people clamouring for war on this forum wont be the first to follow in their leaders footsteps and flunk out like chickens when the chickens come home to roost.


Culture / Re: The "REAL" Hausa by Dupamecano: 1:01pm On Apr 14, 2021

the largest ethnic group in Africa is berbers lol grin lol do you think the hausa population is that much. most of the people grouped under hausa are other tribes. keep your fulani brother lol, grin that's y you cant be president. my guy just said hausas are different from the negro race, to the eyes of other wide nose and dark skin is seen as negro no matter how influential you are. the only people that arent seen as negros are the cushitic people and tutsis

Lol Nope, go and look it up, hausas in Nigeria alone given 30% of the population minus fulanis number over 60 million, then add 55 percent of Nigeriens which totals over 11 million, thats 70 million in those two countries alone, above the berber population. And even if by some estimates berbers outnumber hausas, that still makes us the largest subsaharan group in the continent, the largest black block in the world.

Like I said, both Abdulsalam and IBB are of hausa descent. And in truth, hausa people have never cared about becoming president, thats why ethnic northern minorities can be propelled to presidency by hausa support without prejudice because our diverse nature allows us to accept anyone who fits into our culture.

As for that quote, I didnt write it, its from Flora Shaws book and you miss the point, its not about being black or not which we obviously are, its about the other observations she made about the priority of the hausa nation.


Culture / Re: The "REAL" Hausa by Dupamecano: 12:00am On Apr 14, 2021

the fulanis saved you lol, hausas were practicing shirk alongside Islam which is a major sin. Usman dan fodio eliminated all of that plus you guys are just slaves now, fulanis have taken your ruler role, nothing like hausa emir grin . Both tribes have mixed so bad that many think you are one cheesy, they don't even know full blooded hausas exist again. Keep mixing with the fulanis, you'll soon eliminate the full blooded hausas, only mixed breeds will exist grin. Fulanis conquered your people, some of your people fought against their own brothers and eliminated the hausa leaders, that's sad bro. You and igbo can not even become presidents smiley, the yorubas and fulanis seem to be the rulers of nigeria

cheesy cheesy
Emir of Daura where your president is from is hausa, so is the emir of argungu, Ningi, Suleja. etc. Hausas are the most powerful ethnic group in Niger Republic and like it or not, the most influential in Nigeria. No one moves the needle like we do. We are the largest ethnic group in the continent and our language is the most spoken indigenous language in the continent. The hausas also produce the most prominent business men in the continent from Dangote to BUA and everyone in between, which has always been our occupation. Our influence is undeniable. So yes we will continue mixing with fulanis and other sahelian groups, our brothers like we always have. Nothing has exalted our people more than that. And BTW both IBB and Abdulsalam according to their books are of hausa descent from Kano. Like i said, we are a well travelled people and our diversity is our strength.

Keep crying my dude, your divisive tactics won't work. We know who we are, we are not cry babies like you always playing the victim. Collectively, the hausa race is not in the same league with you or anyone other ethnic group in the continent as far as the things we've accomplished and continue to accomplish throughout our history. It seems the unity between hausas and fulanis is really an albatross around some peoples necks. grin

100 years later, this quote from lady flora shaw still rings the same.

The Haussa and the Songhay are other races which, though black, are absolutely distinct from the pure negro type. The Haussa is wholly black, but not negroid in type. He has not the smooth hair of the Songhay, but in other respects he has frequently a cast of countenance scarcely less Aryan in type, and in his peculiar and strongly marked characteristics he is universally recognized as ranking among the most interesting of the peoples of the Soudan. Their populations, which have never enjoyed any wide foreign reputation, were perhaps locally, in their modest way, the best known and the best informed of all the peoples of the Soudan. They were very numerous, and in their recognised capacity of travelling traders through all the states, their language was one of the most widely spoken in the Soudan. By the end of the sixteenth century it supplied to the eastern portion of the country a lingua franca, which to the present day remains as a means of communication with those "great multitudes of negroes and of other people," of whom Leo Africanus confesses in the beginning of the sixteenth century, that he " could not well note the names." Travelling as they did in small trading caravans through the entire country, they became naturally acquainted with the affairs of every neighbouring kingdom. They were themselves well known from the shores of the Atlantic to the lip of the sacred well of Zem-Zem, where they drank as pilgrims within the precincts of the temple of Mecca — and as peace was essential to their trade, they quarrelled only with next-door neighbours and rivals. Peaceful abroad and quarrelsome at home, they earned the character, which they enjoy to-day, of being at once the best fighters and the most industrious traders of the Soudan.

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Culture / Re: The "REAL" Hausa by Dupamecano: 6:10pm On Apr 13, 2021

We used to have a beautiful culture and artforms but islam and fulani have destroyed most of it.

I don't know much about that surname. Many Yoruba muslims try to claim lineage from us due to inferiority complex.

Lol. Reading through your thread is clear you're not a hausa man but a "bamaguje". Heres why this distinction is important, your people, the people of barbushe, the maguzawa, existed before the coming of the hausa people. If you follow the history of kano, the hausa identity, which is not a single ethnic group was founded with the hausa states which was founded by muslims. Focusing on kano, Daud, known as bagauda the first king of kano and his descendants all fought against paganism until his great grandson Ali Yaji established Islam in Kano in the 14th century, Islam was established in most hausa states around the same time. This is the genesis of the hausa identity, a group of various sahelian people who eventually assimilated into a culture and identity perfected by muslims.

The maguzawa on the other hand, your people are exactly what their name says, "guzawa" because they never really fit into this identity and all historical texts refer to them as a separate entity. To call yourself a hausa man and to reject its Islamic roots is an oxymoron of sorts.

You are free to call your thread the real maguzawa because the real hausas don't reject their history or identity. A real hausa man still knows our culture is still unique and beatiful, still the most influencial in the region. A real hausa man doesn't malign the fulbe or any sahelian ethnic group because we know we are a diverse people who've always welcomed all and expect the same in our long distance trading "fatauci". At the end of the day if the jihad is your gripe, I hope you know these expelled hausa kings were muslims, today sarkin daura is a devout Muslim, so is sarkin zazzau suleja, so is sarkin kano maradi (current leader of the kutumbi dynasty) and sarkin katsina maradi (his counterpart in katsina). Im sure theyll all reject you if you try to associate with them.

Be proud of your maguzawa heritage, nothing wrong with that. But please dont bring us into your divisive rhetorics. Hausas are not maguzawas, and maguzawas are not hausas. Stay on your lane. Stop forcing yourselves on people who have and want nothing to do with you.

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Celebrities / Re: Ibrahim Sulieman And Linda Ejiofor Welcome Their First Child by Dupamecano: 8:45am On Jul 10, 2020
This Ibrahim I dare say na the most handsome Hausa Kannywood/Nollywood actor I have ever seen, no wonder Linda no gree the guy rest say he must to marry am by force. grin

Congrats to them.
Hes not a Kannywood actor and hes certainly not hausa. Ignorance at its peak.

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Celebrities / Re: Ibrahim Sulieman And Linda Ejiofor Welcome Their First Child by Dupamecano: 8:44am On Jul 10, 2020

The guy is a devote Christian, I know him those days back when he was in YWAP a Christian youth organization he was the dance leader in SOUL QUEST.That's y he was able to win maltina street dance years back.He is a core believer

People dont care about facts. They twist things to suit their agenda. I dont know if he is a christian or not but i know that hes from Edo. One glance at him should tell you hes not from the north.


Celebrities / Re: Ibrahim Sulieman And Linda Ejiofor Welcome Their First Child by Dupamecano: 8:42am On Jul 10, 2020
You will hardly see Emeka Kayode marry Aisha Muhammad,

northern Nigerian Muslim women are prohibited from marrying Non Muslims esp. southerners, even if you are a southern Muslim you still can't marry from there if you doubt me go try am and live to tell the tale, you have to marry without parents permission and run for your life.

Before Islamic ummyad entered Nigeria through the desert, we all lived not exactly as one, but we didn't hate each other, inter marriage wasn't really a big deal, but after Islam entered a line was drawn.

The agenda to dip the Koran in the Atlantic became a thing. To be achieved by fire by force and as such Yorubas we're forced to convert at knife point and dagger point in the war of Ogbomosho in 1840.

To keep Islam growing worldwide bars were set against non Islam men marrying, Islamic women and Islamic men were encouraged to marry not just 4 wives but also marry non Islamic women to procreate for Islam and kill out the infidels/Kafirs.

A woman can only produce one baby every 9months, a man can impregnate a new woman every week, this is part of the reason Islam places value on men, let me add that almost all religions were invented by men and as such more value is placed on men but as a man in Islam the incentives and privileges you get are too much so you won't even dream of leaving.

Some examples are 1. your wife can not stop you from getting a new wife, it is a sin on her part if she does
2. you are allowed to beat your wife to correct her, it's in the koran and various haddiths.

you can see that the Muslim populace will grow exponentially as opposed to the non Muslim populace so that was the plan and it seems to be working look at the growth of Islam no new converts compared to other religions, it's mostly hereditary in Nigeria people are prevented from leaving Islam through Disinheritance and disownment from family, if you leave the religion you are disowned and you cannot inherit any property from any of your family members and you are made an outcast so people don't leave even when they want to.

If you don't believe me because you suspect every Nigerian has a tribal agenda fine and good look beyond Nigeria, look at Turkey, only 2 years ago was the ban on Muslim women marrying non Muslims lifted, a whole turkey.

This goes to show us that much of organised religion as we know it, is an instrument of social control and not a race to heaven. A particular group trying to control the rest that's all.q

One Nigeria

Congrats to the couple regardless

I hope you know that this man is from Edo.

And the notion that africans used to live in peace before religion is the biggest lie ever told. Humans have never needed religion to antagonize each other. In fact, if not for religion which united some people, hate would be much stronger today. Religion, the way most people practice it isnt perfect but you need to stop lying to yourselves that the world would be a utopia without it.


Politics / Re: Usman Dan Fodio: Founder Of The Sokoto Caliphate by Dupamecano: 12:03am On May 17, 2020

They was busy inventing stuff, laying down the foundation for better and brighter days ahead.

LOL Thats why when the arabs and europeans met them they were so advanced. LMAO grin
Politics / Re: Usman Dan Fodio: Founder Of The Sokoto Caliphate by Dupamecano: 12:02am On May 17, 2020

The Ancient Black Civilidations of Asia by Clyde Winters.

Follow the link bellow for more information.


Your thread speaks of african civilizations. But every civilization mentioned there probably had their fair share of strife whether internally or externally. Humans dont need religion to fight each other.

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