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Health / Re: OMICRON: SA’s New COVID Cases Have Doubled In One Day, Tripled In Two Days (PIX) by Elsueno: 8:01am
Na just ordinary flu with eye glasses jare, it will pass after the winter
Crime / Re: CAN Tasks Buhari On Killing Of Christians In Zamfara By Terrorists by Elsueno: 7:53am
CAN is awake now.

I kind of feel for Christians in the north.
They'd shout themselves hoarse to be heard.
On top of it, very few southern Christians know there are folks like them up north and would put in word for them.

I mean :
They could be rounded up by those savages and brutally exterminated and a word will not get out to the world.

Southern Kaduna comes to mind.

I'd rather be a Christian in Saudi Arabia than in Zamfara.

That is absolutely impossible, CAN just likes to over blow things out of proportion..I have no idea why they usually do dat, Almost every church has armed security from the government...And this southern Kaduna issue is more of a tribal thing than religious..when the killers attack, they don't care whether u be pastor or imam, all are prey. Stop using us for ur political games when u guys don't even bother to investigate what's exactly going on
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Elsueno: 7:29pm On Dec 01
If u sell a coin and it always immediately pump, Bros/sis, the market can predict ur behaviour. It means lots of people behave like u at certain point in time. But be happy, at least u behave like a normal person( Herbivores)..The people who refused to sell are the abnormal ones....they could be the predators or the grass....Trust me, u do not wanna be the grass grin

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Celebrities / Re: Increase My Rent - Rapper, Blaqbonez Sends Hilarious Message To His Landlord (vi by Elsueno: 6:22pm On Dec 01
We did not increase rent on our properties nor prices of any of our products...but I promise to increase by 60% immediately Buhari remove subsidy....I am sure the tenants will understand, if them no like make them commot, will serve notice by January.....And if I discover u be Buhari fan, ur own be 80% increase undecided

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Politics / Re: Petrol May Sell Above ₦340/Litre, Marketers Plan Imports Amidst Forex Crisis by Elsueno: 6:16pm On Dec 01

Lmao. Trying to be smart by half. Keep shouting "subsidy removal", as if the money for the removal go dey your hands to use judiciously. That's how we heard "close borders", close borders now, beans don cost pass rice.

The way the backbencher dude defends his paymasters is very annoying. I find the vulture griller cooler, at least he ain't a hypocrite grin

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How I Rejected N9 Million P.A. FPSO Job by Elsueno: 5:24pm On Dec 01

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Politics / Re: EndSARS: White Paper Not Known To Law — Falana by Elsueno: 4:52pm On Dec 01

I am not a lawyer, but the lawyers in the house knows that there's no sentiment when it comes to this there profession... There is criminal lawyer and some of them win cases for hardened criminal.... Please sir see it as his job and don't have grudge over it. Nothing much he is a professional....

I have no grudge against him sir, i just no longer respect him nor like him. I am just one person, so my opinion hardly matters anyways. But he should not help traitors empty d national reserve & expect us to be just cool with it.
Politics / Re: EndSARS: White Paper Not Known To Law — Falana by Elsueno: 11:53am On Dec 01

How is that is problem he did his job..

Yes he did, His job was to betray his country & help thieves steal from them. He did it & go his share..So he should stop pretending he cares about the Nigerians he betrayed. An assassin kills people because it's his job, but he knows it's wrong
Family / Re: How Do Spouses Whose Partners Live Abroad Cope Sexually? by Elsueno: 9:50am On Dec 01
If U sabi any woman wey her husband dey yankee. Connect me to her

There is this beautiful lady in our estate like that.....but I think the husband is very dangerous, one guy used to visit her like that when the husband is abroad....The guy was reported missing a few days after the husband came back & his body was discovered a week after.. Even the police know the one responsible, but there is no evidence, the dude is freaking rich


Politics / Re: Jafaru Muhammad: ‘Bandits May Destroy Super Tucano Jets In Niger’ by Elsueno: 9:40am On Dec 01
He is very right !!!! The Kainji Air Weapon school is easily within the reach of Bandits and they can overun that base if they want to and there won't be enough time to get those aircraft airborne before they are completely destroyed....I wonder what informed parking them at such a vulnerable location .. Maiduguri airport is even more secure

Just keep kwayet, u think it's easy to overrun an air force Base.....Even iswap never had that achievement on thier resume....There are special forces guarding those assets.


Politics / Re: EndSARS: White Paper Not Known To Law — Falana by Elsueno: 9:28am On Dec 01

Falana, I use to respect you until I heard u are one of the lawyers who defended some traitors who siphon $200 million from Nigerians money on a dam construction they never did. God will punish u, u will not enjoy ur cut of that money angry

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Politics / Re: Hamisu Chidari: Tinubu Helped Buhari Become President We Will Reward Him In 2023 by Elsueno: 9:19am On Dec 01
Well, I only have one vote, and I show as hell ain't giving it to a man who refused to rest despite his age & declining health..


Crime / Re: Kidnappers Abduct 5 In Kogi by Elsueno: 8:58am On Dec 01

1. Seriously grow up man. I don't back this goverment nor support it or Liar Mohammed

2. The fact is, if you want the police to work well , you got to fund it properly. No two ways about it

3. You also got to fund things like forensics, crime records etc.

4. And isn't saying the police is badly funded not an indictment of the same government? Fornot doing their job of finding money for the police?

5. Seriously the police is badly funded. Better we face that truth. Even the Endsars movement was agitating for among other things better funding for the police

Let's call a spade a spade.

No, u do back the minister of information, U see unlike helinues & Mannagriiller who openly show thier loyalty to handouts they receive( I actually find thier loyalty impressive grin )..U come across as some one who is white on d outside but dark on the inside. At glance ur write ups looks impartial, but a second look, all ur comments blames the "poor" Nigerians & absolves the government of wrong doing...U ignore all the corruption, incompetence & nepotism to push ur bosses warped idealisms.
Crime / Re: Kidnappers Abduct 5 In Kogi by Elsueno: 7:19am On Dec 01
People are expecting miracles from a police force whose budget is one tenth of what the city of New York uses to police 25 million, while the Nigeria police polices 210 million people.

I mean how?

Police has messed up. But the fact is a main reason why is because they are badly funded

How much is Lai Mohd paying u to spite on the suffering of ur fellow countrymen..I just hope he also supplies u with police escorts, otherwise we are all in this shyt together.. supporting incompetence won't absolve u of damage either directly or indirectly
Properties / Re: How I Managed Light Situation In My Apartment (DIY Guide) by Elsueno: 6:06pm On Nov 30
Well done.
The first few days of Solar are always exciting, since you are entering a new phase of getting Electricity.

But the issues start a few Months later (if you Battery is the likes of GBM) or about two years after, if your load is beyond your Battery capacity and you are drawing down the battery heavily.

As long as you can use Inverter Appliances (Fridge, LED Bulbs, Fan) and a good battery, you may be able to enjoy the setup for some years.
But if anyone tells you that it is cheaper to run on renewable Energy, na lie o. grin grin

It's waaay cheaper, I have my own set up with two 200ah batteries, my own can charge with both solar & NEPA..I have being using same battery for almost 4 years now, not much decline, but I intend to swap them with new ones when they clock 5

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Career / Re: COVID-19: Last Minute Rush As FG Set To Bar Unvaccinated Workers Tomorrow by Elsueno: 2:22pm On Nov 30
I will never take that concoction called vaccine, I did covid & recovered fully...so will not add any poison to my system angry

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Business / Re: How Do I Get My Money From Debtors Without Involving The Police? by Elsueno: 12:09pm On Nov 30
AbelAbdul over 80% of Nigerians do not like paying & would not pay thier debts.... that's why just categorically refuse...if it's a family member, then give am like #500 for free when they ask for 10k, tell them it's ur last card, they don't need to pay back( they will get the message)...if u MUST give a loan, for example 50k, then collect something worth 100k from the person, even if he fails to pay, u can sell that thing or use it.

For example, I borrowed Mr A 30k, then I collected his over 70k flat screen TV. He couldn't pay the deadline, so I give him extra 5k & kept the Tv.

FYI, police can help u collect ur money cheesy
Family / Re: 29-Year-Old Groom & His 28-Year-Old Bride Who Are Both Virgins Wed In Lagos by Elsueno: 10:12am On Nov 30
Once you masturbate you're no longer a virgin. Ask them to hold iron and swear that they never secretly for once masturbated.

Sigh....a man's jealousy is an ugly thing grin .

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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by Elsueno: 8:52pm On Nov 29
It's red.....I hate red in this section

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Science/Technology / Re: Jack Dorsey Resigns From Twitter by Elsueno: 5:19pm On Nov 29
Jack tell ur twitter Lai Mohd chapter, I rather loose access to my account than provide u guys with my phone number to be sure "I ain't a robot". when am using VPN

Data mining thieves trying to throw me at this government feet... Never!

Properties / Re: Residents Cry Out As Government Demolish Houses In FESTAC Phase 2 by Elsueno: 11:34am On Nov 29

Did you read the comments of your fellow anti-Igbos on the first page?

I am not against anybody, but just say the truth, these guys have a problem with everyone even outside Nigeria......look inward brother, the world is not against u

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Politics / Re: Operation Hadin Kai: Troops Neutralize BH/ISWAP Terrorists In Gajiram by Elsueno: 11:27am On Nov 29
INDOMIE KIDS will never understand if we tell them there was a time people chose to travel at night in the same Nigeria.

Most kids wouldn't understand there was a time we had no police nor ARMY checkpoints, rather we had TOLLGATES with honest Nigerians.

A time where even seeing soldier dressed & armed in kakki is something that makes people look in wonder. A time where police officers are only seen with baton instead of AK 47s everywhere....omoh 9ja don spoil woh cheesy
Health / Re: Brain Drain: We’re Exporting Our Best Doctors - Innocemt Uja by Elsueno: 9:25am On Nov 29
So u expect them to stay in Nigeria jobless or meager pay when they are needed in other places with much more respect, comfort & security....Even Mr President enjoys the abroad more than Nigeria


Properties / Re: Residents Cry Out As Government Demolish Houses In FESTAC Phase 2 by Elsueno: 6:55am On Nov 29
The op thinks their buildings are being destroyed because of thier tribe.....why is that, this tribe believes THE WORLD IS AGAINST THEM. its impossible to have an issue with everyone in this world unless u are the issue

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Twitter, Facebook To Unmask Online Trolls In Proposed Legislation In Australia by Elsueno: 6:55pm On Nov 28

It's nice giving it such meaning, but you know the excesses of humans overdoing things. And for some they can be a handful for their victims who can't emotionally handle some issues or the angle the said troll is coming from. Even marking out trolls can be used negatively when a harmless comments is made against powers that be.

yes I know.....i also do not like internet bullies who attack people emotionally.... Consequently a troll is just a person who will drop a comment about fart during a nuclear physics discussion or someone who just derails a discussion by asking off topic questions or suggestions, I assure you they are fun to have around cheesy
Foreign Affairs / Re: Twitter, Facebook To Unmask Online Trolls In Proposed Legislation In Australia by Elsueno: 5:00pm On Nov 28

The fact that it is online does not make it 100% virtual, it is still humans involved and there can be friendly banters not trolling, if we agree with what you said, then imagine the actual world where someone just comes to your car and hit the side mirror and he tells you he is just trolling you, how will you take it. Humans no send oo, but law has created consequences, let it happen in the online world also. #SayNoToTrolls

"In internet slang, a troll is a person who posts inflammatory, insincere, digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses, or manipulating others"

I like online trolls, I find thier activities refreshing...when everyone follows the norm, everything will be stale!.. Just imagine everyone being a BMC zombie in Nigeria... God!
Trolls do not break or attack anybody or properties physically...
Business / Re: Business Might Not Be For Everyone. My Bitter Experiences by Elsueno: 4:51pm On Nov 28
Onahi95 you are too quick to give up & u move around waaay too much.....change business waaay too much...

find one business, get established in it, then use excess liquid in cash to move into another. During my first year in business, I was in over 50% deficit the first year, 30% in d second year grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: Twitter, Facebook To Unmask Online Trolls In Proposed Legislation In Australia by Elsueno: 1:10pm On Nov 28
What makes social Media fun & interesting is those online trolls that pop up once in a while... remove that & watch most of these online platform become booring place full of serious people

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Religion / Re: Why Do Christians Worship On Sundays? by Elsueno: 12:03pm On Nov 28

My question to u guys is that, where in Bible did Jesus referred to his followers or himself as Christian??

That's a very good question
Religion / Re: Why Do Christians Worship On Sundays? by Elsueno: 10:26am On Nov 28
Same reason why no pastor or even the Pope can point where the word "Bible" is mentioned in the Bible... instead they prefer to point at technicalities like "word of God" . There is nothing like going to church & worshipping on Sunday in the "word of God" . So many flaws, Humans should stop tempering with that book in the name of revision

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Politics / Re: Buhari Asks Nigerians To Join Anti-Graft War To Make Country Great by Elsueno: 7:33am On Nov 28

Easier said than done

Alot of people where willing to do that when he won the presidency...even the bribes being collected by police was in an all time low.... some criminals where even willing to stop...But Mr "integrity" showed he is even worse than those he criticize...so everybody called his bullshyt & went back to thier old ways
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigeria Customs Recruitment 2019. How To Apply. 3,200 Officers To Be Recruited by Elsueno: 8:36pm On Nov 27

Can you answer this please @ Elsueno
@mcbenb13 @thaiwwo
I really don't know, and it feels really awkward for me to ask him for such details

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