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Autos / Re: Foreign Used-very Neat 2005 Toyota Corolla by femicousim: 3:21pm On Jul 08, 2021
how do I reach you? WhatsApp phone number pleas

Autos / Re: Foreign Used-very Neat 2005 Toyota Corolla by femicousim: 12:37pm On Jun 27, 2021
How much

2.65m asking (very negotiable)
Autos / Foreign Used-very Neat 2005 Toyota Corolla by femicousim: 11:49am On Jun 27, 2021
2005 Toyota Corolla TOKUNBO

4door Sedan
Mileage - 185,993
VIN -2T1BR32E55C******
Location - Lagos (Int'l Airport road, Mafoluku)
No diagnostic trouble codes
Visual walk around - excellent
Ease of gear change - excellent
Very neat interiors
Silent engine running
No cabin noise

2.65m asking

WhatsApp: https://2Opq8Sp

Telegram: https://femicousim

Car Talk / Re: Power of well maintened cars by femicousim: 3:36pm On Aug 08, 2017
it's NOT about the tool, it's about who's handling such tool, i dare say you would can't even match some drivers on I4 speak less V6
Car Talk / Re: Ambode bans VIO From Lagos Roads by femicousim: 12:12pm On May 09, 2017
these VIO guys issue roadworthiness certificate, i imagine that they issue the certificate after a thorough inspection, now you come on the roads to question the very same certificate you issued ab initio!
Car Talk / Re: Most Practical Location For A Fire Extinguisher by femicousim: 7:05pm On Mar 18, 2017
Hmmm.... I think the only need to carry an extinguisher is to comply with the law... and the best place is in the trunk. But really...who can testify about ever putting out a fire or seeing or hearing about anyone putting out a car fire using the extinguisher? Yes....due to faulty wiring a fire has started somewhere in the engine... what do you do?....open the hood to get at the fire?..... you would be wayyyy more likely to get burn than outing the fire. Racing cars... yes...passenger cars no....but...it is the law.

i have @ least 2 experiences, it was @ charity bus stop area on apapa/oshodi express, i was driving and then people waiting @ bus stop, called my attention to the fire, when i stopped, the Samaritans were heaping sand from the road divider, initially i was too shocked to do anything, then i regained my composure, took the fire extinguisher from under the seat, sprayed @ the fire and off went the flames, it was wire induced & NOT fuel, the other experience was @ the workshop

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Car Talk / Re: Smell From My Exhaust by femicousim: 1:55pm On Jun 08, 2016
What kind of smell exactly?

Sweet smell? - a coolant leak flowing onto hot

Gasoline? - ignition system fault likely, lean air-fuel mixture leading to lean misfire

Exhaust smell? - cracked exhaust manifold

Strong exhaust smell? - vacuum leak

Smoke causing eyes to tear? - overadvanced timing or EGR issues, might also be vacuum

Dizzy feeling from smoke? - excessively rich air-fuel mixture

Rotten eggs smell? - catalytic converter related issues
Jobs/Vacancies / Job Supervisor For A Mega Automobile Workshop by femicousim: 12:21pm On Jun 08, 2016
1. Young &Energetic
2. Creative & Innovative.
3. Good communication skill (speaking the 3 major language is an advantage).
4. Leadership Values.
5. Auto repair Job Analytical & Precision skills.
6. Ability to Drive & Motivate team.
7. Tendency to Command respect.
8. Vast Knowledge about Automobile Electrical & Mechanical repairs.
9. Ability to use modern automotive scan tools: CONSULT, TECHSTREAM & HDS
* Background Technical Academic qualification is important.

JOB DESCRIPTION- Automobile Workshop Repairs Job Supervision.
1.Major supervision for mechanical & electrical Auto repair.
2. Oversight supervision of Body work & Paint shop.
3. Receiving, Managing/Log of Job Request from Service Advisors/ Service Reception Manager(s).
4. Redistributing & Allotment of Jobs to Technicians on time efficient & job quality basis.
5. Monitoring of job progress allotted to Technicians.
6. Resolving of Job Complications and analyzing the same to Technicians on understudy.
7. Reporting on workshop modalities, practice, standard and progress to the Workshop Manager/ General Manager.
8. Achieve overall improved performance of the workshop to be determined by Key Perfomance Index (KPI).

Send all relevant documents to

Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips For Honda Cars by femicousim: 10:04pm On Apr 25, 2016

Hello, please what transmission fluid will you recommend for honda pilot 2005 and honda crv 2003 respectively.


It's Z1, but you may use DEXRON III
Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips For Honda Cars by femicousim: 10:00pm On Apr 25, 2016
. Appreciate your response sir, have changed 4plugs, replaced nusstle, ignition coil and serviced injector........Sir I don't understand d compression problem?

Check for clogged exhaust, it might also be stucked valve(s)
Car Talk / Re: Where Can I Get Oem Radiator For Toyota Camry 2003(xle 2.4l Engine 4 Plugs) - by femicousim: 10:13am On Apr 06, 2016
call CHRIS (BISC) 08020387534, 08033079579
he's the chairman @ ideal plaza, the same plaza that houses most of the Toyota genuine new parts sellers @ matori/ladipo intersection

You may also call Martins of GREAT AKAI, 08067224902
Car Talk / Re: Help' Help' Help' Help' Help' Help' Help... by femicousim: 9:01am On Feb 27, 2016
your description of the problem is not lucid enough, then what kind of sound, growling?squeaking?grinding?whistling? are you sure it is only when you are reversing? are you reversing on a very rough road? if what you mean by right leg is the right wheel, then it could be brake pads or hub, be sure to also check the stabilizer linkages and bushings, and all other bushings in the rear.
Car Talk / Re: Front Left Camber 2005 Corolla Sports Changed 3 Times In 2 Months by femicousim: 10:33pm On Feb 26, 2016
sorry about that boss, top of my head, the car may have been in a collision before, such that the bushing is always in an awkward position, perhaps the "camber" is bent, trust me it might look okay to the normal eye but it might be twisted, or it(camber) might not even be for your car say a yaris or an earlier corolla was installed instead, i rather you change the "camber" altogether, lastly it could also be a case of very inferior bushings

my submission is based on the fact that the "camber" is actually lower arm
Car Talk / Re: Help! Help! Vokwagen Expert Needed In Surulere ASAP Thanks by femicousim: 11:19pm On Feb 20, 2016

Oil incursion into the radiator, points directly towards head gasket issues or (unless someone poured oil into the radiator)
How did the mechanic (Kazeem) explain the passage of water to the gear system from the radiator?
Both issues unfortunately are independent and have gone bad at about the same time!!!
Solutions - - - - - - - - -
Looks like a better replacement gearbox or clutch kit and a much better replacement engine.

the kazeem knew that the heat exchanger in the radiator got bad, allowing ATF sent through the radiator to cool off, mix with water. as for blown head gasket, it would be water mixing with engine oil through water jackets, you would find that in the sump not radiator, a radiator would throw out water violently or in the least bubble if you have head gasket issues
Car Talk / Re: Honda 2009 V6 Engine by femicousim: 11:02pm On Feb 20, 2016
some of my ladipo contacts for honda engines

aro - 08033800906, 08186273870

ugo - 08068164703, 08135176686

aloy - 08022686805

08060998855 (cant remember his name, saved it as engine&gear)
Car Talk / Re: Ecu Part Number For Brain Box Highlander 2005 by femicousim: 10:48pm On Feb 20, 2016
TIP: if you type any part no(digits only) in a Google search bar, it's going to return with other details of the searched number, you can try just to be cock sure
Car Talk / Re: Ecu Part Number For Brain Box Highlander 2005 by femicousim: 10:41pm On Feb 20, 2016
OEM part no 89661 48770
Car Talk / Re: Photo: Mercedes Benz Vs Audi by femicousim: 10:20pm On Feb 20, 2016
Car Talk / Re: Help!!! My Engine Oil Indicator Is Showing While The Oil Is Guage by femicousim: 10:13pm On Feb 20, 2016
it could also be an OCV (oil control valve), if equipped, amongst other things already mentioned

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Car Talk / Re: I need Original Toyota VCI Cable by femicousim: 9:51pm On Feb 20, 2016
talk to garutech (garu - 0802319606)


car techniks (kunle - 08033340004)
Car Talk / Re: I Need An Advice On Rx 330,ford Edge And Mdx by femicousim: 9:42pm On Feb 20, 2016
Car Talk / Re: Car Talk Chat Room by femicousim: 9:36am On Feb 19, 2016
Hello.Just bought a 2006 Toyota corolla and will like to know all the necessary checks to make on the car.I will like if it is advisable to immediately change the engine oil and filter,the transmission fluid as it has about 153,000 miles on it, to flush the radiator as there is a look of rust mixed with the coolant..Thanks

congrats boss,
yeah it's good to have all fluids replaced, it helps keep you a good a record of maintenance, for you're certain how long those fluids have been in there, you may also check out the brake pads, air filter and spark plugs. wishing you accident-free and problem-free car

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Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips For Honda Cars by femicousim: 9:11am On Feb 19, 2016
Good morning,

Please Bosses, my crv is leaking oil and my mechanic says they need to drop my engine and gear to know what the issue is. but i think it's the oil seal because this started after I serviced my car. please what can I do, and is there any good mechanic on the island for hondas?

Also, the under engine sand cover does anyone know the price?

drop your engine and gear?! top of my head, have the engine cleaned thoroughly, then watch out for new leaks, that way you can trace the source of the leakage. besides since you said it started after a lube service, why don't check the oil filter area and drain plug, either of them could have badly installed
Car Talk / Re: Official Nissan & Infiniti Thread by femicousim: 8:59am On Feb 19, 2016
Hello Guys,

I am driving a nissan murano 2004, i recently replaced the ECU ECM, the problem now is the injectors are not spraying fuel....my technician says it is from the ECU ECM....and considering the price for another brain box, i wish to know from experienced members on this forum advice the way forward. i will appreciate contributions....Thanks

why did you replace the ECU in the 1st place? were the nozzles spraying initially, when you replaced the ECU? have you checked for continuity to the injector nozzles from the ECU? changing an ECU should always be a last resort!
Car Talk / Re: Can I Get Lexus RX 350 Around N1.2m by femicousim: 11:44pm On Feb 18, 2016
i laughed like laughter was going into extinction
Car Talk / Re: Inside Kazeem's Dictionary: Nicknames For Car Parts by femicousim: 11:29pm On Feb 18, 2016
throttle body actuator- injector mouth

transmission range switch - starting sensor

valve - fab

air suspensions - balloon shocks

I4 - four plug

all gaskets are packings save for the cylinder head's


Politics / Re: Search For Lai Mohammed’s Replacement Intensifies by femicousim: 9:26am On Jan 02, 2016
Maza maza
Ozuobo ozuobo
I don't know Yoruba own o somebody help me out undecided

kia kia


were were


kia mosa
Nairaland / General / Re: Which Section Of Nairaland Really Made Your 2015...click To See Mine. by femicousim: 9:43am On Jan 01, 2016
Car Talk / Re: Transmission Oil And Engine Oil by femicousim: 7:38am On Dec 24, 2015
2005 toyota corolla L4 - 1.8L (1ZZ-FE/2ZZ-GE)

engine oil: fluid type specification

viscosity: SAE 5W -30

capacity (with filter) 4.2 - 4.4L

without filter 4.0 - 4.2L

Automatic transmission fluid

fluid type: toyota genuine ATF type T-IV

(T-IV is the same as dexron III)

capacity: drain & fill 3.0L
Car Talk / Re: Toyota Highlander 2011 Vs Toyota 4runner 2009 Which Is Preferable? by femicousim: 7:24pm On Dec 03, 2015

Thank you so much Sir for the insight, but you seem to favour the Highlander on technical grounds. But i was wondering the probability/frequency of having a timing problem regarding the 4runner. One more thing Sir, on a scale of 1 to 10, how will you rate The 4runner vs The Highlander. Best Regards.

you are welcome sir, funny enough, i prefer the 4runner because of my bias for boxy, rugged & ugly looking SUVs, BUT i was basing my response on your enquiry about fuel, comfort, family etc.

on the timing of the 4runner, i've only worked on 1 with a timing issue, and it's NOT enough to conclude that they usually have timing problems, i was just saying that i do not like the design of the engine because of the trouble of unmounting engine, when working on the timing

Car Talk / Re: Mitsubishi Outlander 2003 Problems - Already Scanned With Computer by femicousim: 7:00pm On Dec 03, 2015
that coolant temp sensor can make your car exhibit those issues you listed, if you say the problem remained after replacing the sensor, did you re-scan? if you did, and it was replaced with a known good one, and it still complains about the sensor, then check the continuity of the wire and the connector

you might check the EVAP system with respect to the fuel-filling problem

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