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Romance / Re: She Cheated With Her 'Cousin'. I'm Finding It Hard To Forgive Her by FrostyButter: 4:09am On Mar 21
Another loser crying here.. Promise her marriage and project her hopes to high heaven, then get another nice girl and marry while she is waiting.. Make sure she finds about it on social media. When she confronts you, tell her that she is a cheat and a fvcking animal.

Ahaaan... I will be sure to mention you whenever I need revenge classes... Ahaan grin grin grin grin cheesy
Celebrities / Re: Anita Joseph Cringes After Seeing A Viral Crocophilia Video Of A Nigerian Lady by FrostyButter: 8:57am On Mar 10
It's'coprophilia'. You just copy news plus grammatical blunders from instablog ..kmt
my thoughts exactly... It's only in urban dictionary you find such wrong spellings.
Celebrities / Re: Anita Joseph Cringes After Seeing A Viral Crocophilia Video Of A Nigerian Lady by FrostyButter: 8:53am On Mar 10
Nollywood Actress "Anita Joseph" cried and shares her opinions after seeing viral crocophilia video of a nigerian lady.

In The Video, The Nigerian lady looking for greener pastures in Dubai allows an Arabian man to defecate in her mouth for money.


edit your spelling... Coprophilia... You're welcome.
Celebrities / Re: Top 10 Richest And Highest Paid Gospel Musicians In Nigeria 2019 by FrostyButter: 9:56am On Mar 02
Only you is blogger, only you is asking us if they are the richest gospel artists... grin grin grin

When a Nigerian blogger has no source...

I'm surprised it wasn't something like "Gospel artist storm us with huge wealth".... These days if "storm" is not there, it's not complete smiley


Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Reacts As PDP Rejects Presidential Election Results by FrostyButter: 9:33pm On Feb 25
funny people.
rejecting election results after 7 state.
come back in 2030
you have the guts to say this after seeing the massive rigging... Are we not mad in this country... Corpers we're injured... People almost died... And you're here saying trash... I pray your life ends up the way Buhari has managed Nigeria in the past 4 years
NYSC / Re: NYSC 2018 Batch C Corps Members Thread by FrostyButter: 7:43am On Feb 22
if payments are still ongoing, better then... I will just wait till next week if no payment then I will make complain.
have you been paid now?
Politics / Re: NYSC Corp Members Collecting Their INEC Training Allowance (Picture) by FrostyButter: 5:13am On Feb 20
So its common 50k that will make poverty die shey?
I wish... It's 4,500 naira for inec training... Even the final money they are to pay has not been clearly stated...

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Education / Re: Covenant University Lecturer Signs 'jesus Is Lord' On His Test Paper by FrostyButter: 8:34pm On Feb 18

Honestly. Though i studied Biochemistry. However from my experience and knowledge of Elementary Applied Electricity, I can solve some of these questions. Particular those questions on impedance and threshold frequency
solve them
Sports / Re: Video Of Asisat Oshoala's 2 Goals For Barcelona Yesterday. by FrostyButter: 12:56pm On Feb 14
The stadium though... Really low turn out... We guys need to show these female ballers some love... Especially women... Especially feminists... Here is a chance to support these "what a man can do a woman can do better" footballers. But it's only on social media.
Romance / Re: I Feel My Husband Doesnt Love Me by FrostyButter: 11:12am On Feb 14
i swear bro, bring topic that relates to s.ex, you'll see them jumping up and down

Lmao... You know the funniest thing, I always see her comments on such topics... You know how hard it is to notice a user name here.

LOL... There are many of them roaming around...

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Romance / Re: I Feel My Husband Doesnt Love Me by FrostyButter: 7:15am On Feb 14

Germans don't even know how to speak English, their official language is German
So, I agree with you though.
True whites are Britains and Americans.

Wow... This is the dumbest thing I have ever read... Lmao... I would always remember never to argue with this username
Romance / Re: How Did You Cope With Your Partner Telling You All About Their Dark Pasts? by FrostyButter: 11:37am On Feb 03
Please just continue been committed o.. Why ask, when you are not strong enough for its outcome. I personally can relate with your exact scenario but I keep asking myself why I even asked at first but she has exhibtly shown that she is a changed person, although still has pride and could hardly say "Am Sorry".. Keep talking to her, if she really wants the relationship, she would amend.

I plan on talking things through with her today about stay away from them...if efforts prove abortive, I would gently walk out.
Romance / Re: How Did You Cope With Your Partner Telling You All About Their Dark Pasts? by FrostyButter: 10:22am On Feb 03

If you can't handle it.
Leave. There is a lady for you. That is looking for the exact guy you are.
She has secrets you would be comfortable with. And when you meet her you will wonder where she has been all this will.

Stop enduring poo from people who want to eat their cake and have it.
I can't take such things also hence I dont have a dark past.
I have been fair to my future partner.
I expect and won't settle for anything that come my way, unless it is what I want.

Thanks a lot

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Romance / Re: How Did You Cope With Your Partner Telling You All About Their Dark Pasts? by FrostyButter: 3:47am On Feb 03
Every Saint Got a Past & Every Sinner Got a Future!

Just Let those stuffs she says slide. Weigh her good with her bad which comes top? U know what to do..

I know a guy who is dating a girl that has been through a lot it's nothing compared to what your girl has gone through but he still Loves her cause of the woman she is now don't give a Sh!t bout her past. she telling U bout her past means she's being honest with yah' no lies & no secrets.

what if someone tells U she was into Porn Before and they got prove like a Clip or pictures?? what would be your reaction??

Just Weigh how U will Feel when she already told U bout that & When she didn't Tell nothing bout her past??

Love Forgives
Love Conquers All
In fact Love is All

One more thing!?
Check yourself out are U perfect?? U broke hearts too, U got some secrets U won't even let her know but there she is telling U hers cause she Loves U! with all due Respect Nigga (In Demmie Vee's Voice) “You're a Fuccking Hypocrite” (In Falz Voice) “Na Me Talk Am”)....LOL!!

She actually knows everything about me. I'm just not used to all this. I don't know my eduance limit. And worst off, I have to see these guys.
Romance / How Did You Cope With Your Partner Telling You All About Their Dark Pasts? by FrostyButter: 11:00pm On Feb 02
Always knew I would find myself in this position on day. Falling hard for someone, dating them, and then finally getting to really know them. Today she told me about her past and I've just been in one place, my mind racing back and forth. Anyone every been in this kind of situation? How did you cope with it? What decision did you make and did you regret it?

I know many people would say if you love someone you don't care about their past, or you don't even think about it. I feel that's what Hollywood scripts are made of. Lets discuss like real human beings.

Modified : As for what happened, I got to realise most of the male friends she has and told me about, the ones she still would call her close friends have had one sexual thing with her or the other. To be precise, 9 of them and 7 have had a thing with her, sexually. In her defence, there was no emotional attachments... Which to me is even more annoying. Plus she still wants to hang out with them. Infact, that's the fight we are having right now. And there are still worse things I would rather not discuss. That's where I'm at.

So I don't know if there is anyone that has stayed back in a relationship like this and if you ran away, please tell how you did it, just incase I have to.
Politics / Re: Kwankwaso’s Father Endorses Ganduje’s 2nd Term Bid by FrostyButter: 6:45am On Jan 30
This country... When will it ever be well... The way we celebrate corruption... The way politicians play our heads...

And they like the way the masses are poor. That's the only way they can do their bidding... If you can make it out of this place, please do... It's not changing anytime soon.

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Celebrities / Re: I’m In Love, I Don’t Know About Marriage — Actress, Tina Mba by FrostyButter: 6:33am On Jan 27
Just my opinion... If you're really in love with someone and the resources are available, all that would be on your mind would be spending every day with that person... Which of cause marriage gurantees

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Celebrities / Re: MI Accuses J.Cole Of Stealing His Style In His New Song ‘Middle Child’ by FrostyButter: 7:18pm On Jan 24
Guys...its sacarsm... Nigerians... Always too serious... And for those asking if jcole is a fuji artist... I have repented... So no words for you.


Education / Re: Richest Doctors In The World And Their Net Worth by FrostyButter: 7:54pm On Jan 04
The figures you put up there are wrong OP. The richest among them is just about 7 billion in worth

grin even he didn't become rich just from medicine... Entrepreneurship and his pharmaceutical company he sold.

Entrepreneurship is still the way if money is your passion. For those that want to be professionals, don't get carried away with these figures.
Nairaland / General / Re: What Is That Habit You Really Need To Stop Comes 2019? by FrostyButter: 9:52pm On Dec 31, 2018
Being judgemental
Politics / Re: See The Moment Buhari 4+4 Hits The Street (photos) by FrostyButter: 4:49am On Dec 23, 2018
Just look at how people opened alternate accounts just to make this silly campaign on nairaland cry... Someone that made the country the poverty capital of the world. What other level of failure do you need.

Years from now you guys will be looking back, and I hope the bag of rice and the 10k APC shared to you guys will be enough to wipe away the tears.

Someone will say I'm pained... Yes, I am.
Celebrities / Re: Actress Mercy Aigbe Shares New Beautiful Photos Of Her Daughter by FrostyButter: 5:41am On Dec 20, 2018
Not hating o, but this beautiful girl used to be dark
... Hmmmmn.... Maybe it's change of environment.

Anyways, dark, purple, green, the girl is pretty... This are people that deserve the word "pretty" that bloggers bastardise.


Travel / Re: We Pray For Death In Libya, Says Returnee (photos) by FrostyButter: 5:15am On Dec 20, 2018
Wish I could be there to see the look on the agents face when he is back
Politics / Re: Shiite Killings: Citizens Against Humanity Mrrights by FrostyButter: 4:59am On Dec 20, 2018
The extra judiciary killings are terrible... I watched the documentary by New York times. And now, I can easily believe when biafrans were saying they killed many of their peaceful protesters. God bless those people(new York times) for good journalism. To think that we have media houses that refused to cover this. It took white people to do so and not burry it. That alone shows how evil the nation is.

How would you use high caliber weapons to shoot unharmed people. And the useless military would say they were armed with sticks...what sort of evil lie is that.

I saw young girls get shot at. Even when they ran away, they were still being shot at. What the hell!

Reading GEJs book (my transition hour), where he explains how this bokoharam thing escalated when they were just a small organization and their leader was killed in police detention just made me wonder... These Shites they are killing, those that lost their complete families and have nothing to live for...if you tell them come and join boko haram, wouldn't they?

The military has always been the problem in this country. Ever damn military "ruler", even the ones that come back under the guise of democracy. Screw all of them. Screw burhari too. This is not a military govt. Behaving like animals.

Modified: for the ignorant nairalander saying those people carried stick... Go and watch the video... No one carried any stick... They started throwing some stones after the military shot a couple of them on the chest. A man amongst them peacefully approached a soldier to talk to him and he shot him in the chest. Those that thew stones where running and defending them selves
... Why would you guys support murder... Gruisome murder

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Romance / Re: My Fiancee Wants To Break Up With Me Because Of This Issue. Help Advise by FrostyButter: 3:37pm On Dec 17, 2018
Even those of us that went to private schools are planning for our children to go to Havard and have a better life... Smh... Your reasons are even sad and pathetic at the same time... So many poor Nigerian women are trapped in marriages to men like you. Married to stubborn men that make stupid decisions at the detriment of their families future. That said, I really hope she breaks up with you. And I hope you marry your kind with your kind of mentality...but then again... I'm in romance section.


Celebrities / Re: 10 Struggles Of Dating A Virgin Girlfriend (meme Collection) by FrostyButter: 1:25pm On Dec 12, 2018
Romance / Re: Tips On How To Make Your Relationship Last Longer by FrostyButter: 8:35pm On Dec 09, 2018
Beautiful write up
Education / Re: 1.40 In 100L Microbiology by FrostyButter: 9:45am On Dec 06, 2018

Hi, I will answer a yes and no to the question above.
Are you happy with your present course of microbiology? Do you see yourself having a future with this Course? If your answer is NO, then drop out and start afresh with a new course you would love and then determine to sow your sweat and blood to ensure you graduate with a first class avoiding the mistakes that landed you with a 1.40 today.
If your answer is YES to my two questions then be ready to drop a lot of distractions in the next 3years of your life. You will have to triple your present efforts and go the extra extra extra mile to move yourself up the CGPA scale. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE AND ARE READY TO PAY THE PRICE.
Above all, the GOD factor, take this issue seriously with GOD while you engage in doing your part.
Read this thread below

He is studying a 4 year course... He has 7 semesters left, there is no way he can make a first class... 100 level and 200 have the highest number of units, and this his first result is a heavy blow... Please allow him set realistic goals.

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