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Fashion / Pflugerville Man Defying All Odds By Walking In National Fashion Show by gabriellad(f): 1:16pm On Oct 31, 2022
21-year-old Ronnie Brown, of Pflugerville, is continuing to check off his list of accomplishments.

Brown has championed against all odds to continue completing his list of accomplishments. This list includes runway modeling, painting, community activism, being an ambassador for the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas, competing as a Special Olympics athlete, and acting in commercials.

Last year, Brown walked the runway at New York Fashion Week as a part of the “Runway of Dreams Fashion Show.”

And now on Nov. 12, Brown will be a featured model in the Global Down Syndrome Foundation's 13th Annual Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show taking place in Denver, CO. After taking place virtually for two years during the pandemic, the fashion show will be back in person this year.

"He would come home and walk through the house back and forth. So we sent his submission in and they selected him! I told Ronnie we got the news in the mail, opened it up, and he's been practicing ever since," said Brown's sister LaTasha Rodgers

"I can show them my moves," said Brown.

In addition to his list of accomplishments, Brown is also the founder of a French fry business called The Fry Guy. Brown successfully launched his business in 2020, and for the last two years he has been sharing his infectious laugh while serving up delicious French fries to members in the community.

"I can't say enough of how this community supports him from his teachers to his coaches. When we first started, I just kind of put it in our little community Facebook group, and people came over to the house and we just sold the rest from the house. It was amazing to see people continuously supporting not just one or two times, but asking 'when are you guys having another event?,'" said Rodgers.

The annual "Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show" benefits the Global Down Syndrome Foundation and is the largest fundraiser for Down syndrome in the world. The event has an attendance of over 1,400 guests each year and has raised over $24 million for Down syndrome research, medical care, advocacy and education.

When asking Brown if he still needs to practice his runway walk, he was confident he's ready.

"I got it!," said Brown.

Brown hopes by participating in this event, and many more hopefully in the future, he can serve as inspiration to others and especially people with Down syndrome that anything is possible.Read more at:formal dresses perth | brisbane formal dresses
Fashion / What Vintage Fashion Does For Clothing's Emotional Value by gabriellad(f): 2:43pm On Aug 22, 2022
As a writer, vintage clothing holds special value: there are stories embedded in the seams, memories stuffed into the lining, caught between the pleats, and hidden in the hems. Sometimes the previous owner has left evidence: a shopping list in the pocket, a coffee stain or a rip from an ecstatic night out dancing. An imperfection is an indelible detail of a second-hand garment’s charm. A tear or missing button might tell the story of the item’s provenance, and sometimes an imperfection explains how the item found its way to you, who will mend it and love it again. It’s true about people too – our marks and scars tell the stories of where we have been, where we fell, and how we’ve healed.

For thousands of years, people wore one another’s hand-me-downs, and bought and sold clothing second-hand because it was so costly to purchase things new. My grandmother sewed the dresses my mother wore to school, and then my aunt wore them and then they were passed down to a cousin. But at some point, this hand-me-down tradition stopped being so common. Buying new outfits was a way to present as having self-respect; the only people who wore vintage clothing were either poor or weird or both.

But then countercultures struck chords in fashion: the Diggers in the 1960s in San Francisco put together spectacular outfits out of discarded and donated clothing as part of their radical anti-capitalistic lifestyle. Then London’s punks transgressed even further, mixing clothing from all eras into a new aesthetic meant to make a person look like they just survived a trip to hell and back. The new look leaked into mainstream culture through television and movies. After that, goth and grunge invaded the Nineties. As a teenager in 1993, I saw Kurt Cobain sing live on television in a ragged green sweater, and my world changed forever. Cobain represented anti-conformity, strength in honest vulnerability, and beauty that could be ravaged by its own rage and passion and still be beautiful. Grunge spoke to the nihilistic artist in my little broken teenage heart. Everyone I’d grown up with wore clothes from the same stores: Umbro soccer shorts, canvas trainers. I wasn’t a normal person, and wearing vintage was how I affirmed that.

Most of what I collected came from a vintage clothing store in Cambridge, Massachusetts, called The Garment District. In the Nineties, you could still find Forties tea dresses and Seventies polyester print shirts in the mountains of clothes being sold for a dollar per half kilo. I’d sit in a pile and go through the clothes, getting a rush of adrenaline as I pulled at a sparkly sleeve and found a sequin gown, or unearthed from a heap of destroyed jeans a perfect pair of Levi’s 501s that had personalised graffiti all over the knees, reading ‘Class of ’76’. Back then, I wasn’t thinking about the ethical virtues of buying vintage. I was buying vintage to defy the status quo. And dressing in vintage was a visual art; I saw it as fashion collage. Sorting through the piles at The Garment District, I wasn’t looking for a quality basic that I could wear year after year: I was on the hunt for something singular that would feel as though I was fated to find it.

Wearing vintage clothing made me feel more at home and connected to the people of the past in this place in which my family were newcomers. I was born in Boston, the first in my family to call the USA my homeland. My ancestors are Croatian and Persian, but New England has always felt rooted in my bones. By dressing in the garments of the people who lived there before me, I was weaving their stories into mine.

The rise of vintage clothing in everyday dressing seems to be a recent phenomenon, one born out of privilege and nostalgia as much as it is out of necessity, but a different kind of necessity nowadays. Affordable clothing is ubiquitous, and toxic to the environment. Over its life cycle, a pair of jeans releases over 33kg of CO2, equivalent to driving about 69 miles. And if you try to throw that pair of jeans away, it can take up to a year to fully biodegrade – and that is only if it’s 100% cotton. Synthetic fibres only make matters worse. Getting dressed in the morning has never been so ethically loaded – and people will judge you for it. Head-to-toe fast fashion only looks good for a day. Then, what? Recycling your clothing is one way to clear your conscience.

What a vintage-phile like me loves the most is seeing new fashion icons pull looks together from the past. I think of Kaia Gerber sporting her supermodel mum Cindy Crawford’s classic Alaïa leather jacket, making the Nineties new and chic again. Zendaya wore a black-and-white strapless number from Valentino’s SS92 collection on the red carpet, lifting the look from Linda Evangelista and making it all hers – no small feat. And day to day, we’ve got Emma Chamberlain’s ‘massive thrift hauls’, where she explains how pieces from the 1990s and Noughties can be readapted for a different time.

And although I think it’s important to clean out and reassess one’s wardrobe from time to time, there are certain items in my closet I will never part with: the blue hooded sweatshirt I was wearing when I met my husband, the dress my mother wore when she lived in Brussels in the 1970s, my late brother’s ‘I Climbed the Great Wall of China’ T-shirt.

When I wear anything vintage, I feel like a time traveller. The texture and weight of a garment on my body, the way it moves around me, the shapes it makes, all transport me back, as though I am acting out a memory: what it felt like to be me, or someone else entirely.

When I sat down to write the show notes for Proenza Schouler’s AW22 collection, I couldn’t let go of the idea of fashion as a means to move through time, as a way to reflect the values and fascinations of an era. Talking to the designers, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, about how they conceived of their collection was like speaking to a novelist or a filmmaker. They build worlds, imagine characters and how they move; they look at details from the past and revive them so that they say something different, as though creating a wardrobe for a woman who hasn’t yet been born. They seemed to be asking, ‘Where are we going? And how do the garments we wear reflect who we want to become when we get there?’

A few months later, I walked the runway for Maryam Nassir Zadeh, an Iranian-American designer I greatly admire. In addition to the nerves and sudden cluelessness about how to move my feet, I felt completely new on the catwalk. Nobody had worn these clothes, never even seen them. I was presenting them to the world for the first time. There was something magical about that. On a typical day, I go about my life as though when my clothes don’t look good, if they sag or ride up, it’s because there’s something wrong with me – my shape, my proportions. But acting as a model for future fashion, I felt no such insecurities. I didn’t need to gussy myself up to be the weirdo I am inside. Maryam didn’t want me to wear make-up. Simple hair. I felt bare and exposed, and beautifully myself. It was as though no clothes, of any vintage, were there to define me.Read more at:long formal dresses australia | cheap formal dresses australia
Fashion / Four Outfits With Platform Boots: Fashion Inspiration by gabriellad(f): 4:13pm On Aug 13, 2022
The platform boot was created in the 1970s but had a resurgence during the 2010s. The love of the 70s style became the backdrop of the next couple of years in fashion. Until it slowed down again.

In recent years, love for the iconic platform silhouette has returned, and does not seem like it is turning back anytime soon. You cannot walk down the street and not see someone wearing a platform boot of some kind.

This is ultimately because of the versatility of platform boots. With hundreds of ways to style this icon of a shoe, let’s discuss just four outfits you can wear with them.

Do You Want to Rave?

Who says you can only wear rave attire to a festival? There are tons of rave styles that can be twisted into something street worthy. Usually festivals and raves have a theme, but now the creativity can be in your hands.

Rave style has changed over the years, the 80s styles were different from the 90s and 2000s. This gives you a playground of decades of material to choose from. Lets create an outfit now, the setting is a glow in the dark festival and you want to stand out.

Let’s start with the platform boots, of course, they will not be just black. There needs to be some sort of color on them, preferably a rainbow design or fluorescent highlights. Usual rave attire includes some sort of crop top or bikini top. So we’ll go with a glow in the dark two piece bikini to fit the theme.

Silver jewelry will be a good complement to these but the star of the show will be the glow in the dark makeup. Lastly to finish off the look will be a fanny pack, big enough to fit some personal items while you dance your heart away.

Lets Keep It Casual

Sometimes it is best to keep it comfy and casual and that is okay. Thanks to the versatility of the platform boot it does not matter. Since we are going to keep it casual this one can be simple.

Starting with an all black platform ankle boot, and a nice pair of blue jeans. These two staples work great together and can not go wrong. The jeans can be baggy or tight and should work, but let’s go with baggy.

For the top, your favorite cropped hoodie that you wore hundreds of times. Not much to this fit, but it is not a fancy dinner or a party you are attending trying to impress. Running to the store or completing some errands fit that could be worn everyday.

Who Wants Some Color?

It’s time to pull out that dress, and shake it up with your platform boots. Luckily these boots don’t only come in black and it is good to add some color to your collection. A pinkish platform boot will be on your feet.

This paired with a floral knee length dress, or polka dot will stand out. If the pinks do not match that is okay. As for the jewelry, silver rings and necklaces would be adequate, but if you wanted a bright color to stand out from the monochromatic look that is alright as well.

If this is too simple, throwing on some black or white stockings could add a color break in between the two pinks. When starting outfits with your boots it is easy to look at the trends that are currently going on. Once you figure out the silhouette you want to recreate, looking in your closet and picking clothes should be fun.

It’s Getting Cold

Even when it gets cold it can be a platform boot moment. Thanks to the different shapes and sizes platforms can get, your foot can always be warm and not too cold just in case your area of the world is freezing during the winter.

This outfit will be a little more grunge than the others, sporting all black with silver details. The platform boots this time, have metal chain accessories attached to them for an extra pop. Match that with black skinny jeans to keep with the black monochrome look.

A black sweater or hoodie will be the top but will not be the star of the show. The main piece will be a black trench coat over the top. Trench coats are a great layering piece that completes the monochrome fit. Finish the outfit with a black purse and your favorite sunglasses then you are done.


Creating outfits should be a fun process, whether you are creating a new one from scratch or you are trying to match new pieces in your existing closet. Everyone has a certain piece of clothing or a pair of shoes they never get to wear.

Sometimes just trying on clothes gets your creative style to show. Platform boots have the ability to go with many outfits and combinations. Making it one of the most versatile footwear in style right now.

Adding a pop of color, if never bad or maybe you want to rock a monochrome look. Switching up your style and showing off your wardrobe is the most fun about dressing up.Read more at:white formal dresses australia | black formal dresses australia
Fashion / How Fashion Can Be Used For The Greater Good by gabriellad(f): 1:54pm On Jul 30, 2022
The world has its fair share of environmental, social and economic problems. We are in dire need of social upliftment, medical treatment to fight diseases, solutions to climate change and more. There is clearly a need for creative solutions that are sustainable. This is where fashion and accessories can play a part.

Is it possible for people to look good and fashionable, while addressing some of these problems? Yes, very much so. Fashion can be good for the world and environment, as well as used for social change. And that is what Relate Bracelets aims to do.

Relate Bracelets is a not-for-profit social enterprise that makes and sells handmade beaded products to raise money for charities globally, while creating jobs for people in low-income areas. It gives township people dignity, companionship and earnings to support their families.

Fashion has always been about personality and these creatively beaded products not only allow people to choose designs that suit their personal taste, but the wearer is able to choose a cause close to their heart.

We live in a world of fast, unsustainable fashion. But it is known that this is not what the younger generation wants. As early as 2015 Nielsen reported that the majority of Millennials were willing to fork out more money for goods they thought to be sustainable and good for the environment. Forbes recently reported that 62% of Generation Z want to shop more sustainably. And brands have been responding with more environmentally friendly packaging, products that are biodegradable and fashion that adds good to the world rather than consistently taking from it.

Over the years, Relate Bracelets has used the sale of its bracelets to raise R68.8-million for social upliftment. The company has also affected well over 100 charities that are involved in a variety of credible causes, including better access to education, the treatment of diseases and providing clean water to villages, as well as organisations that help orphans, animals and the frail.

Fashion can be fun, trendy and have a positive effect on the world. We just need the right minds to think more creatively to make it happen. Relate Bracelets encourages customers to be part of the solution too. One small change or addition to how you spend your money can change the world — or someone’s world.

Corporate social investment (CSI) funds have decreased but the need for assistance has increased since the Covid-19 pandemic started, according to independent CSI research at the end of last year. The prediction for the short term is that South Africa’s CSI spend will continue to decrease. Relate Bracelets encourages companies to continue to allocate corporate social investment funds, even if it’s less than before.Read more at:short evening dresses australia | cheap formal dresses sydney
Fashion / A Marketplace For Young Fashion Entrepreneurs by gabriellad(f): 10:47am On Jul 14, 2022
Susma Gurung is turning her frustration into a business opportunity in the fashion industry.

The marketing student at the University of Utah is a fashion entrepreneur, and she knows the struggle of gaining exposure and selling something new.

To help herself and many young fashion entrepreneurs like her, Gurung created Off the Rack, a marketplace where they can gather to sell their products and promote themselves. The Off the Rack marketplace events are currently hosted on the University of Utah campus, and Gurung hopes to grow and also host events off campus.

“Off the Rack is something that I see growing beyond Utah,” Gurung said. “As the founder, my goal is to plant its roots in Salt Lake City but also have the courage to take it and build a community of young strong fashion entrepreneurs anywhere I go.”

By being part of the local fashion community, Gurung saw an increase in young fashion entrepreneurs who were starting their own creative businesses. As she noticed the increase, she saw an opportunity to start Off the Rack.

Gurung has taken advantage of a variety of resources at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute including the Company Launch program, to grow Off the Rack and other startups.

Off the Rack’s overall purpose is to encourage people to shop sustainably and ethically while supporting young fashion entrepreneurs in our community. Gurung also wants to amplify the voices of young fashion entrepreneurs and their creativity, provide a platform and an opportunity for them to gain recognition for their creative artwork, and create a community where they can learn, be inspired, and encouraged by one another.

“We have plenty of talent, skills, and determination, but not enough of a platform to showcase that,” Gurung said, and she hopes Off the Rack will change that.

“The goal is not to make things perfect,” she said. “The goal is to hold businesses accountable if they are not making efforts and taking action toward implementing sustainable policies in their business operations.”

Young student entrepreneurs have a high risk of experiencing the effects of unsustainable business policies, Gurung said. She wants to help them use their power to change trends that align with sustainability.Read more at:formal dresses australia | white formal dresses
Fashion / Go Inside The Mind Of One Of Fashion’s Biggest Galaxy Brains by gabriellad(f): 8:56am On Jul 12, 2022
To sit in a car with Alex Fury during fashion week is to take a deep dive into a fashion obsessive’s mind. No sooner have the doors closed and the vehicle began to speed off to the next show on the schedule, AnOther’s fashion features director and self-proclaimed fashion nerd is reeling off obscure reference points and influences from throughout fashion history and name-dropping specific looks from specific collections – all while barely looking up from his phone.

He’s also a great person to live vicariously through, as he disappears off to meet fashion dealers, or for appointments in hidden-away vintage stores, before arriving back and detailing the fabulous old Lacroix, or Galliano, or Westwood pieces he’s just managed to score for his growing archive.

Though Fury has mostly kept this archive, which now boasts over 3,000 pieces, under wraps, lending select pieces to exhibitions around the world, or otherwise to various magazines for editorial shoots, during this season’s Haute Couture shows in Paris, the writer and editor opened it up for a small exhibition.

Conceptualised in partnership with OG luxury resale destination Re:SEE, Fury pulled a selection of black and white pieces from the vaults – namely a full-to-bursting room in his East London home, and a decidedly non-glam storage unit a few miles away – to herald the launch of a new column dedicated to vintage fashion on the site.

Landing every month, Behind the Seams will revisit iconic collections, hone in on legendary garments, unpack historic fashion references popularised on the runways of today, and, more pragmatically, detail how to start your own archive, should you be into that sort of thing.

“It’s going to be very instinctive,” explains Fury of the column. “I’d probably say it’s obsessive for other obsessives, talking about the passion for collecting and trying to open up the stories that I think inspired people like myself to start collecting. I think when you think about vintage you can look at it in so many different ways. There will be ones based on specific designers, ones on eras, and so on.”

Given its debut coincided with the AW22 couture shows, unsurprisingly, the first edition discusses the excitement to be found in slipping into some of fashion’s most grandiose, exquisitely made garments.

With Fury sticking to a theme of ‘black and white’ for the launch exhibition (“There was no deep and meaningful there, it just felt quite concise – I could have just as easily done pink, or denim”), a vintage Westwood bustle and corset from the designer’s AW95 collection stood alongside that SS97 Gucci thong, while a cocktail dress by “criminally overlooked” British designer Antony Price rubbed shoulders with a coat from Gaultier’s controversial ‘Chic Rabbis’ show of 1993.

But it’s John Galliano who features most heavily within the small edit, with a selection of looks spanning the course of the 90s, including Fury’s own holy fashion grail, on the line-up. “When people ask me what would I save if the house was burning down, I always say it’s the black and white Galliano dress from AW95 [worn by Carla Bruni, of which only six were ever made],” he says.

“For me, it was the start of this journey into fashion as something magical and transformative and transporting, which is why I also love fashion and why I think fashion’s important and why so many kids fall in love with fashion. It’s always my counterargument when people talk about fashion being elitist and for the chosen few. The images are available to everyone. They can make all kinds of little kids dream.”Read more at:white formal dresses | formal dresses
Fashion / How Fashion Helped Shape Africa’s Cultural Renaissance by gabriellad(f): 8:35am On Jul 07, 2022
Fashion in Africa is as diverse and creative as the continent itself. Now, Africa’s many talented designers, models, photographers, illustrators, makeup artists and other professionals are in the spotlight as part of the United Kingdom’s most extensive exhibition of the continent’s fashion to date.

“Africa Fashion,” on view through April 2023 at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London, celebrates the “irresistible creativity, ingenuity and unstoppable global impact of contemporary African fashions” through the lens of 45 designers from 20-plus countries, according to a statement.

More than 250 objects make up the exhibition, including garments from the personal archives of some of Africa’s most iconic mid-20th century designers, including Nigerian fashionista Shade Thomas-Fahm; Chris Seydou, the “father of African fashion”; Ghanian innovator Kofi Ansah; and Alphadi, “the magician of the desert,” to name a few.

Through photographs, video footage, editorial spreads, sketches and other artifacts, the exhibition also tells the stories of more contemporary designers and creatives, like Imane Ayissi, IAMISIGO, Moshions, Thebe Magugu and Sindiso Khumalo. Marrakech-based Maison ArtC designed a new work specifically for the exhibition titled A Dialogue Between Cultures.

While fashion from Africa is the umbrella theme for the exhibition, the show goes much deeper than that, encompassing the “inner spirit” of Africanness that’s not restricted by geography, according to Christine Checinska, the museum’s senior curator of African and African diaspora textiles and fashion.

Starting with Africa’s independence era, which spanned roughly the 1950s through the mid-1990s, the exhibition explores the role that fashion has played in the continent’s cultural renaissance, alongside art and music. It also examines how social media, digital technology and celebrities have helped bring African fashion to a wider, global audience in more recent years.

“[African designers] are shifting the whole language of fashion,” Checinska tells Artnet’s Christine Ajudua. “The fashion world is turning toward Africa, and African creatives are doing things in their own way.”

Founded in 1852, the V&A’s history is intimately linked to British colonialism throughout Africa. Colonizers stole many of the most valuable items in the museum’s collection—and in the collections of other prominent British museums—from African communities; in 1868, for instance, British soldiers looted the so-called Maqdala treasures during an invasion of Ethiopia.

More broadly, African creativity has been largely “excluded or misrepresented in the museum, owing to the historic division between art and ethnographic museums arising from our colonial roots and embedded racist assumptions,” Checinska tells Agence France-Presse. But as Lauren Cochrane writes for the Guardian, the exhibition “could be seen as part of a wider move to acknowledge these histories, and to bring a more diverse range of voices into the institution.”

Checinska agrees, adding that the exhibition is long overdue. Museum staffers spent two years consulting with designers, external experts, young people from the African diaspora and a multi-generational community panel to make sure they got the exhibition right.

“It is a moment of transition that marks the commitment that we have to celebrate African creativity across the board,” Checinska tells the Guardian.Read more at:grey formal dresses | blue formal dresses
Fashion / Middle-aged Women Should Dress Like Young People by gabriellad(f): 8:09am On Jul 04, 2022
Dress collocation contains profound knowledge, if you can skillfully use dress, skillfully use color to enhance the charm of the individual, to create a full state of mind, then the image of the female transmission is undoubtedly quite decent. If you want to feel young, you should dress like a young person. If you only need to adjust your collocation, you will look younger than your peers.

The multivariate type collocation of the shirt

When it comes to finding a single piece that can capture the needs and tastes of women of all ages, the shirt must be there. It can maintain a variety of collocation forms, helping women to create a look that can suit every occasion.

This shirt is mainly used as sun-protective clothing, and can be overlaid with a slim vest to help mothers highlight their full curves. This kind of dress means is very spontaneous, but can reveal the sexy element with vague about from agile style again, combine a blue jeans, recreational and easy, comfortable not drab.

Older mothers can use the shirt to complete a variety of matching programs, can take a small vest and it combined, can also use the skin of a larger scale sling skirt, showing a slightly conservative and very sunscreen wear.

Like this light coffee halter dress, it's a looser silhouette design, not to be fussy about your figure, and it can effectively cover up a bulging belly or an unsmooth straight leg curve. The coat is a white shirt that can form a color balance with it. This shirt can create a formal feeling, but also maintain a full casual style. Tie up the hem, can reflect a higher waist line, embellish proportion.

Older moms don't always dress in the same way, and they can use a shirt for a never-repeating look. Of course, the color of the shirt is the key to interpreting a variety of styles, ranging from basic white to generous blue.

Like this blue shirt, when it is particularly hot, you can choose the design of short sleeves, so that it will not cover too much skin and make people feel sultry. Lower half body matches a wide wide big knickers, increase along with sex appeal, easy and unconstrained.

Those who dress very well older mothers, never use age as an excuse to hide the idea of not dressing up. In fact, there is no need to spend too much energy in dressing. Some fixed formulas for wearing and some specific shapes can make women present a very decent appearance.

Some women don't like bold shorts. Instead, they wear pants in a variety of colors to create a crisp, slimming look. Like this group of collocation, light blue shirt and white pants, can convey a new style, fashionable older mothers also match the neck scarf, perfect wear, more aesthetic feeling.

Older mothers never miss dresses

As the increase of age, the integral appearance of the female may produce a few changes, the figure is not as gentle and graceful as when young, the likelihood skin is no longer silky and exquisite, but the heart that loves the United States only is changeless, also can wear with the aid of the same build reserve glamour and temperament.

Many older mothers will never miss out on a variety of dress items, whether they are dresses or skirts, which are key to creating a beautiful look. Like this white printed dress, it can present a Feeling of Chinese wind, more classical charm, with white or black top, advanced and not fussy.

The choice of fabric is also important. If the material of the dress is airtight and slightly dull, it will create a variety of uncomfortable feelings. The dress of acetic acid fabric is very popular this summer, pan-have obvious burnish feeling.

For example, this milk coffee color of acetic acid skirt, its shape structure will not be too dull, you can skillfully use the belt, to create a different outline. The belt drops down, the dress is more relaxed and natural, the belt is tightened, the figure is more clear.

From a variety of dresses, we can carefully consider the lasting appeal and amorous feelings that it delivers, there are some dresses, style structure bold and novel, can increase characteristics, but does not accord with the dressing standards and taste of older mothers.

Like this print dress on a white background, it can be elegant while building a look that is not cookie-cutter. The use of color is also relatively simple, the formation of the belt is more convenient for women to beautify the proportion. This dress item can be worn with either updo or shoulder-length hair without compromising elegance.

Dress simple, but not boring

Many older women, they always hope that their dress is particularly simple, but sometimes without good control of the scale, it will appear particularly boring. If you wear white a lot, try to match it with other colors instead of always using black or gray.

Like this group of wear, pure white sleeveless T-shirt is matched with casual purple slit pants, the slit length is not too obvious, can form a characteristic. The combination of white and purple also has a tacit understanding, presenting a casual sense with loose clothes to create a sense of existence.Read more at:purple formal dresses | grey formal dresses

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Fashion / To Wear "Advanced Beauty" In Autumn, Learn 4 Strategies by gabriellad(f): 7:31am On Jun 29, 2022
Women are like wine, the more they taste, the more mellow they are. Although the traces of the years have climbed up the cheeks, they can still be saved by wearing them, so that the more mature temperament is accompanied by beautiful clothes, and the whole person is refreshed.

Therefore, the charm of dressing is definitely the most advanced beauty for a woman. Even if it looks ordinary and the traces of the years on the face are very obvious, it can still be obtained by knowing how to wear and dress up.

So the question is, how should a woman who is a little older wear it in order to have this kind of high-level beauty? In this issue, we will share some tips, the most suitable ideas for older women to wear, first of all, please judge these 4 details before matching any clothes.

First: Does the outfit have texture?

The older you are, the more you have a higher demand for texture. Therefore, the outfit with texture will not refuse to come. If there is a lack of texture in the outfit, it may greatly reduce the overall image. This is of course the result that any older woman does not want to have.

Therefore, judge whether a certain outfit or a set of matching suits you. We can judge from these details: how the clothes feel, how glossy the clothes look, how comfortable the clothes are to wear. The gloss of the clothes is ultimately determined by the material of the clothes.

What kind of clothes are more shiny, you can try more materials such as silk, gold velvet, matt cotton, etc., in terms of gloss and comfort, it is worth a try for older women.

Second: Will the outfit look cheap?

The so-called cheap feeling of wearing clothes basically comes from the inappropriateness of wearing clothes. And this kind of inappropriateness can be summed up to include the intuitive effects brought by the clothes themselves, that is, the styles are not selected correctly, the colors are not matched correctly, there are too many fashion elements, and fashion is fashionable for fashion.

Then we must consciously avoid these problems. Aiming at the cheap feeling caused by wearing clothes for older women, in fact, we can try to wear more minimalist styles, and in terms of style, color matching, and fashion elements, the style is simple and basic. The color matching is also dominated by contrasting colors and the same color. It can be regarded as a balance rule to avoid cheapness in wearing.

For example: too many elements or too complex color matching, it is easy to give people a dazzling feeling, this style is more European and American street style, far less than simple color matching, soft color daily matching.

Take these 2 suits as an example. The minimal basic color is paired with a solid white T. There is a bit of simplicity in commuting. The combination of such 3 single products, as long as the matching materials, gloss and materials do not look cheap. , it meets the dressing requirements of older women.

The combination of minimalist style, coupled with minimalist items and color matching, is a shortcut for older women to avoid the cheap feeling of wearing.

Third: Is the color matching generous?

The so-called high-end beauty with top matching is naturally inseparable from the matching of colors. In terms of color matching, older women should be generous, not only comfortable to wear, but also look pleasing to the eye.

First of all, we have to avoid colors that are not suitable for us. How can we determine that it is not suitable for us? We can judge by skin color and our own preferences. The skin tone is mainly to show the skin color, and the personal preference is to show the graceful and generous.

Such a color that looks very "flowery" like this, if you want to wear a maverick, it will indeed be very cool, but it is a bit embarrassing to fit the sense of luxury. Because of the large area of ​​bright block colors and designs, people always feel too ostentatious, far from the so-called high-end beauty, and at the same time, the color matching is not generous enough.

In fact, the most reasonable collocation should be to achieve bright color + soft color coordination, balance each other and achieve each other. When a large area of ​​bright colors is used, there should be a transition of light colors, and when a large area of ​​light colors is used, there should also be a balance of bright colors, and the visual effect will be much better.

For example, a colorful plaid suit, choose a solid color navy blue dress inside, and the color balance will have an effect.

One dark and one shallow, one shallow and one dark, even the most dazzling colors will be visually balanced by other low-res and colors.

In addition, if the top and bottom are too bright, it may also make people feel tender for older women, which is not in line with their own age.

Then try to use basic colors, or light colors with softer colors and bright colors to better make the color matching show generosity and sophistication.

Fourth: Is there a sense of detail embellishment?

Please do not underestimate any matching details. The details of the outfit directly affect the overall matching effect. Let's take a white shirt as an example. The same person wearing a white shirt has different matching effects. In fact, in addition to the different matching items that we can see with the naked eye, we should not ignore her details.

For example, the use of hairstyles, accessories, and waistline details, so the final matching effect is completely different.

Therefore, for older women's autumn collocation, it is recommended that you can start with these two details. Layering and accessories.

Because stacking is a good way to create a layered outfit, and it has a warm effect on older women. When stacking and matching, pay attention to the color matching and cutting size, and the layered sense of stacking will be more harmonious.

Shirt + bottoming shirt layered is what I recommend everyone to try, because it can not only be worn alone, but when autumn turns to late autumn, such a layered layered outside with a coat will also show a temperament and a fashionable look.

Shirts, trench coats, and denim jackets can all be worn in a fashionable manner, which is hard to come by for older women.

The second detail is accessories. Don't underestimate this little accessory. The outfit with accessories and the style without accessories are one of them is a bland passerby armor, and the other is a fashionista who is sought after by 10,000 people. , this description is very appropriate.

Everyone wears the same basic style and color scheme, and accessories are the best breakthrough point for how to present different in the crowd. However, when matching accessories, it is still matched according to the style. It is too exaggerated to look too different, too subtle and has no matching effect. It is enough to keep everything in harmony with the items.

Regarding the confirmation of this detail, in fact, we can also find the answer from many female stars and fashion bloggers.

Liu Wen's clothing is obvious to all in the entertainment industry, and her private outfits are mostly basic. But the embellishment of accessories details can be seen everywhere.

The same goes for casually looking at fashion bloggers on INS. Accessories have always been a must in their matching, and even with sweater items, accessories never fall.

Therefore, for older women, no matter what kind of item you wear, you should subconsciously persuade yourself to try stacking and accessories to create a different high-end beauty.Read more at:formal dresses australia | long formal dresses
Fashion / Catherine Martin On The Iconic Street That Shaped Elvis’ Style by gabriellad(f): 1:22pm On Jun 21, 2022
Mikka Byarugaba wears a Prada jacket, vest, shirt, pants, bow tie and shoes. His own ring, worn throughout. Daniel Onaghise wears a Gucci jacket and pants. Boss shirt. G.O.D Eyewear glasses. Tom Ford bow tie, from Harrolds. P. Johnson cummerbund. Chusette socks. Christian Louboutin shoes. His own earrings, worn throughout. Adut Akech Bior wears a Schiaparelli haute couture dress. Eric Javits hat. Cartier white gold earrings set with onyx, emerald, aquamarine, chrysoprase and diamonds. Lillian Shalom gloves. MeMoi tights. Gianvito Rossi shoes. Her own stud earrings, worn throughout. Aubrey Gardner wears an Ermenegildo Zegna jacket, shirt and pants. Cartier white gold necklace set with emerald, onyx, ruby and diamonds. M.J. Bale bow tie and pocket square. P. Johnson cummerbund. Christian Louboutin shoes. Ishmael Koroma wears a Versace jacket. Prada shirt and shoes. Song For the Mute shorts. Cartier white gold necklace set with emerald, rock crystal, onyx and diamonds. Déclic bow tie. P. Johnson cummerbund. Wolford socks.

The year is 1955. Memphis’ Beale Street—America’s home of blues—is alive with the energy of self-expression and a spirit of rebellion. The street is a hub of African American culture, an intersection of music, fashion, and creativity.

A young, charismatic musician, drawn to the street’s vibrancy and flamboyance, spends his days perusing the street’s stores, sitting in its bars, dancing in its clubs—immersing himself in the inimitable energy of Beale Street. This musician came to be known as the King of Rock and Roll, and the influence of Memphis’ famous thoroughfare remained inherent to Elvis’ music, style, and stage persona.

“Lansky’s on Beale Street was the store where many Black artists that Elvis revered went to buy their clothes,” says Catherine Martin, the costume and set design extraordinaire behind the shoot’s styling. “These iconic looks shaped Elvis’ sartorial world view.”

This month’s issue of Vogue—guest-edited by Baz Luhrmann, with creative direction from Martin—saw Australian supermodel Adut Akech Bior step back in time, taking us for a night out at Beale Street’s iconic Club Handy—a place where the lights are low, the music is loud and the clothes are spectacular.Read more at:online formal dresses australia | short formal dresses
Fashion / What To Do With Australia’s Old Clothes by gabriellad(f): 9:15am On Jun 16, 2022
The statistics are so oft-quoted that they are almost meaningless: Australians, the second-biggest consumers of textiles in the world (after the United States), acquire, on average, 27 kilograms of new clothing and footwear each year – and we dispose of about 23 kilograms in turn.

Just 12 per cent of those discarded textiles is recycled, meaning an estimated 800 million kilograms of it winds up in landfill, emitting toxic methane gases 25 per cent more warming than carbon dioxide, and leaching harmful dyes into soil and waterways.

Alexis Todorovski, business development executive at SCRGroup, a non-profit working to provide recycling solutions for Australia’s textiles, puts it bluntly.

“For a first-world country, we should be doing much better at this,” she says. “We have a serious problem with the amount of textiles going into landfill.

“Our textile recycling rate is very low. What we know is that people want to recycle, they want to access options. The challenge is providing access, and making it easy for people.”Ms Todorovski is part of a vanguard of fashion industry executives rallying for more efficient and viable recycling and reuse options.

SCRGroup works with retailers such as H&M and Assembly Label, and big shopping centre networks such as Charter Hall to collect unwanted clothing and convert it into biofuel, downcycle it to rags or repurpose the fabric into shopping bags.

With 90 collection hubs across 37 shopping centres, the organisation has diverted more than 7 million kilograms of textiles from landfill since the program’s inception in 2019.

But, says Ms Todorovski, there is much more to be done. The sector’s biggest challenge, she says, is convincing government bodies to adopt consistent gold standard practices at local, state and federal levels.

“By far our biggest hurdle is the government,” she says. “Policies can be inconsistent, and they are often not in line with global best practice.”

Overcoming bureaucratic red tape “should not be this hard,” she adds, pointing to France as a model to imitate.

While the European Union last year mandated that member states must stop incinerating and throwing away textiles by 2025, France has been recycling textiles since 2008, setting up industry body Refashion to manage the process.

Recycling’s on trend

“There is one collection hub for every 1500 people in France,” Ms Todorovski says, “and that has meant the country has tripled its recycling rate in just seven years. Let’s do the things that have been shown to be successful overseas. We don’t need to start from scratch.”

Ms Todorovski previously worked with former environment minister Sussan Ley to implement a National Clothing Product Stewardship Scheme with the Australian Fashion Council. That program is run by Danielle Kent, and is due to deliver key findings at the end of July.

“What we have found so far is that there are lots of smaller, grassroots organisations already doing great work in this space,” Kent says.

“The sector is filled with people who have come up against this problem and have looked up the chain to see who can help them. And there is no national textile recycling program, so they have done it themselves.”

Bringing these groups together and harnessing their knowledge will help to build a framework for textile waste, Kent says.

Collecting discarded textiles is one part of the problem; something must also be done with them.

Annie Thompson founded Worn Up in 2016 to tackle waste in school uniforms. Last year alone, the business collected more than 65 tonnes of old school clothes.

For the past two years, Ms Thompson has been testing a new material she calls FabTec, a hard plastic alternative made with old clothes and fit for use as benchtops, kitchen counters, tables, desks and more.

From 2023, after further prototype testing, she hopes to work with builders to install FabTec into homes and businesses.

Like Ms Todorovski, Ms Thompson believes more government assistance is required to tackle textile waste.

“We don’t have the mechanisms in Australia to deal with the volumes of textiles we have,” she says. “We don’t have enough upcyclers or collection mechanisms in place to deal with the amount we are throwing away.”

Worn Up operates for profit because Ms Thompson believes “the solution to sustainability should be a commercially successful one” and the company is currently seeking investment.

Plant-based underwear

“You cannot rely on government help,” she says. “But in saying that, I’m optimistic that this new government will enable the logistics and machinery to support schemes like this.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by Stephanie Devine, founder of sustainable underwear brand The Very Good Bra, who wants a national standard for composting textiles.

“The underwear I make is plant-based, so it will break down and leave no negative impact at the end of its life if buried in soil,” Ms Devine says.

Despite this, commercial composting initiatives will not take textiles, even those that are made with biodegradable materials such as Ms Devine’s. She has implemented a take-back scheme for her customers, but the volume she receives cannot be composted commercially – yet.

“Local commercial composters are keen to do this, but they want the products to have a certified home composting standard first,” she says.

After approaching laboratories, Ms Devine realised there was no Australian standard for textile composting, which she believes is a significant part of our clothing waste issue.

“I was astounded,” she says. “We know that in controlled industry-run trials, natural textiles have shown positive results in increasing the nitrogen-carbon ratio in composting.

“But until we have a standard in place for brands and textile manufactures to adhere to, those recovery facilities cannot confidently accept textile material or products.”

Ms Devine is now lobbying for an Australian standard for textile composting, similar to that which exists for bioplastic mail bags.

“All state governments have committed to zero textiles to landfill by 2030, but at present have no mechanism for diverting textiles into other waste streams,” Ms Devine says.

It won’t happen quickly, she warns, estimating at least two years to get the program running. Like Ms Thompson, Ms Devine is also seeking funding for her research.

But while recycling at end-of-life is part of the solution, reducing consumption and shifting the way clothing is made is also critical, Ms Devine adds.

“At the moment, the burden of circularity is on the consumer,” she says. “I’d love to see that transferred to the manufacturer. It’s very easy to make a $2 pair of socks, but they will not last forever, and someone has to deal with them when they fall apart.”Read more at:formal dresses online australia | long formal dresses
Fashion / Every Woman Has The Right To Love Her Beauty by gabriellad(f): 7:25am On Jun 13, 2022
Now women pay more and more attention to their own figure, and many women are consulting themselves only 20 years old, but also like to change themselves through fitness, but some worry, the body is developing, now fitness will not be too early.

Today we are going to talk about how women can start working out in a scientific and effective way.

Is it bad for the body to be in the developing stage of fitness? That's for sure.

If your body is still developing, exercising at this time may inhibit bone growth. Why is it not recommended for teenagers to exercise? There are many women who have been in the gym since their childhood, and when they grow up, they are slightly inadequate in terms of height, weight and appearance.

Generally speaking, women from about 18 years old, the body will slowly stop growing, 20 years old is still developing women almost few, so 20 years old women can be fitness.

There are a lot of benefits to young women getting fit. Friends who often go to the gym will know that most of the people in the gym are light mature men and women over 25 years old. Young people's fitness can not only make the body healthy, but also make the figure more perfect and stylish.Read more at:formal dresses | short formal dresses
Fashion / Minimalist Can Be Stylish by gabriellad(f): 7:51am On Jun 02, 2022
If we want to enhance our personal temperament, where should we start? The answer is dressing collocation dressing collocation is to change a person temperament the most rapid and convenient method, actually want to wear a fashionable sense, do not necessarily chase individual style, at ordinary times the minimalist in our almoire sheet also can make fashionable modelling, but this also needs super collocation skill. For example, I like an Australian blogger recently. She can put simple items in daily life into a stylish limited edition feeling, which is not only commendable, but also worth our reference. Today, let's take a look at her secret of fashionable clothes.

1. A T-shirt

Short-sleeved T-shirts are a must-have item in most girls' wardrobes and are an indispensable part of the summer heat. If you want to create a playful look, try a plain white T-shirt. A simple, pure color is easy to pull off without skin tone. You can also add a twist, such as the blogger's knotted hem, which shows off a slim waist and gives it a lively and airy feel. Pair it with a pair of dark jeans and you'll be the center of attention on the street.

But if you like a cool look, you can try a slightly looser version of the T-shirt, which is not only cool but also has a certain amount of meat hiding effect. With black smoke pants, the legs can be modified at the same time, but also elongate the lower body proportion, with a certain height. Put on a pair of shoes with color board at this moment, color style can be coordinated and unified.

T-shirts, of course, can not only separate wear, also can be used as inside take a foil the role of other clothing, such as is built as a suit will be extremely brief and practical perfect union, how many have some depressing feeling, suit to alleviate the problem, might as well on the clothing color, choose contrast undertakes collocation, to form the visual impact. In the blogger's case, contrasting colors were chosen to match the characteristics of the two pieces.

2. The shirt

Shirt style changeful, simple and practical, is our spring wear in the necessary single product. To better show the female charm, might as well try the deep V style shirt, effectively increase the area of bare skin, perfect show the clavicle line, with a certain slimming effect. Pair a shirt with a pair of black pants, which are classy and intellectual, and jeans, which add a casual feel.

3. Small suit

Suit simple and stiff version and design, facilitate foil the temperament of the wearer, also became the necessary sheet of professional women. But want to wear it fashionable feeling, can proceed with from printing design, the suit design that chooses to have design of distinctive case grain, can alleviate rigid and depressing feeling, match trousers of a white wide leg again, it is intellectual elegant feeling to develop acme, do not break professional breath again.

Of course, the choice of color is also a major focus, you can try some unpopular colors, to add a window for the whole wearing. Like the blogger's dark green blazer, choose an unfashionable color to make a difference. Deep V simple white shirt is chosen for the inner match, which perfectly shows the unique charm of women. The lower body is matched with beige cigarette pipe pants. The whole match is not too much design embellishments, but the superposition of very simple products, but forms a more fashionable effect.

4. Knitwear

Knitted sweater soft waxy thick cloth, warm effect is full, is our autumn and winter essential single article, but its material is soft and weak lack of three-dimensional sense, want to wear knitted clothes fashion sense, or some difficulty. So we want to start with the color version, choose simple atmospheric color collocation, such as black is a good choice, black has a certain slimming effect can also make the shape more three-dimensional fashion sense, choose straight leg jeans collocation, casual and full of mature lasting appeal.

If feel black has A bit inflexible feeling, can choose contrast inferior dark blue, also have simple sense quite, match again short skirt of A character, can decorate waist crotch line already still can enhance female glamour, kill two birds with one stone.

Minimalist can be stylish! Look at what Australian fashion bloggers wear, smart and sexy! If we want to wear fashion in our everyday lives, we can do something like this fashion blogger to wear our style in minimalist clothes.Read more at:black evening dresses | light blue formal dress
Fashion / Learn How To Dress At 40 by gabriellad(f): 8:47am On May 24, 2022
For women after the age of 40, more clothes is not the better, because they need to carefully choose and match, more clothes will only lead to more troubles, there is no way to find the best match, and it is a waste of time. After the age of 40, clothes should not only be judged by quantity but also by quality, otherwise they will only be put in the closet to collect dust.

In this age of women, must understand that not all fashionable fashionable styles are suitable for yourself, wardrobe or to some basic design and practical type of sheet is tasted, this kind of item lies in the advantages of simple structure, classical collocation and able to bear or endure look, and make a little change can become more fashionable, highlights the good personal elegant temperament.

Women over the age of 40 dress to pay attention to, learn to wear these tricks dry goods, elegant senior show temperament!


Wear more basic colors and basic styles

Basic color and basic style have advantages, especially for women after the age of 40, it is easier to match. If you want to highlight the highlights from it, you can change the basic style slightly, or change the color collocation to some extent.

In daily life, the simplest color is black and white. When matching black and white, the two colors can be carried out separately or mixed with each other.

For example: pure black

Pure black in the spring and summer season, a lot of people think that the frequency of collocation is relatively low, so never go to see the collocation of this color, in a lot of Japanese style, pure black or black and white color matching is a lot of.

The most simple is the sleeveless jacket, with a high-waisted version of the wide-leg pants, perfect interpretation of the Japanese style of simplicity and elegance. In all black collocation, the belt in the middle is very distinctive, using different fabrics, in fact, the upper and lower pieces are not the same fabric interpretation of a more perfect shape.

The matching color between black and white, when used, can make certain changes in the upper body or the lower body style, can make the basic style become characteristic. The most representative is the white shirt, chiffon fabric, smooth and clean.

This simple shirt with black pants has a certain decorative, shirt is very easy to show fashion charm, with a small ribbon design, but also has a French style feeling.


Wear classic styles and combinations

In daily life, classic fashion elements have been applied all the time. Even though fashion trends change constantly, such elements are always popular, such as stripes.

There are two major categories of striped items most often worn, one is a T-shirt, one is a shirt. Both of these are classic styles, and it is easy to match them with classic styles. Among many simple styles, a 40-year-old woman can perfectly pull off striped pieces.

For example: striped shirt + suit pants

Vertical stripes have a better slimming effect in the world. Large areas of white are fresh and clean, and the design style of stripes has a certain stretching effect on the curve of the body, and there is a certain connection in the trimming part, so the slimming effect is better.

For women who have entered the mature age, when the lower half of the collocation pants, prefer earth color, the contrast between the color formed echo and depth, for the beautification of personal image will be higher.


Color can be understated

Basic basic color or classic style is very good, but in the wardrobe, if it is a kind of sameness, then it will be a little boring, and will give a person a kind of illusion, is always wearing the same clothes, or the same style.

The woman after 40 years old, also want a lot of try to color, how can color series be better collocation, of course, it is a few low-key, choose low saturation to carry on collocation won't give obvious mistake.

Women in their 40s are more suitable for the simplicity of Japanese style, which is very common in many Japanese styles, and the use of color. The good use of color means that personal clothing and fashion sensitivity are still relatively high. After 40 years old, women can choose morandi color or low saturation color.

For example: pink sleeveless shirt + pink pants

The simplest color department collocation means is the same color department, through the upper and lower between different tonal make, have rich administrative levels sense, both advanced and modern, and can present an individual to wear the view of the respect.

The upper body chooses the sleeveless shirt that is partial to rose pink, and the lower body chooses the trousers that are tender pink. The two kinds of pink are not arranged with fluorescent color, so it looks more pleasing to the eye. The single product that can learn to use this kind of haze pink is very high-grade and has texture, and has the effect of reducing age.

Or can use this kind of purple dew shoulder garment, this is a fusion of the advantages and disadvantages of the overall model, the form of a kind of hollow out state, the position is just right, there will not be any flesh reflected, to the figure of tolerance is higher.

Collocation is the high-waist style dress, both tall and thin, but also very temperament, especially the high-waist version of the skirt, very personal characteristics, is the collision of purple and military green, color belongs to the earth color system with a good one.

Color matching tips:

For women after the age of 40, we should be bold and learn to make conservative choices. In the selection process, can have a certain degree of brightness, but do not have fluorescent color, collocation should learn the fusion between colors, simple color matching can form a sense of fashion.

If you are not a color sensitive woman, it is not recommended to try, you can try to match the color series with neutral colors, or earth colors are also good.Read more at:blue formal dresses | green formal dresses
Fashion / Saturday’s Upcycling Fashion Challenge Focusedhigh Fashion by gabriellad(f): 7:14am On May 18, 2022
Hosted by Void Studios, an Upcycling Challenge on Saturday, May 14 featured five stylists and an array of stunning looks meant for the runway. Over 50 models took the catwalk wearing carefully curated pieces that were thrifted, upcycled and pieced together to make a statement.

Upcycling, a relatively new phenomenon, takes something that already exists and uses the blueprint of the item or piece to design an improved version. According to UpcycleThat.com, upcycling is “the act of taking something no longer in use and giving it a second life and new function. In doing so, the finished product often becomes more practical, valuable and beautiful than what it previously was.”

In the fashion industry specifically, upcycling is a great way to prevent waste and to refurbish garments that are no longer in style or “trendy.” Rather than tossing or giving the piece away, upcycling can bring new life to apparel. The beauty of the process is that anyone can upcycle clothes in their wardrobe. However, designers are embracing this practice as well to prioritize sustainability and take advantage of materials and pieces that already exist.

Therefore, the turnout for this show was strong due to the interesting nature of upcycling and its popularity in sustainability-driven fashion industries like Denver. Spirits were high as audience members mingled in the studio prior to the show. While the night itself was quite toasty due to a lack of air conditioning in the space, a little bit of sweat didn’t stop the Denver fashion community from coming together to celebrate local designers and stylists. The open bar was a fabulous touch, too.

The show began with a few words from local stylist and artist Quana Madison. To follow was a collection from Lauren Walker, a familiar face for many in the Denver fashion community. While this was Walker’s first runway show, she is an experienced model that has walked on a plethora of runways in Denver.

Walker’s collection was sleek and sexy. In true upcycling style, each look was created by layering fabrics to create dimension. From silk to satin to velvet, the materials used in each look accentuated the collection and made for a classy ensemble. As the models walked down the runway, they interacted with one another. It almost felt like they were flirting with each other, which elevated the looks and contributed to the alluring collection.

Madison presented her collection next with looks that were colorful and artistic. It’s clear how much work went into this collection by the beauty and artfulness of each piece. With splatter-painted textures and symbols on blazers, gowns and more, this collection bridged art and fashion in a unique and captivating way. The looks were abstract, yet elegant, funky and stylish.

Prior to the show, Madison met with each of her models to learn their stories. This was the first time that a majority of her models were walking the runway. As a result, she opted to design each look based on the individual that was wearing it.

“It feels good to uplift and provide the opportunity to make them feel good,” Madison said. “Every person really is a masterpiece of art just being who they are. [We’re all] living works of art.”

Following a brief intermission, Davry Ratcliffe, stylist and owner of Twiga G Styles, presented a lively collection that made a statement. Accessories were the focal point that brought each look to the next level. Models wore shimmery socks, elaborate pearl jewelry and even a necklace adorned with shark teeth.

When one thinks of true vintage fashion, these looks are the image that comes to mind. In mixing prints and patterns, Ratcliffe brought the essence of upcycling fashion to Void Studios. He proved that transforming a garment elevates its appeal and creates an entirely different fashion statement. Along with the energy of this collection, the colorful looks and the sassy attitudes of the models made for a tremendous segment, leaving audience members feeling inspired.

Kimberly Rayfield, manager at Rags Consignments, brought a phenomenal collection that was cohesive and full of energy. Model pairs took the runway together for each look with matching pieces. The intention behind every look was incredible, with specific color schemes, accessories and textures that took the audience through eras in time with a spin on upcycling and vintage fashion. From bright neons to intricate patches on jackets and blazers, this collection was groovy yet stunning.

Following Rayfield’s Denver Fashion Week debut this past season, it is clear that she is making a name for herself as a talented stylist and designer in the Denver fashion scene.Matilda Marginal, a Denver-based designer and owner of the brand MARGINAL, closed the show with an enthralling collection. Marginal is known to create looks that are much more than just fashion. They make a statement on social issues or societal problems that are relevant to both the fashion industry and everyday life. MARGINAL designs tell a story and leave the audience questioning the premise of the looks in order to develop their own interpretations of the pieces.

The collection featured plain black dresses with human organs attached in their respective places. What looked like it was created with pantyhose, the anatomy of the human body was on display. From the lungs, the testicles, to the esophagus and more, each model wore a different organ. With natural hair and makeup looks, the models walked down the runway barefoot and straight-faced, in an almost life-less trance. The looks exemplified both the models’ inner beauty as well as the inner beauty of the human body.

Through intricate and abstract designs, Marginal is known to make a statement that leaves room for the audience to interpret. In this case, upcycled pieces defined the idea that fashion is much more than what can be seen from the outside.

Marginal’s take on fashion is instrumental in the Denver fashion community because her runway collections tell a story. Not only do they make an impact on the audience, but they share a message that is much larger than fashion. The creativity and intention behind MARGINAL is a force to be reckoned with, making it a privilege to experience Marginal’s growth as a designer right here in Denver.

Overall, this show introduced upcycling to the runway in a meaningful way. With five incredibly different and unique collections, the audience was immersed in the process of upcycling fashion pieces. Additionally, each collection featured exquisite hair and makeup looks that tied the entire show together.Read more at:navy formal dress | white formal dresses australia
Fashion / How To Wear Autumn, These Simple Atmosphere Minimalist Wind by gabriellad(f): 9:09am On May 16, 2022
Time flies really fast, September is fast over half, although it has entered the autumn, but the hot heat has been in, go out or sweaty weather, but the cool in the morning and evening or let a lot of girls in the dress have a new change. In order to deal with this awkward transition season, simple atmosphere of minimalist wind is a good choice, comfortable and decent but not complex, fresh and elegant color matching and generous cutting, simple dress can wear gas texture, if you have not found a suitable way to wear autumn, might as well look at the following collocation.

Now girls do not like too complicated and exaggerated way of dressing, like simple and textured dress, low-key atmosphere but not exaggerated, and minimalist collocation is a very good first choice, seemingly simple but do not lose a sense of fashion, no matter in any occasion to wear can enhance temperament. Elegant makeup paired with a clean, clean design not only shows a gentle elegance but also makes people happy, which is why minimalism is so popular.

Autumn common clothes are long sleeves and trousers, very suitable for the morning and evening cool, and light material in the noon will not feel stuffy. Autumn color collocation can refer to not pick people and show temperament of the earth color, although not so bright color is easy to match, combined with black and white gray, give a person a sense of dignified and steady at the same time also with a trace of retro atmosphere. For example, caramel color, with the addition of black, composed atmosphere and cool handsome.

Business suit is autumn indispensable 100 match sheet is tasted, able and agile cut out not only show spirit still fashionable warm keeping, no matter be tie-in skirt outfit or trousers outfit, show the elegant feeling that gives able and free and easy, suit duty field to commute very when wear. If you feel that a suit is too formal, you can choose small silk scarves, hats, bags and other accessories, which are more feminine than simple single wear. Moreover, the suit is a large area of pure color items, and small area of bright color accessories, so that the low-key minimalist style becomes more interesting.

Common color is black suit, no matter how collocation is not easy to get wrong, but can give a person dull boring formal feeling, if you want to wear a distinctive fashion sense in the autumn, can choose subdued color, such as light gray, cream-colored, shallow drill, etc., these are not gentle capable of colour, both in the workplace commuting and daily leisure can wear, but also don't pick color. In the design of version and fabric can not be too casual, neat cutting, not only smooth lines and three-dimensional sense, and the design of fabric is neither too hard nor too soft waxy, just good design to wear out the effect will be better look, aura will also be promoted.

Summer clothes are mostly bright color, and the autumn minimalist wind mostly like quietly elegant color, even if there is a bright color of the shopkeeper, the collocation of the whole shape are not three colors, otherwise it will appear messy, not good-looking. Quietly elegant minimalist wind is one of the most common is the classic black and white and gray, can choose suitable brightness according to like, if you worry about the monotonous colour wear a fashionable feeling, can be appropriate to reveal the line of the arms and legs, so that can avoid depressing feeling have add feminine, such as a suit shorts short skirt collocation, simple and elegant and a little sexy.

Contracted simple but elegant grey is filled with senior feeling, really will dress woman, her closet will have grey clothes, though not very outstanding color, but with a small area of the white or black, not only increase temperament, give a person the sense of composed air look will also lift the spirit, seemingly deserve to act the role of quietly elegant is wear a noble temperament.Read more at:red formal dresses | white formal dresses
Fashion / Fall Fashion Look by gabriellad(f): 7:34am On May 11, 2022
Autumn languid is lazy and comfortable, after experiencing summer burning hot, felt autumnal gentleness all the more, connect wind so gladdening the heart and mind, the person also should become gentleness rose of course, the small and pure and fresh style of this period takes you to unlock autumn those wear build.

Autumnal fairies who want to wear little dresses can try a sweater with a skirt. Compared to summer, autumn is cooler, so when choosing a skirt, it is more suitable for a skirt, which can show more weight. Skirt collocation also have more choices, the difficulty coefficient will increase.

The tie-in flexibility is higher, however, you can consider suit directly, don't need to match, sweater with the skirt can also be a sweater vest, like the classic black and white color is simple and not mixed and disorderly, and not look too too drab, based outfit choose this degree is fully able to meet the demand of daily life.

Sweater vest with a white shirt inside take also is very good-looking, with vest inside take, the white shirt is number one cp, whatever the style of the vest can be perfect hold, as the small sweet wind waistcoat skirts temperament is more outstanding, small sweet wind is notoriously debutantes that fit the noble temperament let a person cannot ignore.

All say autumn's lap is brown, brown bust skirt and sweater can also draw string sweater is very popular in recent years, the benefits of this sweater is can according to your figure to debug the sweater design, small draw string changes are not only elastic fold, more can highlight the different style, fold also looks more stereo feeling, have qualitative feeling more. This style is more suitable for daily young and fresh ladies, and it is easier to match.

If you are a sweet girl, pink must be a cinnabar mole in your heart. Age is bigger, the girl heart of the heart is more intense, sweater and skirt also can be sweet department pink girl, can be easily matched with pink together and easily control the color, the first time can think of is white, pure and fresh not artificial, look also won't be very green tea.

Well, said a lot of sweater series, in fact, there are a lot of comparison to reduce the age of the daily simple wear has not said it, this is to introduce you to introduce a shirt some choices and collocation. In the choice of shirt, the white shirt must be entered in life, should be the first shirt that most of your friends start with. First of all, it is about to say that it and the legendary life of jeans, really classic versatile, how to wear all but when, pure feeling burst.

Besides the basic entry-level white shirt, what kind of shirt would you recommend? Floral shirts can be quite difficult to handle and have many styles, so beginners can avoid them first, unless you stick to a style and wear it well, it's still worth considering. If you're wearing jeans, those white shirts look great.

There are hoodies, students should be more familiar with the party, once popular with young people in pursuit of hoodies, can be said to be the contemporary generation of 90 after 00 people must choose. A zippered jumper with a stand-up collar is an improved version, which is definitely different from the base, and is a good reference if you don't like hats or want to change styles.

Compared with a variety of styles, cannot lack must be the most classic styles, really don't see who the clothes is a way for the two words, don't think it's the style of a single fixed, that would be wrong, even though their version looks the same, but each piece of clothes are all have their own unique style, upper body effect is also different.

Korea is a sport coat is relatively small and pure and fresh college, in fact, now the design of sportswear and past different, so the impression of it also can't just stay on stage of spiritual guy, the somebody else's fashion is also growing, can be said to be growing by leaps and bounds, especially in the choice of tight and easy, can to, now the design of appearance and high, version and better.Read more at:short formal dresses | blue formal dresses
Fashion / Here Comes The Practical Way To Wear Suits In Autumn by gabriellad(f): 6:48am On May 05, 2022
A few days ago I saw a very hot topic: autumn, please fashion bloggers will wear pants. When She's learning how to dress, She's always seen some particularly inappropriate combinations.

I believe many girls have seen this: a silhouette suit with handsome boots, the combination looks dazzling enough to show the effect of the figure is first-class, but from a practical point of view is "ineffective wear." In autumn, it is cold to wear bare legs, and it is very difficult to cover your feet when wearing boots. Therefore, the impractical wear is doomed to be not well integrated into our daily wear, so this combination has a low sense of significance and is not worth recommending.

Katy Has always believed that clothes are for the wearer, and to sacrifice self-perception to achieve fashion would be putting the cart before the horse. In fact, you can wear a suit in autumn without showing your legs. Autumn practical business suit wears law to come truly, prepared for everybody 4 bottom outfit will cooperate business suit, do not show leg very beautiful also, Euramerican common person wears look to you.

One, suit + straight leg jeans

The way to wear a suit with straight leg jeans should be the most widely used, sitting at the top of the trend. In order to make such a common combination fashionable, the shape of the garment itself becomes extremely important. Look at this Look: a broad black suit with a crisp shoulder line and a bone-shaped silhouette that highlights a big woman's style. Matching a straight leg jeans below, the version is also worth paying attention to. Straight cylinder version model the effect nature that decorates leg model need not say, tall waist line also will proportion is broken up perfect, although do not show cent cent, also have hazy sexy charm curve. The high grade of this Look comes from the good texture of the clothing itself.

The color of the lining is the same as that of the trousers, and the proportion of the legs is longer. This is a color matching rule that we can use for reference in our daily life. Black half high collar bottom unlined upper garment + tall waist black straight tube jeans, agile and clean do not break the valiant aesthetic feeling that city young woman should have again, striking white button is in numerous black yi yi unripe brightness, the slight alter on detail wears a complete set to add many clever elegant artistic conception. Outside put on a light gray capable business suit, give a person calmly proud cool and charming aura. The more concise the color match, can highlight the wearer's good taste.

Another detail to watch out for in the suit + straight leg jeans combo is the shoes. A good pair of shoes is a direct reflection of the wearer's unique aesthetic. French woman is partial to relaxed and comfortable style, although wearing able business suit and stiff jeans, also cannot change the free refined, romantic and gentle fragrance that sends out in their bones. Reflected in the dress, is to wear a pair of ballet shoes, soft ballet shoes, with literary and elegant emotional appeal to melt the hard edge of the workplace dress, the wearer's elegant temperament volatile to the extreme. French style is such, look past seems does not have beautiful shock, but again fine and fine savour, having the advanced lasting appeal that see old friend however, do not show leg very fashionable also.

Or, if you don't think flat ballet shoes are suitable for smaller people, you can opt for handsome ankle boots that elevate the look and make it easy to wear in style. Denim straight pants look great with ankle boots because they don't pile up at the ankle and elongate the leg just enough to make it look sloppy. A gray suit + waistcoat fold wear + straight leg jeans, simple and casual with a full aura. A pair of snakeskin grain ankle boots, wild fashionable grain broke the whole basic monotony, is really pleasing to the eye.

Two, suit + wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pants, it doesn't matter whether fashion is not fashionable, it is always a classic. When wearing wide leg trousers, enjoy most is that natural and unrestrained when loose leg raises breeze and unruly, the most satisfied is it cover flesh to show thin effect can be said to be absolutely, no matter be hip thigh thick figure or leg ministry curve is not straight figure, can look for the feeling that returns in wide leg again. In this suit + wide-leg pants combination, we note the following:

① The fabric of wide-leg pants should not be too stiff. Wide legs with rigid fabrics like the one pictured above are not only uncomfortable to wear, but also stretch the lower body horizontally, which is not conducive to the appeal of looking taller and slimmer. The fabric curve of wide-leg pants must hang down smoothly to maintain the integrity of longitudinal lines.

② The length of wide-leg pants can not completely cover the feet. The longer the leg is, the more advanced the wide-leg pants are. The fabric of the wide-leg pants is light luxurious and noble, with an excellent sense of drape, but it is full of weirdness. The detail that pulls low dress quality is in trouser leg place, trouser leg is too long, completely cover foot, exceed oneself figure proportion bearing capacity, cause the imbalance of whole head foot proportion.

Let's take a look at the proper street photography of ordinary people:

Suit, or classic atmosphere color match is good, fancy color is easy to wear a season is out of date, mysterious high-grade black is the most able to wear out the field. A quite wide black suit + deep blue jeans wide leg trousers, rustling unripe wind trousers leg as the free dance of natural and unrestrained pace, this intrepidity big woman momentum no one can contend with it. Note the whiteness in the pants, which creates a retro vibe.

Earth color is the mainstream colour of autumn winter as before, if feel a suit earth color is a bit dry and boring, join the adornment sex element of a few lovely girl heart, can very good dissolve this problem. Cream coffee shoulder-padded suit, as if opened a soft light fog filter, warm and natural without breaking the atmosphere, with a set of plaid coffee wide-leg pants, head held high, fully show the college style of great women British gentlemen. A pointed collar printing shirt is built inside, white background color is carrying bright whole, lively flower embroidery is jumping off clever, in the figure of big woman is conceived however putting a romantic girl heart, such aesthetic feeling, have a kind of ineffable harmony unexpectedly.

Coffee color suit + coffee color wide leg pants, like drinking a cup of rich and mellow milk tea, the entrance is dissolved, fragrant, the pure and indifferent taste lingering between lips and teeth refused to disperse for a long time. Like the collocation of the same color, just need to pay attention to the inner match and shoes can wear a high-level sense. Short T-shirt of white money and echo of small white shoe form a distance from each other, inject recreational to loosen flavour for whole, simple collocation also can be beautiful bear food for thought.

Three, suit + pants

The collocation of suit and nine-minute pants in early autumn is suitable to wear, now is in: too much exposure easy to cold, cover too tight and easy to hot transition season, so exposing part of the ankle is the most appropriate choice. Brown plaid pattern suit + orange nine minutes pants, classical atmosphere of the British city wind to wear, with the color department collocation full of harmony. It's a rare feeling of lightness to wear a pair of pointy heels that reveal tiny ankles.

The matcha green suit and the same color of the nine-point suit pants, neat and neutral style wear with a light green grass fragrance, highlighting the simplicity of a woman's true self. Note that the blogger used a belt to bring out the slender waist and perfectly integrate the winding figure into the suit, which is sexy and charming and unique. Carrying a blue bag, wearing brown sandals, revealing ankle skin color as a decorative color, full tone.

Suit + long skirt

Suit and skirt outfit, the strongest style collision, mix match give your person at the moment a bright aesthetic feeling. When creating this combination, pay attention to the position of the waist line and the curve of the dress. The Look above is a great one: The short suit is clearly divided into a ratio of 30 to 70 to subtly flatter the figure. The white pleated long dress is elegant and intellectual, with a slight radian, without appearing bloated at all, presenting a combination of capable neutrality and tenderness.

Don't be in a hurry to put a print dress in your summer wardrobe. Mix it up with a casual suit. Gentle and romantic broken flower skirt just can mediate that part that agile suit is not human, feeling of French atmosphere of lazy pastoral style deducts acme.Read more at:formal dresses | long formal dresses
Fashion / 5 Trendiest Fall Outfits by gabriellad(f): 8:21am On Apr 26, 2022
The footsteps of autumn have already moved forward. This autumn, how do you think about how to dress? If you have been troubled by this, then why don't you come in and see what the editor shared today, 5 sets of the most fashionable autumn outfits, which are very suitable for girls aged 18-25!

The first outfit: sweater + plaid skirt

For those who like to wear sweaters in autumn, you might as well try to discard them and match them with all kinds of trousers, and choose a skirt to match. This kind of dress looks super good as a whole. The khaki loose sweater is simple and generous. The style is loose and the body is loose. The upper body is very casual and comfortable, and it covers the flesh and looks thinner. The plaid skirt chosen for the lower body is instantly more feminine and feminine. It is very suitable for girls aged 18-25. Put on.

The second outfit: white t + plaid vest + plaid straight pants

The most fashionable set of autumn outfits, suitable for girls aged 18-25! A very simple long-sleeved white t-shirt, this kind of clothes is the most versatile, choose a plaid vest outside, is there anyone who can instantly reduce their age? The plaid straight-leg nine-point trousers matched with the lower body can make you look tall and thin, giving you the best of both worlds.

The third outfit: hooded sweater + jeans

This autumn, how can there be one less sweater? It's perfect to wear with jeans, youthful and age-reducing. Look at this khaki hooded sweater, which is really versatile and fashionable. The front hand pocket design is convenient and practical. You can put your hands in it when the weather is cold. It's loose The body version allows even slightly fat girls to wear very thin. The lower body is matched with such a pair of nine-point jeans and a pair of canvas shoes, which is comfortable and casual.

The fourth outfit: short coat + skirt

Whether you are 18 or 25, this outfit is very suitable. It looks really good in autumn. The light-colored short coat is too easy for a short girl to stretch her body proportion and look tall. What's so easy, with a T-shirt + half-length straight skirt, very thin and woody?

The fifth outfit: knitted cardigan + jeans

Autumn is not complete without a knitted cardigan. The length is designed to be reasonable. The mid-length knitted cardigan to the thigh has a contrasting color design that adds a fashionable vibe. The slightly loose fit makes the upper body more comfortable and casual. A little bit of laziness, with a small vest and nine-point jeans inside, youthful and age-reducing, girls aged 18-25 are quite good to wear like this.Read more at:formal dresses online australia | short formal dresses
Fashion / Don't Mess With Your Fall Clothes by gabriellad(f): 9:50am On Apr 22, 2022
No matter how old a woman is, there is always a love of beauty, which is what they always pursue. After the age of 30, many aspects have changed, and their style of dress has also changed.

How a woman should match her clothes at this age is also a small skill, or mature or sweet, or handsome or aging.

Autumn windbreaker is worn to do temperamental woman

Autumn comes without saying hello, autumn wear also changed, autumn windbreaker wear is very practical. For women in their 30s, a fall trench coat can enhance their temperament and show off their sense of elegance and taste.

The knit dress of dark blue is built inside black long trench coat, by inside and outside present the maturity that gives mature woman and glamour. 30 years old such collocation trench coat, both in life and workplace can control.

The khaki trench coat is extremely gentle to wear, and is also a classic piece. This trench coat is suitable for small girls and tall girls, can not hide the elegance and temperament.

The windbreaker is also very sweet, the jacket is a light powder chiffon unlined upper garment, gentle and comfortable. A plaid mini skirt also adds a feminine touch, which is a gentle look for a fall trench coat. There are no ugly women in the world, only lazy ones

The most common trench coat colors are khaki and black, which are classic styles that most white wearers will choose first.

But sometimes other color can bring unexpected surprise to us, the brick red windbreaker is such, elegant in revealing sedate, sedate in all intellectual. With a sweater and jeans, normal but also very emotional appeal, this is a 30-year-old woman should wear the state.

Autumn coat to wear to be a mature woman

Most women in their thirties have their own career and life direction, so they also love more mature and feminine clothes.

Khaki lubricious business suit wears the professional feeling that gave a schoolgirl, also wear a schoolgirl thick autumn meaning. Wearing a brick-red dress underneath a blazer is an easy trick to learn to look lean and classy.

Black suit collocation often gives a person's aura more full, black suit jacket is very stylish, also cool, in the workplace collocation will bring self-confidence and aura to the person, urban beauty should learn to match.

Take bottom unlined upper garment inside suit, mature temperament fan also reveals the tenderness that gives schoolgirl. Trousers, on the other hand, wear a pair of skinny pants, which will show your figure more. A 30-year-old woman should always be confident about her body and wear a feminine style.

Autumn trouser outfit wears build to reduce age lovely model woman

Women in their thirties still have a girlish heart. They dress casually and simply. Jeans, as a classic outfit, are the first choice of many girls.

Wide-leg pants don't show leg shape, so they can be worn to show slimming effect. Take comfortable bottom unlined upper garment inside, take coat of a shirt outside, along with a sex recreational, full sporty feeling, be what the woman wants all the time to reduce age feeling?

Velvet wide-leg pants are soft and comfortable, perfect for fall. Velvet wide-leg pants in dark coffee color show a girl's maturity and elegance.

Jacket collocation is a gray sweater, the overall collocation of hanging sense is very strong, wear a mature and temperament at the same time also wear a girl's daily leisure and casual.

Pair a simple pair of wide-leg jeans with a solid-colored hoodie for a collagen look. Such reduce age to wear build press close to life, but can wear tall carry the big long leg that makes a person envy again, this is what great majority woman loves truly reduce age to wear build!Read more at: buy formal dresses online australia | short formal dresses online
Fashion / 30 Year Old Woman Autumn Workplace Dress Build Demonstration by gabriellad(f): 9:40am On Apr 19, 2022
As women begin to pursue financial independence, they also begin to value their professional lives. If in the early 20s when entering the workplace, do not know how to match their own workplace dress, then it is understandable, but to the age of 30, if the workplace dress has not kept up with it, it seems that some do not pay attention to, after all, dress can also play to help their workplace ability bonus effect.

If you want to make the commuting style more refined, OL style must be indispensable, it can not only meet our commuting needs, but also highlight our delicate and gentle side, so that the independent temperament becomes more outstanding. So how to make this kind of delicate OL wind, in fact, only need a few pieces can be easily done! 30 year old woman autumn workplace wear build demonstration, delicate gentle elegant intellectual, wear independence and confidence!

Look1: knitted vest + shirt

Whether to build in the workplace or delicate ol style, shirts are not indispensable sheet is tasted, although its version of the type design is relatively simple, but it can meet our demand for capable aura, when this item of a certain spell able effect, with a gentle temperament knitted vest together, will create what we want that kind of delicate and gentle ol wind, Especially in the collocation of gentle straight tube skirt, the kind of elegant gentle effect is more prominent.

Look2: cardigans

The sheet that can make a gentle effect is tasted as for, suit autumn knit cardigan very much, it is the existence that daily life of delicate city beauty cannot lack absolutely. Want to use this kind of single product to create their own elegant temperament, first version of the model as far as possible to short style, the best loose degree of some slim effect, so as to match the jacket, there will be no bloated situation, after whether it is matched with pants or skirts, can create a good intellectual lasting appeal.

Look3: ma3 jia3

In fact besides real vest, the kind of hairy vest that is taking expensive gas effect can also bring some delicate breath for our wear. Fine, silky soft design, give a person like fur expensive gas effect, the design of the cardigan more generous, gently to skin inside take knitting render unlined upper garment, by the contrast of tightening and easy combination, can make us look more slender shape, optional collocation of their favorite meat pants, can make a good ol outfit.

Look4: down vest

Of course, when the weather gradually becomes cold, some of the lower temperature of the office, we need to shape the effect of warmth through appropriate collocation. The design of the down vest can be said to provide a lot of convenience for those women who can't conveniently wear heavy coats indoors. Relying on the lightweight sleeveless version of the design, it can not only provide a certain warmth for our body, but also convenient for the movement of our arms. It is absolutely a necessary single product for delicate women's office.

Look5: black coat

Since want to become a delicate ol elite, walk with wind to wear build, should have no which schoolgirl to be able to resist. If you want to create a style with a sense of aura, black coat is certainly a good choice. The basic versatile and thin color, after simple and generous version design, will show us more colors and fashion charm.

Taller women can be bold with long black coats, or shorter ones with suits that help cover your crotch.

Look6: light coat

Although black is very versatile, it lacks a soft color and is too heavy for women who want to show their softer side. This is where light colors come in handy.

As the same versatile light color coat, it can give us more and richer visual effects, like this year's more popular oat or milk tea color, can provide a certain sense of temperament and tenderness for our modeling.

Look7: warm coat

In autumn winter season actually, two coats can be had in wardrobe enough, one is the black coat that takes gas field, it is the light color that can provide gentle effect for us fastens overcoat. Of course, if you like to follow fashion trends, having a warm color coat in your wardrobe will give your look more style.

Take the grapefruit that absorbs fine effect for instance is red, on the foundation of apricot pink, blended in gals attune, let integral colour more absorb fine show white, go up collocation skirt, can foil the one side that gives our grace and charm more.

Actually OL wind is very good collocation, as long as we can be on the basis of commuting dress up, know how to use a few sheet that contains downy effect to go combination, can get right delicate tender feeling.

Swapping a crisp suit for a sweater, or overlaying it on top of it, can make a difference. Want to let oneself become delicate city beauty, more in wear take fluctuation a bit of effort, still can bring good vision to change for you.Read more at:red formal dresses australia | white formal dress australia
Fashion / Age Can Be An Advantage by gabriellad(f): 10:25am On Apr 12, 2022
For a long time, there are a lot of people default to a truth is, in front of women as little as possible mention age, they are more sensitive to age, taboo. Especially for women in their forties, they don't feel older at heart, they still feel like they're 18 years old. In fact, as long as 40+ women insist on maintaining themselves, dress up themselves, so you can leave the beauty of the moment, let the aging come more slowly. Of course, I do not mean to tell you to deliberately dress young, but to use the dress to make age an advantage! 40 year old woman daily dress like this, gentle intellectual show temperament.

Although it is not a very young and advantageous age for women in their 40s, we can also try to look gentle and generous and intellectual by dressing appropriately. Here are some tips to help you look the right way to look the right way.

In 40 years old women's closet, with all kinds of sheet is tasted, but we can always wear at ordinary times is that a few, most of them have a base contracted style, clean simple but elegant is tonal, not too strong design sense, it is able to bear or endure look, at the same time this combination is more likely to highlight your charm, like the color of camel's hair casual collocation fastens with color, It's very stylish.

Most women in their 40s are part-time workers, and most of their time out may be spent in the workplace, so in terms of clothing style choice, you can refer to the pure color of small lapel shirts with temperament. Do not look down upon such dress, concise design and color, having a good match to wear the advantage that does not carry a person, suit most women to wear. The bottom half can be worn with slacks or jeans for a unique look.

And light ripe female people, some time also is to need a bit small sex appeal, if most classic bear the unlined upper garment of black white stripe that look, vest or the design that does not have sleeve can wear, in sultry summer can be worn directly sheet, in cool intention gradually thick autumn, can use as the unlined upper garment to wear, one garment is worn much very convenient. Lower body collocation youth leisure jeans, retro flavor rich, very stylish.

But when you are busy at all sorts of affairs in duty field and family, can choose very save the worry that saves effort to match, avoid fluctuation outfit collocation trouble, also do not affect integral temperament feeling at the same time, let you need not worry for dressing everyday. White jacket collocation coffee skirt, slit skirt design, small show sexy charm.

The highest frequency of the occurrence of the shirt, than in the workplace, so we can not always wear a rigorous and formal shirt style, but also change the style, choose skirt collocation, for you to bring wen wan atmosphere of women. If fashionable stripe shirt is very intellectual and handsome sense, the half-length skirt of khaki color of the half length of the second half body collocation, show the fashionable and elegant temperament that gives urban beauty people.

In the coming autumn, young and beautiful color embellishments are very needed. I suggest that women over 40 years old choose low-saturation Morandi color dress collocation, which will have a good effect. For instance, the knit cardigan of milk tea color takes white unlined upper garment inside, the broad leg trousers of a haze blue in the lower half body, integral match color is clean and pure, fashionable while reducing age show all show gentle temperament again.

Light mature woman people is in wear build this respect, need not everywhere follow the trend, want to choose the sheet that suits oneself however taste, ability wears oneself the truest one side, ability can beautiful new height. And age is just a number, it does not bring you old news, but you are more and more mature charm, more and more feel temperament.

There is no innate beauty capital, but we have the ability to rewrite the fate, every beautiful and excellent woman is able to find their own clothes through efforts to create their own charm.Read more at: evening gowns | long evening dresses
Fashion / Middle-aged Woman How To Wear Autumn Travel? by gabriellad(f): 7:31am On Apr 08, 2022
Blink of an eye again, the annual National Day, must have been busy for half a year of you, should take advantage of this small holiday to play? In fact, no matter where you go, you can't afford to dress up carefully.

For young girls who understand fashion, it is extremely easy to wear, but for middle-aged mothers who are not good at collocation, it seems a little difficult to concave a shape suitable for traveling. Middle-aged woman how to wear autumn travel? I mean, these artsy fashion demonstrations, they're pretty good

The so-called "middle-aged literary style" is a style of dressing that combines commuting style with literary style. The combination of the two styles makes commuting style no longer serious and literary style no longer too literary. The combination of the two can highlight the self-confidence and charm of contemporary women in the workplace.

Cotton dress + straw hat

Cotton and linen style always gives people a fresh and gentle feeling, the artistic style of wearing is also very aging, instantly full of vitality after wearing. Simple and fresh design will not be drab, but foil elegant feeling.

Wide and loose, is very comfortable with the feeling of wearing, seven petals sleeve cover worship meat, highlighting the arm fine, everything, knee skirt length inclusive show thin, everyone can try. Skirt skirt fluttering in the wind, just to send you cool.

Sweater and jeans

Sweaters are autumn and winter, the most needed warm sheet, no matter what the occasion is very suitable. And jeans are more classic in classics, so sweater + jeans, ordinary look, wear a different autumn trend.

Concise pure color sweater, simple and low-key, daily wear is not lack of fashionable breath, the design of the lantern sleeve, looks both show the figure is still very thin, lower body is a joker wide-legged jeans, trousers loose design that highlight your fashion sense, plus canvas shoes, overall no excess, but look so easy.

Cardigan and denim cropped pants

Cardigan is a very comfortable version of the design of light coat, cinnabar red is a very conspicuous color, cardigan version makes your figure look particularly friendly, short version of all kinds of body can control, with jeans nine minutes of pants, nine minutes of length is more long legs, and the material of jeans is very comfortable.

Middle-aged woman how to wear autumn travel? I mean, these artsy fashion demonstrations, they're pretty good. The young girl does not dress up painstakingly mature, in old woman also does not dress painstakingly tender, what age should wear the clothes of what age, this ability is called to wear build appropriate, suit oneself to wear build, just can let you look more beautiful!Read more at:formal dresses online australia | short formal dresses
Fashion / This Fall, Women Aged 20 To 25 Will Be Wearing These 5 Outfits by gabriellad(f): 6:40am On Mar 31, 2022
20-25 years old is a girl's most beautiful age stage, the flower like years must be good to dress up yourself, will be the most youthful, the most beautiful of their stay in this period of time, in the photos! Even if it is the appearance like fairy, also cannot leave dressing collocation to promote temperament. Xiaobian for you 20-25 years old little sister brought several fashionable daily wear, interested in the reference oh!

Trench coat coat + dress

1, the classic khaki windbreaker is the trump card of autumn and winter, no matter how deep it will not be tired of seeing. If you want to optimize your body ratio and show off your long legs, get a short trench coat! Qiu dong daily wear build, might as well try nowadays the most popular fold wear collocation law! Inside a dress, and then a vest vest, with a windbreaker coat, layered, neutral wind with a soft breath, can be said to be very good-looking!

Hoodie and nine - cent jeans

Match 2, with a sweet feeling of big hat hoodie and loose version of the design, the upper body has a sense of relaxation. The sleeve part has made the cascade design, which has the sense of layers, and makes the overall style full of vigor and vitality, the sense of detail full marks! Warm oatmeal milkshake color with a natural softness, paired with a pair of dark blue nine cent jeans, a wonderful mix style~

Hoodie + skirt

Collocation 3, hoodie can be said to be in the autumn inside a piece can be done with the single product, no exaggeration! It represents freedom and youth, unrestrained, especially suitable for 20-25 years old girls wear. Not only the style of age reduction, the upper body is particularly comfortable, it is impossible to refuse! Go up in collocation, I feel need not nonsense at all, the simplest is a half length skirt, no matter fold wear or sheet wear, very mix build, very fashionable bear look!

Rainbow sweater and ripped jeans

Tie-in 4, autumn needs to light color department to break depressing feeling, the rainbow sweater of colour ripleous gives a person mood especially good sense, a variety of colour collocation is together visual effect is very strong, very good-looking. Loose version of the body is more lazy casual, inside a white T-shirt, revealing the hem of the dress, very layered, very accent. Pair it with ripped jeans for a classic straight leg look that looks slimmer!

Bottom top + skirt

5, cherry blossom powder gives a sweet and soft feeling, like fresh peach, with a girl's breath. Sweet meng bottom unlined upper garment slightly loose version does not carry a figure completely, wearing more comfortable. Tie-in wen wan half-length skirt, integral collocation is more pure and fresh, already intellectual enough lively, can melting also can be very recreational. When the weather is cold, wear a long coat over it and fold it fashionably.Read more at:formal dresses | formal dresses for weddings
Fashion / Early Autumn Fashion Dressing Skills by gabriellad(f): 8:04am On Mar 29, 2022
The breath of early autumn is getting stronger and stronger, and the summer heat is gradually receding. Summer clothes are gradually saying goodbye to the fashion stage, and are replaced by autumn fashion items in a blink of an eye, so let’s take a look at what kind of fashion clothes can be super eye-catching on the streets of early autumn, perfectly show personal fashion charm, and be cutting-edge. The tide goer.

The white deep V top is endlessly sexy and elegant, showing the curves of the collarbone. The ripped leggings quietly show their unique personality and temperament, and the black high-heeled shoes on the feet are intellectual and generous, which enhances the style to the extreme.

Light colors are also very suitable for early autumn when the leaves have not yet fallen. The design of the ruffled skirt is very gentle and intellectual, especially suitable for women in the workplace. High heels can always match the whole body just right, and enhance the aura several times. A level, quite the style of a strong woman in the workplace.

The black floral dress is not as small and fresh as usual. The slightly deep V design shows the sexy characteristics. It is generous and confident to show the beauty of women. The high heels on the feet can improve the overall characteristics and bring the elegant temperament to a new platform.

This year's wide-leg suit flared trousers are really very popular. With a deep V top with lace trim, it can be said to show the beauty of women generously. The overall matching is sexy but without losing the casual and lazy temperament.

Not everyone can hold a whole body of white matching, after all, it is a very difficult color to control. However, this white outfit takes a unique route, with a high-grade silk-like texture and a waist-cinching belt, which makes the overall unique temperament ready to emerge.

When pink meets orange-red, it not only requires a proper figure, but also enough courage. The pink top design with puff sleeves reveals a medieval retro feeling in fashion, and the slit design of the skirt also quietly declares a sexy atmosphere. The leopard-print high-heeled shoes on the feet are self-evident, deepening the sexy deeply.

Karen Mok starred in STELLA LUNA-FW19 CHAIN, showing the elegant and confident atmosphere of women. A simple striped shirt, a proper intellectual goddess style, paired with pure white trousers, it highlights the incisive sense of leisure. The waist-cinching design shows off her graceful figure, and the cropped trousers are cut just right to reveal the sexy ankles.

What really makes this pair of sexy, perfect and fair ankles stand out is the pair of STELLA LUNA early autumn fashion items on the feet, which integrates the rough style of men with thick and enlarged Stella chains and other elements into the most representative brand of the brand. The modern urban femininity perfectly releases the multiple charms of the cosmopolitan women, which are both charming, sexy and neutral and handsome. After all, STELLA LUNA has accumulated a family with generations of production and handicraft experience, and also has an experienced European design team who can keenly capture the fashion atmosphere. It can be said to be the leader of domestic fashion shoes.Read more at:pink formal dresses | green formal dress
Fashion / It's Cute And Stylish For A 20-something Girl by gabriellad(f): 12:37pm On Mar 22, 2022
The arrival of summer, it is hot when going out, this time girls will think how to match just good-looking elegant not old?

In the first group of photos, hot pants are matched with the most versatile white T-shirt, so you can make no mistake in how you match them. The second group will wear a little stingy texture in the inside, the style of the sweet department of literature and art ~

Leg type is not very good sister, choose fairy group and wide-leg pants to wear is one of the best choices, very versatile, with a T-shirt, white shirt shoulder to match completely can get fashion elements, beautiful.

Even if you are the sister of 160, choose small short skirt of tall waist to match, will make you look tall and thin with slender, dress collocation methods such as the one above is called "lower half missing wear method", also is a kind of wear today especially popular methods, appear especially your legs long, the overall look collocation is very practical, cost-effective very high ~

Wear a little conservative sister, you can choose the above such a long group, with a "mocha Bob hairstyle" to match this wearing, is not a girl feeling particularly good, strength to reduce the age of a way to wear, especially durable.

If work can't wear a skirt of the MM, might as well try it is the "contracted commuter pack," with a shirt on collocation small bell bottoms, choose style and fabric is also pretty is much, like the hole jeans also is right choice oh, this outfit is perfect for about 20 years old girl oh ~ contracted clean outfit, above which a set of wear take a style do you prefer?Read more at:pink formal dresses australia | green formal dress
Fashion / What Color Should You Wear In Summer by gabriellad(f): 9:15am On Mar 14, 2022
What color should you wear in summer? That it is gentle cream white of course, it is the color that belongs to neutral color department, versatile classic and fashionable, and wear upper body is more relaxed, simple, match rise more show temperament, still bring advanced feeling.

What is cream white?

Cream white is the kind of cream white, less saturated than ordinary white, more eye pleasing than gray, more gentle than ordinary white, looking very clean and fresh, quite senior show white, and aging effect is very good, the effect of wearing the upper body is very young temperament!

When you go out, you will find many people wearing cream white on the street. Why is it so popular? It is because of its fashion and ubiquitous annexation, but also do not pick people to wear, no matter what figure you are, what color of girls, can easily control a color department, cream white color than ordinary white, more gentle, less saturation, so control ability is stronger.

Cream white choose what style single article?

Cream white shirt

The most popular is the cream white shirt, no matter it is suitable for the workplace, but also for shopping, dating and so on various occasions, can easily control, can wear very casual, can also be very advanced, all kinds of styles can be flexible and easy to switch, basically everyone can easily control the single product.

The white shirt is one of the most common items of clothing in the workplace, but is it just for work? In fact, there are a lot of fashionable styles now, as long as you can wear, can take, can easily wear a senior and fashionable modelling.

In summer, wear a cream-white shirt with light-colored wide-leg pants. Roll up the sleeves to add layers to the look. Tuck the shirt into your pants to create a high-waisted line for a more stylish look and a taller look.

The sheet that sees white in high temperature weather is tasted, it is to feel very cool and comfortable feeling, this cream white of popularity this year, no matter choose its skirt outfit or trousers outfit will concave modelling, suit very much.

Cream white is popular this year, choose this color shirt, casual with classic jeans, can deduce a classic chic look.

Cream white skirt

Cream white shirt is certainly very good-looking, but the skirt is also not less, a gentle temperament of cream white dress. It's a great look to wear in summer when you go out or go shopping. The fashionable feeling that wants to increase modelling sets out from deserve to act the role of a respect, if want vacationing wind, tie-in braids bag, braid cap, concave modelling of this appearance increased administrative levels, still have fashionable feeling very much.

The skirt plasticity of cream white is very strong, suit workplace likewise to wear, the chiffon skirt of this white, tie-in pure and fresh blue shirt, although contracted and easy design, can wear the modelling that raises an eye and advanced however, go to work so concave modelling, beautiful very.

Trousers of broad leg of cream white can match the stripe condole that feels relaxed take unlined upper garment, deserve to go up between the waist a belt, make gold figure scale easily, become fashionable not only on the vision, and still show tall carry.

The cream-white skirt, which covers the buttocks, can be very good to modify your figure, and then with a variety of shirts and other items, simple atmosphere and advanced!Read more at:online formal dresses australia | short evening dresses australia

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