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Business / Re: See Difference Between 10 Bags Of BUA Sugar And Dangote by gbagyiza: 12:39am
Saw this picture on Twitter......BUA dey try..

Don't compare quantity n quality, they r not the same.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Can One Rent An Apartment Of 250k Per Annum With 80k Job? by gbagyiza: 9:56am On Jul 30
I earn 213K per month n I live with my family in a 150K 2-bedroom flat. What r u doing in a 250K house? It's not economical bro.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Being Qualified Is Not The Only Reason You Get Invited For An Interview by gbagyiza: 7:29pm On Jul 29
It's all about connection

Connection is good but I can categorically tell u that many other jobs require competency n professionalism. Reputable organizations go for the best n competent candidates. Forget about connection, develop yourself n get the necessary competency for a job, you will be sought after. All my jobs by God grace came with No human connections. Recently I got two offers from reputable organisations with No human connection.

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Politics / Re: Shehu Sani: Security Chiefs Building Personal Businesses With Arms Funds by gbagyiza: 10:46pm On Jul 26
That could be true but Shehu Sani should also provide evidence

you r asking of evidence. which evidence is more than the trillions released by the government for security purposes according to the minister and where is the security?
Politics / Re: Nigerian Navy To Build Warships For export To Other Countries by gbagyiza: 6:34am On Jul 26
Slow but steady, We will get there.

Our navy she is hitting the news lately

You r fallen for these cheap lies. A government n it's security architecture can't save its people from the deadly insecurity menace consuming the country but are here telling you that they want to build a warship. They have all failed.
Family / Re: Help! An Unwanted Pregnancy Is Ruining My Life. by gbagyiza: 4:59pm On Jul 25
I will start by saying you have given the devil an allowance to strike you down. Your calling was what the devil tried to destroy n I am sorry to say he has gotten u on this. Your situation seems to be complicated. But I will start by saying we learn from our mistakes n our God is a forgiven father, therefore, there is hope. I could have suggested that you do your best to mend fences with the girl n her family by making a commitment to seek her hand in marriage if you are truly sure the pregnancy is yours. But with the attitude of the girl n her family is another thing to drive one away from making such commitment but the attitude could be as a result of your intention on their marriage proposal. If you know the pregnancy is yours n you truly love the girl, you have to look for funds n make a commitment or marry her, then go back to school as directed by the management to continue with your studies. Don't give up on your calling.
Politics / Re: Kaduna: Gunmen Steal NECO Exam Papers At GSS Unguwar Sarki by gbagyiza: 8:55pm On Jul 24
Kaduna State n Nigeria done finished kpatakpata. God will judge this politicians that invited these evil people in Nogeria.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 33yrs, ND Holder Without Job Experience ;any Hope? by gbagyiza: 11:55am On Jul 24
Apply for jobs in hotels. Don't include your age in your CV. Try to complete your education by doing your HND or DE. Don't ever let your age discourage you. Don't even think your age! Just continue to move, live happily. "Age is just a number"

Your case is not hopeless, infact it is better than so many people.
I for one, I'm 40 and I don't have a job nor a business. I'm not even married. But I have hope that things will be better, because I have a God I serve; who created me and who said in Jeremiah 29:11-12; "For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans for good and not of evil. To give you a future and hope. You will pray to me and I'll answer you"

#Keep the hope alive
#It is well with your soul

Stick to this advice, it will help u a lot. Don't allow anybody discourage u, God owns everything n can decide to lift u at anytime despite your qualification n age. I was like u some years ago. I did ND in elect-elect n was about your age then. With my ND I got a job with a top automobile company at 33. I got married after two years, further my education n now I am doing well. Organizations r after me just to work for them. Bro. Keep pushing there is hope.
Religion / Re: Apostle Agochukwu: ''Nothing Will Happen To The Person Who Refused To Help You" by gbagyiza: 3:32pm On Jul 23
This is the truth that many people don't want to believe.

Sha help others when you can.

I agree but let me correct him.. Not everybody that seeks help is lazy. There r a lot of people that r hardworking but situations in life brought them down. The pastor should have clarified his statement.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Passport Upload Issue FRSC by gbagyiza: 9:47pm On Jul 20
Check the MB of the passport required, and retry

It's not about the MB, even with the required picture size of 20MB to 50MB the server still rejects the upload. I kept trying yesterday till midnight before it miraculously uploaded.
Politics / Re: Alpha Jet Aircraft Crashes In Zamfara, Pilot Abayomi Dairo Rescued (Photos) by gbagyiza: 11:39pm On Jul 19
So, Bandits now have the capability n firepower to bring down an Alfa jet. We r in a serious war.
Politics / Re: Bandits Kill 13 Police Officers In Zamfara by gbagyiza: 6:43am On Jul 19
I don't understand what is happening in Nigeria. Something seems not right. How can the military repelled bandits attack and allow the marauders to go free instead of pursuing n taken them out completely? With this kind of approach by our security men, I see no solution in sight.
Politics / Re: NAF Refutes Reports Of Airforce Jet Crash by gbagyiza: 8:37pm On Jul 18

Diplomatic way of saying we are still looking for a plane
You r smart bro. That's what came to my mind after reading those lines.
Romance / Re: My Relationship Is About To Hit The Rock, Pls Advice , by gbagyiza: 10:57pm On Jul 17
You don't ever lay your hands on a woman. Always remember your instinct will never lead you astray, open ya eyes my brother

The moment I saw those lines referring to himself as a woman beater, I just lost appetite to continue reading.
Celebrities / Re: Obi Cubana Mother's Burial: List Of Donations So Far by gbagyiza: 12:27pm On Jul 16
What is he going to do with the money? I guess to add to the already existing one. Chai! All these donations are for burial. To bury person wey don die. It is well. If I am the one this money will be channelled in the education of the less privilege children in the society.
Career / Re: What Skills Can An Undergraduate In Mechatronics Engineering Aquire To Boost . by gbagyiza: 7:30pm On Jul 14
To be honest with u the course sounds good but you need proper guidance on the step to take. I advise you to go through the linkedIn platform n search for professionals in the same area for proper guidance n mentorship. I know of a guy on LinkedIn that has masters in the same field, highly skilled in robotics n currently working in a reputable company overseas. He is a Nigerian n person I have work with.


Politics / Re: A Wounded Soldier Salutes The COAS On His Sick Bed -photo by gbagyiza: 8:55pm On Jul 10
They are just allowing bandits incapacitate our young men

Seriously, they have made our security forces look stupid. They r attacking them even in their bases, camps n barracks.
Politics / Re: Bandits Abduct 9 Kaduna Residents, Demand ₦180m Ransom by gbagyiza: 6:12am On Jul 09
My question is how do they collect such a humongous sum of money without being arrested. We are not an honest country.......

Believe me, there r top government/security officials giving those guys cover, n the reason they can't be traced. Nigeria is a failed country.

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Education / Re: Kaduna Orders Closure Of 13 Schools Because Of Kidnapping by gbagyiza: 11:27pm On Jul 05

A carefully planned script.

Tell the kidnappers to attack only Christian private schools...

Create tension and panic amongst parents and have them take their wards back home whereby putting a close to the schools temporarily...

The schools will eventually be forced to close shops in Kaduna entirely...a big win for Islamic radicals in Kaduna North.

Next places to attack: CHURCHES!!

You got the code. Strategy to force Believers out of that State.

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Politics / Re: Soldiers Foil Bandits' Attack On Oyedepo's School, Faith Academy In Kaduna by gbagyiza: 7:33pm On Jul 05
They're Jihadists, not bandits. Why else would they be attacking Christian schools?

Most of our people don't understand the game. They want to chase Christians out of that state mark my word. A lot of people r abandoning their properties n running for their lives.
Politics / Re: Soldiers Foil Bandits' Attack On Oyedepo's School, Faith Academy In Kaduna by gbagyiza: 7:29pm On Jul 05
Glory to God! How did these bandits grow to be everywhere

This is a question the government should answer. I have said this severally, they want to chase Christians out of that state.

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Politics / Re: Bandits Attack Governor Ganduje’s Convoy by gbagyiza: 6:30pm On Jun 30
Let's pretend IPOB is the big problem

While the North is boiling from the activities of bandits n other terrorists at 110 degrees centigrade, they r only concerned with KANU n Biafra agitation. If these people say they r tired of a country that is not working, they want to be out, is it a crime? Haba, the country is not working at all, most u force them to stay. If u want them to stay then do the right thing. Fix the country through justice n equity.

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Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Cheated On Me What Should I Do? by gbagyiza: 11:12am On Jun 30
pls, don't console yourself this lady does not love u. cheer up n move on. she has broken the trust in that relationship, even if you continue with her, u will never trust her again.


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Arrested In Czech Republic - PM News by gbagyiza: 7:50am On Jun 30
KANU should be sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor, that will send a clear message to other people like him in future.

I am very angry with Nigerian government. My people in Kaduna State and other parts of Nigeria are under heavy attack from killer bandits, fulani herdsmen n bokoharam on a daily occurrences with sophisticated weapons n the government is busy chasing Kanu while top commanders of killer terrorist n their boys r allowed to have a great day causing havoc everywhere. Seriously, I am not an Igbo person but a Christian from the North. Haba, they should put the same energy to face these guys destroying everything in the North.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Interview Invitation For A Job I Never Applied by gbagyiza: 1:32pm On Jun 27

The company is legit.
I've been to their office more than twice.
The only problem is that you didn't apply for any position.
And the Grammatical composition of that invites sef...
I have a little doubt that it's coming from that company.
The CEO of the company is a very sound young man and all the staff I've met are people who are not likely to compose that crap as an interview invitation.
Just reach them on 08052711591 or 08168897320 and confirm if it's from them.
Good luck.
How can a person waste his time n energy on a job invite he did not apply for?
Politics / Re: Police Kill Several ‘IPOB/ESN’ Members, Overrun Three Camps In Imo by gbagyiza: 6:21pm On Jun 26
Before somebody will tag me an IPOB/ESN supporter, I am a Northern Christian but honestly speaking Igbos are stretched to the wall in Nigeria. They r been treated unfairly. How will a government take it eyes away from the conquest taking place in the north by group of combine terrorist whom r drawing closer day by day towards overrunning the entire north but send a combine security outfits to the south east. Did you guys saw the ammunition's displayed over there? Does these arms look like what bandits, Boko haram, Fulani herdsmen's they use? Pls, where r those security personnel's needed to be drafted to? Is it not the North?
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Attempts To Take Over Air Force Base In Kaduna by gbagyiza: 11:58am On Jun 26
Imagine the confidence with which these ppl now attack

To me, this issue is more than what the eye can see. If the whole government of a country will sit quietly n allow terrorist to overrun its security architecture, that means something is seriously wrong. I suspect a conspiracy n if these guys succeeded in taking over, then Nigeria is gone forever.


Education / Re: Borno Nursing School Suspended 30 Students For Not Welcoming Buhari by gbagyiza: 7:30pm On Jun 24
There are rules of engagement and acceptable methods of dismemberment.

While the students might have taken it too far, I feel whoever revealed the finding is just seeking for unnecessary attention.

To those quoting me, there's absolutely nothing wrong in going to greet the president. It's called decorum. It doesn't mean you're his fan. Remember Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego? They attended Nebuchadnezzar's meeting but held on to their convictions.

I'm fully in support of IPOB, ESN and MNK.
And my dot Nation. And BTW, the president didn't visit the East. Easy on me, brothers.
cry cry

You said nothing but the truth. As long as the students r still studying in that school, they r bound to obey the rules n regulations in line with the oath they took during their matriculation. I am not a fan of Buhari but let us say the fact, the students disobeyed the school authority n at such they need to be disciplined.

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Politics / Re: Army Replies Gumi’s Allegations Of Military Supporting Bandits by gbagyiza: 9:53pm On Jun 23
Look at this Biafran boy Nwachukwu.
When dem ask you when you dey talk

Seriously, his response is out of point.
Crime / Re: 7-Year-Old Boy's Hand Cut Off In Kwara By A Suspected Ritualist (Graphic Photo) by gbagyiza: 8:10pm On Jun 22
That boy is same age with my son. God! embarassed

Why will Nigeria prosper with all this evil? Too much-wicked n blood shade. Mark my word the blood of the innocent is fighting this country. The more someone run for his life from Nigeria the better.
Family / Re: Fathers Day: Say A Wish To A Father by gbagyiza: 7:09am On Jun 20
My dad is late though
Had it been he's still alive I won't wish him anything

No matter what transpired between the two of you, please wish him well. He was your father n through him you were born, so, give him some respect.
Celebrities / Re: Tekno: I Can’t Be With One Woman Because There Are So Many Beautiful Women by gbagyiza: 6:55pm On Jun 19
That's why there's a topic on front page about a TV CEO who got murdered my hus side chic.

Continue o.

Techno is totally lost don't mind him.

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