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Politics / Re: Court Jails 6 Foreigners 7years For Oil Theft In Port Harcourt (photos) by gbokukueba(m): 7:40am On Nov 24
Its surprising no one has noticed the N2,000,000 fine option in lieu of the 7 Years jail time.... Our Judiciary continues to be a big joke...

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Career / Re: Human Resource Professionals: by gbokukueba(m): 12:14pm On Oct 28

Career / Re: Human Resource Professionals: by gbokukueba(m): 10:34am On Oct 28
Morning sir, can I dm you?

Education / Re: My 3-Year-Old Son Can't Read Or Write Letters, Please Help by gbokukueba(m): 12:46pm On Oct 23
Good afternoon everyone,

please I need advice from all parents and Educators and parents on Nairanland. today I just realized my 3years old son cant even read Letters A to F talk less of A to Z but can read Figure 1 to 10, I am seriously worried.

I don't stay at home except for weekends as I am working outside my state, but due to the curfew I find my way back home yesterday so I was able to discover this problem in the early hours of today.

I know the mother is trying cos I have seen different live videos where she was teaching him and working on his assignment, most times I pity the boy so much because of the beating from his mum alone makes me sick but I can't really complain since I know is for his own good and I know how stressful it is for a mother with 2 kids to manage her time and all that....

I called his teacher immediately and she told me my son will be going to Nursery class when the present term is over due to his age, sadly she didn't say things I expect to hear from her so I told her I will visit the school once the curfew is over, I need explanation, is private school that bad these days ? my son can't even write 2 and 3

I have bought Video CD, bought many play book materials containing letters and figures displayed boldly, I bought counting and so on when he was 2 years so i expect a better result by now.

pls sir and ma, I need help on how to guide this boy to learn better, what should I do and how should I go about it.

Note: any time I am home, I always go through his books, assignments and read his school rhymes for him.

pls Help

concerned Daddy

This is unfair to your child. For goodness sake, a 3-year-old should be learning rhymes and some physical activities to build his mental and physical strength. What this child is been subjected to can lead to some serious psychological consequences in the future. Why do 3 years old have an assignment from school? Please allow your child to grow at his own pace, there is no cause for alarm they will catch up later trust me I know as I have first-hand experience in this regard.
Career / Re: Human Resource Professionals: by gbokukueba(m): 9:08am On Oct 18

Hello, how are you today, i would like to take you up on your offer. I have been in administration for close to 10years now, and recently decided i would like to move to HR, though my organization doesn't have a proper HR structure(civil service), i have decided to move to HR line and get myself another job(in search of job satisfaction). Presently i have enrolled for a masters programme in U. I(industrial and labour relations) im on the 2nd stage of the CIPM exams. I am also considering getting certified with either shrm or sphri, before finally launching a job search. Am i on the right track, or is there something else I should be doing? Thank you for your time

Hello there,

Sorry just seeing your message now.

Yes, you are on the right track in terms of academic qualification which is a very good step into your desired career. My only point is that you start where you are as an added responsibility with no financial impact on the organization that way its easier to learn, make mistakes and be forgiven. Other organizations will not be lenient especially if they are paying you for your years of experience. I hope this helps, let me know if you have more questions.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: ... by gbokukueba(m): 4:09pm On Nov 08, 2019
Good day everyone. I am writing this to seek for your opinions. I am a graduate of Statistics, University of Ibadan with Second class Upper. I graduated in early 2018 and I'm through with NYSC. The I.T company I served offered to retain me with a salary of 40k monthly. Due to the fact that I had no other option as at then, I took up the offer. Now, this is where the frustration comes in: The work time frame is 8am-5pm daily but most times, I get engaged till 6pm, at times 7pm. I leave home 6am and return home 8-9pm. I spend #800 daily on transportation and #400 daily on feeding to make #1,200 daily. Since I became a full staff of the company, I've not been able to save a dime because my salary isn't enough to take care of my bills, not to talk of savings. I've been trying hard to get a better job but all to no avail. It's not that I'm a dullard. I have ND Statistics (Distinction), and BSc Statistics (5.9 of 7.0). I'm never bragging my people, it's just to let you all know that I'm doing my best towards having a bright future. I need your advice. What should I do? Should I continue with the job or quit?? Help me push this to the front page as I need advice ASAP, please!

The first question you need to ask your self is, are you learning? Are you getting the required experience? This is the time to put in a good shift and the reward will come in 3/4 years time. You still have about 35 years to work so why be in a hurry to make money at the expense of relevant experience?
Career / Re: Human Resource Professionals: by gbokukueba(m): 10:24am On Apr 01, 2019

Please i really want to join the group sir, should i inbox you my number too?

Yes you can.
Career / Re: Human Resource Professionals: by gbokukueba(m): 4:55pm On Mar 19, 2019

Should I drop my number here

inbox me you your number
Career / Re: Human Resource Professionals: by gbokukueba(m): 11:58am On Mar 18, 2019

Please do you have idea of good hr WhatsApp platform so that I can join.

There is a group on Telegram that I can add you to.

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Career / Re: Human Resource Professionals: by gbokukueba(m): 10:06am On Feb 11, 2019
Hello,please I studied Economics and I have a serious passion for human resource and would like to get certified how do I go about it,the fees and everything

What do you mean by "serious passion for human resources"?
Career / Re: Human Resource Professionals: by gbokukueba(m): 9:41am On Feb 11, 2019
Hello and thanks for showing interest to help. I would love to interact with you on a very sensitive issue affecting my niche which is fashion. Kindly drop your contact, WhatsApp preferably for smooth convo. I believe with your experience, you will be able to guide me properly. Thanks

Hello, I am an HR professional, I am not quite sure i am competent to discuss Fashion but send me a message and we can talk.
Literature / Re: Story Of A Barrack Child by gbokukueba(m): 10:54am On Feb 04, 2019
This is not a love story! The Barrack is a place where competition is normal, people compete for the weirdest things back in the days, like who was the first family to buy video TV, or VHS player or which block has the best football team. It was really ridiculous, but we love it and that made us who we are today. When it comes to music, the Barrack was an entity on his own, the culture was heavily influenced by the contemporary music at that time. Hip-hop artist like Tupac and Biggie were our role models even local artist like Baba Fryo and Daddy Showkey were very popular and we could sing songs from their albums cover to cover. In fact, there are rumours that some of the popular dance steps credited to the Ajegunle kids were copied from us. You might know the popular dance steps of Galala, Suwo but have you heard of Eeeba.

Eeeba was a funny type of dance that you will scream the word and the same time thrust for left leg forward while bending forward and stay in that position for about 30 seconds while shaking your leg to the rhythm of the song. This might be ridiculous in 2019 but in 1995, it was bae! In all of these dancing madness, there emerged a new King of dance, Chucks! He was a lady’s man, and envy of all the guys. He was the standard for dancing and good looks and he reign supreme at all events and parties in the Barracks. If there is any new dance that is out everyone waits for Chuck to do it and whatever he does is the yardstick.

Story continues here: https://omobarrack.blogspot.com/…/the-legend-of-juliet-and-…

follow me on Twitter: @omobarrack
follow me on Instagram: @omobarrack
Career / Re: Human Resource Professionals: by gbokukueba(m): 10:07am On Feb 04, 2019

Thank you so much...yes.. this has been really helpful and I really appreciate this..i would love to start in my present place of work as u suggested but I have reservations about this as it isn't really a well structured organization yet...I will try though. However are there any tips you have as to how I can position myself better for an Hr/Hr intern job role even without experience?... I am currently only familiarizing myself with the field by taking some online courses.

My advise is start where you are. IF there is no structure, find a way to help build structure which you can include on your CV as an accomplishment (driving a change in difficult enviroment). There is nothing wrong in starting HR in a new enviroment but are you will to start from the bottom and build your credibility on the way up? It easier said than done as if might invovle salary cut and assisting people younger than you and not a llot of years of experience as you might have had.
Reflect on this...
Career / Re: Human Resource Professionals: by gbokukueba(m): 5:33pm On Feb 02, 2019

Thank you so much for offering...i am really in need of this guidance... i studied microbiology but all the job experience I have are in sales and customer service and I have always loved the HR field cos I feel it aligns with my personality a lot..hence I will like to build a career in it...I have a few concerns though.

1) Will I need to have a diploma in any HR related course first before doing the CIPM?..or can I get an intern job(if I can)..learn on the job while running the CIPM course?

2) Or is it wiser to run the CIPM course while still working my present job(though this may be difficult cos of time) considering that I really need experience in the HR field.

3) Please reassure me that this is a wise move and HR field is a fulfilling career and I am in late 20's(this may be helpful)

Thank you so much for offering...i am really in need of this guidance... i studied microbiology but all the job experience I have are in sales and customer service and I have always loved the HR field cos I feel it aligns with my personality a lot..hence I will like to build a career in it...I have a few concerns though.

1) Will I need to have a diploma in any HR related course first before doing the CIPM?..or can I get an intern job(if I can)..learn on the job while running the CIPM course?

2) Or is it wiser to run the CIPM course while still working my present job(though this may be difficult cos of time) considering that I really need experience in the HR field.

3) Please reassure me that this is a wise move�and HR field is a fulfilling career and I am in my late 20's(this may be helpful)

Glad to be of help.

1. You do not need a Diploma to register for CIPMN, you will start with your first degree as a student member, Yes if you have the opportunity you can be an intern while studying CIPMN

2. There is nothing absolutely wrong doing the exams alongside your current job is sales and marketing

3. The reassurance has to come from you and if you think it is a wise field to delve into. You still have age on your side.

Having said the above this is my personal view, I had a similar background with you that the first 3 years of my career was in sales before I moved into a bank and moved into HR but my full HR experience came when i was 30 mind you I didn't write any exams until I was absolutely sure HR was where my heart was.

One error I see people making in preparing to move to HR is to write the exams. I know people that are chattered HR members with zero HR experience. When you are above 30, you need some form of experience to advance in HR and the best way to do it is to move to HR in your current organization where they know you and you can learn from mistakes and as you do the exams you build your credibility along the way.

I hope this has helped in some ways.


Literature / Re: Story Of A Barrack Child by gbokukueba(m): 11:42am On Jan 31, 2019
Oshodi: Enter with your Change

In the late 80s and early 90s if you never visited the Bar Beach in Lagos, you are a novice, but my parent never took us there for obvious reasons as there were so many stories of children drowning and a lot of diabolical stuff happening there, so it was a no-go area. As a barrack child that has zero regards for authority, I broke this rule with my partner in crime, Gee. One day, Gee and I discussed how come we will be in this Lagos and never visit the Bar Beach, in fact, we must plan to see this place ourselves.

We pulled all the money we could lay hands on and in this group was me, my 10-year-old younger brother, Gee and his 13-year-old brother, I was 12 then. We were so excited and because we will not get approval, we were quite discrete that no one knew where we would be that day. We took a bus from PWD to Oshodi, paid for 2 seats while we ‘lapped’ our brothers and did the same from Oshodi to Obalende. The trip to Obalende was fun as the third mainland bridge was recently opened and the drive over the lagoon was a beauty to behold and remember we are going to have fun at the famous Bar Beach and finally tick that off our bucket list.

Eventually, we arrived Bar Beach from Obalende at about noon, and the fun began. We went swimming cautiously, went horse riding, had loads and loads of candy also played soccer with some boys we met at the beach and about 3pm we decided it’s time to start heading out before anyone observes we were missing. At that time, there was no organized bus stop, which meant buses stop anywhere to pick up especially when they see a crowd (I guess it hasn’t changed). The way back was to take Obalende bus from Bar beach, then Oshodi from there and Ikeja right after, suddenly we heard a conductor screaming at the top of his lungs, “Oshodi, Oshodi, Oshodi, wole pelu change ee (enter with your change)”! Gee went to ask him how much is it from to Oshodi? And he mentioned a fraction of what it would have cost us.

If you recall at the start of the journey we had to scrap all that we had to go on this once in a lifetime trip so we only have enough for transportation back and to make things wonderful, we had a direct bus from Bar beach to Oshodi at a fraction of what it cost us coming the other way. Rather than “lap each other” we decided to seat comfortably and paid for 4 seats as we now have enough change. We also bought ice cream on the way to Oshodi in traffic as we had so much money left with us.

Dear beloved, the journey to Oshodi was very brief and in 15 minutes conductor screamed, https://omobarrack.blogspot.com/2019/01/oshodi-enter-with-your-change.html

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Literature / Story Of A Barrack Child by gbokukueba(m): 5:20pm On Jan 30, 2019
I have a blog with the same title and i invite you into my world...

you can visit the blog here:

Webpage: https://omobarrack.blogspot.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/omobarrack
IG: https://www.instagram.com/omobarrack/
Facebook: https://facebook.com/BarrackPikin/

Please follow the page and leave your comments.

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Career / Re: Human Resource Professionals: by gbokukueba(m): 5:09pm On Jan 30, 2019
Dear All,

I am offering my HR experience and knowledge to anyone on this plaform that requires it. I have some experience working with local, multinatinational and international development organizations along the way and am willing to provide gudiance and clarifications if required.

I would prefer to responde openly here and not in private and also i don't have job opening but i can make recommendations if i see any opening that matches people's profile.



Literature / Re: The Witch And The Baobaotree (A True Life Event) by gbokukueba(m): 7:20am On Jan 09, 2019
Na wa oh. Things dey happen. Op hope you people apologized to the family

"You People" keh... its a hard life... unfortunately
Literature / The Witch And The Baobaotree (A True Life Event) by gbokukueba(m): 6:10am On Jan 09, 2019
Growing up in the barracks there were some spooky stories and one readily comes to mind. It was a rainy Saturday morning and we all woke up to screams and shouts of, witch, witch witch…, everyone rushed towards the screaming to find out what was happening.

There’s a girl not more than 13 wailing and crying and begging and “confessing” that she belongs to a convent and she mentioned all the atrocious things you could imagine. Prior to that a child had died in some unusual circumstance and this girl says she and her fellow witches are responsible for the death of the child. We believed!

The girl went on to make some more astonishing confession and one of them made virtually everyone sick when they heard it… in those days there were women that sold bean cake (akara) in different blocks and she mentioned a particular seller that she uses blood to fry her akara… all of us that had eaten that akara went bonkers! We believed!

In addition to frying with blood (how possible is that sef), they hold their meetings under the large tree between Blocks Q15 & Q16. She made some outrageous claims that they have mansions on the tree and even latest cars (this was in the late 80s)… We believed!

We have always wondered about that tree as it towered above the 2 story blocks of flats and some even told us it was bewitched that’s why there seem not to be any fruits from the tree and you must not be caught under the tree at 12 midnight… you might just never be found. We believed!

There’s a saying that government never believes in superstitious claims, but the authorities of the Barracks were only humans and they not only believed but they took actions. First, they sent the akara seller and her family out of the barracks is the most embarrassing way where women sweep the ground after them as they were going away.

Secondly, they tasked some people to cut down the tree, we heard while cutting the tree blood was coming out and the tree was healing itself and finally they had to go get a real ‘juju’ man to come do some incantations and eventually they cut the tree down… and everyone lived happily ever after… for a while…

Years later probably about 10 years after the incidence, we learnt the girl that confessed had mental health issues and had falsely accused the akara seller. The tree was a Baobao tree and the family moved back to the barracks and your truly was glad I didn’t eat akara with blood…

This is the end of the story.



Jobs/Vacancies / Re: See The Smart Way A Man Delivers His Resume To Employers. (Photos) by gbokukueba(m): 2:34pm On Oct 08, 2018


Well, that is quite unfortunate, but some HR managers are likely to respond to emails than postal...

All the best!

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: See The Smart Way A Man Delivers His Resume To Employers. (Photos) by gbokukueba(m): 4:56pm On Oct 07, 2018
Wow! Great idea.

Back when i was looking for job, i sent a couple of cvs directly to HR managers with DHL. Spent a lot of money on DHL and didn't get even one interview. grin grin

You know Nigerian HR mentality

Did you address it to them personally with theor names? Do you know how many CVs are submitted daily? Did yours stood out?

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Properties / Re: Self Contain For Rent Abuja by gbokukueba(m): 6:48pm On Jun 09, 2018
Too late, I just paid for a place today
Properties / Re: Self Contain For Rent Abuja by gbokukueba(m): 9:34am On Jun 06, 2018
Share pictures am interested.
Career / Re: AB Microfinance Bank And Anti-labour Activities. by gbokukueba(m): 9:15am On Jan 07, 2018
This is from someone that works there:

No...it not true. The bank has it's policies, just like every other bank.

-Resumption is 8am
- Close by 5pm
-What the person called 'sweat shops' are branches. AB is the only MFB in Nigeria that has offices as building of their own...not attachments.
- The promotion rate at branches is better than employees in the head office.
- The bank does not subject it's employees to anti labour exercise at all!
-The health package is higher than those provided for commercial bank employees.
- You can go on leave as it pleases you.
- The 'you need to have family b4 promotion' is totally wrong. You don't need to know anyone to get in or get promoted. Merit is the keyword.

- The major challeng AB has today started when Nigerians were pulled into the Management Team which was solely composed of expatriates. Now we have atleast 4 Nigerians in the Senior Management Team.

As you would expect....this has lead to favouritism and unequal distribution of annual salary increments and promotion....the promotion aspect mainly affect us in the head office.

Rhe truth now is, just a few are enriching themselves and this became the case when these Nigerians were empowered. They get benefits for jobs done by lower members of staff. While promotion is now given based on your oga's closeness to the M.D. (white) especially when the last one was around. We are expecting a new M.D. this month.

We blacks don't like evenness in wealth distribution...thats why we are where we are today.

The bank's employee turnover was high last year bekus the bank is facing competition from other banks....who entice employees with sweet salaries and reduced targets. The bank has failed in this regard bekus it maintains it annual yearly increments and targets.

If you get to the benchmark for promotion, it is enacted immediately. ( at the branch)

What I believe is that since the bank has refused to improve in the areas that interest employees the most which are salaries and bonuses....you can't force them...you pray you get a better offer elsewhere and move.

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Career / Re: HELP!! My Former Company Has Refused To Pay My Dismissal Benefits. by gbokukueba(m): 11:47am On Dec 09, 2017
Good morning Nairalander, please I am in a Dilemma and need all the help I can get in other not to make a costly mistake. Straight to my story.

On the 27th of November, my employer disengaged (sacked) me and a few of my colleagues with some bogus accusation of under productivity and insubordination. We were asked to turn in every company property in our care which we duly handed over before leaving.In our dismissal later, it was clearly stated that 'our terminal benefits will be paid along with our salary for the month of November'.

Prior to our dismissal, the sum of 5000 was always deducted from our salary every month as caution fee which is supposed to be paid when one leaves the company, but with experience from people that have left, it is always a tug of war as the company doesn't honor that.

Now, we got information that the company paid her Workers November salary yesterday but we that were dismissed didn't get paid. Individually we called the accountant who from the discussion we had made it point clear that there was no provision for us in the payment voucher and every attempt the reach the management has proved abortive as they have kept posting and at a point not taking our calls.

I decided to bring this here in other to get the best solution to this problem and also to know the various agencies to get involved.Apart from the call which i made to the accountant and the center manager, i have not taken another step as i don't want to make a mistake in dealing with them. I have seen problems of this type get solved here and i believe that mine and that of my colleagues will be solved. Thanks as I wait for HELP.

Please Kindly help me tag people with experience in dealing with this kind of issue.

Kindly help me get this to a larger audience

1. Read the company policy regarding disengagement and terminal benefits
2. You stated that in the letter they stated that you will be paid then you should find out what payment you are entitled to, ie. leave days, notice period, Gratuity etc
3. Wrote a letter to the company and ensure you have proof of delivery.
3. If you do not get a response then you should approach the National Industrial Court in Ikoyi for redress. They are very pro-employees and judgments from the Court can not be appealed.

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Family / Re: My Boss Is Threatening My Marriage by gbokukueba(m): 6:56am On Mar 03, 2017
[quote author=zinachidi post=54222752][/quote]

You are such a child that hasn't experienced life... after the job it's family that will remain...


Family / Re: My Boss Is Threatening My Marriage by gbokukueba(m): 5:54am On Mar 03, 2017
You made mistakes and the deed is done. To earn the trust of your husband you must quit your job and find another as the first step towards true reconciliation except you get favored at work by your so call 'boss'.\

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Politics / Re: Isaac Balami's Car Explodes In Abuja (Photos) by gbokukueba(m): 12:20am On Mar 31, 2016

Dude, is it that you weren't patient enough to read the news till the end or is that you have a problem with your eyesight that you missed where he said the bolded above (no insult intended)?
@ overlord77, it seems you too didn't read the news till the end.

You missed the point... The kneejerk reaction is the description of the car before he later talked about no one getting hurt...
Politics / Re: Isaac Balami's Car Explodes In Abuja (Photos) by gbokukueba(m): 12:18am On Mar 31, 2016

is it dt u didn't finish reading the article or u lack understanding or both?.

Actually you quite stupid...
Politics / Re: Isaac Balami's Car Explodes In Abuja (Photos) by gbokukueba(m): 8:04pm On Mar 29, 2016
When contacted, Belami who is also the convener of the Nigeria Rebirth Project and President, Cabinet-X Africa said, ‘’ [/b]it’s true that I lost My BMW X 6 V8 5.0 ltrs twin turbo to an explosion[b]

For someone that just escaped death by the whiskers appears he is more pained losing the car than escaping death...


Family / Re: Union Presents Cash To Needy Nigerian Families In South Africa by gbokukueba(m): 5:26pm On Dec 27, 2015

Get them home as in? Get them to Naija or help dem get a roof over their head?
The lady also lives on point road, so what's d diff?

They should go back home... I know quite a lot of them who graduated from schools in Nigeria and are working as security guards and earning R2000 monthly... Others are not even working they just hustling

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