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Politics / Re: Malawian Flag Vs Biafran Flag by gidgiddy: 4:41pm On Aug 13

Election will hold in Igboland because many Igbo people still believe Nigeria can work. British people are not responsible for lack of 'erection'. Many countries colonized by British are working.

Elections can hold but elections wont help anyone in Nigeria, they never have


Politics / Re: Malawian Flag Vs Biafran Flag by gidgiddy: 3:33pm On Aug 13
No going back from total independence of the Igbo nation from the failed British colonial experiment called Nigeria


Politics / Imo: Ebubeagu, Police, Parade 8 Innocent Youths Attending Festival, As ESN - Pic by gidgiddy: 3:04pm On Aug 12
Imo state police command had on Monday paraded eight persons it claimed attacked Agwa Police Station on Saturday.

The command said the persons suspected to be members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and its militia affiliate, Eastern Security Network (ESN) killed four gallant police officers.

Mike Abattam, the public relations officer of command in a statement on Monday said the Commissioner of Police, Imo State Command, CP Mohammed Ahmed, after on spot assessment of the incident immediately, directed the Command’s tactical teams to commence a detailed investigation to unravel the perpetrators of the dastardly act.

“The Command’s tactical teams, on the 06/8/2022 at about 0300hrs, after a diligent gathering of credible intelligence, raided some identified criminal hideouts located between Agwa and Izombe communities in Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State, where the hoodlums, on sighting police operatives engaged them in a gun duel, in an attempt to escape arrest.

“They were overwhelmed by the superior firepower of the operatives.

“While some suspects escaped, eight persons were arrested. They include the following: – Obioma Chibuike ‘m’ age 18 years, Achazie Chidiebere ‘m’ age 22 years, Onyedikachi Nwadike ‘m’ aged 19 years, Anayo Onyemere ‘m’ aged 51 years, Ifeanyi Mboyi ‘m’ aged 26 years, Chukwudi Onyeausi ‘m’ aged 29 years, Obodo Promise ‘m’ aged 17 years, Ifeobu Ebubechi ‘m’ aged 22 years.

“On the spot enquiry revealed that all the arrested suspects were natives of Agwa and Izombe communities respectively.

“Their weapons were recovered when their hideouts were searched, they include; one pump action gun, two locally made guns, six cutlasses, one Biafran flag, eight live cartridges, eight expended cartridges and one masquerade apparel.

“On their way out of the hoodlums’ hideouts, one of the overzealous suspects, Ifeanyi Mboyi attempted escaping from the lawful custody of the operatives and was swiftly demobilized by the ever gallant police operatives.

“The suspect sustained bullet injury on his left leg and was taken to Federal Medical Center Owerri, Imo State, where he is undergoing treatment and is in a stable condition.

[b]But a community leader in Izombe, Emeka Onwuegbu said the people paraded were arrested while attending the annual Okorosha Festival.

He said that Izombe, which was a peaceful and bobbling Oil Community has been turned into a battlefield.

According to him, “Our youths are being incarcerated and killed, because people want to occupy political positions by fire by force. Innocent young men are shot at, arrested, and branded Criminals, Bandits, ESN, IPOB, Terrorists, etc.

“The community was in a celebration mood, getting ready to host their friends and invitees to the final outing of their Okorosha Festival.

“Somebody perceived that a political opponent may be coming to celebrate with his supporters from the town, and the best he could do was to bring in the Ebubeagu Militia, to create a crisis-like situation, wreck some havoc, and then heap it on the visitor.

“The general public should therefore note that what happened in Izombe on the 6th and 7th of August were purely the handiwork of Ebubeagu, their agents, and other forces loyal to the government at the State. The arrests made were to cover up their failed wicked plots. None of those arrested has any record of criminality. Those whose houses, shops, vehicles, and other property were set ablaze are just victims of circumstance.

He blamed politicians loyal to Hope Uzodimma for stoking crisis in the community.

“You cannot use intimidation to coerce anybody into supporting your aspiration, just because you think it is your right for them to support you. It does not work that way, and will never work”.[/b]


Politics / Re: Anambra Receives N268.2 Million First Oil Allocation As Oil Producing State by gidgiddy: 2:53pm On Aug 12

We had a federation with fiscal federalism until Agunyi Ironsi in conjunction with Ben Nwabueze abolished the regional structure and replaced it with a unitary structure. So, let’s keep enjoying what you guys gave us.

That lie has been told many times in over 50 years, but it is not true. At no time did Ironsi abolish the 4 Regions he inherited and at no time did he introduce unitary rule. All 4 Regions had resource control and revenue sharing formular agreed at independence, right up to the day Ironsi died

The person who actually introduced unitary rule was Gowon. It was Gowon who came in after Ironsi and enacted Decree 14 of 1967, which abolished all 4 Regions he inherited from Ironsi, replaced them with 12 States( or 12 units) and also abolished the revenue sharing, which introduced unitary system

This is one of the reasons Nigerian history is not taught, so people will not know the truth

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Politics / Re: Anambra Receives N268.2 Million First Oil Allocation As Oil Producing State by gidgiddy: 2:20pm On Aug 12
get your facts wright 13% goes to oil producing States first before Federal, States & LGA shares the remaining 51% FEd, states 31% LGA 18%.

That is still daylight robbery no matter how you look at it. Where have you heard that someone receives less than others a share of his own money?

So you give the owner of the resources 13% first. then you share the other 87% between the 3 tirs of government? Why should the federal take more than me?

Can you imagine if you had to pay 51% of your own salary to federal government as tax?


Politics / Re: Anambra Receives N268.2 Million First Oil Allocation As Oil Producing State by gidgiddy: 2:14pm On Aug 12

The federation takes 87% and not the Federal government. Get yourself properly educated before jumping to comment on what you know little or nothing about.

Thats not how things work in a federal system or a federation. Federation is marked by 'resource control', meaning that the federating units take the bulk of whatever is realised on their land and pays the federal government at the centre an agreed tax

Nobody on earth will join a system where 87% of his money is "shared"


Politics / Re: Anambra Receives N268.2 Million First Oil Allocation As Oil Producing State by gidgiddy: 12:22pm On Aug 12

Did the Igbos govt of old Eastern region give the Ijaws even 1%?

Do you have internet connection? Google the revenue sharing formula of the old Eastern Region

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Politics / Re: Oduduwa: No Going Back On Our Agitation: Prof Akintoye Fumes by gidgiddy: 11:15am On Aug 12
the question nigerians arent asking is why, the security has degenerated so bad

Security degenerates badly in every failed country

God bless Oduduwa Republic

God bless Republic Of Biafra
Politics / Re: Anambra Receives N268.2 Million First Oil Allocation As Oil Producing State by gidgiddy: 10:28am On Aug 12
The injustice Nigeria knows no bounds.

You produce oil, the federal government takes a whopping 87% and gives the owners of the resources 13%. That is daylight robbery!

When you ask why, they will say it is because of "one Nigeria"

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Politics / Re: Video: Nigerian Troops Shooting At Defenseless Shi'ite Procession In Kaduna by gidgiddy: 7:42am On Aug 12
I saw similar when we we doing peaceful Boafran protests in the East. The Police or Army would land on the scene and open fire on us despite us being peaceful and unarmed. Crimes against humanity

Those who make peaceful agitation impossible, will make violent agitation inevitable ~ JFK
Politics / If Nigeria Was A Sane Country, Nobody Would Be Thinking About Voting PDP Or APC by gidgiddy: 10:06am On Aug 11
In most advanced countries, if a political party in power disappoints, it is thrown out of power and replaced with something new. If a political power disappoints badly, not only is it thrown out of power, the electorate will not allow it return to power for a long time, if ever.

Its incredible that after 16 disastrous years of PDP and almost 8 years of total failure by APC, anyone is still talking about voting for either of these two parties

There are other parties out there that have not had a chance to serve, such as YPP, AAC, SDP, PRP, LP, ADC, AP to mention a few

So it beggars belief that anyone would leave all the political parties out there that are yet to be tested, and go for PDP and APC that have monumentally failed everyone since 1999
Politics / Re: An Early Nigerian Civil Disturbance: The 1945 Hausa-ibo Riot In Jos.... by gidgiddy: 8:48pm On Aug 10
The Kano riots of May 1953 are generally regarded as having been the first major outburst of violence between Northern Nigerians and those who later assumed the name of Biafrans. Here a neglected episode in the history of conflict between these peoples is placed on record: In October 1945, the Hausa and the Ibo in the city of Jos fought one another for two days, during which at least two people were killed, many others injured, considerable property was destroyed or damaged, and Nigerian police and army units had to be brought in from Kaduna to restore order. Later, one man was tried for homicide. Yet there is no report by the Nigerian Government on the rioting, nor any mention of it in the annual administrative reports. The Jos disturbance preceded that of Kano by 8 years and carries the infamous distinction of probably being the first occurrence of extensive intertribal rioting in modern Nigerian history. This account derives almost entirely from informants who were in Jos in 1945....

The 1945 Jos killings and the 1953 Kano massacre were early indications that Nigeria would not work as a nation. But Britain ignored the warning signs
Politics / Re: Esn/unknown Gunmen Robs Woman Throws Her From Moving Vehicle VIDEO by gidgiddy: 7:29pm On Aug 10
As usual they will blame fulani. But watch the woman yourself


"Operation tag any crime commited in the South East as the handwork of IPOB"
Politics / Re: El-Rufai: Nigeria Can’t Afford Another Civil War by gidgiddy: 6:45pm On Aug 10
May there not be another war, theres no need for one when there is a political solution called referendum
Politics / The Person Most Likely To Win The Presidential Race Is Atiku by gidgiddy: 6:29pm On Aug 10
Theres no difference between PDP and APC, both are as bad as they come. Both parties are disastrous. However, elections will hold and there can only be one winner.

Peter Obi: Is a good candidate but has zero chance of winning any state in the North. It is impossible to win the Presidency without winning any of the 19 states in the North. However, Peter Obi will do well in the South/South and South East, may be even Lagos.

Bola Tinubu: will do well in the South West, he has zero chance of winning any State in the South East and South/South. Most people in the South East dont like him anyway. His entire hope of winning is if APC controlled States in the North go for him, but the Atiku factor looms large over that

Atiku Abubakar: Atiku Abubakar seems most likely to win the Presidency. I dont think Atiku will win any State in the South West due to the Bola Tinubu factor. He is most likely to win some States in the South/South and South East, but his strength is in the North. Atiku is still a very influential man in the North and I dont see anyone beating him there. The North are now the kingmakers in this election and the chances of them abandoning their own to go fir a Yoruba or Igbo man is remote

With this, I predict that the eventual winner of the 2023 Presidential election will be Atiku Abubakar

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Politics / Re: Civil Disobedience: The Next Option? by gidgiddy: 2:15pm On Aug 10
There have been several lamentations by Nigerians on the cruelty of the present government. The citizens have been watching as the ruling elite oppress them with deliberately fabricated selfish opulence, while using part of their stolen wealth to massage the ego of some foolish low profiles who provide security and defend their malfeasance. What is the direction henceforth from their next move of further extraction of flesh from an already starving populace in the name of 12.5% tax? The answer is total refusal of the people to pay any tax whatsoever to government. The people have to take their destiny into their own hands. This is violence free and civil. So I recommend.

Civil disobedience is definitely an option as public protest could be fatal

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Politics / Re: Ogwu Mozambique: Unknown Gunmen Capture Ebubeagu Commander Of Imo (Pics, Video) by gidgiddy: 1:28pm On Aug 10
Whether the man that was killed is innocent or responsible for the killing of those young men, there are vital points that we are neglecting.

1 The killers were armed with AK-47: this confirms that ipoB ESN are the UGM that are responsible for terrorising Igboland.

2 The victim was dumped in a big ditch containing other decomposed corpses:. This confirms that ipoB ESN UGm is a violent group which is responsible for most of the deviances we see in the south east..In some of their camps that have been raided, ditches containing decomposed corpses were found, it is one of their signatures.

3 The man that recorded the video was speaking Ebonyi dialect: This confirms that Simon Ekpa imported most of his boys to other states to constitute crime and other violence..

Note: I am not exonerating the victim but these salient points proves that ipoB ESN UGm is a violent group..

Now we know IPOB is culpable.. Some of their leaders are now trying to exonerate IPOB claiming that the video was fabricated to tarnish the image of IPOB and Ebubeagu is responsible for killing the young man.
Lets not forget that IPOB ESN Simon Ekpa UGM declared him wanted so they are responsible for the man's death which further exposes them as a violent group.

Hope Uzodimma is hated because he is trying to curb the menace of IPOB ESN UGm,let's not forget how the south east was plunged into violence last year before the government was forced to apply unconventional measures to solve the menace.
It's unfortunate Hope Uzodimma found himself to be the governor of Imo state at this sensitive period. A period were the government will be tagged murderers when they decide to go after UGM.

And could you please tell us how you know it is ESN or IPOB that killed him? Or is the usual "operation tag all crimes in the South East as the handwork of IPOB"?


Politics / Re: Has Nigeria's Unity Been Worth The Millions Of Lives Lost In The Civil War? by gidgiddy: 1:02pm On Aug 10

I don't care about Nigeria's unity.

I , unlike you fake seccesionist, truly believe Nigeria is an aberration.

The only problem I know we will face is not just the Muslim north but you Igbos who will do everything to see to it that the Niger Delta remains part of Nigeria so you can continue leaching from her resources.

The next civil war as I have always predicted here, will be between Nationalists movements fighting to escape the Rothschild plantation vs the Muslim north and Igbo Zionists.


What I never understood about characters like the above is that they claim they are worried Igbos will dominate the minorities and steal their resources

The same watched and did nothing for more than 50 years after as the Northerners dominated them and stole all their resources.

They said that Ironsi's decree 34 was their problem, despite the decree no touching the borders of the 4 Regions nor resource control, but they watched and did nothing as Gowon used Decree 14 to abolish all 4 Regions as well as resource control, create states and perpetuate 'divide and rule'

Today, all the high offices in NNPC are staffed by Northerners and over 80% of Oil blocks in the so called Niger Delta are owned by Northerners.

Laugh no go kill me lol
Politics / Re: Has Nigeria's Unity Been Worth The Millions Of Lives Lost In The Civil War? by gidgiddy: 12:23pm On Aug 10

Your great Zik did not only draft and ensure the invoibility clause by rejection any call for referendum owing to how western Cameroun enacted that clause to leave Nigeria citing Igbo domineering and marginalization of other tribes , but as President of Nigeria and representative of the OAU also got other independent African nations to sign a pledge to respect each others colonial borders and do everything to ensure it remains intact.

You igbos are crying over what your useless grand fathers did to a once blessed and thriving nation.

Gowon was only parroting what Ojukwu had been championing for decades prior.

Lets stick to the topic of the day. Has Nigeria's unity been worth the millions of lives lost in the war to keep its unity?
Politics / Re: OBI Can’t Win… by gidgiddy: 11:20am On Aug 10
It is becoming very obvious. The coast is clearer than it was weeks ago. Not even a blind man would claim ignorant, to the deaf it sounds like a dynamite, blasting and shattering their ear drums. How can he win? How on earth will Peter Gregory Obi win election? He doesn’t have the power, not even the resources to win.


If Presidential elections were only for who will win, only one person would be required to run
Politics / Re: Has Nigeria's Unity Been Worth The Millions Of Lives Lost In The Civil War? by gidgiddy: 10:00am On Aug 10
And why is the much vaunted unity of Nigeria so sacrosanct?
Was Nigeria created by God!? Have you read about Nigeria in the Bible or the Koran? So if an inebriated Buhari dies today and he is asked by God to explain why he killed millions of people to keep Nigeria together, his answer will be what exactly? What exactly will be the wonderful excuse? This is a criminal British estate, created by a murderer named lugard. The name Nigeria, with all its racist connotations was from Lugards bedmate called Lady Shaw! How can you kill almost 5 million people to keep such evil colonial contraption going while pretending like you somehow believe in god? How can the same set of vermins that ruthlessly and desperately loot and misgovern the country at will, continue to lay any sort of claims to greater patriotism

It is very unfortunate that after killing millions to keep Nigeria together, Nigeria is still no where over 50 years on. Makes you wonder what it was all for

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Politics / Re: Has Nigeria's Unity Been Worth The Millions Of Lives Lost In The Civil War? by gidgiddy: 9:51am On Aug 10

Reason I say igbos living in the east will always live on assumptions

Very soon IPOB and Ekpa will copy that style and start killing igbos in numbers just to prove a point

That will be welcomed ..as long as they remain in igboland killing themselves .. they can even bomb out east from Nigeria map

That will be better ..

You keep mentioning what’s happening in the north

And what’s going on up north is nothing compare to what’s happening in igboland

And believe me .. no northern government will sent a serious force to protect Una or stop what’s going on in the east

Make Una kill Una self well and burn Una town before and serious force will be unreashed

Power to the people

Thats to show you that Nigeria is already dead, no matter who wins the elections. Bandits may even have overrun Abuja by the time of elections

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Politics / Re: Has Nigeria's Unity Been Worth The Millions Of Lives Lost In The Civil War? by gidgiddy: 9:32am On Aug 10

Obi will never rule Nigeria

I will love to see the igbos in particular burn igboland .. I will love to see them kill more of themselves as they’re doing now.. only we want it on a wider scale ..

Obi will lose and accept defeat .. congratulating the new government.. while you bingos will only set igboland on fire

The rest of the nation will move forward peacefully
No one really cares !

Know this and have rest..

Nobody gives a fvck about you guys in igboland or gives a fvck about Una Biafra .. it’s only igbos that believes killing igbos and burining igboland will affect the man in kastina and they believe they’re making sense ..

Oga Nigerians youths are wiser .. than IPOB bingos

No part of Nigeria will burn their region for igbos

If Una wany twist am .. propagate am.. walahi no part of Nigeria
Instead Nigerians will put hand together and chase you back to east .. while Una still be Nigerians ..

This bingos no wise at all

Power to the people

You talk like you dont live in Nigeria. The entire insecurity in Igbo land is not up what is happening in Buhari's own home state of Katsina where Governor Masari is crying every day for his people to defend themselves and bandits are controlling different areas. 200 people killed in Zamfara, 80 killed in Danko-Wasago in Kebbi State, 78 killed by Fulani herdsmen in Logo, Benue, 33 murdered in Southern Kaduna. If you hear of what is happening in Taraba, Nasarawa and Niger, you will cry. The entire North has become bandit land

The South East is very peaceful compared to the North. There may the occasional scuffle between gunmen and the security forces, but that happens everywhere


Politics / Has Nigeria's Unity Been Worth The Millions Of Lives Lost In The Civil War? by gidgiddy: 9:00am On Aug 10
In 1967, three things happend that led Nigeria to civil war :-

1. The massacre of thousands of Igbos all over Nigeria, particularly in the North

2. The breaking of the Aburi agreement Ojukwu and Gowon signed in Ghana, by Gowon himself, which led to the third point

3. The declaration of Biafra by Ojukwu

The civil war that followed was brutal, my father fought in it as a Biafran soldier for three years. At the end of the war, the unity of Nigeria was restored, at the cost of between one and three million lives.

But has the unity of Nigeria been worth the millions lives lost in the war?

I asked my father this same question and he looked me said that when he was in the trenches fighting as a Biafran Soldier, he would sometimes turn on his Radio on at night when it was calm, and hear Gowon and other Nigerian leaders saying-

"Nigeria is indivisible"

"Our strength is in our diversity"

"We will be one great nation if we stay together"

"We have no other country but Nigeria"

"Those who want Nigeria to break up at the real enemy"

He said that sadly, over 50 years since the war ended, he is still hearing the same words from Nigerian leaders, including Gowon who is still alive, in their desperate bid to promote the unity of Nigeria, and that should tell me all I need to know


Politics / Re: Buhari: We Remain Nigerians And Nigeria Will Remain One by gidgiddy: 6:24am On Aug 10
Killed a million people to keep a British colonial contraption one

Killed a million to keep an unworkable country that has never worked as one

Killed a million people to keep a monumentally failed country one


The foolishness in man is infinite

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Politics / Re: Igbos Beware Of These Old Traitors by gidgiddy: 4:55am On Aug 10
1. Chimaroke nnamani

Which bastard is more senseless and useless than the cursed rejected occultic fool called chimaroke nnamani?

A complete waste of space at the national assembly, who is so jealous Peter obi is a magnetic sensation, this old bastard wants to continue the old order of getting paid for doing nothing.

Chimaroke nnamani couldn't stop fulani herdsmen from invading his ancestral enugu and raping mothers, but he has received enough ginger from stolen dollars to bellow smelling gas from his rotten bowels in the name of advising the good people of enugu.

Useless kleptomaniac fool that was served hot breakfast by obasanjo is about to receive the ire of Nigerians.

Hopeless bastard . Chimaroke tried to run for president after his tenure as governor but was smacked like a nursery school pupil by obj. Now he is palpitating because obi is coming.

God punish the bastard chimaroke nnamani

2. Dan ulasi

This talkative geriatric PDP kleptomaniac statesman wannabe is a case study in political failures.

He failed to deliver PDP in Anambra since the inception of the 4th Republic, he failed to unite PDP in Anambra, he failed to prevent igbos like umahi leaving the party of thieves, he failed to prevail on pdp to zone presidency to the south as agreed but now he wants ndigbo to help him foistnhis friend and party man on Nigeria.

Shameless old fool has the temerity to talk down on Peter obi who entrenched good governance in Anambra state. Idiot.

He said he went with chiba okadigbo to shagari, ...a man this old couldn't prevail on the establishment all these years to give ndigbo a fair deal, now he has mouth for talking shit.

You are a big stupid failure idiot ulasi the confused thief. Igbos will not inherit your confusion.

Listen! Peter obi is not an igbo thing. I stay in the north and I've not seen a demographic more obidient than the northern Christians. So any other old fool trying to harass the youth from igboland should shove it. You failed in your time, and we will not be advised by you.

It is not proper to go after people just because they dont like Peter Obi, not everyone will like Peter Obi


Politics / Re: If Wike Join APC, Obi is Finished by gidgiddy: 9:21pm On Aug 09
Tinubu has already got north on lockdown down, will lose only adamawa. He will get at least 70% in North. No sensible Yoruba will vote south eastcandidate with all the insults. If wike join us we will get 80% of South with remi Tinubu and orubebe helping. We don't need south east cos they're like drop in an oceans.

Wike has no power outside Rivers State and if you think that the North will abandon their brother Atiku for a Yoruba man like Tinubu then you are dreaming
Politics / Re: Ogwu Mozambique: Unknown Gunmen Capture Ebubeagu Commander Of Imo (Pics, Video) by gidgiddy: 8:34pm On Aug 09
And the same people want Nigeria to entrust them with power. Never gonna happen.

And yet you entrusted a Fulani man like Buhari with power despite herdsmen from his tribe massacring hundreds of people in your own state

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Politics / Re: We Killed One Million People To Keep Nigeria United: President Buhari by gidgiddy: 8:28pm On Aug 09
The Nigerian they killed so many people to keep together never became a united progressive country anyway

So what was the point of killing so much people over something that never progressed?


Politics / Re: Ogwu Mozambique: Unknown Gunmen Capture Ebubeagu Commander Of Imo (Pics, Video) by gidgiddy: 8:01pm On Aug 09

This thing you are defending will reach you ooo.

Look at those who only remember there is insecurity in Nigeria if it has to do with Igbo land


Politics / Re: Awo-mmamma Massacre: 7 Of 14 Youths Killed By Ebubeagu, To Be Buried - Picture by gidgiddy: 7:39pm On Aug 09
Uzodimma is evil

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