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Education / Re: Zainab: Student Commits Suicide Over Her JAMB Score. Leaves Note For Her Parents by Gleefreak125(m): 9:21am On Mar 18, 2020
Say you no know book no mean say you no know other things. At least you sabi ball. Wetin you wan those way never even discover their talent do after when dem fail JAMB? Suicide can never be the way.
Say no to suicide.

RIP Lil one.
Health / Re: Coronavirus: FG Discourages Nigerians From Traveling by Gleefreak125(m): 6:47pm On Mar 17, 2020
I wish this Corona would have allowed my bro cross in peace. This was even before people started dying at a geometry rate. He was enroute Sydney but had a stop over in SA where they banned them all from proceeding to Dubai, then Australia... He had to book a new flight to Dubai, then back to Nigeria. We're waiting for this whole corona to go away so he can try again. I wish we had listened to better advice instead of opting for the cheaper tickets. My bro for don japa but we go wait sha. Can't even wait for 27th March again cos na that day gangan dey my mind.
Nonsense and corona.


Celebrities / Re: Anita Adetoye Weds Emmanuel Ikubese (Photos) by Gleefreak125(m): 1:20pm On Mar 16, 2020
Cute couples. All their babies will have diastema (gap tooth).
Congrats all the way.


Properties / Re: Share Your Omo-onile (Landowner's Children) Experience. by Gleefreak125(m): 10:03pm On Mar 08, 2020
2years ago when my pastor was building his house and these omo onile wahala started. He made sure he singled out the most notorious, elewure. After several pleas and preachings, those touts kept coming and this same elewure led them to stop work from going on. Even though my pastor self get small skunshi for head, he gave them #50k but elewure was greedy and demanded more. He wasn't even the main leader but he get were for head. One Saturday morning, na so my pastor charter youths for church we rent danfo from Lagos to Sango. We'd planned to go act as officers to arrest them and also display small madness. So, my pastor asked some to enter the danfo and others entered his jeep. We were all 10. 2 joined him in his car though.
When we got there, elewure had already asked the workers to stop work. So from afar he sighted my pastor's jeep and stood but the way the danfo overtook the jeep and some of us the youths jumped down elewure shock. Then we ran towards him and baba said he wasn't alone that they sent him. One man from our church was already acting up say throw him in the motto. Baba knew we weren't joking but he was alone at that moment, he started begging. Before we knew what was happening my pastor shouted "emadaloun ologun, emi gan fe fi han leniyi pe ogun wa" (don't mind him he has charm, I want to show him that I have too). Na so my pastor run back inside him jeep bring out four eggs. "Kpa" he begin break egg. "elewure o maa kuleni" (elewure, you'll die today). Na so me, some other youths and the workers come shock say haaa our pastor get juju. I never knew he had discuss with some other youths about that. I just shift back say e don happen if the guys of this boy come here laidis na wahala. Thank God sha, we put him in the bus and drove him to the main leader's joint who warned him never to disturb the workers again. As we let him go, he started telling the others "pastor yen logun gan o. E ma sun mo oo" (that pastor has lot of charms o, don't go close to him o). We were just laughing as we drove to Lagos. They never disturbed again till he completed that building. He became friends with my pastor self as he and his crew supervised the building till it was completed.
After the whole saga, I realised most of those people are just stubborn. Na only mouth dem get.

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Travel / Re: Some Dangerous Ways African Migrants Illegally Enter Europe [photos] by Gleefreak125(m): 12:35pm On May 29, 2019
Imagine Nigeria is located in North Africa like Libya, Egypt, Morocco and the rest, the country go don empty since na.
Don't be so sure. It is not every youth that is desperate to travel out of this country. Some have a beautiful life out here.

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Literature / Re: Continuation Of My Madam And I(from Family Group And Sexuality). by Gleefreak125(m): 5:19pm On May 27, 2019
This is how this story ends? Shocking is the least I can say. I'm sure the OP has better things to work on, hence, the reason for this abrupt end to the interesting story. It was a wonderful read I must say. That you for all the good times. Following your next story asap. God bless you bro.

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Literature / Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by Gleefreak125(m): 11:28am On May 06, 2019
[quote author=Aphroditee post=78147632][/quote]
Wetin self

Literature / Re: Continuation Of My Madam And I(from Family Group And Sexuality). by Gleefreak125(m): 4:56pm On May 04, 2019
shocked shocked shocked
If not for the fine handwriting, I'd have asked you to go for a refund in your school but they did tried their best, you just refused to learn simple arithmetic.

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Literature / Re: Continuation Of My Madam And I(from Family Group And Sexuality). by Gleefreak125(m): 8:06pm On May 02, 2019
Thanks man, auto correct do me wayo. cry cry cry
Literature / Re: Continuation Of My Madam And I(from Family Group And Sexuality). by Gleefreak125(m): 7:07pm On May 02, 2019
I think the is now getting tired of posting updates. he should just end the story.

Me think so too
Bia... how many times have you commented here self that you're tired. Nobody begged you to keep refreshing the page now. Must he leave his life to live yours? Haba... you don't care if he's got a family to feed, conference meetings, businesses to take care of or assignments to submit. All you care about is your own entertainment.
Let the OP be now, do you even know what it takes to type out all these long stories even when you have them in your head? Don't even talk about editing... abeg make una kamdan small.
If you want the story to end just unfollow the thread no be by force. The OP will end it when he feels the need to. Puleeezzz... free Topher052 jooor or I...

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Celebrities / Re: "In My Early Twenties" - Funlola Aofiyebi-Raimi Shares Throwback Photo by Gleefreak125(m): 5:55pm On May 02, 2019
Not much difference actually, one is with an oily and make up free face while the other is make up-full... grin grin grin
She's beautiful though.


Literature / Re: Continuation Of My Madam And I(from Family Group And Sexuality). by Gleefreak125(m): 12:43pm On May 02, 2019
You people self with these predictions. You'll confuse the writer with all these now. Let's calm down and let him do what he knows how to do best. Don't put ideas in his head. Let him be free to express himself how he feels is best.
All this one everyone is suggesting one thing or the other now ehnnn... the OP can turn everything to suicide now. grin grin grin
Yes ke, Sandra killed herself... what then?
Abegi make una free speculations.


Literature / Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by Gleefreak125(m): 5:46pm On May 01, 2019
How you stay so informed about happening around and yet air your views about them so intellectually beats me. Nice one Centino. I want to be like you when I grow up. grin grin grin
Family / Re: Ajibola And Adeboye Taiwo And Their Sextuplets (Photos) by Gleefreak125(m): 3:22pm On Apr 27, 2019
OP, you're part of the problem of this country.
The same complain from the grandparents is what you continued. Weh done you hear...


Literature / Re: Continuation Of My Madam And I(from Family Group And Sexuality). by Gleefreak125(m): 3:48pm On Apr 25, 2019
atleast toper need to end this story haba since 2018 till date i'm nt against him
as we are all seeing he's tired he need to end this and set new date for another part
Will you kip kwayet and goan play with sand?
If you're tayad, gedifok outta here.


Nairaland / General / Re: The True Test Of Friendship... The Few Unpopular Truths... - Meme List by Gleefreak125(m): 7:41pm On Apr 20, 2019
How helpful true friends are. If you try applying all these rules all in the name of being too careful, you might die a loner. Keep the right company and be of good cheer. Don't think that friend is out to hurt you and don't hurt them too. Then see how the lines fall in pleasant places for you through quality friendship.

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Travel / Re: Gruesome Skeleton Of Missing Man Is Found Ravaged By Animal In Russia(Pics) by Gleefreak125(m): 11:36am On Apr 20, 2019
The pain felt when one is bitten by mosquitoes at time is unexplainable, I don't wanna imagine how gory and gruesome it will be to be ravaged by these savage wild animals.

RIP to these folks
Education / Re: ESUT Female Student Who Hawks ‘Okpa’ In School Makes Waves (Photo) by Gleefreak125(m): 3:29pm On Apr 19, 2019
Nice one girl, be consistent at what you do and make sure you improve on all aspects necessary to boost sales. The lazy ones will definitely run their gutter but pay no attention to them. You'll pay for their hand out and give them a ride soon.

I had a funny experience the first and only time I had this okpa. I thought it would taste like moimoi or better so I bought bread and coke with it (mad combo). I couldn't even tell what it tasted like. I had to eat the whole thing separately. I've not had another opportunity to eat it again. grin grin grin
Crime / Re: Scammer Who Impersonates Prince Ned Nwoko On Facebook Arrested by Gleefreak125(m): 3:16pm On Apr 19, 2019
A 22years old who should be building capacity and legitimately forging ahead through life by working hard at a trade, business or studying. But what have we? A criminal... I hope you learn and be a better person after your years behind bars.
Literature / Re: Continuation Of My Madam And I(from Family Group And Sexuality). by Gleefreak125(m): 9:28pm On Apr 18, 2019
Right now this is the best story on Nairaland !! Op please can you make it two rounds daily ... I never get satisfied with just one ... You are great Bro.
Get busy friend, the OP definitely has other stuffs aside entertaining us on nairaland. Moreover, it's not easy conjuring these ideas and typing them. Just cut him some some slacks. The pace at which he's going is good enough.
Well done oga Topher. Please be careful of wolves in sheep's clothing who'd come as producers. Monetize your work first before you give access to them. Many are out there for their gains only.


Literature / Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by Gleefreak125(m): 8:54pm On Apr 18, 2019

dont have data, if no would have join you guys since,

it hasn't been easy , been searching for job, hence no csh to sub

thanks to airtel freebasic, but its limited to some site,

Bros, please try visit katakatastreet.com and you won't regret you did. There is a facebook page you can like there too. Seriously, it's best just the way it is now where readers can get a direct link to the story on his page. This man Centino has paid his dues, we need to support that website. The comments are good to keep this space alive too. So, visit katakatastreet.com today and remain blessed.

About freebasics, Centino is working tirelessly with his team to get that for our beloved katakatastreet.com.

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Career / Re: Lady Fired While On Her Way To Resume Work For The First Time by Gleefreak125(m): 4:23pm On Apr 17, 2019
She probably has support from somewhere. In a country where everyone is asked to start a business yet difficult to find customers. Even those who manage to patronize you do so on credit. Many are out there who'd take the job and work on Sundays too.


Literature / Re: Continuation Of My Madam And I(from Family Group And Sexuality). by Gleefreak125(m): 5:55pm On Apr 16, 2019
Man you're good. Just like a movie scene. Nice... I like this new adventure.

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Celebrities / Re: Ifu Ennada: How I Made My First Million by Gleefreak125(m): 2:21pm On Apr 13, 2019
Question is, should we start avoiding friends like a plague cos they're broke? It's people like her who look down on the "not so financially buoyant" that makes people run faster than their destinies. How many has she been able to give #500k to since she's been on the receiving end of the goodies for a while now?
Abegi, thank God for your life and face front. Just tell us you need views on your short film and stop advising nonsense.


Phones / Re: What Is Your Worst Phone Experience? by Gleefreak125(m): 12:22pm On Apr 13, 2019
I fell asleep while using my phone & unknowingly, I slept on top of it. In the morning when I woke up, the screen was in pieces. Yeah, I was heartbroken. I felt like I had just committed filicide grin

Chai... this is strong, sorry. We all do carry our phones like babies. I can imagine the feeling of unknowingly destroying it. cry cry cry

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Phones / Re: What Is Your Worst Phone Experience? by Gleefreak125(m): 7:35am On Apr 13, 2019
I once removed the charger head of one of my sister's phone cos it was faulty and charged directly. Mhen... the phone got fried and everywhere was just smelling cookies. grin grin grin
I bought one fairly used phone back then at Ladipo and I regretted I did. Seems it was Sony Ericsson that year, I can't remember. It worked fine there but on getting home after rejoicing I got a phone, it stared malfunctioning. I never understood that I should never let the battery die. After I drained the battery just after 11 days of usage, the phone refused to come up even after charging for hours. Mind you, I never let it run out of power for those first 11 days but NEPA did their thing and eventually it was lights out for the phone. The charger, ear piece and all became a waste as I couldn't resuscitate the phone. What a waste!
I've lost count of the numbers of phones I misplaced or got stolen from me. I'd attribute them also to my carelessness at times. I've lost different phones in the cab. Gionee, itel, Samsung note 1, Nokia C3, BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Z10 and Q10, the list is on like that. Like three different phones were stolen in the laboratory back in school and I also lost two during my clinicals. But the most recent was last year December 7th on a Friday. I just took a slight nap at the reception as I covered for the receptionist who quickly went on an errand and a patient walked in and stole my infinix hot 6 and and BlackBerry Z10 (Yes I love that phone). I woke up looking like a fool when I discovered the phones I kept just beside me were gone. Thank God all lost phones were not the very expensive types (iPhone comes to mind here). The fear of loosing them has always made me go for less expensive phones. I've been very careful with this Xiaomi I'm using presently.

Story of my life cry cry cry

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Celebrities / Re: BBNaija's Alex Replies Non-fan Who Said She Is Trying To Emulate Cee-c by Gleefreak125(m): 8:22pm On Apr 10, 2019
Checks your grammar before you posted

Adaksbullet, come and carry your wife abi na rival o.
Health / Re: Prophet Patrick Eyaefe's Wife dies from snake bite hours after marrying by Gleefreak125(m): 4:58pm On Apr 05, 2019
Snakes have always been the ones at the receiving end of these brutal killings but today the table has turned. RIP woman.
Most anti-venoms are costly and specific. You hardly find them in the pharmacy of private hospitals. Probably they couldn't identify the species of snake that bit her. They should have made incision around the bite also to allow some of the venom flow out with blood.
All in all, the medical facilities available failed them. Sorry.

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Literature / Re: Continuation Of My Madam And I(from Family Group And Sexuality). by Gleefreak125(m): 2:13pm On Apr 04, 2019
Nice one Topher052 but what happens to the previous episodes? How do we even stop those pirates from plagiarising this work especially the previous ones?

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Literature / Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by Gleefreak125(m): 12:41pm On Apr 04, 2019

Stop looking for an excuse to continue in your ways. The story has also told us that if you are pure that witches will steer clear. Evold has taken a stance every youth should follow. That way temptation that brings witches will stay far away.
Exactly, staying pure is the goal. But how do you when you engage in compound romance. It's like a free way to hell. Ndifreke somewhat lacks self control and has centred his life around frivolities. I don't think he's found purpose and isn't ready to plan his future as a true graduate that he is. Just living for the moment.

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Literature / Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by Gleefreak125(m): 7:27pm On Apr 03, 2019
Thanks Centino. This last update is so deep. Evae really spoke to majority of our youths out there. Amaka also did a great analysis in the comment section. Wonderful update I must say. Thanks once again man.


Literature / Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by Gleefreak125(m): 11:39am On Apr 02, 2019

Click any of the links I have previously provided and scroll down the page. You only need to input your email and click submit.

Baba anything for the boys on the other side? Mouth dry o. We need something to munch on. grin grin grin
Can't wait till tomorrow. Issa double double blessing all through April for us. Maybe KatakataStreet can go on the double too. Making it four times per week. tongue tongue tongue

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