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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Names Prof. Charles Okigbo As Campaign Spokesperson (Photo) by Grandmeister(m): 5:16pm On Aug 12
Obi should not make a mistake Jonathan made by appointed only Igbo and Hausa in his cabinet. DG campaign suppose to come from other tribe not Igbo. Obi is my candidate but if he want to win Election in Nigeria, he must carry other tribe along
Unless you’re anywhere belle face ‘supporter’.
1. DG of the party is Doyin okupe a Yoruba man
2. His VP candidate is a northerner
3. His women party leader is also a northerner
4. His spokesman is an Igbo man….now use your God given brain and tell me how he is not carrying people along?? Or should he never choose a single Igbo man to placate nayasayers and hypocrites?

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Names Prof. Charles Okigbo As Campaign Spokesperson (Photo) by Grandmeister(m): 5:10pm On Aug 12
At this rate, if this man bcoms the president we will have:
1.inspector general of police — Igbo
2. Chief of air staff — Igbo
3. COAS — Igbo
4. COS — Igbo etc
Truly and surely any Nigeria on nairaland that isn’t Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba has finally seen that the most tribalistic set of people are from the southwest. This obi campaign has finally exposed you guys for who you are. Someone chooses a northern as his VP candidate, chooses a Yoruba man as his campaign director general, chooses a northerner as women party leader and then chooses an Igbo man as his spokesman but you degenerates from the southwest are now accusing him of nepotism? God forbid you people!
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Names Prof. Charles Okigbo As Campaign Spokesperson (Photo) by Grandmeister(m): 4:56pm On Aug 12
Instead of Obi/Datti to choose a Yoruba man as campaign DG, to give them a nationalistic outlook, Nope he choose his Okoro brother.
" Na with Clapping dance dey take start" we don't want another form of Nepotism & margilization, is there no Yoruba man that can handle that position, or since Tinubu is a Yoruba man, LP is not in need of their supports but only votes.
Who is Tinubu!a spokesman? So because Obi is from the east he should never choose someone from the east for any position again? Even for something as ‘normal’ as a spokesman? The thing you allowed buhari to do more and get away with you want to hang it now in obi’s head abi? You never start to dey wail. You guys supported and allowed a lot of satanic things to fly during buhari’s tenure because of your greed and wickedness while you called those that called out the bullshyt “5 percenters” and “wailers” again I say…una never start to cry!


Politics / Re: Fire Breaks Out At National Assembly Building, Guts Several Documents (photos) by Grandmeister(m): 3:14pm On Aug 12
These are the ‘elders’ some bastards wants the Nigerian youths to respect! Old men without honour and character. As if growing old removes foolishness and greed from everybody. Even a fool can grow old, he still remains an old fool. These old men in politics have taken far too much and given little to nothing to this country. I despise these current set of politicians with every fibre in me angry
Politics / Re: Chimaroke Nnamani & FS Yusuf Clash On Twitter (Photos) by Grandmeister(m): 1:31pm On Aug 11
Chimaroka has no business with good governance
A governor that glorified cutism as his state police..
Couldn't pay salaries nor pension
I was a kid when this buffalo was in office, he preferred paying cultist to kill opposition than paying Enugu state workers..
Foolish man
I was in FGCenugu then. Anytime I remember chimaroke I remember cultism! That man gave a lot of power to bloodthirsty cultists back then. School kids were aspiring to become top cult members in order to get power and recognition in the state.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu To Obi: Falsehood, Disinformation Won’t Win Elections by Grandmeister(m): 3:10pm On Aug 10
1967 to 1970 is fresh, hope it doesn't repeat itself
You are a BASTARD.

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Politics / Re: Obi And Tinubu Supporters Plan Rival Rallies At Lekki Tollgate On October 1st by Grandmeister(m): 8:23am On Aug 10

if dem born your PAPA well......come to the venue OCTOBER 1

i dont need to say too much

we don dey look una all dis years

the day of reckoning is here
You kukuma no get papa naa. No be born throway agbadorian criminal you be? Una don dey wait since? Una go still wait till next year. Online go dey give 2kg bastards like you morale.

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Politics / Re: Obi And Tinubu Supporters Plan Rival Rallies At Lekki Tollgate On October 1st by Grandmeister(m): 8:05am On Aug 10

the kind od hatred i have for this pple heeee

they are in your land.......then be calling it a no man's land

can anybody try that in anambra{home of the beer palour investor}

i pray what OBA OF LAGOS said about them.should come to pass that they.

ibos will push us so teeeee

we will have no choice but to chase them away
You never chase those wey dey kill una for inside Lagos, you never chase those wey send una enter Benin republic, una never chase those wey slaughter over 50 people in ondo state na Igbo una wan come form hard man for? I double DARE you to try it. You know you can’t. You can only wish and gnash your teeth.


Nairaland / General / Re: Some Of The World's Most Expensive Items Ever Sold At Auction (Photos) by Grandmeister(m): 3:08pm On Aug 08

60 billion naira for a skeletal man pointing to God knows what? This is ridiculous
Lol it’s all about area of interest. I grew up in an art inclined family with paintings of over 40 years old hanging on our walls, so a person like me will definitely spend money to acquire antic arts.

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Phones / Re: IOS Iphone Anyone? Find A Solution For Ur Iphones Here by Grandmeister(m): 2:52pm On Aug 08

The difference is the true tone activeness and the thickness .display too isnt ruled out
I know about the lack of True Tone ( I don’t care about that). Can one tell the difference in colour/display on both? From my enquiries, getting a follow come screen (from an iCloud unit) is almost the same price with an original(high quality) screen. The particular screen I’m using now has very noticeable low colour contrast and sharpness. What is your advice?
Phones / Re: IOS Iphone Anyone? Find A Solution For Ur Iphones Here by Grandmeister(m): 9:39am On Aug 08

yes its 8k
What’s the difference between an iPhone 8 foliow come screen and an ‘original’ quality screen? Any noticeable difference in colour and contrast? I’ve been sourcing for a follow come screen but I never see am(apparently no iCloud locked 8 in the vicinity). So my next option is an original screen.
Politics / Re: Pyrates Confraternity Mock Tinubu (Photos, Video) by Grandmeister(m): 8:18am On Aug 08
You will even see people who will rejoice over this.

That's how low people can go
An unrepentant hypocrite and tribalist talking about people going low? Lol wonders they say will never end!


Politics / Re: Throwback Video Of Reno Omokri Praising Peter Obi. What Changed? by Grandmeister(m): 8:21am On Aug 07
Nigerians for our own sake and generations unborn let us retire the last 2 big men in our politics

Atiku and Tinubu will be big men president, haughty, proud and full of themselves

No one will be able to question them just as it is with Buhari now.

Atiku and Tinubu believe they have seen it all and know everything, no one can challenge them

Vote a President like Obi who can relate with people of all social class, who can come down to the people's level

Some one who has the mental capacity and energetic to get the job done

Some one who can engage in intense intellectual debates to find solutions to our lingering crisis

Some one who can hold marathon meetings and read reports

Some one who will bring respect, seriousness and dignity to office of the president, someone who will make education a focal point of governance

Some one who will give the youths hope that they too can become president by dint of hard work not old men who have been in politics for over 30 years +

Vote someone who will cut and reduce cost of governance, our government is too bloated and is run at a very high cost to the detriment of ordinary Nigerians

Someone who will move round the country to see things for himself, for example, we can all see how Governor Zulum moves around himself and the situation in Bornu has improved today

Vote someone that can be called to order if he is derailing not big men on high horses who will be looking down on people.
A man who can be held accountable, not a man who thinks he got there by his own power. Nigerians need to start believing again that moral discipline pays, that financial responsibility pays, that the will of the people is paramount. Nigerians need to start believing again in Nigeria or this country. Amaechi once said “Nigeria is hopeless and helpless”. That is why they take their children abroad because even the so called ‘leaders’ don’t believe in the country, this is not rocket science. You think they give a hoot about students being out of school? Their children is in the west getting degrees, their looted money is stashed in foreign banks.


Politics / Re: Throwback Video Of Reno Omokri Praising Peter Obi. What Changed? by Grandmeister(m): 8:14am On Aug 07
This is Nairaland mod and Tinubu supporter new strategy to demarket Peter Obi. They Created thousands of username. They will propagate lies from anti-peter Obi newspapers such as daily trust and The nation or paid agents, then they will use that their fake accounts to comments and likes the comments. They will drag that thread to many pages to justify that their fake accounts and likes. The mod will help them push it to front page once the comments entered second or third pages. Do not buy to their cheap propaganda there purpose is to convince you that Obi is loosing popularity and that people are now switching to thiefnubu.
Don’t fret. I just realised that nairaland isn’t as influential as I thought, that honour goes to Twitter. Nairaland is a cesspit of anonymous e-hooliganism, so much so that even the owner is more active on Twitter than his own forum.
Politics / Re: Keyamo: In Areas Buhari's Government Did Well, Tinubu Will Continue by Grandmeister(m): 8:06am On Aug 07
They have told you point blank. It is now in your court to determine what you desire.

If you desire Somalia in Nigeria then vote Apc. If you desire Buhari promax, vote Tinubu.

If you desire a radical change of our nation from consumption to production, vote Peter obi- Ahmed datti of Labour Party.
If you desire a people oriented government that can be held accountable, vote Labour Party.
This! The west works because the people can hold their government responsible! It is the number one tenet of democracy. Things seemed fair during Jonathan because there was a semblance of accountability, so much so that he allowed the people’s will at the polls. “No Nigerians blood is worth my political ambition”. That was a man who understood that the will of the people was paramount in a democracy. Can we say the same for buhari? Even Amaechi said it on a leaked audio prior to 2019 “the president does not listen”. If you don’t vote for a government that you can hold accountable then you can’t really demand and get shyt from such a government.

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Politics / Re: BBC Slams FG, Promises To Release More Documentaries On Insecurity by Grandmeister(m): 3:54pm On Aug 06
We need to block access to BBC immediately and arrest the student responsible for making that documentary.
You’re a very demonic creature. I have been noticing your comments on this forum.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Hits Gaza With Air Attacks As Tensions Escalate by Grandmeister(m): 9:34am On Aug 06
When Boko Haram strike, they quickly condemned, but when Israel strike, they quickly applaud their actions, the world of
hypocrisy will never be better...
The same way YOU applauded the bombing of people in Orlu IMO state and called them terrorist is the same way we applaud the bombing of terrorist by Isreal.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Hits Gaza With Air Attacks As Tensions Escalate by Grandmeister(m): 9:30am On Aug 06
Doesn’t matter whether Netanyahu dey there or not. Isreal will still continue its policies in the Middle East.


Phones / Re: Apple Set To Launch Iphone 14 Next Month (see Photos) by Grandmeister(m): 9:51pm On Aug 05
All these iPhone series is just for African countries, Nigeria to be precise. An average white person is contended with his/her iphone 7 or 8 even less.

Because the world revolves around Nigeria? How many units of iPhones Nigerians dey buy? Imagine saying apple builds their phones because of Nigeria? Lol una dey always make me laugh for here.

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Romance / Re: How Do I Explain To My Friend That Fifteen Year Old Girls Are Children?! by Grandmeister(m): 12:51pm On Aug 05

Not my father but your closet gay father that destroyed your rear end.

I hope you've gone for therapy because I know the trauma is so much you think everyone's father is like yours.

God please keep TMTR's adopted daughter safe from him. AMEN!!!
Your father is the only non pedo male in Nigeria abi? You know that’s not true. ALL Nigerian males are pedos and your father isn’t excluded.
Politics / Re: Why Is Kerosene More Expensive Than Petrol ? by Grandmeister(m): 12:37pm On Aug 05
Would you rather use petrol in your stove?
Just kidding grin
I've already wondered too.
Nigeria is just a land of confucius undecided
Lol back in service years I dey use diesel for stove then lol. It was free to get for me but it burns with more smoke.

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Phones / Re: Apple Set To Launch Iphone 14 Next Month (see Photos) by Grandmeister(m): 9:34am On Aug 05
That’s not how the 14 looks like naa.
Politics / Re: Ortom Launches "Community Volunteer Guards" To Fight 'Fulani Terrorists' by Grandmeister(m): 9:23pm On Aug 04
I expect omenka to arrive immediately on this thread and attack the initiative in 1…2…
Politics / Re: David Hundeyin: FG Approves ₦1.4 Billion To Buy 10 Vehicles For Niger by Grandmeister(m): 8:25am On Aug 03
Must a vehicle be for 'mass transit' or for Uber (i.e. generating income) before it can be classed as useful?

Fact is that both you and I do not know who or what the vehicles are meant for; we just read a blank paper document revealing the release of funds for 10 vehicles to be sent to Niger. Whilst we all agree that bizarre things arent unusual for this government, dont you think it's equally bizarre to just jump into conclusions on a matter you have absolutely no info about?
Are the cars SUVs or not? Is an SUV used for Uber in this part of the world? Really??

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Politics / Re: David Hundeyin: FG Approves ₦1.4 Billion To Buy 10 Vehicles For Niger by Grandmeister(m): 8:10am On Aug 03
So in essence you dont have the answer to my question? i.e. you do not know what the vehicles are meant for?

We both dont know what the vehicles are meant for; but do you realise what you're doing is called 'jumping into conclusions based on assumptions'?
I already came to the conclusion because it was mentioned that the cars are Toyota SUVs. An SUV is not made for mass transit, which means it won’t be generating incomes for the government. If it isn’t generating incomes then it is likely not a grant or a loan. Then why spend so much money that isn’t a grant or a loan on another sovereign country not in war? This is called deductive reasoning, you should try it sometimes.


Politics / Re: I'm Igbo I Do Not Hate The Yoruba People , I Only Dislike Tinubu by Grandmeister(m): 7:53am On Aug 03
Mr Man stop deceiving urself, if u hate Tinubu , it means u hate yorubas.
Pls leave Tinubu and yorubas alone.. go and hate ur IPOB members or leaders.

Tinubu is the next President
If he hates tinubu then he hates Yoruba? I swear you guys are a special breed of foolishness! So hating or disliking an individual now equals hating an entire ethnic group? So if I don’t like governor ortom then I hate Tiv people?? Tribal baiting is you guys last ace in 2023…..and it will fail once and for all!
Politics / Re: Sadiya Farouq: 1.9 Million Vulnerable Nigerians’ll Get ₦38 Billion Grants by Grandmeister(m): 7:38am On Aug 03
Buhari and his gang of 40 thieves! This is what you get when you allow almajiri mindset near the people’s commonwealth, to them governance is about sharing money, they are not bothered about how to make that money or education, just share the money.
Politics / Re: David Hundeyin: FG Approves ₦1.4 Billion To Buy 10 Vehicles For Niger by Grandmeister(m): 7:31am On Aug 03
What exactly are the vehicles meant for?

Curiously no one seems to have asked this and apparently no one here cares to know.
Because it doesn’t matter! These are Toyota SUVs not even buses, so they are likely for government and private use! Who gives another country a billion naira for cars?? It’s understandable when you give grants and loans to a neighbouring country but money for cars?? A private car that isn’t used for mass transit is a liability and not an asset, it can’t generate any income. Get it now?

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Politics / Re: Price Of Kerosene Increases To Over ₦800/Litre by Grandmeister(m): 7:21am On Aug 03
People are suffering o

I'm still surprised that APC still have some amount of followers it Marvels me
Let it not surprise you. Ghenghis Khan, Stalin, Hitler, idi amin, osama bin laden all had followers even in their bloodthirsty actions. Buhari and apc having followers shouldn’t come as a shock to you either. It is human nature. The devil himself has followers till date.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Zambian Currency Is Now Best In Africa After We Voted In A Good Leader. by Grandmeister(m): 2:11pm On Aug 02
Please if you know you can't comment with your home training, kindly ignore my comments, I didn't mention you in my comments
You deserve no decorum! So shut it! If Liberia has poor leadership like you claim then how is it that even in such poor leadership they still have a stronger currency than yours? What does that now make the Nigerian leadership under apc? You guys will always turn logic upside down and sink to record low in order to sell your bad markets. Apc is bad market!
Education / Re: Strike Continues As ASUU NEC Fails To Suspend Action by Grandmeister(m): 4:21pm On Aug 01
may all your curses back to sender and your lineages in multiple folds!!! Buhari is different from Tinubu.
You guys will NEVER change. That was how you guys told us that Buhari of 2015 was different from the Buhari of 1985, that he has become a changed Democrat. Double tongued liars and deceivers.

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Science/Technology / Re: Gorgosaurus: 77-million-year- Old Dinosaur Skeleton Sells For $6m by Grandmeister(m): 12:48pm On Aug 01

40000 actually.
Yea..Still a far cry from a million years.

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