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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Grooming Centre Online Aptitude Test by ifeoluwa(f): 8:05pm On Sep 13, 2023
Pls any past question for grooming test
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Sterling Bank Graduate Trainee Program 2023 by ifeoluwa(f): 7:40am On Jul 08, 2023
For those writing exams this afternoon
This is watsap link to join
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Sterling Bank Graduate Trainee Program 2023 by ifeoluwa(f): 11:31pm On Jul 07, 2023
I got text tomorrow also any watsap group to join pls add me 08067768527
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Premium Trust Bank Graduate Trainee by ifeoluwa(f): 11:38pm On Jul 05, 2023
Pls anyone with the past questions or WhatsApp group
The test is tomorrow
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Premium Trust Bank Graduate Trainee by ifeoluwa(f): 7:16pm On Jul 05, 2023
I got a email also anyone with past questions
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Want To Confirm Whether This Interview Is Real by ifeoluwa(f): 6:24pm On Apr 17, 2023
You are invited for an interview with IBADAN JOB CONNECT at 1, Oba Akinyele avenue (Foodland Supermarket Building) inside OLUYOLE MAIN RESIDENTIAL ESTATE beside Cross Country office, Domino's Pizza, Mobil, Ring road, Ibadan.
Pls is it legit
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Want To Confirm Whether This Interview Is Real by ifeoluwa(f): 10:27pm On Mar 23, 2023
Please i want to confirm if this interview is real.
Though i applied for the job on 04/03/2023 and i got the mail on 06/03/2023.
Dear Candidate,

It gives us a great pleasure to invite you to participate in the selection process for the ongoing recruitment exercise for the role of BUSINESS MANAGEMENT TRAINEE

You would be required to attend a physical interview with the HR Team, and if successful, you will be selected to proceed to the next stage of the recruitment process. You are scheduled for an interview on Wednesday 8th of March, 2023.

Time: 9am prompt

Venue: Drawbridge Nigeria , No.25, opposite Classique pixel Studio, Ajayi road ,Ogba Lagos State. H035

We look forward to having you join our wonderful team of professionals.

For enquiry contact:07032312356


Drawbridge Nigeria
Did u later go to the venue for the interview
Is ur real or fake pls becos I got invite to so I want to confirm
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Interview- Pls Who Else Got This by ifeoluwa(f): 7:18pm On Sep 13, 2022
I have an interview on Thursday with pinnacle food pls I want to ask what I should knw about the place and how much is der pay now
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Oasis Consult by ifeoluwa(f): 4:05pm On Aug 16, 2022
I also got a message from them also this morning
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Outcess Solutions Nig. Ltd by ifeoluwa(f): 7:16pm On Aug 05, 2022
I have an interview with outcess on Monday and I have seen past reviews is there any changes in thier salaries still yet and it is advisable to go for the interview .Thanks
Business / Re: A Hidden Secret To Attracting Customers. by ifeoluwa(f): 9:19pm On Jan 01, 2022

This is the correct link. Our Apologies.
Business / A Hidden Secret To Attracting Customers. by ifeoluwa(f): 9:18pm On Jan 01, 2022
Whether we like it or not, it's pretty much common knowledge that the first thing that attracts our senses has to do with our sight. Once you take a look at something, more often than not, how it looks determines to a large extent, how interested you'll be in it. The saying you have only one chance to make a first impression has never been more correct. Especially in this technological age.

What is your logo saying? How does your brand speak about you? Making use of good fliers, logos and posters makes your online business look more professional and attract more people.

That's why this new year, we are officially giving out flyers, posters, logos and e - book covers at a huge 20% discount. �

You can quickly contact us on WhatsApp with https:///tie8d5 or 07031463106. The promo only lasts for the first five days of this year, so here goes!

You do not want to miss this opportunity. �

Graphics/Video Market / Are You Looking For Quality Flyers? by ifeoluwa(f): 10:48pm On Nov 02, 2021
It's hard to gind quality graphic design content nowadays, there are just too many self acclaimed designers out there who claim to be designers but end up giving you horrible work. embarassed.

Have an upcoming online program? Perhaps need to design a birthday flyer for your favourite person? An e-book maybe or a mock up? No worries! You name it, we nail it! You can easily contact us gor your graphic designs at affordable rates! What are you waiting for? Let's go. wink

Education / Re: Unilag Admission 2018/2019 by ifeoluwa(f): 7:08am On Aug 12, 2018
I scored 12 in the post utme exams and my total aggregate is 54.1
Catchment area aggregate for business administration is 57. Do I stand a chance?
Can I be given another course like Finance?
Education / Re: Unilag Admission 2018/2019 by ifeoluwa(f): 2:41pm On Jul 30, 2018
Ondo State

The result is a bit above average but the jamb score is low ... u can make a big change in the post utme

You’re from which state ??
Education / Re: Unilag Admission 2018/2019 by ifeoluwa(f): 7:22am On Jul 11, 2018
Please what is the combination for business administration
O'level results
Commerce A1
Accounting B3
Typewriting C6
Economics B3
Government D7
English C5
Mathematics C4
Biology B3

Jamb combination
Scores: 218

Do I stand a chance in unilag
General info...
Please if your o level combination is not correct or you’re not sure of ur course o level combination please talk now so you can be corrected ASAP because it will soon be time you won’t be able to change to ur desired course again.

Please this thread is to lead us right not wrong.
State ur complains now let’s trash it.
Good day.
Education / Re: Unilag Admission 2018/2019 by ifeoluwa(f): 10:55pm On Apr 08, 2018
Someone should please help me here. If it's possible help with the calculation to know my points
My O'level scores are:
Mathematics C4
English C5
Economics B3
Accounting B3
Commerce A1
Biology B3
Government D7
Jamb Score 218
Combination : English, maths, Economics and commerce (main worry is the commerce)
State: Ondo.

Please do I stand a chance at unilag to study business administration and what score should I be aiming at for post utme
Education / Re: Unilag Admission 2018/2019 by ifeoluwa(f): 9:14pm On Apr 08, 2018
Business Administration

What’s the aspired course
Education / Re: Unilag Admission 2018/2019 by ifeoluwa(f): 5:02pm On Apr 08, 2018
My O'level scores are:
Mathematics C4
English C5
Economics B3
Accounting B3
Commerce A1
Biology B3
Government D7
Jamb Score 218
Combination : English, maths, Economics and commerce (main worry is the commerce)
State: Ondo.

Please do I stand a chance at unilag to study business administration and what score should I be aiming at for post utme
Politics / Re: Let's Talk About CEO Of Nairaland.. by ifeoluwa(f): 11:52am On Jun 23, 2015
I may not know the "seun" guy personally, but I know his blood sister in C...... University. Even his sister is very humble about her family's wealth...Got to hear their dad owns a big S..... somewhere in O... State, Nigeria. I covet this their kind of humility oh....
Education / Re: University Of Ibadan Post Graduate 2013/2014 Discussion Thread by ifeoluwa(f): 11:56am On Aug 22, 2014
Kindly help out with the U.I PG Prospectus. I intend enrolling for a Ph.D program in Economics. My email address is proxydave@yahoo.com. Thanks!
Jokes Etc / Re: gongo aso by ifeoluwa(f): 9:49am On Mar 19, 2008
notin much!
u don expect much from an arse kisser/sucker

@ ifeoluwa
damn! who on earth let this bitch(ifeoluwa) breathe in the first place. u cock suckin dumb ass bastard. the greatest gay of al times. even males apes are scared of u, not just because they havnt seen any one uglier but u hav also torn their arses apart.
"Jesus wept". yes but that was on the day your sorry arse was born.
As for your ma, i feel so much pity for her because no man in his rite mind would bed her so she took it out on her dog and then concieved an animal like u.
you filthy little imp.you dickless, brainless, good for nothin, psychopathetic, uneducated idiot. in case your don't know go ask your mum and she would tel that your being born was as a result of her past mistake. That ashawo one kobo u have got for a mama
watch your filthy mouth in case of next time ok. NUTCASE.
ayusman this no be person at all, the guy na beast, half animal and half ,

have any of you fools watched shrek 2? should in case you have, then i dont think i should crack my brain thinking of how to reply you retards.
you see, i just got held down lately with some very important stuffs and thats why ive been silent. now i think i should rise against you all.
let this be known from now henceforth: anyone who dares make an insult out of me shall never rise again from bed to see a new day!
let every hand that type any form of insult upon me become leprous and let their brains be plunged out by the arrow of accidental death or better still, madness.
finally, let every heart that concieves any form of evil against me, my maternity and paternity run ice cold! everyone of you shall rundown!
let this be a warning!!!
Jokes Etc / Re: gongo aso by ifeoluwa(f): 11:52pm On Mar 05, 2008
jaymobb and folly69. hmmn! una know say if una bring una mama come, i go fuxk am sote una papa go make pounded yam for me! im a man and not pin headed dicks like you both. you these ungodly masturbators! you all are product of the acient egyptian plagues!
may your lives run down for ever and ever amen! may you two see no sperm in ur lives. may your dicks never go erect in jesus name. may may you two never live to see pussy in your lives again!
finally my brethren, be of good cheer for god has created you castrated in that you are both created in the image of lucifer your father and jazabel your mother!
once again may you both RUNDOWN for ever and ever, and all nairalanders say a very BIG amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jokes Etc / Re: gongo aso by ifeoluwa(f): 11:29pm On Mar 05, 2008
this special announcement goes to you, clemcyhot!!! honestly, concerning you, i just feel like michael jackson - speechless! calling you a fool is simply an understatement cos you worth far less than a bunny dummy! i havent seen you before but i tell you this truth, my arse looks better than your entire body.\
have you been to yankari game reserve ever in your life? bat you've never! well, let me give you one nice gist. imagine thearse of the ugliest and dirtiest animal, c'mmon, imagine dude! what do you see? im far too sure you're seeing nothing cos you have no brain to think. well, let me help you a little. the baboon (hope you know what a baboon is but should in case you do not, then go and die) happens to be of better repute than your generation - you inclusive!!!
let me pause here cos i already can see angels in heaven weeping for you!
Jokes Etc / Re: gongo aso by ifeoluwa(f): 11:20pm On Mar 05, 2008
this shout out goes to failure123456789, first and foremost, i wish to let you know that i do not know you from adams. a retard like you sure can never be able to distinguish between a male and a female even if you are viewing them naked! can you see how hopeless you are? only crazy stuffs like what you wrote happens all around you - oh poor bastard you really are!
next, i wish to let you dumb numb that i'm a male and not a beach like your kay legged donkey sister ( actually, i suppose your sister, including the thing called your mom is a she-goat ).
failure123456, i honestly do not blame you, really! i sincerely wish i could go back to time when your she-goat, sorry, mom was giving birth to you. honestly, i would have stuck a very hard pillow into her pu**y so that the little foetus which unfortunately has become you would suffucate and die! honestly, you are the world's greatest MISTAKE!!!
Jokes Etc / Re: gongo aso by ifeoluwa(f): 10:34am On Mar 05, 2008
o boy, u don fumble for the jungle!
1. you are a fool
2. you are an insane son-of-a-doe
3. you are an uneducated flamingo
4. you are an educated illiterate
5. e.t.c,
this list goes on and on, even unto the unperfect infinity of your life. go and think about your dull future cos the way u are going, an oracle consulted on your behalf cannot even help cos ur destiny is as colloidal as stale milk!!! GO TO BLAZES, LUCIFER!!!
Jokes Etc / Re: gongo aso by ifeoluwa(f): 9:56am On Mar 05, 2008
failure123, sorry, sucess123, clencykul, fucking rebellious jazabel's daughter-of-a-bitch,
y'all crazy! lunatic for assylum better pass una papa wey born una! you guys are stubburn muh'fuckers!
stop wasting your devil given talents in this site. pls visit www.sex.com cos that's the kinda site where you belong or sign up at www.kirikiriprisonsagency.com.
STUPID FOOLS!!! tongue grin undecided lipsrsealed cheesy smiley
Jokes Etc / Re: gongo aso by ifeoluwa(f): 1:58pm On Mar 02, 2008
mr ibk, whatever! im fine. let those sonovabitches say what they love. im on for them
in the meantime, thanks for your concern but i think im old enuf to be awrite, right?
Jokes Etc / Re: gongo aso by ifeoluwa(f): 1:35pm On Mar 02, 2008
boyz nd galz of nairaland una don fumble 4 the jungle. mr delib posted his church minded delicacy, posed it for ur dirty eyes to read and yet, you began to criticize him
una no get shame. if you know tha this is what you will do, then log out of nairaland and then, yab people on yahoo messanger!
this is last warning!!!!!!!!!! shocked wink smiley grin
TV/Movies / Re: Gulder Ultimate Search 4 (IV)! by ifeoluwa(f): 2:17pm On Aug 18, 2007
ADIEU, BROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Romance / Re: My Boyfriend Still Has Feelings For His Ex by ifeoluwa(f): 2:02pm On Aug 18, 2007
be of good cheer!!!
as said by someone i don't care to know, every disappointment is a blessing in disguise. I'd advise you to leave him. why? every double minded person is not worth it. if you continue with him, you'll lose cos all he'll need do is to make you a waste pan and i know you'll never come to terms with that! let your emotions be locked up for now, get yourself right, turn to God in prayer and start it all right again. God'll surely see you through.
Religion / Re: Oh God, Tunde Bakare Again! by ifeoluwa(f): 1:53pm On Aug 18, 2007
people, lets face it for real. pastor bakare is a man of God. whether his prophecies come into fulfillment or not is not for us to consider. he said 'God told him', so why are we questioning that? so b cos some of these prophecies refused to come into being then we begin to strip him naked abi? i think it is high time we let loose off these stupid mentality of ours! lets just pray for whosoever is concerned: the pastor or the president!

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