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Politics / Re: Aisha Yesufu Proposes Raising ₦100 Billion To Fund Peter Obi's Campaign by ihejirika: 3:37am On Jul 12
Pls let's start the donation. I am in diaspora and am ready to donate. @Obi give us the account
Education / Re: My 3-Year-Old Son Can't Read Or Write Letters, Please Help by ihejirika: 3:21pm On Oct 23, 2020
Oga pls leave that boy alone. In canada here children start school at 5 and at that 5 what they do is colour and playing with numbers and letters. They emphasize on children playing at the playground alot and parent reading stories to children. Children hear start learning properly at 6 years. It is believed scientifically that their brain is well matured at six for learning. The mentality of naija putting a child in school as age 2yrs is wrong
Romance / Re: Her Parents Rejected Me Because I Am A Polytechnic Graduate by ihejirika: 10:46pm On May 02, 2020
Guy I also found myself in thesame situation when i met my wife. We fell in love and was planning for the future. But her father was a proff in the university and she is a BSc holder. As usual her father rejected me on the fact that am a HND holder. But my wife then insisted that i must be me and she moved out of the fathers house and move into mine and told the family that when they are ready they know where to find her. The father had no choice that to give his blessing. But one good thing then was that everyone in her house was in support except the father and also i had a very solid job paying in 7 figures. My dear after that experience i vowed to equal the father in academic level. Today i have 2 Masters. About starting PhD. And today the father doesn't joke with me.
So my dear....it all depends on 2 things. Ur girl and the weight of your bank account.


Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by ihejirika: 8:23pm On Aug 29, 2019
Hello Winnipeger,

About sub letting your 2 bedroom apartment. Am interested. I have dropped you massage on your DM. Try to reply so we can get talking. Waiting on you.


Hi Winnipegers,

I am sub letting a 2 bedroom apartment located on Pembina highway close to University of Manitoba from October 1. The rent is $1,110 per month which includes cost of gas, heat and water. 

It is a walking distance from shopping malls and it's a no smoking apartment.

PM for more details.

Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 7 by ihejirika: 10:01pm On Mar 12, 2019
I have a family of Six. 2 adult and 4 children. The children are 2 sets of twins age 4yrs and 1yr. We applied for PR and only the adults (parents) where invited for Biometrics without the children. Pls i want know if this is a mistake or if the children does not need biometrics.

Pls i need help with answers urgently. Thanks
Travel / Re: All Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) Hopefuls- Connect Here. Part 1 by ihejirika: 9:14am On Jun 03, 2018
What was your EOI score result before you received manitoba ITA?

I have just been nominated by Manitoba province and 600 marks have been added to my EE profile. My timeline is stated below.

Invitation to apply: Jan 31,2018
Submitted application: Feb 20, 2018
Sponsors submission: Mar 2, 2018
Sponsors interview: May 7, 2018
Request for add documents: May 11,2018
Add document submitted: May 22, 2018
Provincial nomination: May 31, 2018

Some things that will help you.
1. Make sure there is a proof of relationship with your sponsor. In my case I used my cousin
Her father is my fathers elder brother. Both of them didn't have birth certificate so I had to do a letter of attestation to show common parentage. Make sure you do this at National Population Commission (NPC) . An affidavit WILL NOT be accepted

2. Proof of funds should be what CIC requests. On Manitoba site the amount required is lower than that which is required from CIC. To make your application take less time. Make sure you have funds stated on CIC site for the number of people in ur family in your best interest.

3. Make sure you submit your educational credential assessment with your application because they will ask for it later. It was part of the additional documents requested from me later.

4. If you have been refused Canadian visa before don't hide it. Come out and explain what you applied for and why it was refused..
I have been refused study permit twice and I explained and attached documents to show my admission and refusal. Lieing will backfire.

5. If there is any additional info you can still go and update it on MPNP online. During the application time I delivered a baby and I quickly added the info. Thank God I did because my office was called to confirm my employment status and the immigration officer was told I had gone on maternity leave. �

6. Make sure your sponsor knows you very well. The interview is deep. They will ask them a lot of questions about you. Most times they will purposely mislead your sponsor to second guess them. My own cousin had pictures of us before she went to Canada and I'm sure that helped. I was one of the bridal train at her wedding and she still had the pictures

Most of all pray, pray, and pray. So first stage dusted. Time to prepare for second stage which is PR proper. I hope I was of help.

Thank you.

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Travel / Re: All Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) Hopefuls- Connect Here. Part 1 by ihejirika: 7:14am On Apr 14, 2018
Please for the Engineers that required "PROVINCIAL LICENCE TO PRACTICE" document to be uploaded in your applucation, how where you able to complete the application. I need help with this to complete my application because my job (chemical engineer) is a licenced occupation in canada
Education / Imt Is Backward by ihejirika: 3:17am On Dec 15, 2017
I have never seen a school that is as backward as IMT enugu. This school refuses to grow and no wonder the past glory is already washed away. Imagine you applied for transcript and after llmaking full payment, 4 month its still not ready for typing. Today they will say not power in the entire school to type or the HOD is not around to work on your file or the person to type is pregnant and will not be in school for sometimes. This present excuse that is hurting me now is that they said rector came in and took away all materials in transcript from the office (if true i dnt know) and nothing can be done until he return the material.
My people am tired. I am practically begging each time i call and i even induce with money to facilitate the worm yet no way. Hmmmm which way naija.
IMT enugu please wake up. Stop slowing down peoples progress.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 13 by ihejirika: 2:09am On Dec 10, 2017
Hello all
I plan to do a post graduate in canada and planned going with family. Want to know if my wife and kids will enjoy the benefits of canadian citizen or PR during my time of studying
Travel / Studying In Canada With Family by ihejirika: 8:17pm On Dec 09, 2017
Hello all
I plan to do a post graduate in canada and planned going with family. Want to know if my wife and kids will enjoy the benefits of canadian citizen or PR during my time of studying.
Agriculture / Re: Investing In Agriculture Is Never A Waste. Pictures Of My Farm by ihejirika: 7:57pm On Jul 04, 2016
Pls I want to invest in poultry as well and I will like you to be my mentor. Am ready to pay for your services. Pls send me your personal contacts so we could talk. Thanks.
Car Talk / Re: Check The Authenticity Of Your Plate Number by ihejirika: 5:02pm On Oct 14, 2013
The site is valid. I just checked for my 2 cars and it confirmed that the number plates was assigned to my cars. But it does not show your car details, It only mentions the kind of car it is assigned to.
Travel / Places Of Interest in Owerri by ihejirika: 6:27pm On Nov 25, 2012
I will be travelling to Owerri to spend my vacation, Please those staying in Owerri any idea of exciting and Interesting places to visit with my wife
Education / Re: What Is The Difference Between A Bsc(ed) In Electrical Technology And Bsc In Electrical Engineering by ihejirika: 1:33pm On Feb 15, 2012
The are not both called engineer.
The BSc Electrical Engineering is called an Engineer though some still want to discriminate between B.Sc and B.Eng
The guy that has a B.Sc (ed) in Electrical Technology is not qualify to practice as an engineer rather he is qualify to Teach because he studied the course with the aim of teaching it not practicing it.
Only a person that studied and graduated in a Faculty of engineering can be qualified to practice as an engineer.

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Business / Tinted Permit For Factory Fitted Tinted Cars by ihejirika: 2:26pm On Dec 30, 2011
Pls I will like to know if the FG ( police) still issue tinted permit for factor fitted tinted cars, cos I know all tinted permit have been revoked but the police still ask for tinted permit on the road for factory fitted tinted cars.
Have anyone obtained a tinted permit for his/her car recently?
Pls I will like the contributions of a genuine force personnels.
Politics / Re: Imo State Guber: Rochas Okorocha Has Won! by ihejirika: 2:56pm On Apr 30, 2011



Family / Re: Annoying Spousal Habits by ihejirika: 7:48am On Dec 16, 2010
#1 My wiffy have this habbit of untidyness, she cnt keep her cloths tidy. Whenever she come back to the house she enter d bed room remove her bra and drop on bed, cloth on d floor, bag on the seat making d bedroom scatered. She never arrange d bed when she wakes up and she can stay in that kind of eviroment and will only tidy up when i complain. I hv moved all my things frm the bedroom to our spare to give space in d room to manage herself yet no change. She have even migrated to the spare room to use it as a place to spread her wash cloth anytime am nt around. Just tired of d whole thing but hv no choice than to live wth it or tidy up myself

#2 wiffy is always fond of leaving wat she is cooking to get burnt in the kitchen. This has bcom a habit. She will leave sometin cooking in d kitchen and be either watching cable TV or chatting wth her fone and B4 u know it the stuff in d kitchen has burnt to aches

#3 wiffy like chewing her nails, this disgust me alot. She will she her nails to the extent that half of the nail is gone, sometime she cause her fingers to bleed during chewing. This makes her fingers look horrible. this makes it difficult for her to fix nails. She unknowing chew it in the public and i always give her sign to stop and she only stop for some time and resume unknowingly

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Politics / Re: Obj Seen Writing NOUN exam! by ihejirika: 5:31pm On Apr 19, 2010
OBJ still remain the best we have ever had. Remove sentiment and face the fact. Though there was lapses but his approach open up nigeria. What was on ground before he came in? void! When OBJ was in power we saw the banking system springing up, We saw the oil industry coming in, We saw the advent of telecommunication, We saw job oppurtunities in banks, oil and gas. The guy paid off our dept which we had accrued for many years in just 2 term.

OBJ tackled naija issues with wisdom. He is presentable to the public, he is funny, he add fun anywhere he goes.
For me he did better than all other president put together.

I will cast my vote for this man any time any day if he ever want to be president again because the devil i know is better than the angel i do not know
Politics / If You Are Jonathan, What Will Be Your Last Word To The Ministers by ihejirika: 10:17am On Apr 06, 2010
For me this is what i will say:
Ladies and Gentlemen Give me result in the next few month I DON'T CARE HOW YOU DO IT, Just make it happen.
Nairaland / General / Re: If You Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time, What Would You Do? by ihejirika: 4:37pm On Sep 03, 2009
i wound have gone back to November 1st 2008 the day before by brother was shot. I would have called him from where i was on the rig working for my money to tell him not to go out that faithfull day that death is waiting for him. Oh my God, it was a very bad news for me as i was shocked that i will not see him when i get home. cry I miss u bro, i just wish i could turn back the time to warn you.
God knows best. Rest in peace cry cry
Guys leaving in PH beware, the town is not safe.
Education / Re: Niit,karrox And Aptech: Which Is Best And Why? by ihejirika: 6:34pm On Sep 29, 2008
Go for APTECH they give you good service for your money. As for NIIT they are just leaving on their past glory. They just load you with material for your program but hardly pay attention to you. They used to be very good in the past and they ahve made heir name. As for the Karrox i dont knpw anything about them.
Someone else might have another view about NIIT but am telling you about NIIT portharcourt which i once attended.
Romance / Re: If Women Go On Strike by ihejirika: 5:05pm On Jun 11, 2008
i have said it that this kind of strike will cause domestic animal to be pregnant b4 the one year runs out.
even we go dey see the birth of half man half animal.
Abeg bros suspent the idea of this strike oooooo. i never even do una one start strike
Romance / Re: Love by ihejirika: 3:43pm On Jun 05, 2008
let her try it to get the wool out of her eyes. she will find the truth
Romance / Re: What Have You Ever Done In Your Life And At The End You Regretted Ever Doing It by ihejirika: 7:54am On Apr 06, 2008
Another regret is the circumstance that made me come out with a HND instead of Bsc. After my OND i got an Direct entry admission into two different universities to continue my course but because i was in love with this chick in my school i denied myself the admission and went back to do my HND so that i can be with her. I never told my people thats what happened. Today am paying the price because i have to combile my tight work schedule and pursuing a Bsc. This is what i call fool for love and i cant still believe i made that mistake. when i remember it i ask myself "am i still the person that forked up"?
Romance / Re: What Have You Ever Done In Your Life And At The End You Regretted Ever Doing It by ihejirika: 9:20am On Apr 05, 2008
i know it is a lesson learnt.
But did i make my bed wrongly that i it should hurt me why i lay on it in this case?
Romance / Re: What Have You Ever Done In Your Life And At The End You Regretted Ever Doing It by ihejirika: 7:53pm On Apr 04, 2008
my most regret happened when i was in higher institution. i was dating this chick and we where so close. i happen to be a very good student and she use to sit close to me in all my exams. Any score i have thats what she will score too. Because of my help we where both topping our class as the best students, in our fourth year we were both given a scholarship by former ministry administrator of Lagos state. If we had continued that way we would have come out both as the best graduating students but in our final year, there is this particular course that almost all the the student failed but we where lucky to secure a pass (score of 42) in the course. so people where now sorting the lectures to pass the course and my chick advice we joined to sort the course as well, i hesitated initialy and finaly agreed cos that was my final year, so i decided to give her the sorting money to take care of the course. To my very surprice my chick used the money to sort her own course leaving mine without me knowing, so when the result was finally pasted, she score 78 and i still remain at 42. At the end she came out as the best graduating student from my set while i came out as the second best. This was so painful that i found it difficult to trust any girl even till today. Even at that me and this chick both got a job in thesame oil company and on the day of our induction she was been introduced as the best student from her set and i was just their looking at all my effort in the hand of someone else.

This is just one regret i have with this particular chick there are still more.
Family / How Will U Handle Your Husband Infidelity by ihejirika: 6:50pm On Mar 18, 2008
People i want your views on this, I ask my newly married fried what she will do if she happen to find out that her husband is keeping another girl outside, she replied that immediately she find out that, she will not bother comfronting him, she will go and find another man outside that will servicing her and still stay with the husband provided the husband does not find out too.

Whats your opinion on her answer?
Romance / Can You Alow You Girl To Share Thesame Bed With Her Friend And The Boy Friend by ihejirika: 11:00pm On Dec 17, 2007
If you are a guy, How will you react when you found out that your girlfriend went to her friends boyfriends place and the three of them actualy spend the night on thesame bed.

Pour in your reactions b4 i continue with the gist.
Romance / Re: Can You Sleep With Your Landlady by ihejirika: 10:49pm On Dec 17, 2007
well the woman and her two daughtern are trying to see who will first get down with there new tenant but the guy babe no gree because she has already suspected what is trying to happen and is not giving any breathing space. Thanks to the babe sha!!!!!! if not bomboy for swim inside ocean of no return

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