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Politics / Re: Why Are The Kano People Nor The Northerners Not Complaining About Ganduje's Act? by immhotep: 12:02pm On May 10
Since this issue of balkanization of the Kano Emirate by His Excellency, Abdullahi Ganduje started. I have scanned through the radio commentries, Twitter ,Facebook and Nairaland...I am yet to see Hausa/Fulani people Complaining against the action.

However, it is only the Okoros, Kolawoles, Ipob yoots, Jonathanians are crying all over the place.

Why are they crying more than the bereaved?

What is happening?
The wages of sai babarism is confusion grin

Cc Lzaa adaibeku sarrki Yarimo Deomelo afamed

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Politics / Re: Biafra: Massob Accuses Tinubu Of Plans To Revoke Igbo Properties In Lagos by immhotep: 11:39am On May 10
I have two questions to ask:

1. Why are the Igbos so afraid of Tinubu? The man last held political office in 2007. So why the fear?

2. Why are the Igbos so afraid of living in the East? Don't they want Biafra anymore. Will they get Biafra and still live in Lagos, Abuja and Kano as Nigerians?

Can someone answer Please?
Calm down and support the One Nigeria that your forefathers hustled for grin

Cc Lzaa adaibeku sarrki Yarimo Deomelo afamed

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Politics / Re: Godwin Emefiele Joined Buhari In Islamic Prayer In Throwback Photo by immhotep: 11:34am On May 10

undecided undecided
We know you just want igbo wife by fire by force grin
Igbo amaka
Cc Adaibeku
Afamed also wants Igbo wife grin
We know them

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Politics / Re: Emir Sanusi Jets Out Of The Country As Ganduje Orders Probe Of His Kingdom by immhotep: 10:22am On May 10
Cc Lzaa adaibeku sarrki Yarimo Deomelo afamed

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Politics / Re: Isa Bayero, Emir Sanusi's Aide Grilled Over "Financial Misappropriation" by immhotep: 2:18am On May 10
Sanusi reaping what he sowed. APC CHANGE.
The fruits of sai babarism.

Cc Lzaa adaibeku gaskiyamagana yarimo

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Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode To Emir Sanusi: You Are Reaping What You Sowed by immhotep: 7:06pm On May 09
Gbe NU Soun !
Iwo N ko
E lenu gbo ro !
Omo Ale... ! Jati Jati
Do you need consolation?

Cc lzaa

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Politics / Re: Bandits: Soldiers And Vigilante Storm Zamfara Forest (photos, Video) by immhotep: 5:14pm On May 09
APC UK has shared a video of Nigerian soldiers and local vigilante members fighting bandits in Zamfara and its environs.

The soldiers and vigilante were spotted inside forest.

APC UK shared the video and wrote:

"Kudos to ��'s armed forces in Zamfara & environs especially



assisted by brave vigilantes.

THANK YOU for your professionalism, courage and determination to secure ��. WELL DONE!���"

Watch the video

Source: http://www.thefamousnaija.com/2019/05/zamfara-bandits-soldiers-and-vigilante.html?m=1

Government by photography.

Cc Lzaa adaibeku sarrki Yarimo Deomelo afamed velocity25

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Politics / Re: So You Think Ika Is Bini And Not Igbo? Checkout One To Ten In Ika by immhotep: 5:09pm On May 09
Igbo amaka


Culture / Re: Ooni Ogunwusi Hosts Eze Chukwuemeka Eri by immhotep: 11:26am On May 09
I hope you guys read alaafin of oyo response to the Ooni we are not related to igbo in anyway or form the jews dey do dere own we dey our side as well u idiots can have your peace talk awon asinwi
Collect sense

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Culture / Re: Ooni Ogunwusi Hosts Eze Chukwuemeka Eri by immhotep: 8:34am On May 09

And that clown jerry useni called it igbo coup grin grin
Cc afamed Adaibeku
APC misyarning all the time

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Politics / Re: Okorocha: The Evil I Feared In PDP Has Befallen Me 10 Times In APC by immhotep: 1:03am On May 09
Immhotep must hear this angry grin
Cc sarrki Adaibeku chipink deomelo
Yarimo and afamed must be frowning seriously right now

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Politics / Re: Insecurity In North Worse Under Buhari — Northern Elders by immhotep: 11:24am On May 08
Alhajachinyere and Ngeneukwenu wee call northern elders ipob grin
Cc Adaibeku
Sarrki will blame Nnamdi Kanu

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Politics / Re: Ndigbo Not Interested In 2023 Presidency, We Want Freedom – Ekweremadu Tells FG by immhotep: 8:53am On May 08
Stupid thief. He only remembers this after realising he can't become Deputy Senate President again
Sifia pains as usual


Politics / Re: Jigawa Lawmakers Break Mace Over Rules Amendment by immhotep: 6:34am On May 08
house of thugs
APC lawmakers lawbreakers

cc lzaa adaibeku sarrki deomelo afamed
Politics / Re: Rivers People Vote For Me Because Of My Outstanding Performance by immhotep: 9:36pm On May 07
We Done Hear U Nigga
Sifia pains
Politics / Re: Prof Osinbajo Sitting With A Primary School Girl (photo) by immhotep: 9:07pm On May 07
the vice president of Nigeria visited a primary school today ...he sat in a classroom with the children

he captioned
"she spoke and I listen"
Governing by photography as usual. APCheat grin

Cc Lzaa adaibeku sarrki Yarimo Deomelo afamed velocity25

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Sports / Re: Super Falcons Striker, Desire Oparanozie Is Now A Coca-Cola Brand Ambassador by immhotep: 6:08pm On May 07
IPOB amaka
Cc johntolu Adaibeku sarrki
we will not take this

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Politics / Re: How Third World War Will Most Likely Start!!! by immhotep: 5:58pm On May 07
So I went to see the higher powers that govern the activities of the earth and we carved out the frame of the most possible way that WWIII is most likely to start. So it goes thus:

As always Germany always starts the World wars:

So Germany will become over populated with Arab Muslims due to this immigration stuff going on, who will then work their way into the political posts and try to make other European countries accept Arabs. Many Countries will disagree and the ones who agree(mostly due to fear and wanting "peace"wink will join forces with the Arabs and attack the European Countries who didn't accept Arab Muslims. These will create two alliances. USA and Russia might fight due to their ideology of Capatilism and Communism and other political thought and ideologies.

Other Wars during the Third World War will include:

●Iran seizing the opportunity to quickly attack Israel.
China and Japan getting into a war due to their historical wars and with Vietnam on the side of the Japanese.
●North Korea quickly seizing the opportunity to invade South Korea.
●India and Pakistan at War.
●Northern Nigeria Vs Southern Nigeria.
●Northern Cameroon Vs Southern Cameroon.

Possible Outcome of the War:

●Civilization might get destroyed.
●Change in World Powers.
●Many countries wiped out of existence.
●Islam becoming subdued, placed as an illegal religion or being wiped out.
●Mankind might destroy itself parmenently and God and Mother Nature will have to create a new Earth.

Receive sense.

Politics / Re: Globalism :the Rise Of A New Evil by immhotep: 5:55pm On May 07
I am no Trump supporter, neither do I support his bellicose foreign policy.

When you say "diversity", you ultimately agree that each nationality has it's own singularity.
Unfortunately, your arguments are coming 600 years too late.
Just calm down and blame the European rulers who ran around importing Africans into the Americas/Europe, while looting African colonies.

The European chickens have now come home to roost.
Embrace diversity and enjoy it, my brother.
Politics / Re: Globalism :the Rise Of A New Evil by immhotep: 4:44pm On May 07
You are just a #MAGA Trump supporter who refuses to speak up as Trump supports the wars in Yemen, Syria, Palestine and Libya , while planning a new war with Iran .

Embrace diversity and stop hating.

Of Nationalism and Globalism

A new spectre looms over our world, and all the current pillars and powers of the world are being seduced by the allure of this spectre. This spectre is the spectre of globalism.

As the 21st century reels out myriads of dynamic events on the international scene, humanity continues to evolve politically as we enter into another phase of history. A world shaped by the devastating events of two World wars and a Cold War that brought one world power to it's knees and another to the leadership of the "Free World" , is now on the brink of another ideological revolution, similar to the renaissance of medieval Europe. This ideological revolution is centred on the principle of "globalism".

What is globalism?

Globalism, in its purest form, seeks to create institutions for global governance, at the expense of the sovereignty or unique requirements of individual nations. In essence, it embraces a multilateral approach to governance and discards unilateralism. While it may sound tantalizing, in effect, it cripples the authority of individual states, and their ability to make decisions that suits their sociopolitical climate. Instead, it enthrones a "one size fits all" approach where decisions are made for the benefit of countries that hold the most clout.

Thus,globalism is a pervasive, albeit, more tantalizing form of imperialism. It is therefore no surprise that imperialists like the French President, Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and a host of others, are leading pioneer of this pernicious ideology.

What is nationalism?

People interpret nationalism in different ways. But I like to say nationalism is the manifestation of patriotism. A nationalist loves his country, and believes that the interests of his country supersedes the dictates of a world order that is skewed in favour of the powerful nations of the world. Hence, nationalism is inherently anti-imperialist and anti-globalist.

While the challenges of the 21st century like Islamic terrorism, poverty, diseases, climate change and so on, have exposed the need for cooperation between countries of the world for the betterment of humankind,the question remains, is globalism the way?. Well, my answer is a very resounding no.
Now, before you label me a conservative bigot, let us take a look at the United Nations, which is the world's foremost multilateral institution. The UN is one of the most, if not the most undemocratic institution in the world. It is governed by 5 permanent members of the security council(the big 5); the US, France, UK, Russia and China, all of who possess the powers to place sanctions, approve military interventions, and veto decisions of even the general assembly. Attempts to expand the membership of the permanent UNSC to properly capture those who are not fairly represented such as Africa and South America, has been rebutted over the years by the United States and its allies. So, we are left with an institution that is run by only the powerful nations, who make decision as they deem fit, even in cases where they are clearly ignorant of the dynamics that obtains in the region where their decision affects.
Many argue about the success the UN has made in keeping global peace for 73 years and counting, but I say, it isn't the UN keeping peace, it is nuclear weapons and the threat of mutually assured destruction.

Now, what a globalist wants is a UN that is strengthened to the level where it can make binding decisions concerning global affairs, overriding the powers or sovereignty of individual nations. Laughable, right?. Imagine such an undemocratic institution, governed by an exclusive cabal of powerful nations, dictating how much Nigeria can spend on it's military per year, how to run our economy, how to control our population, and so on. In essence, our constitution would be useless and we'd be subject to the interests of other nations. This is what the concept of a government without borders entails. That is what globalism entails.

While Macron spouts nonsense about nationalism being anti-patriotic(only God knows what brand of weed he smoked before coming up with that ridiculous speech), we need to ask ourselves, in whose interest is it if globalism prevails?. It certainly won't be in the interest of small, poor nations like Nigeria that have no power to wrangle decisions from such multilateral organisations.

Thus, Nigeria and Africa must rise and resist the vast dark shadow of globalism. Globalism as it is being canvassed by radical liberalist and neo-imperialists. Yes, we can cooperate on issues that affect all of us as nations, but we must hold on to our national interests above all. That is the only way we can negotiate at the table of world powers.
Travel / Re: Containers, Tankers Start Movement By Rail by immhotep: 2:54pm On May 07

Ba gaskiya
Travel / Re: Containers, Tankers Start Movement By Rail by immhotep: 2:05pm On May 07
fake news
Politics / Re: Biafran Technology And Inventions At Display In Umuahia by immhotep: 2:00pm On May 07
Biafra amaka.
IPOB amaka.

cc lzaa adaibeku

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Celebrities / Re: Davido Blasts Follower Who Said The Govt Will Soon Put Him And Chioma In Cell by immhotep: 1:29pm On May 07
�� jealousy is bad, but I prefer this people to that other and her ancestor.
receive sense
Politics / Re: Only 3 Notable Igbo Billionaires have their Business In Lagos by immhotep: 8:28am On May 07

I just pointed to you that sanity eventually prevailed on the Ewelle of Onitsha during the civil war which made him to abandon the sinking Biafra ship to join forces with Nigeria in order to keep 'Nigeria one' in response to your last post and you are trying to be 'half smart' with your response.
Then why are you perennially whining about Igbo domination in Lagos.
You no like one Nigeria again ? grin
Politics / Re: Only 3 Notable Igbo Billionaires have their Business In Lagos by immhotep: 7:35am On May 07

The war to keep 'Nigeria one' was actually fought to ensure that the Yeebo Nation paid a price for the atrocities they committed against other Nigerians as a result of their wickedness and inordinate ambition.
Eventually, your Ewelle of Onitsha, later saw reason and abandoned the sinking Biafra ship to join forces with Nigeria to wage war against Biafra.

To those of you who are still in 'sifia pains', as a result of the punishment meted to the murderers who killed innocent Nigerians and spared their brethren in 1967,
I pray you all experience what General Ademulegun and his wife experienced on 15th January, 1967 at the hands of Yeebo assassins (Amen).
But you are always in sifia pains over "no man's land", even though you are not an indigenegrin

Igbo amaka

Cc Lzaa adaibeku

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Politics / Re: The Letter That Show How Ojukwu Killed Victor Adebanjo. by immhotep: 7:20am On May 07
where in Borneo propaganda.
Stop supporting nigger-Area incompetence

Politics / Re: Only 3 Notable Igbo Billionaires have their Business In Lagos by immhotep: 7:18am On May 07
Gud morning to u wink
kiss kiss kiss kiss
Morning. Hope you slept well
Politics / Re: Detained Adeleke To Be Arraigned In Abuja Today by immhotep: 6:42am On May 07
We will be watching closely........

May the law takes its course.

No more impunity in our land.
Thank goodness APC could not rig Rivers state election with impunity grin
Politics / Re: The Letter That Show How Ojukwu Killed Victor Adebanjo. by immhotep: 6:39am On May 07
wink terrorist amala you no get shame.
Are you not ashamed of nigger-Area?

Cc Lzaa adaibeku

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Politics / Re: Only 3 Notable Igbo Billionaires have their Business In Lagos by immhotep: 6:36am On May 07
You are being evasive LOL.
Azikiwe did not fight any war to "keep Nigeria one", like some people did grin
Please sit back and enjoy, stop complaining and shifting blame.

Cc Lzaa husbandsnatcha adaibeku


Immohotep, I am sorry to inform you that your fathers were actually responsible for the 'one Nigeria' slogan because of their greed and selfishness.
The speech below was delivered by the Ewelle of Onitsha, Nnamdi Azukuwe begging the Northerners not to pull out of Nigeria. Read and be informed.


In 1953 when Northern Nigerians were beginning to consider secession from the Nigerian colony that would soon be a nation, Nnamdi Azikiwe gave a speech before the caucus of his political party, the National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons (NCNC) in Yaba, Nigeria on May 12, 1953. That speech, while not disallowing secession, suggested that there would be grave consequences if the Northern region became an independent nation. Ironically, fourteen years later, Azikiwe led his Eastern Region out of Nigeria and created Biafra, a move that prompted a bloody three year civil war. Azikiwe’s 1953 speech appears below.

I have invited you to attend this caucus because I would like you to make clear our stand on the issue of secession. As a party, we would have preferred Nigeria to remain intact, but lest there be doubt as to our willingness to concede to any shade of political opinion the right to determine its policy, I am obliged to issue a solemn warning to those who are goading the North towards secession. If you agree with my views, then I hope that in course of our deliberations tonight, you will endorse them, to enable me to publicize them in the Press.

In my opinion, the Northerners are perfectly entitled to consider whether or not they should secede from the indissoluble union which nature has formed between it and the South, but it would be calamitous to the corporate existence of the North should the clamour for secession prevail. I, therefore, counsel Northern leaders to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of secession before embarking upon this dangerous course.

As one who was born in the North, I have a deep spiritual attachment to that part of the country, but it would be a capital political blunder if the North should break away from the South. The latter is in a better position to make rapid constitutional advance, so that if the North should become truncated from the South, it would benefit both Southerners and Northerners who are domiciled in the South more than their kith and kin who are domiciled in the North.

There are seven reasons for my holding to this view. Secession by the North may lead to internal political convulsion there when it is realized that militant nationalists and their organizations, like the NLPU, the Askianist Movement, and the Middle Zone League, have aspirations for self-government in 1956 identical with those of their Southern compatriots. It may lead to justifiable demands for the right of self-determination by non-Muslims, who form the majority of the population in the so-called ‘Pagan’ provinces, like Benue, Ilorin, Kabba, Niger and Plateau, not to mention the claims of non-Muslims who are domiciled in Adamawa and Bauchi Provinces.

It may lead to economic nationalism in the Eastern Region, which can pursue a policy of blockade of the North, by refusing it access to the sea, over and under the River Niger, except upon payment of tolls. It may lead to economic warfare between the North on the one hand, and the Eastern or Western regions on the other, should they decide to fix protective tariffs which will make the use of the ports of the Last and West uneconomic for the North.

The North may be rich in mineral resources and certain cash crops, but that is no guarantee that it would be capable of growing sufficient food crops to enable it to feed its teeming millions, unlike the East and the West. Secession may create hardship for Easterners and Westerners who are domiciled in the North, since the price of food crops to be imported into the North from the South is bound to be very high and to cause an increase in the cost of living. Lastly, it will endanger the relations with their neighbours of millions of Northerners who are domiciled in the East and West and Easterners and Westerners who reside in the North.

You may ask me whether there would be a prospect of civil war, if the North decided to secede? My answer would be that it is a hypothetical question which only time can answer. In any case, the plausible cause of a civil war might be a dispute as to the right of passage on the River Niger, or the right of flight over the territory of the Eastern or Western Region; but such disputes can be settled diplomatically, instead of by force.

Nevertheless, if civil war should become inevitable at this stage of our progress as a nation, then security considerations must be borne in mind by those who are charged with the responsibility of government of the North and the South. Military forces and installations are fairly distributed in all the three regions; if that is not the case, any of the regions can obtain military aid from certain interested Powers. It means that we cannot preclude the possibility of alliance with certain countries.

You may ask me to agree that if the British left Nigeria to its fate, the Northerners would continue their uninterrupted march to the sea, as was prophesied six years ago? My reply is that such an empty threat is devoid of historical substance and that so far as I know, the Eastern Region has never been subjugated by any indigenous African invader. At the price of being accused of overconfidence, I will risk a prophecy and say that, other things being equal, the Easterners will defend themselves gallantly, if and when they are invaded.

Let me take this opportunity to warn those who are making a mountain out of the molehill of the constitutional crisis to be more restrained and constructive. The dissemination of lies abroad; the publishing of flamboyant headlines about secessionist plans, and the goading of empty-headed careerists with gaseous ideas about their own importance in tile scheme of things in the North is being overdone in certain quarters. I feel that these quarters must be held responsible for any breach between the North and South, which nature had indissolubly united in a political, social and economic marriage of convenience. In my personal opinion, there is no sense in the North breaking away or the East or the West breaking away; it would be better if all the regions would address themselves to the task of crystallizing common nationality, irrespective of the extraneous influences at work. What history has joined together let no man put asunder. But history is a strange mistress which can cause strange things to happen!

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