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Nairaland / General / Update: Tosin Odunfa Finally Replies On The University Of Mannittawiw by IsmailVasiti: 10:45am On Jun 25
Tosin Odunfa is back!

Now you’ve probably found out that there is no “University of Mannittawiw”

And Mr Tosin Odunfa is not a Lecturer.

But this wonderful “Social media drama” isn’t over as the guy that started the “University of Mannittawiw” trend has finally replied.

Here is his reply on Instagram.

See picture below

Read other replies to the Odunfa here..


Celebrities / Re: Tosin Odunfa, Wole Soyinka, Mo Abudu & The Lie That Went Viral by IsmailVasiti: 4:10am On Jun 25
Here is the remaining part of the story

And it happens that Mo Abudu was one of the critics of his refusal to vacate his seat for Wole Soyinka.

This is the Tosin Odunfa with the CEO of EbonyLife Tv, Mo Abudu
Something smells!

In today’s world where controversy is cooked up to gain popularity, this incident looks like something out of that “cookbook of twitter controversies”

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Celebrities / Tosin Odunfa, Wole Soyinka, Mo Abudu & The Lie That Went Viral by IsmailVasiti: 3:15am On Jun 25
Earlier today we posted about the trending issue involving Wole Soyinka, Tonye Cole and the unknown young man who told Soyinka to vacate his allotted window seat.

But now, there is an update on the matter as the young man in question has replied and here was his reply as posted under the comment of Tonye Patrick Cole.

Fine reply, wouldn’t you say?

Yeah, it was until the “people of twiiter” decided to Google “University of Mannittawiw”

Guess what?

The University of Mannittawiw doesn’t exist!

Looks like this new twist just made things more interesting but that’s not all.

Apparently, Tosin Odunfa also works for EbonyLife Tv according to his LinkedlIn Bio and there is still no mention of the University of Mannittawiw


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Celebrities / Trending: Wole Soyinka, Tonye Cole And The Window Seat Debate by IsmailVasiti: 8:08pm On Jun 24
On Trending today, Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka is topping the trends and here’s the reason as narrated by Billionaire and Sahara group CEO, Tonye Patrick Cole on his Instagram page.

Now, this particular story has sparked a lot of reactions from Nigerians.

Some celebrities like Kate Henshaw & Mo Abudu commented against the young man’s action.

But on Twitter, the incident has sparked a serious debate

Was Wole Soyinka disrespected or Was the young man right for asking for what is his?

Click the link to see other people's view on the matter.

Education / Re: How I Almost Ruined My Life Academically!!! by IsmailVasiti: 1:04pm On Jun 21
We just featured your story on our magazine.

Check it out: [https://www.magazine.vasiti.com/campus-stories-how-i-dropped-out-of-school-to-be-a-photographer/]
2014, I got admitted to study Medical Lab Science with connections from the provost of Federal Med lab school and many well known lecturers in the university even though my waec and jamb were excellent (2 As, 5 B3, 1 C4 and a score of 246 in Jamb).

I don't even know who or what was directly involved. . But when I started, I was very unmotivated. I really can't tell why. Maybe wrong associations, maybe cos it wasn't medicine, I don't know.

After the first semester of 100 level, I left the university. One of the lecturers who aided my admission begged me to rescind my decision or at least to defer it. In her exact words, 'I'd regret my decision'. Still I left without deferring.

My widowed mum was terribly heart broken. I was hers and my late dad's pride. I was the most intelligent of her three kids. I remember telling her that 'School na scam, if I do business, I go make am quicker'. She always told me and my siblings that we weren't cut out for business life. Still I ventured into photography. Spent 6 months in training to become a pro photographer. In 2015, I bought my own Nikon D3200 camera and a second hand hp laptop. I started meager jobs. I was earning small cash here and there. To be a top photographer tho, I needed equipments; a good Speedlite, good zoom and prime lenses, not my ordinary 18-55mm kit lens, soft boxes, and so on. And these would cost money. Money I didn't have. My camera and laptop were the only thing I could afford then.

Few months later, I started regreting my decision of leaving school. I would see my former coursemates in town and they'd ask questions on why I left, but I really couldn't provide any tangible reason for leaving. One even showed me some of my first semester grades and I was almost in tears 'cause I did very well. I was almost getting depressed late 2015. 2016 came and it started just as dull. But just before the closing date for Jamb registration was due, I bought a form. Same course (Medical Laboratory Science), same university. This time around, I would do everything low key without asking for anyone's assistance. I wrote jamb and got a score of 259. I checked on jamb portal when admission status began to be checked and lo and behold, I was admitted. I called my mom and even though she was happy for me, she told me, she wasn't gonna sponsor my admission this time. I was heartbroken but I can't blame her to be very honest. But then, we started hearing news that our admission would be cancelled because of accreditation issues. In fact, our names weren't included in the school's admission portal. School started and still, no news. But I was convinced God was giving me a second chance, so I started attending lectures even though we didn't know our fate. Two weeks before exams, our accreditation issues were resolved and our names finally appeared on the school's portal. Medical lab sci, biochem, and slt had this problem. So two weeks was added for us to receive short additional lectures, while others were writing exams. That was how my second chance began.

I'm presently in 300 level. Today, my former coursemates would be inducted as MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENTISTS. I couldn't sleep at all. I would not go to the induction as I may not be able to control the tears. I SHOULD HAVE BEEN AMONG THE INDUCTING STUDENTS, BUT I THREW IT ALL AWAY. The most painful words anyone can utter in life are, "HAD I KNOWN". Don't make costly mistakes that would make you say these words!!!
Education / Is Education A Scam In Nigeria? See What This ABU Graduate Did To His Certificat by IsmailVasiti: 11:56am On Jun 21
Education is a scam!

So says the Nigerian Youth who believes his certificate has no use or value to him

Especially If he happens to have a good result and yet prosperity fails to smile at him.

Or to put it simply, he fails to get a job.

This must have been the mindset of this Ahmadu Bello University graduate who by his actions shows how much respect he has for his certificate.
The picture of weed on the ABU issued certificate was posted on twitter under the handle @itz_scallopz.

The end

If you would like to read more of my articles, please click below

Nairaland / General / Agony Aunt: I Messed With The Wrong Girl by IsmailVasiti: 11:27am On Jun 21
Dear Agony Aunt,
Something must kill a man!

I hear this statement a lot but always took it as a joke.

But it seems this joke has become reality for me.

It all started 5 months ago when I saw this pretty lady on Facebook and my Casanova spirit along with me Village people pushed me to slide into her Dm.

But she didn’t respond immediately.

It was 2 weeks after I sent the message that she replied and Instead of me to ignore.

I just followed up as a “sharp guy” not knowing I was sealing my doom.

So fast forward to some weeks after various chats and exchanging numbers, she agreed to meet and we met.

This became quite frequent.

Yeah..but after all the “doing”…something told me to end it there but the Casanova spirit wanted more.

The lady even told me she didn’t want something serious.

Just friends with benefit kinda thing.

I was offended as a Casanova na… you don’t dump me, I dump you.

So I told her I was for real and did everything to make her think I was for real o.

It seems she was really falling for me and had dumped the “friends with benefit” idea.

While I was still basking the euphoria of “conquering” her, this girl gave me the shock of my life one day when she decided to take me to her peeps.

First, the place was far and secondly I wasn’t ready for it because I was still in school but I had to play the part.

But the last reason that really made me reconsider “My Cassanova” ways was when I got to their home.

It was like an herbalist house like those ones you see in Yoruba movies.

No paintings and Banana trees by the side.

You get the picture.

I still held my composure until we entered and I saw her sister.

I recognized her sister…she was my 5th ex…

Was this how I was going to end my life in a Babalawo’s house?

We finally met her father after the Sister made an excuse to go “somewhere”

The father was cool but I wasn’t cool.

He had the looks of a traditionalist. So finally we left the place and when I asked bae about her father being a traditionalist

She answered, “He is not a babalawo (traditionalist), but most of his friends are”

I didn’t even bother to ask any further questions.

Even when she asked if there was any problem, I smiled and held her while I thought how my life was about to be ended just because I didn’t have the small sense to just stop.

I need any advice that will get me out of this relationship fast and safely, please!

Click here to check the response [https://www.magazine.vasiti.com/agony-aunt-i-messed-with-the-wrong-girl/]

Nairaland / General / Campus Conflict: Unilag Vs Ui – Which University Has The Most Influential Alumni by IsmailVasiti: 8:40pm On Jun 19
It’s table-shaking time!

You know how it goes down on every edition of Campus Conflict and this week the bout is between two of the most popular Universities in Nigeria.

University of Lagos & University of Ibadan.

And we are looking at which of the two Universities have more influential alumni

Influential not Popular.

So basically we are looking at the “impact” some of the alumni’s of this school have had on Nigeria & the world as a whole.

Let’s start with the Alumni of University of Lagos
Unilag is probably the most popular school in the country and one of the most sought-after tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Now, who are the influential figures that have passed through the learning corridors of the University of Lagos?

Click here to read the full article

Nairaland / General / Watch: How Two Laspotech Girls Were Assaulted For Saying This… by IsmailVasiti: 1:21pm On Jun 19
On Campus Gist today, two LASPOTECH Girls were reportedly assaulted by an unknown guy over some comments they made.

In the few seconds video, we can’t verify if the ladies said anything during the recording or before the recording.

But we can clearly confirm that the ladies who reportedly attend Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH) were slapped several times by the man.

He could be heard saying in pidgin English “Una dey do 150K hair, Una think say you get level”

Meaning “The ladies had hair attachments worth 150k and that’s why there were pompous”

Was the guy envious?

That we don’t know but according to reports, the guy was said to have assaulted the ladies because they insulted his mother after he called them “prostitutes”

What do you think?

Click here to Watch Video [https://www.magazine.vasiti.com/watch-how-two-laspotech-girls-were-assaulted-for-saying-this/]
Nairaland / General / Campus Gist: See The Exam Question That Confused Futa Students by IsmailVasiti: 12:14pm On Jun 19
While some exam questions will make you feel like you won the lotto especially if it’s exactly what you read.

But for the students of the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) in the Department of Meteorology & Climate Science who wrote the MET 415 Exam and saw a “bible verse” question.

What they felt was utter confusion!

Can you answer this question?

Click the link to read more weird Campus Gist stories like this here. [https://www.magazine.vasiti.com/category/campus-gist/]

Celebrities / Chioma, Benson And The Whatsapp Chat That Went Viral by IsmailVasiti: 8:37pm On Jun 17
On trending today, we have a rather interesting story currently smoking hot on Twitter.

If you’ve heard about it, you might want to read another post. Click Here to read OUR FIVE POWER TWEET THIS WEEK.

Now for you peeps that are still in the dark on this…not to worry

I’m here to give you all the juicy details...

So here is the story of Chioma, Benson and the Whatsapp Chat that went Viral
Chioma is an unemployed Nigerian and she obviously applied for a job at Mr Benson’s company.

Meanwhile, Mr. Benson is the HR guy at the company Chioma applied.


Apparently, Chioma was part of the successful candidates for the job and she was contacted.

Then this…conversation happened.


Education / 5 Omg Moment Every University Student Will Experience by IsmailVasiti: 10:57am On Jun 12
Let’s look at five ‘OMG’ moment every university student will experience or must’ve experienced.

That One Night You Choose Your Bed First…

…And it becomes the best night for your friends.

It’s hard to say no to a night out, but some days you just don’t feel like leaving your bed for anything.

But how come that one night you say no becomes the night that goes down in history?

Just When You Thought You Are Free…

...And then you realize that they have released the exam timetable.

One week you’re floating on a cloud – little or no work to do, your days are free to socialise and nights are free to party.

Then one Monday like that it just hits you in the face like a ton of bricks: Exams are upon us!

Suddenly you’ve got three assignments to complete, ‘four’ lots of reading to do and ‘ten’ exams coming up.

That One Day You Decided To Worship At Your Friend’s Church…

...And everyone else is wearing Ankara.

Don’t worry, God is not looking at your dressing my brother in the suit and tie but my members are…

Says the Pastor to the oddly dressed Man in the congregation


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Career / Opportunities For Students -ibm Developer Advocacy Graduate Program 2019 by IsmailVasiti: 10:33am On Jun 12
Opportunities For Students
Among our many opportunities for students, we think this one will be best for you. Are you graduating in 2019 or a Masters student in Computer Science or even Software Engineering?

So, do you have hands-on programming and development experience? Are you passionate about engaging with the developer community? Then this opportunity may interest you!

Application Deadline: Ongoing

To be taken at (country): Multiple cities

More Details In the link below

Nairaland / General / 6 Ridiculous Things People Say About Mental Health Issues by IsmailVasiti: 10:05am On Jun 12
In Nigeria, the only mental health issue is actual madness. Well, every mental issue is madness, but the average Nigerian person would only regard a ‘mad man‘ on the street as the only one with a mental issue.

Mental health issues don’t exist for us except you are mad and running naked on the streets. If one is depressed or suffering from ‘some mental illness‘, it’s your village people who are doing you or you need deliverance.

So, that said, we want to look at the ridiculous things people say about mental health issues. I’m sure you must have heard one or two of these.

Sorry you would you have to read more on the website

Nairaland / General / Graphic! Ambrose Alli University Student Suffers Severe Burns On Her Breast Afte by IsmailVasiti: 6:45pm On Jun 10

That was my expression when I saw the lady involved in this unfortunate incident that happened at Ambrose Alli University this week.

Here is the full story…

You know what they say about “something coming back to bite you in the Arse”

This story is a bit different because this one bit this Ambrose Alli University student near the heart.

Angela is a 200-level Banking and finance student at Ambrose Alli University and Exams just kicked off in the school.

So it happened that Angela allowed a course mate of hers to stay with her because of the exams.

But trouble started when Angela misplaced N1000 Note and challenged her new hostel mate about the missing money.

The hostel mate was furious!

How could she accuse her of stealing money?

So, in anger she allegedly took the hot water they planned to use in making Eba & poured it on her.

The hot water scalded her but her breast bore the brunt of the damage.

grin that's the entire story.

If you would like to read another story on [https://magazine.vasiti.com/sad-tales-of-nigerian-students-studying-in-hostile-countries-abroad/]Nigeria student abroad in hostile countries[/url]
Celebrities / Re: Coza, Timi Dakolo, And Everything About The Sex Scandal Involving The Pastor by IsmailVasiti: 2:21pm On Jun 10
If y'll should post all these your uncompleted buildings kind of stories...will you people die by partial strokes?...everytime "follow the link below for full story" and "click here"....if na food una go remain 4 person?
Nairaland / General / Consensual Sex Or Rape: The Fresher, The Ex-unilag Lecturer, And How It All Happ by IsmailVasiti: 6:49pm On Jun 03
Baruwa said that in the early hours of July 23, 2015, the man dropped off the teenager at his home and they both left for university for him to resume work and also to help her with admission.

He said: “We arrived Unilag at 6.05a.m., and we went down to my friend’s office where I use as my study room as well as supervision contact.

”As we were going upstairs, we saw about seven Muslims observing their normal early morning prayer.

“In the office, we were talking generally; then I offered her tea or coffee, she settled for coffee and she made it for herself. All this while, the door of the office was open and there was no way I could put on the air conditioner.

“She told me that as a result of the coffee, she was feeling hot and that I would need to shut the door. I responded that it was too early in the morning (before 7a.m.) for us to be alone.

“She told me to lock the door that after all, she was mature enough, and I did. After that, she picked up a textbook to read. She sat on a single chair while I sat on a three-seat chair.”

The former lecturer said he fell asleep but was woken up after about 20 minutes by the complainant who, he claimed, was handling him.

“Her hands were all over me and I woke up and I looked at her. By then, she had already removed the buttons of her blouse and I did suck her breasts.

“She said she needed to pull her white shirt so that it will not be stained and she had her jeans trousers on. We were romancing each other in that position, my lord.

“She told me that she wanted me to have sex with her and I replied that there was no way I could practise unsafe sex with her; this was some minutes past 7 a.m.

Celebrities / Coza, Timi Dakolo, And Everything About The Sex Scandal Involving The Pastor by IsmailVasiti: 12:36pm On May 31
This is not the first time Timi has posted about the Coza Church and its pastor.

Infact the last time he posted, he was threatened and warned not to enter Abuja which is where the headquarters of Coza is located.

If you’ve not been following the story, you might be curious but confused as to what the full story is.

Here is the Full Story;
Take a seat and enjoy this ” steaming hot” gist

Coza which stands for “COMMONWEALTH OF GOD ASSEMBLY” which explains the line where Timi said “Commonwealth ko, Zion ni”

The church started operations in Ilorin, Kwara state and before this accusation by Timi Dakolo, the church had been plagued with various accusations with “Sexual harassment” at the center of those accusations.

On one occasion while the church was still in Ilorin, Coza’s head pastor, Abiodun Fatoyinbo, was alleged to have slept with two sisters and got one of them pregnant.

He was also said to have had an affair with a married woman.

But nothing came off this allegations.

So fast-forward to 2013, Coza became popular and had moved its headquarters to the Nation’s capital in Abuja.

The sexual allegation against Coza’s head pastor reared it’s head again in the person of Ese Walter.

Jobs/Vacancies / Apply For Vasiti's Campus Writer by IsmailVasiti: 5:49pm On May 30
Vasiti.com is currently recruiting a writer for its online magazine and here are the requirements.

Candidate must be a student between 100-300
Candidate must have good writing and news reporting skills.
Candidate must be able to work with deadlines.

If interested, please send your Cover letter and CV (IF YOU HAVE ONE) to magazine@vasiti.com

Jobs/Vacancies / Recruitment: Vasiti Campus Reporters by IsmailVasiti: 10:45am On May 16
Vasiti.com is a platform for students, student entrepreneurs and small businesses in or around campus to buy or sell goods & services.
Vasiti also has a magazine which covers activities around campus, daily student hacks and opportunities like scholarships, internship etc for students.
As a campus reporter, the Vasiti magazine falls under your jurisdiction.

Check Featured Image

Deliver exclusive campus and student-related news
Deliver Stories on time
Reports delivered must meet the following conditions;
Student related
True (Backed with proof)
No Plagiarism of any sort
Investigate, Create & deliver Image and Videos of thrilling events on Campus

If this job fits your skill set, please send your cover letter and CV to magazine@vasiti.com

Nairaland / General / Monday Motivation – 7 Things We Saw On Twitter That Are Just Astonishing by IsmailVasiti: 6:28pm On May 13
I will not lie to you. Mondays are oftentimes the worst! Who else agrees with me? If you have a good 9-5 or are a student, you would agree with me that Mondays are just not what you’re looking out for.

“With A high motivation comes great outcome…” whoever said that.

So instead of sitting at your office desk asking yourself ‘What on earth am I doing here’ use that minute to read this post down to the very last punctuation. I trust you would.

Today on our Monday Motivation post, we bring you Twitter motivation. With a round up of seven amazing motivational tweets, we found on Twitter and as is our custom, every good thing must be shared.

So that said, let’s look at seven tweets we saw on Twitter that are just astonishing…

Nairaland / General / Suicide, JAMB And The Chilling Story Of Segun by IsmailVasiti: 6:18pm On May 13
Adekunle Gold’s Fame was playing in the background as Segun opened and poured a bottle of the insecticide, “Sniper’ into a cup and drank.

Segun was staring straight into the camera as peeps on Twitter begged him to see a reason to live but he continued to drink until the last drop. (Video is at the end of this post)

Why did he do it?

Segun drank poison for one single reason; he failed JAMB (Joint Admission Matriculation Board) Exams.

But before you hiss and press the close button.

How about you read the story of this 21-year old as narrated by Segun himself.

See full post and video here

Nairaland / General / Agony Aunt Series: My Partner Makes Me Feel Broke by IsmailVasiti: 5:40am On May 10
Dear Agony Aunt,

This is a first time for me and I would never have imagined myself sending this but I’m at a breaking point.

So here is the issue and it involves my fiancee.

I started dating her while we were in school and from all indications, she was way out of my league at the time. As a matter of fact, I didn’t have the courage to even ask her out.

It was one of my lousy friends that sort of matchmaked us and we sort of hit-off from there.

Fast-forward to some months into the relationship, Biola started showing her true colors.

She didn’t cheat or monitor me around but one thing she does is being insatiable and not having regard for me.

At first, I thought I wasn’t doing enough judging from her background and big girl image.

So I tried to work various jobs plus my pocket money just to make her happy at times.

But things didn’t change. The only time I ever made her happy was when I packed all my pocket money and savings to buy an iPhone XS for her birthday.

I starved for weeks as punishment for my foolishness.

While still recovering from the pains of buying her the phone, we had one our first major fight.

Romance / I Am A Well Renowned Yoruba Demon And Here Is How Became One by IsmailVasiti: 5:41pm On May 09
I am a well renowned Yoruba demon. I see a hot girl, target acquired, and I’m on her case until she folds and gives into my advances. Once I get what I want, it’s bye bye Jessica or Betty or Tolu… You get the gist. You want to know why I’m telling you this? It’s because I was in love once with this girl Nancy, and she ripped my heart from my chest and tore it to shreds.
I used to be a nice guy, sweet, gullible, romantic… and Nancy was my whole world. I would literally have done anything for her. I’m an okay looking guy, but Nancy was gorgeous, she was way out of my league, she knew it, I knew it, so I did everything to make her happy.
We met in 100 level at uni, I was still a young man living of my mom’s merger allowie, hustling to make something of myself and also trying to provide for my babe too, needless to say, things weren’t easy. I thought Nancy was okay with me just the way I was, atleast that’s what she told me, but I thought wrong.

After about a year and half, Nancy started getting flashy new things, jewelry, watches, bundles of human hair, and they obviously were not coming from my pocket. So I asked her what was going on and she told me not to worry that her uncle just came back from jand and he was spoiling her a little. Even though I was uncomfortable with another man spending on my girl, it made her happy, so I let it go.

Then, rumors started flying around that she was a runs girl
Nairaland / General / Uefa Champions League Giveaway: Get A Chance To Win A Free Jersey by IsmailVasiti: 2:23pm On May 09
The Champions League Semi-Final has ended

And it's time to look forward to the final... but Vasiti.com in celebration of the amazing match between Liverpool and Barcelona on Wednesday is giving away one free jersey to one loyal fan.

Are you waiting for the catch after all this story....

Here is the link [https://mailchi.mp/2dd3df8c5eef/freejersey] to the giveaway.

You've got nothing to lose
Nairaland / General / Campus Conflict - Here Is Why UNILAG Have More Slay Mamas Than UI by IsmailVasiti: 6:48pm On May 08
We talked to a few students from the University of Lagos and the University of Ibadan on the issue of Slay Mamas

Who had more slay mamas or queens? grin

From our survey, we can say that many UNILAG student agrees that their school has shocked more slay mamas than UI and here are their reasons.

One Unilag guy said "UNILAG is in Lagos, and that makes it possible for girls (slay mamas) to even find their ultimate goal - Guys with flashy cars and expensive gadgets and accessories."

Who has more slay Mamas?


Romance / Re: Here Are Six Ways To Tell If ‘bae’ Is Pulling Away by IsmailVasiti: 6:57pm On May 07
So true bro
She's going to pull away if you belongs to the highly respected 40 seconds men's club which their motto is we can't come and kill ourselves grin
Jobs/Vacancies / Campus Representative Job Opportunity by IsmailVasiti: 3:15pm On May 07
If you are a student of university of lag,ibadan,covenant university.
Here is an opportunity to represent a brand in your campus
you must be a student of university of lagos,ibadan and covenant university
You must not be a final year student of the above institution.
you must be able to communicate fluently
you must be smart.
Monthly allowances and bonus

If you have a friend that is in the above listed institution you can tell him/her to send his/her name, phone number, department and level to josiah@vasiti.com or send a message to this number on whatsapp 08135146934.

Romance / Here Are Six Ways To Tell If ‘bae’ Is Pulling Away by IsmailVasiti: 1:43pm On May 07
Mayowa has always wanted a boyfriend. It wasn’t her primary goal on campus but she was down for it; Just as she resumed for her 300 level at the University of Benin (UNIBEN), one of her friends Chika set her up to meet this amazing guy, Fred.

She was reluctant to go at first, but she eventually did, Everything about the first date showed there would be a second.

The pair lingered with great conversation over dinner and drinks for hours. They even took a walk in the park and even kissed on a swing set right at the school park.

relationship goals

“We both are interested in seeing each other again.” Mayowa thought to herself. Relationship goals!

But texts during the following weeks never turned into plans, and the guy eventually stopped texting Mayowa altogether…

Who else can relate to this?

You meet someone ‘great’ and you just expect that things would evidently turn out well and you both could have a future together. As you proceed, things just get slow and you discover that it is going nowhere.

Here are a few tips to make you realize when someone is ghosting or pulling away.

Continue Reading [https://www.vasiti.com/here-are-six-ways-to-tell-if-bae-is-pulling-away/]

We Know you detest link, We All Do but we won't have our jobs if you don't click and read.
Nairaland / General / 5 Kinds Of Students You Would Meet During Ramadan by IsmailVasiti: 6:59pm On May 06
The popular Muslim Fasting Month, Ramadan, is here again

The Ramadan period is a period where Muslim faithfuls around the world abstain from food and drinks for a period of 29 -30 days.

The fasting is compulsory.

And as your favorite student magazine, we look into how the Ramadan fasting affects our students on Campus.

Here is a list of the 5 Kinds of Students You Would Meet on Campus During Ramadan.

1.) The Faithful Student

The students who belong in this category are known naturally from the way they dress and act. They are the ones who usually frequent the mosques for the five-daily prayers even when it’s not Ramadan.

And of course, they belong to the Muslim Association on Campus.

After lecturers, these students are mostly seen in the mosque.


Please support a student by continue reading this article on Vasiti.com
Celebrities / Viral FUTO Sex Romp: 3 Boys , 1 Girl... The Result Is A Deadly One by IsmailVasiti: 11:37am On Apr 08
You’ve heard the common saying “Something must kill a man”

This term is usually used when you are taking pleasure in something that could cause you harm.

And that is what has happened in the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) as 3 students of the school met their demise as they were engaged in a sex romp with a lady from another school.


#FUTO #CampusGist #Naija #StudentsNews #FUTOSexRomp
Nairaland / General / Law Student Allegedly Knocked Down At Anambra State University by IsmailVasiti: 10:41am On Apr 02
A 400LVL Law students at Anambra State University have been allegedly knocked down after he was sent away from school.

Chidera who was popularly known as ‘Kasa’ A 400LVL Law students at Anambra State University have been allegedly knocked down after he was sent away from school.

Chidera who was popularly known as ‘Kasa’

Read more here https://www.vasiti.com/law-student-allegedly-knocked-down-after-being-sent-away-from-school/

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