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Celebrities / Re: BBNaija: Tacha Snubs 2face Idibia (Video) by joehotnaija(m): 12:08pm On Sep 20, 2019
Honestly, that can happen to anyone, if you claim it has never happened to you then you must be joking and come to think of it undecided she was the most excited to see 2baba...it could just be an oversight we know she can be dramatic. She may not have known that 2baba was stretching his hands...

well if you are looking for study abroad opportunities follow [code][/code]https://freeschoolsabroad.com/ for all you need to do if you have a vision of studying abroad.
Education / Challenges Of Studying Abroad-how To Overcome Them by joehotnaija(m): 3:19am On Aug 08, 2019
Studying Abroad – whether you are going to another English speaking country or opting for a totally different foreign country -There are a series of unforgettable experiences and a great opportunity for any student to learn effectively. Study programs abroad allow students to make new friends, experiment and mature with new cultures and become more independent than ever before.

Studying abroad can be an exciting time in the life of every student. You can move to a new country and learn new skills and make friends for life. In as much as there are benefits for studying abroad it does comes with its challenges. Thus, as a student abroad, you will have some difficult times. In this article, we will be discussing study abroad UPS and DOWN and how to solve it.

As you know the best way to mitigate potential problems is to feel prepared to face them, a road bump here and there does not have to derail you or detract from your overall time abroad. Therefore, the Free Schools abroad Team have put together Barriers a student faces when they want to Study abroad and their solutions

Barriers to Study Abroad

You can refer to it as The Challenges of Studying abroad

Many think that going abroad will be as quiet as other types of travel: enjoy, eat and have fun. But studying abroad is not a vacation. It is real life. The cost of dining at the restaurant will eventually add up, late nights will lengthen your sleep during class and the overall pace can make you run away in ruins. Even if you do well, you will find the study abroad ups and downs that affect you, day in and day out – sometimes exacerbated. Here is a list of what to expect.

The Language Barrier

The main problem abroad is the language barrier. Living in a country where nobody speaks your language can be very isolating.

Communication barriers are a fact of living abroad and making sense of the lifestyle of foreigners. This means that many students studying abroad may feel lonely and homesick

You can let it stress you or you can see it as a learning opportunity.

Cultural Differences

In addition to the language barrier, there will also be difficulties in culture. Each country has its own culture and you may find it difficult to integrate. This can be especially difficult when you live with roommates. The behavior of your roommates may seem strange and bad, but in your new home, these behaviors are quite normal.

You suddenly look and feel very lonely. You are surrounded by other people and your appearance, your fashion, your inability to communicate in the language of the country or your general presence are of course … different. Never before have you felt so uncomfortable or disconnected.

Finances–Running low on cash

Despite all your efforts to plan, budget and track your spending throughout the semester, there might this one weekend you may have spent too much. Nobody can blame you for managing your double-digit bank account.

Like all students, from time to time you will have difficulty controlling your finances. If you live abroad, it can be harder to reconcile your living expenses and your study expenses. Concerns about your finances can slow you down and make you feel alone or stressed out.

Academic Difficulties

Honestly, you can have trouble when it comes to starting classes at your new college or university. The language barrier only can contribute to this challenge, because you may be taking your courses in a language you don’t even understand the first word.


We have already mentioned homesickness, but for many students abroad this can be a real problem. You live thousands of miles away from your friends and family, making you feel isolated. Universities around the world are faced with students’ problems with homesickness, which shows how widespread the problem is.

But then, It is perfectly healthy and normal to feel homesick, just do not let it become a crippling part of your experience abroad. Your support networks are still there!

Time zone annoyances

Trying to navigate two time zones on opposite ends of the world can be really frustrating. You need to constantly check what time is appropriate for each time zone and make a habit of calling early in the morning or late in the evening.

Getting used to currency differences

Getting used to currency differences is also a difficult process. For example, in Costa Rica, you need to remember that 500 Costa Rican colones is equal to one dollar. And in continental Europe, you will have to remember that anything that costs €1 actually costs $ 1.40.

As with most foreign learning challenges, currency differences are some of the things that do not really hurt you if you only stay for a short time, but have a big impact if you stay at least one semester or more.

Wanting to stay forever

You have fallen in love with this new place-You love everything about it – the sights, sounds, smells, energy. More importantly, you love the YOU that lives here. You feel more self-confident and self-assured than ever, fearing the idea of returning home Like the saying goes every good thing surely comes to an end.

YOU WANT TO FIND OUT ABOUT THE SOLUTIONS TO THESE CHALLENGES? CONTINUE READING [url]https://freeschoolsabroad.com/challenges-studying-abroad/

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Education / School Abroad For Free-see How Others Did It by joehotnaija(m): 7:27am On Aug 03, 2019
You are probably wondering can this be true? I hope it’s not another SCAM? where on earth is it possible for me to school abroad for free? these guys must be joking… Well, the truth is we don’t need you to believe us, we rather prefer you see it for yourself.

There are many reasons why study programs abroad are so popular. For most international students, the call is likely to be a combination of acquiring high-quality education, immersing in a new culture (and often in a second language), gaining a global mindset, and broadening employment prospects.

For some, the prospect of leaving their own country and going into the unknown is enormous, but studying abroad is also an exciting challenge, often leading to better career prospects and a broader understanding of how the world works.

The kind of experience you will get when you school abroad depends greatly on your destination. Be sure to choose a study goal that is based on your personal interests and the country’s academic reputation to ensure a good balance between health and work.

Tuition fees also, one of the important factors if not the most important for many potential School abroad students most of the times deprive students that desired study abroad experience. Thus, In this article, we’ve introduced some European countries where you can study for free (or almost for free) in 2019-2020.

Countries with Completely free tuition

This section covers European countries that do not charge school fees or administrative fees to European citizens. Among them, Norway and the Czech Republic are the only ones offering free education to people from all over the world.

Of course, these fees are not the only costs you have to pay when you study abroad. You also have to think about housing, health insurance, and other living expenses. But it is certainly a big advantage not to pay the high tuition fees.

Free for who: Everyone (EU, EEA and the rest of the world)

Admin fees: None

Terms: We’ve listed Norway first because it’s one of the only countries in Europe that doesn’t charge any fees to students, regardless of nationality. With some world-class universities and an enviable quality of life, Norway is an excellent postgraduate destination.

Free for who: EU, EEA ,and Switzerland

Admin fees: None

Terms: Denmark offers free Masters to EU students, although people from the rest of the world will have to pay full tuition fees.

Whatever your nationality, you’ll be eligible for free Danish lessons – a pretty good way to settle into your new country!

if you want to find out other completely free countries to study read up https://freeschoolsabroad.com/school-abroad-for-free/

Science/Technology / Top 10 Reasons To Upgrade To Windows 10(SEE PICS) by joehotnaija(m): 10:08pm On Aug 11, 2015
Windows 10 is finally here and it's actually almost as good as the company promised it would be. From what I've read it even managed to slow down the World Wide Web (the Internet) on the day of its release. If you're still on the fence about whether you should upgrade to Windows 10 or not, here are some of the best reasons to do so. Just remember that this is a personal list, so if your favorite features of the new operating system aren't here, it doesn't mean they're less cool, it's just that I probably use them less often.
It's Free
What better reason could I give you than the fact that if you have a genuine copy of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, upgrading to Windows 10 will not cost you a thing. For the first time in Microsoft's history you get to update your operating system for free, and that's not something you should easily pass up. But if you're still hesitant about it, the offer is available until August 2016, so you have an entire year to make up your mind.
Improved Security

Microsoft Passport

Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft introduced a new system in which any code that automatically starts along with the operating system is verified and must be signed either by the IT giant or by a hardware manufacturer, otherwise it will be stopped. Windows 10 didn't only keep this awesome security method (called Secure Boot), but also improved it by making it harder to bypass. Additionally, Windows 10 also provides three brand new security features: Windows Hello (facial recognition software), Microsoft Passport (two-factor authentication) and Device Guard (a hardware + software solution that will help enterprise users restrict the applications that can be run on a specific PC).


As you probably already know, Internet Explorer has now become just a legacy option replaced by the new and super-cool Edge. This lightweight web browser is amazingly fast, offers some really cool features such as the ability to annotate directly on the webpage you're browsing and easily share the annotated page, as well as a nice reading mode. The problem is that at the moment it doesn't offer support for extensions, so you won't be able to run things like AdBlock, but Microsoft plans to remedy this in the near future.


Microsoft's virtual assistant is no longer just a Windows Phone feature. From now on, you can talk to Cortana and find details about the weather, set reminders, play music or even ask it (her) to take notes, directly from your PC. While I don't think this is a huge improvement for desktops, laptop users will surely love this feature. What's even better is that Microsoft has recently extended Cortana's support to Android and iOS, so you will be able to keep your reminders and notes with you, no matter which phone smartphone brand you pick.

DirectX 12

Gamers, pay attention, as this one is very important for you. DirectX 12 is amazing, and if you like paying games on your PC, this is the only reason you need to upgrade to Windows 10. At the moment, there are very few games that take advantage of the potential offered by the latest DirectX, but I've seen a few demos of things to come and I must tell you: they look amazing. Besides some awesome graphics in the games to come, DirectX 12 will also helps older computers run games faster and offers a visible performance improvement for games you run in windowed mode.

Xbox App

And, in case if you're a gamer who prefers to play on consoles, you should know that Windows 10 finally allows you to stream the games from your Xbox to your PC. This means that, if someone else wants to use the TV or if you only have one controller and your buddy wants to join on in the action, you can now play the game on your Xbox from the Windows 10 PC. I'm sure this is something that a lot of you have been looking forward to for a while.
Redesigned Store

Windows Store

The Windows Store has been redesigned to look better than ever, and it now also contains sections dedicated to movies and TV shows. Its interface allows you to scroll both vertically and horizontally, which constantly reminds me of Netflix. The store provides you with a large number of product categories which will make it easy to find apps specific to a certain purpose, as well as a search box in the top right corner in case you already know what you're looking for.


Virtual desktops isn't the only thing that has been brought over from Mac to Windows 10. The extremely useful Continuity feature, the one that allows you to continue your activities from where you left off even if you switch the device you are using, is now also a part of Windows and it's named Continuum. This means that, if you have Windows 10 installed, whenever someone else needs to use the PC, you can easily keep on doing what you were doing on your Windows phone or tablet.
The Start Menu Is Back

Start Menu

Windows 10 also has also brought the good old Start Menu back. No more Start screen (unless you want to), no more annoying "charms bar", no more full screen metro apps. Now you will see the old familiar menu with a more contemporary design and a few new features such as the live tiles which give you information or notifications about the respective application.
May Be the Last Windows
Microsoft has been contradicting itself repeatedly in the last few months, so I can't be completely sure about this, but it seems that Windows 10 isn't just the latest but also the last Windows version. Furthermore, from the statements made by the IT giant's officials I understand the company will stop making updates and patches in 2025, and I have no clue what will follow. I have no idea if they plan to create a different OS with a new name or even if we will still be using computers by then, as the VR era should arrive.

FOR MORE [code][/code]http://newsvibesng./2015/08/top-10-reasons-to-upgrade-to-windows-10.html
Romance / SEE Pics#ladies Only: What To Do When Your Boyfriend Is Bad In Bed by joehotnaija(m): 2:38am On Aug 06, 2015
When your man is bad in bed, please do not to fake your orgasm. Please don’t do it even if you feel that doing so would make everything fine and make things end in a climax. Even if it will affirm his hardwork and soothe his ego, try not to do it. Do not fake your orgasm. Don’t do it. A major part of having an enjoyable sex life is opening your mind to learning and in truth, we all aren’t as good as we are now. What complicates the life of a sexual novice more is making him feel all he was doing is appropriate and right despite the fact that he would have that little throbbing thought at the back of his mind asking him repeatedly if what you told him was the sincere truth.

Moreover, your guy might not be so much of an amateur at the sex game. You may be one of the ladies on his list of conquered women and he was only able to have that much women because most faked orgasms and told him half hearted truths about the issue. His shallow knowledge of the female anatomy might be ascribed to the fact that he’s new sexually or he may be a poor imitation of what it means to be good and attentive over a long period of time. It may be that when he’s on top of you, the thrusting becomes painful enough to make you numb, it’s probably at that point....[code][/code]http://newsvibesng./2015/08/ladies-only-what-to-do-when-your.html
Education / UNILORIN Post Utme 2015 Date, Cut Off Marks,eligibility & Registration Details by joehotnaija(m): 2:22am On Aug 06, 2015
The University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) invites all candidates who have applied for admission into the University as First Choice either through UTME or Direct Entry to register for the post-UTME screening exercise.


Registration for the Pre-admission screening for UTME and Direct Entry candidates will commence on Tuesday 4th August and end on Sunday 16th August, 2015.

Candidates must have Scored a minimum of 180 marks in the 2015 UTME for all courses except those for which higher cut off marks have been specified on the website. See full cut off mark here

Made the University of Ilorin their first choice either at UTME or Direct Entry (DE) and;

Obtained Five (5) Credits in relevant ’O Level subjects, at not more than two sittings except in MBBS where only one sitting is acceptable.
Application Procedures

On the home page of the University of Ilorin website www.unilorin.edu.ng click on “2015/2016 Pre-Admission Screening Procedure” then click on “Pre-Admission Screening Instructions” and carefully read the Registration Instructions.
Go to http://www.uilugportal.unilorin.edu.ng/putme_registration.php and type in your JAMB Registration Number and SURNAME in the boxes provided. UTME candidates should click on the Get Details button on the campus portal to get your JAMB information; while DE candidates should click OK button on the dialog box displayed and enter your names; and Click on “Make Payment” link to go to WEBPAY page.

Candidates who are qualified for the courses originally chosen can proceed to make payment of N1,000 (One thousand naira) only for the CBT exercise and N2,000 (Two thousand naira) for the University processing fee by supplying the required information.

However, UTME Candidates who are not qualified for the course originally chosen are advised to change their course as indicated on the payment page. Note the sum of N2,500 is charged for change of course.

Make Payment: Select your ATM card type (e.g Verve or Master Card). Enter your Card Number. Enter Card Expiry Date and the card CVV2 (the 3 digits on the reverse side of the card and lastly enter your card pin; and then click on Pay.

Please note: (Do not Refresh your browser while the process is going on to avoid multiple deductions from your account. If nothing is displayed after 10 minutes, close the browser and restart again).
After payment, visit http://www.uilugportal.unilorin.edu.ng/putme_registration.php to Login and click on Continue Registration Link on the main menu.

Fill in your other bio-data and necessary details truthfully on the webpage. All candidates should upload their Passports by clicking on Browse button and select your picture. Your Passport must not be more than 20KB.

All candidates for Unilorin post utme (UTME and DE) are required to supply their O’ level (O/L) details.

All Awaiting Results (O’Level and A’ Level) must be uploaded on or before Saturday, 15th of August, 2015.

All candidates must select a screening centre from the drop-down menu. Note an alert will be immediately sent to your e-mail and phone number provided in your bio-data. Click Print Tab to print out the following:
i) Pre-Admission Screening Registration form;
ii) Scheduling Slip; and
iii) Payment Receipt.

Screening Schedule

The Pre-admission Screening Exercise for UTME, DE and Remedial candidates is scheduled to take place from Monday, 17th to Monday 24th, August, 2015 using Computer Based Test (CBT) platform at Ilorin and Lagos Centres.

NB: All Remedial students whose Pre-admission Screening was earlier scheduled for 10th August, 2015 have now been re-scheduled for 17th August, 2015.
1) Candidates for the pre-admission screening exercise are advised to be decently dressed. Candidates with indecent dressing will not be allowed into the screening premises.
2) Phones and all other forms of mobile communication, electronic devices, bags and luggage are not allowed within the screening premises.
3) Candidates are advised to come along with their JAMB Original Result Slip with their passport photograph on it.
4) Only registered candidates for the screening exercise will be allowed into the screening premises.
5) All candidates are expected to be at the screening centre an hour before their scheduled time and with the above printouts.
for more information click http://newsvibesng./2015/08/unilorin-post-utme-2015-date.html
Celebrities / Wow!!! Ladies See Banky W In The Kitchen- Mr Capable Cooks(see Video) by joehotnaija(m): 1:45am On Aug 06, 2015
Chef BankyW in The Kitchen for 360nobs TV
360nobs Presents Chef Banky W In The Kitchen As He Serves Us Food As Good As His Music

This isn’t a Nollywood movie; it’s the real thing. Banky W got into the kitchen to cook for the 360nobs.com crew.

Stephanie Ani and 360nobs.com paid a foodie visit to Banky W or Chef W, as he’d rather be known; and we got treated to a fabulous meal of barbecued, grilled chicken kebabs and pasta with sautéed shrimp and chicken.

In the video below, Chef W, who just released his newest single “High Note“, tells us how he “eats healthy every night” (Pun intended), shows us how to make the meal step by step and in the end serves us a meal as good as his music

Enjoy the 1st of many 360Nobs on TV videos. You can also download Banky W’s latest single – “High Note” below.

Official 360nobs TV Press Release

Stephanie Ani on 360 Kitchen paid a visit to Banky W or Chef W, as he’d rather be known. And he treated her to a fabulous meal of barbecued, grilled chicken kebabs and pasta with sautéed shrimp and chicken.

Welcomed warmly by Chef W, Stephanie walks into his posh home. He is ready for business and she is invited into his kitchen to watch him do his thing. He is comfortable, unlike most guys who view their kitchens as torture chambers. Banky makes Stephanie wear an apron after teasing her about not having one, and begins the order of the day.

Banky is quite talkative in the kitchen and maybe that’s because Ani is there as company. But he seems like a guy who, even when all alone, would still have a good time cooking. We think he’ll be listening to Marvin Gaye or New Edition or Boyz 2 Men and adding a step or two here and there while things steam up. Banky is all shades of romantic in the kitchen, if there is any such thing.

He gives Stephanie a brief history of how he found his love for cooking. He tells her it all started in the university with the little things he could storm up together to have a decent meal, but he got serious with it when last summer, during an E.M.E tour to the States, he decided he was tired of eating out and letting cooks do everything for him; hence, he thought it was time to be the boss of his own kitchen. Google helped him a lot, though and he made Wizkid and Skales his test subjects in those early days. As he marinates some chicken in a bowl, we know it all paid off as he does it with the ease of a man who is worth his salt.

Stephanie touches on the subject of dieting and he is quite honest with his answer. He likes rice and pasta and other carby stuff and he notes that he’s a grown man and can eat without feeling guilty.

“I just do what I want, and I work out, you know, making better life decisions.”

He emphasizes to Stephanie the importance of caring about one’s health when he adds: “Clean up your diet a lil’ bit. Work out a lil’ bit… I’m having a great life; I don’t want it to end quickly.”

As he brings together the ingredients of his meal, Stephanie throws in a controversial topic that has caused many a debate in social media circles today. Following the rise of women that are shifting away from the traditional roles of housewife who mainly clean and cook, Stephanie wants to know what he thinks about the other group of women that still find it really uncomfortable to have a man cook for them. Banky is forward with his answer and he gets an award from me for the most progressive male celebrity in Nigeria. He throws back at Stephanie on the issue of a woman’s place in the kitchen, letting her know he’s not so big on that school of thought. Using herself, she cites an example, explaining further why certain women still feel it is their duty alone to handle the kitchen. But he is resolute on what he thinks the modern day relationship should be. It’s a two-way street for him. The woman can cook but the man should want to spoil her sometime, stating that it’s a beautiful thing if he does. We really do wish our Naija brothers would take note. There’s nothing as sexy as a man trying to conjure up a meal, even if he leaves the kitchen in blazes at the end of the day. But with the way Banky does it, it goes to show that the kitchen is a place men can sink their teeth into.

Now sporting his own very manly apron, Chef W sautés the chicken, cooks the pasta, takes little sips of wine and converses with Stephanie who is also helping out in the little way she can. No doubt she is having a great time and it all comes to a climax when she is presented with this beautiful-looking ensemble of pasta, shrimp, chicken and yeah, some vegetable too. She has her first taste and she is in love – with the food, that is. In fact, she loves it so much, she would rather eat than talk. And Banky stands by, smiling in confidence because he is Mr. Capable, giving her a taste of his W experience.

For a grown man to be able to care for a woman, he should know how to care for himself first. Banky W knows this and we think he has also found out what most guys are yet to know, that the way into a woman’s heart is sometimes by entering her kitchen and facing the heat.
SEE VIDEO HERE [code][/code]http://newsvibesng./2015/08/wow-ladies-can-you-see-this-mr-capable.html
Education / Akanu Ibiam Poly Post Utme 2015 Date, Cut-off Mark, Registration Details (UTME & by joehotnaija(m): 1:28am On Aug 06, 2015
Akanu Ibiam Poly Uwana post utme form for 2015 is out. Interested members of the public are hereby informed to apply should they meet the fixed cut off mark.

Akanu Ibiam Poly, Poly Uwana Post-UTME

Candidates who wrote the 2015/2016 UTME and score 150 and above are invited to post UTME screening exercise at the institution scheduled as follows

BUSSINESS BASED COURSE: Accountancy, BAM, Marketing, Public Admin, Office Tech. and MGT.

DATE: 28TH August, 2015

TIME: 11.00 am.

VENUE: Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Unwana.

SCIENCE-BASED COURSES: Electrical/ Electronic Engr., Civil Engr., Mechanical Engr., Building Tech., Quantity Surveying, Ceramics , Computer Science, Maths/Statistics Science Lab. Tech., Food Tech., Hospitality Mgt. &Tourism, Architecture , Land Surveying & Geoinformatics, Estate Mgt., Agric Tech., ND Landscaping & Horticulture.

DATE: 29TH August, 2015

TIME: 11.00 am.

VENUE: Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Unwana.


Applicants are required to buy the Institution Post-UTME on-line Application Form through E-tranzact pin from any of the designed banks branches listed below at the cost of N1000.00 (One thousand Naira) excluding bank and other charges.

PolyUnwana Microfinance Bank
Zenith Bank Plc
Fidelity Bank
First City Monument Bank
First Bank Plc
Eco Bank


-Candidates should visit the school website: www.polyunwana.net
Under Application forms/Results, click on Online Application Forms.
-On the “Generate Invoice” page, fill in your detail ACCURATELY and click the “submit” button.
-Print the Invoice page that pops out
-Proceed to the bank with the print-out and make your payment using the invoice code.


Visit the institutions website at www.polyunwana.net to complete and submit the Online application form and print out an acknowledgement slip. Please, review your information before submitting your application online.


Jamb Original Slip with your passport photograph on it. If you do not have this , click here to get yours
Photocopy of Acknowledgement Slip
HB Pencil


The forms will be available on-line at www.polyunwana.net for completion and Submission from 4th August to 24th August, 2015. The website closes by midnight on Monday, August 24th, 2015.

All direct entry candidates seeking admission into Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Unwana are required to complete the online application form.

Direct entry forms are for HND Regular and Part-Time, Pre ND Science and Business, ND Part-Time, ND Mechatronics Engineering Technology, ND Metallurgical Engineering Technology, ND Urban and Regional Planning, ND Library and Information Science, HND Architecture, (Not listed in the Brochure).

The candidates are required to purchase the Pin at the cost of N5,000.00 (Five Thousand Naira) only from the stated designated banks and proceed to complete all registration processes and print out Acknowledgement Slips for presentation at the screening venue. HND candidates must submit photocopy of ND Result and 12 months cognate IT experience, in addition.


Date: 5th September, 2015

Time: 11.00 am

Venue: Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Unwana


Calculators, handsets and other electronic gadgets are not allowed inside the screening halls. Candidates who fail to register within the given period will not be allowed to take the examination. Candidates are requested to present their UTME print-out/slips at the point of registration

CLICK HERE FOR MORE [code][/code]http://newsvibesng./2015/08/akanu-ibiam-poly-post-utme-2015-date.html
Education / Check LASU Post Utme 2015/2016 Latest Update by joehotnaija(m): 11:54pm On Aug 03, 2015
LASU Post Utme 2015/2016 details has been updated. The update is very important to all candidates that applied or will apply for the screening. All such candidates are hereby informed.

Lagos State University (LASU)

This is to inform prospective students of Lagos State University that the institution has updated the details of the 2015/2016 Post-UTME 2015/2016 Screening Schedule. Candidates that have applied for the screening exercise are advised to verify their screening schedule through the portal by clicking here http://newsvibesng./2015/08/check-lasu-post-utme-20152016-latest.html

When the portal page opens, Type in your JAMB Reg. Number and Surname in the spaces provided.

Click on Sign in to access your screening details.

Please inform others.
Celebrities / J. Randy Taraborrelli Best Selling Author Set To Reveal Dirt On Jay Z/solange El by joehotnaija(m): 11:37pm On Aug 03, 2015
According to New York Times best-selling author, J. Randy Taraborrelli, his new book, 'Becoming Beyonce: The Untold Story', will contain the dirt on the Jay Z/Solange elevator fight.
Read: Rihanna Was The Real Reason Behind Solange Knowles' Attack On Jay Z!
Image result for solange pulse.ng
The author claims to have the sordid details of what went down between Beyoncé's sister and husband, which he intends to reveal in his new upcoming unauthorized biography, titled 'Becoming Beyoncé: The Untold Story'.
The book, according to the author, is based on exhaustive research and exclusive interviews with the people in the superstar’s life who have been pivotal to her personal and professional development.

Read: Jay Z Slapped By Beyonce's Sister Solange Knowles [WATCH]
Among those interviewed was Brian Moore, the former Manager of Destiny’s Child.
J. Randy's Publisher, Grand Central Publishing, claims that the book will also delve into the Superstar's personal life.
This is said to include details about her ex boyfriends and relationship with her father before and after she fired him and why she fired him.
See the recording on the fight between Jay Z and Solange.
Watch video.http://newsvibesng./2015/08/j-randy-taraborrelli-best-selling.html
Politics / 11 PDP Godfathers Missing In Action by joehotnaija(m): 8:55pm On Aug 02, 2015
For about two decades they bestrode the Nigerian political landscape as movers and shakers within the umbrella of the now ousted Peoples Democratic Party, calling the shots at will. But now that things have fallen apart for the PDP and the center appears shaky, many of them seem to have gone into political oblivion. Daily Trust on Sunday digs into to their new vocation as members of an opposition party.
Alhaji Bamanga Tukur
Alhaji Bamanga Tukuisr is one of the founding members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). A former Governor of the defunct Gongola State, his almost two year’s tenure as national chairman of the party, which came to a dramatic end on January 15, 2014, is said to have been characterized by a reign of intra-party crises that eventually led to the split of the party which had held onto power in Nigeria for sixteen years.
While he held sway as national chairman at the Wadata Plaza there were a lot of theatrical events that characterized the party which left no oxygen for him to breath. Perhaps the most dramatic event that had characterized the PDP under Bamanga was on August 31, 2013 when the party was to host a mini- national convention at the Eagle Square, Abuja.
Since his resignation, Bamanga who was later appointed by former President Goodluck Jonathan as chairman of the Nigerian Railway Corporation has remained less visible in the affairs of the party.
But one of the media aides of the former chairman, Samuel Idowu told Daily Trust on Sunday that Bamanga was had not gone into political oblivion. “He is a politician and politicians never retire. PDP members and chieftains and even those of the now ruling APC consult him on a daily basis.
Idowu said Bamanga who had wanted to reform the PDP and stepped on toes in the process “is agonizing the fate of the party today”, adding: if you recall the triple-R and triple-D policy of Bamanga it is what the incumbent President is carrying out in managing the affairs of the country.” Mr. Idowu, however, said Bamanga was still committed to reforming the PDP saying: “His point of view is that having managed the country for sixteen years, the PDP cannot be wished away.”
Consequently there were agitations and clamour for Bamanga to resign as national chairman of the party and on January 14, 2014 the embattled Tukur eventually agreed to resign. This was after a lot of pressure from embittered members of the party caucus, especially state governors, over the role he played in the crisis plaguing the party. January 15: Thus after spending nearly, two years which was characterized by crisis and confusion, Tukur resigned as the PDP chairman on January 15, 2014.
Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark
Elder statesman, influential Ijaw leader and former federal commissioner for information Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark is safely referred to as the godfather to former President Goodluck Jonathan. However, like many other chieftains of the former ruling party, Clark appears to have recoiled to his shell and declined to talk further about the PDP since the party lost out in the last presidential election to the APC.
While former President Jonathan held sway in Aso Rock Villa, Chief Clark was like the de facto President who was calling the shots from the sidelines. In the build up to the last general elections, his support for the re-election of Jonathan saw expression in several controversial statements credited to the Ijaw leader. For instance he was reported as saying if Jonathan was not re-elected the country would break up.
But the octogenarian who claimed that he is at the departure lounge believes that his godson is a hero for conceding defeat to President Muhammadu Buhari even before INEC announced the official results.
Clark, however, noted that though he was among those who campaigned against the emergence of Buhari during the last election, since Nigerians voted for the incumbent President, he must be supported in order to enable him to succeed in the task ahead.
In what appeared like a U-turn Clark said: “I have congratulated President Buhari and today, he is our President. He’s not the President of a section of the country. Buhari is fit for the job and he’s capable of leading us. We will support him. Campaigns are over and a winner has emerged. We must come together after the election and give our support to the President.
“The loser of the election, who had all the powers to do and undo, came out to congratulate the President. That action of the former President is the best thing that has happened in this country.”
Chief Tony Anenih
Chief Tony Anenih popularly known as “Mr Fix It” is another influential political figure in the erstwhile ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Anenih, who was a member of the Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM), played active role in the emergence of former President Olusegun Obasanjo and later became Board of Trustees (BoT) Chairman of the PDP. He left the position under controversial circumstances when Obasanjo completed his second tenure in 2007, a time when the position of BoT Chairman was restricted to former Presidents and former National Chairmen of the party.
But the former Minister of Works and Housing returned to his position in 2012 after Obasanjo voluntarily resigned in a letter addressed to the party. Before his resignation, the law which prohibited others from becoming the BoT Chairman under Obasanjo, had been amended. He used the position to rally support for the second term bid of former President Goodluck Jonathan, who eventually lost to the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari during the March 28 election.
After the PDP’s big defeat at the 2015 general elections, the Edo-born politician resigned as the party’s BoT Chairman, citing state of affairs of the party and the need to allow former President Jonathan to occupy the position as reasons.
After the resignation, the PDP political strategist has remained less visible on the political turf but refused to dump politics. In his characteristic style of playing the godfather, he is believed to have played active role in the emergence of Senate Ike Ekweremadu as Deputy Senate President.
Similarly, ahead of the 2016 governorship election in Edo state, Anenih is said to have started the coordination of PDP political events as party members and leaders continue to seek the direction to follow ahead of the forthcoming poll in his home-state.
Dr Ahmadu Ali
Dr. Ahmadu Ali, who is a trained physician, served in the Nigerian Army. He is a former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Chairman who also played an important role in the election victories of former President Obasanjo, late President Umaru Musa Yar’adua and former President Goodluck Jonathan.
His previous role made former President Jonathan to choose him as the Director General of the Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organization in the 2015 general elections. Being a former National Chairman, he continues to play critical and influential role in the PDP as he can attend the party’s caucus, BoT and National Executive Committee (NEC) meetings. He is also believed to have worked toward the emergence of Senator Ekweremadu as deputy senate president.
Alhaji Adamu Muazu
Immediate past chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Ahmadu Adamu Muazu, disappeared from the political scene few days after the last presidential election which gave the APC an edge.
Sources close to the former Bauchi State governor said Muazu “maintained silence” during the controversy that surrounded the defeat of President Goodluck Jonathan.
“Muazu did his best in strengthening the PDP and that was what endeared him to many stakeholders of the Party, including Jonathan. But when the outcome of the elections favored the APC, the same stakeholders called for the head of Muazu.
“That was basically why he left the shores of Nigeria and kept mute while the controversy raged and he resigned when it was evident that some people wanted to crucify him,” one of the sources said.
Our correspondent reports that Muazu had remained abroad amidst claims that he was attending to his health until June 11th which coincided with his birthday before he returned to Nigeria.
Even his resignation as chairman of the PDP was announced while he was abroad.
One of his close allies said the former governor is now planning to go into large scale farming in his home state of Bauchi.
“For now, Muazu is perfecting plans to spend most of his time in Bauchi…politics will be secondary in his agenda, at least in the next few years,” he said.
Alhaji Hassan Adamu (Wakilin Adamawa)
Alhaji Hassan Adamu hails from Admawa State from the North-Eastern Nigeria and holds the title of Wakili (Emissary) of Adamawa Emirate Council. He served as a founding member of the PDP and member of PDP Board of Trustees representing his state. He was a Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development as well as that of Environment. A former Chairman of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) and one time Nigeria’s Ambassador to the USA he accompanied the immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan to campaign mostly at the two grand rallies in Abuja and at most of the Northern States.
A source told Daily on Sunday that he was alleged to be the leader of the Fulani Mafia that did not vote PDP and Jonathan because he did not quell the Boko Haram insurgency and for not ensuring the peace of Fulani cattle herdsmen all over the country.
The alleged game plan was for the Fulani to infiltrate the Jonathan administration and expose him to the electorate in favour of fellow kinsman and now President Muhammadu Buhari. The Wakilin of Adamawa placed full page adverts in major dailies supporting the new President despite being a card carrying member of the PDP. Not much has been heard of him since the PDP lost the general elections to the APC.
Namadi Sambo
Former Vice President Muhammad Namadi Sambo is an Architect and was a businessman until he ventured into politics in his home state of Kaduna. The former Commissioner of Works under the then military administrator Colonel Abubakar Dangiwa Umar started his political career when he contested and became Governor of Kaduna state on May 29, 2007.
He is known for his 11-point agenda which critics have described more as a political rhetoric than reality. The sudden death of then President Umaru Yar’adua paved way for him to become Vice President while his boss and then Vice President Goodluck Jonathan became President. He was sworn in as Vice President on May 19th, 2010.
Namadi lost most of his constituency to the opposition, as he was alleged to believe in closed-door policy which led to youths booing him when he hosted President Jonathan during the 2015 election campaign in Kaduna.
Namadi was alleged to have switched his polling units twice; the first was in the midst of his ward called Kabala in Kaduna. Because he failed to tar the road he had pledged during his campaign as Governor, the youth were said to have planned to throw sachet water at him.
He then switched to Link Road off Tafawa Balewa Road, near Almannar Mosque and when he lost elections there, he then relocated to the ‘new’ polling unit with INEC number PU-011 on Swimming Pool road, Police College, Kaduna. That was the only time he won his polling booth.
A political analyst who prefers anonymity said Namadi’s political oblivion started when he lost prominent politicians from his then PDP to the opposition from all nooks and crannies of the state, among who are his benefactor and political god-father Senator Ahmed Makarfi, former PDP Chairman Alhaji Yaro Makama Rigachikun, Ambassador Sule Buba, grassroots politician Suke Hunkuyi, among others. He then lost his state Governor and his protégée Muhktar Ramalan Yero to the opposition APC under Nasir El-Rufai.
Namadi is said to have relocated to Dubai after the last general elections and shuttles between there and London.
Dr. Bello Halliru Muhammadu
The acting Chairman of the PDP Board of Trustees Dr Halliru Mohammad Bello is the scion of the Sokoto Dynasty as he is from the lineage of the younger brother of the reformer Sheik Usman Danfodio, Sheik Abudullahi (Gwandu) Danfodio. A trained veterinarian, Dr Haliru Mohammed Bello was a lecturer and later a politician, who started politics when he contested for the post of Deputy Governor of Sokoto under the then Great Nigeria Peoples Party (GNPP) and lost in 1979.
He joined others in the founding of the PDP. He was Minister of Communication and later Defense. After he left office he was indicted in a bribery scandal involving the German telecom company Siemens AG. He was Defense Minister from July 2011 until June 2012. He was appointed the acting National Chairman of the PDP of Nigeria on 25 May 2015.
Bello Halliru Mohammed supported a change to the PDP’s zoning in favor of President Goodlkuck Jonathan to run for re-election in 2011, instead of a northern candidate. When Jonathan became President, he was alleged to have rewarded him with the post of Minister of Defense, a post he held between 2011 and 2012.
Having lost his state to the opposition APC and has since been quiet following the downward slope of his party.
Dr (Mrs) Kema Chikwe
Findings by revealed that Mrs. Kema Chikwe, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) national women leader is still occupying her position, though silent on national issues.
Mrs. Chikwe had before the presidential campaign formed a major source of news in the media, including her reaction on the over 200 abducted Chibok school girls. But following the defeat of the PDP at the last general elections the women leader seemed to have lost steam.
Daily Trust on Sunday gathered from a reliable member of the PDP National Working Committee that some party officials have been silenced not to comment on national issues as the party moves to re-position itself for victory in future elections.
Even though she was seen at the NWC meeting held last Wednesday at the party’s national secretariat Abuja, an insider who said he was also warned by the party to stop making comments in the media, said she is not expected to talk except if the need arises considering that her comment on the abducted Chibok school girls generated a lot of concerns nationwide, as she expressed doubt that the girls were truly abducted.
“Well, every organization has its own modus operandi. You can see that some of our officers have made statements that nearly caused confusion within the party and the nation. See what Jalo said in Lagos, see what Walid Jibrin said about national convention date.
“We are in the mood of repositioning, re-organizing and re-strategizing to reclaim our mandate at the centre come 2019, so we are regulating what comes out of our party for public consumption, so don’t feel otherwise. This is a new era in the PDP, as a temporary opposition party,” he said.
Though silent the PDP women leader is however, seen to be performing her official duties including attending of NWC meetings and attending to women issues within the party as well as being part of the team brainstorming on how to move the party forward and re-position ahead of 2019.
Chief Bode George
Arguably the most powerful politician in the Lagos State Chapter of People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Olabode George wields enormous clout that had won him friends and foes alike.
George, a former military Governor of old Ondo State, had his priorities cut out for him at the start of the Fourth Republic when he emerged as the National Vice Chairman of People’s Democratic Party (PDP, South West). He was later to become National Deputy Chairman (South). And when the going was still good between him and the former President Olusegun Obasanjo, George had a larger-than- life influences that cut across entire south west region.
For those in the know, it was when occupying party positions that George was able to establish a firm root for himself in the local chapter of the PDP. With his blessing, state party chairmen, gubernatorial candidates, among other seekers of political offices, secure the party’s flags from time to time.
“Baba influence would ordinarily have diminished when he had that issue with EFCC which of course led him to Kirikiri for about two years if he had lacked the prowess to maintain a grip on the state political structure. But that could not be as he seamlessly dished out orders that were often followed to the latter,” a young but close associate of George, who will not want his name mentioned, said.
That assertion might be difficult to dismiss. Before his travails with the anti- graft agency, George had single-handedly installed the state party executive under the chairmanship of Sentonji Kosheodo. That singular act proved to be a masterstroke few years later when despite being within the confines of Kirikiri, George’s anointed candidate, Ade Dosunmu emerged as the party’s flag bearer to contest the 2011 gubernatorial election.
George’s political invincibility are however being challenged with no lesser political actor than Obanikoro. Multiple sources within the party also confirmed to Daily Trust on Sunday that such relentless attacks from Obanikoro and his supporters now appear to be weighing on George’s political dominance.
“We know that rather than being engaged by the opposition, the intra-party feud within the Lagos State PDP was what appeared to have kept Baba out of political limelight now. That is not to say he is totally out. What I can tell you is that he is also strategizing, having come to realize that the other camp within the party is not relenting,” the source added.
Though that insurrection appeared to have been doused, it nonetheless exposed continuous underbelly war that has been ravaging the party. The mudslinging could only get messier as the race to install new party executives rages ahead of 2016 handover of power by the current occupiers. Such political development, observers say, is capable of getting George out of political sabbatical.
Professor Jerry Gana
Professor Jerry Gana, a former Minister of Information, is a member of the Board of Trustees (BoT) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). His influential role in the PDP made former President Jonathan chose him as part of his 2015 campaign team. In fact, he headed the campaign’s contact and mobilization unit.
He was the Chairman of the PDP Fund-raising Committee for 2015 the presidential campaign of President Jonathan. As part of the campaign strategies for former President, he led the Northern Economic Summit Group, also known as G-20.
He was also a member of the Board of Trustees (BoT) of Alhaji Tanko Yakasai-led Northern Elders Council (NEC), an opposing group to the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) ahead of the 2015 general elections.
Earlier last month, the former Minister of Information urged Nigerians to be patient with President Buhari and called on the Buhari’s administration to pursue its determination to fight corruption.
He spoke at retired Brigadier General Chris Olukolade’s public presentation of his books, entitled: “Issues in the Mobilization of Public Support for Military Operations and The Battles and Voice of the Nigerian Military,” at the Nigerian Air Force Conference Centre and Suites, Kado, Abuja.
He also urged Nigerians to pray for President Buhari and other elected leaders for God to give them the wisdom to select their priorities right, especially in a nation like Nigeria.
11 PDP godfathers missing in action
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Romance / Singer Gives Surprise Performance At Gay Couple's Wedding[video] by joehotnaija(m): 12:58am On Jul 13, 2015
Jennifer Hudson has joined the list of celebrities giving surprise wedding performances.
Scott and Chris Lindsey have been together for 14 years, but they only just got married last week due to the legalisation of same-sex marriage.
At their wedding ceremony, the pair were extremely shocked when Jennifer Hudson surprised them with not just a video congratulating them, but also, a performance at their wedding in Texas.
Jennifer was able to pull this off by partnering with the hotel in order to surprise Scott and Chris.
This comes as no surprise because Jennifer has always had a soft spot for same-sex struggles, something that was reflected in her 'I Still Love You" video.
Coincidentally, that was the song she performed, check it out in the video below.

Romance / 12 Reasons Women Never Date Good Guys (1) by joehotnaija(m): 12:43am On Jul 13, 2015
Good guys are the best you can wish or think for several reasons but unfortunately, they never seem to hit the right chords with the ladies. This is so despite their calm and understanding nature which most women seem to misinterpret as a sign of weakness. Different women have different reasons for wanting to embark on a relationship with a guy. This may range from the simple to the seemingly bizarre. For instance, some women date some guys for money and security while others date men for their physical appearance and nature.

However, the good guys fall short in the scale of preference of women in general for some inexplicable reasons. Some of these reasons are:

They completely forget women have a sexual side to them
Good guys a lot of the time see women as friends and confidante whom they can pour out their minds to while completely forgetting that they have a sexual side to them. The sexual side is where the bad guys get it easy as they have a some level of mastery when it comes to that. Good guys fail to realise that being nice is not enough to get the girls and is never enough for a girl to want to date you. As a good guy, you need to understand that it takes a whole lot of other qualities and factors to make dating occur or create any form of sexual chemistry.

They don’t always go for the nice girls either
This is perhaps the albatross of good guys. The nice guys always seem to find it difficult to go for the nice girls perhaps due to the natural law of attraction of “opposites attract”. If the good guys ever think of dating the nice girls, it might be for what you’d never expect – sex. That’s mostly because they do not see any nice girl as one they can introduce to their friends and family, mostly because they have an unreal expectation that their being nice is enough to get them the woman of their dreams.

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They are aggressive in a passive way
Nice guys usually expect women to have an inkling of the way they feel and as such find it difficult to express themselves or say the things going on through their minds. It is normal to hear the good guys complain about how they feel they are being used by the girls they like but the fact is they are mostly scared to take a stand by letting them know how they feel, what their stands are on issues and what they expect from the women in general.

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They seem completely ingenuine
The fact that a lot of good guys are fond of acting as if everything is OK all the time even when they are facing serious challenges make the ladies wary of them. The fact is everyone has bad days, just as everyone has made mistakes sometimes in the past. It is somewhat difficult to relate with someone who is perceived as one who hasn’t passed through any form of struggle in their lives. Even if as a guy, you appear as someone who has gone through quite a bit of travails but fail to reveal some of those obstacles you’ve passed through either in your professional or personal life, it would seem as if you’re fake and hiding some serious stuffs.

The only guy who would label himself a nice guy is one who is reflecting on an excuse about why he doesn’t get the things he wants
The ladies don’t want you to grumble or constantly make excuses for why you’re not able to get the things you want or achieve your set goals. A girl doesn’t want a guy that takes her out but becomes pissed if he’s not able to get her in bed at the end of the outing or one that gives her gifts while expecting to get something in return (usually sex-related). Actions like these negates the good guy that was initially portrayed from the beginning. It’s great to keep it at the back of your mind that doing something nice for someone doesn’t necessarily make them obligated to want to date you or have sex with you.

To be continued…
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Crime / President Buhari's 'son' Arrested For Defrauding Unsuspecting Nigerians by joehotnaija(m): 11:46pm On Jul 12, 2015
A con man who has been posing as the son of President Buhari to dupe unsuspecting people has been arrested. scam artist who posed as the son of President Muhammadu Buhari so as to defraud unsuspecting Nigerians with the promises of giving them lucrative contracts from the government, has been arrested by operatives of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).
A statement from the FCT SARS say the suspect has continuously promised to secure contracts for his victims from the president, saying he had made billions of naira through this illicit venture.
He was also dropping names of top politicians and businessmen to convince his victims, often wielding superimposed photos of himself with the president and other top politicians.
The statement reads:
“He mostly approached big contractors, who were desperate to see the president or any of the governors. He would put fake calls across to the supposed politicians in the presence of his victims and convince them to book appointments.
From there, he would demand that the politician’s security officials needed to be settled with huge amounts of money before the contractor would be granted audience with the president or the governor.”
But the fake president's son ran into troubled waters when a duped contractor, after waiting for many weeks without getting to see the president as promised by the hoodlum, reported his ordeal to the police, complaining .....http://newsvibesng./2015/07/president-buharis-son-arrested-for.html
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Romance / Actor Forced To Kiss Guest On 'america's Got Talent' [video] by joehotnaija(m): 10:41pm On Jul 09, 2015
Now that Nick Cannon is single again, it was no problem selecting him for relationship expert who wanted to teach people how to kiss on 'America's Got Talent'. On Tuesday, July 7.
Joanna Kennedy teaches Nick Cannon to kiss on 'America's Got Talent'play
Joanna Kennedy teaches Nick Cannon to kiss on 'America's Got Talent' (telegraph)

Joanna Kennedy, a self-professed “passion and intimacy expert,” said for her audition, she would consist of a kissing lesson and she needed a volunteer, Howard Stern didn’t hesitate to point out the show’s host. “I know of someone who recently became single. And based on what I hear in his dressing room, I’m going to nominate our very own Nick Cannon,” said the judge.
Cannon tried to resist, saying,but after the crowd insisted and a a pretty volunteer was also picked out of the crowd, Nick bulged.
Nick Cannon gets kissing lessons on 'America's Got Talent'play
Nick Cannon gets kissing lessons on 'America's Got Talent' (hollywoodlife)

Cannon dramatically threw off his jacket but wasn’t allowed to touch her at first, and was instructed to “say hello with yours eyes” and “make her feel really comfortable.” He was then told to put “one hand behind her heart” and caress her cheek.
After so many 'boos' and X buzzes from the rest of the judges, Cannon was given permission to seal the deal... But did he really kiss the lady? Find out below:http://newsvibesng./2015/07/nick-cannon-actor-forced-to-kiss-guest.html

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Politics / 2 Boys, Aged 9, 11, Arrested For Trying To Sell Bomb by joehotnaija(m): 10:31pm On Jul 09, 2015
Two young boys have been arrested in Yola, Adamawa State after they were caught trying to sell a bomb.
The children had received orders to take the explosive device to the Bauchare area of the state capital, according to Premium Times.
However they instead attempted to sell it to an aged man who is said to have rejected it.
“The two bombers are little boys. I saw when they took the explosives to one baba that buys scraps and the baba said he is not going to buy because it was small, they left,” a witness said.
“I was standing here in this fuel filling station when those boys left the baba but just as they got to the road, there was an explosion. One of them was injured and they started running,” he added.
The incident has been confirmed by the State Road Safety Corp Commander, Luka Ikpi.
“When I heard the noise, I rushed out but I was told it was tyre that got burst. But the sound I heard was not that of tyre. So I asked my officer in charge of intelligence to find out,” Ikpi said.
“It was when he came back that he confirmed my fears, and told me that two little boys have been apprehended. I then arrested them and handed over them to the police,” he added.
The number of young suicide bombers in Nigeria has been on the increase and they are believed to be assigned to the deadly duty by terrorist sect, Boko Haram.
The country has witnessed a spate of terror attacks which has claimed more than 500 lives since President Muhammadu Buhari was sworn in on May
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Romance / 10 Hottest Nigerian Celebrity Couples by joehotnaija(m): 10:36pm On Jul 08, 2015
Check out these top 10 Nigerian celebrity couples. We list them in no particular order.

Chris Attoh And Damilola; The lovebirds met on a movie set, fell in love with each other and got married on the 14th of February this year.

Damilola Adegbite and Chis AttohGbenro Ajibade And Osas; Soap opera brought them together, they had their engagement wedding on the 20th of june this year and the official white wedding is coming up on the 4th of july this same year.Osas Ighodaro and Gbenro Ajibade
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Jobs/Vacancies / JOB ALART: Current Jobs At Stanbic IBTC Bank by joehotnaija(m): 11:19pm On Jun 09, 2015
JOB ALART: Current Jobs at Stanbic IBTC Bank
By joseph sunday


Stanbic IBTC Holdings PLC is a full service financial services group with a clear focus on three main business pillars - Corporate and Investment Banking, Personal and Business Banking and Wealth Management.

Stanbic IBTC Bank legally became part of Standard Bank Group 24th August 2007. The Standard Bank Group merged its Nigerian operations, Stanbic Bank Nigeria with that of IBTC Chartered Bank PLC. Stanbic IBTC Bank is a major financial service provider engaged in personal banking, business banking, credit cards, corporate banking, non-interest banking and wealth and investment banking in Nigeria.
Business Manager (Investment Banking)

Job TypeFull Time
Location Lagos
Job Field Administration / Secretarial Banking

Job Purpose
To provide support to the management of Investment Banking and business heads within the IB covering: (a) Financial and management control including budgeting and reporting (b) Risk & compliance, (c) Credit-related support and (d) Management of relationship with internal clients such as Client Coverage, TPS, Credit, Finance and Risk management and other internal clients as may be required to effectively manage business performance.

The job holder will therefore be expected to:
• Provides timely and relevant client performance data and market intelligence for effective management decision making: weekly and monthly performance reports in relation to income, expenses, pipelines, key client activity, etc
• Quality control and management of all Business reporting and MIS for IB, Corp Fin and DS
• Financial Control - Performance Monitoring and Variance analysis
• Be able to gather, interpret, analyze and present both financial and non financial information
• Provide adhoc reports and presentations for IB from time to time.

Financial & Management Control Functions
• Preparation of budgets for Investment Banking and its constituent units
• Monitoring budget vs performance
• Manage the General Ledger for IB, including Cost/profit Centre codes
• Assist with the management of the IB’s financial reports and other performance management targets including revenue and costs.
• Prepare weekly and month-end reports for management use - Internal Exco purposes as well as for matrix reporting purposes
• Preparation of Presentations for performance reporting purposes
• Work with stakeholders to “project manage” agreed actions arising from management meetings
• Liaise with Finance department on recognition of income and tax related issues.
• Keep and maintain adequate records of all business performance management data.
• Invoice tracking for IB

Risk & Compliance Functions....SEE HOW TO APPLY HERE.http://hotnaijainfo./2015/06/job-alart-current-jobs-at-stanbic-ibtc.html

Crime / What Do Youthink About U.s Cyber Bridge...? by joehotnaija(m): 6:46pm On Jun 05, 2015
Story highlights

Some employees say they're angry, wonder why they weren't notified sooner
Investigators believe the hack affected 4 million current and former federal employees
Employees of the legislative and judicial branches and uniformed military personnel were not affected

Washington (CNN)Four million current and former federal employees, from nearly every government agency, might have had their personal information stolen by Chinese hackers, U.S. investigators said.
U.S. officials believe this could be the biggest breach ever of the government's computer networks. China called the allegation irresponsible.
The Office of Personnel Management (OPM), which is conducting background checks, warned it was urging potential victims to monitor their financial statements and get new credit reports.
Some federal employees were angry.
"Unreal, I don't have enough money as it is," Facebook user Shari Saeler posted on the OPM's page. "Now I have to worry about someone stealing it!"
Retiree Linda Eleanor Rigby Robbins posted she didn't know if she was affected.
"I do not understand why I heard this on the news instead of via letter or email from OPM," she wrote.
The breach was initially thought to have impacted the Office of Personnel Management and the Department of Interior, But government officials said nearly every federal government agency was hit by the hackers.
An assessment continues, and it is possible millions more government employees may be affected.
U.S. investigators: We believe this was China's work
U.S. investigators believe they can trace the breach to the Chinese government. Hackers working for the Chinese military are believed to be compiling a massive database of Americans, intelligence officials told CNN on Thursday night.
It is not clear what the purpose of the database is.
The Washington Post and Wall Street Journal first reported Thursday that Chinese hackers were responsible for the breach.
The Chinese Foreign Ministry neither confirmed nor denied its involvement in the hack, simply pointing out that it too has been a victim of cyberattacks in the past.
"China itself is also a victim of cyberattacks," Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei said Friday in Beijing. "China resolutely tackles cyberattack activities in all forms."
Lei added that China would like to have more global cooperation "to build a peaceful and safe, open and collaborative cyberspace."
And he also called on the United Staes not to make groundless accusations about China's involvement, "but instead add more trust and cooperating in this field."
A spokesman from the Chinese Embassy in Washington late Thursday objected to allegations that the Chinese government may be behind the massive hack.
"Cyberattacks conducted across countries are hard to track, and therefore the source of attacks is difficult to identify. Jumping to conclusions and making hypothetical accusation is not responsible and counterproductive," said Zhu Haiquan.
EINSTEIN detection system
Employees of the legislative and judicial branches and uniformed military personnel were not affected.
There are 2.7 million federal executive branch employees. It's unclear whether this affected all of them, along with former employees, or only a portion of them.
The federal personnel office learned of the data breach after it began to toughen its cybersecurity defense system. When it discovered malicious activity, authorities used a detection system called EINSTEIN to eventually unearth the information breach in April, the Department of Homeland Security said.
A month later, the federal agency learned sensitive data had been compromised.
The FBI is investigating what led to the breach.
"We take all potential threats to public and private sector systems seriously and will continue to investigate and hold accountable those who pose a threat in cyberspace," the FBI said in a statement.
The federal personnel office said "personally identifiable information" had been breached, though the office didn't name who might be responsible.
Cybersecurity: How safe are you?
Senator: The breach is 'disturbing'
Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin, called the breach "disturbing" and said the Office of Personnel Management needs to do a better job securing its information.
"It is disturbing to learn that hackers could have sensitive personal information on a huge number of current and former federal employees -- and, if media reports are correct, that information could be in the hands of China," Johnson said in a statement. "(The office) says it 'has undertaken an aggressive effort to update its cybersecurity posture.' Plainly, it must do a better job, especially given the sensitive nature of the information it holds."
U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff of California, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said hackers are one of the "greatest challenges we face on a daily bases."
"It's clear that a substantial improvement in our cyber databases and defenses is perilously overdue," Schiff said in a statement. "That's why the House moved forward on cybersecurity legislation earlier this year, and it's my hope that this latest incident will spur the Senate to action
Education / Home » » WAEC Not Ready To Adopt CBT Yet(see REASONS) by joehotnaija(m): 8:53am On Jun 04, 2015

Taking into account what is involved in conducting the Computer Based Test (CBT), the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has on Tuesday disclosed that it would not adopt that method of examination for now.
Speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, the WAEC’s Head of National Office (HNO), Dr Charles Eguridu, revealed that the CBT mode being demanded by some people was not feasible for now.
If we recall, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) had during its 2015 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) recently, migrated fully to the CBT mode.
According to NAN reports, JAMB said that it migrated to the CBT mode to eradicate impersonation and other forms of examination malpractice.
Eguridu revealed that those making the call are ignorant of the socioeconomic variables that are necessary for the adoption of the CBT for WAEC examinations.

SCHOLARSHIP PAST QUESTIONS AND ANSWER[url][/url]http://hotnaijainfo./2015/05/scholarship-past-questions-and-answers.html

He said: “WAEC examinations involve the use of multiple choice questions, essay and practical, in which case we test various domains of learning.
“And with this, it is not going to be valid to test certain domains of learning with CBT.
“Or can you use CBT in measuring proficiency in certain trade subjects such as carpentry and others? ’’
“All what I am trying to explain here is that it will not be possible for us to adopt the CBT mode for our examinations at least for now.
“Probably what we will do as an organisation is to adopt the CBT for certain aspects of our examination and not all the areas.

“ We are already trying to work out something based on that,” he concluded

Jobs/Vacancies / Job Alart:massive Job Recruitment At Unilever-urgent(see Details) by joehotnaija(m): 3:38am On Jun 03, 2015
Unilever is a British–Dutch multinational consumer goods company co-headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and London, United Kingdom. Its products include food, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products. Unilever Nigeria is a manufacturer of leading brands in foods, home care and personal care.
Factory Accounts Assistant

Job TypeFull Time
QualificationOND BA/BSc/HND
Experience 2 - 3 years
Location Ogun
Job Field Finance / Accounting / Audit

Job Number: 15000AEM
Primary Location : Nigeria-Ogun State-Agbara-Agbara-Tea Factory
Shift : Day Job
Job : Finance
Travel : No

Job Purpose and Key Responsibilities

Responsible for monitoring & managing all factory cost elements (labor, repair & maintenance, production indirect, utilities, etc.)
Business partnering with various stakeholders for effective & efficient monitoring & managing of costs
Specifically partner Plant Manager & team to plan, review costs and look for cost savings opportunities for Savory plant
Monthly ensure that accruals & provisions are properly raised and passed into the books including accounting treatment of all transactions using correct GL accounts, facilitate smooth running of cycles, getting involved in MEC
Annually – prepare production budget and upload into SAP, directly involved in the calculation of conversion costs.
Review cost centers & plan assessment cycles to reflect reality in the factory
Interface between Product Cost & SC Accountants on costing
Reviews review production plans and exercises a controlling role in material consumption variances.
Month end reporting packs on actual and forecast
Provide direct inputs for monthly S&OP and Quarterly PCE processes as they relate to Savory plant.

Job Requirements


Required Experience: 1-3 year(s)
Desired Courses: Accounting, ACCA, CIMA, ICAN
Minimum Criteria & Experience Required

A minimum of an OND/HND Degree plus part professional accountant qualification - studying towards ACCA, CIMA, ICAN
Min 2-3 years finance experience in an FMCG – preferably in a Factory Finance environment
Solid experience of costing techniques
Min 2-3 years experience in product costing and stock management
Leadership skills – able to lead, motivate, inspire
Previous experience in SAP (R3, MM, CO)
Proficient in Microsoft Excel


Self-starter and able to operate independently
Confident and Assertive – able to find and ask for help, challenge business partners
Self-motivated, optimistic and able to see opportunities during tough times
Team player, ability to work well with factory team will be key
Factory Accountant

Job TypeFull Time
Location Lagos
Job Field Finance / Accounting / Audit

Job Number: 150008P8
Primary Location : Nigeria-Lagos State-Lagos-Oregun - Head Office
Shift : Day Job
Job : Finance
Travel : No

Main Purpose

This primary role covers a factory site within the cluster. This role’s responsibility is for the monitor and control of the sites production costs, waste which if done incorrectly will have a significant and material effect for the site. The role will assist in providing relevant financial and management information, systems and commercial support to the supply chain factory process.

Main Accountabilities

• Provides management information to the Factory management (experience in areas of product costing, capex).
• Identifies cost and asset utilisation improvement opportunities, and co-development of solutions.
• Ad-hoc analysis of manufacturing capabilities
• Timely and accurate reporting of factory results.
• Budgetary planning and control of factory overheads.
• Assists in providing Supply Chain factory information required for forecasting and strategic planning to the Finance Team
• Uses roots and contacts defined by FBP SC to scan external, economic and financial environment to identify changes and best finance practice affecting Supply Chain and cascade relevant information to relevant Managers.
• Provides support to FBP SC to develop Supply Chain information system including relevant KPIs and performance measurement systems and scorecards
• Provides information to Financial Accountant about local suppliers for maintenance and all other financial inputs concerning the factory
• Conducts Gross Margin Variance Analysis for all supply chain factory processes

Job Requirements

Required Experience: Not Specified
Desired Courses: Accounting, Finance....

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Crime / Nysc Corp Member Missing (see Photo) by joehotnaija(m): 1:50am On Jun 03, 2015
A 24-year-old female youth Corper, Ijeoma Susan Azubuike (pictured above) has been declared missing by her family. She was last seen on Sunday May 31st in Owo, Ondo State where armed robbers attacked a GUO Transport bus conveying her and several other passengers to Lagos. Ijeoma, a graduate of the University of Ado-Ekiti, left Jigawa for Lagos State on saturday 30th of May after completing her 3 weeks orientation exercise but stopped over in Abuja to continue her journey on Sunday being a long trip.

The family said they got a call on Sunday, May 31st, around 3:30pm from someone in Owo, Ondo state asking to speak to the of father Ijeoma. He then proceeded to explain that the GUO bus which was bringing them to Lagos from Abuja was attacked by armed robbers in Owo and they all had to run for safety, after the robbers had left, they all went back to the bus to continue their journey and it was then they discovered that Ijeoma was missing.

The passenger said they got the mobile number from the Manifest which Ijeoma had filled her father's details as her next of kin, since that Sunday till now Ijeoma has not been found.

According to the female passenger who Ijeoma met at the park, she told us as they ran for their safety into the bush Ijeoma noticed her carrying her own bag on her neck and screamed !!my bag!! and quickly ran back to get her own bag that was the last time she was seen.

Anyone with info should please call - 08066121270, 08136364708 or contact the nearest police station

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Sports / IS CRISTIANO RONALDO REALLY SET FOR MARID EXIT? COMMENT by joehotnaija(m): 10:17pm On May 29, 2015
Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly disillusioned with life at Real Madrid.
The winger is said to be looking to leave the club, and a number of clubs are said to be waiting for him.
The Portuguese international was said to be disappointed in club president Florentino Perez‘s decision to sack manager Carlo Ancelotti.

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To top that, Ronaldo isn’t comfortable with rumors that Rafa Benitez may be the next manager, and Perez’s constant support of misfiring winger Gareth Bale all makes Ronaldo want to leave.
PSG are willing to break all the banks necessary to sign the three-time Ballon D’Or winner, and his former club Manchester United are reportedly interested
TO READ MORE NEWS CLICK HERE...http://hotnaijainfo./

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Politics / Latest On Presidential Inauguration by joehotnaija(m): 12:05pm On May 29, 2015

FOR LIVE STREAM OF THE ON GOING PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION CLICK HERE:http://hotnaijainfo./2015/05/follow-live-stream-on-presidential.html

FOR MORE HOT NEWS CLICK....http://hotnaijainfo./

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Politics / Know Your New State Governors by joehotnaija(m): 9:58am On May 29, 2015
Full list of elected governors in Nigeria 2015-2019

Abia State

Name of the elected Governor: Dr Victor Ikpeazu

Party: PDP.

Adamawa State

Name of the elected Governor: Jibrilla Jindow

Political Party: APC.

Akwa Ibom

Name of the elected Governor: Emmanuel Udom

Party: PDP.

Bauchi State

Name of the elected Governor: Barrister Mohammed Abubakar

Political Party: APC.

Benue State

Name of the elected Governor: Samuel Ortom

Political Party: APC.

Borno State

Name of the elected Governor: Kashim Shettima

Political Party: APC.

Cross River State

Name of the elected Governor: Prof. Ben Ayade

Political Party: PDP.

Delta State

Name of the elected Governor: Ifeanyi Okowa

Political Party: PDP.

Ebonyi State

Name of the elected Governor: Dave Umahi

Political Party: PDP.

Enugu State

Name of the elected Governor: Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi

Political Party: PDP.

Gombe State

Name of the elected Governor: Ibrahim Dankwambo

Political Party: PDP.

Jigawa State

Name of the elected Governor: Alhaji Badaru Abubakar

Political Party: APC.

Kaduna State

Name of the elected Governor: Nasirel Rufai

Political Party: APC.

Kano State

Name of the elected Governor: Umar Ganduje

Political Party: APC.

Katsina State

Name of the elected Governor: Aminu Masari

Political Party: APC.

FOR MORE NEWS CLICK HERE...[urlhttp://hotnaijainfo./][/url]


Kebbi State

Name of the elected Governor: Atiku Bagudu

Political Party: APC.

Kwara State

Name of the elected Governor: Abdulfatah Ahmed

Political Party: APC.

Lagos State

Name of the elected Governor: Akinwumi Ambode

Political Party: APC.

Nasarawa State

Name of the elected Governor: Umaru Al-Makura

Political Party: APC.

Niger State

Name of the elected Governor: Abubakar Sanu-Lulu Bello

Political Party: APC.

Ogun State

Name of the elected Governor: Ibikunle Amosun

Political Party: APC.

Oyo State

Name of the elected Governor: Abiora Ajimobi

Political Party: APC.

Plateau State

Name of the elected Governor: Rt Hon Simon Lalong

Political Party: APC.

Rivers State

Name of the elected Governor: Nyesom Wike

Party: PDP.

Sokoto State

Name of the elected Governor: Aminu Tambuwel

Political Party: APC.

Taraba State

Name of the elected Governor: Mr. Darius Ishaku

Party: PDP.

Yobe State

Name of the elected Governor: Ibrahim Geidam

Political Party: APC.

Zamfara State

Name of the elected Governor: Abdul Azeez Abubakar

Political Party: APC
Politics / Soldiers Detain Reporter For Taking Pictures Of Jonathan’s Mansion In Otuoke,ba by joehotnaija(m): 1:36am On May 29, 2015
A Punch reporter has been harassed and detained by soldiers for attempting to take pictures of President Goodluck Jonathan’s palatial residence in Otuoke, Bayelsa state.
According to Premium Times, the reporter, Mr. Utebor, was subsequently handed to the police at Otuoke Police Station and is still in detention.

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Confirming the arrest of the reporter, spokesperson of the Joint Task Force (JTF), lieutenant colonel Isa Ado said the JTF did arrest Mr. Utebor, but handed him to the proper authorities for actions to be taken.
As at the time of writing this report, Mr. Utebor had been transferred to the State CID for more investigations.

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Last month, reports surfaced that President Jonathan’s retirement home is an expansive estate set in the heart of Otuoke, his home town.
The property which is guarded by numerous soldiers and other men of uniform has about 8 buildings showing from outside the fence. The President is said to have acquired all the lands surrounding the property enabling him to expand a single building into a sort of estate.


Gaming / Wow!!! Fifa 16 Now Has Female Team This Is So Cute See Video by joehotnaija(m): 11:52pm On May 28, 2015
Author: joseph sunday

FIFA 16: EA Sports Introduces Female Teams [VIDEO]http://hotnaijainfo./2015/05/wow-fifa-16-now-has-female-team-this-is.html

The first trailer has been released for the latest installment of popular football game franchise, FIFA.
The trailer highlights EA Sports latest addition to the franchise: female soccer.
For the first time in the FIFA franchise, users can play as the stars of women’s football including USA’s Alex Morgan, Englands’ Stephanie Houghton, and others.
Watch the trailer ABOVE[b][/b]

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Romance / 7 Reasons Why Being Single May Just Be Better by joehotnaija(m): 11:22am On May 28, 2015
7 Reasons Why Being Single May Just Be Better

Author: joseph sunday | 02:51 | No comments |
single woman
Being single should not be considered a death sentence as there are a lot of reasons to be happy. Whether you’re fresh out of a relationship or you’ve been single for a while, there is no need to allow the boredom and loneliness that comes with being single get to you. If you find yourself single and you are considering rushing into another relationship as a means of escaping from loneliness, perhaps the 7 tips provided below will be worth reading and enough for you to change your stance.
You’ll have better relationships with your friends and family
It is quite normal to crave for attention immediately after a breakup. This may result in you doing something as weird as looking for a one-night stand. If you however tow this line, you are bound to get tired soon enough of sleeping with different people you barely know. As time passes by, you’re bound to require some form of stability which comes with friends and family who will always be tolerant of your excesses. When you’re in a relationship, you tend to concentrate more on your partner and inadvertently lose touch with your friends. The time you’re single is the best time to reignite the spark with friends and family that will support you irrespective of who you are.
Your phone and date bill will be low
The truth is when you are single, the only calls you seem to get comes from family and friends. Very few come from other acquaintances and as such, you have fewer texts and notifications to respond to.
Of course, people that are in relationships are mostly glued to their mobile devices as they continually have to respond to messages and calls from their partners. Being single however brings an indifferent attitude to your mobile devices. You’d probably realise that your call and data charges will be quite low when you’re single because you only occasionally update your social media status and return only worthy calls.

Social media won’t matter that much anymore
Your activity on social media is bound to reduce when you are single. No more constant uploads of pictures of you and boo on Instagram. Same goes for your Facebook status and tweets which you probably would update occasionally. This is so because there’s really no one you have an ardent need to check up on and would be liberating to say the least.
You’ll give yourself more attention
Since there is virtually no other person to worry about, you might as well give yourself all the focus and attention. Whether you’re in school or you work, when you’re single is the time to get your grades up and get promoted as you have all the time to do that. Try to strive and accomplish when there is no one to worry about. It’s mostly about you when you’re single which makes it easier to achieve more.
You’d begin to enjoy being alone
As the days count on your being single, you’d begin to enjoy it and stop trying so hard to get the right one. One of the major problems of these days is that people always need the companionship of people and don’t want to be alone. This really shouldn’t be so. Admire yourself for being alone and relishing the independence that comes with it.

7 Reasons Why Being Single May Just Be Better

Author: joseph sunday | 02:51 | No comments |
single woman
Being single should not be considered a death sentence as there are a lot of reasons to be happy. Whether you’re fresh out of a relationship or you’ve been single for a while, there is no need to allow the boredom and loneliness that comes with being single get to you. If you find yourself single and you are considering rushing into another relationship as a means of escaping from loneliness, perhaps the 7 tips provided below will be worth reading and enough for you to change your stance.
You’ll have better relationships with your friends and family
It is quite normal to crave for attention immediately after a breakup. This may result in you doing something as weird as looking for a one-night stand. If you however tow this line, you are bound to get tired soon enough of sleeping with different people you barely know. As time passes by, you’re bound to require some form of stability which comes with friends and family who will always be tolerant of your excesses. When you’re in a relationship, you tend to concentrate more on your partner and inadvertently lose touch with your friends. The time you’re single is the best time to reignite the spark with friends and family that will support you irrespective of who you are.
Your phone and date bill will be low
The truth is when you are single, the only calls you seem to get comes from family and friends. Very few come from other acquaintances and as such, you have fewer texts and notifications to respond to.
Of course, people that are in relationships are mostly glued to their mobile devices as they continually have to respond to messages and calls from their partners. Being single however brings an indifferent attitude to your mobile devices. You’d probably realise that your call and data charges will be quite low when you’re single because you only occasionally update your social media status and return only worthy calls.

Social media won’t matter that much anymore
Your activity on social media is bound to reduce when you are single. No more constant uploads of pictures of you and boo on Instagram. Same goes for your Facebook status and tweets which you probably would update occasionally. This is so because there’s really no one you have an ardent need to check up on and would be liberating to say the least.
You’ll give yourself more attention
Since there is virtually no other person to worry about, you might as well give yourself all the focus and attention. Whether you’re in school or you work, when you’re single is the time to get your grades up and get promoted as you have all the time to do that. Try to strive and accomplish when there is no one to worry about. It’s mostly about you when you’re single which makes it easier to achieve more.
You’d begin to enjoy being alone
As the days count on your being single, you’d begin to enjoy it and stop trying so hard to get the right one. One of the major problems of these days is that people always need the companionship of people and don’t want to be alone. This really shouldn’t be so. Admire yourself for being alone and relishing the independence that comes with it.


You’ll meet new and better people
One of the things about being in a relationship is that you hardly have the time to hang out with other people. But being single gives you the freedom to meet and develop new acquaintances. It is however important you always have at the back of your mind that you’re young and friendship should come first before relationships.
You won’t settle for just anyone
The fact that you’re single doesn’t mean that lots of people out there don’t like you. It means you’re taking your time to look for the best out of the lot or you just want to be alone. It could also mean you want what is best for you in terms of benefits for the long term.
Know that soon enough you’ll get the right person swooning over you. So, enjoy your single status while it lasts]10 BOOKS YOU MUST READ BEFORE YOU ARE 30

You’ll meet new and better people
One of the things about being in a relationship is that you hardly have the time to hang out with other people. But being single gives you the freedom to meet and develop new acquaintances. It is however important you always have at the back of your mind that you’re young and friendship should come first before relationships.
You won’t settle for just anyone
The fact that you’re single doesn’t mean that lots of people out there don’t like you. It means you’re taking your time to look for the best out of the lot or you just want to be alone. It could also mean you want what is best for you in terms of benefits for the long term.
Know that soon enough you’ll get the right person swooning over you. So, enjoy your single status while it lasts
Education / 10 Books You Must Read Before You Are 30 by joehotnaija(m): 11:07am On May 28, 2015

Author: joseph sunday | 15:47 | No comments |
10 Books Every One Must Read Before 30 (SHARE THIS)

These are books I have come across that changed my life for good and I think anybody who gives in to reading these books will also recommend them to others…

1. The Bible: Finding God and purpose to life

This age- defying book apart from giving spiritual and life’s guidelines to a man, also helps in quenching his thirst for knowledge, explain mysteries, and help man in his search For God. It is true of this passage, Psalm 119: 105 “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path”.

2.The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change – Stephen. R. Covey

If you desire change, want to lead the life of a suceesful and effective individual, the book is a proven for those who have read, it works everytime, it has loads of insightful knowledge about leadrship, effective living and inspiration.

3.Think and Grow Rich: Motivation and self development – Napoleon Hill

Think and grow rich is the most important financial book ever written,The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE.

.Wishing will not bring riches,” Hill writes. “But desiring riches with a state of mind that becomes an obsession, then planning definite ways and means to acquire riches, and backing those plans with persistence which does not recognize failure, will bring riches.”

4. Purpose Driven Life- Rick Warren

This is the book that actually spurred my reading motivational books after listening to Pastor Sam Adeyemi preached about it , Though I have read other books such as the Richest man in Babylon( Napoleon Hill), Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki), but this book by Rick Warren made me aware of what I am actually looking for in the other books. The book helps you define your purpose, and once you have that , other things in your life takes on meaning, your actions are geared towards a particular result, you have a stress-free and more profitable existence by living a life of purpose

The book’s 40 chapters are divided into six major sections, with the following titles

What on Earth Am I Here For?
Purpose #1: You Were Planned for God’s Pleasure (Worship)
Purpose #2: You Were Formed for God’s Family (Fellowship)
Purpose #3: You Were Created to Become Like Christ (Discipleship)
Purpose #4: You Were Shaped for Serving God (Ministry)
Purpose #5: You Were Made for a Mission (Mission)

5. My Vision: Challenges in the Race for Excellence: Nation Building- Sheikh Mohammed bin

The author, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai. In his book,he expresses a message of optimism that if all the constituents of any given society agree to excel in all fields, different cultures and religions can coexist without the slightest problem. The proof he provides is Dubai itself. Dubai’s unique development experience sets a creative example for the Arab world to follow. This young country is making every effort to achieve excellence and upgrade its status from a regional economic centre into an international hub. It is striving to excel in services, tourism, the knowledge economy and creative human resources in order to reach its ambitious development goals. The book makes one understand that there is no challenge if you can foresee the end results, or know the expected problems and how to solve them. A challenge is an experience , you understand only that you have embarked on a journey that is new and unexplored, You survive only by your determination , patience, strong will and great desire for sucess.

6. Rules of Life- Leadership and sucess-Richard Templar
This one of the five in s aeries books explaining about apersonal code for living a better, happier, more successful kind of life.Other titles in this series are “rules of management”,”rules of work”, “rules of parenting” and “rules of love”.

7. How to make friends and Influence People- Dale Carnegie

You can go after the job you want…and get it! You can take the job you have…and improve it! You can take any situation you’re in…and make it work for you!

For over 50 years the rock-solid, time-tested advice in this book has carried thousands of now famous people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives.The book is summarized into four parts:

Fundamental Techniques in Handling People
Six Ways to Make People Like You
How to Win People to Your Way of Thinking
Be a Leader: How to Change People Without Giving Offense or Arousing Resentment

Dale Carnegie’s other book, “how to stop worrying and start living” is an excellent read too.

8. Oxford Dictionary- Self help

This is an easy to understand dictionary with example sentences, meanings, definitions, proverbs, idioms , famous quotes and guide to spellings and pronunciations.It Includes: thesaurus, mini encyclopaedia, maps, diagrams , helps with computer,legal, medical, business , investment and financial terms. Its a mine of information, it should always be a companion , even if its a pocket sixe, it helps you improve on a daily basis, avoid contradictions, increase your knowledge, speaking and writing skills and provide you with meanings of unfamiliar terms when you need it.

9. The 48 Laws of Power: Power and mastery – Robert Greene

Greene’s book, The 48 Laws of Power, is a practical guide for anyone who wants power, observes power, or wants to arm themselves against power.The laws are a distillation of 3,000 years in the history of power, drawing on the lives of strategists and historical figures like Niccolò Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, Haile Selassie I, Carl von Clausewitz, Queen Elizabeth I, Henry Kissinger, and P.T. Barnum. Each law has its own chapter, complete with a “transgression of the law,” “observation of the law,” and a “reversal.” Rappers and movie moguls have accepted this book as theri bible, In as much this book is a guide to mastery of power , but not all laws are applicable, each law has its advantage and faults as observed to in the book,one needs enough wisdom to discern and apply the laws as the circumstance dictates.

10. Power of a praying wife: Family- Stormie Omartan

Prayer is vital when we are discouraged or worried. Seek encouragement through prayer. This book is a must have for every woman who wants to keep her marriage, improve on her relationships, raise responsible children and birth nations. It makes us understand that for every woman, Praying for your hubby’s is a given. There is so much power and blessings in praying, nations are built, rejections, angers and fears are uprooted from the mind, strongholds are pulled down, dreams turned to realities and disappointments turned to successes.

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