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Politics / Re: IPOB Sit-At-Home In Anambra: Catholic Priest, Sales Rep, NDLEA Operatives Injure by judondasylva(m): 10:52am On May 31
Seriously Nairaland is now tribal site used to promote hate against Igbos. Any news that carry negative things about igbo people whether it’s true or false Nairaland will promote it.
Even if we know ipobs (not igbos) and their leader Nnamdi Kanu, are all troublemakers.

It is a shame for Nairaland moderators to push this kind of fake news with no source to the FRONT PAGE.

This is the kind of rubbish news that breed war and hatred unnecessarily in the country.

We all know 99% of stories from twitter are nothing but lies.
No picture,
No Name,
No Location,
Nothing, just a tweet from twitter!

Nairaland can do better than this crap.
Seun, take note pls!

Rubbish news!

Thank you so much moderator for removing this thread from the Frontpage.
Let us do the little we can to let peace reign in the country,
while the government do the main part.
Business / Re: 10 Free Websites You Can Make $100 A Day Working From Home by judondasylva(m): 1:42pm On May 05
Ok Check your email

Hi, plz can I get your email or digit, I need to talk to you about transcription, if you can't drop ur details here, can you kindly reach out to me on cecegrace@gmail.com Thanks.
Business / Re: 10 Free Websites You Can Make $100 A Day Working From Home by judondasylva(m): 8:10pm On May 03
You can now get
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please you can just post helpful tips here not to advertise. We need to start offering helps
Investment / Re: BUY ON EBAY.COM, 1688, TAOBAO, ALIBABA - WE SHIP TO NIGERIA, USA, ZAMBIA by judondasylva(m): 2:29pm On May 03
Nairaland / General / Re: How Do I Make My Font Colour Pink by judondasylva(m): 2:24pm On May 03
10 Free Websites You Can Make $100 A Day Working From Home. click the link to read the it free https://vastincomeideas.com/10-free-websites-you-can-make-100-a-day-working-from-home/
Celebrities / Re: Genevieve Nnaji Celebrates Her 40th Birthday by judondasylva(m): 11:18am On May 03
Wow always beautiful
Business / Re: 10 Free Websites You Can Make $100 A Day Working From Home by judondasylva(m): 11:13am On May 03
So sorry dear sister, but should know that i gave out 19 sites and it's just 1 or 2 that you focused on. Why are you like this? If you know that the info is not useful for why are you here to discourage other people that may find help from it?
It's not brother, biko. It's sister! You lot should learn to look at the sobriquet properly before assuming everyone is a male here.

You'll help them with the IP? How does that help in the long run? They're at the peak of their "career" and then they get shown the door because VPN failed or something like that?

All the best though.

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Business / Re: 24/7••| Gift-cards Buyer |•• Itunes, Amazon , Walmart , Steam Wallet Etc $€£ by judondasylva(m): 8:52am On May 03

Business / Re: Jumpstart Your Marketing! Advertise To Thousands For Free. by judondasylva(m): 8:52am On May 03

Business / Re: Aged USA Adwords Account Needed by judondasylva(m): 8:51am On May 03

Business / Re: Buy UK Used Phones At Wholesale Prices by judondasylva(m): 8:51am On May 03

Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals➜ ➜ ➜ by judondasylva(m): 8:50am On May 03

Business / Re: 10 Free Websites You Can Make $100 A Day Working From Home by judondasylva(m): 8:47am On May 03
My dear brother thanks for your comment but i understand all the things you talk about but i want to let you know that i don't live in Nigeria so i'm ready and willing to help anyone who is very serious and ready to make it to register from here with the ip so that one is not a problem and also you should know that one can not and will never register in all the 10 websites at once. You find the one that is more suitable to to you and work with it that is why i make it 10.
That $5 thing you wrote about Upwork is wrong. It's for Fiverr.

And please don't make people believe earning on these platforms is a breeze. Most are saturated now and even harder for Nigerian freelancers, thanks to the "Big Bois".

Furthermore, earning on Mturk is not even close to being as easy as you made it seem. Entering in the first place is another ball game entirely.

Nice article by the way
Business / 10 Free Websites You Can Make $100 A Day Working From Home by judondasylva(m): 8:14am On May 03
10 Free Websites You Can Make $100 A Day Working From Home.

If your long time desire is to earn $100 working from home, then you have to read this article. Yeah that’s right, all you need is a computer or smartphone with internet access. So in this Article, I’m going to show you 10 websites where you can actually start making some side income or if you are really serious, some good Money without paying for anything! isn’t that amazing? In some of these websites you can actually make as much as 100 dollars a day or even more, and the best part is, you don’t have to quit your 9 – 5 job, you can make this money, working in your free time from home. On the internet, there are two distinct ways of making money.

The first way is active income. With active income, it’s like your normal 9 -5 job. You only get paid for the work you do. If you do not work, you don’t make money, any day you stop to work, you will stop to earn income. as simple as that.

The second way is through passive income.This is my favorite method because, with passive income, all you do is put in the work once, and the money in theory should keep rolling in, without you having to do anymore work other than maybe promoting what you have made, or in some cases what other people have made. So let’s get to them one after the other now. Are you ready for it?


Upwork is a website for freelancers. With upwork you are making active income. Businesses and individuals post services on upwork that they would like to outsource such as article writing, video editing, app development, coding, there tons of jobs and services being outsourced on upwork starting from $5 upward depending on the kind of job and the time it will take to finish it.

The beauty of all this is its no barrier of entry, it’s free to start making money there as long as you register. You just have to be good at some skills and you are good to go. If there is some skills that you are good at maybe graphic design, voice over, video editing, article writing, email marketing, social media marketing, coding or just about any skill, head over to upworks and start making some vast income from home. Here’s a tip if you are considering working on upwork, have a robust attractive profile that looks good. This will drastically increase your likelihood of ever receiving job offers, from potential clients that need the service. Displaying your best work or highlighting specific experience and how long you have been in the game can and will help you stand out.


Many people don’t know this but, you can actually make a lot of passive income with YouTube. If you are considering getting into YouTube to make money, make sure you know one thing clearly. That’s the new youtube rules, if you are planning on starting a brand new channel from scratch, you first have to reach the YouTube minimum threshold to get monetized, Which is you will need 4000 watch hours, and 1000 subscribers in the last 12 months. Once you have reached that, you can get monetized, how much can you make on YouTube? Honestly as much as you want, it all depned on you. The amount of effort you put in your work to bring a quality output determines how much you can make. Some people make Millions of Dollers from youtube alone. There are people like PewDiePie that has billions of views on their videos, those guys make millions of dollar every week from youtube, who knows you can make as much as they. Lol!

As long as you keep uploading good content that people are willing to watch, you are good to go, and the longer the video the more money you can expect to make… you can make anywhere from 1$ to thousands even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The potential is limitless.

The more views you are getting, the more money you can expect to make, and also you get more subscribers! With YouTube, what you are earning is passive income, make a few videos and they should keep making you money consistently every day.

You can also make money with YouTube through paid sponsorships, but with paid sponsorships you will need a large audience, usually a minimum of 10k subs to do that. You can also make money through affiliates, through placing your affiliate links and doing product reviews.

3. Amazon

Although Jeff Bazos, did start off the company selling books, but now amazon sells almost anything you can think of. It’s not just a site for buying your favorite toys though, you can actually make money with amazon. And here’s three ways you can make daily consistent income from amazon from home. Yes you heard me right, from the comfort of your house.

The first way is Amazon Mturk – Mturk is kind of like upwork and fiverr, it’s a place where people outsource work that is too difficult for a computer program to do. Such as audio editing and transcribing, translating audio and video from different languages, testing webpages, writing reviews, and a whole lot of other services that need outsourcing.

You can make as much as $20, $30 an hour, by working on a few different tasks depending on your expertise and level of experience. This is a legit way of making daily income online, and they do pay. This is active income though.

The second way is Amazon kindle publishing. Turn your ideas into an eBook and make money from it today. Every time you buy an e-book from amazon, amazon and the publisher make money from it, and you can too. The thing with kindle publishing is… you first need a book to sell. You can either write this book yourself or you can hire someone to write it for you either from upwork or fiverr. You don’t have to be an established author, or find a publishing company to do this. –You can actually do this from the comfort of your home and start earning some passive income. Sounds awesome right? and the best part is, it’s absolutely free to start, so sign up and start making some money today. Amazon takes care of the money handling issues and everything else… and you can sit back relax on your couch at home while making some good old… passive income. If you are really interested in kindle publishing, I highly recommend you do more research on this topic online. You can find free videos and tutorials that will teach you the basics online. If you want expert advice, you might have to first pay for a course. I will link a really good one for you, if you are interested. Some people make over $100,000 publishing Kindle e-books on Amazon. It’s definitely a market to look into.

The third way is Amazon associates program.

This is a very popular and easy way of earning passive income.

All you do is sign up to the amazon associates program which is free, then you can pick from thousands of stuff amazon sells on their website and start promoting on your blog or your social media handles. Amazon will give you a special link, and every time someone buys through your link, amazon will give you a commission anywhere from 5 – 10% of the sale just for sharing the link. Amazon will pay you 60 days after a purchase and you can chose to be paid either through amazon gift cards, wire transfer to your bank account – although this is currently only available in the US but if you live outside America you can be paid via cheques, or you can have the money transferred to your amazon account and start buying stuff with it. Isn’t that great?

4. Clickbank.

Clickbank is the number 1 marketplace for product creators and affiliates to make money online by selling their courses or services to the world.

Clickbank only sells digital products, but the beauty about clickbank is that the, commission payout is so much higher than that of Amazon or any other digital marketplace in the world.

Some affiliates pay you as much as 75%, for selling their products and services, while others pay as low as 5%, so keep that in mind. But with that said, you can make some really good money on clickbank, hundreds or even thousands of dollars, some even make millions. Simply head over to clickbank, pick something to sell and start making money daily without any investment.

5. Flippa

flippa is the number one marketplace for buying and selling businesses online. It attracts a huge audience, and it offers great options and tools to increase visibility, it’s an auction site really much like eBay, for those selling and buying digital assets, such as websites, apps, domains, shopify stores and amazon FBA accounts.

If you are good at making apps or even websites… you can actually sell it online and make some money from home. Or better still, if you have some money lying around and you are interested in buying either websites, apps, or ecommerce stores you can give it a try.

What happens is, you place a bid, much like eBay and if your bid is the highest, then congratulations because you just bought yourself an online business. You can also make money by selling online businesses. So that’s flippa for you. If you are finding it hard to sign up with any of the sites, just send me a message and i will help you to sign up very fast.

for the full article and other easy ways to make money from home without investment click the link below

source = https://vastincomeideas.com/10-free-websites-you-can-make-100-a-day-working-from-home/

Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by judondasylva(m): 8:06am On May 03
10 Free Websites You Can Make $100 A Day Working From Home. click the link to read the it free

Investment / Re: 4 Methods To Make Money With Quora.com by judondasylva(m): 5:31pm On Apr 25
Nice one i will do just that
Investment / 4 Methods To Make Money With Quora.com by judondasylva(m): 7:02am On Apr 24
There is no direct monetization for your answers by Quora and also Quora Doesn’t pay you for Writing but you can use some of these methods to make some $$$.

Method 1. Earn With Quora’s Knowledge Prizes
This product of Quora can help you become rich if you have a proficiency for writing great answers to questions.

Basically, companies or individuals ‘sponsor’ questions that they seek answers to and offer hundreds or even thousands of dollars in prize money to whomever they decide provides the best answer.

Method 2. Use Monetized Link Shortners
Many of you give links to your Quora answer for further reference. If you monetize the links with help of the URL shortener and then share the shortened links to your Quora Answers then for each 1000 Clicks on the links you will be paid with some amount.

Method 3. Drive Traffic to Your Blog
As I talked about the Dominance of Quora on Google Search results. You can make use of this to drive massive traffic to your blog or website.

Method 4. Affiliate Marketing Associate
Suppose if you Answered a Question related to Web Hosting and then you can provide an Affiliated Marketing Link with a relevant title.

I can't give all the details here because the article will be too long but if you guys want to read more on each method comment and i will try to explain one by one and i want to know if you guys really need the information before i proceed
Politics / Re: External Reserves To Hit $45bn As Dollar Inflow From FPIs Continues by judondasylva(m): 11:30am On Apr 15
Fool how much debt do you think that your country is into?Nigeria has no savings at it stands now. Rather we are more in debt
Imagine GEJ was still the president, this external reserve will av become debt, how GEJ manage to deplete the external reserve will the highest oil sale ever is beyond me. Education is not leadership. SMH!
Travel / Re: Onitsha Niger Bridge In 1967 And 2019 (Photos) by judondasylva(m): 11:19am On Apr 15
You are a big fool and a racist tribalist. Why do you people hate the Igbo’s for no reason? If an Igbo guy open this kind of thread against the Yorubas I know that thé mods will close the thread and ban the OP but you people do this all the time yet you still don’t want those you hate to stay on their own

This bridge was commissioned by the then Prime Minister late Alhaji Tafawa Balewa and opened for traffic in December 1965... barely 15 days after, The same Balewa was assassinated by the people he commissioned the bridge for.

Two years later, the same people destroyed what was built for them.
Business To Business / Re: Buy Ok Shoes And Bags And Cloths From Togo Or Cotounu by judondasylva(m): 9:32pm On Apr 07
Yes we are planning for trip this April but I need 10 serious people to indicate interest here for the April trip. You can contact me on my new WhatsApp number
Hello any news about travelling this year?
Business To Business / Re: Buy Ok Shoes And Bags And Cloths From Togo Or Cotounu by judondasylva(m): 9:29pm On Apr 07
Yes we are still in business but are waiting for serious people
still in the business?

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Business / Re: How To Start Profitable Okrika Business In Nigeria: All You Need To Know. by judondasylva(m): 9:17pm On Apr 07

Mybusinessmind nice write up brother
For those that want to travel to Togo or Cotonou to buys Okrika can go to this thread


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Politics / Re: NASS Leadership: Stop Igbo Marginalisation,youth Parliament Urges Apc/presidency by judondasylva(m): 9:24am On Apr 03
Why most of you igbo haters are very foolish and stupid is that you don’t think about those Igbo people that defended this your evil party. So because some Igbo’s don’t like your party, you will also punish those that embraced it?
i wonder why we didnt see these groups when igbos were spitting hate against presidency and apc
Politics / Re: Ede Residents Celebrate Senator Adeleke's Victory At The Tribunal by judondasylva(m): 9:34pm On Mar 22
Is that price with hosting?
Politics / Re: How Did Buhari Acquire The Wealth He Used To Train All His Children In UK? by judondasylva(m): 3:24pm On Mar 10
Please stop arguing with this people as you can see that Buhari cast a spell on them so they can’t reason or see. But just mention any other person that they hate now and see how they will tell you how corrupt that person is without any evidence
As a former President or Head of state, you are not entitled to another pension aside pension as an ex President.

And from Nigeria's official figure, what a former President receives monthly is NGN350,000, and if you multiply it by 12 months, you will get NGN4.2million naira annual.

And even if we are to also add allowances as retired Army General (we can't add his role as PTF chairman because its a political appointment), it won't be up to 8million Naira annually.

Why are other Northern Cow rearers aren't sending all their children abroad to school at the same time

It hurts to see some Nigerians defend these crooks and thieves that stole their destiny to enrich their family members.

You need to see how luxurious his children lived in UK even before he won 2015 Presidential election, you better wake up cry

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Politics / Re: 2019 Governorship Election Results In Nigeria As Announced By INEC by judondasylva(m): 1:23pm On Mar 10
Brother I wish to buy you a drink for this post. You captured my mind thanks a lot for dealing with those ignorant fools. Please WhatsApp me me with my number below let’s discuss business. I live in Indonesia
are you not ashamed of yourself Olatunji Taofeek

What do you think make a city rich, famous and great

You think it's when the city is habited by foolish, lazy tribalists who can't think creatively but are good at typing threats and hate words online, is that what you think will make your city great Kids lolz

Go and find out, what made USA the greatest and most prosperous nation in the world; it is their open door nature that brought in migrants, immigrants, etc from all races and nations to build America. That is why most wise and knowledgeable Americans are against Trump's harsh policies towards migrants and immigrants, they know that migrants and immigrants or foreigners built America, but kids like u don't know and won't know.

US Visa lottery played a key role in making America great, which is something Russia lacked, and reason Russia is not as prosperous and promising as USA today despite their technology prowees, because Russians are close minded racists, they hardly travel outside their shores to invest or allow immigrants or migrants to come into their nation to boost their economy.

You Yorubas are towing the same line that destroyed Northeastern Nigeria. The mass exodus of Igbos from Maiduguri and Yola had a very huge negative impact on those states' economy and even security today.

All these bullshit you kids keep typing about Igbos saying rubbish, Igbos are reading and they are very smart people, they are taking note, and with time you will understand the impact.

I have lots of friends who live abroad but have refused to buy any other land in Lagos, citing that Lagos is no longer safe, they now buy in Owerri, Enugu, Asaba, PHC, I am not here to peddle words with u, I am telling u confirmed impacts of you guys tribal threats against Igbos in Lagos.

Me, the land I have on Lagos Island, as a result of pressure from friends not to invest in Lagos property, I am already looking for buyer, which I haven't seen unlike before due to dwindling number of willing buyers.

Go to Italy, I have forgotten the name of that city, the indigenes go out of their way to protect migrants who are mostly blacks from Nigeria, etc and they even try to include them in their politics, and I was watching on CNN 2 days ago, they interviewed their communal leader abi mayor, he said they always ensure their policies are favorable to migrants and immigrants because that their city is one of the most prosperous cities in Italy despite recession in Italy as a result of migrants and immigrants who boost their economy, provide cheap labor and also tax boost.

But kids like you don't think.

You think if 70% of Igbos leave Lagos, Lagos will remain promising as it is now Keep on blabbing, only time will teach u hard lesson about life.

You can check from December 26 - January 6 of every year, compare how Lagos usually looks when majority of Igbos have traveled for Xmas to normal time, that should give you some tip.

Remember, Igbos control 95% of markets in Lagos, and most of these markets also rely on imported goods that come from:

South Korea
Hong Kong

And Igbos as a result of their expedition nature make up 90% or more of people who control imports from the aforementioned countries, so their exit in Lagos will definitely collapse Lagos IGR and economy.

And if u think u can also import, then think again. Igbos over the years have spread their wings all over the world while u tribal urchins and local champions are busy mocking them for abandoning their villages to be traveling around the world, but yes their traveling around the world has made them pillars of world trade.

Igbos have made doing business easy and lucrative for all Nigerians. Look at Mini Importation business in Nigeria and Africa today, if not for Igbos who against all odds many years ago relocated massively to China, tell me how many Africans could have afforded to ship goods from China to Africa through DHL, Fedex, etc

Igbos made it easy for young Nigerians to start mini importation business with small capital and the reason many youths in Nigeria don't feel the impact of Buhari's poor governance that brought mass unemployment of Nigerian youths.

Yet you useless tribalists don't appreciate the great works Igbos are doing in your lives, fools!

So think before you talk, its not about internet war of words, Igbos have become indomitable, sadly

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TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Are You Watching Now? by judondasylva(m): 7:09pm On Feb 13
please which site can I download the latest foreign movies and latest Nigeria cinema movies like Chief Daddy?
Technology Market / Re: Sell Your Itunes Gift Card Here (We Buy iTunes Gift Cards) by judondasylva(m): 12:32pm On Feb 08
please I need $50 or $25 gift card. I want to buy any genuine seller should mention me please its urgent.
Business To Business / Re: Buy Ok Shoes And Bags And Cloths From Togo Or Cotounu by judondasylva(m): 1:46pm On Jan 24
Hello my people, I want to say happy new year to you all; for those who has traveled with me and are making big in the business and those that want to join, those that have tried to reach me through phone call, I'm really sorry that I have not been able to reach all of you. I traveled out so it would have been very hard for me to be around but now I have come to a good plan. You all should be on the look out for the new plan of action as we plan to get better this new year. I will inform you all soon about our next trip for those that have called me. My number is available now on WhatsApp chat or call.

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