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Romance / Re: What She Told Me Some Minutes Ago by Kelvin30286063(m): 8:54pm On Feb 17
She said she will hate you, she will hate you niyen. Leave it like that. Stop pressing and start enjoying BJ for now... Trust me, she will eventually bleep you and won't hate you. As long as you don't force anything.

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Family / Re: What's The Craziest Thing Your Mom Ever Caught You Doing? by Kelvin30286063(m): 6:43pm On Feb 17
I brought a girl home when I was in ss3 and she caught her in my wardrobe.. She came home earlier than usual from work and out of urgency, I told the girl to hide in my wardrobe. Like she knew I was up to something, she came to my room and went straight to the wardrobe. Opened it and gbam!

Her calm reaction that day still shocks me till today. She just greeted the girl. Asked her why she's hiding, took the clothes she wanted to wash and left.

We (the girl and I) both stood there in silence for more than 30 minutes


Romance / Re: Valentine Prank Special, Share Experiences by Kelvin30286063(m): 9:23am On Feb 15
No prank, just love for my wife...
She came home from work and met the biggest surprise of her life. She actually thought I'm still at work while I was busy at home setting up these whole romantic scene...

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Family / Re: Lady Buys Her Mum A Benz As Valentine’s Gift (Photos) by Kelvin30286063(m): 1:36pm On Feb 13
The scam in parenting is in the word Mom, womb and 9 months...
What of Dad?
Imagine he didn't pay the hospital bills, for the food, the school fees, that excursion, your first house rent...
Imagine he decided to wear condom!

Note: I'm talking about responsible dads like mine...

This valentine is for my dad...

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Politics / Re: Corporate Affairs Commission Implements Dress Code For Visitors by Kelvin30286063(m): 2:42pm On Feb 11
I'm trying to understand why the CAC is looking at the appearance of a customer. It has nothing to do with registering a business so wtf?

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Car Talk / Re: How Can One Know When The Leg Of Honda Car Is About To Pull Out by Kelvin30286063(m): 7:13am On Feb 07
Please I want anybody that is using honda share what he normally notice before the front leg pull out. Is there any noticeable signs before it will happen?
They have said it all. You will just know from the sound you will get. But bro, the ball joint pulling is very avoidable. I have been driving my car for 2 years now and it has never pulled.
The simple logic is get genuine ball joint! It's way more expensive than the China made but don't mind. I think the china made is 1500 while the genuine one is 6k. Thank me later!
Webmasters / Re: Hackers Needed( Transfers) by Kelvin30286063(m): 3:45pm On Feb 06
I need someone to help me abeg there is this my mum's huge sum as bn tied down at Polaris bank 4years ago since her demise... And I'm the next of kin of the acct bank no wan release the money to me... Pls who fit wire am for me
There is obviously something you're not telling us. I was the next of kin on my uncle's account. We were very close. After he died, the family called me from school to come over and help them take the family saving from his account. I went to the bank and after a few signatures here and there, the money was released and the account was closed.
Unless if you no be next of kin.
Politics / Re: Buhari: I Have Kept My Promise To End Boko Haram by Kelvin30286063(m): 3:31pm On Feb 06
Wow... This man is living in Lalaland


Politics / Re: Occupy Lagos Protests Against Okada Ban During Lagos Marathon by Kelvin30286063(m): 11:03am On Feb 06
Nigerians don't want progress I swear. Every other big cities in the world don't use Okada yet they survive. Okada riders can simply sell their bikes and buy taxi.
The governor needs to stand his ground on this.
It's the right thing to do for christ sake! Oh, I forgot we don't like doing the right things


Phones / Re: My Facebook Account Hacked! How Do I Retrieve It? by Kelvin30286063(m): 3:06pm On Feb 05
2FA would have saved you all this headache and obviously saved me from reading this.
Webmasters / Re: My Girlfriend Account Has Been Disabled For The Second Time. by Kelvin30286063(m): 6:25pm On Feb 04
Hello nairaland,
My girlfriend Account was disabled last time when she was trying to upload that bokoharam live video which killed plateau Young man,
Thoug Facebook tried stopping her but on two trial her account was disabled.
We were ask to write an apeal with any certificate ranging from drivers licence, birth certificate, voters card and others,we feels that s a long process we proceeded to open another one,and now is not up to a week,they disabled it again.
Any one with any help on how to get her account working
We have submitted the appealed yesterday.
You were trying to upload an explicit content on Facebook with billions of users... You got disabled then you decided to create another account forgetting the first that Facebook stores ip address of disabled members so that they can trace them when they recreate an account.
I don't expect you to know that sha.

Solution now. If you want to create another account, connect to a strong VPN and create it or use a pc that is not attached to your phone's Hotspot.
Car Talk / Re: Which Should I Choose Between 2007-2010 Toyota Camry Or Honda Accord? by Kelvin30286063(m): 5:24am On Feb 04
Hello gurus in the house, I have two cars on my mind lately, one is a 4 cylinder of any of 2007-2010 Toyota Camry and the second is 2007-2010 Honda Accord. My questions are:

1. Which model should I buy (say in the accord, there are two types, one has lights at the back up to the area number plate is while the other do not, any difference?)

2. What are the common problems of both cars.

3. Resell value

4. Engine and gear box cost

Any other thing to look out for?

Thanks for your inputs.
My advice is that you go for the Honda 11, that's what I drive and I've never had any course to worry. Aside servicing, I don't see mechanics but from what I heard, the camry has some issues that's why you so a lot of it up for sale on Jiji and the likes.
Honda is fast and the interior is better. The fuel economy is better than that of camry too. I drove both and I'm sure of that fuel economy

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Gaming / Re: PS3 With 27 Games For Sale At Give Away Price (SOLD) by Kelvin30286063(m): 6:55am On Feb 03

pls do have fight night (boxing) in hard copy?
No I don't have it in hard copy but it's on the game. I have UFC in hard copy though.
Romance / Re: Penis Enlargement Tutorials That's Got People Talking by Kelvin30286063(m): 9:34pm On Feb 02
How does YouTube cope with this kind of people!

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Romance / Re: She Can Be Jailed 5yrs If She Collects Transport Money & Never Showed Up -dolapo by Kelvin30286063(m): 9:11pm On Feb 02
The table this woman is shaking... Smh
Romance / Re: Do Ashawos Really Fall In Love? by Kelvin30286063(m): 8:58pm On Feb 02
I gave one a ride from a town to another last week. After traveling for 20 minutes. She tried so hard to start a conversation and I wasn't in the mood. She asked if where I said I was going is where I live, I said yeah then next question was 'so when should I come?' I was like what?!
'To have a good time now' she said

At that moment. I wanted to throw up...
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Burnley vs Arsenal (0 - 0) On 2nd February 2020 by Kelvin30286063(m): 2:54pm On Feb 02
Arsenal has a great chance better their chance of a top 4 finish today if they can get a win
Gaming / Re: PS3 With 27 Games For Sale At Give Away Price (SOLD) by Kelvin30286063(m): 11:25am On Feb 02
Am I the only one not seeing the console.
Yes you're the only one. Look at the first picture very well, if you still don't see it in one of the drawers, contact your optician.
Gaming / Re: PS3 With 27 Games For Sale At Give Away Price (SOLD) by Kelvin30286063(m): 5:46pm On Feb 01
40k with the discs, I'm at Ado-Ekiti and pls what is the name of that your TV?
Deal, chat me up on Whatsapp. Although someone said Monday but its first come first served. The TV is LG. You can add change and take the TV too
Webmasters / Re: Youtube Monetization Taking Forever! by Kelvin30286063(m): 12:08pm On Feb 01

Please what videos did you watch? Could you please drop links to them? Thanks
No need to watch the video. This is what you'll do. Send a feedback to them. The feedback will take a screenshot of your Monetization approval page, write a reminder and send it to them. They replied me today in the midnight and approved my Monetization. But it's not a guarantee for approval sha

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Webmasters / Re: Youtube Monetization Taking Forever! by Kelvin30286063(m): 8:19am On Feb 01
They would deny you approval, there must be some violations on ur channel , don't tell me there is nothing go And check well
You're wrong. They just approved me for Monetization. I watched some YouTube on now to speed up the Monetization and followed it. I just got an email from them. Dancing now!
Sports / Re: Arsenal Sign Cedric Soares On Loan From Southampton by Kelvin30286063(m): 4:48am On Feb 01
Let's not underate the shrewdness of these signings.pablo Mari was voted the best defender in South America last year and held Liverpool's fearsome front three for a over a 100 minutes before the lone goal that decided the FIFA world club cup.he was also once a man city player,despite he never playing for them,they must have seen something in him to have made them sign him in d first place.he is 6 foot 4,a good organizer and passer of the ball like Luis and a good reader of the game as well,also very strong in the air.he could improve this defence if he adapts to English football.As for Cedric Soares,in as much as he is coming in for squad depth,he is an accomplished RB.he played the whole 120 minutes in the 2016 euro final that Portugal won.has 33 caps for Portugal,played over a 100 premier League games,can play at left back,is adept at freekicks,strong in d tackle,intense and is regarded as a skillful nacho Monreal.and oh has a good cross on him as well,marauds forward alot.and would allow Maitland to go to midfield and add more manpower to the midfield.so many upsides to these transfers,the only downside being the uncertainty that comes with all transfers owing to acclimatization and injuries.but a low nominal fee paid for both shows the shrewdness of low risks/high rewards transfers as these.its nothing to be sniffed at.
Thank you for telling them. But you shouldn't have. Better to let them see that it's good business on their own then explaining to them.
We paid 7m for Martinelli last transfer. With the way he's playing now, he's definitely worth 15 or 20m.
Pablo was best defender at Brazil. We all know that Brazilian league as the best attacking players in the world even those they are mostly unknown due to poor publicity of the league. They dribble, score goals and are very tricky.

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Webmasters / Youtube Monetization Taking Forever! by Kelvin30286063(m): 2:46pm On Jan 31
Over 3 months ago, I applied for youtube Monetization for my YouTube channel. The channel has over 13k subscribers and I've been very active on it. I don't copy videos, I make my own videos and I don't run any online marketing on it. Yet for 3 months now, YouTube has put my account on REVIEW.
Please good people of nairaland, how long does it take youtube to approve account for Monetization!
I have an adsense account already and I have already linked it with the channel. What is taking them so long.

They said on the page that it only take a month but its more than 3 months!

I'm sure if it's not a Nigerian account, they would have done something. Wicked people. They are even making me lose interest in making videos! Maybe that is the plan sha!
Pets / Re: Can You Identify These Spiders by Kelvin30286063(m): 6:29am On Jan 31
Good morning pals,
Woke up at about 3:00am this morning due to sounds emanating from these little creatures and had to killed them immediately, but I really want to find out if they are poisonous.
Please arachnologists come to my aid before I start being superstitious.

N/B: I don't leave near any bush, before some people start saying crazy things.

That's definitely a tarantula and I'm surprised you found those in your house. They are very rare species. Only 1000 was identified in the world I guess it's now 1002. smiley
Business / Re: Youtube Appoints Alex Okosi As Managing Director, Emerging Markets, EME by Kelvin30286063(m): 12:31pm On Jan 30
When you have the right set up, you can achieve anything.
All those people that studied in the US always end up coming to Africa to set up something that becomes a hit back to back. Why? Because they have the right set up. If at this point you're still thinking of educating your child in Nigeria, I pity you.

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Webmasters / Re: How Can I Flag Down This Website? by Kelvin30286063(m): 7:19am On Jan 30
I develop a site for a client on a WordPress platform
She refused to pay for the hosting which has expired
Pls explain how I can flag down the site pending when she pays for the rehostting
Do you have access to the hosting account? If you do then you can gain access to the cpanel and manipulate the website from there. All you have to do is move the wp file to a different folder and the website will be down cuz it won't point properly.
Gaming / Re: PS3 With 27 Games For Sale At Give Away Price (SOLD) by Kelvin30286063(m): 9:53pm On Jan 28
u gave him an option Like twas a fair deal, I think u should ask him if the console and the games were stolen. undecided
Thank you oo, I was wondering how someone will offer 28k for a ps3 that has 27 games all downloaded on it and 10 other discs.
It's okay though, when you want to sell market, you first need to learn patience.
Car Talk / Re: Faded Plate Number An Offense? by Kelvin30286063(m): 9:32pm On Jan 28
Hello house.
I got fined by a Federal Road Safety Commission official on Friday for "faded plate number".
He said my plate number is faded and I was supposed to go and pay to get another one.
Please note that i did not tamper with the plate number issued to me by the commission. The number plate just got faded like many others on the road.
I got a fine of N3,000.
My question is: Am i supposed to be punished for government's inefficiency in the production of quality number plates?
Please check attached photographs.
Though it's not in anyway your fault that the number plate is faded but it's your fault that you refuse to change it. I had to change mine when I bought my car cuz I know they will book me for it one day.
The moment they see that you don't want to bribe them, they will resolve to doing their jobs diligently and whenever they do that, you can't escape getting booked.
I recently had an encounter with them, they checked me thoroughly and ended up asking me if I'm a lawyer. Lol.
They even said my extra tyre is expired. I was like how now. It's a 2012 car and the extra tyres have never been used before.
Dont leave any stone unturned with those guys and if you're not sure about anything, don't stop for them. It's that simple. They won't pursue you cuz their car is always bad most times.
Business / Re: EFCC Investigating Kessington Adebutu ‘Baba Ijebu’ Over Tax Fraud by Kelvin30286063(m): 9:19pm On Jan 28
Time to reap them of all the money they have taken from gamblers.

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